but i like pervy more lol

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I noticed you're watching Kannazuki no Miko. I decided to watch some yuri anime for Femslash February myself. I noped out of KnM like ten minutes into the first episode because of the fan service, but I'm two episodes into Maria-sama ga Miteru and it's not the best anime ever but it's not fanservicey at all (even though it's about Catholic schoolgirls lol)

yeah, I almost noped out then too but I was hoping maybe the fanservice would only last an episode or two to just pull in the pervy viewers before getting to the actual stuff, and I…I’m three episodes in and there’s not much more fanservice at this point but I just…don’t get it????

this anime cANNOT figure out what it’s trying to do, the genre is allll over the place, the characters are ehhhh, and the writing is totally nothing to brag about; I’ll probably have more to say later if I end up finishing it or even finally giving up and writing some kind of review about it either way.

Oh Maria-sama is actually on my list of things to watch!  I’ll have a look at that one soon-ish probably :) if you’re looking for a good yuri anime tho, Aoi Hana was GREAT. (it is the only show i’ve seen that actually says the word bisexual out loud)


Im so sorry I took so long ! Please enjoy! 

Even if I wear high heels I won’t even be near LOL.

JIN : Kind of sad because he thought it was so cute when you struggled to kiss him and now you can just easily do it and he doesn’t have to bend down.

SUGA : A bit annoyed because you would put your arm around his shoulders and kind of tease him xD

J-HOPE : Ha, im taller than you now HOLLA. Please ignore the second part where he squats down and Jin starts coming in LOL. THIS GIF IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

RAP MONSTER : Hes kind of turned on because you are a bit more dominate. Him and his pervy self. LET ME STOP.

JIMIN : Convinces you not to wear them with his hot self.

V : He doesn’t care because he can just give you more kisses <333

JUNGKOOK : He would end up carrying you in a piggy back ride and be like, I told you so.

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