but i like pervy more lol

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What do you think Bucky's first sexual experience post-CW was? How did it go? How long did it take to get him there? Who was it with? IM SO CURIOUS OF WHAT YOUR HC IS HERE BDJNDJDKSKSK


I’m putting them under a read more bc it’s a long-ish answer. Full of thoughts on Bucko jacking off, and LOTS of Buckynat (also Barbershop Quartet but mostly Buckynat lol)

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So Here it is finally ! I will class them by genre and in no particular order of preference, tbh all of the things that will be listed down below are pure gold ! (under a cut because it’s gonna be soooooo long lmao) 

I did include au’s in the categories, but I decided to create an AU category anyway, just to put, well my fave ones, like the concept y’know

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nomorules replied to your post “Chariot is my fave but the characters who actually ARE chariots I…”

Blockt., reported, ryuji disrespectr. (Jk jk you are entitled to your own opinion)

i really like him in the beginning!!! i havent finished the game yet so maybe i will tolerate him more by the end but as of now? there was two things he said that really put me off from him and im not really into pervy mcdudebros where their perviness is like, a defining trait B( I like Ryuji when he’s talking to Akira LOL 

the start of the game made him seem like a dude that kicks guys asses for disrespectin women… but then later on he just goes disrespectin them himself B( it was a shame to me because his aggressiveness is relateable and a favorite character trait of mine

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Female s/o telling dirty jokes (face to face) to Reiji, Ranmaru, Ai, Tokiya, Masato, Natsuki, Satsuki with a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pervy face? LOL - I forgot to mention: Scenario please

Jokes are found here! I wasn’t sure what you meant by with a pervy face. I’m sorry.

Reiji and his girlfriend had been sitting on the couch telling each other bad jokes in an attempt to get the other to crack. Loser would have to wash the dishes. His jokes had all been pretty bad but they were clean. Her jokes on the other hand, were the complete opposite. Reiji nodded, “Alright, your turn.” She smiled, “Sex is like a misdemeanor, the more I miss, da meaner I get!” Reiji burst into a fit of laughter, not because it was funny but because it was somewhat true.

Sighing he listened to his girlfriend dish out some of the worst jokes he’d ever heard. She had been laughing uncontrollably but he hadn’t cracked a smile. She clapped her hands and gasped, “Oh, I’ve got one for you!” She rubbed her hands together and smiled, “What the difference between you and nail?”Ranmaru narrowed his eyes at her. “A nail gets hammered all the time but you don’t!” He walked away leaving her alone calling out, “Hey, come one! That was pretty funny!”

Ai had been reading a book and his lover had grown quite bored of sitting quietly. She decided to entertain herself by telling jokes. She poked Ai’s leg and said, “When I think of books, I want to touch my shelf.” He flipped the page, not looking up for a moment and said, “Well, you obviously don’t think of them often because the bookshelf was ridiculously dusty.”

She and Tokiya had been laying on the couch watching a movie. A very interesting scene had come up that reminded her of a joke. “Hey, Tokiya. What is the metric equivalent of 69?” she asked. He looked up the ceiling as he tried to think of an answer. She giggled, “One ate one.” He felt the couch for the remote to change the channel, “Alright, that’s enough of that.”

Masato had been preparing dinner and his lover decided to hang around to keep him company. He accidentally sliced one of the potatoes a bit thinner than the rest. He sighed, “That’s a shame. I can’t use this one. I’d hate to waste it.” She smiled. “Masato, do you know the difference between a sin and shame?” He had been fairly focused on the task before him so he hadn’t looked up, “What’s that?” She giggled, “It’s a sin to stick it in and shame to take it out.” He stopped mid-chop and looked at her with red cheeks, “W-What’s with you all of a sudden?”

Natsuki and his s/o had been folding the laundry together. She’s been making jokes that he just could not for the life of him understand. “So, I was in math class and my teacher asked, ‘What comes after 69?’ Apparently ‘I do’ is not the correct answer.” she laughed. Natsuki tilted his head at his girlfriend, “Well, of course that’s not the answer. It’s 68, 69, 70.” he said. She blinked her eyes that the blonde and tossed a shirt at his face.

Satsuki and his lover had been laying in bed after a steamy session. She rested her head on his chest “Do you know what it means when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?” Satsuki sighed, “Um, maybe it’s because he’s–” Before he could give his answer she said, “You didn’t hold the pillow down long enough.” He rolled his eyes and attempted to nudge her off of him, “That totally ruins the mood now, doesn’t it?”

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hi... i just want to know if you have some funny facts/stories about Bartemijn? :D

hahah UMM WELL they’re pretty private people but i can try to think of some i’ve heard

  • once they were asked at a concert how they met and willemijn said in school, and how they were friends before they went out because they were both seeing other people. and bart was like “i was seeing two” so will just like rolled her eyes omg disapproving will 4 life
  • once she called bart in another country because there was a bat in her room and her first instinct was to call him and he was all worried she was hurt but she just had a bat in her room and she was sCURRED 4EVR so he just laughed at her hdu bart
  • when i went to will’s last on broadway bart was recording the people at stagedoor and stuff for her, and there were people next to me like “hi!!!! we’re from staten island! we just discovered willemijn and we’re going to be following her career now!” and bart was just like “yes. do that. i will be too.” and cracked up at himself like i s2g these two are perfect for each other because they’re both amused at their own stupid jokes that they make themselves they live in a bubble of finding themselves hilarious and no one else
  • they’re actually more pervy than u think like once at a concert scott was all ‘oh she’s frisky. must’ve gotten laid tonight’ and she just apparently smirked about it and then later he was all 'introduce your husband!!!’ and will’s like 'i wanted him to be a surprise!!!’ so scott’s like 'like every night’ (i’m assuming this means like… SURPRISE AROUSAL LOL IDK) but anyway will was like 'yes’ oh and also at as i am he had to fix her mic and it went up her shirt so he just stood behind her and made the perviest face and will was just like ’;))) yeah das rite" it was so grand
  • bart makes all their food because she can’t cook like once he was all 'if only she could cook as well as she can sing"
  • once at a concert someone asked if will was still doing voice lessons and she said something about asking bart and he just yelled “i’M THE MANAGER”
  • also bart’s the one who keeps her life together i think??? like he literally can answer questions about will better than she can like someone asked what book she was reading and will didn’t remember so bart said the name of one i’m so done
  • bart is an adorable husband and i want ten
  • oh and also when they were asked if they were gonna have a baby recently will was like 'maybe it’ll be a chrISTMAS baby’ because they were together around the holidays and bart’s like 'we’ll have to do it. christmas night' 
  • B Y E 

Im so sorry I took so long ! Please enjoy! 

Even if I wear high heels I won’t even be near LOL.

JIN : Kind of sad because he thought it was so cute when you struggled to kiss him and now you can just easily do it and he doesn’t have to bend down.

SUGA : A bit annoyed because you would put your arm around his shoulders and kind of tease him xD

J-HOPE : Ha, im taller than you now HOLLA. Please ignore the second part where he squats down and Jin starts coming in LOL. THIS GIF IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

RAP MONSTER : Hes kind of turned on because you are a bit more dominate. Him and his pervy self. LET ME STOP.

JIMIN : Convinces you not to wear them with his hot self.

V : He doesn’t care because he can just give you more kisses <333

JUNGKOOK : He would end up carrying you in a piggy back ride and be like, I told you so.

*GIFs are not mine

Thank you for requesting and please request again! 

Noragami Shuuishuu Vol. 1 Summary

Okay, so I’m back to doing this kind of stuff again since I’m bored, I’m too lazy to continue writing fanfic or even fanart and… yeah, I just want to have someone to talk to about this adorable volume. So.. even if my Japanese is shit-tier… I guess it’s okay, right?

P.S. Take in mind that my Japanese sucks so there might be plenty of mistranslations! You’ve been warned!

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