but i like this section and so i thought i'd share

🌘- Low energy witch tips - 🌒

As someone who is often low on energy, I know the difficulties that can come with trying to maintain your craft. Especially if, like me, you’re hard on yourself about such things. So here are some low energy ideas you can use in your craft day to day:

🌕 - Pay a little more attention to the seasonings you put on your food or what you drink, you might be doing a bit of accidental magic already! Feeling like you need a little protection? Maybe use a bit of basil and a pinch of salt on your next meal if appropriate. There are tons of simple herbs and blended teas, smoothies ect. out there that can really help boost your day if you need them.

🌕 - Talk to your Deities or spirits casually. If they don’t mind it, that is, do be careful not to offend. Though it can’t be said for all deities or spirits, there are many that will appreciate being regarded even just with casual talk. Discuss things with them, talk about how your day went, things you are concerned over, whatever you please. They might even help with issues if they decide to do so or if they are capable and even if they don’t, most of them are at least pleased to be regarded, especially if you don’t have the energy to do much more than that on a daily basis.

🌕 - Sigils. Sigil everything. Though they cannot solve all problems, I have found that sigils are an effective way to combat a lot of the smaller issues in my life. They don’t require too much energy and there are plenty out there if you look for them, so you don’t even have to design your own. 

🌕 - Time spent researching is not time wasted. If you’re too tired to actually do any craft but want to do something involving it, perhaps try sitting down and doing some research. Read books, look on various websites, research things you’d never looked into before and you never know, you just might find something new that calls to you.

🌕 - Incense/fragrance magic. If you’re able to burn incense or scented candles then take advantage of it, find correspondences for the scents you have and light any that might help you in areas of your life you feel need to improve. If you can’t use those then perhaps you can find scented things for a bath/shower and relax with the scents those provide. 

🌕 - Commune using music. You’d be surprised how many deities and spirits enjoy music. Relax with some you feel will be appropriate, even if it’s not at all traditional and you just might find yourself surprised about what they can enjoy. 

🌕 - If you have to go out, look out for items that might help bring your closer to your craft. Going to the supermarket? Perhaps take a brief look in the herb section. If you have a patron deity that enjoys a certain food item then perhaps see if you can get some. It doesn’t even have to cost money if you’re lucky, sometimes you might simply find something on your travels (a feather, a certain stone that looks perfect, a pinecone) and it may work in some way towards your craft. 

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Hi, I saw your post that you'd write fics, so I thougt that you could write one for me maybe? ~puppy eyes~ The one I have in mind is InuKag (Inuyasha and Kagome) comedy thing which I'd describe as Inuyasha finding some modern thing and getting into troubles bc of misunderstanding of the purpose of the thing. If you don't feel like doing it, please, ignore this ask

Haha yeah it was an open ask, no problem! Hope you enjoy it :)
“Wait so what kind test is it, exactly?” Sango asked, as she ran her fingers through her hair, plying a soft braid, as Kagome leaned over a heavy text book with a blue highlighter in hand.

“Hmmm..” Kagome hummed, as she finished highlighting the last of the European history section. “Well, I guess you could say it’s a knowledge test. Back in my time you’re tested on knowledge of history from around the world.” Kagome said thoughtfully, the end of the highlighter resting against her lips thoughtfully.

“Hm, interesting, in my village we were required to know the entire history of our people. Specifically, as you know already the history surrounding midoriko and the sacred jewel. The tests weren’t written but it was considered shameful if we did not know our own history. ” Sango added. as she tied off her hair and stood up, grabbing Hiraikotsu. Kagome nodded her head she shoved the tomb back into her book bag as she stood with her friend. “Yeah, more or less that’s basically it-”


The brash proclamation was accompanied with a succession of angry stomps. Kagome turned, slightly annoyed at being interrupted, though she couldn’t fathom how she could still be surprised at Inuyasha’s tactlessness.

Sango just smiled and squeezed her friend’s shoulder as she walked back towards the rest of their group. Whatever the issue was with inuyasha, she was too tired to deal with it.

Inuyasha stopped an inch from Kagome, his tongue sticking out, covered in a strange vicious substance. He leveled her with a glare. She simply raised an eyebrow as he shoved his hand at her.

She was still a little mad at him after he’d run off to meet Kikyo the night before. Honestly, if he wasn’t so cryptic and weird about it she wouldn’t be so annoyed. Or at least, that’s what she told herself.

After a moment she glanced down to see-

“Omg!” She exclaimed, a bright smile lit up her face, as she plucked the small tube of chapstick from his hand. “I can’t believe you found it, Inuyasha, I thought I’d have to wait till I got back to the modern era to get more.”

Inuyasha’s tongue was still sticking outside his mouth.

“Whab iz it?” He mumbled around his tongue.

“It’s a balm for your lips when they’re dry- oh. OH! You tried to eat it?!” Kagome covered her mouth with her hand, trying to stop the laughter, that seeped through her small fingers.

Using the back of his sleeve he wiped the balm off his tongue, his ears flicking down in irritation.

“Dammit, Kagome!” He half yelled, a pout beginning to form from his lower lip. “It smelled like those koookie things you gave me last time..” he mumbled, a light flush of pink highlighted his cheeks.

“Oh, the vanilla cookies my mama made?” She inquired, hands now innocently clasped behind her back, as she leaned towards him. He shifted away from her a bit, arms folded, clearly embarrassed by his mistake.

Kagome was half tempted to berate him for almost ruining her chapstick. But yelling ‘osuwari’ when he looked like this seemed so cruel. Swallowing her hurt heart, putting Kikyo to the back of her mind, she smiled warmly at her friend.

“Look, I’ll show you,” Kagome stepped in front of Inuyasha and place a hand gently against his face. His face darkened ten shades and he stuttered slightly, “w-wait- w-what’re you..”

Uncapping the balm, she rubbed her index finger lightly into the off white balm. When her finger came to his lips she stopped. Their eyes locked a moment and the gravity of this moment gave her pause.

Despite herself, her face warmed, she hadn’t intended to be so forward. But it looked like her subconscious got the best of her.

“Um..okay, so I just have to put this on your..um…mouth.” When he didn’t pull away she closed the distances and lightly dabbed her finger across inuyasha’s lower lip.

“See… it removed dryness. And smells like vanilla.” She whispered, she didn’t know why.

Inuyasha breathed deeply and flicked his lidded eyes away from his beautiful friend.

“Uh..yeah..thanks..” he mumbled, his cheeks bright red, as she pulled her finger from his lips.

Kagome smiled, slipping the balm into her skirt pocket,

“Come on inuyasha, let’s go.”

Clearing his throats Inuyasha brushed past her, scoffing as he did so,

“Keh, yeah we have a long way to walk before we make camp tonight!”

He took the lead of the group and Kagome fell into step with Sango again.

“Oh, what was that all about?” Sango whispered conspiratorially, doing a wonderful impression of miroku as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Kagome laughed and shoved her friend playfully.

“Oh stop it!”

They both laughed, Inuyasha scoffed, and miroku and shippo shared a knowing glance.

It was a long road to defeat Naraku and complete the jewel.

But who said this journey had to be paved with only heartbreak and turmoil?

It was a good day in the feudal era.

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I hope you're still taking prompts because here's one! Carl questioning Mickey about him and Ian and Ian overhearing :)

// I just loved this prompt so much and had to write it! More ROTC fic tomorrow if you guys still want. But this one is totally standalone, oneshot. Enjoy! //

Ian had just left for work, and Mickey was finishing his coffee in the kitchen, reading a book. There wasn’t much decent reading material in the Gallagher household, so he’d settled for Lip’s Postmodern Poetry book that he’d left lying around last time he’d been home from college. Mickey was quite enjoying the Ginsberg section over his pancakes, when Carl sat next to him. Mickey hadn’t talked with him much, so he nodded, a little awkwardly.

‘Hey kid.’

'Sup,’ Carl replied, snatching up Mickey’s last bacon strip. Mickey rolled his eyes, knowing it would be pointless to say anything. They were silent for a few more minutes, when Mickey became aware of Carl’s eyes on him. He glanced up from the book and saw that the younger boy was just sat, staring at him.


'Why are you with Ian?’ Clearly, Carl wasted no time.

Mickey frowned. ‘The fuck do you mean?’

'Why are you with him? It can’t just be about sex because you keep coming back. Again and again. So why are you with him?’

'I - I like him. Thought that was obvious,’ Mickey said uncomfortably.

'You guys are in a relationship?’

'Yes,’ Mickey said, not even thinking about it. Carl raised his eyebrows.

'So…you’re his boyfriend? He’s your boyfriend?’

Mickey shifted uncomfortably in his seat. ‘I guess. We’ve not really talked about it like that.’

Carl shook his head. ‘You guys are in a relationship, you guys are together - you guys are boyfriends.’ Mickey didn’t say anything. Carl continued. ‘You’ve hurt him, haven’t you? Not recently. But in the past. I’ve shared a room with him. I’ve heard him crying at night when he thinks no-one can hear. He was always careful not to cry loudly, but I could hear his choked up breathing, and the outline of his shadow on the wall would shake and shake. Sometimes I’d hear a pack of frozen peas crunching as he pressed it to his face. I’m not stupid. I know it was because of you.’

They were silent for a moment. Mickey felt like telling Carl he didn’t know what he was talking about, felt like running out, felt like doing anything but face it. So he spoke quietly. ‘Every day. I regret the things I did to him. When he left, I - I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I know I deserved that. There were so many times, before, when he did stuff for me, or tried hard because of me, or put up with my shit. All for me. I knew he was doing it but I had no clue how to tell him how grateful I was. I was scared of doing something serious or permanent with him because I was scared of what it would mean. I was scared of who I was. I was scared of the things I was feeling for him. And I couldn’t handle it, and I destroyed both of us. I regret that every day. When I came back, it was like I’d been given a second chance. I didn’t want to mess it up. I couldn’t. I don’t ever want to lose him again. I can’t.’

'You love him,’ Carl said. It wasn’t a question. Mickey just looked at him nervously. 'I know you can’t say it, won’t say it. But if you do, just stay quiet.’ And Mickey bit his lip and considered telling him to fuck off. But he couldn’t do that, because it would be a lie. So Mickey stayed quiet. Carl smiled. 'How did you know?’

'We were just drinking beers on my couch. Watching a movie. That’s when I started to think. Maybe. But I knew - whenever walked into a room. Or said something. Just fucking smiled. His fucking smile…and laughing, god. I’d say stuff just to make him laugh. But I think he’s - he’s something special. Cause he wanted me in spite of everything. There’s stuff you don’t know. But he kept trying. He kept making me better. He’s - Ian is my good.’

The two boys didn’t say anything, but Carl stood up and came to hug Mickey, who was tearing up a little. ‘It’s ok,’ Carl said quietly. A noise in the doorway made them both jump. It was Ian. He was staring at Mickey with his mouth slightly open.

And Mickey almost said, what the fuck you looking at. Almost got up, shoved past Ian and out the door. Almost ran off again. But he didn’t. ‘You heard?’

Ian nodded. ‘I came back to get my phone. Right after I’d left.’

'Right.’ He almost said it wasn’t true. Carl had set him up. It was a joke. But he didn’t say those things. 'I meant it.’

Ian wordlessly crossed to get his phone from the table. He picked up the book that lay in front of Mickey. ‘Ginsberg?’ he said softly.

Mickey nodded. ‘Under the burden of solitude. Under the burden of dissatisfaction. The weight,’ he paused, and looked at Ian, ‘the weight we carry. Is love,’ he said quietly.

Ian smiled. ‘Yeah?’ he whispered. Mickey nodded, stood up and pointed to the page.

'I like this part.’

Ian scanned the words, then turned to Mickey and took his hand, holding the book in his other. And he murmured gently, ‘the warm bodies shine together in the darkness, the hand moves to the center of the flesh, the skin trembles in happiness and the soul comes,’ he read.

'Joyful, to the eye,’ Mickey interjected, drawing closer to Ian. 'Yes. Yes. That’s what I wanted. I always wanted,’ he said. Ian dropped the book and cradled Mickey’s face, both stumbling, both laughing through their kisses. Then Ian stopped the kiss, just to look at Mickey for a moment. Their foreheads pressed together, both breathing into each other.

'Mick, I - I love you,’ Ian told him.

Mickey kissed him hard and then broke away to hold Ian. He nearly dropped him like he’d been burned, nearly told him to fuck off, nearly stormed out and slammed the door. But he didn’t. Because he didn’t want to. He wanted to pull back and look into his eyes as he said it. ‘I love you, Ian. I love you too,’ he said firmly, finally.

Carl grinned and slipped away quietly. His work here was done.

// hope y’all liked!? let me know and keep prompting me!! //

// note: the poem referred to is Song by Allen Ginsberg. I beg you, take two minutes to read it, it’s beautiful. //

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You still up for courferre smut recs? Because I just thought I'd share that our lovely, bookish moth boy combeferre is super into roleplay


Dear nonny, you couldn’t have been more on point:

  • Okay, so, the library of Alexandria is under siege and I’m a librarian who’s good at fighting…
  • Daddy™
  • There has been at least one incident with pointy ear props and Starfleet uniforms.
  • He has a separate set of scrubs and a lab coat for bedroom only, thank you Monsieur de Courfeyrac for your contribution to this headcanon.
  • Oh, Professor Combeferre, I got a D on my midterm and I’d like one in me too.” - Courf, 0.2 seconds before he’s pinned to the bed.
  • Let’s be real for a second: It wasn’t Combeferre who stopped Courfeyrac from actually having a pole installed in their bedroom after they watched Magic Mike. 
  • I’m a pure-blood Ravenclaw stressed over his N.E.W.T.’s, you’re a muggleborn Hufflepuff in his fifth year, it’s late and we’re locked in the restricted section together.” “Ferre, I’m exhausted, can I just blow you?” “You’re ruining the mood, Courf, ten points from- oh.

okay but life hack for anyone who likes to read fic but doesn’t wanna see all the larry even in non-larry-related tags on ao3

go to the ‘search within results’ section and paste this: -filter_ids:450395

then sit back, relax and watch the larry disappear and your fave ship tag become like, at least 50% more filled with fic related to your fave ship

a visual in case u need it:

I still can’t believe I opened YouTube one ordinary afternoon to be blessed with an evak fanvid in my recommended section. Truly grateful, my life was changed forever. Honestly the best teenage representation from a TV show ever & the epic soundtrack. What a gem honestly Julie Andem saved my 2016. I had been binge watching Malec vids the night before so that’s probably why, but I clicked on it, thought nothing special at first (they cute w/e), then the fucking “call your girlfriend” clip shook me tf up, then my eyes were blessed with the softest purest scene I’ve ever seen (bed scene from ep.5 obvi) & I was fucking shook to the core like no other, I couldn’t believe what I had just watched. So you bet ur ass I went straight to tumblr (the all knowing god) to find those precious beans. And hear I am now total skam trash, waiting (aka dying a slow painful death) for the s4 trailer WOot WOOt! I regret nothing!

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So there's a changmin quote out there where he says "I don't appreciate when people compare us [him & Yunho] to a married couple" (Sry I dont have a source, so take it with a pinch of salt cuz idk if its a real quote.) And I've noticed it's used by ppl who dislike the homin couple..but if its true, why do you think he says that but plays up the fanservice (more than before anyway)??? (not talking about the real moments of affection.) I'm interested in yout thoughts?

Yeah, it’s a real quote.

I actually like when people use it to dismiss homin shippers because it’s sort of a great indicator for how out of touch and allergic to reality the person is ‘cause you know what else is a real quote:

  • “Changmin is really like my wife.” Presscon, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Changmin talks in his sleep … there was a time … he got excited and PAK! hit my chest!! What exactly was he dreaming about?” Merengue no Kimochi, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Whenever I’m down, he’d lie down and talk to me.” Knee-Drop-Guru, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Being with Yunho makes everything okay … It will always be just the two of us.” Non No, 2011 [ x ]
  • “If I didn’t meet Changmin, I would be living half a life.” InStyle, 2012 [ x ]
  • “Our trust in each other is even beyond that of family relationships.” InStyle, 2012 [ x ]
  • “To me, Changmin is home.” KBS Entertainment Weekly, 2012 [ x ]
  • “There are relationships like family and friends. We have a bond deeper than all of that.” ViVi, 2013 [ x ]
  • “What Yunho means to me … our relationship is not so simple that I can express it in one word such as family or brother.” Men’s Club, 2013 [ x ]
  • “Yunho is my irreplaceable partner.” 2014 [ x ]
  • “Call me a fool for hyung.” (…now…) [ x ]

Part of my rant about a DBSK reunion being extremely unlikely included a section about fans using old quotes to support their opinions (or sometimes, to justify their hatred of certain ships) in the present. Like, hey, if you’re gonna use ONE old quote and ignore the 1000 new quotes, good luck having any sort of credibility.

It just proves my point that you don’t see these dudes for who they are now. And that’s totally fine, FOR YOU PERSONALLY, but if you’re going to use an outdated—and statistically insignificant—quote to discredit the present because you don’t ~like them being shipped, nah.

‘Cause you know what? The first time I saw shrimp fried rice I was a dumb kid and thought it looked super disgusting so I said I’d never ever even try that shit. Do you know how much shrimp fried rice I’ve pretty much straight up injected into myself since? Enough to clog all my arteries probably.

People change. No one whips out a “Shrimp fried rice. Ew.—boonies, 2001” plaque every time I’m caught eating shrimp fried rice, so IDK why that Changmin quote pops up so often. (Yes, I do. You all do.)

Look, I’m not saying current Changmin wants to figuratively eat Yunho until medical professionals have to step in, but…
No, I’m totally saying it, he’s itching to spread that boy on toast morning, noon, and night, IDK what year you’re living in but for most of us, it’s 2014 and Changmin is in h e a t.

As a side note, let me also just point out he probably got huffy that one time because he was called the wife. He doesn’t deny the marriage comparison after that first crabby comment; in fact, he actively invites it at times (by accident), like during a segment where the lady MC wonders why Changmin and Yunho share stuff and this happens:

External image
External image

Besides, if we’re gonna be ~objective and go by everything Changmin’s said, he did also say JYJ don’t deserve to be part of TVXQ, sooooo.

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Do you have any Style fic recommendations? I've already read all of your fics but I'd like to read more!

Yeah, thanks for asking! I’ve been meaning to make a Stan/Kyle rec list (I thought I had, but only in scattered comments over the years):

SekritOMG was the most influential South Park writer for me in terms of making me want to settle into this fandom and try writing longer stories myself. She really brings Stan and Kyle to life for me, her execution is always thoughtful, plot and character choices are both appropriate in terms of drawing from canon and are also often unique in the fandom, and her stories are both very funny and emotionally effective, to the point of making me just ache for things to go right for Stan and Kyle, wah.

My favorite of hers is an AU: The Rectum is a Tomb

This domestic/holiday story is delightful, and it introduced me to the concept of cock docking, which is forever a Stan/Kyle tradition for me now: Fruits and Birds

Her high school Stan/Kyle getting-together story is one of the first she did, and already the voices of major and minor characters are spot on, I think: The Other Table

Julads is my favorite newer writer. She writes with a confidence and style that I really admire, and I feel like she ‘gets’ Stan and Kyle. Her fics always feel very true to their dynamic together, and she does an excellent job balancing of humor and emotion, which I find ~essential~ in my South Park reading.

Rerooted - Is her ‘high school prom’ story that takes an approach to that typical subject matter that I really love.

Substatrum - Kyle and Stan share an apartment and the tension in their friendship builds into something more.

Two Christmases - A holiday fic about Stan and Kyle dealing with their families, a subject that is addressed very well here and something I love reading about in general (it’s also a sequel to the above story).

Swarm & Handle - An amazing historical AU about Stan and Kyle hopping trains together. Contains my favorite Stan/Kyle first time scene that I’ve read so far, an excellent Kenny, and lots of fantastic and absorbing detail in the world building.

Petroica traversi has written some great Stan/Kyle:

Hamamelidaceae Cute oneshot about Stan associating plant names with Kyle.

Gay Pirates - An AU where Kyle is a captive on Cartman’s pirate ship, and Stan takes care of him.

Black Mirror - Responsibly researched and well-handled WWII AU.

SqueakGirl was a writer of mostly fluffy romance that I really enjoyed:

Of Love and Marriage - Cute fic that starts out when they are show-age.

Things This Apartment Needs - Very enjoyable domestic fic.

Dirt Wizard by Applecrumbledore is excellent, and I also love Missed Connections (beware some heavy Kyle/Cartman content in the getting-to-Style process).

Jerk by Delires is a short but good porn story, and if you like that you could check out her other two Stan/Kyle stories.

I don’t like a lot of the older stuff, but I’m sentimental about Red String, which was the first South Park fic first I ever read (warning: it’s unfinished in a kind of devastating way).

Psychic BS was also a fun read when I was first looking into the fandom, but I wouldn’t say it’s well written and I honestly don’t remember that much of it.

Check out the Stan/Kyle section on the Kink Meme for anything you might have missed there. There’s some great stuff by anons that hasn’t been posted elsewhere to my knowledge.

My SP reading has slowed down lately — I’ve been struggling with time management and mostly trying to get my own fics done — but I recently read the first chapter of a WIP called Losing Days by GhostGenocide. It’s enjoyable and looking promising so far!

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The Titanic. Killy is an officer on the ship, Emma a rich man's daughter. (I'd also adore Outlaw Queen in the same setting but Regina as a rich lady aristocrat and Robin as a middle class widower) write either! (i'd love you forever if you did both!)

God himself could not sink this ship.

Everything was a marvel to Emma, when she first stepped aboard. The grand staircase, the elegant staterooms, the promenade, the dining hall with its fine china, the pride of the White Star Line and the most luxurious ocean liner to ever set sail. She was traveling to New York with her godmother, Lady Regina Mills, where she was to be presented to fashionable society and spend a year or two in finishing school, before returning to England to be married. It was her first time away from her parents, away from home, and she was determined to make the most of it. She had heard that the Astors were traveling on this ship, Isidor and Ida Straus; a glittering crop of aristocracy and power. There could be no better way to journey to the beginning of the rest of her life.

They embarked at Southampton, then sailed to Cherbourg and from there to Cork, in Ireland. Regina was seasick and refused to come out of their cabin, but Emma spent as much time as possible on deck. When they weighed anchor for the open ocean at last and she watched the green coast vanish behind them, the wind in her hair felt like freedom. She was determined to explore the ship, thought she might make some sketches of it. She’d —

“Madam! Come down from there at once!”

— be caught by a young officer, aghast at discovering her trying to climb toward the fourth funnel, the one she’d heard was just for show. He came switching up and fetched her down, rebuking her for putting herself in danger, and there was a tedious scene while he told her not to do anything like it again. Lieutenant Killian Jones, as he turned out to be called, was not one for rule-breaking, apparently. He marched her back to her cabin, where she got another tongue-lashing from her godmother; Regina Mills was not going on this voyage to put up with Emma’s flights of fancy, especially when the purpose was to make her into a proper debutante. Emma was confined to quarters until further notice, which she couldn’t help finding signally unfair.

Keep reading

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Oh, prompt! Okay, so Peggy's got some fiercely protective friends (the Commandos, Jarvis, Angie, even Howard). Let's see Daniel interact with some of them after they start dating or after he finally pops the question. I'd love to see them all give him a hard time but not-so-secretly approve of him to Peggy.

A/N: I combined these prompts. Thank you, as always, to the lovely fitzsimmmonsy, who beta’d this fic and helped me with my computer woes.

Daniel had almost finished running the gauntlet.

Meeting Peggy’s friends once he had begun dating her had been like running an obstacle course; one set up on a minefield and with no map in hand. There had been a series of stages, where he met each of the important people in Peggy’s life. Each section was strewn with potential pitfalls, including poor conversation topics, invasive questions, and embarrassing speculation. And now, he was coming up to the final push.

Jarvis, Daniel had already known to some extent. The chauffeur had invited him and Peggy over for tea one day after he had somehow discovered he and Peggy were ‘spending time together’ (Jarvis’ words, not his). Jarvis had spent the entire hour glaring and passively-aggressively sipping tea, managing to convey an entire wealth of resentment at Daniel’s presence in Peggy’s life while Anna Jarvis happily carried on conversations with both him and Peggy. Until their time in the Jarvis household came to an end, and Jarvis shook his hand happily. Turned out Jarvis had just wanted a final opportunity to punish Daniel for arresting him and causing Peggy trouble before ‘welcoming Daniel to the family’ (also Jarvis’ words) (which was totally awkward for both Daniel and Peggy given the fledgling nature of their relationship).

A few weeks later, Daniel had been introduced to the Howling Commandos almost by accident. One night he had come by to pick Peggy up for a night at the theatre, only to have the door opened by Dum Dum Dugan and found Peggy’s old army buddies piled into the living room of Peggy’s apartment, clearly very much at home. They had taken one look at Daniel and then forced him to sit with them as they all lounged around and tried to intimidate him. It (mostly) didn’t work.

They also spent an inordinate amount of time interrogating him about his relationship with Peggy, but Daniel largely refused to answer, figuring it really wasn’t much of their business. What Peggy wanted them to know, she would tell them.

Eventually they moved on to questioning him about his service, until they realised that some of them had actually met him before.

By the time Peggy came into the room ready to go out, Daniel figured he must have passed the Howling Commandos inspection, because they let Peggy leave with him with only minor teasing. By the time he brought Peggy home a few hours later, they had disappeared.

Now, Daniel was edging closer to the finish line.

While he had met Angie a number of times, it was mostly in passing. Now, the waitress had decided that she wanted to meet Daniel in an ‘official capacity’ (Angie’s words, not his). Daniel agreed partially because he liked the idea of being ‘official’ with Peggy. Daniel was letting Peggy set the pace, and since she hadn’t told him exactly where he stood, he was left at rather a loss of how to explain their relationship. What do you call someone that you took out sometimes and that you were occasionally allowed to kiss?  ‘Girlfriend’ sounded terrible. ‘Partner’ reminded him too much of work. ‘Lover’ was incorrect, as they hadn’t (yet?) gone to bed together.

Hence, ‘official’ was about as close as he could get to an accurate title for them both that still sounded like they were a thing.

Angie swung the door of the apartment she shared with Peggy open seconds after Daniel knocked. Clearly she had been waiting for him.

“What took you so long?” she demanded.

Daniel surreptitiously checked his watch. He was ten minutes early.

“My apologies,” he told her.

“Well, I’ve been cooking all day, so you better come in,” she said grudgingly, stepping aside and allowing him entrance.

Peggy rounded the corner in that moment and lit up the instant she saw him. “Hi,” she said with a smile.

“Hi,” Daniel replied, completely unable to to keep a ridiculous grin from his face. It was always like that when he saw her, or thought of her or…

“Are you two just going to moon at each other or are we going to actually eat some food?” Angie interrupted them. Daniel felt heat rise to his cheeks, even as Peggy made her way over to him and kissed him lightly.

“Food sounds good,” she murmured close to his lips, just loud enough for Angie to hear. Angie hurumphed, but Daniel could see a repressed smile just before she turned away from them.

Daniel and Peggy followed Angie into the kitchen and tried to help her bring out food to the table. Instead, Angie waved them away with an “if there’s anything I can do, it is bring food to a table”.

So Daniel and Peggy sat at the dining table and waited as Angie weighed it down with a series of questionable-looking food dishes. Eventually, she sat, eyeing the table proudly.

“Dig in,” she told them. Daniel and Peggy did so cautiously.

“So, how have your auditions been going?” Daniel asked to distract Angie from the fact he was only picking at the food. It was the right topic of conversation, as light burst into Angie’s eyes.

“I really nailed an audition last week. I mean, I thought I did OK, but then they didn’t call, so I was really bummed out. But then they did call, so now I am playing Hero in a production of Much Ado and I am so excited.”

“Great,” Daniel managed as Angie took a breath.

“But we aren’t here to talk about me,” Angie said seriously as her eyes narrowed in on Daniel. He gulped.

“What’s your family like?” Angie asked. Alright, apparently she was starting off easy.

“I have a younger sister, a little younger than you, called Ruth, and a grandmother still living.”

Angie nodded. “Do you want lots of children?” she sprang on him. Daniel choked on an unidentifiable vegetable.

“Angie…,” Peggy began warningly, but Angie waved her away.

“Ah, I would one day like children. I suppose that how many we have would depend on my future wife as much, or moreso, than I. Though, if I found the right woman and she didn’t want children, I would accept that.” His eyes slid over to Peggy, and then down to his plate. Of course they hadn’t yet had any conversations about the future, let alone children, and he wanted to be honest while still covering all his bases. Just in case he and Peggy got to that point.

“What do you think is the most romantic thing you can do for a woman?” Angie asked, the pretence of eating abandoned as she leaned towards him intensely.

“Um, listen to her and respect her? Learn from her? Show her how much you appreciate having her in your life?” Daniel decided it was safer not to look at Peggy during this.

“Angie, really, that’s enough,” Peggy said with fond but firm exasperation.

“This is for your benefit as much as mine. Don’t you want to know this stuff?”

“Yes, but organically. When the time is right.”

Angie sat back and huffed a little. “Fine,” she agreed, only a little grudgingly. They all turned back to their plates with little enthusiasm.

Conversation eventually resumed and settled into a pleasant pace. Peggy must have felt safe enough to use the bathroom, because she excused herself from the table.

Daniel glanced nervously at Angie.

“Don’t worry,” she told him. “I won’t jump down your throat again.”

Daniel grinned. “I’m glad to hear it.”

“I just care about her, you know?”

Daniel smiled softly. “I know. Me, too.” He hesitated a moment. “Listen, Peggy and I are still early days. But I want you to know my intentions are honourable. If I had it my way, I’d marry her tomorrow and spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. But she’s not ready for that, so I’m letting her set the pace. I’m a very patient man. I just…I want you to know I’d never hurt her, or pressure her, or make her unhappy. I’d rather cut off my other leg,” he finished rather lamely. But it was obviously the right thing to say, as Angie gave him a rather watery smile.

“She needs good people in her life. You seem like good people.”

Daniel’s heart swelled. “Thanks, Angie. I’m glad she’s got you, as well.”

The two shared an emotional smile of accord, which was broken when Peggy came in clearing her throat. Her eyes looked suspiciously wet.

“I hope you two behaved while I was gone,” she told them, her voice a little unsteady. Without giving them a chance to answer, she continued. “Because you are both really important to me. And I’d really love it if we could all just…get along.” She blinked rapidly.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” said Daniel.

“Me neither,” agreed Angie.

Peggy nodded, clearly touched. “Right, in that case I think we should order some Chinese.”

Angie huffed out a laugh. “Oh, thank god.”

Daniel grinned, enjoying Peggy’s affectionate laugh. He felt like he’d passed all the tests set by Peggy’s self-appointed protectors. The woman herself would no doubt be an even greater challenge, but as Daniel had said, he was a patient man.

And Peggy was more than worth the effort.

bare-memoirs  asked:

In light of the recent events (with the Paris bombing and Colorado Springs shooting), I have seen many, many people blame religion. It's upsetting to see people blame my God, who I know is a good and just God. And I was just wondering, how do you respond to this? I know showing people the love of our God is a huge need. But I'd like to know what are your thoughts on all of this?

Hey dear friend, I share your concern. I have three separate ideas that I hope will be helpful for both Christians and the non-religious.

1) We should absolutely blame religion.

That might send the wrong idea, but: before we’re too quick to defend anything, we need to engage with what’s happening with full responsibility.

We must absolutely investigate our faith traditions with a critical eye and ask: Is there any part of what we’re teaching that’s causing these atrocities to happen?

I don’t mean that you or I did anything wrong. I mean: we’re way too quick to protect ourselves by saying, “True faith would never do that.” Of course true faith would never commit atrocities. But something in our dichotomous “Us Versus Them” language of infidel-enemy warfare is provoking a few individuals to bloodshed. And that’s a few too many.

I can’t just gloss over the fact that people were killed by other people who claimed to be Christians. That’s a serious issue that deserves more than the “self-preservation” of my faith.

If someone claiming to be a Christian was part of hurting or murdering one of my family members, I don’t need the church to tell me, “Well you know that terrorist wasn’t representing our faith.” No. I need empathy. I need presence. I need justice. I need anger. I need a safe sanctuary to vent. Not lectures and lessons.

Christians ought to be the first to critically examine the language and symbols being used in their teachings. We ought to be the first to decry injustice in Jesus’s name.

Imagine: If when the Catholic church had first caught wind of a scandal, they would’ve surgically rebuked and removed their own ministers and apologized to the ends of the earths, instead of covering it up.

Imagine: If every time a “Christianist supremacist” terrorist even sneezed, the entire church would jump to the aid of the victims and for the restoration of the place affected.

Christians are called to be so faithful to the holiness of God that if we intentionally abuse Christianity, no matter how small, the public ought to say, “I know, they’re bad. But they know they did wrong and we trust them to fix it.”

2) Blaming religion was always part of the package, because we’re a culture of blame. But you don’t have to reply.

Everyone needs a narrative to make sense of things. We’re biologically wired to correlate and associate. We blame porn for bad marriages, or blame video games for violence, or blame movies for hero complexes, or blame the news for a less informed public. At some point, your industry or identity will be blamed for something. And whether there’s truth in it or not, it’s going to happen.

I’m not saying we just accept all the blame when it’s unfair. Certainly, I would never endorse blaming the victim, ever. But there’s always someone whose mind is already made up (including you and me), no matter how much you prove that “religion” or “video games” or “Hollywood” are not the real reasons for evil.

The thing is, we can’t individually reply to all this. It’s fruitless to try. It’s even possible that accepting the blame, at least for religiously motivated crime, is more humble than attempting to swing back. Then we look for a better way.

Soon we find that blaming doesn’t even work anyway, because there’s no inherent solution in the blame-culture. It’s like moving the big red bull’s eye on to a different target: we find new people to yell at, but it provides no way out. You don’t need to buy into this. You can only accept that at some point, your identity will be blamed somehow for something, and we must hear it with a fair ear, and find a solution even when everyone else is still yelling.

3) Not everyone is blaming everyone for everything.

I’ve been learning something recently that I’m becoming more certain of as I meet more wonderful people.

The truly thoughtful people who can separate the good-of-religion and the evil-in-people are not the ones who comment on social media. The people who are making a difference and changing the world do not have the energy or emotional capital to give their truncated opinions in a comment section, because they’re actually in the trenches and trying to heal the hurting.

Most of the comments you find online are knee-jerk reactions from people who are firing off from instinct. I don’t mean they’re bad people. But the majority of social media is a mob of gut feelings, and our initial reactions are hardly ever good. It’ll cause you to think that people are worse than they really are.

The world-shakers and game-changers might write think-pieces, but they’re largely absent from majority reactions. They’re not writing hate. In fact, most revolutionaries are hopeful, optimistic, and working hard to reverse the tide of evil. They see atrocities and they grieve instead of comment. Then they get to work. They see the bickering and keep moving forward anyway. They’re donating or at ground level or with their communities or volunteering, one by one, with one life at a time. It’s how Jesus did it. It’s how I’d like to do it, too.

It’s easy to get hundreds of people to bandwagon on negativity. But it’s harder to get off your butt and do something. With all the people I’ve met who are doing something: I’m also hopeful. I’d like to think I’m one of them, though I have a long way to go. And I’d like to think we’re traveling on this together.

— J.S.

A New Beginning (A MMFD FANFIC) : Chapter 3

Did I really update again on the same day? Well, it’s past midnight, so technically not? But you guys are so motivating! Everytime I get another note, I feel compelled to write some more. I swear, the ideas on this story are just going crazy! And my last 2 chapters have almost 50 notes each. That’s so exciting! Thanks again for all the likes, reblogs, and messages. They mean a lot to me. :)


SUMMARY: Two years and Finn’s still devestated over Rae breaking up with him and moving to Bristol. Suddenly, he finds out that Rae’s come back to Lincolnshire. After minimal contact with Rae while she was at Uni, Finn jumps on the chance to win her over oncemore.

Chapter under the cut, as usual. :)

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Please give me feedback, likes, reblogs, and messages! Tell me how you’re liking it so far! Thanks so much!

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cornbreadfans  asked:

So i'm going through your blog and i'm seeing a bunch of people complaining about why cis people can't get clothes or why trans/genderqueer/etc can't just go shopping and idk I thought i'd just share why I think this blog is great. I dread going shopping. More than nearly anything. Because I know at some point i'll end up in a store where a parent will show me something and ask if I like it. I never do. I hate seeing the look on their face when I tell them I don't like it.

Cis people can easily shop without feeling scared. It is hard for trans people to shop in their prefered clothing section. This is too true and cis people are welcome to make their own clothing swap that is irrelevant to trans issues. 

anonymous asked:

PLEASE!!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!! Next chapter of Cheerleaders and Nerds!!! PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!! I'd give you my first born if I have to, just please most talented one! Give us the next chapter!!!!

Part Forty-One:

Emma pushed the tiered cart down the third aisle of the Fantasy section to deposit a load of books in their rightful positions. “Ugh, some of these teen novels,” she muttered as she pushed one into an empty slot on the shelf.

“Says the only teen in the room,” came the chuckling reply from one aisle over.

Emma grinned. “Well, clearly my tastes far exceed my age.”

Two thick books were yanked from the shelf in front of Emma, creating a window to the next aisle. Emma laughed as her best friend’s face popped into view, bright blue eyes showing her amusement. “Clearly,” Belle replied. “Now, are you going to tell me the reason you showed up here at six in the morning on a Saturday, half-excited and half-panicked, or are we going to continue avoiding it?”

Emma chuckled. “My avoidance tactics are failing me.”

“No, they’re working,” Belle told her, grinning. “They are just obvious.”

Sighing, Emma nodded. “I think I’ve got a girlfriend.”

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