but i like their potentional relationship

People just love the relationship between Sherlock and John. They’re both very self-aware and affectionate, but also very truthful with one another. There are a really complementary team. John humanises Sherlock, and Sherlock gives John a shot of adrenaline and adventure and the chance to live a life less ordinary. That’s a very potent combination. The relationship with John draws Sherlock back to the human realm, from which he has been distanced for a big portion of his life. It makes him a better detective and a better human being. I don’t mean that Sherlock is suddenly interested in holding babies or eating frozen yoghurt. The great gift that Watson gives him is to make him more human. And if you’re a better human being, the more likely you are to empathise and therefore be a more skillful detective.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch, The Independent (x) 29.12.2016

appreciation for how hard jared is trying to go in for hiatus beard when he only has a mini hiatus to do it

it’s not even just that twin fantasy is about The Struggles Of Being A Queer Youth i think it’s like… if we look at the vast proliferation of media dealing with this exact subject matter so much of it is created by queer adults who wish they’d had this media as kids, right, and so much of it is developed with the specific goal of reassuring young people that it’s okay to be gay - which, of course, is all well and good - but what’s so incredibly potent about twin fantasy is that there is no such agenda and it was created by a teenager while this relationship was happening, for an all-but-non-existent audience, and there’s an authenticity to it that rings so much truer than anything any adult could hope to retroactively capture? nobody but a teenager could have written this album: the lyrics about getting drunk to bolster your confidence before coming out to your friends on skype, and then chickening out anyway; the song about the person you love being suicidal, and you being suicidal, and you finding the strength to talk them off the ledge, telling them you can text me; the song about getting on a greyhound bus and traveling across states for the chance to spend a few precious days in the presence of the person you love before you have to go back to your laptops. we’ve all been there but very few of us were quite so good at chronicling how it felt while it was happening.


When the bae tells you that they low key love you.

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In all seriousness, Hannibal elucidating the fact that love is too banal a word to describe how he feels about Will Graham is why I adore their relationship. Love simply doesn’t sum up how they feel about each other. This is a relationship of conflicting extremes, an adoration of the purest and most destructive order, the kind that is fuelled by the darkest and most potent of feelings, love and hate being just a few. Each moment of intimacy is preceded by some horrific act of violence, each hushed argument blurring the lines between threat and reverence, every look they give the other mirroring the same uncertainty and puzzlement as to exactly why they feel like this. Anyway. This wasn’t supposed to turn into a meta but hey ho. If you need me I’ll be in the nearest trash can.

I’m writing my new series and I’m drawing inspiration for a character based on someone I used to know. Our relationship was so chaotic and flammable and volatile and confusing and up to this day I can’t listen to Kings of Leon because of him, and I often wondered what would have happened if my apartment door hadn’t opened that Saturday morning.

I wouldn’t be where I am, but the whole “what if” is so potent when I relive stuff like this.

  • What she says: I'm okay
  • What she means: It's like they completely forgot about Cas this season. His grace was fading and they had time to look for his own grace, but no ... They made filler episodes without Cas and just threw him aside like a piece of garbage that he probably is to the writers. Thank god they didn't kill him off in the end. They also cut off a lot of Destiel. Some of the Dean and Cas moments (aside from the few really good ones) ended up being more like a bro-buddy-no-homo scenes and I hated it. They had more chemistry in season 4 and I didn't even ship for a majority of time back then. So why do this now? Why make such a crap writing out of a greatly developed character? Why completely ignore his storyline? Why ignore the relationship he has with Dean? Why take away Charlie as his bestie and potentional match-maker? Also, is he okay now? How did Rowena's spell even affect him if he is an angel?

The First

19 Weeks of CS, Week 2: Hugs

This hug means everything to me. The better part of this episode and really the beginning of their relationship was defined by Emma deflecting her feelings either by sarcasm, defensiveness, or literally walking away. This hug symbolized to me that final wall c r u m b l i n g away. It was such a potent moment. And Killian, knowing all too well what it is like to watch someone you love die in front of you, pulls her into his arms. And she lets him. She leans onto him with all the weight of her sorrow. In turn, Killian is realizing that this is the role she needs him for the most. He is there to protect her tender heart.