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*I know its her homework but just pretend it’s a letter* 

Dear Family & Friends

I don’t really know what to say besides.. I’m sorry. I feel like this is the best. For you guys and for myself. I didn’t ask to be born this way and I know you all didn’t ask for me to be born, either. I feel like I don’t really belong here, on Earth and with this family. That is why I’m returning home. I’m going to go back to where I belong. Ever since I can remember, I’ve never felt like I’ve fit in. I’ve always been different and I know it’s something I should be proud of, but I feel like I can’t when I’m here on Earth. Dad, I know you didn’t ask for any of this and I understand why you’ve always been distant with me. Now you can live a normal life with your normal child. And Molly, thank you for everything. Thank you for treating me with unconditional love and kindness. You’ve been the closest thing to a mother to me. And Finn, try to stay out of trouble. I know we’ve fought a lot, but I still love you. I’ll be thinking of you. And Grandma and Grandpa..you guys are the light of my life. You guys are pure souls. Thank you for trying your hardest to make me feel loved and happy. And last but not least.. Oscar. I’m sorry.. I didn’t want to leave you like this. I will never forget our times together.. our memories will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being the closest person in my life. Please find the strength to live your life to the fullest and achieve your dreams. I’ll be thinking of you, always. 



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This may sound kinda rude, but why do you only use red to sketch?

short story: i like it

long story: it starts from like traditional sketching where red is a really good base colour, like its not very overwhelming to most other colours so you can use it as an initial sketch layer and its very easy to go over with another colour (i usually like a darker red or a blue, depending on what im planning to do with the sketch),, but its also quite striking on its own so if you do like the sketch then you can leave it that way

also when i want to draw clean lines i like to use layout paper and then a regular black pencil, and layout paper is kind of like a more substantial tracing paper, and red is very visible through the layout paper and, unlike if you had had a greyscale sketch under the layout paper, your clean black lines dont get confused with the grey lines underneath

below you can see the initial red sketch with the darker red refinements of the sonny/pete sketch i did yesterday, and also the cleaner lines i did on layout paper afterwards (i wasnt happy with the sketch at this point, so took it into photoshop for another refined layer) 

also i have a red sketchbook i started this year, where all the sketches in it are just red, which i decided to do because i wanted to practice filling space, and chose red because i had a nice new red pencil, and love how red looks less scrappy than pencil, and all the sketches come together and flow nicely and the red brings them together as one whole page but doesn’t overwhelm the individual drawing,, i mean DOESNT THAT LOOK COOL????

now, digitally, the choice of red was just initially transferring the technique, like “oh red looks nice on paper, lets do some of that here” but now i really do think that its a good choice,, and to prove my point i edited some of the lil bennys from earlier

black is just a lil plain and bland, yellow is always hard to see and very easily overwhelmed, pink is too loud and overwhelming, blue is probably my second favourite but you cant draw in blue without bringing sadness to the party, and then theres red! soft, good, not overwhelming, easy to get depth of tone, very visible but not dominant, doesn’t evoke any particular emotion so its very versatile (unless of course you use a very harsh red and really try to bring out the anger of the colour and what not), just pure and good and nice

SO PLEASE, people who made it to the end of this long long red nerd out, GO FORTH, TRY RED, HAVE FUN

honorless. i’ve always known that i’m not going to do well once i move out and i live on my own. i’ve always known that i’m a people person. i need to be around people, i need to just sit near people. it’s like people who just need physical touch or just need to sit in silence in their rooms. i need to be around people. whenever i come home to a dark house & no one home, i always get very sad and i do not want to see what happens once i move out of the house. i hope i find a roommate or something bc i do not do well on my own

Hello guys, 

So as many of you know, I’ve been leaving all the age regression communities I’m attached to. I’ve handed over TeenieTots and I am no longer a mod at FC.

I’ve gotten to the point where dealing with these communities is too stressful. There’s lots of hate, that’s why my inbox was closed for weeks (like it is now). Its made it to the point where I am miserable to go on this blog because I’m always having to monitor everything and be on guard all the time. I can’t do that anymore, it stresses me out.

So, from this point on I don’t care who interacts with me. I can’t control it anyways. I understand if you guys unfollow, and if we are mutuals, feel free to softblock (or hardblock) me. 

I’ll be going through and deleting as many posts from the age regressors who are anti as I can to protect them. I’m sorry but I’ve made this choice for my own happiness, I’m glad to made as many friends as I have.

And I will refrain from interacting with anti communities so I don’t expose them to people they don’t want interacting
Love is fickle and love is kind. Often time, the name of love is tainted with heartbreaks and poetic souls that romanticize their pain. Love is beautiful because it brings out the strength in us during the time when we are frail. It can connect two complete strangers, and it is magic how the chemicals inside us intertwine and respond with oxytocin. It can bring the pain of giving birth ease. It can be a universal language with the parting of lips or the touch of a hand.
I was the poetic soul who saw love to be cruel and unfair and wrote about it often. My love for words made me a writer at seventeen. I wanted to cry it out and let people know I was hurt because love was not going my way. It wasn’t until I was nearly twenty-two where I realized love is what got me through all these years. Some people learn it when they are young, and some people learn when they are old. Maybe I’m lucky because I know what its like to be naive and what it is like to really grasp the concept of emotion.
—  I should be blaming myself, not love and the circumstances I am in. I should not shame myself, but I should let my pain let me grow. 

boutta get weird but when people ask me how i draw n like how do i know to out what where, like in all actuality its cause i am… feeling the form with my pen? like when u draw u cant just fling some lines down u have to constantly be thing about how things push and pull and squeeze and fold and as ur drawing u gotta be able to feel them as theyre happening and be aware of those sensations as u go

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There's a spirit that I've grown very close to over the past year. To the point where he lies with me while I sleep. Lately he has been acting very agitated towards my friends and I am not sure what to do about this. Do you have any advice?

Have you had a talk with him about why he is acting weird to your friends? Maybe your friends aren’t acting like friends behind your back. OR hes just being possessive and that needs to stop, but either way its good to sit down and see whats going on with him and have a discussion before moving forward.

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bts reacting to you being someone they have a crush on and they find out you are a shy male crossdresser that just loves female fashion and looks hella amazing in anything lol

Hi! I tried really hard on this :3 and I haven’t written anything quite like this so hopefully its okay?? Also this turned out hella long so enjoy and I kind of made it where they saw you and were like hot damn they fine <3

Seokjin: Watching you from afar you seemed very feminine to Jin. He had always had a crush on you ever since he saw you that day at the coffee shop. He would go back every Wednesday just so he could see you.

You could always feel him staring at you when you took your latte to the same table you always did. It flattered you to know that he thought you were attractive, and of course you always looked good cause come on, you were you. You saw him get up from the table he was sitting at and come over to your table stopping in front of it.

“Hi, I’m Jin. I’m sorry if my staring bothered you, you’re just really cute”, he said. He had a slight blush on his face from revealing his feelings towards you.

“Oh, I didn’t mind and thanks. Do you want to sit down?”, you asked him nodding your head to the seat in front of you. 

He shook his head yes and pulled out the chair opposite you and took a seat. 

“Listen Jin, I’m actually a male crossdresser. I know looks can be deceiving, but I wanted you to know before you start really flirting with me”, you said looking up at him behind your latte. 

“Oh. I uh oh”, he said. If you thought he was blushing before, he looked like he just ran a marathon now. 

“Well I’m not going to take back my statement, you are very cute. Maybe we can just be friends?”

You chuckled at that. “I’d like that. It’s Y/N by the way”. 

Yoongi: You had actually noticed the man’s stare a couple weeks ago when you were helping one of the stylists pick out outfits for the boys. You were a friend of one of the makeup artists at BigHit, so she invited you to come see what she did for a living. Ever since then you stopped by occasionally, just to see the man who had a keen eye for you. 

Yoongi never looked at looks on a person first, he usually wanted to know the person’s personality first. But you were just so interesting to him, you dressed very feminine but he was sure there was something else going on as well. And he just had to find out. 

He walked up to you boldly after their concert, sweat running down his frame. 

“Hi, I’m Yoongi. I couldn’t help but notice you only come here every so often. Do you work here?”

“Actually I’m just a friend of someone who works here. I’m Y/N”

“Oh well it’s nice to meet you Y/N. Do you want to grab a bite to eat after I change?”,he asked. He didn’t lose confidence or shrink away. Damn he was sexy. 

“I uh. Sure, but you should know that I-”

He cut you off. “Oh I know. See you in a few babe”, he said and topped it off with wink as he walked away. 

Hoseok: You loved watching J-hope dance. He was so fluid with his motions, that boy could move. He was volunteering at a local dance studio to teach some of his techniques to the students there. You just happened to be one of them. You could also feel him staring at you when he looked in the mirror his gaze was solely on you, and damn was it hot. 

He didn’t know what it  was about you, but his gaze was only for you as you stood in the corner of the room observing him. After his demonstration he went around helping the students and he made it his mission to get to you first.

“Hey, I’m Hoseok. Did you enjoy the demonstration?”

“Haha, yeah it was pretty cool, I’m Y/N”

“Mind if I teach you some moves? I’m sure you’ll catch right on”

“Oh sure, go ahead”He turned so he had his chest pressed to your back and moved your hips along with his. Wow this boy moved fast.

“Hey, just so you know, I’m a guy”, you said over your shoulder.He stopped his movements for a second, and then continued on.

“You’re not surprised?”

“It doesn’t make a difference to me. We’re just two people dancing”, he said as he continued with the lesson.

Namjoon: You both had met at a club, he had been eyeing you since you entered and he eventually walked up to you and asked for a dance. 

“Hey, mind if I steal you away for a dance?”, he asked. A smirk was on his handsome face and you couldn’t resist that.You two were grinding slowly to the music and once the song ended he took you over to the bar and got you a drink. What a gentleman. 

“I’m Namjoon, it’s nice to meet you”, he said over the music.

“You introduce yourself after our grinding session”, you laughed at him.

“I guess that was a little rude. Forgive me?”

“Sure, I’m Y/N. And you should know I’m a crossdresser”

His eyes seemed to get 10 times bigger.

“Yeah I know, I look pretty good”, you said. 

“Well if you look like that I don’t mind. I don’t consider my efforts a waste though”

Jimin: You had gone to a fansign for BTS and as you stood in the line you could feel Jimin’s eyes on you. He was trying very hard to make it look like he was paying attention to the petite girl in front of him. 

As you finally came to him at the end of the row, he smiled sweetly and asked you your name.

“It’s Y/N”

Jimin was surprised to hear a deep voice when you spoke. His expression was one of complete surprise. You decided you should let him know right off the bat that you weren’t what you looked like.

“Haha I know I look very feminine”, you said.

As you were going to leave Jimin handed you a note with a sincere smile on his face. 

It read: “Sorry I was staring at you today… Maybe we can hangout sometime if you’re up for it?”

He even included his phone number and a smiley face :)

Taehyung: You worked at a small karaoke shop in Seoul and BTS had come in several times to blow off some steam. But this time it was just Taehyung that came. He seemed to have an interest in you and maybe he wanted to see you when he was alone.

“Hi!”, he said with his box smile. 

“1 Room for 1 please”.

“That’s kind of lonely want some company?”  

“Really! You’d come with me”

“Haha yeah sure, there’s no one else here anyways. I’m Y/N”

“Taehyung”, he said shaking your hand enthusiastically. 

Once you were about two songs in, he came up behind you and hugged you. Resting his head in your shoulder.

“Taehyung, what are you doing”

“Just hugging you”, he said sweetly. 

“Well before you get any ideas, I’m crossdresser”, you say.

He stops swaying back and forth and loosens his hold on you, but then he hugs you back harder.

“Well I still like you, so deal with it. That’s not gonna drive me away”.

Jungkook: You were out bowling with some of your friends when you collided with someone on your way back from the bathroom.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t really looking where I was going”

“Haha it’s alright, you didn’t do much damage”, he said.

Jungkook looked down at the person who quite literally crashed into him, and was surprised to find that you were very cute. 

“I’m Jungkook”

“Y/N”, you smiled up at him.

“Do you want to play a game with me?”, he cutely asked.

“Umm sure, why not?”

An hour later and Jungkook was teaching you how to properly bowl. Apparently your form was way off according to him. 

“So you hold it like this”, he said while holding your hand in his. 

“Hey, before we get to know each other more I think you should know that I’m a crossdresser” 

You thought Jungkook choked on his spit with the noise he made.

“Umm well, that’s fine”, he said casually.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all. Now pay attention”.

~ Admin Unnie

sometimes when i share uber personal things on here i rationalise it by thinking.. Hm.. Self-excavation is good.. this is a good practice of cheap, inexpensive and potentially very misguided therapy so I should put this online for a few people to see. But then I think, is nothing personal anymore?? Im all for personal space, like im the most private person I know and that’s saying a lot because I don’t even know myself. If I share this as well, I must ask, is there no sanctity left in my thoughts and (alleged) feelings? Must they also be put online to be viewed, judged, sympathised with & quickly disregarded  ? so then i resort to posting shit on my personal blog so no one else can read about m’feelings except the NSA. dont know where I’m going w this but its 2:11 am hey o

Stammi Vicino

Am I the only one who was like…

Watching first episode of Yuri!!! on Ice for the first time, up to the part where Viktor and Yuuri are skating Stammi Vicino.

Me: Wow…do figure skaters really skate to these types of songs?

Me: I guess its an okay song….probably won’t listen to it when Yuri!!! on Ice is over.

Episode 2-6 of Yuri!!! on Ice:

Me: I feel like listening to Yuri!!! on Ice music. I’m going to youtube and looking up the soundtrack.

Stammi Vicino comes on

Me: ….Damn this is actually a pretty good song

Episode 7-11 of Yuri!!! on Ice:

Me: I feel like listening to Yuri!!! on Ice music. Let’s go to youtube and listen to the soundtrack.

Stammi Vicino comes on

Me: Sento una voche che piange lontano….

Me: mumbles through parts that I don’t know because I can’t speak Italian


Me: Damn…I’m addicted

Watching the ending of the last episode of Yuri!!! on Ice for the billionth time (first time I was completely shocked at the fact that they were PAIR SKATING/DANCING!!!!) where Viktor and Yuuri are doing the exhibition skate.


Me: Sings in broken Italian that would probably make any Italian die from bleeding ears.

Me: This is beautiful….

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Try to dress him up in comfortable clothes. Cause I stg its looks really uncomfortable. Maybe just a hoodie or a tshirt or a loose sweater. Just something where he is comfortable in and still looks professional because of his job.

“like this?”

(thank you everyone for the suggestions! i’ll go with this now!! this is inspired off pinkmon’s outfit on weekly idol!! (you know the one))

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you get into making dolls? I'm graduating high school soon, and its something that interests me, but I'm not sure where to start.

Honestly, I just saw some I liked and then just did it. I think I had a rough tutorial. At the time of was super inspired by specifically http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/

But my biggest advice is dont get discouraged if it doesnt turn out the way you envision at first. Keep going and you’ll improve. My first sculptures didnt come out even close to what i had in my head. Because I was learning the techniques. It will take time.
Be proud of what you do, and later be proud of your improvement. Just to show you what I mean. I actually have shots of the exact same costume, but improved over several years (not a doll, but fursuits honestly use the same techniques but on a bigger scale)

This from 2012:

And this is the exact same suit, reskinned, anatomy adjusted and repainted, in 2014

So what im saying is if you are really interested in doing just do it and keep at it.

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so like. i was just imagining that after a particularly rough day victor invites raj into his office for tea and they lounge comfortably on the sofa and the fire is lit and they are soft and sweet and victor kisses raj's forehead at some point bc he deserves forehead kisses and idk where i'm going with this but i just wanted to share

This sounds like an amazing scenario, anon. 

Imagine them a little way in the future, Jace back and free, Valentine dead no other menaces on the horizon. Even the Lightwoods are (pretty) settled for a change.

They could just kick back in his office, some good black tea, I imagine maybe cream scones, and relax. They’d be so happy to have finally gotten a moment to themselves. Forehead kisses that become longer kisses and it’s all going so well until they hear Alec shouting something and then Clary’s footsteps running past.

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Well you agreed to a post saying tamoa was the new lazy sexy "tumblr" humanization when he's clearly not (not right now anyway). Like that's what I'm going on. love how you're trying to make it to a care competition where the person who cares less is the winner, obv you care about him being portrayed as a white but honestly there's not much of that going on anyway so where is the issue.

look its 3am so maybe im just not wording this right 

it’s not about crab boy being portrayed as “a white” lmfao 

the original post was me making fun of lazy pointlessly sexy designs of non human characters. i made it months and months ago, before this movie came out. it’s a thing that happens. wheatley, bill cipher, sans, and now the giant crab

when you brought up that you’d seen chubby samoan version i didnt deny their existence, i said “thats cool but ive seen plenty of Sexy Bishie crab guy” because i have and then mentioning in the tags that plenty, not all, not most, but plenty of the versions are just lazy vaguely ethnic guys in colourful clothes and jewelery

there literally is no actual issue, i never said there was, im not calling for action or revolution. it’s me making fun of a mostly inane phenomena and the repetitive nature of it. the fuckin crab is getting sexy raunchy human designs despite it being a literal giant monster crab how do you not see the humor in that

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Hi! I'm new to Archie and stuff and I really want to read the comics but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any suggestions or advice or anything for me? Thanks in advance!

Yo! So there’s been 75 years of content and there’s no possible way you’ll be able to read everything so soon. I’ve been going at this 6 months and I’m still discovering new comics from Google searches and its neat. And like my friend just said “there’s no good place to start with Archie” with all the content, but like… I’ll try.

I honestly recommend you check out the Reboot series as a starting point because it still gives you the basic character traits, but still they’re different from the classic archetypes. I think the Jughead 2015 is the best of them so far. The Archie title series is also decent. 

You can also take a crack at the older comics from the 1940s if you wanted. Though my enjoyment comes from how bizarre or brutal the humor is sometimes. The art leaves some to be desired, but basically every decade of Archie has some questionable art. 

You CAN find most of the old and modern series online. Like readcomiconline.to, but mostly I only use that sight for the older, harder to find stuff. I really hope you support the Reboots by purchasing them. Tho tbh I would recommend maybe reading a first issue to see if it’s worth it to you. But hmm.  

Also aside from the comics! There have been a number of adaptions to TV before Riverdale even. The best of these imho are Archie’s Weird Mysteries cartoon from the 2000s and The New Archies from the 1980s. You can find these all on YouTube or KissCartoon or equivalent. You can also find old episodes of the Archie Show from the 60s-70s which is fun to watch if you’re in the mood for silly stuff. And also we found this old Cursed Footage of this failed Archie pilot, one of many, many failed pilots. 

But yeah, there’s a lot of history!! Sorry if this got too long. Thanks for asking. 

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Holy fuck the rukihime friendship is so painfully one sided and underdeveloped it's just as bad as ih. If it weren't for the fact that ichigo and rukia can't be alone together I would expect rukia to be the one that told ichigo to go after uvu hime or just serve him to her on silver plater. Fuck anyone who says they kubo or his people aren't trying to undo the ir bond. They can even be best friends anymore because apparently ichigos best friend is renji and rukias is ori. The fuck?

I hate rukihime so much dude its so painfully one sided and so painfully shoved into everyone’s face like. Where. Where is my tatsuhime.

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are u in a relationship /have a crush? if yes what ar they like?

I am not in a relationship, and I’m kind of at the point where like I don’t have a crush where I’m gonna go make a move, but if they were to make a move, I most certainly wouldn’t object or stop it from happening. I’m just not gonna make a move myself on the person/people I might possibly have interest in.

And let’s just say, I thrive for compliments from the people I enjoy the presence of. But don’t get me wrong, I love compliments from anyone, they are amazing no matter what.