but i like their home

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I know in your Dream Team you put Nyma as Red, Allura as Black, Shay as Yellow, and I forgot the other two. So is the dream team still your Dream Team. Also have you tried considering Green Paladin Matt?

Green is now Narti and so DW can eat my shorts

grainy photographs. icy-cold lakes. dares. jumping from the highest rock you can into the cold water. laughing until you can’t breath. going fishing but only coming up with weeds on your hook. trekking barefoot with your friends. polaroids. old journals. staying up far too late. white binders with ‘club information’ for that secret society you created over the summer with your friends. iron-on patches. smiling wide for pictures. sunsets. smoke spiraling up from a campfire. forests. pine trees.

adventure. home. belonging.

Among the many things I like about Shouto one of them is the fact that he just kinda… rattles off his life story to Izuku like he deserves some sort of explanation for why he’s such a salty boy and honestly??? 

That gives me life.


feel & exhale


“doggos with backpacks to carry more doggos”

based on this post which immediately reminded me of makkachin and vicchan :’) a lovely family <3 guys i actually think im going to make a doggo sticker sheet

more doggos


Campfire Kiss or Makeout

short & sweet ♡

taako and lup play switcheroo with each other because lup wants to make sure kravitz is a trustworthy boyfriend for her brother and she is also veeeery persuasive but like it doesn’t in any universe work because barry knows immediately it’s taako and is like “hey taako where’s lup” and he’s like “oh uh she’s making sure my man isn’t a total dickweed” and he’s like “sure sure wanna play cards?” meanwhile kravitz catches on really quickly but plays along and takes her on a really nice date and is a total gentleman the whole time then at the end of the night he’s like “well it was nice to get to know you, lup, shall i take you home?” and she’s like HECK I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS BAMBOOZLED and she’s like “um no ill catch a cab and get home on my own” and he opens a portal and she’s like “oh shit, psyche, take me home big boy” and as kravitz fetches his actual datemate she’s just in the background with barry pointing at her own eyes and then at him in a threatening way but tbh the way kravitz sweeps taako off his feet when he sees him and is like not even a little upset about the little ploy for sure warms her up to him


make way for three strong dudes and their small nerd friend whom i love very much even tho they nearly die at the sight of speedy mages