but i like their potentional relationship

aries rising: pushes personal boundaries in search of experience, confrontational and assertive in expressing talents and weaknesses

taurus rising: uses resources and beauty as an extension of personal identity, reflects viscous charisma and appeal, personal desires become decorum

gemini rising: zig-zagging through multiplications of duality and resolution, and to reconcile these oppositions through communication

cancer rising: to give a resting place to the identity to express, drawing from waters of ancestors, emotions, and memories

leo rising: a creative expedition of every portrait and experience from life, enveloping material, heart, spiritual, and emotional into a gallery

virgo rising: expressing soul and body, synthesising mind with material, the needs of the self with other, exhibiting the mechanical talents of the intellect

libra rising: playing with other personalities gives sparkle to the marble identity, a synthesis of social experiences, understanding ‘i’ to become ‘us’

scorpio rising: potent desires surface through the immediate expression, an erotic display of continual transformation, conflict, and obsession

sagittarius rising: a cinema size projector is raised to create a life exhibition displaying experience, relationships, and meaning, learning is the sixth sense

capricorn rising: attempting to escape the parent’s moulding the individual summons talent, material, and applicable creative resource

aquarius rising: the possibilities expand far and wide, capable of being anyone, identification with higher forces and reflection of the self in everything

pisces rising: sensitivity and vagueness diffuses like melting mist, the empathy extends beyond containment, the identity is an exhalation of everythingness


🌜spells & days of the week🌛

lil chart for when to cast your spells RE days of the week


🌚 moonday!! great for fertility, healing and personally i like to cast all my self love and positivity spells here too 🌙


the day of mars so strength 💪  and courage spells will be more potent! also gr8 for agriculture so bless your pets and plants🍃


mercury day!! communication, study 📖  and travel. i like to do spirit work on a wednesday and it’s good for wealth too. 💸


🍀 day of jupiter. lucky lucky thursday. i don’t have much to say about thursday except luck and fortune. i’m anti thursday🍀


VENUS. U KNO WHAT THAT MEANS. 💞 ALL the love and relationship potions go riiiight here. incl. self love if you’re not a moon worshipper like me and didn’t do them monday. in fact do them both days. do them everyday 💕


saturday (saturn) is good for clearing obstacles. saturn is all about renewal and liberation so bear that in mind. i’ve put emojis for everything but idk what to do for this so here is the saturday dog 🐶


again…sun…day…🌞 good for health and success, but also recharging and happiness! ☀️

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could analyze lucrezia and cesare relationship in the Borgia ??? Thank you!!

Ah, Cesare and Lucrezia. This will be so long.

I need to preface the analysis by saying I usually hate the inclusion of incest in anything that isn’t a Toni Morrison novel but The Borgias handled Lucrezia and Cesare’s situation with so much nuance and Holliday and Francois have outstanding chemistry that I got sucked in to that ship.

The progression of Cesare and Lucrezia is actually quite interesting because the underlying tension between the two of them is there from the pilot. The first time we’re introduced to their relationship, Lucrezia is spying on Cesare having sex:

and then he chases her around the courtyard but there is a balance between playful innocence:

and very potent sexual tension:

They spoke like lovers:

their gazes were always charged with this tension that clearly made the other feel something but I think that something remained unrealized between them:

and yet Cesare’s protectiveness of Lucrezia was very much a protection of her innocence:

He disagrees with the marriage to Giovanni Sforza and wordlessly warns him against consummating their marriage during the wedding ceremony because he doesn’t want Lucrezia to grow up too quickly, it’s a very brotherly concern.

Even when Juan has to kill Djem who Lucrezia was infatuated with

and Lucrezia is devastated, Cesare is devastated for her, there is no sense of jealousy, there is no sense of possessiveness, he’s just hurting because his sister who he loves dearly is hurting.

At the same time, as one of the aforementioned gifs suggest, there was always a sense of who would be a priority in their hearts, there was always this knowledge that no man or woman would ever be able to inspire in them such strong feelings even though at the time, Cesare had this dark infatuation with Ursula.

When I think things begin to turn for Cesare and Lucrezia is after Lucrezia has been repeatedly abused by Giovanni. Cesare is devastated by the loss of Lucrezia’s innocence (and previously stated he would cut out the heart of the man who dared hurt her)

But I think her loss of innocence:

(compared to pre-Sforza)

is what sort of catalyzes Cesare into starting to view Lucrezia as a woman to avenge and not a little sister to protect.

While with Cesare, well Lucrezia found a safe space with Paolo and she loved him dearly and she knew he loved her, but I don’t think she felt, like, wholly safe (which she says in season 3) or completely herself unless with Cesare no matter how much she loved Paolo. You see her relax with Cesare in a way she couldn’t even do with him:

Her entire body exhales. I think after the ordeal with Giovanni, she truly began recognizing that. So the end of season 1 is the beginning of realization for the both of them.

In season 2, Lucrezia has been hardened first by the rape and abuse she had to endure during her marriage to Giovanni and then by Paolo’s death at the hands of Juan.

In season 1 Cesare was concerned with preserving Lucrezia’s innocence but this season Cesare wanted to make Lucrezia happy and he wants to do so himself:

And the above moment between them is also a turning point for their relationship because Lucrezia asks Cesare if he can make her happy as they talk about Paolo, “Could he make you smile?” “Can you?” and he delivers her a moment of levity:

Which re-establishes this theme of Cesare and Lucrezia knowing each other’s hearts better than anyone, thy actually don’t spend much time together in season 2 but when they do, they’re knowing each other and seeing each other:

which is a mixture of ferocious vengeance, like when Cesare makes good on his promise to kill the man who harms her:

and then gives her the knife he killed him with:

as well as a mixture of peace and lightness and comfort, no longer playful innocence, but a breath of fresh air:

and the realization between them grows:

that by the end of the season, they joke about marrying one another

while Lucrezia’s betrothed, who she does care for, notices the tension when they dance:

And then season 3 happens and their relationship gets even more complex while at the same time simpler because the realization is, well, fully-realized, which I think is because of Alfonso. The way Lucrezia cares for Alfonso is almost piteous, like she finds him endearing, she finds him innocent, she finds him to be something to protect and cherish platonically while Cesare disdains Alfonso because he finds his love for Lucrezia weak, he isn’t fierce enough for her, he isn’t severe in his affection, which in a way creates a situation where Lucrezia has to ask this question again:

to which Cesare responds:

so they both know that only they can provide for each other what they need, they’ve experienced that repeatedly by this point:

and because they both aren’t running from that realization anymore, they’re getting bolder:

but of course there’s shame:

which only intensifies the knowledge that they both want something that they shouldn’t want and then they finally give in once Lucrezia discovers once again on her wedding night that she can’t get from Alfonso or from anyone else what she can get from Cesare:

But what I actually enjoy about The Borgias is that the torment between Cesare and Lucrezia doesn’t stop after they finally give in and have sex, it’s not like things get easier, in fact things get so much more difficult because there is such a profound embarrassment and shame that they both feel after what happened:

Lucrezia describes it as a cloud descended upon her and she can’t consummate with her actual husband after what happened:

But those feelings don’t disappear, they eat away at the both of them to the point that Lucrezia breaks down when Cesare tells her that Alfonso’s uncle wants to see them actually consummate their marriage and starts hitting him, saying she loves him:

they’re both tormented by this in a way that’s not just about familial protection, Lucrezia doesn’t want to sleep with her husband especially not in front of his uncle and Cesare doesn’t want her to and that’s why Lucrezia gets her revenge by saying that Cesare has to watch

And when he actually watches her and Alfonso consummate, that is one of the scenes that was hardest for me to watch because it was so layered and so uncomfortable in how layered it was because Cesare is experiencing both pleasure and self-disgust at the same time. Lucrezia and him stare at each other as she has sex with Alfonso, its in fact the only way Lucrezia can even experience pleasure and Cesare is clearly turned on but hes crying at the same time

which leads to more embarrassment and more shame and more running away

but the fact that they’re abstaining from something just further intensifies the attraction/chemistry/love that they make a point of not fully giving in to:

and then that spawns a resentment but also an acceptance that they cant run from but that they can’t do anything with:

Until, once again, Alfonso.

While Alfonso never actually sees them do anything, the tension between them literally drives him to drink and he’s maddened by it,

which essentially causes him to fall on Cesare’s sword. And it isn’t until a further step in Lucrezia’s loss of innocence in which she reveals to Cesare that she knows how to kill Alfonso to end his pain that Cesare stops running from her and embraces the depravity of their bond and Lucrezia accepts that embrace literally with Alfonso’s dead body next to them:

All in all, I find them a very fascinating dynamic. Hope this did what you wanted!

you know maybe i haven’t been exposed to enough gay relationships on tv, but i’ve never seen an episode of any show filled with as many nonchanlant yet passionate queer love scenes- wether it be kissing,talking intimately and flirtatiously, making love. the bold type exceeded all my expectations with tonight’s show. they really treated kadena like any other couple. hell, at times even better than jane and pinstripe. i love when representation is so subtle yet so potent. kat doesn’t care about labels while adena finds strength in them. and also the fact that these are woman of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds, it is representation that overcomes any cultural divisions. a completely intersectional experience.

based on current ratings, this show is in great danger of being cancelled. unless there is a significant elevation in viewers, so please if you have a login for the freeform app, or if you have cable, start watching. the show only gets better as we near the end of the season.

Superfluous (pt 1)

Prompt: Are you still taking angsty Virgil prompts? Can I suggest something you reblogged a while ago, where the others are all in a relationship and have always wanted Virge to join, but he’s bad with confrontation so they do it really subtly. Like, way too subtly because he doesn’t think that there’s anyway that they could want/love him, so when they’re being so sweet and lovely he’s just getting more and more heartbroken because he wants them so badly, but they don’t want him back. ~ @soiguessthisismyusername

Notes: I feel vaguely guilty writing this prompt because it’s been done a few times and beautifully so but IT’S SUCH A POTENT ANGSTFEST that I can’t resist? so here we go, just a lil’ thingy. I anticipate 2 parts. 

CW: Self-deprecation, sadness, low self-esteem, negative self-image

Pairing: Polyamsanders/LAMP (Romantic)

Inspiration: This takes some inspiration from @parsnipit ‘s Once Upon a Dream and @nerdy-emo-royal-dad‘s The List. Both fantastic fics, please go read them if you haven’t because you’re missing out!! 

The others are so sweet with each other. 

Watching them fall in love has been like watching a fairy tale unfold, and Virgil tries to tell himself he’s lucky to even get to witness it–lucky they let him see it happening, because honestly they would have been well within their rights to tell him to fuck off. It’s none of his business. 

But they don’t. Instead, they let him linger at the edges of their glow, trying his best to absorb the reflected warmth. It’s a little like trying to absorb the warmth from a fireplace on a cold winter night while you’re standing outside in the snow, but that’s okay, too, really, because he’s not built for warmth. He’s not meant for love or affection or kindness, and he’s definitely not meant for those sweet little kisses they share, or those long loving embraces. No one wants to gaze into his eyes or lace their fingers with his. Of course they don’t; he’s Anxiety. His eyes are bloodshot and shadowed with fatigue and his fingers are always cold. 

None of this is news to him, so he’s not sure why it hurts anew every day. It’s probably because he is the way he is. He’s never been a fast learner. His heart is stupid, and it doesn’t seem to understand how foolish a thing ‘hope’ really is. It clings on, building mountains out of molehills, creating elaborate fantasies where the smile someone gives him is actually meant for him and not just the leftover expression they’d been wearing for someone else a moment ago. Fantasies where they laugh at his joke because it’s funny, because they were listening, not just because they’re happy and in love and find it easy to laugh at anything. Fantasies where an accidental brush of someone’s hand against his own is not accidental at all, but a gentle, deliberate touch, meant just for him

He can’t stop his poor, foolish heart from hoping, but he doesn’t let it get to his head, because his heart may be a pathetic lovesick thing but his head is as rational as it ever was. 

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Analysis: Constructing a Potent Relationship

It’s not hard to notice One Piece success as a manga, especially if you live in Japan. This success can be attributed to several factors. One of them being the massive and highly creative world-building One Piece had, and how such a vast world is fit for near endless possibilities for fantastic adventures.

We could also mention how over-the-top the action/adventure can get. And how the story gradually escalates, greatly exceeding many readers/watchers expectations. Or the the obvious focus given to “Romance”

Confused? Don’t be. The series itself works with a less known concept of “Romance” related to dreams and adventure. Or to put it in other terms: the emotional appeal of adventure, idealism, heroism, and virtue. In fact, an insightful reader once perceived that One Piece works as an “adventure novel”, taking some of the best elements they have to offer. And Oda himself once stated he wanted his readers/watchers to get excitement from his work, something he pulls off by means of the crazy yet highly creative situations that arise throughout the story, along with the fun and/or drama they bring to the plot.

So naturally One Piece encompasses a wide variety of themes and subjects: comedy, tragedy, companionship, and even love in several of its forms. All of this strengthens the story and draws the attention and interest of readers/watchers.

Yet, another factor makes this manga so popular:

The Characters

Despite the fact One Piece is a plot-driven story, Oda had made a great effort to establish his characters with very solid backgrounds, motivations, and personalities. The sense of depth he adds to his character turns them into one of the elements that breathes life into the story.

Not everyone is capable of appreciating this since some people focus too much on how crazy and amazing the plot gets; along with the carefully put and well done action scenes (the manga often does this great; the anime has varying degrees of success in their attemps to capture what Oda conveys).

Nonetheless, the characters are one of the factors many readers/watchers greatly enjoy. And one thing that adds depth and substance to a character is how and why they form bonds with others, as well as the emotional narrative behind their actions. This makes them more relatable and helps readers/watchers to be more invested in their struggles.

In this regard, all the SHs share strong bonds. But we’re going to highlight one in particular, because of how much build-up and emotional development it got throughout the series, as well as the deep roots of this connection: Luffy/Nami.

Before elaborating on their bond, I must address one “obstacle” that prevent people from fully appreciating the amazing job Oda had done in this regard. This “obstacle” not only clouds the view on One Piece emotional development; at times it even encourages some people to seek and even expect a twisted version of what the story can actually offer, while making more reasonable fans and critics dread how this trend could negatively impact the story: “The General Shipping Mindset”.

This isn’t the first time such issue had been addressed. As it had been explained before, “shipping” proves to be poisonous to the way relationships and emotional bonding are to be written. But why does this happen?

While there are a few shippers who find enjoyment in the direction the story goes, many others promote ideas and delusions that could potentially ruin or at the very least damage its integrity and consistency.

This is something some people already heard or noticed. While there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about something you like, It can still be seen how shipping motivates many fans to push their corny/clichéd fantasies into the story in spite of them being incompatible with the author’s works.

They rely on poor “logic” contrary to what natural development as well as emotional chemistry really are, by blowing out of proportion insignificant showings or even gags that neither the series nor the author take seriously. Sometimes they overhype what they perceive as “sexual tension”, in spite of the story never elaborating on such exaggerated ideas. They even promote premises that depend on the characters going full OOC

A fine example of unrealistic shipping expectations

There are shippers who while being fully aware of this, still promote their delusions over anything that the manga has to offer, just because they’re aesthetically pleasing. Other shippers use the characters as self-inserts for their fantasies, some even go as far as selling the image of one or more characters whoring themselves to the highest possible number of “partners”. And there are those who only focus on characters’ personalities, while ignoring who they share with most meaningful moments and greater stress in their relationship.

Needless to say, there are many reasons why “shipping” is considered “toxic” by many non-shippers and regular fans

So, when we take the “general shipping mindset” away, when we discard what strays away from One Piece, we get to see a well-written and solid relationship. But just so people may clearly understand how this emotional connection had been developed and still holds the potential to grow stronger, we need to use something I posted before: The “Tiering System” for pairings:

When an author seeks to build a compelling well-written relationship he stablishes a “foundation” and later keeps building upon this very same “foundation” by means of meaningful moments, emotional build-up and development. Such premises must blend in both the story and the characters. By taking into consideration these factors we have…

* Crack impossible: Pairings that contradict other pairings with well-established canon material, and has zero context that can be most logically interpreted as romantic. And zero development and/or stress in their relationship

* Crack Possible: Pairings that do not contradict well-established canon material, but have none-the-less zero context between the characters that can be most accurately be defined as romantic and no meaningful moments

* Impotent Pairings: Pairings that do not have a high chance of developing into cannon, but nevertheless had some type of stress on their relationship at some point of the series. Romantic attraction can be a joke or comedic element of plot. This kind of pairings had become stagnant as the story (and possibly the author as well) doesn’t bother to develop them any futher. This kind of pairing is constantly overshadowed by the next category

* Potent Pairings: Pairings with a high chance of developing into canon, supported by multiple logical arguments, high degree of intimacy between characters, and significant/meaningful moments. This kind of pairing has constant development and stress on their relationship

* Canon Pairings: Exactly what says on the tin. While the pairing does not have to be dating, or married, or whatever, the existence of romantic love must be there.

For a Potent Pairing I’d like to add that a natural growth must be there. It’s a gradual yet consistent development. And as I tried to convey before, a likeable chemistry that must be based on a series of impactful moments

Some people might argue against this by claiming traditional “Romance” isn’t conveyed in One Piece. Well, to get that out of the way I’ll clarify a couple of points:

1) One Piece already conveyed traditional “Romance” without using clichés or corny stuff

2) The principles of this system can be applied to deep companionships; bonds potent enough to keep evolving within consistent writing

3) The person who created this system did it while having a male-oriented story in mind

Now onto the subject: there are several key lines I highlighted there to show how relationships based on gags or comic relief become less potent. That’s something that makes sense given that chemistry is built through significant moments and details along with constant development, not through mere jokes and gags. The next line I highlighted is the “stress in the relationship”. Even impotent pairings (and some cracks) had some sort of “stress” or “moments” at some point of the story. Their problem is: neither the story or the author keep building up said relationship. They remain “stagnant” in that regard

But this is where a potent pairing becomes different. Because it has constant stress and/or development in their relationship, by means of moments both large and impactful or small yet meaningful. This is something worth noting: both impotent pairing and potent pairings have moments. The difference would be the sheer amount of moments, the “stress on their relationship”, what does the story builds upon such major interactions, and how the following moments continue what prior showings started complementing them likes pieces of a puzzle

To illustrate this, we could use the metaphor of a building process

An architect could intent to build either a house or skyscraper, depending on his vision, resources, or many other factors

Before he starts building the structure, he must lay the foundation. He can lay shallow foundations for small projects or deep foundations for more complex projects

In this case the foundation would be the impactful moments that solidify the chemistry of the relationship and serves as a base for futher development

Laying the foundation isn’t just tracing a few lines in the soil; it actually means working the ground! So in a similar way, an author who’s writing a relationship starts this building process by setting bases for emotional chemistry

How do we do this? The fastest way is through “conflict”. Through opposite beliefs, opposite interests, and sometimes clashing personalities, we get the perfect scenario to build a likeable chemistry. Nami’s character had a very clear distate for pirates and didn’t trust people so much. Her viewpoint on life conflicted with Luffy’s idealism when it came to dreams, adventure, companionship and the meaning of being a pirate. Yet, Luffy actively sought to overcome all of this and reach out to her; by means of his actions and his convictions, Luffy managed to gradually kickstar a change on Nami…

Despite getting many reasons not to trust her, Luffy put a blind faith on her. He didn’t doubt her not even once (while he doubted Zoro during Whiskey Peaks and doubted Robin during W7). Here we have a progression that slowly lead us to a moment that catalyzes their developement. And this is where another aspect of “chemistry” comes into play: “emotional support”. When a character helps their partner to regulate their emotions; when the distressed partner is willing to open up and express their anxiety and/or helplessness while their partner provides with strength, hope, and/or comfort. It was something strong, personal and touching. The resolution of this “conflict” and/or “challenge” turned Luffy into Nami’s “emotional anchor”.

Notice this is far more powerful and meaningful that giving roses to a woman or praising her beauty, like many clichéd corny stories; instead we get Nami’s first major development as character: she realized she needed to rely on someone else; and once she hitted her lowest point, when she finally lost all hope, she relied emotionally on Luffy. After all his struggle, he finally earned Nami’s faith/trust in one of the most memorable and impactful moments of the series
But this is merely the “foundation” of the structure. And a potent bond doesn’t rely only on a foundation. A constant stress on that relationship is needed to deem it as a potent bond. What would the architech do?

Keep building his project upon these showings. This can be acomplished by continuing the same themes highlighted for their bonding through meaningful details…

I know this is the movie version but the scene played out just like it appears in the manga

…and more impactful moments

In this sense, following scenes, interactions and moments, are born from those prior showings, adding up to the base already set by that very first catalyst from AP. They become the materials used to construct the “building”. And the more material is provided and processed, the taller and stronger the structure gets. In such regard, this bond becomes a combination of several elements as well as meaningful details

How much material we got? Orange Town arc, Kuro Arc, AP, Drum Island, Skypiea, Water 7; where we got to see several nice details and a moment when Nami, while displaying her determination to save Robin, still pours her heart to Luffy to express her anguish and her distress and she tells him the truth behind Robin’s actions. A subtle display of the emotional chemistry between them

We also got that jewel known as Strong World (written by Oda himself)…

…where we got to see more of the same “conflict” that catalyzed their emotional bonding, as we see how strongly Luffy feels about Nami sees him, and how much he values her trust/faith. As well as several other showings scattered all over the following arcs, adding up to the construction:

What most of those moments and details (that followed major showings) have in common is that they were built up from the structure that was constructed upon the foundation laid at AP. This is what means “stress on a relationship”. When an author decides not just to establish a strong bond but he chooses to keep stressing that emotional connection throughout the story. And this is what impotent bonds as well as cracks lack; a long chain of meaningful moments (as well as nice details) building up to something greater:

A metaphorical skyscraper

This is what makes the Luffy/Nami relationship a beautiful skycraper. While most impotent bonds and cracks barely have some pieces of wood lying around an unworked ground; there’s not a solid well-developed structure there. Some having a shallow foundation but no structure built upon it. And there are even some ships that are merely blank territories while shippers could say to each other: “Couldn’t you imagine having a nice house here?”

However, none of the moments I highlighted or explained are anything explicitly “romantic” in the traditional sense of the word. But “romantic love” and a “deep companiship” share a base on the same principles of affection, mutual faith/trust, support, and so on. It’s not like we’re saying LuNa will be canon, but it’s the pairing with the highest chances to become endgame as it blends perfectly in the story without altering the characters and possesses an unmatched amount of stress on their emotional bonding

Does it make sense for Luffy and Nami to be so close to one another?

Given what Oda originally planned for Romance Dawn, indeed it does. I briefly mentioned this in other analysis but there’s a constant for Luffy’s story in all versions of the Romance Dawn:

A Nami-like Character

And as we already know thanks to some interviews and suplementary information, Nami was supposed to be the first one to join Luffy in the final version of “Romance Dawn”. Making her the person who would’ve bonded the most with Luffy. But her debut was postponed by Oda’s editor at that time; and yet the Luffy/Nami relationship gets the larger development and the greatest amount of significant moments

What makes this different from what other shippers promote?

Well, many shippers insist on this line of logic: “If the guy saves the girl, the girl should totally fall for him”. But that’s not how chemistry between characters works. For a likeable chemistry it should never be shown or implied that a character owes the other a relationship because of favors done. So merely saving someone is not enough to build a potent bond

Some even say that bickering is a sign of “sexual tension” and if there’s not enough bickering, there’s no potent relationship there. But mere bickering is not the kind of “conflict” that helps to build a good chemistry. Although Luffy and Nami do bicker several times:

Real chemistry between characters happens when they affect each other in big ways. Luffy being Nami’s “emotional anchor”, and how much he values Nami’s trust/faith as well as her perception of his strength and capabilities, are factors far more powerful than just bickering quite often

So after considering all of this, what should we expect? Will the architech finish the structure he’s been working on? Will he keep delivering great moments to nourish this relationship? Will he keep providing with meaningful details like the one from GOLD?

(Parallel between Tesoro & Stella [Lovers] and Luffy & Nami situation at the climax; this little bit was confirmed to be Oda’s idea)

Will we have what an insightful reader described as a “final decisive interaction”?

Only time will tell. For now, I’ll just end this with a simple conclusion: LuNa is that potent bond that’s nourished by the biggest amount of significant moments and meaningful details, while having room for further growth… and I wholeheartedly support it

Call it what you want is such a potent song title it’s like taylors saying “you have my permission to speculate and say whatever you want about my relationship but at the end of the day you’ve been in the dark this whole time while I’ll been living in the light and nothing you say or do is going to have an effect on me anymore” and honestly that’s so beautiful

Something important

  • Rivalry = Healthy Kismesissitude
  • Hatred = Very Unhealthy Kismesissitude

anonymous asked:

Out of all the love stories that are done well, that you like, which one is your fave (kdramas and american dramas included)? And also list them in order. Please and thank you!

It’s really interesting because I have a few of these lists floating around because the more I get exposed to television, the longer my list gets. What I’m going to do is, tell you my top two that haven’t changed and will most likely stay my top two, then I’m going to include the love stories that I’ve been recently exposed to but that have affected me deeply or made me gush and then my old reliables and I’ll try to do them all in order.

Top Two.

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin The Lonely and Great God

I’m sorry if it’s repetitive but it’s the sheer emotion in this love story. It’s one of those unshakeable, profound, cosmic, epic romances that really touch you and the chemistry is just sheer magic (part of it is because of the fantastic element and how that bleeds into the romance, for instance Kim Shin has the power to control the weather. If he’s sad it rains, if he’s happy — or drunk — cherry blossoms bloom and that directly relates to what happens or doesn’t happen to Eun Tak who is in a way cursed)

In The Vampire Diaries, the show always talks about how everything is heightened as a vampire, extreme highs and earth-shattering lows and that’s like the romance between these two characters, it’s highly dramatic without veering into melodrama and they can also be quite adorable.

The show and their story stayed with me for months, I’ve said it time and time again but I couldn’t hear any music from this show without crying because I was so emotional and I couldn’t shut up about it because it moved me that deeply and I’ve just never had such a strong emotional attachment to a couple before. Like with Stelena, I love them, I’ll cape for them, I’ll vid them, I think they’re a beautiful love story and I’m attached to them for sure but not in the same way as Kim Shin and Eun Tak where I was almost, like, devastated by how attached I got to that story. And I think another reason why I got attached to it so severely is because if it was a North American show, I think it would’ve been a disaster and the declarations they make to each other would’ve been severely codependent and toxic but it worked so beautifully and seamlessly here.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I had ships I was passionate about before Stelena but it was more like, I really liked seeing those two characters together. Stelena was the first ship where I think I was actually invested in their story and could fully articulate why

and saw chemistry and knew what it was right away.

It was a relationship that made complete sense and was still magical and passionate and transcendental at the same time and it was the first time I was really inducted into fandom where I’d be like, No, they’re actually a well-written beautiful love story. Fight Me.

Very Recent Ships

1. Yuri and Victor, Yuri on Ice

Barring sort of watching Inuyasha as an angsty teen, this is the first time I’m watching anime and my friends are all huge anime people so my facebook was going crazy about Yuri on Ice when it was on and I was still uninterested but I decided to watch it and the relationship between Yuri and Victor is so heartbreakingly intimate, like there is sexual tension and it’s very sensual and erotic without being pornographic but what’s really great about it is that the sensuality and the eroticism springs from the fact that this is a love story beyond platonic love, beyond romantic love, it’s just love? Like it’s actually pure, true love between two human beings who share a connection with each other and it isn’t innocent it’s just uncorrupted but also surprisingly seductive. Like I didn’t anticipate to get excited and for my heart to race seeing their story unfold.  

It was a very happy surprise.

2. Dong-Man and Ae-ra, Fight For My Way

Literally started this drama yesterday and caught up to all of the episodes today, very sad there are only 4 episodes left. This is actually probably my favourite friendship to romance relationship because it’s super realistic in really funny

and vulnerable ways.

But I also really love these two characters paired together because they’re both extremely independent people who rely on each other, this couple manages to strike a balance I rarely see on North American television where they’re fiercely, ferociously protective of each other

without being codependent. And I just really like how Dong-Man encourages Ae-ra to be emotional, to be vulnerable, how e tells her it’s not cool to pretend to be OK when she’s sad, how being strong is being in touch with how you feel and how Ae-ra pushes Dong-Man to have confidence, to be strong and determined and it’s not a big deal. The reciprocity is on point. Plus their chemistry is insane.

3. Eun Chan and Han Kyul, Coffee Prince

This love story was hard for me to watch because it was a romance that tore each of them up since Eun Chan was lying about being a boy and falling for Han Kyul and Han Kyul thought he was falling for a boy so went through a lot of psychological and emotional turmoil and it goes on for a very long time but their chemistry was really great and the sense of push-pull was done extremely well, the angst, the struggle, the way they show how much they like each other, like it just hit all of the notes though really good acting so it’s a story that stuck with me.

4. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

It still hurts me that the show got cancelled but Noah and Rosalee’s relationship really stuck with me partly because of the insane chemistry, I had a post on them talking about gazes and you all know how much I love gazes and for gazes to work you need potent chemistry which they have

Also partly because there’s a delicateness and gentleness and just pure affection in their romance in a world and environment that is so harsh and so brutal and so unjust and so violent towards them for being black in America and partly because it’s symbolic.

5. Nick and June, The Handmaid’s Tale

That chemistry, that pure things unsaid, intense, heart pounding, quiet yet potent chemistry.

Old Reliables

1. Basically every ship on Spartacus unless it includes Gannicus because fuck Gannicus

2. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

3. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

(TVD couldn’t even begin to understand this kind of development post-Stelena)

4. Oz and Willow/Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

5. Michael and Jane, Jane The Virgin

6. Matt and Julie/Jess and Vince on Friday Night Lights

7. Pam and Jim, The Office

8. Scott and Kira/Stiles and Malia, Teen Wolf

9. Brooke and Lucas, One Tree Hill

10. Jake and Olivia, Scandal

Ugh, Jackie and Hyde got erased

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Number 6 Lup teasing Taako about Kravitz? :)

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!” 

“So,” Lup starts, falling onto the couch dramatically as she spreads herself over her brother’s lap. “Let’s talk about this whole… grim reaper beau thing.”

All Taako does is lift his book up and out of his lap to make room for his twin now resting her head on his lap. He continues reading over her face. “You’ve got one, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but we’re not like, real grim reapers yet! You’ve got the real deal, a guy who’s been in the business for a long time!” The book in his hands is knocked away and onto the floor, though it’s obvious Taako wasn’t paying much attention to the words as he just grins down at his sister. “C’mon, I told you everything about me and Barry, I wanna hear about my bro’s love life! We thought you were impotent for a century.”

He scoffs. “I’m perfectly potent, and so is he.”


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The Bad Trip - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: In case you can’t tell by the word count, I got really into this imagine and was really anticipating it and I am really proud of this writing. That said, while I want people to read it, I do not want anyone that could be triggered by reading about drugs, suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness to read about this. Take care of yourselves and if you do choose to read it, I hope you love it! (Also, a quick PS, I ended this so that if people want a part 2, I can definitely write one)  

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Suicide mention, death mention, drugs mention, hallucination mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

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I have never doubted that Link and Zelda had a romantic relationship, no matter the iteration.  I will confess that I have not played all of the games, but even if the relationship is merely a courtly one, the dynamic followed a very traditional narrative.  I liked the idea of their little romance, but I did not get too worked up about it.  

Breath of the Wild has made me LOVE Zelda and Link’s romance because it takes those traditional tropes and makes it a full blown hieros gamos situation with the apocalypse of Hyrule as a back drop.  Link is the literally resurrected wild man of the wood, a potent fertility figure,  running through game, making all the women thirsty for his master sword on his way to rescue the incarnation of the goddess so that “hand in hand [they can] bring light back to this land.”   So many of his side quests deal with matchmaking, love, and even growing things.  He is the fisher king, the green man, King Arthur and all those kinds of figures rolled up into one cute little hero who likes to eat a lot.  I love it.

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What are your favorite love triangles, and what about them makes it enjoyable to watch?

In the beginning, I enjoyed Michael/Jane/Rafael because they did my # 2 well.

Jane’s relationship to Michael and Jane’s relationship to Rafael were very different.

Jane and Michael:

Jane and Rafael:

Jane and Rafael were very much more chemistry-based, the charged gazes and electric touches whereas Jane and Michael were more about emotional intimacy and complementing personalities, like he just gets Jane.

but even though I was very much Team Michael and thought that Rafael and Jane were fundamentally incompatible, I couldn’t hate Rafael or deny that the chemistry between him and Jane was potent and that he and Jane did had moments of genuine connection and intimacy:

and that made it difficult for me as a Team Michael viewer but it also made me appreciate Michael’s relationship with Jane more because it was that much more solid and real to stand up against Jafael


And I enjoyed the triangle not because I was torn about who I wanted Joey to end up with because it was always Pacey for me but because like I said in my “Triangle” post the fallout from that Triangle was done especially well and the angst of that Triangle was done especially well as were the dynamics.

Pacey and Dawson were best friends

Joey and Dawson were soulmates

and Joey and Pacey were in love

and it drove them all crazy:

and even though Joey chooses her friendship with Dawson over Pacey, Dawson tells her to choose Pacey and she does but his relationship with Pacey is ruined, which is real, and it takes a long time for them to get back to a semblance of normal again and I enjoy that it was as much Dawson and Pacey’s story as it was Pacey’s and Joey’s or Joey’s and Dawson’s:

And this where TVD fails. There are absolutely no consequences in the Triangle, there isn’t any real angst, I don’t get the impression that anyone is really struggling, Damon is entirely unapologetic, and for Elena, it was Always Stefan until Julie literally created a sire bond to make her act out of character. Elena and Damon didn’t even have the buildup that Pacey and Joey did for their feelings to make sense, like the comparison the show and the fandom makes to the DC triangle bothers me because the DC triangle had layers and nuanced dynamics.

OK this one is a little different because I now hate everything about Gilmore Girls and find everyone on that show insufferable but the Dean/Rory/Jess triangle was done well because I think it makes sense. Lorelai’s line, “I think Rory is 17 and it’s probably about time for a Jess” rings true because Dean was the perfect first boyfriend

He was sweet and he was kind and he did things for Rory even though he didn’t want to, he built a relationship with Lorelai, he was just a good boyfriend, which is why Rory feels the need to climb a tree and tell him that he did absolutely nothing wrong but you see Rory get restless in that relationship, you see the fact that they have nothing in common start to weigh on their relationship and Jess and Rory do complement each other in terms of interests, which leads to them challenging one another intellectually

and they had good chemistry

So I think it makes sense that Rory wouldn’t know how to let go of Dean but be interested in Jess and that Triangle didn’t last too long. I also appreciated that Dean actually just has enough and breaks up with her because Rory was treating him like shit. I also appreciate that in the Revival she explains that a part of her wishes they met when she was older and could appreciate Dean more but that’s a different post.

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"Nothing you say will ever, ever make me forgive you for this..." Harvey insults Donna during a very heated argument. lol I love pain.

She’s never seen him look so angry. He’s livid, his back arched, and his face stony, his jaw solid and his eyes firing on all cylinders. 

It seems fitting, that all that anger be directed at right at her

Judging by this week alone, she’s going to hell in a hand basket, anyway…

You told her?” He accuses, his voice wobbling with the pressure. “You told my girlfriend that we kissed?” He fires at her, his words clarifying.

No.” She clarifies. “Paula came to me, and asked me point blank if I kissed you. I told her that I did. But I did not go to her.” She corrects, swiping a finger at the fact.

“It doesn’t matter who went to who, Donna.” He warns. “Her last boyfriend cheated on her. Do you get that?” He shouts at her. “And now you’ve put me in the position of not only being a cheater in her eyes, but hurting her in the process, when she hasn’t done a damn thing wrong !” He fires at her. “All you thought about was yourself, but it wasn’t just about you. And nothing you say will ever, ever make me forgive you for that.”

“Firstly, let’s not forget that you…kissed me back. Okay? It’s not just about me anymore. And you know what, Harvey…I don’t give a shit if her last ten boyfriends cheated on her.” She remarks boldly. “And as for her doing ‘nothing’….I’ll tell you something, I went to her over a year ago…”

Excuse me?” He double takes, his eyes flashing.

“I went to her, looking for you, when Jessica was under the gun. Before Mike was arrested. And I talked to her. She knew about us. And I sat there, in her office and told her…that you didn’t know what you were missing. And we both knew that I meant me,”

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Here is where my Saturday Crafting has ended up!

Love Salve and Potion 😍❤️

Note: I am not a fan of trying to convince someone to love you using magick so this is not meant to create feelings, only empower them! However, I will not judge you in what you do in your craft and how you decide to modify it!

You will need:
Any herbs or oils you associate with love. I used rose petals(pink and yellow, the pink to help with love and the yellow to make the relationship happy), lilac, salt, sugar, vanilla, B-12 (a natural energy booster much like coffee), cinnamon, orange and lemon.
Some water
A solidifying oil that you would be ok with using on your skin (coconut is usually best)
And containers to put things in

I put the herbs all in the pot with some water (all except cinnamon, vanilla, and the citrus) and put them on low heat for many hours. In the last 15 minutes, I added the rest of the herbs and the zest and juice of the citrus because I wanted those scents to be very potent. I took the potion off of the heat at 2 o'clock (because 2 is a pair and I’m weird like that) and started melting the solid oil.

I made a sigil using the phrase “I will find true love.” Dipped it in the potion and stuffed it at the bottom of the chapstick container. Add the tiniest bit of the potion to the oil, as these will not mix and too much will create and awful separation, and pour the oil into the chapstick container. Take this straight to the refrigerator so it can solidify quickly! Use this on your pressure points and on your lips if you’d like!

The rest of the potion is what is in the other bottle. Mine ended up looking a pretty blood red color and smells amazing so I will be taking this with me all over for a boost of love, confidence, and energy!

My only regret with this is not starting with oil so that the separation wouldn’t happen. If you do this, please start with oil so it is a much more pleasurable experience! I hope some of you do this and put your own twists on it!!

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D&D killed SanSan the moment they casted RMC. I find it hard to believe that he's the same age as Aiden. The neckbeard is a total cringe. Sandor is not meant to be handsome, but show Sandor was a) disproportionately aged up and b) despite his impressive size, he's in a horrible shape. D&D know that the majority of their viewers are shallow as hell. If SanSan was a thing that was meant to happen, they'd have never casted Rory. Just compare this to show Dany and Drogo.

I’ve given up on the show.  After Sansa’s rape, I was done.  I did have some hope in the first two seasons before I read the novels.  I didn’t quite get what Sansa and the Hound had going on, but there was the tender protection he offered her.  It did not play like a grand romance, but “there was something there.”  After I read the novels, I was put off completely by the show version of the Hound.

No offense to Rory, but he’s no Sandor.  He may have understood that there is a gentle and tender side to the angry man, but I don’t think he brought any great depth to the portrayal of Sandor Clegane.  He plays the Hound angry, but it’s a petty, hateful, world-weary kind of hatefulness.  In the novels, the Hound boiled with true rage, a fury that had not burned itself out. Also, he is very old for Sophie’s Sansa.  Even with her now being a boss badass after all the rape and murder (barf), he looks ANCIENT in the new promo pic.  I’m in my 40s and man, he looks too old for me!  

There are some who like the lumberjack look.  That’s fine and all, but that is not Sandor Clegane to me. I do think you may be right that D&D never had any intention of making Sansa and Sandor have a relationship anything like their book counterparts.  Didn’t Jason Momoa try out for the Hound?  He would have been so much better than Rory for the part. 

Book Sandor is badly scarred, but he simmers with rage and testosterone and very potent masculinity.  He turns Sansa on.  That’s a fact.  In the show? Sandor was nice to Sansa once or twice.  The Blackwater scene came closest to having tension, but it pales in comparison to everything it could have been.

Also, he’s gross.  Shave the freaking beard, man, or at least the neck.  Brush the teeth.  Stop saying “fuck” and “cunt” all the time.  Ugh.

Here Is The Thing About Bonkai

I respect the fact that there are antis to this ship but the antis that I’ve been coming across don’t seem to be able to wrap their heads around what the BK dynamic is. They were essentially at war with one another, which means that they were opponents and they were opponents on the same level.

Caroline was Damon’s victim because he had power over her. When they first meet, he preys on her insecurity and loneliness, feeds on her when they sleep together for the first time, then doesn’t allow her to leave the room the next morning. He compels her to be silent, to be compliant, to do whatever he tells her to do while also emotionally abusing her and raping her and when he’s finished with her he tries to kill her:

Stefan was Klaus’ victim because Klaus had power over Stefan. He used Damon’s cure as leverage so that Stefan would essentially enter indentured servitude to Klaus and then he compelled away Stefan’s free will:

But Bonnie and Kai were adversaries, which is an entirely different beast. Kai originally wants to work with Bonnie on getting out of the Prison World:

but once Bonnie realizes who Kai is, she makes it clear that she isn’t going to let him out:

so Kai responds by siphoning her magic:

and explains that siphoning it all will just kill her.

During the escape plan Bonnie finds out what Kai knows and after getting what she needs, she kills him:

When Kai is resurrected he shoots with her with a crossbow:

Bonnie responds by sending Damon away:

And so on and so forth.

This is what opponents do. They thwart one another’s attempts at getting what they want in the effort/goal of winning. The fact that Kai stabs Bonnie and leaves her in the Prison World is undeniably shitty, no one is saying that it isn’t but what I’m saying is that that occurrence didn’t just happen in a vacuum. Bonnie sent away her magic so Kai would never get out because hello, opponents, and so Kai played his final card, which was stabbing Bonnie and leaving her in the Prison World instead because HELLO, opponents. It’s war, they were at war with each other, using force:

and manipulation:

which is also why I don’t mind at all and in fact enjoyed it when Bonnie brings Kai back to 1903, stabs him and leaves him for dead because she won that round. It’s not about seeing things through Kai’s perspective, it’s about looking at what that relationship was and it was one between two adversaries, it’s why BKers like this ship because we thought their chess game was entertaining to watch and there was unexpected but incredibly potent chemistry between Chris and Kat and it could’ve been a relationship interesting to Bonnie’s development as a character. It’s really quite simple.

*none of these gifs are mine*

Detailed SNK Ship Analysis: Aruani (ArminxAnnie)

This is the first part in a series of very detailed SNK ship analysis. In this, I will explore the ArminxAnnie (Aruani) pairing, the canon moments between them, how they feel about each other and present evidence to support all these points I make. Essentially, this will be an in-depth look at various facets to Aruani because, believe it or not, this is a very strong ship with a lot of previous interaction and future potentiality, depending on how upcoming events in the manga play out.

I know it is a common theory that Annie is dead in the crystal, but the fact is, we have no reason to think that is the truth. Ymir survived for eighty years in her Titan without food and air. For all we know, Annie is in a coma that shuts off her needs to breathe and eat. So, the fact she may be dead doesn’t reduce that ship’s potential in my eyes, because we don’t know if she’s dead or not. Now, Aruani is nowhere near “officially” canon and may not have have the greatest outlook for the future, but the potential is definitely there, and it can’t be ignored.

Also, just a note: I am disregarding the second OVA in this analysis. It was entirely filler, and none of it was canon. Annie and Armin had some cute moments, but I can’t consider them for this post.

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Hello! I just found your blog and I love it! I like your stories and I'm looking forward to other scenarios and especially to your posts regarding astrology and btob :) Aaand I wanted to ask if you have a Bias in btob? :D And if you need topics for your posts regarding astrology.. you could make a Post about what they venus/mars signs tell about they ideal type/how they are in a relationship or even how they are in bed *cough* 🙈 a post about they potentional risings would be interesting (1/2)

BTOB as Romantic and Sexual Partners (based on their Venus/Mars sign)

EUNKWANG – Sagittarius Venus Gemini Mars
• Both his Venus and Mars is in fire
• So that means Eunkwang can be a very sweet partner
• As in so sweet he’ll treat you like a princess
• Also applies in bed
• He’ll be very passionate in making love with you
• He can be very vocal about his feelings too
• Like saying how much he finds your eyes so beautiful
• And also being verbal about how much he loves your body
• As a romantic partner he will be crazy hyped up about you
• Treasuring you so much and saying how much you mean to him
• Probably likes cute sex toys
• Or a nice lacy lingerie
• Honestly he’ll just be so head over heels for you
• And he won’t fail to show that through his affection towards you
• Basically always so clingy

MINHYUK – Sagittarius Venus Gemini Mars
• Like Eunkwang, both his signs are fire signs
• Be prepared for a sensual and sexual Minhyuk
• Honestly he’ll just be so obsessed with you
• And I mean the whole of you
• The way you laugh, the way you touch him, the way you wear his shirts during sleepovers
• He’ll be so attracted to all of those
• Probably likes role playing
• It gets him inspired and aroused whenever you both spice things up like that
Daddy kink probably
• Will take you on romantic candlelight dinners
• Then fuck you in the car on the way home home
• Also a heavy amount of dirty talking
• He will honestly keep you satisfied both emotionally and sexually without even trying so hard
• Just because he’s so fired up about loving you so much

CHANGSUB – Aries Venus Gemini Mars
• Highly spontaneous
• Expect random kisses and back hugs and I love you’s
• And surprise dates too
• Or aimless late night drives
• Well, random sex too (e.g. malls, parking lots, etc)
• Honestly he’ll be such an experimental partner
• Very flirty too
• “Meet me at the fire exit ;)” texts
• He will use to his full advantage his silliness or quirkiness to turn you on
• Like tickling you until you surrender yourself and he ends up on top of you pinning you down
• He is literally the perfect definition of a Fire Venus and Air Mars
• Lots of love and lots of fun light-hearted sex
• I don’t know if this will make sense but like his presence alone is oozing with a very charming and sexy energy
• Also having a Fire Venus can also mean he is great at cuddling after sex
• Meaningful pillow talks

HYUNSIK – Aquarius Venus Aquarius Mars
• His signs are both in air
• So Hyunsik can be a chill-tempered partner
• Relax, genuine, and natural
• Perfect description of how he could be as a partner both romantically and sexually
• But since he is a Pisces sun, he’d probably spice things up with a little creativity
• AKA phone sex
• Wherein both of you say your fantasies about each other
• Allowing both of you to express yourselves
• Also because his Venus/Mars say that he consider communication as a solid ingredient in your relationship
“Tell me how much you want me” “Beg for it” “Moan out my name”
• Expects you to tell him how much you love the way he makes you feel
• And if he’s touching you in the right places
• Breathy moans and groans
• Overall a very warm and low-maintenance relationship

PENIEL – Aries Venus Cancer Mars
• Fiery romance but sexual desires are quite unpredictable
• He’s surely the most difficult to read
• Him as a romantic partner will be the complete opposite of him as a sexual partner
• But if the mood is right he’ll hint you by being a little touchy here and there
• Lots of hand-holding and kissing
• Ear nibbling and whispering too, if you’re extra lucky
• He can be very shy in bed so he’d probably be okay with you taking the lead
• Assuming girl on top with lots of neck kissing maybe?
• Or in a very dark room
• Since he can be very shy, he’ll probably make up for it with oral
• But other than that, will be the best boyfriend for sure
• Can be quite sentimental and affectionate
• So I guess a chick-flick movie over a tub of ice cream is the ideal date
• Plus cuddling on the couch with a blanket

ILHOON – Scorpio Venus Cancer Mars
• Can be cautious at first
• Like refusing to open up completely and all
• But once his shell is broke open
• He goes all out
• Literally doing everything to please and satisfy you
• He wants to make sure that you’re enjoying it as much as he does
• He won’t be as vocal as a lover like Hyunsik
• But he has his own way of showing love like being a great listener and becoming adaptive when you’re not in the mood
• Also being adaptive when you’re IN the mood
• As in sex with him is probably the most intimate
• Missionary with tight hand-holding and a solid eye contact for sure
• And lots of sweet talking too
• Also appreciates if you to compliment him if he’s doing you good so he feels more confident and secure
• Very loyal and faithful

SUNGJAE - Aries Venus Leo Mars
• Sungjae can be pretty interesting as a romantic and sexual partner
• Since he can be innocent and outspoken
• He will be so frank and straightforward about what he wants
• Needy but nonetheless, charming
• Wants you to have your arms around him all the time
• Also he’ll be into it if you act innocent and submissive to him
• Literally letting him tie you up and let him do things to you
• Toys and food as foreplay
• Honestly he would get creative with foreplays
• Maybe even requesting you to do a strip tease for him
• Torrid kissing
• Very enthusiastic and lively in bed
• Probably jokes around even in the middle of sex too
• But it’s just his way of lighting up the mood and making you feel at ease

Wynonna Earp 2x07 Thoughts and Faves

There seems to be something special about a Wynonna Earp episode seven. Much like 1x07, this episode feels like a point in the season where everything starts to gel together and hurdle forward at a rapidly increasing pace.  Also, Wynhaught goodness was the cornerstone of this episode, much like last year.  Version 2.0 was awesome, to say the least. Shall we dig in?

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