but i like to torture myself apparently

Horny teenagers - Carl Grimes

HEY GUYS so I really wanted to write a smut but there is no plot so whatever is just smut and I wanted to write something like the last scene of 7x01 of TWD and I did it! I hope you like it, and remember English is not my first language and this is my first TWD smut

Warnings: smut and language

Words: 2599

Gif is obviously not mine ​

The past few hours in watch duty had been kind of a torture for me. I’ve been trying to control this since I’ve learned what it actually is. We grew up together, we’ve seen a lot of nasty things together and suddenly we were at the age of awkwardness and hormones and, apparently, mine decided to show up. I’ve been trying to convince myself that he would never agree with this and even if he did it wasn’t a good idea. It would do us no good. Well an orgasm would, though. ​

Here in Alexandria they have lots of books so I’ve been reading a lot, especially about biology – my favorite class in school – and recently I read about menstrual cycle and sexuality, there is this period when women are ready to get pregnant and that’s when you only want sex. For the past few months I’ve been trying to convince myself that I just want Carl because of this annoying period and he’s the only interesting boy around. ​

Sometimes I have this feeling that our friendship has changed in a certain way. I think it’s because of the hormones, but we’re touchier and even occasionally flirty. He has this habit of holding the back of my neck whenever we hug each other, or when I’m mad at something he rubs my shoulder or my back, he plays with my hair brushing his long and cold fingers against my ears and neck and sometimes he whispers something to me and I can’t stand that. The hot breath, that amazing voice, the way he says my name. Oh, man! I was losing it. ​

I felt ridiculous every time Carl popped in my head or whenever I decided to touch myself he would always wind up in my dirty little thoughts.

​“(Y/N), you can go. It’s my shift now.” I hear Spencer say.

​“Okay, thanks.”

​“Oh and uh… Carol asked me to tell you she’s taking lunch to Rick’s place.” ​

I nodded and left. Great, I’m having one of those crazy moments and I’m heading straight to the danger. You can do this. I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard laughs from inside and that made me happy because we were doing fine here, we were adapting at last. ​

Carl opened the door while holding Judith and gave me a smile.

​“Come in, (Y/N)” Oh please Carl not today don’t say my name. ​

The smell of whatever Carol cooked was amazing and she was sitting next to Daryl and they were gazing each other with such warmth, in a cozy and even romantic way. I wanted them to be together but right now it just made me want to turn around and look in Carl’s eye. ​

We sat down, ate and talked about the most random things. We talked about things we did before the apocalypse, we laughed at things that happened to us and we just enjoyed each other’s company. Don’t think that’s gonna happen again in anytime soon though. ​

Then I felt a hand touch my thigh lightly, I closed my eyes trying to keep it together because from where it was coming it had to be Carl’s. I looked at him and he was still paying attention to Glenn, who was telling something very newsworthy because Carl and a few other people in the table were concentrated. He caressed my thigh going down my knee and squeezed a bit and took his hand off. Like doing that was only a reflex, part of a routine. I don’t know if he hadn’t noticed or if he was just pretending to make me confuse. ​

Later in the same day he did that terrible/delicious massage in my sore shoulders. We offered to wash the dishes, so after lunch everybody went back to their normal activities, and when we were done I made a stupid joke about the amount of plates and forks and sighed. He must’ve gotten that as a complaint because he said “relax” and then came behind the chair I was sitting and pushed my hair aside. His hands were soft and steady, it felt great but I couldn’t let him carry on with this. I placed my hands on top of his and turned my head around. ​

“Does it bother you?” If he only knew what it actually does to me.

​“It’s not that. I just – I should probably get going.” I stood up and he held my arm. I don’t know why, honestly I do know, but when he did that I instantly approached him, looking at his lips. I was unsure if I wanted him to notice or not. If I wanted him to do something about it or just ignore the fact that I was staring at his lips wanting them so badly I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

​“Stay. We can go upstairs and read comics if you like.” ​

I can’t, not anymore. “I don’t wanna read comics, Carl.” I tried my best to make the sentence self explanatory and bit my lip. ​

“Do you – uh, wanna go upstairs then?” He clearly wasn’t expecting my reaction but he didn’t step back. ​

“Yes. Yes, I do.” ​

He was obviously holding a grin but I didn’t care. He grabbed my hand and led me to his room. The walk was kind of awkward and very silent. When we finally got to his room he closed the door and came towards me. He cupped my face and kissed me tenderly, he was nervous, I could tell. I placed one hand in his chest and the other one in his hair, it was so soft. The kiss was a little sloppy because this was our first kiss ever, I guess. It was amazing though, I just wasn’t sure of what to do so I followed my gut and I believe so did he. ​

He lowered his hands to my waist and gripped it. I let out a needy sigh and I feel my cheeks hot in embarrassment. I took the hem of his shirt in my hands and lifted it, breaking the kiss. ​

“Are you sure about this?” ​

“Yeah.” ​

I ripped his shirt off and then my own. Carl looked at my breasts like they were a masterpiece, probably because he had never seen breasts before but it made me feel great anyways. I searched for his lips once again and this time he was more confident so his tongue was more demanding. He caressed my back lightly with the tip of his fingers making me shiver. I pull him closer to get some friction and I finally feel his boner and this time I moan in both pleasure and excitement. ​

Carl lays me down on the bed and kneels between my legs. He kissed my lower abdomen and came up, kissing my breasts still covered by the bra and my collarbone. When he got to my neck he gave me a hickey, probably wanting to mark me down as his and that turned me on so much I wanted to mark him too. He unclasped my bra and pulled it out so fast I didn’t even see what happened to it. Now he was finally looking to my breasts and he blinked a couple of times and said “Is it okay if I…?” ​

“Go for it.” ​

He grinned and caught one of them in his hand and massaged it. I had no idea that I was going to like Carl sucking my breast so much, when I felt his mouth on my nipple I was already in heaven, but when he sucked it was something else entirely. I wasn’t able to restrain my moans this time, they were a little loud. ​

Desperate for a kiss I pulled his hair to bring his head up, he moaned this time and I smiled in the kiss. I took off his belt and once I moved to the zipper his hand shakes a little while I brushed my hand in his arousal more than the necessary to open a zipper on purpose. Carl helped me with the jeans, picked a little package – probably a condom – and looked back at me only in his underwear and I couldn’t help but to look. I must’ve done something pretty greedy and ridiculously embarrassing because he had a huge smirk in his face. ​

"Shut up.” I said and the smirk became wider. ​

He took my shorts off and just stood there staring at me like I was his muse or something. I can’t say that I didn’t like it because I loved it but I felt a little uncomfortable. I am confident but suddenly realization of what we were doing and how I was in front of him hit me and I blushed. That didn’t stop me though, my cheeks were burning but so was the wetness between my thighs and I thought that was more important so I wiggled my hips against Carl’s to wake him up and it worked out exactly like I was expecting. ​

Carl touched the waistband of my underwear and looked at me again asking permission, I guess. Then I lifted my butt of the mattress so he could take the underwear easily and he did. ​

Carl gazed at my entire body and sighed and mumbled to himself “Finally we’re doing this.” ​

I felt butterflies in my belly and I smile, like an innocent virgin girl – which I am. I wasn’t the only one after all. ​

Carl did a trail of kisses from my neck to my lips and rubbed his thumb against my folds; I moaned and rolled my hips against his hand wanting more of that new contact. He smiled in the kiss, and I loved it. Actually I was loving every single moment of it. Carl slipped a finger inside me and curled it and took it off. Then he tried again, this time with two fingers. “Ah, Carl…” I groaned and mellow. My hands were gripping his shoulders for balance or control, I’m not sure, I just thought that if I let go I would fall. His hand were all over me making me shiver, his kisses weren’t sloppy anymore, and knowing that he wanted this too just made me feel better, maybe wetter too but that’s another case and he won’t be hearing about it. ​

He positioned himself to my entrance and gave me the look again, I nodded biting my bottom lip. Carl grabbed my thighs and spread them. He glanced to my core and licked his lips. That was so delicious to watch, it was kind of porn but it turned me on so much. He picked the condom and put it on. He pulled me down and I felt his tip in my entrance and rolled my hips to it. I wanted him to know how badly I wanted this, how horny he made me. ​

"Tell me if it hurts too much, okay?” So thoughtful, so gorgeous. I closed my eyes and nodded. Then I felt it inside me and I couldn’t hold back the almost musical moan. It feels so good, so right. He kept going slowly and suddenly I started to feel this strange ardency and I let out a painful moan, it wasn’t exactly hurting but the surprise and the little burning sensation were enough to make Carl gaze at me worried. ​

"It’s okay, you can carry on. Just keep the pace. I’ll be fine.” ​

He pushed a bit more and the feeling was still there but I tried to ignore it and Carl helped me a lot with that. His thumb came back to my clit, just up and down movements and he kissed me passionately while he pushed more. I was feeling the ardency but it didn’t matter because Carl was touching me so much, giving me so much, paying so much attention to me I couldn’t even process the pain. Carl was all over me, literally. In my mind, in my body, everywhere. ​

Once he was completely inside me with his eye closed and he sighed, he stopped and looked right in my eyes, he didn’t take his hand off my clit. The bad sensation was almost gone by now. “Are you okay?” ​

I grinned at him “Never better.” ​

He smirked and pulled it back slowly. It was a torture for him I could see in his eye all the effort he was putting into this, the self control and I smiled like an idiot. His thrusts were still slow and I think he was shaking a little. Just a little but he was. ​

I wasn’t completely comfortable yet but I was ready for this and his pace was making me impatient, I get that he was being nice and I love him for it but he could make this good for himself. So I rolled my hips a bit so he would understand that it was okay for him to go faster and maybe, just maybe, harder. ​

He picked up a good pace. It was faster but not too fast yet and it was so intense, it could be only me although his expression was showing that he was loving it as much as I was. His thrusts were getting faster and I was getting there, finally I was taking it all. This was so good, the pleasure was so intense and overwhelming. His sweaty body and his heavy sighs were giving it the best background ever. I think I’ve never seen such a sight. I let out a loud and full of joy and pleasure moan. He smirked at me because this was likely the most inappropriate moan ever. ​

I couldn’t stop them now, they just kept coming loud and awkward and hot, apparently. I decided to do something different for a change, I rolled my hips and caressed my body going down my clit and touched it for him to see it. ​

"Fuck, (Y/N)! That’s so hot.” ​

I smiled widely and arched my back feeling a delicious ache in my lower abdomen and feeling like there was not enough air in my lungs and the strength was leaving my body and I needed desperately to grip something – that something were Carl’s shoulders again – then I felt like I was falling apart and pleasure and relief hitting me like a truck. ​

"Oh God, Carl!” That was almost a scream, thank God we were alone in the house. ​

My orgasm show was enough to bring Carl his own, and again was an amazing scene to watch. He moaned loudly and let his elbows clench a little, falling on top of me. He was breathing heavily and he was all sweaty and that was so hot. I felt his heart beating so fast in his chest and I grinned satisfied. He threw himself in the bed and took a deep breath. ​

He seemed so tired but he was smiling so hard it was creepy. Us smiling wasn’t something easy to see. That made me even happier because I made him smile, I was smiling, we were satisfied and that’s all we need. ​

"That was fucking awesome!” ​I laughed at his excitement. I turned to face him and his eye was piercing. He was so handsome I couldn’t think properly sometimes, like now.

​“We can do this again sometime, if you want to.” I said a little scared but mostly confident that he would want to. ​

"Can ‘sometime’ be now?” he said with a smug smirk on his face and I laughed again. ​

"Okay, loverboy, just give me a few minutes and we’re back on.”


Because Arthur loved protecting Merlin… and all the times he pushes Merlin forward, away from on coming danger, hurts a lot. Like the amount of times he just pulls him by his clothes to get him out of the way, to, basically, protect him.

And then Merlin loved protecting Arthur… Like that’s just self explanatory… all the times he used magic, fully knowing he could be caught, just to save Arthur, over and over again… And god knows how much he actually did so, because years have passed throughout the show and we just see snippets. Like fuck me up because damn.

And they loved each other so much, more than they realised. But they did realise it, in Arthur’s final hours. and like im dying and crying and it’s so sad.

And like I should have rewatched Merlin years ago… Like it’s been 5 years but I know I’m gonna become obsessive over this for awhile because damn, it just hurts so much….

PSA to aphobes or whatever you idiots call yourselves.

Apparently “pee your pants” is a significant thing going around tumblr now, but because I follow a lot of ace discourse blogs (look, I know, I like to torture myself), I see it mostly used in the “exclusionist” community when they have no rebuttal for an argument.

Anyways, I just want to tell my story. When I was working at this Asian restaurant for a part time summer job last year, my co-worker bailed on me. I was the host that night, right? And an 8-top came in while I was on the phone. Right in front of me they just kept talking and talking while I put the person on the phone.
You probably saw where this is going, but I literally did it. Right then and there I pissed my pants. You guys are probably laughing at it, but it was mortifying. I had to grab one of our menu boards and put it in front of my short shorts and walk quietly around.
The entire situation was mortifying. I still have to live with that experience to this day. To people who say “pee your pants is tumblr’s new kill yourself”: no, you fucking morons. It’s worse.

You guys will probably read this and reblog it with “pee your pants” because that’s how you guys are. But whatever. When has Tumblr ever listened to anyone else’s experiences? Goodnight.

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i apparently like to torture myself because i keep watching videos of other people reacting to the WKM finale and crying all over again

same, i feel like it’s become a part of my daily routine tbh 

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This. I can’t believe I did this. Basically 10k, and apparently I torture myself for fun. I bled for this thing like some Grecian slave about to get whipped by his master, good god, and I’m still not happy with it, but it’s done, and it’s out. I hope you enjoy. I really, really hope you do.

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

“There have been cases where patients have died, yes.”

You can still envision the doctor’s face, drawn and tired as he delivered your diagnosis to you in an empty room that smelled of man and disinfectant. The first hint you’d received was how the doctor had handed you your new medication with the ease of a thousand-day’s repetition, and you knew you weren’t rare at all.

Looking none the worse for wear, you had made your way out of the flooded hospital feeling no more important than you were when you had entered.

Having this disease- having any disease- made work difficult, certainly. The punctures in your skin were awkward to explain at first, but your co-workers had gotten over their steadfast suicide prevention printouts when they had accidentally opened the door to your office one afternoon to find you keeled over and suffocating. The injection packets carefully placed in a drawer at your desk had transformed into a lifesaver in that instant, from its prior purpose for reminding you how damaged you are. And after you had taken the afternoon off to save everyone from the trauma of having to make eye contact with you for the rest of the day, they hadn’t bothered you about it since.

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Oh look I wrote a thing without being prompted.

Idek where this one came from but basically I have a lot of Tim Drake feels and apparently that means torturing myself and him by writing angsty shit like this.

He’s in a warehouse, surrounded by blood, Jason Todd’s broken body at his feet. But he’s not dead yet, there’s still time. Tim can defuse the bomb, can save his predecessor’s life.

And he hesitates.

Because if Jason Todd lives, then Batman doesn’t need a new Robin. Bruce Wayne doesn’t need Tim Drake. Nobody does.

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Breakaway | Jungkook

Summary: In which Jungkook probably knows you better than anyone else—and he’s never even spoken to you; Or, we live across the street from each other and you really need to get some curtains
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,380
Author’s Note: Essentially wrote this whole thing by hand because apparently, I like to torture myself (and also my internet was down for 3 days). I don’t know how I feel about this, but hopefully you like it. Based on this idea/belief I have that you could tell a lot about a person based around how they act when they think no one is watching them.


Jungkook has grown accustomed to living through his day-to-day routine. Like a pattern, like clockwork, it never fails and he never fails to follow through with it. Everyday is the same to him—wake up, drive to campus, undergo a different variety of classes (this depends on his schedule—and it’s only the same classes every other day), go to basketball practice, drive back to his apartment, do homework until 5AM, go to sleep, start over again.

College life is funny in this sense. Classes, lectures, and homework constantly dominate such a large part of his routine that it’s often difficult to find time and energy for other things.

He use to find escape in parties, downing enough alcohol to see stars, but even that has started to leave a relatively sour taste in his mouth.

He moves back into his off campus apartment a few weeks before the start of his junior year. Same apartment, same roommates (Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin—both seniors), different classes—but they’re only more difficult and challenging and involve textbooks that will definitely cost him every pretty penny in his wallet, so where’s the excitement in that.

Jungkook sighs as he carries boxes of clothing, books, bedding into his room. He supposes that it is a change or sorts that he actually gets his own room this year after drawing straws with his roommates. It’s a lot smaller than the room Jimin and Taehyung have to share, but it’s nice to have his own space amongst the chaos that his roommates bring. Jungkook rubs at his eyes upon laying the boxes on the floor, straightening up and wondering if he would be able to survive another school year like this.

A light flickering on in the window of the apartment across from his catches his attention as Jungkook takes a few steps forward to get a clear view.

Through the window, Jungkook can make out 2 girls entering the room, both of them with boxes in tow and bright smiles of laughter upon their faces. The sight is startlingly refreshing—reminding Jungkook of his own ecstatic emotional state when he first moved into his off campus apartment last year—that the boy can’t help but muster the smallest of smiles.

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A Demon's Fun

                 Jack clutched his head, stumbling back into one of the padded walls of his recording room. A sharp pain was lighting up in his head. The lights in the room and his computer monitor flickered as he heard a familiar laugh echo in his head. ~Did you miss me Jackaboy? *giggle* I bet you’ve been wondering where I was, why i’ve been so silent. Well, to be frank, I was getting a little upgrade. That boost in energy I got from the, ‘Antipocalypse’ as your fans called it, allowed me to vacate from your head for a little bit. And I managed to acquire something that’ll make it so much more fun whenever I take control. How bout a little demonstration?~  

                  A strangled cry escaped Jack’s lips as the pain in his head worsened. It felt like his skull was about to split open! He could feel a horrible pressure building up near his temples, the pain reaching it’s peak when two horns tore through the skin, going out a bit before curving back and then up. Blood trickled from the torn skin, some of it running over his eye. His jaw ached and he could feel his canines lengthening into sharp fangs. He winced when he felt something dig into his head and pulled a hand back to reveal sharp, black talons curving from his fingers where his nails should be. There was an stretching sensation coming from his ears and they twitched a bit, now pointed.

                 He was brought to his knees when a brand new pain lit up at the base of his spine. It felt like some had grabbed hold of his tailbone and was yanking on it, trying to rip his spine out him. Slowly but surely, a scaley black tail with bright green lightning bolt shaped markings snaked it’s way out from the base of his spine, coated in blood. It curled around him, flicking now and then like the tail of an agitated cat. He glanced at the jagged, metalic looking tail spade that was on the end of it as his vision blurred for a moment. His eyesight suddenly sharpened to a surprising clarity as his pupils narrowed into slits. His eyes clenched shut, talons scraping against the floor as something started to strain against the skin near his shoulder blades.

                 A scream that was much louder then before escaped him as two large, bat like wings burst from back and tore through his shirt, drops of blood flying from them and splattering all over the room. He slumped to the floor, his breathing coming out in pained pants as his whole body trembled. One wing folded against his back and the other draped over him, allowing him to see that they were black with the membrane on the inside being a dark green. Zigzagging blue stripes ran along the outside and two claws adorned them were a thumb would be if they were bat wings. There were several small torn patches on the membrane that stretched between the ‘fingers’.

                   His vision swam and for a moment he could swear that he could see Anti standing over him, laughing silently at his misery. His teeth clenched and an unexpected snarl tore through him at the sight, the sound not even remotely human. Anti grinned smugly in his head, taking great joy out of pissing him off and seeing him in pain. Jack winced suddenly, clutching at his throat as he started coughing violently. His eyes widened when a bolt of dark green electricity came out of him, singing the floor. His mouth watered and what he thought was drool came out of his mouth and dripped onto the floor. He quickly looked down when a sizzling noise was heard and was shocked to see a bright green liquid eating through the tile.

                     Anti laughed in his head. ~You like? Apparently I’m some sort of demonic dragon creature now. And believe me when I say, you’ll feel that same pain every time I take over or feel like making you gain my new attributes. I’m going to have so much fun torturing you with this,~ He said. Jack growled in response,  not at all pleased by that revelation. ~What’s with all the growling hmm? You’re acting awfully animalistic. Heheh, seems like this affects you a lot more than it does me. Perhaps because, unlike you, I was never human in the first place. So while I still act like myself, you’re acting more like animal. Strange isn’t it? All the new, weird things you must be feeling. Tell you what, I’ll be kind for once and take over so you don’t have to deal with this stuff yet.~

                      Jack was about to protest but it was too late. His body stiffened and glitched, gages appearing his ears, hair spiking up, and a long bloody cut appearing on his neck. The sclera of his eyes turned pitch black and his irises glowed an eerie bright green. His lips twisted into a cruel smile and he spoke in a distorted voice, “N̶̨̰̱̮ͅo̯̳͇̱̫̘̥w̫̙̺̜͖̩̯̬͟,̺̘̰̹̜ ҉͈̠l͘͏̳̫̮̣̖̬͚̯é̝͙̤͔̯͙̳̯t̴̙̗̫̺̙͠͝'̗̱͇̻̗̩͟s͍̠̳̤̞͚̗͝͡ͅ ̡̛̬̗̤̪̠͍̤h̪̖͓̝̭̪͍a̛̺̣͝͝v̤̱̲͉̫͡e̶͉̻̩ ͇̞̹͚͓̭͠ͅs̻̥͇̝͉̪̟̭̠̕ó͖̳̝͕͕͚m̧͖͖͕͟ȩ҉̜̯͍͎̜̹͈͚ ̡̛̛̖͙̙f̧̯̲͙͇̝̜̫̀͝u̖͖͕̠̥͈͟n͚.͏̙̥̱̙”

(( Based off of :

https://www.instagram.com/p/BYCu1C3Dlpc/ by @confused-sketching . The wings, tail, and horns are the same as the ones seen in this picture: https://narutofoxlover.tumblr.com/post/164503356316/a-darklingdemonic-dragon-version-of-anti-i-drew )) @ego-protection-squad @chase-brody-protection-squad @magic-marvin-protection-patrol (( thought you guys might be interested in it ))

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this just occurred to me: azrien for the domestic hc??? nothing with elain ever happened, can you make my dream come true for cauldron's sake?? PLEaSe


  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:
    Azriel. He subsequently likes to wake Lucien up in… creative ways. (They have established this beforehand. Always get consent, kids.) This makes Lucien very happy and not at all inclined to get out of bed.
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast:
    Neither. Cassian occasionally comes over and just shakes his head at the severe Lack of Food in their house because they both have coffee for breakfast (Lucien’s black, Azriel’s with the entire sugar bowl in it, don’t tell anyone or he’ll have to kill you.)
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:
    this is where I have to prevent myself from making innuendos concerning my first headcanon up there ^
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:
    too late apparently (It’s Lucien and Azriel’s like “shit I did my work too well” only haha that was his intention all along)
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:
    Lucien. The lazy fox. He doesn’t like what “work” does to Az. He likes when they just lie around the house all day. The further from torturing someone Az gets, the more he relaxes, and the more he eats, and the more snuggly he is. (And then he probably goes into withdrawal… no no only happy fluff headcanons here moving on)
  • Who chooses the movies:
    Lucien. He likes critiquing the photography. Az likes critiquing the realism. (”It’s a movie, Az! Who cares if it’s realistic?”)
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together:
    Azriel. His primary purpose in life seems to be to distract Lucien, and he is certainly very good at it. Lucien usually abandons the movie without a second thought and responds eagerly.
  • Who orders lunch:
    Lucien. Though he was very wary of Night Court food at first, since it was so different from what he was familiar with in Spring and Autumn.
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:
    Lucien. Az gets concerned about him sometimes, that he’s too thin. Sometimes Az will actually scrape some of his food onto Lucien’s plate. Lucien rolls his eyes and says that he’s fine, but then eats everything and Az looks relieved.
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy:
    Both. listen. I just want them to be happy and well-fed and well-adjusted and not sad anymore NO MORE SADS FOR EITHER OF THEM
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:
    Azriel. The master of distraction. Of course. Though it’s not his fault Lucien is so easily distractable.
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old:
    Lucien. Azriel tells him no but then brings a pint of ice cream home that evening. Lucien is delighted.
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream:
    Lucien. To use as blackmail, obviously. That camera will mysteriously disappear the next day…
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face:
    Azriel. Okay, okay, it’s not so much a joke as it is a physical innuendo involving Azriel’s tongue and Lucien going very red and stammery because he’s great when he’s the one doing the flirting but when it’s the other way around he falls apart.
  • Who cooks dinner:
    Neither. They order dinner. Every night. No cooking necessary.
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:
    Azriel. If by that you mean wash two forks and put the containers in the trash. Since Lucien is a spoiled lordling. (jk jk I love you Lucien but it’s true)
  • Who stays up until 2 reading:
    Azriel. He can see in the dark. And he doesn’t sleep a lot anyways. Though it gets a bit tricky when Lucien manages to climb on top of him in his sleep. (Lucien denies this. It does no good.)
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:
    Azriel. He will literally stare at Lucien for hours. Although the same is true of Lucien. They just love looking at each other. The Inner Circle has had to get used to entire meetings where Lucien and Az just… blatantly stare at each other the entire time. And of course, they’re both thinking, “wow. my boyfriend is so beautiful. how tf did I get this lucky.”
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep:
    see my answer for the first headcanon ;) ;) ;)

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wht even happened during the rae rdrama i missed ir

oh boy buckle up ‘cause it’s a long one:

Basically tumblr user rae “i can’t handle rejection” sleepyflannel pretty much went off the rails after i blocked her and pretty much ended being friends with her. The reason i blocked her was because she jumped on a post talking about how it’s possible for straight women to become lesbians and accused op (a lesbian themselves) of being EXACTLY like gay conversion therapist. i shit you not she pulled the “replace _____ with ______ sounds pretty _____ phobic doesn’t it?” shit on them.

i vagued her a bit, though it was also directed at mutuals reblogging her stupid ass commentary, saying that the whole “sexuality isn’t a choice” debacle is dumb. because while some people do genuinely feel differently about it, i feel like it’s not at all helpful to questioning people or people experiencing compulsory heterosexuality. i had some people ask me questions about it and i gave my responses.

Rae, like a dumbass, decided that instead of quietly talking this out with me or asking someone to message me about it, knowing that this is a big intracommunity issue that a lot of gay/bi/trans people have talked and debated about, made a full on CALLOUT for me.

she cropped out my comments made about gay conversion therapy to act as though i fully supported it as well as my comments made about how i have no issues with people who feel like it isnt a choice so long as they don’t act like idiots and shove it down people’s throats like rae did.

I woke up to losing dozens of followers and 40+ messages (it actually reached around 100 in a matter of minutes) telling me to kill myself, misgendering me, calling me a fake lesbian, calling me slurs, comparing me to homophobes and saying things like “well i guess i deserved to be ABUSED huh???? cause it’s a CHOICE!”

Apparently not only did Rae form a shitty callout for me, but she made several posts talking about me nonstop, comparing me, a fucking black lesbian who has homophobic parents, to the very people who would be happy to subject me to mental and physical torture to convert myself.

She even had the nerve to refuse to ask people to stop sending me slurs and telling me to kill myself because “”””””anxiety”””””

When I made my counter post to defend myself and call Rae’s stupid ass out, Rae suddenly lost her “tough” persona and began playing the victim. She even started asking for nice messages and whined about her mental illnesses. despite causing this whole mess being entirely her fault. 

From what I understand, final straw for Rae was that she found out a lot of her mutuals were liking my posts and defending me, she even went as far as to screenshot them and accuse them of being “traitors”.

She used this as an opportunity to threaten suicide and talk about how no one loves her, claiming that she’s going to kill herself afterwards to guilt trip people into feeling bad for her and to side against me.

Instead of doing that of course, she just made her blog private and then deleted it. she sent me an atrocious apology to me on her new blog and then blocked me when i wasn’t having all it.

All i know is that she said she’s going to leave tumblr because it’s “affecting her mental illness” (eye roll), but knowing her, she’s probably just hiding on this site some where.

Fic Recs: Angst w/ Happy Ending

Requested by @bitch-ofthetimes , here are some of my faves:

1. The Same Ground (navigator) - What if the one that got away came back? [featuring a lot of pining, snapchat, and exes finally figuring their shit out]

2. My Heart is Breathing for this Moment in Time (usedtothebeach) - Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. [The Time Traveller’s Wife / X Factor / pining / angst / cute-ness]

3. Indestructible (whoknows) - “I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him. Louis freezes. [amnesia!fic - honestly cannot get enough]

4. All the Lights Are Full of Color (infinitelymint) - So, fast-forwarding eight years from the day Harry met Louis, he is now a twenty-seven year old owner of one of the most up-and-coming eating establishments on the London restaurant scene, father of two wonderful boys and… separated from his husband. Now, that last part definitely was never a part of the original plan. [so so good, i will read this a hundred times because i like to torture myself and cry a lot apparently]

5. Empty Skies (green_feelings) - For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him. [famous ex-boyfriend louis, up-and-coming harry, lots of grudges and hurt feelings and angst]

6. Truth Be Told (I Was Never Yours) (justfortommo) - It’s like a cold slap in the face when Harry looks to the top of the page to see “Aiden and Louis Grimshaw” at the head table, and Harry has to mentally remind himself for the thousandth time that Louis is not his. Never was, really. He’s just the wedding planner that’s been in love with Louis since he was sixteen. [featuring ex boyfriends, wedding planning, and a whole lot of pining and awkwardness]

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I'm looking at the "did you know" scene again (because I love torturing myself apparently) and just like. You can see it all in his eyes. The sorrow, the anger, the betrayal when Steve said he knew. It pains me IT PAINS ALL OF ME I.AM.IN.PAIN.

Listen I Have Not Watched Civil War since it was released back in April. I physically flinch whenever I see Tony in that film because I hate seeing him that low. Like. It’s something i physically struggle to watch lmao I have Real Genuine Attachment Issues toward Tony okay AND CIVIL WAR WAS THE W O R S T HGFNDSAGSDFVKBVFHDS 

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m sure I could watch any show with canon lead role F/F pairings but that would be too easy. I just love being tortured with queerbait that much, apparently.

Was a sucker for Rizzles, now trash for Supercorp.

The CW is just as bad as TNT was with Rizzoli and Isles.

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In BMSCV I'm low-key hoping that Victor is going to end up flying over to watch Yuuri compete 😍 and after the comp, they'll talk out their feelings while still in Spain and have a nice little date sight-seeing if they have time?? Though I'm also ok with more angst. I like torturing myself apparently

Awwww, Barcelona sightseeing date would be the sweetest. Maybe Yuuri wouldn’t lose the nuts this time around.

As far as big gestures go, Victor flying out to Barcelona would definitely be grand…. And desperate XD