but i like the girl trainer



I just love this movie, and considering I’ve Pokemon’d a bunch of stuff before, I figured why not give Moana the same treatment? (And it kinda gives those Sun and Moon vibes y’know?)

A different approach.

I worked my girl on my own for a bit the other day. The paddocks have been icy so she hadn’t been running and playing much, so she was full of vinegar and excited to be on the good footing of the indoor arena! She bounced, bucked, and hopped her away around the first few circles - never really hauling on me, just… frolicking at the end of the rope =) Then she settled, head low, into a long stretching trot.

The trainer barged into the arena and came down on me. “I just saw that horse rear like three times!!! And you didn’t spin her, smack her, correct her in any way! I try to help you but you just don’t trust my methods. You’re going to go off on your own and keep coddling this horse and get yourself into a mess!”

And on, and on. Then the sentence that summed up our difference in training style:

“You just stand there WAITING for her to calm down. You have to MAKE her be calm!”

Forced calmness? Through snapping a chain on her nose, smacking her with a rope, hitting her in the face? Doesn’t sound calm at all… defeated maybe. Shut down. Broken. Her profession is to break horses. I want to train mine. I want to negotiate, not dominate. I would chose a horse that might rear up on me or throw a little buck now and then over a horse that’s had the personality beat out of it any day. Such a horse might simply do as it’s told as nothing it isn’t told, but if I play my cards right I think my horse will offer me more.

i feel so bad because Lillie’s all like “Take nebby on all sorts of adventures! Red will take care of you and train you and you’ll meet and battle a bunch of trainers!” and i’m like… lillie… girl…. i shoved them in a box.. i’m sorry but they just don’t fit my team comp

I need feminism because…

I need feminism because

•I should never want to kill myself based solely on the fact I have a vagina

•My uncle works at a summer camp that won’t even let boys and girls swim in the pool at the same time

•At that same camp, they have a leadership program where they teach boys to preach and be church leaders and girls to lead women’s bible study, because the Church of Christ believes women must be submissive to men

•I should be able to say I want a plain button down t-shirt without my parents wanting me to “just be a girl”

•My guy friend shouldn’t ever be ashamed of liking Meghan Trainer’s music

•I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of my gender

•If some guy is making fun of me and I try to stand up for myself, I should never be laughed at for “trying to be strong”

•“Girls/Ladies don’t do that.”

•“You have to wear a dress!”

•I should have never been pressured into wearing makeup by my parents

•My breasts should never make me “more of a woman”

•When I was eight and a guy was bullying me, I shouldn’t have been told “he probably just had a crush on you”

•No one should ever accept the fact they have a pretty decent chance of being raped


•If I tell my mom that I don’t feel pretty, she should never recommend me putting on makeup

•I should never be laughed at for competing in a “boy’s game”

•If I want to play football, my parents should support that instead of saying “But you’re a girl”

•I should never be told that my “masculine” traits are wrong or that I shouldn’t have them

•Male victims are important

•If I want to join the military when I’m older, I should have to hear people try to talk me out of it by using my gender

•Military rape HAS TO STOP

•Prison rape HAS TO STOP

•All rape HAS TO STOP (don’t care if I’ve already said it)

•I’m not “one of the guys”, I’m just your friend who you respect as much as you respect your dude friends

•Not all guys like cars, sports, athletes, meat, beer, and sex. And not all girls like makeup, feminine clothes, and baking

•Just… gender norms overall, really

•I like that Episode app and I should never be made fun of for that and I should never be ashamed of that and it should never be regarded as something so overwhelmingly feminine that it’s shameful.

•Female celebs shouldn’t have to worry about what the news will say about their clothing. She’s wearing a shirt skirt… OH NO! Soooo scandalous—we’re all going to die!

•Men are allowed to feel uncomfortable with unwanted sexual attention. You don’t all have to be dogs in heat grinding against lampposts. So, if some girl starts commenting on your Instagram posts about how she wants to do anything sexual to it and you don’t like it, you don’t have to just shake it off. Report her. It’s cool.

•Men can have long hair. Actually, I think it’s hot.

•No girl should ever be called a slut. NEVER. Even if she’s wearing a micro bikini to a high-class event.


To be continued…

Daily Sketch 76: I’ve had a little break in commissions so I took the chance to get around to finishing Pokemon Moon, which I had been dawdling on a little bit. Turns out that game is pretty good, who knew? I actually think this is my favourite Pokemon since Silver, aside from limiting exploration I really like all the changes they made to the formula those games have. Anyway this is what my trainer was decked out in for most of the game. Like every character in Pokemon she’s pretty cute.

concealing method I'm going to try out tomorrow??

I always feel nervous as fuck stuffing shit in my bag and mine is semi structured but I can never lift big stuff with it because it shows, and that’s the first place LP would look,

so like most girls in like 2014 I bought into the whole waist trainer gimmick and bought a really cheap one off amazon. I recently found it in my closet and it still fits. so what I’m thinking is that I’ll wrap a small amount of clothes around my body and put the waist trainer over it to compress it?? if that makes sense. that way it just looks normal and non bulky under my clothes. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. stay safe everyone!

[Picture of Omelette (Togetic) and I talking to a woman en route to Route 35.]

“I’ve been tinkering with machines ever since I was a little girl. My mother and her friends always tried to keep me away from ‘boy stuff’, but I couldn’t be bothered to listen. Even as a kid, I knew it was silly for people to choose what other people liked. My friends used to be the same way, but then the nonsense got to them. By the time I was in high school, I was the only ‘tomboy’ in our circle of friends.

“My mother had probably hoped that once I went to college, I’d ‘come to my senses’ or something like that, but that just made me more determined to get that engineering degree. It wasn’t easy being one of the few girls in the program, but the guys were nice and the professors helpful, so I got my degree in no time. Today, I work for Silph Co., designing the newest and best devices to help mankind!

All because I did what I wanted.”

2017 (a motivational post)

So here it is. Seventeen habits and goals for this new year, things to live by for the next 12 months. We’ll see how it goes.

1. Eat Healthier. I mean, you’ve been working on your distasteful eating habits for years, girl, and it gets better ! So keep up and do your best.

2. Run. Run more, run faster, run longer and further. You like it (well, most of the time) and it helps you to deal with your unmanageables stress levels. Put on these trainers and go running. 

3. Do what you like. You’re going to graduate this year, and you’re still not the down-to-earth, responsible, and pretty dull adult everyone told you you’d become eventually. Maybe you’re just like that. So don’t try to be someone else, stop pretending you actually consider working in a big company and sit behind a computer all day so that you can afford a nice flat and expensive shoes. You don’t even care about decoration and shoes. So be brave, and go for what you are actually passionate about.

4. Learn how to play guitar. Come on, you own two of them and you’re not even able to properly play Wonderwall. So get off your ass, stop fantasizing about being a rockstar and teach yourself a song of two. 

5. Learn a new language. And don’t expect to be bilingual by June. Be consistent and maybe one day you’ll be able to have a conversation with someone in Italian or in Russian. 

6. Knit the Doctor Who scarf. Yeah. It’ll take a while so you might as well start now. 

7. Move abroad. This is the first year of your independent life so DO IT. Don’t be scared. Be the adventurous person you want to be !

8. Be organized. Get yourself a new bullet journal and have som discipline. You’ll be less stressed out all the time, you know it. Consider opening a studyblr, whatever works. You’ve been getting better at this in 2016 so you know you can do this.

9. Chill out. Set your priorities and stick to it, and stop worrying about useless shit. It’s ridiculous. 

10. Travel more. You love it, it makes the best memories, and it makes you spend quality time with your family and friends so explore the world, go on adventures and take lots of pictures !

11. Write. Write articles for the magazines, write articles on your blog, write here on tumblr, write in french and in english, write about the things you love, about music, art, write about your life. Try a bit of journaling everyday, maybe a bit of fiction ? Use that bullet journal of yours that always end up being half empty at the end of the year. 

12. Take care of yourself. Pretty self-explanatory but yeah : pay more attention to your well-being, your feelings are important too so maybe take some time to reflect on your life. Pay attention to your appearance, wear the clothes you want to wear, clean your room, spend some time alone, go for a walk… 

13. Document your life. So this is linked to 10. and 11. but yeah : take pictures, keep movie tickets, write a journal, write a blog, leave a trace. You’ve been wanting to make a travel journal for years so maybe this year is the time to start.

14. Draw. Try to improve your skills, maybe put your art on here ? Or draw in that badass journal / travel diary you’re supposed to start ? Learn to draw buildings, take lessons if you find the money.

15. Tell stories. So maybe this one is the most important of them all : tell stories to the world. Keep on taking notes for that book you want to write. Document your life, your travels. Make videos. Get better at photography. Instead of talking endlessly about stupid things to your friends, focus on telling good stories to the whole world. It can and it will work, I’m sure. 

16. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to create things that are different, that make people look at you like you’re some kind of weirdo. You are some kind of weirdo, darling. 

17. Try new things, meet new people. Don’t be afraid of what people think (you’re too old for that shit anyways), be fearless in what you do, and go out in the world (or on the internet) to meet people who are different or similar to you, interesting humans with interesting stories to tell and a world of their own living inside them. 

You have one year, future me. I’m watching you. 

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I'm a crew trainer at a fast food place and I feel so bad for this high school girl that just started. I left this shift and left her in the hands of a newly made manager who acts like an ass. If he does anything to hurt her, his ass is fired.


pokeshipping in every episode: Mewtwo Strikes Back original trailer

While early movie trailers often feature scenes that don’t get used in the actual movies, this Japanese trailer for “Mewtwo Strikes Back”/”Myutsuu no Gyakushuu” is exceptionally mysterious. In addition to some scenes that, while not present in the movie itself, still look like they could belong in the anime we know, it features this weird sequence that shows what looks to be an older Misty, along with Miranda (the pier master lady who tries to discourage the trainers from leaving for New Island in the movie), (a) Pikachu, and a pink-haired little girl whose identity is unknown. While I don’t subscribe to the theory myself, some fans believe that she might have been intended to be Ash and Misty’s daughter.

You can watch the clip here and read some additional commentary here and here.