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when the moon fell in love with the sun

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You mentioned daily work when talking about art skill. I was wondering what sort of daily work people like me, who inspire to be near your level, should do. Like have you seen some good tutorials or books that helped you to get this far? If so what would they be? You're art is so good and it inspires me a lot but I dont know where to start improving with so little experience.

I don’t know too,bro. I mean…I didn’t study as good as need,that’s why I’m still have a lot of troubles.  All what I do - look pictures in my telephone everyday. Some academic art, sculpture,good art,photos with anatomy. Nothing more. Now i want to study, but have no time for it and what all i can do - make mistakes and study by them, its very slow.
Dont be like me, be better

first what you need - anatomy, proportions. After - shading and coloring. You will find style in process. Style its just collection of your art  phetics

about some books which i dont even read but everybody told thet tey`re good and some fav painters


Zionka (mostly 2014-16 she doesnt draw now bc of fa,ily, but i hope she`ll back)

ven mehl amundsen

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For those who are curious about how deep Bertie’s pool is, here is another photo I found of his pool being drained. I don’t know how big he is but judging from videos he is pretty dang big! For the water to be able to hide him until he is activated I think the pool would be at least over a meter deep. I like this guy, but I would not want to swim in there.

He looks better in this photo because this was taken in 2010. Poor thing needs a new coat of paint :(

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mundoo/4884933606/in/album-72157624583835235/


Goodness! I think it’s really cool he’s water-powered. I hope they can fix him up again soon; the latest footage of him reveals he’s completely blackened from pollution! :(

- Mod Rat

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though


Otayuri at the beach.

Beka tries to look cool in his sunglasses and his sleeveless hoodie while Yura happily plays with his hoodie string. (Also Yura, honey, pleather leggings on the beach? You’re going to melt.)

i’m loving my bujo so far this month! i’m also so excited to show off the doodle for next week’s spread! i really like it though it could have turned out a tad bit better

i also really need to change how i edit my photos. this just looks really bad and i want to change it hhh


Glitch Effect Tutorial

ayyeee here’s a tutorial no one asked for made this for college assignment, but i hope someone will find this useful! >w< (original drawing)

Rearranged my shelf a bit today and look how pretty it is 💕