but i like this coloring


Chantilly Lace: You know, you are shilly!” You are perfect and you don’t even know it.

Merlot: I am not perfect. 

Chantilly Lace: Oh yes you are! You make me feel things too! Things that I never thought I’d feel.

Merlot: Oh yeah? Like what?

Chantilly Lace: Like… you make me not afraid anymore! I could run into the ocean right now, and wouldn’t be scared!!

Merlot: Huh?

anonymous asked:

when designing chudley what the actual fuck was your thought process??

honestly??? i dont really remember, i just needed a good punchline to this post and it was like 3am. i do remember the dog body was extremely spur of the moment like i knew he was gonna have that specific head but i didnt know what his body was going to look like until it was just kind of.. there

(( During a conversation with someone, I noticed I had been drawing Victini’s feet wrong. I’ve decided that I like the rabbit feet I’ve been drawing Shou with better. So, I guess I’ll just color his toes to make up for that from now on. ))

(( I think my motivation is back. Let’s hope my schedule doesn’t interfere now. ))


soft hair, soft smile

Oh my god I was going to keep quiet about this but I’m so annoyed;;;

apparently someone thought I was whitewashing angie in this drawing because I wasn’t coloring her skin dark enough can’t they just leave me alone?? can’t you see that I’ve colored EVERYONE PALE??? and she’s the only one I shaded using a brown color scheme too it was the coloring style

If you can’t support me to make a movie just leave me alone why are you so self-righteous do you think you’re contributing something to the world by trying to hop into every drawing that doesn’t fit your standards

I tend to recognize a lot of people who’s been supporting me and my drawings and I don’t remember you so well, I wonder what gives you feel that you have the right to tell me what to do with my drawings and the things I work on. Do you feel victimized by whitewashing?? well, go find someone who really does whitewash characters don’t come and pick on me, I really don’t have time for this. STOP, JUST STOP. I know angie’s skin is dark, leave me alone. If you aren’t going to support me just let me draw things in peace, thank you;;