but i like my makeup so

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I know this isn't NSFW but I just wanted to ask anyway. How'd you meet your boo?

Tumblr! He posted a video that I think my friend liked or reblogged or something that was basically just him with makeup on and talking and I was like omgggg he’s so cute and his voice is so sexy, I’ll thirst follow. Hadn’t even noticed he lived in Miami yet. So we start messaging and then we sent each other nudes during a nudes and numbers game and I was like dayyyuuummm and he was like dayyyuummmm so we went on a date and the rest is history.

Given the success of my Dragon Age painting with makeup I decided to try a Kingsman version, so here’s the prgoress on Eggsy so far!

Products used (so far): Rimmel ‘Hide’ concealer, Maybelline ‘Fit Me!’ concealer, Barry M Dazzle Dust in Rose Gold and Bronze, Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Liner, e.l.f Rose Quartz highlighter and setting powder duo set, NYC white pencil liner and fair brown brow pencil, and a bunch of the tiniest eye shadow/liner brushes in my brush box! 

This is so strange because it’s exactly the same as doing makeup but on a 2D surface, like everything goes in the same place just…not?

Also you can thank/blame @notbrogues for encouraging me ;) x


I’m not sure I like my makeup, but I’m pretty proud that I got out to shadow, this afternoon!
I’d like to be able to do darker, more-gothy makeup, but I really don’t want to push my luck and get in trouble so anyone with tips on gothy looks in the medical field, hmu It’s fascinating how people react to other disabled people working in the health field. One woman accompanying a patient kept insisting that I sit while she stand, despite me repeating that I’m there to study and I would prefer to stand where I can see over the practitioner’s shoulder. This seems to be a recurring theme, too, like another woman who tried to drag me off for tea. Amazing how, even when you have authority over other’s care, people insist on telling you about your own​ care???? It rubs me wrong and I can’t explain it.

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Omg how do you do your hair?! It looks so good! (I'm asking because my mother keeps reminding me that my hair looks like a mop lol)

I take my shitty excuse for hair (I refer to it as that bc it’s still healing from all the dying and it’s in the awkward stages of growing out a pixie cut) and I part it the opposite way when it’s wet (I shower at night). And in the morning I straighten my hair to that side and then flip it over to the side I want so it’s given a rough look with a decent amount of volume. Although, today the volume part is letting me down.

(ignore my shitty makeup, it was supposed to be something else but it didn’t turn out that way *laughs nervously*)

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My family acts like my dysphoria isn't valid because I use cream to fix my stretch marks and wear bras (because of societal pressure). Along with me occasionally wearing makeup.

Your family is super dumb. Stretch marks make anyone of any gender feel gross (even though they really shouldn’t), make up is just crushed up rock power and there’s male CoverGirls now so that’s more accepted in society, and, your family would probably harass you for not wearing a bra in public? So????

You’re a boy and your family is super dumb.

I survived the day!

It’s been a weird day, but actually a day off well spent. I didn’t go buy food! I didn’t even binge on anything that I had at home! My paintings today didn’t turn out well, but they were fun to paint anyway. (They got all muted and cracky when they dried.)

Tonight I went and saw Spring Awakening and it was amazing. I loved it. I’ve never seen it live before, but I’ve been obsessed with the soundtrack for years. It totally lived up to my expectations and it was great seeing a show that wasn’t disappointing for once! (Other things I’ve seen recently have been different than what I expected and while they weren’t bad, they were just a bit disappointing.)

It’s hot today, so I wore a dress, but didn’t bother to put makeup on, because 1. I took a nap before I had to leave, and I kept hitting snooze and didn’t feel like taking the time to put makeup on and 2. because I knew this show would make me cry and it would ruin any makeup anyway. So ya! A frustrating, but ended up being ok day.

Thanks so much for being there with me through it all.


Here are the pics of me wearing overly dramatic makeup and over lined lips! My phone camera is trash because my phone is old and the lighting was bad so I had to adjust the color in some of them. The first one came out too pale, and I had to darken it and increase the contrast a lot. Everything is so orange, omgosh. Uggghhhhh I hope you guys like these!

(My hair is a mess, please ignore that. Dx)

There’s one girl in my class who I just like can’t stand I just Do Not like her and she was like “so you did your makeup today” and I’m like obviously bitch do u see these colors on my face?

I was feeling like a garbage person today so I put on makeup even though I’m only going to write on my exam paper today. Kinda fucked up my eyebrows tho? But I’m also wearing my Star Wars top from Primark and that helps too

Random life update, u can ignore if u want to

!!! I met my parents today!!!! Even though I live with my dad it’s p rare for me to actually meet him bc we’re both super busy all the time!!! We went out to eat bc my mom was in town for a couple of hours and I ate this magnificent crab curry and my god I love Goan food 💖💖💖 then on the drive back home from the airport (bc we dropped my mom off) I played my dad some kpop music and he was intrigued bc kpop doesn’t necessarily follow “proper” musical things (I’ve had a few wines so I’m not v eloquent now) and yeah now I’m back home and trying to convince myself to get off bed and take my makeup off

Also soz for treating this blog like some sort of diary journal thing. Lmk if u guys want me to stop ✌🏾✌🏾

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hi!! i just saw your post about oils for skin type and i use coconut oil to take off my makeup (is that cleansing? idk) but it's not on the list so i was just wondering if it's bad ?? my skins actually been pretty good using it no breakouts or anything - i just rub it onto my face to breakdown my makeup, wipe my face with a tissue to take off as much of the oil and makeup as possible and then rise my face with warm water??

coconut oil is rly comedogenic so it clogs pores! some people (like you) have skin that loves it but most people’s skin reacts badly to it! because of this i don’t personally recommend it but if it’s working for you, who am i to stop you!! i don’t wear makeup on my face but for my eyes i like to use argan oil to remove mascara/shadow! 


I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!