but i like their relationship again

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I have a love hate relationship for you. I love you because of your art and you seem like a sweet person. I hate you because you have me thing for Zen's abs and it won't go anyway.


We all thirst for Zen’s abs

It just takes…A little push to awaken that thirst. 

Totally didn’t use this anon as an excuse to draw Zen shirtless again. Thank you for the kind words lovely anon <3


I’ve hit another followers milestone, so i’d like to dedicate this short video to all my followers and will do /yet/ another follow forever c: (not in order) check out their blogs, they are pretty neat people! i know it’s not much, but i can’t find inspiration to make graphics xD again if i miss anybody i really apologize ;v;

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So there was this guy in my music class and he’d been like in love with me for around 3 years (I knew this because he kept staring at me in biology) and his friend asked me what I thought about him 5 times!!!! Anyway I was like ew no do not like don’t care if I break his heart he’ll get over it. So a while later I was talking to someone he hangs about with and I mentioned my being ace and she was all “omg haha it’s you, the first girl J has ever liked and she turned out to be asexual, lol” like what?!?!? Do I have some sort of disease what is this?!?! pls god cure me of this aceness. Like pls people you can have relationships without sex cmon, anyway he looks like a elephant seal and has the personality of a mouldy orange, so my once again has me being ace saved me from idiot fuckboys. The end.

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Also like a lot of teen girls who "fetishize" are actually gay themselves and can't express it so they do what other straight girls do and make it about boys even though it's really about same gender love

yeah not to mention how most media is male dominated anyways so there’s just more male relationships to project upon as a questioning lgbt person. again i don’t want to deny that there can be homophobia and other bad behaviors with women & m/m ships- just saying that comparing them to dudes fetishizing f/f is not analogous in terms of power

VIXX as university professors


•  gives out a warning to everyone on like the first day, that they’d better leave if they expect an easy A lmao
•  you’d dread going to his class if you knew he disliked you
•  but even if he could be strict and to the point, no one can really hate him or the class bc they’re so fascinated by his beauty
•  and how nice he really is when you get to know him
•  definitely will flirt with the older students a little, but I doubt he’d go as far as having a relationship with a student bc of his reputation


•  tbh you’d barely notice his presence unless he was lecturing or sipping on his latte
•  never gets mad even when the students walk in late…but like…He’ll give them that *look* and they’d be too scared to do it again
•  every teacher has some kind of crush on him but he’s too quiet and never accepts lunch or dinner invitations from them
•  is salty when the student give him stupid ass nicknames like “Taekwoondo”
•  might deny the fact that he’s fallen for a student, mainly bc of his job but also bc he can’t believe it himself…but he’d fall so hard, esp if they really got along with him


•  there isn’t a class that goes by without someone crying from laughter
•  is this even a college class like ???? The students barely do anything yet they seem to ace every test and project
•  is like a best friend to all his student bc he likes to think there isn’t much of an age difference
•  this dude will TOTALLY be the flirt of the school, so it isn’t hard to fall for him or get him to fall for you
•  will keep flirting with this specific student until the whole campus knows about their relationship and ship them together smh


•  lets the students talk amongst themselves and play music if they’re done with work, I mean he knows they’re adults after all
•  spends like 4 hours lecturing about how one should never be late to class or put romantic relationships as a priority
•  that’s a lot coming from him since he flirts with Mr Lee (both of them) on a daily basis
•  has the best sense of style and never shows up wearing a boring suit and tie
•  though he wouldn’t necessarily fall for a student, he’d still go out with them and eat every now and then, sometimes resulting in one night stands or something more


•  roasts you and your whole outfit if you’re ever late or sleeping in his class
•  gets asked if he’s single every mf day, and cringes whenever a student actually hits on him in front of the whole class
•  but you ain’t lying when you say he looks dang good in a button up shirt and his glasses
•  gets mad whenever someone interrupts him and probably will stand there for like 10 minutes with his hands in his pockets “no, I’ll wait :)”
•  has too many thoughts and lesson plans on his mind to start a relationship with anyone tbh, esp with a student


•  legit no one knows why he was hired and why he applied for a teaching job in the first place
•  a college class or a playground? There have been many incidents of the Deen walking in and seeing the students twerking on the chairs and him hyping them up
•  “uhhh, it’s- this is for our next experiment, right kids hahahaah?”
•  gives life advice more than teaching, so you’ll probably know if Brad likes you or not next time he doesn’t text back
•  tbh ofc someone is gonna fall for this dork, but he’d be too much of a flirt and tease to actually have a relationship 

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Hi! I read that you wouldn't be bothered by a new prompt so I decided to send you one. Yousef is back from Turkey and is invited at Jamilla's wedding; during the party he overhears some of Sana's aunts asking her about her romantic life and since he notices that she's getting uncomfortable (they're "together", but no one knows) he decides to help her. I hope you decide to write it, let me know! 😊


Thanks for the prompt. I hope you don’t hate me for this but I completely changed the prompt…like instead of them being together I wrote it as they’re not together but Yousef steps in to save Sana and says he’s her boyfriend so yupp, fake relationship prompt!

I really hope you don’t mind I changed it and that you like it!

Thank you again!!


“Sana dear you look stunning tonight”

“Thank you aunt Amina” Sana said with a smile

After a year of preparation, the day of the wedding between her brother Abdu and Jamilla had arrived. The ceremony had been so beautiful and now they were at the celebration. She wouldn’t admit it but Sana had been kind of hoping that she wouldn’t run into her aunt Amina and her aunt Nayat. She loved them and they were always kind to her but they were also very nosy and Sana didn’t feel like talking to them in that moment. She looked around searching for an excuse to leave and, as always, her eyes landed in him, in Yousef. He was standing a few meters apart from them talking to Elias and the boys. He noticed her staring and looked at her with a smile that made Sana blush and look away in embarrassment.

“So Sana, how is life treating you?” Nayat asked

“It’s fine, I’m done with my second year of high school and I can’t wait to start the third one”

“Yeah, yeah, studying is important but what about you? How are you?”

“I’m fine aunt Amina”

“Just fine? Aren’t you…I don’t know maybe more happy that other times?”

“What are you trying to ask aunt Nayat?”

“Ah, honey, it’s pretty clear. Is there any special boy in your life?” Amina asked

“We would ask your mother but she wouldn’t tell us” Nayat added.

Sana just rolled her eyes and shook her head exasperated. Every time she was with her aunts they ended up having the same conversation.

“Oh, Sana don’t be like that, we just care about you and your happiness” Mina said

“Yes, I mean it’s totally fine if there’s no one in your life…I mean at your age I was already engaged to your uncle and well Jamilla is married already and…”

“We just don’t want you to miss your chance”

“I mean you’re still very young and beautiful but beauty doesn’t last forever and…”

“Sana, here you are. I was looking for you” a male voice interrupted the conversation.

Sana turned around and saw Yousef standing right next to her with a big smile on his face.

“Hi Yousef” she said relieved but also confused

“I brought you some tea, it’s your favorite” he said handing it to her

She smiled at him thankfully and took a long sip of it

“Oh sorry, where are my manners?” Yousef said turning to Sana’s aunts “I’m Yousef, Sana’s boyfriend”

Those four words were enough to make Sana choke on her tea and start coughing.

“Are you okay, love?” he said patting her back softly

“Boyfriend? Sana! Why did you let us rant about you ending alone when you had a boyfriend!” Nayat said excited

“Uh…” Sana looked from her aunt to Yousef not knowing what was going on

“Oh you know how Sana is, always so shy” Yousef said with his charming smile “It’s been really nice to meet you but would you mind if I take Sana with me for a moment? I really like this song and I’d love to dance with her”

“Of course sweetheart, you two enjoy” Amina said

“Shall we?” Yousef asked Sana who was still in shock

She just nodded and followed him to the dance floor.

“Okay, what was that?” she asked him as soon as they were far enough from her aunts

“I was trying to save you, it looked like you needed help” Yousef said shrugging

“And you’re only idea was to tell my aunts that you’re my boyfriend, in a room full of my family”

Again, Yousef shrugged with a smile

“I just saved you from a very awkward conversation and this is how you treat me? Harsh, Bakkous, really harsh” he said shaking his head as if he was offended. “I think the least you could do is dance with me”

Sana chuckled and nodded

“I guess that I have no other choice…since you saved me”

He smiled at her and took her hand while he placed his other hand on her waist, leaving enough space between them so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable. They swayed to the rhythm of the music while staring into each other eyes, unaware that they were being watched.


“Aysha! Why haven’t you told us that Sana has a boyfriend” Nayat said as she stopped Sana’s mom, who was walking by them

“That Sana has a what?” Mamma Bakkoush almost yelled

“Yeah, that Yousef boy. He’s so charming” Amina said pointing at Sana and Yousef on the dance floor

“Yousef and Sana aren’t…”

“He introduced himself to us as her boyfriend, isn’t he cute?” Nayat interrupted Sana’s mom

“He did, huh?” she said “If you’ll excuse me I have to tell Sana something before I forget”


“I didn’t know you were such a good dancer” Yousef said as the song ended

“We’ve only swayed to the music, it’s not like it’s that hard” Sana said laughing

“Still, I’m impressed”

“Sana, Yousef hi, I don’t mean to bother but…” Sana’s mom said as she approached them making them let go of each other a little startled “Could any of you please explain me why you aunts think you’re dating?”

“Oh…Mom look…”

“It’s my fault Mrs. Bakkoush. They were giving Sana a rough time and I stepped in saying that I’m her boyfriend so they’d leave her alone. I’m sorry I lied” Yousef explained

“I guess Amina and Nayat can be a little overwhelming sometimes”

“Sometimes? They always ask me when I’m going to get myself a boyfriend” Sana said exasperated

“I know habibti, you know how they are…I was just worried that you two were dating and you hadn’t told me…”

“Oh mom, you know that if I was dating Yousef I would tell you” Sana said

“And I would go with her to talk to you” Yousef added

“Not that we are thinking about dating I mean…” Sana said stuttering

“Yeah, right, we’re not…I mean that’d be…yeah…” Yousef stuttered too

“Aysha, leave the two lovebirds alone” Amina said as they approached them

“Ah, mother-in-laws, always so strict, right Yousef?” Nayat said winking at him “I bet you’re already tired of my sister here”

“Oh, no, no, I would never get tired of anyone in this family” Yousef said showing his charming smile once again

“Aw Sana, this boy is so nice, it doesn’t surprise me that you’ve chosen him” Amina said

Sana blushed and forced a tiny smile

“Yeah, he’s nice…”

“Nice? Oh come on girl, you can do better than that, does this boy treat you well? Do we have to reprimand him?” Nayat asked playfully

“Yousef is great” Sana said looking at him “He’s…he’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met. He’s smart and funny and kind and…and he even knows how to cook”

Yousef, who was staring right back at Sana chuckled at that

“He really is perfect” Sana said almost whispering getting lost in his eyes

Mamma Bakkoush looked from her daughter to Yousef with a knowing smile.

“So we can trust you right Yousef? You won’t hurt my daughter” she said

“Hurt her? Never” Yousef said still looking at her eyes “I would never ever hurt her. She’s the best girl I know. I respect her and I admire her. Every moment I share with her is unique”

“So how long have you been dating then?” Nayat asked

“Huh?” both Yousef and Sana said as they came back to reality.

“How long have you two been dating” she repeated the question

“Six months” Yousef said at the same time Sana answered “5 months”

“So 5 or 6 months, then?” Amina asked confused

“Oh I count since we went on our first date and she counts since we first…uh…held hands” Yousef explained stuttering

“Held hands…right” Nayat said winking at them

“Aunt Nayat!” Sana said blushing

As much as she was enjoying the situation, Mamma Bakkoush decided to intervene.

“Hey, why don’t we leave them alone for a moment, we can go talk to Abdu” Sana’s mom said as she led her sisters away.

Sana and Yousef were left in an awkward silence. They were both kind of embarrassed about what they had said. Luckily Elias interrupted the silence as he approached them

Yousef, I was looking for you, we’re outside, come”

“Uh…” Yousef said looking at Sana

“It’s fine, I’m going to go talk to Jamilla” Sana said with a smile as she turned around and left


Sana wandered around the room looking at her family and friends all enjoying the party. She wouldn’t admit it but she was actually looking for someone, someone who she hadn’t seen since he left with her brother, someone who was entering the room that exact moment and walking to her.

“Hey” Yousef said


“I just wanted to say goodbye, I’m going to leave, it’s getting late”

“Yeah, I actually think we’ll leave soon too”

“I’d offer to walk you home but I guess your family would want to leave together?”

“Yeah…but thanks” Sana said smiling

“Of course” he said nodding

“And Yousef…thanks for before…you know, for saving me”

“Anything for you girl” he said shrugging with a smile

Sana bit her lip as she took a step closer to him and kissed his cheek.

“What was that for?” he asked shocked

“Uh…my aunts, they’re behind you and they were looking so I just thought…yeah…” Sana said stuttering

“Oh I see…” Yousef said as something caught his attention behind Sana, not something, someone, her aunts to be more specific.

They were standing behind Sana so there was no way she could’ve seen them. Yousef smiled to himself as he leaned closer to Sana and pressed his lips softly against her cheek.

“In case they’re still looking” he whispered before pulling apart

Sana just looked at him blushing too surprised to react.

“Goodnight fake girlfriend” he said winking at her

“Goodnight fake boyfriend” she said back with a big smile.


This is it!

Again I’m sorry for changing it and I hope you’ve liked it

Sorry if it’s not good, I haven’t been very inspired lately.

Thanks for reading!!♥♥

I know y'all are tired of hearing about my relationship but here's some boy positivity

My boyfriend has vitiligo. When he told me this the first time we talked, I said I thought it was cool. He was genuinely shocked that I didn’t make fun of him or ask to see it. The first time I really saw it was when he posted a picture on Instagram that shows it pretty obviously. He said he thought about taking it down, but I told him how much I liked it, and he decided to keep it up.

He’s very insecure about his chest because of how much his vitiligo covers it. He told me this early in the relationship and I reassured him that I wouldn’t find it weird/a turn off. When he finally felt comfortable showing his chest in either snapchats or on Skype, I once again reassured him that I didn’t think it was weird. I actually really like it. It doesn’t change how I felt about him.

When he asked me why I liked his vitiligo, I told him, “because it’s a part of you.” And you know what he did? He cried. Which leads me to my next point.

My boyfriend is a very emotional person. He cries about things. He cried(several times) the first time he skyped me, saying he couldn’t believe I was his girlfriend (which btw was the sweetest thing and made me cry too). Boys are always told they shouldn’t be emotional or cry, and I think that’s ridiculous, as someone who is extremely sensitive. Instead of telling him to man up, I help him get through it. I tell him it’s okay, because it is.

The best thing about this boy?

He is just as accepting of my flaws as I am of his. My anxiety and depression which weigh very heavily on the both of us, my stretch marks, my insecurities. He accepts all of it.

Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be shy or nervous in relationships. Girls are not the only ones who are allowed to be emotional or cry over little things.

Boys can be insecure. Boys can have flaws. Boys can be emotional. Boys can be human.

Boys, never settle for someone who won’t accept your shy side. Never settle for your dream girl/boy if they won’t let you cry or be emotional. Find someone who will understand you and accept you as you are, no matter how long it takes. I promise it will be worth it. While self love is very important, sometimes having someone else admire you just makes things all the better. Especially when they admire you at your most vulnerable.

Boys, keep having feelings unapologetically. Break the norm that boys should be emotionless. You don’t have to be a “tough guy” to find love. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. And if all else fails and you feel no one is one your side, I personally support and accept your feelings. Let them out. You deserve to have them.

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I agree, the 'I like me' scene threw me off, too. It's like they're hammering in the fact that Garnet is made of love and is the perfect relationship. Like ok, we get it! There were even a handful of episodes that were dedicated to that already. What was even the point of that little moment?

I know right. We can all agree Jailbreak was one of the highlight episodes, but Garnet since then has been diminished to fusion references.

I see people asking to see Ruby and Sapphire a lot but honestly I want more Garnet. I want to see Garnet as a person again, not as a fusion. Before Jailbreak she was so intriguing and cool and everybody was interested in her. After we discovered she was a fusion, that’s all she is anymore.

Does that make any sense?

It will hurt; like a punch on your stomach or a wound that’s bone deep, or maybe like the waves surging continuously and you have no choice but to drown. That, or worse than those and combined into one. And I’ve learned that the hard way. From broken friendships to failed relationships. From those people who graced into my life only to walk out in the end. From those guys that have won my heart and made me attached my soul to theirs only to leave like nothing happened, like it wasn’t a big deal that I’ve invested so much in them. From so many people who walked in only to leave when things get tough. And again, it will hurt. But you have to let go. Just remove the shackles and let them go. See, if the person and the relationship is worth it, then both of you will save it. But if that’s not their decision and just yours, I tell you, let them go. Because those who are meant to stay will find their way to stay. You can do things, all sort of things but you will still find it impossible to keep those people who doesn’t want to be kept. So let go, eventually you’ll learn that even though you love someone that doesn’t change the fact that you cannot keep everyone you love.
—  This is why you should learn how to let go.

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So, because I haven't been in a relationship for years and I was getting sexually frustrated, I decided to buy a vibrator. I imagine Lance would be up for some fun with my toy. Like, he would smirk devilishly when I tell him I own a vibrator, get me all worked up and then just go for it, making me come over and over again, using the toy, before he even gets to fucking me sensless.

ooooo yes, he would probably many more toy to test 

Moaning Monday™

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So I was a "spoiled gf" accidently with my ex. He loved taking me shopping and calling me his princess- I loved it. I would love to be a super spoiled gf again but I don't know how to really pick the guy or meet someone like that again. My ex and I met on okcupid and he didn't come off as wealthy.He made like 80,000 a yr but as a young guy with no real expenses he was able to spend most of that on me. Whats your advice on finding another one or even a better one? lol

Hang out at places where successful men go to. Upscale places, i have a list of that in my sugar advice tag. Look your best at all times and give off that high maintenance vibes. If he asks about your previous relationships, mention your ex and how he took care of you and say that’s how you like to be treated. Show appreciation and don’t come off as trying to use them for their money.

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Is it wrong for someone to break up with you and say that they did nothing wrong and hope you learned something? Idk this isn't really a question, I just felt really condescended to, like yeah, I was a mess but they did dumb shit too. Thanks for telling me everyone thinks I'm wrong and an idiot.

Yeah, that’s a real messed up thing to say. It’s good that they’re no longer in your life, try to block them anywhere you can and avoid speaking to them again. 

-Lou the Lobster

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Liz you are like the voice of reason over and over again. How would robron breaking up solve anything. They already try to run away from each other instead of talking. If they lived in separate houses they'd never see each other and then nothing would get solved. I. Just. Don't. Understand. Why. People. Want. Them. A. Part. Logic?????

I wouldn’t go that far lol. But a break up wouldn’t solve anything imo. You’re in a committed relationship, you’re having issues, isn’t the mature thing to do to try and work those issues out together? If people want a break up that’s fair enough, some probably just want it for more angst which is all well and good but doesn’t solve the problems

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I'm sorry if this question is like tmi but I'm a teenage lesbian and I've never had sex and I'm nervous that when it happens I won't like it. I don't know if that's normal or if it means I'm not really gay but um yeah is that normal

When my last girlfriend and I were together I didn’t really look at or think about anyone but her because that’s just how I get in relationships sometimes. And I kind of worried when it ended and was going to start finding other people appealing again I’d find myself interested in men and not womyn even though that went against everything I knew about myself. But, lo and behold, I am 100% thinking about womyn and 0% thinking about men.

Maybe you won’t hear someone talking about that EXACT fear but these kinds of fears are a totally normal part of lesbian experience. We’ve been lied to our whole lives, directly and indirectly, that females desiring females isn’t normal. It’s only natural to question yourself after that.

(And even if you do have sex with another girl and you don’t end up liking it that doesn’t mean anything. It could just be that girl. It could just be that time. It could mean that you weren’t ready or you’re just not super into sex in general. It would obviously be false if someone told a straight girl she wasn’t straight because she had a bad sexual experience and it’s just as false for lesbians.)

Anyway, yes, that’s normal and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t gay.

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their friendship is going to be there that conection that bond isn't lost he will still love her same we've seen with her,believe me in 6 years you don't lost that,they will need to relearn,fall in love,and find the way again,but believe me it's not gonna take to much,by midseason we are gonna have our bellarke back,well it's never gone inside of them they still being the same C and B when they see each other again they are gonna remember to the other that,and they're going to become romantic.

Like I previously stated, the relationship (in my opinion) will still be there for Clarke. It will not be there for Bellamy, he needs to do the healthy thing and move on otherwise his mental health will deteriorate. And I know accepting her death will have this same effect, but he has support for that.

At least for Bellamy, rekindling their friendship is going to be tough - particularly given it’s a girl he believed dead - but their love is so strong and the chemistry, Clarke won’t struggle to make her man fall in love with her all over again. We’ll get our bellarke back

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Again, 108,000+ words

friendship them with: tbh her relationship with the entirety of the Snack Pack is pretty sweet. Like pick any one of these dudes and put them with Poppy and you will have a very affectionate friendship.

Suki? Best bros

Cooper? They bake cupcakes together

Guy Diamond, Satin, Chenille? Fashion buddies

Poppy has so many good friendships, man. I could go on and on.

general opinions: Poppy’s a fucking inspiration and I love her so much. Like yeah okay maybe her ‘Get Back Up Again’ motto can be a bit unrealistic when you consider the shit she goes through but damn, she’s a determined little trooper. When will any of us ever have that kind of motivation? Plus she’s optimistic but that doesn’t mean she’s blind to the world around her. She knows things can be tough but likes to believe that the word is mostly Cupcakes And Rainbows for the sake of her own happiness. Cuz sometimes you just gotta look out for your own head. Poppy’s great. She’s happy, she’s playful, she’s both a little shit and a ray of sunshine. Give her a hand, folks.

It always frustrated me how annoying Stark was (this is a Farscape post, guys) because the character seemed like such an important part of the show, thematically. He’s the Crichton that totally lost it, the what-could’ve-been. The fact that the sanity he displays in The Hidden Memory never appears again should’ve been deliberate and tragic and remarked upon. Stark as Crichton’s comforter/healer in that episode was so on point, him as someone who went to the place that Crichton never could but brought a kind of grace back with him. 

I always found it interesting the way the other relationships (D’argo/Chiana and Stark/Zhaan) sort of embodied the parts of himself that Crichton could never fully explore without losing who he was. Crichton could never sleep with Chiana without it feeling like incest, or a disturbing abuse of power. But a teenage Crichton could, and D’argo could (the hot-tempered, bro-y, more immature side of Crichton). Crichton could only ever “sleep” with Zhaan in the heightened, spiritualized sense without it feeling like a pathetic attempt to fuck the concept of God. Or something. But Stark could, because he’s the Crichton that let go, the Crichton that detached from reality without actually losing himself, and therefore gained access to a certain sacredness. A sacredness that Zhaan is forever reaching for but can never fully achieve. 

Crichton doesn’t really care about sacredness, about finding truths that go beyond him, which is fascinating to me (Well. He does in the sense that he’s a scientist and an astronaut, but it’s established that a lot of that is about trying to live up to his father). Crichton wants to be at peace. His arc is about resolving the id and the ego and the super ego, and ultimately finding a sense of identity. That resolution is what would be heroic and triumphant for Crichton, not saving the universe. 

None of the other characters–except, very importantly, for Aeryn–feel any confusion about their identities. They know who they are. They know their context even when they’ve been removed from it (Rygel still behaves like a king even when he has not a single subject). The reason that John and Aeryn are each other’s romantic counterparts is because they both lack that, they’re both people who realized that their entire concept of themself was contextual, given to them. But they don’t become each other’s identities. Rather, they each represent qualities that the other not only doesn’t have, but actively fears (science, violence), and they can only earn romance with each other once they earn a sense of who they are. Once they no longer fear those things (and for that matter, no longer fear either id or spirituality) because those things no longer pose a threat to their sense of self.

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I don't understand why you're advertising your conquests. Is it an attention thing? Are you doing it to hurt Ryan? If he had a blog where he listed women he'd slept with, you'd think he was an awful person. Particularly listing them the morning after and speaking about them in a derogatory way.

Because I talk about my life on my blog?? I’m not just going to not mention parts of it in order to keep my tumblr PG am I. Ryan doesn’t know my tumblr URL, so obviously it isn’t to hurt him 😐 And I don’t know about you and your exes but I wouldn’t care what he was doing anymore, and if he wanted to talk about who he’d slept with, I’d be like fair enough. Life is different when you’re not in a relationship, so it’s all new again. Plus I have not been derogatory at all! The only reason it was a bad choice is because we work together and I didn’t want to get involved with anyone I work with


January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”

the thing about Bakugou is that, in the limits that his personality allows, he’s soft for Kirishima - he calls him by name, listens to him and always answers him, tries to help him out as best as he can, accepts his help when Kirishima offers it, actively works to make him feel better when he’s down, never yells at him unless it’s an answer to Kirishima’s teasing, has no problems in complimenting him and pointing out his strength, he’s soft for Kirishima

he openly considers him a friend and treats him as such, he cares and doesn’t really try to hide it, though his inexperience in showing that sort of feelings does make him come off as awkward now and again 

I guess what I mean to say is it’d be nice if the fandom could remember that, instead of writing him as angry and prickly and downright offensive and uncaring when dealing with what has been recognized by the canon as his best friend and someone he does enjoy the company of over and over again