but i like some of the photos that came out of this

My power has gone out and I think I've lost that comic panel I was working on, so have some Voltron Instagram headcanons

Allura: a bunch of photos of the mice. Some have filters over the top that make them look like they came out of sailor moon. Also nail art and lots of photos of creative long hair updos.

Shiro: tags photos of Big Macs with #gourmet. A bunch of selfies in front of Matt who has fallen asleep in some odd location (usually a corner of the library or a school bench). He has a 5 second video of him grabbing Keith’s wrist and going “bro! Bro, why are you hitting yourself?” And Keith is just SCREECHING.

Keith: definitely has the most ~aesthetic~ of all the Paladins instagrams. Photos of his motorcycle and lots of nature photography. Many of them taken on long drives by himself into the middle of nowhere. Candid photos of Lance staring off into the distance and looking beautiful.

Lance: loads of outfit of the day photos. Bad selfies with an uncooperative Keith. Bath bomb and face masks photos. His younger siblings at the beach. Water logged sand castles. Close ups of Keith’s butt just tagged #blessed.

Hunk: photos of Dumbbells and the most adorable cake pops you’ve ever seen. Dumb photos of Lance and himself at a party store getting into the kids costumes. You know those beautiful calligraphy videos that say “fuck you”? Hunk makes those, but instead of calligraphy it’s him piping lettering onto a cake.

Pidge: it’s mostly just photos of her hand flipping off various pieces of technology. Some are advanced machines, some are Ikea flat packs. There’s also a bunch of videos of her shouting “trust fall” as she LAUNCHES herself at one of her friends. Shiro has never dropped her. Matt fucking dodges.

Coran: every single photo has his thumb in it

why the banquet shenanigans happened AFTER Yuuri walked away from Victor

((sorry if someone’s already done this))

this recent gifset of mine seems to have fuelled the flames of the “what came first? the banquet or the commemorative photo offer?” debate and I’d like to clear some things up to avoid confusion:

the banquet definitely happened afterwards

yes it’s fun to think it could have happened the other way around, under the assumption Victor wanted a photo with the party animal he’d fallen for the night before, but that’s not how it is (though this way still has its perks ie. drunk Yuuri seeking out the ‘lil Russian shit who’d gone off at him in the bathroom to challenge him to a DANCE OFF).

so yes, the banquet happened after Yuuri’s defeat at the GP, not before. that’s kinda the whole reason he got drunk, enabling his bizarre banquet adventure to begin with, and subsequently making way for the rest of the story’s events right up til now to unfold (which kinda raises the implication that if he HADN’T lost the GPF last year and then gotten drunk he wouldn’t be where he is now). Also as a person who has partaken in other competition, I can assure you that none of the skaters etc. would want to be banqueting it up before the comp - you have rehersing to do! training!! why would you be partying like that so soon before the event? after makes a lot more sense.

if you want evidence, Victor states this directly in the latest ep

[The banquet refers to the party held after the competition.

Last year, Yuri suffered a crushing defeat in the Final.

He looked like his coach had dragged him to the banquet.]

‘but doesn’t the commemorative photo scene take place at the airport, after the banquet anyway?’

nope. the interior of the venue sure looks like an airport, but it also looks a lot like the lobby of a sports’ hub. it’s definitely in the lobby of the GPF venue shortly after the event has finished.

but Yuuri has a wheely suitcase, so it must be an airport?

listen pals, ice skates are pretty heavy. I’d much rather tote them and my costumes etc. around in a wheely suitcase than a regular sports bag. furthermore, the many other people gathered at the venue don’t seem to have such luggage, of which you’d expect at an airport.

not to mention Yuuri, Victor and Yuri are all wearing their Grand Prix passes etc. when there’d be no need for the at the airport (Victor’s passing critique of Yuri’s skating would also be out of place at an airport in that it’d seem rather late to say it there as opposed to right after the event).

and lastly, the electronic sign outside this ‘airport’ building reads:




what would a sign like this be doing at an airport? especially after the event is over and done with? plot twist: the grand prix took place at an airport

so yeah, to order is:

1. Yuuri walks away from his idol, upset that he can’t be on the same playingfield as him

2. Yuuri drunkenly dances at said idol, asks him to be his coach, causes said idol to fall for him and seek the opportunity to become his coach.

3. Yuuri promptly forgets point #2 entirely.

Thanks everyone, hope this clears it up!!

Thought Bubble Festival!

If you are in the area and would like some real on paper comics from me please come and find me at table 166 New Dock Hall this weekend, I’m tabling with Arachnodenist and myrntai - COME AND ASK US ABOUT OUR OWLS. 

Now here is some slightly fuzzy photographic evidence of Stutterhug minicomics:

*looks at all the other things I should be focusing on* nah *throws blanket over them*

Here have RWBY on Ice!!! My RWBY figure skating AU. Ruby Blake Weiss and Yang are all senior singles skaters and JNPR take the partner categories (cause they have to be mixed and i couldn't throw away the chance of Ren literally throwing Nora on knife shoes)

Jaune and Pyrrha are an Ice Dancing team (less dangerous, closer to ballroom dancing) and I’ll be basing their style of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue cause they are the cutest in the world and Canadian and have great chemistry.(please look them up they are perfect) 

Nora and Ren are the Pairs team (more dangers, Nora gets thrown in the air alot like seriously look up some routines, they are insane, people can and have gotten severely injured) they are also based off a Canadian Skating team cause I wanted to find one with a similar height difference case the females are a lot smaller than their partners.

im sorry some of the hands came out mangled *cough cough* Yang *cough cough*

i’ll post this Au sporadically but feel free to request characters, both ones seen above or ones who are not there (i wanna get SSSN up there eventually). 

i may even post some fics for it. who knows. not me.

Sans: “what? photos of my lil bro? of course i have some! they’re amazing!”

* Sans went to his desk, and came back with some photos of a very small Papyrus.

Sans:  “ look at these three photos! i think this is from when he was seven… he cried so much when his ice scream fell to the floor, the ice scream lady freaked out and had to give him another one! and it was for free! look at that proud smile… that day, he learnt that he could get things he wanted if he yelled loud enough. valuable life lesson, yup.”

Sans: “and here? i think this one is from when he was eight or s’m’thing. he didnt even want to get separated from that bunny… where did he get it anyway? he was such a cute kid, amirite? ‘kept saying it was his “battle companion”. don’t ask me where that bunny is now, i have no idea…”

Sans: “this hot shot was from when he was ten. he was in that hyperactive period where he wanted to do everything at once. colorful… too colorful for my liking, but whatevs. as long as he didn’t break the house it was fine with me. thank god, he calmed down the year after…”

Sans: “this one is priceless. paps was trying to do magic all morning, and when he finally managed to do one spell, that dog stole it. papyrus was really mad for the rest of the day cause he was never able to caught it.”

Congratulations - Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N: Could you please do one where the reader and Jack are on a secret holiday, like the fans don’t know about it, and he proposes, and afterwards he facetimes one of the guys and the whole squad is there and everyone didn’t know about it and everyone just freaks out. Thank you, and btw your imagines are amazing xx

Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N - Your first middle and last name
Y/S/N - Your ship name

After a magical few days away in Italy, me and Jack were having our midnight walk on the beach enjoying our last days before going back to reality. We came away for a break to have some well deserved alone time. As much as i love having friends and family around, it was nice having time with just my boyfriend. Another good thing about this was no one knew where we were. We didn’t post any photos or videos, it was a social media free get away. Our friends knew we went away but didn’t have any idea where and neither did the fans. It was nice being normal for once no attention just each others company. 

Walking across the beach late at night was a favourite of mine, no matter where i went on holiday this was always a must do. Not one single cloud in the sky, looking up and seeing all the stars shining bright, hearing the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. It was ever so peaceful. 

The wind started to pick up causing me to start rubbing my arms trying to get the warmth back into my body with me being me i stupidly forgot my jacket. I watched as Jack took off his and placed it over my shoulders. I put my arms into the sleeves hoping it would make a difference. I linked my arm through Jacks and placed my hand into the jacket pocket only to be met by an item. I un-linked my arm from his to pull out the mystery item giving an confused look. 

“What’s this?” I stopped in my tracks lifting the small box to reach the gaze of Jacks. The confusion on his face soon changed to a shocked look. 

“Oh my god, oh my god” He kept repeating over and over pacing back and forward running his hands through his hair. I stayed quiet wanting to listen to what he had to say. 

“You weren’t meant to find that” He spoke without looking at me. “Bloody hell Jack you had one job, one job” He started speaking to himself. My heart beat had picked up since pulling the box out the pocket. It wouldn’t process in my mind on what Jack was going to do. The smile starting to appear on my smile wouldn’t die down, the excitement was getting to me and the way he was cursing himself for messing up made me want to smile even more. 

“I wanted it to be special, i knew you loved late night walks. I saw you were cold and i totally forgot that was in the pocket!” His eyes finally meeting mine. 

“Ask me” I simply said. I always told Jack how i wanted to be proposed to. How i wanted it to be perfect and something to remember and even though it didn’t go to his plan i was definitely going to remember this. He looked shocked but the smile started to grow. I watched as he took the box off me and got down on one knee. My eyes found his blue sparkling ones starting to get the giddy feeling. 

“This isn’t how i planned it i’ve waited to do this for a while. The past 4 years have been amazing. You’ve kept me grounded, you’ve made me happy, you’ve made me laugh, you’ve been my best friend, my world, my rock and my biggest fan. I want all that to continue. You are seriously amazing, you may not believe that but you are. You are everything to me and i cannot wait for our future. But i want that future to start now, starting it off with making you apart of the Maynard family. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” 

The make-up that was sitting on my eyes had officially ran down my cheeks with the tears sliding down also. Even though this didn’t go to plan it couldn’t of been any more perfect. I’m so in love with this guy. Words cannot sum that up. 

“Yes, of course i will” I managed to get out. I watched as Jack got up smiling from ear to ear placing the ring on my finger to then placing both hands on either side of my cheeks and planting a kiss on my lips. 

Now back at the hotel we thought it would be a good idea to let the boys know what has happened. Really we couldn’t wait to get home and tell them. We wanted to see their reactions now.

“Hey bro!” Jack facetimed Conor as he would be the first person we told. 

“Hey guys” We both waved at the camera while Conor waved back.

“Who you on the phone to?” Joe asked walking in shot of the camera. “It’s Y/S/N!!” Causing me and Jack to laugh.

“I want to say hi” Caspar shouted joining in. Then followed by Oli, Josh and Mikey. 

“Why are you facetiming us then? How did we become so lucky?” Conor asked in a funny voice tone. 

“Don’t keep us waiting, what’s the reason?” Oli commented. 

Me and Jack looked at one another beaming with smiles. 

“You want to tell them or shell i?” Jack questioned? 

“I don’t mind babe” I wasn’t fused who spoke about it, i was just too excited.

“One of you just say something!” Mikey laughed.

“This is so intense” Josh butted in. 

I held my hand up to the camera showing off the ring keeping an eye on the camera watching patiently for their reactions. None of them clicked until Caspar gasped causing me and Jack to chuckle. 

“OH MY GOD” Joe shouted. 

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Oli also shouted.

“Of course we are” I looked up at Jack with love. He was special. My love for him just kept on growing. 


“Welcome to the family Y/N, you’ve always been apart of it and now you’ll have the name to go with it” Conor smiled. 


for those of u who maybe didnt see this when it came out awhile back, one of tezuka’s daughters finally opened up a locked drawer in his desk and found these like erotic unfinished sketches (to be honest i dont understand what the huge deal was at all because if u have read some of his library of work he wasnt exactly subtle about his fetishes, drew lots of ‘adult’ titles which have far much ‘weirder’. the sketches are like incredibly tame compared to what hes actually published so i…dont get it. i guess cuz they were ‘hidden’? but anyways) both east n west media ran with it and was like ‘oh my god i can’t believe tezuka drew this sexy transforming furry mouse!’ as though it was like. they popped open disneys secret cryogenic vault and found a photo of a boob in there. the height of scandal 

anyways my point being if u ever feel embarrassed about drawing silly/odd stuff please know they just released now a new book with all the sketches, like literally a delicate little novella about ‘we found this weird stuff locked in his desk and now we’re publishing it cuz its so weird can u believe this’ imagine being roasted this hard. u may have done lots of embarrassing things in ur life but at least u didnt get a book published entirely devoted to ur fetish sketches hidden in the back pages of your sketchbooks. except ur dead so u cant even be like ‘ok listen it was for a commission’ or something. brutal 

Well, guys, I think I’ve officially got one of the best photo ops ever out of these guys. A little background…

I am a ballroom dancer and I wrote a Destiel fic about ballroom. So I thought it would be great to do a ballroom style pose. When I told them I wanted to combine my favorite things, ballroom and Supernatural, Jared smiled and said that sounds great. As soon as I said I would pose with Jared, Jensen immediately grabbed Misha and said they would do the same. 

They were all so sweet and enthusiastic about my request and Misha even remembered me from my Cas naked covered in bees cosplay from Saturday. 

I just love everything about how the picture came out. Jared is smoking hot as usual. My Rowena cosplay dress ended up making this look like some kind of romance novel cover. Jensen is taking this pose very seriously. And Misha just looks a little shocked by the whole thing. 

So, Tumblr, this is my gift to you… you’re welcome.

ok this douchey kid who sits in front of me in one of my classes always makes these ‘i’m so superior’ comments and facial expressions and gestures whenever the teacher talks about singing (it’s communication sciences and disorders, and singing is related to it i guess) and one day last week my professor asked who in here was trained as a singer and i of course put my hand up, and this kid just shouted YEAH and pointed at the ceiling, like arm straight out, fully extended, and he like looked at the ceiling too idk it was some broadway ass shit (which normally i love but this kid was a DICK) and TODAY we had a STAGGERING REALIZATION



and then THEN FOLKS

i decided to google ‘ryan evans high school musical funny face’

and for some reason this came up



You can change back now, y’know…

Drew the marauders hanging out after a full moon for a trade with  gaddingwithghouls :) 

tried out some different texture/coloring techniques and really enjoyed how it came out!! Might work more on balancing it into my usual art style so it isn’t such a shift/feels more like ME,  though. 

also if anyone else wants to do HP fanart trades I’m totally up for it

Some Boring Life Shit
  • Ordered my nephew’s birthday presents for this weekend. Arriving Wednesday. Hashtag cool aunt. (Nerf arsenal ftw. He picked them out.) 
  • He’s going to be 13, which, ugh, but he’s so kind, and funny. Hashtag proud aunt.
  • Ordered my mom’s Mother’s Day gifts way ahead of the game.
  • The only day I like more than the first day of spring is the first day of summer. It’s 83 degrees outside, and sunny. I’m the happiest person in America.
  • Jack is sometimes aggressive when he’s on his leash, especially if someone comes running over to him, or if he encounters a big dog. Today at the park, three separate dogs and one person came running up and he was so good. We’ve been working hard on training, and it’s paying off. My little monster made me very proud. Hashtag best dog ever.
  • I’m firmly Team Ultrasound Photos Don’t Belong on Facebook, but it’s so crazy how detailed they are these days. Science is fucking cool.
  • I’m also Team It’s Your Facebook, Do Whatever You Want With It, so.
  • I had an easy, relaxing weekend and it’s doing amazing things for my mood.
  • Donald Trump can get fucked.

Puts something sims on my blog. I wanted to do a family photoshoot, ya know where everyone is wearing some soft color with cute poses holding the babies and ya’ll be like awww….. Well this is the only pose that came out looking halfway decent after major editing, the others were so bad.  

Probably sound like a madman, but hear me out

Each character’s song represents them, through and through. (I’m just doing the 6 from the GPF because know most about them (except maybe Otabek but like … we don’t know much about him #littlescreentime)


This got hella long.  TL;DR: the YOI creators knew where they were going with their characterizations and managed to convey this through each of the program’s music

Details under the cut.

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21/100 days of productivity | quite honestly, i was incredibly stressed yesterday night because of all the things i had to do. or, rather, by the thought of what i had to do. because i was really busy yesterday night, and therefore couldn’t get some of my tasks done as i had planned, i started panicking and thought that by falling behind my schedule i had therefore created 2x the amount of work for myself this upcoming weekend. everything was jumbled up in my mind, and i wasn’t even sure what i needed to complete, except that it seemed like A Lot. 

but then, right before i went to bed, i decided to just dump everything i had to do out onto my bullet journal—no structure, and no logic or coherence to the order that i chose to write down all my tasks. i just wrote down everything and anything that came to my mind that i knew i had to complete this weekend. after i finished doing that, and looked over my list, i realized that although i did have quite a few tasks that i was supposed to do, it wasn’t as bad as i had built it up in my head to be!! it was still manageable, as long as i planned out my time wisely. also, the fact that i had built in buffer time into my pre-planned timeline/schedule (bless my past self……) helped as well hehe

my advice to everyone if you too are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete is to just write everything out, split it up into smaller tasks, and just work steadily (even if you have to do it slowly) at it. it’s a lot less stressful once i saw what i needed to do written out and not as a jumbled mess in my mind ^-^


3D printed dragon! Finished, finally. The photos really don’t do it justice–how smooth the joints are, how the crests/spikes on the head came out. Someone who saw it in person actually recognized it was based on a crested gecko without being told.

It’s based on Oak, the dragon from Dragonoak. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s based on Oak, the author’s crested gecko, but with bat wings. He’s even licking his eye, like a gecko!

I drew it basically freehand in Fusion 360, using mostly the sculpt tool but also sketch and loft and a few others, based on reference photos of crested geckos (mostly Oak but sometimes google image search) and bats.

I printed it on a Lulzbot Taz 6, out of ABS. I have some previous versions, especially of the un-winged gecko but also the first print of the dragon (which didn’t come out great–it was a slightly faulty machine) where I did an acetone wash to make it shiny and to smooth out the print marks, but those tended to lose a bit of detail and this print came out so nice I decided not to risk it.

Jikook Internet Friends AU 13


Where Jimin wants to find a job

IDK how to feel abt this tbh LMAO and the quality is not good for some reason????? CANDY THIGHS XD pls forgive me. It’s been a while AND I WAS JUST DOING THIS AND BTS PHOTOS CAME OUT AND JIN IS BLONDE I CANNOT. As always, if you have anything to say or to tell me, go ahead!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a pic of Dan when he had super long hair? Does a picture of that exist even? I remember he talked about being stoned and getting a U-haul stuck and the police came and he said that he look like the antithesis of a police with long haIR AND I NEED A PIC OF THAT IN MY LIFE *heavy breathing* I found out about GG and NSP, like, last week and I'm obsessed. I am down the rabbit hole atm. I have been looking for that pic and I can't find it. :(

I have consulted with a top Dan expert, and we have come to the conclusion that this does not publicly exist. Meaning, it’s not a photo Dan has shared with his fans. Word to the wise also re: Dan’s pictures: if he didn’t post it on a social media site when he was aware of his popularity, don’t spread it around. Some things were not meant for fans to dig into and share. That’s all I’m saying. He has acknowledged that it’s a thing he’s aware of, but has done so with reluctance and a sense of inevitably. That’s all I’m saying!

But! Welcome to the fandom! There are many more awesome Dan pics to share and go around so don’t fret!

[This anon fic request has been playing around in my head for a little bit, I hope you guys like it]

“Hey baby,” I whispered as he entered the trailer.
 I’ll admit, this character agreed with him. The green hair and the makeup was a good look and it was no surprise that the ladies had taken a liking to Jared’s rendition of the Joker based on what they had seen in promotional photos. As the Joker probably would have, he gave me a look before proceeding to ignore me. I was more amused than hurt given that Constance and I had just arrived in Toronto today and I knew he was happy to see me.
 He moved over to the small table and pulled out his laptop. I smiled slightly, rising from the sofa and I began to prepare some hot chocolate. There were few things in this world that Jared couldn’t resist; hot chocolate was one of them.
 “I guess you would be completely uninterested to know that Cece came with me instead of staying with Nana Constance right, Mister J?”
 “Cece is in Toronto?” He asked quickly.
 I smirked, setting the steaming mug of hot chocolate in front of him, “Ahh, there he is. Hello there,”
 I leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips, I couldn’t help but smile into it as his fingers wound into my hair and he rose from where he sat to deepen it. It felt good to have him in my arms, to feel his tongue glide across mine and I gasped as he lifted me onto the small counter.
 “Jared, someone could walk i-”
 “Are you complaining,” Mister J growled in reply.
 I was quick to remove his belt buckle and he yanked my shirt over my head and covered my lips with his. He parted my legs with his knee and pulled my undies aside. I covered my mouth to muffle the sound that tore from my throat as he thrust into me in one swift motion. It may have only been a month but it had been a month without him. My body had almost forgotten just how large he was, I realised now just how much I had ached for him.
 “Welcome home, baby,” I whispered, and he growled in reply.
 His teeth dug into the tender flesh where my neck met my shoulder and I moaned as he rolled his hips and began to ram into me without restraint. I almost told him to stop, I almost told him we’d tip the trailer over with the way it was rocking, but quite frankly I didn’t want him to stop.
***1 Hour Later***

 “I’ll have to head back to set soon,” Jared whispered, his head resting on my shoulder.
 “You better get me some pants before you do,”
 He laughed his signature Joker laugh before reaching in the bag beside the bed and handing me a pair of his skinny jeans.
 “You have no idea how good it is to have you here, Y/N. I missed you,” he said, pressing his lips against mine.
 “I missed you too, I would have brought Cece but Shan and Tomo wanted to take her and I wasn’t sure if-”
 “It’s fine, I’ll see my little devil after work. Was she good?”
 “You act like you haven’t seen or spoken to us,” I said lightly, stroking his hair.
 “Skype wasn’t enough-”
 There was a knock on the door as Jared was called back to set. He groaned, yelling for them to piss off in that guttural Joker way of his. I rose, pulling on the jeans Jared had given me along with my shirt before Jared yanked me back to him.
 “You have lipstick all over your face,” he purred, brushing his nose against mine.
 “Hmm, I wonder why. The boys and I will grab something special for supper, I’ll see you back at the hotel.”
 His hold on me lingered for a few minutes before he finally let me go.

***Later that evening***

 Shan was blowing raspberries on Cece’s stomach and she had tears streaming from her large blue eyes from giggling so hard. Tomo had spoiled her with sweets and toys upon her arrival and I hoped she would not be up at all hours of the night as a result of the sugar. When Jared entered the hotel room he was still in full costume, I suppose he left before the makeup crew could clean him up, but a grin spread across his face when his eyes found Cece.
 “Awww, where’s daddy’s little monster?”
 I looked to Cece whose face had paled, her eyes were wide and she looked at me before looking back to Jared.
 “Cece, it’s daddy. He just has some funny makeup on,” I crooned but she was not having it.
 “No, no momma, no,” she crawled away from Shannon and into my lap.
 Jared looked mildly amused and somewhat at a loss for words. He moved to sit across from us and Cece wailed, she screamed like he was the most terrifying thing on the planet and I held her close as she sobbed. The guys were laughing and we all tried to tell the wailing two year old that it was her daddy and he was just wearing makeup.
 “Hey peanut, hey C-monkey it’s okay,” Jared said softly, any traces of Mister J in his voice and demeanour vanishing.
 “No dadda,” she hiccuped her sobs and my heart broke in two.
 Even though she thrashed and reached for me I gave her to Jared.
 “Look, you’re hurting your daddy’s feelings,” Shannon said.
 Jared carried her from the room and I waited a moment. Her cries got louder for a few minutes, she screamed for us, and Tomo, Shan and I looked between each other. Ever so slowly though, her sobs began to quiet down. It was only when Cece stopped crying that I rose and crept silently down the small hall to Jared’s room.
 He had brought out Mister J’s voice, I could hear it before I even opened the door. He was telling her a story and when I looked inside he had her giggling as he tickled her. Jared had taken out his fake teeth. My heart clenched as I watched them for a few more seconds before I shut the door.


“Teese, teese momma,”
 I opened my eyes a crack, instinctively feeling the bed beside me but Jared wasn’t there. He was standing above me with Constance in his arms and a loud laugh escaped me. Constance’s chocolate brown curls had been slicked back with water and she had Jared’s red lipstick on with dark makeup around her eyes and ‘damaged’ written in washable marker on her forehead.
 “What in the world,”
 “Teese momma,” she scrunched up her face and bore her teeth in her adorable version of a smile.
 “You look very cool, did daddy do this?”
 “Unsle San,”
 “Uncle Shannon did her hair, Tomo did her makeup, I’m just her right hand man,” Jared said, placing a kiss against Constance’s temple.
 “Rawr!” Constance growled, snapping her teeth and I thought I would die from how cute it was.
 “Perhaps she should take your place, I think she’d be a fantastic Joker,” Jared set Constance down and she scampered off down the hall calling for Tomo. Jared settled in beside me and I rested my cheek on his chest and wrapped my arm around his waist.
 “What did you say to her last night to calm her down?” I asked, feeling his lips on my hair as his fingertips traced patterns on my back.
 “I told her I was playing, I think the teeth were the main issue. I told her I was playing dress up. She’s so funny, as soon as I said that she wanted to dress up too,” he laughed lightly and I looked up at him.
 “Really, that’s it?”
 “I also sang to her, that seemed to convince her of my identity.”
 I grinned and we both looked as Shan kicked open the door with Constance on his shoulders and her tiny hands in his.
 “Say it, say it Cece,” he urged her.
 “So you my toys, rawr,”
 “That’s it, you’re fired, she’s hired, it must be done,” I said firmly.
 Jared shook as he laughed, “It has never felt so great to lose a job,”
 I sat up and Jared wrapped an arm around my shoulders before he kissed my cheek.
 “I’ll have to go to set soon, can you and Cece come to set?”
 “Yeah, oh, and Jared,” he glanced back pausing in his chase of Shannon and Constance.
 “You got a little Joker, you good with another?”
 Confusion filled his eyes and to make what I had said more clear I rubbed my stomach gently.
 “Y/N, if you’re kidding I might have to channel Mister J to punish you,” he said in a mild threat.
 “I’m not kidding.”
 Covering my face I laughed as he ran to tell his brother.