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Title: Learn To Do It
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I loved this request sO much, thanks to the lovie anon who asked for it :)

You stared blankly out of the large window in Danny’s apartment, a fluffy wool blanket wrapped around your shoulders as you watched rain trickle down the window. Your finger reached out and began to trace the intricate patterns the drops left on the glass before you sighed.

After the whole situation with Madame Gao, Danny had worked himself into a paranoid when it came to your safety. He was worried that what Gao said was only a warning of future events if he wasn’t careful.

So, from then on Danny followed you everywhere, holding on to you in some way as his senses were on high alert wherever he went.

You understood where all the concern was coming from, he thought you had been murdered by some mafia-like, secret organization, hell that was more than enough to drive someone up the wall.

You also understood the potential danger you were in, but you longed to take a walk on your own. But Danny refused to let you travel anywhere if he wasn’t there, or with enough convincing, one of his close friends to keep an eye on you.

Danny saw the toll it was taking on you, you missed your bookstore and your house. He had arranged for Joy to drop off a good bit of your books from your place, but you missed your store the most.

It was just too dangerous to go there, Madame Gao’s informants had found you in that place, if you showed up now it wouldn’t end well.

Danny was still in bed when his eyes fluttered open to find your side empty and neatly made, he slowly sat up, rubbing at his eyes before staring at the open bedroom door.

Ever since staying at his place, you found yourself being more antsy, causing you to wake up early just so you could do something. First time it happened, Danny nearly had a heart attack before sprinting out of the room to find you laying on the floor next to the couch down the stairs.

He tossed his legs over the side of the bed and stretched, blindly grabbing a sweater from his dresser before tugging it over his head and going to look for you.

Danny’s eyes squinted a little at all of the natural light streaming into his eyes, when he saw you standing next to the window all swaddle up in a blanket he couldn’t help but smile.

“Morning.” He called out to you, giving you a small wave when you turned around.

“Good morning,” You replied, moving from the window and going into his arms when he outstretched them to you. “Sleep well?”

“Just fine,” Danny looked down and noticed something was off. “You’re troubled about something, what’s wrong?”

You removed yourself from his arms, folding your arms under the blanket. “Internal confliction, I guess.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

You looked up at him, rocking back and forth on your feet. “Well, recently I’ve been thinking,” You paused for a moment, seeing Danny’s expectant look. “That if you taught me how to defend myself, maybe I could go out on my own again.

Danny’s hands rested behind his back, and his expression became unreadable. “What’s the conflict part?”

You sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around you. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, even if they’re evil. I just hate the thought of it.”

The one corner of Danny’s lip curled into a soft smile, his hand coming up to rest on your cheek. “I’d be happy to teach you, but you don’t have to if it’s not what you want,” He gave your nose a small peck. “I’m more than happy to remain your watch dog.”

You smiled and shook your head. “Nah, I at least want to try.”

You huffed whenever Danny knocked you to the ground on your back again, you both had pushed all the furniture in the living room out of the way so you had more open space.

Danny watched in amusement as you turned onto your side instead of getting up.

“Can I surrender?”

You heard him chuckle. “Surrender out there and you’ll end up dead.”

You shut your eyes, your entire body felt like it was on fire and your muscles ached. The two of you had been training for hours.

Well I say training, it was more like Danny attempting to show you how to block attacks and getting hit several times because you forgot what to do.

That and you kept making stupid jokes when he showed you certain moves. There was something with the name “scissor” in it so you stared making snipping noises and doing scissor motions with your hands, causing Danny to laugh so hard he forgot he was supposed to be training you.

“Maybe it’s for the best,” You said, dramatically tossing your arm over your eyes. “I do a lot more harm than good, it’s not worth the trouble.”

Danny frowned, leaning down and situating himself on top of you. “Hey, don’t be like that,” He said, balancing himself one arm so he could tap your nose. “You’re not going to be perfect the first day of learning.”

You removed your arm and looked up at him. “You think I’ll ever be able to fight?”

He smiled, hopping up to his feet and bringing you with him. “If you keep up your training, I’d think so.”

You weakly let him pull you up before he dropped your hands and put some space between the two of you. “Lunge at me.”


“Just, try to hit me.” He said, motioning you to do as told.

“Are you just gonna hit me in the throat when I try to? Cause at this rate I’ll just take the hit to put me out to greener pastures.”

Danny bit back a laugh. “Do it.”

You sighed, positioning yourself like he told you to before trying to hit him. He moved out of the way last second with ease, face directly in front of yours while your fist remained outstretched.

He smiled, tilting his head down and grazing his lips against yours. “Look at that, Your form’s getting better.”

You flushed, placing distance between the two of you. “That is not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

You frowned. “You probably think you’re real charming don’t you?”

Danny placed his hands around your waist and pulled you towards him while his lips went after yours again. “A little bit.”

You looked up at him, and saw his gaze focused on you before you shoved him away right before your lips made actual contact, causing Danny to let out a slight whine as he watched you walk away from him.

“Yeah? Well you are!” You told him, putting on a displeased frown before climbing up the stairs to the restroom to wash up.

Danny fell back onto the ground. “No, you see that is unfair!”

“You deseve it, I have at least seven brusies on various parts of my body!”

“I said sorry like ten times!”

How Cute

Title: How Cute

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,533

Warnings: FLUFF.

A/N: I was going to post this tomorrow, but how could I say no to @cyrilconnelly who requested this!  I hope you all love this! It was fun for me to write! Don’t for get about that Christmas Drabble list <3 which is here!   Although this isn’t from that list, but you can also ask me to do one shots for you thought my ask box or inbox.

You knew Dean and Sam would be upset, but the poor kid’s parents were just killed by a wraith.  It was better if the kid stayed at the bunker with you until the three of you found and killed the wraith.  His name was Danny; he was only 5 years old.  

You had Danny on your hip as you descended down the bunker’s stairs.  When you entered the library you gave Dean and Sam a stern glare.  You turned your face to the small boy, “Danny, this is Sam and Dean.  They are my friends.  They’re going to help.”

The little boy waved to the two Winchesters.  “Hi Sam and Dean,” Danny spoke, his voice small.

Sam took the boy from your hands, setting him down on the floor.  “Do you want something to drink?  I think we still have some milk,” Sam offered kindly.  The little boy nodded, grabbing Sam’s hand.  The younger Winchester flashed you a smile, nodding at Dean as he took the boy to the kitchen.

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Title: Who Could It Be at This Hour?
Character: Danny Rand
Prompt: 28

You were sitting on the floor in your living room, small stacks of papers for new book orders surrounding you as you tried to figure out which ones to sign for first. The television was showing flash flood warnings on the bottom of the screen, the rain wasn’t coming down too hard yet but you had an idea it was going to get worse later tonight.

You looked up from your work when you heard a couple knocks on the door, reaching across the paper piles to reach for your phone. There weren’t any messages from anyone, so who was at your door so late?

Getting up from your spot, you walked over to peer through a window at the top of the door and saw someone wearing dark clothes and a hood covering their face.

Now any sensible person seeing that waiting for them at the front door of their house would be terrified.

But it was storming outside, and you couldn’t help but feel bad just letting them out there.

So slowly, you cracked opened the door to look outside.

The person looked up upon you opening the door and you saw a very upset looking Danny standing there.

“Oh, hello!” You said, grabbing his arm and ushering him inside. “What are you doing here? You’ll get sick out in the rain!”

Danny yanked down his hood, his curls were damp and lightly clung to his forehead. His cheeks looked a little flushed, and he had small bruises and cuts scattered around his face.

“I know, but I had to see you.”

“Is everything alright? You look dreadful.” You helped him to the couch. “Here, I’ll get you a towel.”

“No, I have to talk to you.” Danny said, clutching onto your arm.

You smiled softly, placing your hand onto his and gently releasing yourself from his grasp. “It will take me ten seconds, and we need to warm you up before you get sick.”

Dannu reluctantly agreed, he seemed antsy though, even when you returned with a towel and a warm sweatshirt for him to wear, Danny jumped at the slightest of sounds.

You took the towel and laid it across his head, fluffing up his hair to help with the dampness. “Hey, you look pretty shaken up. Did something happen?”

Danny stared up at you as you dried off his hair, in his trance he almost didn’t hear what you asked him. “Oh, nothing you need to worry out.”

You tossed aside the towel and handed him the sweatshirt. “Put this on, I can put the other one in the dryer.”

He did as told, shedding the wet jacket and shoving on the dry one. “What were you doing? Did I interrupt something important?”

You shook your head, hearing the alarmed tone of his voice you gently ran your hands through his hair to calm him down. “Just some paper work, nothing groundbreaking.”

Danny nodded, remembering all the cuts he had and he tried to move from the ground. “I-I’m getting blood all over your things, I’m sorry.”

You lightly pushed him down. “You’re fine, there just little cuts I can take care of. Just stay here, can you do that for me?”

He didn’t try to get up so you took that as a yes, jogging to the bathroom to locate the small kit of medical supplies you had and then back to him.


“Yes?” You kneeled in front of him and started to clean all the cuts so they didn’t get infected.

“Do you feel safe with me?”

You looked up at him with knitted brows. “What do you mean?”

He shook his head. “Just answer me, please?”

“Of course I do, you’ve never given me a reason to not feel safe around you.” You met his gaze and saw the same scared expression he’d have after Ward did something particularly cruel to him when he was younger.

“Can I show you something?”

You smiled at him. “You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. It’s okay.”

“No, no. I want you to know.”

“Go on then.”

Danny made a fist and held it close to you, there was an intent look on his face for a minute, then his hand started to light up in a faint yellow glow.

It took you a moment to realize what you were looking at was in fact happening and wasn’t some tired trick your brain was pulling on you.

“Woah,” You slowly reached out your hand and placed a few fingers on his fist, it had almost turned translucent and you could see the inner workings of his veins. “How are you doing that?”

Danny unclenched his hand and the glow went away. “Remember how I told you I’d tell you the story about my tattoo?” He asked, waiting for your nod. “Well it’s not really a tattoo, it’s the mark of the Iron Fist.”

“Iron Fist? Sounds like a super hero name.”

Danny chuckled. “Sort of, I earned the title through my years of training with the monks. Iron Fist is a title given to those who complete the trial of Shou-Lao,” He saw the confused look on your face and laughed again. “You don’t really need to know all the details, it just means I’m the protector of K'un-Lun and sworn enemy to the Hand.”

“I’ve heard you mention them before, what do they do?”

Danny shook his head. “No, the less you know about them the safer you’ll be. Trust me.”

You found yourself smiling. “Can you punch through walls?”


Your eyes went wide. “Shut up, that’s so cool!”

Danny watched you go off on a little tangent about how fun it must be to have a real super power, there were a few questions in there about what else he could do, but you scarcely gave him the time to answer them.

Out of all the reactions to his being the Iron Fist, yours was his favorite. You didn’t look weirded out or scared, you were just your usual self.

You were about to ask him something else when Danny leaned down and kissed you, his hands on either side of your face as they dug into your hair and brought you closer to him.

After the initial surprise you started to respond, your hand lightly reached up to hold his cheek, but you must have grazed one of his wounds and he reluctantly pulled away to hiss.

“I forgot about those! Maybe we should call Claire instead, she’s better at this.”

Danny tucked your hair behind your ear and leaned close to you again. “I’ve had worse.”

Title: Sway With Me (Part 7.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Sisi (original female character)
Summary: Sisi and Ike talk about Ben while Danny begins to suspect Sisi’s relationship with his father.
Word Count: 2,656
Warning: SMUT (oral)!!
Author’s Note: Things are finally picking up. Enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @mypapawinchester)

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500!? You deserve them all and so much more!

Thank you so much Taylor.  This is written for the beautiful and talented @td122609 / @impalaimagining.  This GIF drabble was inspired by THIS so if you have not already read THIS by Taylor, then go read it and come back!

You could not wipe the smile off your face. You could not believe the week you were having! Not only had you met someone, you had met the someone you had only dreamt about meeting probably a million times, within minutes of your vacation, all thanks to the adorable JJ Ackles. 

Now, here you were alone on the deserted deck of this amazing cruise ship with Jared Padalecki. From the minute he had soothed you through your panic attack on the bus and asked you to be his girlfriend, to now, the entire trip had been amazing. Your family, wanting to see you happy, had understood when you ducked out of dinner tonight, knowing it was your last night with Jared.

Suddenly, you felt the tears well up in your eyes. You tried to blink them away quickly but Jared caught them anyway.

“Hey, Baby. What’s wrong? Talk to me, please.” Jared squeezed your hand, pulling gently to get you to look at him.  The look of concern is his eyes for you made your heart threaten to shatter into a million pieces. 

“It’s just, this week has been amazing. Beyond amazing, really. Like a dream come true. I never even thought I would have the chance to meet you, and now here we are. But…” Your voice turned quiet and trailed off.

“But nothing, Tay. Do you know how much I resented Jay and Danni for dragging me on this trip with them? A family vacation, they said, but there I was, sitting alone on that stupid and insanely warm bus, then you plopped down next to me and my whole life changed.” Grabbing my chin in his thumb and forefinger, he turned me to face him once more. 

“And now? Well, I couldn’t be happier. I have met the girl of my dreams and now I could not be mad at them and their incessant begging for the life of me.” He chuckled a little, leaning over and kissing me gently.

“But, Jare, what happens tomorrow? We have to go back to our real lives now. We can’t continue living in this fantasy world we created this week. I have to be back to work on Monday and you are going back to Austin, then Vancouver. I am afraid I will never see you again.” The tears started free flowing now. This was not how the night was supposed to go.

“Hey hey, pretty girl. Look at me. Have I given you any reason to think that we would never see each other again? Any at all?” He asked, those kaleidoscope eyes, searching mine and glimmering in the moonlight.

“No, but…” I feebly attempted.

He pressed his lips to mine, effectively silencing me. “I said ‘but nothing’ remember? We will figure this out. We have to, because after this week, I cannot imagine spending another day without seeing your beautiful face,” kiss ”or kissing these sweet, soft lips,” kiss ”or running my fingers through your hair” kiss “and letting my hands explore every inch of your magnificent body.”

He continued whispering sweet nothings until my tears were dry and I knew I couldn’t live without this amazing man holding me in his arms. 

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Jamie Benn

Daughter gets a boyfriend.

Jamie and I have been married for over 16 years now, we have 3 kids two girls and one boy. First we had twins, Jackson and January (Jack and Jana), then another girl named Jinger. Jack and Jana are 16 now since I was pregnant when we got married.
This is around the time that Jack and Jana should start dating and stuff like that, but Jamie isn’t to keen on that idea.

I know for a fact that both of the twins are dating. Jack gas told Jamie that he’s dating, but Jana hasn’t. I like Jack’s girlfriend, her name is Rachel, she’s one year younger than him but that’s okay, I’m not very worried about them who I’m worried about is Jana’s boyfriend.

Daniel Seguin. Tyler’s son, he’s more of the bad guy type, he wears leather jackets, and has tattoos, he’s 2 years older than Jana and he’s probably dated at least half of the girls in their entire school and all the girls are in love with him, he plays hockey so he’s got a good body and is definitely stronger than Jana.

I love Tyler and his wife Cassie, is my closest friend. I just don’t want my girl to get hurt and I think every mom thinks like that, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Jana hasn’t told Jamie that she’s dating Daniel yet and I fear for when she does cause Jamie probably got 100 pounds on Daniel and he won’t be afraid to use that to his advantage if he hurts Jana.

The text alert on my phone went off.

‘Jana 👧🙈: make sure dad doesn’t come home early today, Danny’s coming over.’ The text reads.

'Me: I’ll try to stop him from coming home early, maybe will have date night tonight! ;)’ I text back.

'Jana 👧🙈: thanks mum, and eww, I don’t want to hear about you and dad that’s gross’ She replies.

'Me: your welcome Jana, and you can hear about me and your dad, cause I listen to all this stuff about you and Daniel’ I text to her.

I then go into the switch to text to Jamie.

'Me: Hey Jame, how you feel about a date night tonight? ;)’ I text to Jamie.

'Jamie 👫❤: Yes all the way, (Y/N) better get Jordie or Ty to watch the kids cause, we won’t be coming home that night! If you know what I mean! ;)“ Jamie texts me.

'Me: I was just thinking we could go for dinner then go back home and have out fun there!’ I text.

'Jamie 👫❤: Sure thing honey, I was just thinking it would be safer to go somewhere else so the kids don’t hear us. cause your gonna be screaming my name! ;)’ Jamie texts.

I look at the text and blush, Jamie and I have been together for nearly 20 years but he still knows how to make me go crazy!


I texted Jamie to meet me up at the restaurant knowing that he would have his suit there at the arena, so he didn’t have to go home to get it.

'Jamie 👫❤: I’m coming home to get you I’m not waiting until you get there to see you all dressed up, I won’t be able to keep my hands of you’ Jamie texts me.

"Hey, Jana what do you think”. I say coming out to show my daughter the dress I was wearing.

“Oh my god, Mom you look so pretty, can I borrow this dress for when I go with Danny!” Jana says.

“This dress is over 16 years old, I had it before you where born! I’m surprised it still fits, and considering that it’s short on me it will be way to short for you, since your a lot taller than me”. I say.

“That’s why I want I wear it” Jana says.

“If I let you wear it your dad wouldn’t let you out of the house” I say.

“I could always sneak out of the house” Jana says.

“Not on my watch and If your father catches you, Danny’s a dead man” I say with a laugh.

“Why would Danny be a dead man?” Jamie says at the door.

I look between Jana and Jamie.

“This is a problem between you two, so I’ll just be in the other room” I say attempting to exit the room but, I’m stopped by Jamie’s strong hands.

“No you don’t, beautiful, I need something good to look at if this is what I think it is” Jamie whispers in my ear in an angry tone. Even when he’s mad he never fails to turn me on.

“Well dad, me and Danny are dating” Jana says in a whisper.

“No way, I told you no dating until your 25!” Jamie says.

“You and mom were married when she was, 20!” Jana says.

“That’s different!” Jamie says.

“No it’s not!” Jana says.

“Yes it is! Daniel’s a Seguin, and he takes after his father a lot, Tyler used to hook up with a girl one night then never speak to her again! I don’t want you to get hurt! I’m supposed to protect you from guys like that!” Jamie says.

“Danny’s not like that, he’s not like his dad, he cares for me he’s said it a thousand times, we’ve been best friends since we were babies and you’ve like Danny and you and his dad are best friends! Can’t you just give him a chance!” Jana says.

Jamie looks down at his feet than looks at Jana. “one chance but if he does anything, anything at all to hurt you he’s dead”. He says.

“Thank you, daddy!” Jana says and hugs Danny.

“I thought that was my nickname!” Danny says from the door.

“Danny!” Jana says her face beat red.

Jamie turns around to look at Danny and glares him down.

“Kidding” He says.

I had to pull he angry Jamie away from Danny before he killed the guy.

“At least, Jinger’s still my little girl” Jamie says.

“I have a boyfriend, dad” Jinger says.

“What!?” We both say.

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Anonymous said:Do a jealous stiles would include pls?

A/N: I’m doing so much Stiles stuff recently and some of it’s perminently like broken my heart. I would love to do another Stiles imagine! Him being jealous would be freaking hilarious!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A jealous Stiles Stilinski would include:

- Stiles getting into awkward situations with you walking in on his conversation with the person he’s jealous over.

- “Go near, (Y/N) again and I’ll shove my lacrosse stick so far up your-

- “Stiles, what are you doing?


- Stiles acting suspicious when he’s jealous.

- “You’re jealous aren’t you?

- “No…

- “Yes you are.

- “How can you tell?

- “You’re acting suspicious.

- Stiles threatening any guy who flirts with you in a sarcastic tone.

- “Dude, you can’t be serious.

- “Yeah? You think so? Well, Isaac Lahey, how about I cook up some werewolf stew tonight? curtsey of you, since you’ll be the meal!” he’d shout, flailing his arms around.

- “Dude, chill out.” Scott would say.

- Stiles pretending to be tough and lurching at people, bobbing his head.

- “Stiles, you look like a lizard choking on a fly.

- “That’s intimidating, right?

- “Yeah, in your books. But in everyone else’s books you look like you’re having a seizure. If you’re suddenly rushed to the nurses office today, you’ll know why.

- Stiles going ape shit when guys touch you.

- Stiles pinning guys to the wall.

- “I may not look like much, but I will end you. I don’t care if I have to unlock the secret of the force or whatever Batman has in his weapon’s belt, but I’ll end you. You hear me, punk?

- You always trying to help Stiles calm down.

- “Stiles, calm down. I love you and only you. My eyes are on you and no one else.

“I can’t help it, (Y/N). When those punk ass little bitches talk to you, looking at you like you’re a meal I can’t help but get jealous.

- “Well don’t, you’re my boyfriend and I love you and only you.

- You walking into the boys locker room when Stiles is giving some guy hell.

- “So it’s just math homework, right?

- “For the love of God, Stiles! Yes!

- “Sorry, Danny. It’s just she’s my girlfriend-

- “And I’m gay.


- Stiles giving Derek the stink eye because he always flirts with you, and let’s face it Stiles would be dead if he said a thing to Derek.

- “I think you should stop, Derek.

- “Why?

- “Because, first of all, I’m not interested, and secondly, Stiles is giving you the stink eye and he looks like: A) He’s going to crap his pants from being so tense, or B) His eyes are going to shoot out of his head, his head will propel off and we’ll be covered in Stiles’s blood. So for the well being of my amazingly sarcastic and sassy boyfriend: Stop.

- Unlimited reassurance.

- “Stiles, I love you and only you, stop okay?

- “I can’t help it. You’re the hottest girl alive and every guy wants a piece of you.

- “Well that’s too bad, Stiles.

- “What?

- “It’s too bad, because no guy, other than you, is getting a piece of this.

- “God, you’re so hot!

- Stiles always having his arm over your shoulders.

- “Who’s this, babe?

- “This is, no one, Stiles.

- “Yeah, that’s right. You’re no one. Get out of here!” Stiles would say, nodding his head.

- “Shut up, Stiles.

- You cringing and being painfully embarrassed when Stiles tries to be tough but it fails.

- “His ass is going to be bruised tomorrow, isn’t it Scott?

- “Definitely.

- “Go help him!

- Stiles thinking he can do karate and shows off his ‘mad’ skills.

- “And that’s your boyfriend?” Danny would ask.

- “Yeah, sadly.

- “He’s something special.

- “Yeah, special.

- Stiles grinning at you when the guy runs away.

- “That’s what I thought!

- “Stiles, just stop.

- “But did you see that, (Y/N)?” he’d ask energetically.

- “Yeah and I wish I hadn’t…”

- “What? That was so cool though!

- “Alright, karate hamster, that’s enough.

- “Hamster? Can’t I be a lion? That’s more masculine and cool.

- “You’re a hamster, Stiles.”

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Title: Cherish Those Who Care
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: A story in which reader is insecure about her lack of toughness because she’s surrounded by badass warriors 24/7 and danny boi convinces her otherwise.

Danny knocked softly on your apartment door, looking around the empty hallway as he waited for your replay. His foot tapping on the ground to try and help relieve the minor anxiety he had built up over the last couple of days.

You hadn’t been returning his calls or answering his texts. It had been days since you stopped by his office to say hello like you always did when you found time to.

At first, Danny reasoned that you were just busy with your work. He knew you loved what you did, and sometimes you just got caught up with it all.

But then a week almost passed, and he couldn’t help but worry.

“Oh, Danny,” He was so focused on his thoughts that he didn’t realize you had already answered the door. “What are you doing here?”

Danny tugged on his tie and smiled nervously. “Hey, you’re alright.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Nothing, it’s just,” He said, trying to put together words. “You haven’t been around much lately.”

“Oh, yeah, about that.” You said, looking up at him. “Come on in.”

Danny nodded and came inside, noticing that you had already disappeared into another room. “(Y/n)?”

“Hmm? I’m in here.” Your voice came from the kitchem, when he followed you were pouring something into a mug. “In here.”


“No, chocolate milk,” You said, placing a brown bottle back into the fridge. “I don’t really like coffee.”

Danny found himself smiling fondly at you as he took a seat at one of the kitchen stools. “You know, that’s pretty cute.”

You were about to smile back when your face turned more serious and you pushed the mug away. “About that,” You said, taking a breif pause. “Am I too soft?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I just mean, I’m not really the fighting kind of person like Colleen or Claire. I’m not a very intimidating being either.”

Danny’s brows knitted together as he looked at you. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, it’s just, ” You said, your fingers preoccupying themselves by tracing the grain of your counter. “Maybe you should spend less time with me. There’s nothing I can offer you in terms of taking down the Hand or fulfilling your destiny. You should focus more on that.”

“You don’t want to see me anymore?” Danny asked, his voice becoming sad and quiet.

“No! It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.” You told him, suddenly feeling very shy. “And it’s not me.”

Danny was quiet for a moment, a conflicted expression on his face before he turned to look at you.

“When I was in the monastery, the monks there taught me how to read people. Not just their body language or expression, but how to tell what kind of person they are. They said it would help me choose my enemies and my allies.”

Your brows furrowed. “Allies? Bit of a stiff word to call your friends.”

Danny laughed softly, his head slightly shaking. “The monks were pretty ‘stiff’ people, certain emotions or pleasures were considered distractions, and distractions became weaknesses.”

You nodded, you didn’t fully understand the entire thing, but then again, you really didn’t have to.

You looked up at him. “So, am I an ‘ally’ or an enemy?”

Danny smiled, his gazed locked with yours. “When I first saw you, I noticed your eyes right off.”

You felt the corner of your mouth turn upward into a smile while you gave him a curious expression. “Did you?”

He nodded. “They were gentle eyes, kind eyes,” Danny answered before looking down at his hands. “It was a bit hard to look away if I’m being honest.”

You scoffed, leaning backward into your chair. “You’re just saying that.”

“No, really,” Danny said, placing his hand on top of yours. “I was met with all sorts of bizarre looks that day, a lot of uncaring people who just ignored my presence.”

He paused, looking at you to make sure you were listening to what he was saying.

“But you,” He took your hand, his thumb softly brushed against the back of it. “You were the first person to smile at me, genuinely smile. You talked to me, and you listened to what I had to say. There wasn’t a moment where I thought you were judging me, it was just pure kindness of another person. And it meant the world to me.”

You sighed, regardless of feeling humbled by his thoughts, your insecurities were still lingering in the back of your head. “But maybe I’m too soft. Maybe if I was more ‘tough’ I’d actually be more useful to you.”

“In my opinion,” Danny said, his tone nothing but sincere. “It takes a great deal of courage to be soft and kind in a world that is so cruel.”

You felt his grip on your hand tighten for a moment. “And it’s a trait that is rare to find in people.”


He held up in his finger, letting you know that now wasn’t the time for you to argue with him. “So, if you think that you have to be more ‘tough’ to make a difference, I can assure you that you don’t. And I wouldn’t want you to be any other way, because without it, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.”

You smiled. “I’m sure you would’ve managed without me.”

“I don’t think so,” Danny tilted his head so your eyes would remain on him. “I think I would’ve suffered a lot worse without you. Are you understanding what I’m saying?”

You nodded, having a feeling that words would have betrayed you.

Danny released your hand and opened his arms to you, still sensing your doubt. “Come here.”

You looked at him and slowly went into his arms, holding onto him tightly. “You never answered my question.”


“Am I a friend or an enemy.”

Danny lowered his head and kisses the top of yours. “You mean so much more to me than just a friend.”

Title: To Care for Someone
Character: Danny Rand
First Part: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/163577578842/title-hello-again-character-danny-rand-an-like


You gasped a little at the sudden loud noise, dropping a couple of books you were holding onto for a customer. You looked over to see Danny, with a broad grin on his face.

“Jesus Danny,” You scolded him with a small laugh. “You have to stop greeting me like this, one of these days I’m going to have a heart attack.”

Danny grinned sheepishly before kneeling down and helping you pick them up. “I’m sorry, you were always the easiest to scare.”

You gave him a look, opening your mouth to protest before you laughed. “I can’t even pretend like that’s a lie.”

Danny handed you the books back and you thanked him.

“Oh hey, you finally got around to getting a haircut then?”

Danny’s beard had been shaven to a short scruff, and his hair was finally clean and trimmed. “Yeah I did,” He said, his hand subconsciously running through the blonde curls. “Do you like it?”

You nodded. “It’s an improvement that’s for sure,” You ran your free hand along his scruff. “I feel like I can actually see you now.”

Danny tilted his head and smiled. “And?”

You laughed, lightly tapping his cheek. “You’re a very handsome man, Danny.”

When you turned around, you missed the way Danny’s eyes lit up and how he quickly followed after you.

He noticed that the shop was quiet, the only noises being the soft music playing through the speakers in the ceiling. “You’re not busy with something are you?”

“Nah, I’m closing soon,” You told him over your shoulder as you started to turn off some of the main floor lights. “Told the workers I’d take care of closing.”

“Really?” Danny asked, continuing to follow behind you as you maneuvered your way across the shop. “Joy was telling me that this is a pretty popular spot in the city, and it’s a big place, don’t you need the help?”

You sighed, grabbing a basket to start sorting through the clearance items that could just be donated. “I don’t mind, I like keeping myself busy.”

Danny paused his movements, watching you now. “I never got to ask, but it’s been on my mind,” He said, running his finger along the spines of a few books. “How come you aren’t at the company like you’re siblings? I mean you were practically your father’s favorite, surely he left you something.”

“Yeah he did,” You said, putting the basket aside while you took a seat up on an empty counterspace. “But you know me, I hated corporate business, it was never my thing. And quite frankly the money was something I didn’t care for either.”

Danny turned to you, moving closer to where you sat. “So you turned down everything?”

You laughed, your gaze turning to your hands. “Well I tried to, the lawyers told me I couldn’t turn down my inheritance money, but that I could give my share of the company to Joy and Ward. But don’t worry about me, I still have far more money than I’ll ever know what to do with.”

Danny was now standing directly in front of you, his arms folded across his chest while he listened to you talk. “How’d they take it?”

“Joy understood, she was always the one I went to about silly stuff, Ward though, was upset with me at first. But I’ve become the master at knowing how to convince my brother.”

Danny smiled. “I remember when you were small you used to tell me you wanted to be a librarian when you grew up.”

“Did I?” You asked with a laugh. “I’m surprised you remembered silly stuff like that.”

Danny shrugged. “I always had a soft spot for you. When you found out Ward locked me in the freezer you chased him around your house, trying to wack at him with one of your books.”

Your eyes went wide and your face felt warm. “Who told you about that?!”

“Joy, she told me when I asked why your Mom and Dad sent you to your grandparents house for two weeks.”

You closed your eyes while you internally cringed. “Let’s stop talking about me, what brings you to my humble palace.”

“Right, well I got Hogarth to help me with getting my company back. And earlier today, Joy and Ward signed over my 51% of it.”

“Oh wow, that’s great!” You said, giving him a smile. “I’m only sorry they gave you such a hard time to begin with.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Doesn’t matter now, I have my name back, and that’s what’s most important.”

“I’m very happy for you, Daniel Thomas Rand.” You said, looking at him with a sigh. “You’ve certainly earned it.”

“That’s not the only reason why,” Danny told you, moving so his hands rested on the counter, his arms on either side of you. “I came to thank you, you were the only person who believed me. You were there when I needed you most.”

You shook your head bashfully, your gaze moving to look at him. “I didn’t do much of anything, except gave you a place to sleep every now and then.”

“You did so much more than that though, when I thought I had lost everything. I found you, and you made everything feel right again. I had my home again when I was with you. I wouldn’t be here without you.”

You smiled, genuinely moved by his kind words. “Well thank you for thinking so.”

Danny stared at you for a moment, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that someone as absolutely wonderful as you didn’t see that fact. You were very much still the sweet and more self-conscious girl he knew but now, he found himself caring for you in a different way.

It was strange for him, during his training he swore to give up such frivolous things like romantic entanglements or personal connections.

But with you it felt different.

Anytime he saw you he got this fluttering feeling in his chest, and whenever you were close by he could only focus his attention solely on you. And he found himself caring about your opinion and what you thought about him.

“Danny? You okay?” You asked, snapping him out of his small trance.

“I’m fine,” He assured you, looking back at you with a small smile. “Can I take you out on a date?”

Well that was a surprise.

“I’m sorry, a what?”

“A date, you know, when someone who likes other person takes them out-”

“I know what a date is,” You said, slightly laughing. “Just why would you want to go on one with me?”

Danny smiled softly, reaching out and brushing away some the loose strands of hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Because I like you.”



Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%

Title: Dear Old Friend
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: The request called for (non-meachum) reader who knew young danny to run into him whenever he was returning to the city, so sorry if this one’s lengthy but I wanted the plot to make sense.

You were languidly making your way down the city sidewalk, expertly managing to avoid anyone who was too busy with their phone call to pay attention to where they were walking. After being cooped up at your writing desk for majority of your days, you always made it a point to take a walk around the city, taking in the view and getting some fresh air.

Majority of your days looked exactly the same if you were honest. You woke up every morning and made yourself some tea, then you’d spend a couple hours working on your next story, next was your walk, then you’d go home and work a little more before bed.

It wasn’t ideal if you were honest, but you always found yourself working, even your friends had given up on trying to get you to spend a night out.

But there was always so much work to get done.

You shoved your hands deep into your coat pockets, a steady stream of music playing through your headphones while you made your way to the park. The clouds were grey and hazy, making you think it was due to rain sometime today.

While you continued to look up into the sky, you accidentally ran into someone’s side. “Oh, my bad.” You said, glancing up at the stranger and offering him a smile of apology before continuing foward.


You whirled around, giving a pointed look to the stranger. “…Yes?”

The man’s eyes went wide as he stepped closer to you. “(Y/f/n)?”

You subconsciously started to back away from him. “Hello?”

“Don’t you remember me?” He asked, placing his hands on his chest.

You took in the sight of messy blonde curls and a beard that was desperately in need of a trim, his skin was a little dirty, but it served to bring out the intensity of his eye color.

“Uhm, no?” You said, moving slightly foward to try and give the face a name. “Should I?”

The tall man let out a sigh as his hands flew up to his hair. “It’s me, Danny Rand.”

You tilted your head and let out a wry laugh before turning to walk far away from him.

“No! Really!” He said, grabbing onto your arm, when you reacted negatively he instantly dropped his hand, holding them both up. “I’m sorry, but I’ve had a very long day trying to convince the only two other people in this city that I know to recognize me,” He said in a very exasperated tone. “I’m desperate here.”

Your brows furrowed together and you stepped right in front of the man, staring intently into his eyes. Then you moved your head to the side, getting a total view of his face before moving to the other side, then you returned to his eyes.

Something about that exact shade of blue made you believe him.

“Alright, alright,” You held up your hand and pulled out your wallet, plucking a photo from the slot. “Tell me when this picture was taken.”

Danny carefully took the photo from your hand and examined the image. It was a small picture, a younger version of you had your arms wrapped a young him while you stood behind him, you were both smiling into the camera.

A smile grew on Danny’s face. “Your mom took this, it was about a week before I left the country with my parents.” He answered, giving the photo back to you.

Your hand instantly went to cover your mouth while your eyes went wide. “It’s you!”

Danny let out a muffled laugh while he nodded. “It’s me!”

You quickly put your wallet away, you went to say something else but Danny had practically yanked you into a hug, his arms wrapped tightly around you, half worried you’d disappear if he didn’t hold on tight enough.

“It’s me…,” He whispered. “Thank you for seeing me.”

You pulled back, your hands moving to grasp at his shoulders. “You look so strange!”

Danny chuckled. “Yeah well, fifteen years in the Himalayas can do that to a person.”

You then remembered that the two of you were just standing in the middle of a public park, having a lovely moment. “Where are you staying?”

Danny’s face grew warm. “About that, I’m sort of, sleeping…out here.”

“What in the park?”

Danny nodded bashfully. “Like I said I’m having a little trouble convincing people I’m who I say I am.”

You frowned and grabbed onto his wrist without a moments hesitation. “That won’t do, you’ll stay with me until you get everything figured out.”

Danny would have argued with you, but the tone of your voice made him think it was an argument he wouldn’t win.


“How long have you been in the city?” You asked him as you opened the door to your apartment, flicking on the lights and tossing your bag off to the side. “I hope you haven’t been out on the streets too long, it’s been getting pretty cold at nighttime.”

The entire walk you had asked him nothing but questions, wanting to know every single detail.

“Only a few days, it was nothing.” Danny replied, his eyes looking around your cozy little flat.

“First thing’s first, the shower is right at the end of the hall, knock whenever you’re done and I’ll figure out something for you to wear in the meantime.”

“This is really too much-”

“Look, this part is for the both of us. I could probably scrape the dirt off you at this point, you’ve been sleeping outside in a huge city. You really need to wash up.” You gave him a small push in the general direction of the hall.

Danny smiled back at you but complied regardless.

He was in the shower for a long time, it felt like ages since he had a proper wash. Plus the warm water running down his skin helped relieve all the tension he had built up in his muscles over the past couple of days.

Once he was done, Danny turned off the water and knocked on the door like he was told.

The door opened up ever slightly and he saw your hand hold out a pile of folded clothes. “I stepped out for a moment to get you some things to wear, the only thing I had that would fit is the swearer so…”

Danny took it and smiled. “It’s more than enough, thank you.”

When he came out of the shower, he was dressed in new clothes and felt remarkably lighter than before.

“That’s better,” You said, standing in the middle of the living room with your arms folded. “Did you shave?”

Danny hand immediately went under his chin. “Yeah, I found a pack of razors under the sink. Do you mind?”

“No, it looks good.”

Danny smiled, subconsciously standing up straighter as well.

“I can answer all of your questions now if you want?” Danny offered. “It can wait till the morning, i’m sure you’re tired,” You said, rubbing your eyes. “So about that, I only have the one bed. But after all you’ve been through I’m more than willing to sleep on the couch.”

“No, I’m a guest, you can have the bed. I can even sleep on the floor.”

“Danny, you’ve been sleeping in the park for the past four days. I refuse to let you sleep on the ground.”

It took a couple minutes of arguing, but it ended in the both of you tucked into the covers on either side of the mattress.

You had pushed yourself so the maximum amount of distance was between the two of you without you toppling off the bed. The only thing giving you a little comfort was the sound of steady rainfall hitting against your bedroom window. It had started to rain earlier that evening, like you had predicted.


You repositioned yourself to face to him, looking at him with a tired smile. “Yes?”

Danny reached out and placed his arms around you, pulling you towards him so he could hold you close.

“Thank you for believing me.”


"I'm alive"

The Last Unicorn (Cover) (x)

Title: Not Like This
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: Agnst, may or may not be total shit but I like it. I also hate writing fights but it was a necessary evil.

Danny brushed his hand through his hair, weaving past some of the people who were still out on the streets that evening. His steps were quick as he tried to get to Colleen’s dojo as soon as possible, a little smile on his face at the prospect of seeing you.

Earlier that morning, Danny took you to meet her and Claire for the first time. He knew you the change of scenery would do you some good and since Joy had forced him to come into the office that day. It seemed like the perfect plan to get you out for a little.

Plus, the two of them were more than thrilled to meet the girl Danny wouldn’t shut up about and get to ask you questions about what he was like when he was younger.

And when he mentioned you were learning to defend yourself, Colleen practically lit up at the idea of getting to teach you.

Danny missed you throughout the day though.

He had become so accustomed to having you around him all the time that when a full day passed and all he had to do for the day was paparwork, he was more than thrilled to see you again and hear everything about your day.

He didn’t even notice when some guy directly knocked into him, briefly apologizing before carrying on his way.

The delight was short lived though, because as soon as he made to into the building of the dojo, it was unnervingly quiet. Colleen almost always had music playing and the inside of the building was pitch black.

Using the light on his phone, Danny managed to find his way through the building. But his blood ran cold when the door of the main dojo was hanging open, several of the screws on the hinges loose or on the floor.

Danny slowly stepped inside, the light from the street lamps streaming in from the windows, letting him see that the room was empty. He reached into his coat to grab his phone to look for any messages from any of you, but in the pocket his hand grabbed onto a card.

It was a small bit of stiff paper with an address written out in mismatched letters and numbers, he flipped it over to a symbol he was becoming far too familiar with as of recently.

He took one more glance around the room before bolting out of the building.

It was a warehouse.

Why is it always warehouses?

Danny parked his car a bit of distance away, taking a moment to stake out the place and noticing that one was stationed outside, but the card told him he was in the right place.

He quickly made his way to the enterence, looking around and noticing that different sections of it were blocked off by rows of shipping units.

Whoever took the three of you must have gassed the room, Colleen and Claire were capable of handling their own and you might not have been the best fighter but you were smart enough to know how to work your way of dangerous situations.

Still, Danny could feel how hard his heart was beating, practically knocking against his ribcage at the thought of you all being hurt or worse.

Then came the scream.

It was you, he just knew it.

The sound rang in his ears and everything in him just stopped. When Danny heard it again his feet took off, trying to follow the noise. He could make out distict yelling and the overall noise of struggle echoed against the dull walls of the warehouse.

He ran passed a unit but jumped out of his skin whenever something was thrown against it, he skidded back to the opening.

Danny didn’t even notice he fist was glowing until it went through the steel of the lock, practically shattering the whole thing as the doors limply hung open.

All he could see was Claire strapped to a chair and several men holding various weapons try and take on Colleen

She had managed to get herself loose of the restraints and was trying to take care of them.

Danny was only pulled out of his daze when one of them managed to punch him right underneath his ribs.

After catching his breath, Danny took out all of the men in the front of the unit. Once that was taken care of he broke off the restraints for Claire.

“Where’s (Y/n)?” Danny asked as he helped her to stand.

“Some of them took her to the back of the unit, I’ll help Claire. Go get her.” Claire ordered, pushing him away and grabbing the nearest weapon she could find.

While Claire and Colleen kept the men busy, Danny jumped over some boxes and immediately saw you slumped against the corner of unit wall.

One of the men landed a kick into your stomach and Danny leaped into action. Trying his best to keep his focus on the task at hand, but the sound of your screaming was still etched into his subconscious.

One guy had managed to pin him against the wall, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw another man walk up to you again.

It took a minute to get himself out of the hold, but just as Danny was about to go to you. You were standing againt the wall now, the man limply leaning against you.

Danny’s brows scruched together, but once you pushed the man off of you and he fell to the ground, blood pooling around he knew something was wrong.


Something clattered onto the ground and Danny watched you staring blankly ahead until you slowly sunk the floor.

Danny ran to you, his hands grasping onto your shoulders while he resisted the urge to go absolutely ballistic at the sight of you.

Bruises trailed down the one side of your hairline and your lip had been split, and he didn’t even want to think about all the injuries he couldn’t see.

But what made him the most heartbroken was the way your gaze was fixated upon your hands. They were covered in blood and your fingers were trembling terribly.

“(Y/n)?” He asked again, his voice much shakier now. “Please look at me.” He begged, hands coming up to cradle your face, his eyes starting to water when he noticed your skin felt like ice.

He could see the terror in your eyes but your expression remained cold. It took a moment but your gaze slowly came to meet his.

“I’m fine.” You whispered, gaze flittering down to your hands.

“Danny,” Claire said, coming up behind him while her hand rested on his shoulder. “She’s going into shock, you have to get her out of here she calm down. We took care of the rest of them.”

Danny only nodded, standing up before he arms wrapped around you in a protective hold, helping you walk out of the storage unit.

He could see you were breathing heavily and you kept mumbling to youself. All he could was tell you over and over again how sorry he was.

Claire lead the whole operation from there, checking everyone’s wounds before putting her sole focus onto you. Danny had given you his jacket and all three of then were doing their best to bring you back.

Once you were starting to come to, Claire ordered Danny to take you home as soon as possible and gave him strict instructions to take care of you and help you rest.

He made sure both Claire and Colleen were completely safe before taking you home.

It was so strange, he couldn’t recall a time when you were completely silent around him. Unless you were lost in a book, you wanted to know everything that was happening with him or the world around you.

But now, to see you look so lost made his heart ache.

It wasn’t until you were safe inside his apartment, sitting on his bed in a new change of clothes, that Danny tried to talk to you again.

“I thought you would be safe at Colleen’s, I had no idea something like this would happen to any of you,” He started. “I am so sorry.”

You placing your hand on top of his. “It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

Danny couldn’t help but shake his head. “Are you okay? I just heard you screaming and I took off running.” His fingers lightly traced the banaged Claire had placed on your hands.

“I never wanted to hurt anyone.” You said, your voice breaking off at the end. “And now I’ve killed someone.”

Danny hands reached out to you and pulled into a tight hug. “It wasn’t your fault, that person deserved what he got and you only did what you had to.”

He could hear your muffled cries, and he didn’t know how to make the pain go away.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I never wanted to put you in danger,” He whispered, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours. “This doesn’t change anything about you. You’re gonna be just fine, okay?”

You wiped at your eyes and only offered him a weak smile, not having the heart to give him a proper response.