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what do you like about your body?

I love that I’m curvy, short, and positively and powerfully femme. I also really like that my body is trans. I’m happy to be transgender and it is important that I include my body and my transness in how I navigate life and move through the world. My body is a canvass of my making – I can be who I want to be at any moment. I can change how I express myself through fashion and makeup. My body can be and is so many things – it’s not just one thing. I am multifaceted. Something that I love about trans bodies in general is that we have realized (in differing ways) that we don’t have to be constrained by societies narrow definitions of gender – we can shape our bodies to fit our identities, and we do not have to participate in the stereotypical classifications of what makes someone a man or a woman or a human being.

a few makeup tips!

maybe you’re trans, maybe you’re just new to makeup for other reasons, maybe you just wanna know some good makeup sources. well, no matter what the reason, i’m here to help with a few entry-level makeup tips!

  • drug store makeup is not inherently bad. yes, a lot of the cheap stuff is comparatively low-quality, but some of it is quite good! i especially recommend wet n wild for matte lipstick–they have some really excellent matte lippies for like, three bucks a tube, tops. the only bummer is that the casing is kinda shoddy, though, so losing lids is a very real risk. still, they’re worth checking out. they also make some pretty nice eyeshadow palettes! 
  • gel eyeliner is my personal favorite liner style–it’s way easier to apply than liquid liner, and way more precise than stick liner. it can run comparatively pricey (in comparison to liquid and stick, that is), but it’s one of those cases where i’d say the extra few bucks is worth it, especially since a little bit of it goes a long way. (if you lose your brush, i’ve found that thin cheapo paintbrushes–unused otherwise, of course–work pretty well!)
  • while ulta sells a lot of high-end fancy expensive makeup, they also have a lot of more affordable stuff, much of it quite good! i have a few eyeshadow palettes by makeup revolution that i got there–lots of very nice eyeshadow (plus a mirror!), and those palettes generally run under 20 bucks. so if you want a wide variety of eyeshadows, that’s a good one to look at. they also sell stuff by nyx, which is fairly affordable and pretty high-quality as a rule!
  • sales are your friend. it’s not unheard of to be able to find high-end makeup for a lot cheaper during sales–i got an urban decay lipstick for 10 bucks (they’re normally 20) during a macy’s sale!
  • the absolute best time to get large quantities of affordable makeup is around christmas–generally any time between november and january. it’s very easy to find gift sets, both at drug stores and dedicated makeup stores, that will save you a lot of money and often last you a long time!
  • makeup tutorials are pretty easy to find, both on youtube (if you’re able to follow video tutorials–i’m not, personally, but i know a lot of people can) and tumblr, as well as other websites! 
  • take care not to use certain makeups past the expiration date (generally the packaging will tell you how long you can keep the makeup before needing to toss it). this is especially vital with mascara–i’ve heard horror stories there.

if anyone else has stuff they wanna add, please feel free!


as you remember i posted two pictures like that yesterday and i didn’t think too much about how revealing they were or something; i just wanted to show off my makeup because i liked it but apparently pictures like that give men the permission to send me several pictures of their genitals or inappropriate asks, which is NO! NOTHING I WILL EVER POST OR WEAR MAKES ME ‘ASK FOR IT’ OR JUSTIFIES MESSAGES LIKE THAT BECAUSE 'IF YOU POST PICTURES LIKE THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE MESSAGES LIKE THAT IN CALCULATION’; NO, I SIMPLY DON’T HAVE TO BECAUSE WHAT MAKES YOU THINK IT IS APPROPRIATE TO SEND ME STUFF LIKE THAT JUST BECAUSE I POST PICTURES LIKE THAT! THAT IS MY BODY AND I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SHOW WHAT I WANT AND POST WHAT I WANT WITHOUT HAVING TO FEAR THAT I WILL GET HARASSED FOR IT

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I sometimes feeling like I'm genderfluid too, I'm so confused about my sexuality. Like some days I feel right about being male, some days I really think I'd be better as female, somedays I get the urge to try female clothes, other days I feel fine how I dress, and sometimes I have no idea what gender I should be....Is that a feeling you know too? What is it to be genderfluid?

For me it started out not really knowing if i wanted to be a girl or boy and finding myself yearning when expressing myself very far in either direction. I’ve found that striving to be ambiguous most of the time and then more so in either direction as i feel the need. To be honest though this is just how i deal with it and express it through fashion and things like makeup/shaving/doing my hair.

It’s not necessarily “i want to look like a girl/boy” but rather “i want to BE a girl/boy/somewhere in between and this is the best way i know how to show it”

But who know, i could have it all wrong. I’m still figuring things out.


Kara and Mon El Breakup Up Scene from Mr and Mrs Mxyzptlk

One of my favorite things about this scene is their body language. The entire time Mon El is admitting how jealous he is of Mxy, Kara looks like she’s thinking the entire time about how he’s gonna break his heart in a minute. And Mon El. He is pleading. He is begging her to give him another chance, because she is all that he wants. You can see it all in his eyes. I love this scene, because even though it was so heartbreaking, the acting was so good.

The Kara and Mon El Makeup (and Make out) Scene can be seen here: https://thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain.tumblr.com/post/157661528446/kara-and-mon-el-kiss-scene-mr-and-mrs-mxyzptlk

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Alright, this is entirely a self-indulgent post, so please feel free to ignore it [it’ll be tagged makeup related, so you can block the tag if you don’t want to see posts like this in the future!]

A while ago I created a mock eyeshadow palette for Inquisition characters [see the first picture!], and the idea stuck with me so much so that I had to see if I could replicate it in real life.

Now, admittedly I’m kind of a makeup junkie with a large stash of eyeshadows, and so I tried my best to replicate it. I think I did well! Dorian, Blackwall, Iron Bull, Cullen and Josephine are dead on, I think. Cole’s is pretty too, but I wish the golden shift in the white was more pronounced. I wanted a more rose-gold shade for Cassandra, but this was the closest I could get. Leliana’s black I’m not entirely happy with - I think a blackened purple would’ve been better. And the Solas green is a little too dark, maybe? Sera’s red and Vivienne’s purple didn’t photograph well - they’re actually much richer and prettier in real life. Varric’s blue should’ve been more navy, like ink blue.

Now if I could only find a way to create a DA-decorated palette… :/

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i know ive said this like 3000 times already but that pic of taeil (the one with the black clothes and his arm tattoos showing) changed my life, i think about it so much, like i really think he's getting hotter?? and how is that even possible??

Dude I’m already emotional right now because I still can’t get over my baby wearing a skirt again after years. I’m so moved, so moved and this is the caffeine talking that I’m in almost tears. Skirt and leggings is Shayla’s top fantasy with Jiho. With bomb ass makeup….fuck he can be bare faced if wants I’ll take both. Long haired Jiho short haired Jiho I don’t care. This caffeine is speaking very loud and clear right now. I’m looking at his poster and I’m like black haired Jiho is fine but so is blond Jiho….remember when he went pink

I’m going to be 40 thinking about my youth and just saying “I remember the Woo FineassHo days. The Woo Ji-fine-ho days.” OH GOD WHY IS JIHO SO FINNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHY???? WHY???? WHERE HIS MOM I’M PENNING HERE A LETTER! NO FUCK HIM I DON’T NEED THIS


Jiho could plow right through me like I’m damn 5 feet of snow and he a truck …..nope get a grip. OKay Taeil….Taeil the topic at hand

I know what photo you’re talking about but I don’t have it on hand sadly but I know what you mean. Since the end of last year I’ve noticed he been getting more attractive. I think he finally feeling himself and is now older so he not caring as much as he use to. Which means more confident and more body showing. I’ve seen the concert photos of last night.

Hamilton Imagine/One-Shot

An Honest Fight For An Honest Man
Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

[A/N: This is the first Hamilton/Hamilcast imagine I’ve written, so please don’t judge it too hard. ❤
Written in [Y/N]’s Point of View]

I sat at the dinner table with my boyfriend Liam, eating my spaghetti. We decided to go to dinner after our argument that we had, and I hoped that my makeup covered the bruise I had from where he hit me in his rage. Of course I forgave him, but I didn’t feel right after that. It was like something inside of me snapped, and I became determined to get away from him as fast as I could.
“[Y/N]? You okay sweetheart?” Liam asked, and I forced a smile as I looked up at him.
“I’m fine, I just don’t feel well.” I smiled, my red lips curling upward in an attempt to soothe his anger. My [E/C] eyes locked with his, and when his gaze hardened, I knew I was screwed. He stood and grabbed my wrist.
“C'mon, let’s go home babe.” He said through gritted teeth, and I shook my head.
“N-No, I’m fine.” I said, feeling the restaurant turning to look at us. He roughly tugged me to my feet, and I let out a yelp of pain as I felt the bruises forming. But before I had a chance to react, there was someone standing between me and Liam.
“Listen buddy, I don’t care who you are, you have NO right to hit, grab, or jerk on a woman! Let her go immediately, or I’ll call the cops!” The man said, and Liam let go of me.

Only to punch the man a split second later.

On instinct, I grabbed Liam’s fist before he could hit the man again. My makeup by this time had come off from my sweating, and the bruise was plain as day on my face.
“Leave. Now.” I growled, and Liam grabbed my hair.
“You’re coming with me then!” He hissed, and the man who stood up for me got up.
“You’re a piece of scum for hitting a woman. If you want to hit someone, hit me!” The man said, and they started to fight. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911, and as soon as I hung up, a body dropped to the floor. I looked to see who it was, nervous. When I looked, I almost laughed with joy. It was Liam’s unconscious body that had hit the floor. I raced to the man who saved me, and for the first time, I saw his face.
“Oh…oh my…y-you’re….” I stammered. He just chuckled.
“I’m Lin Manuel-Miranda. I apologize for stepping in, but it seemed like you needed some help.” Lin smiled, and my heart skipped a beat.
“M-My name’s [F/N] [L/N], but you can call me [Y/N]. Thank you Mr. Miranda…” I said sheepishly.
“Please, call me Lin. To make up for all of this, why don’t I buy you dinner and dessert?” Lin smiled, and I nodded.
“That would be great.” I smiled, taking his arm.

“Remember that Linny? We became friends, then we started dating, then we got married, and now here we are. Baby on the way.” I smiled, putting my hand on my 5 month baby bump.
“Of course I remember that night [Y/N]. I saved the love of my life that night. I never would’ve met you if I hadn’t stepped between you and that awful boyfriend of yours.” Lin chuckled, holding me closer. Ten years after that night, I had the husband of my dreams and am four months away from having our first child. Nothing could be better than this. It certainly was an honest fight for an honest man.


It seems like I have a gazillion butterflies inside my tummy whenever someone calls me a “BLOGGER”. Yes, I do take photos of my outfits, I get freebies and I attend some events, I have sponsorships and collaborations. But still, I don’t think I am fit to be called as one despite having been running a blog focusing on clothes (and makeup) for a year now.

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Followers please read

First thing I wanna make clear is that my blog “Alicewonder369” is not a porn blog or a fetish blog. Now if you have a blog like that I don’t mind if you follow me or like my content. But I will not let you reblog it onto porn or fetish blogs. If this happens I will have no choice but to block that blog so that they cannot do it again or attract more blogs like that to me. I’m not trying to be mean I love you all but I don’t want this blog to been seen as a porn or fetish blog. This blog was made for me to share my life and makeup with you guys and to give advice and help anyone I could. I’ll say it again this is not a porn or fetish blog I’m not here for you sexual pleasure. If you think I am you will be blocked and that’ll be that. But to everyone else I invite you to come to my blog, I welcome you come see my content and ask questions and I’ll help you with all I can I love to help. Thank you all so much ❤️


I haven’t done green makeup in so long???? Part of me was like “you should get dressed up for this” but then the other part of me was like “you’re already wearing camo sweatpants the makeup matches there is no need”

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In the picture with the dress, I think this bruise is just a very smokey eye makeup or what bruise do you mean? I just can see the little one at the back of her neck

Other Anon: Actually, I don’t think that’s a bruise, it doesn’t look like one to me. In the article it talks how the makeup designer kept saying how he was trying very hard not to make Harley be beautiful, so it’s most likely just messy, scary makeup, I highly doubt that’s a bruise.


I’ll say it like this, mostly I would agree with you both but this is a smokey eye: 

This is the bruise: 

It looks exactly the same as the bruise she has around her eye at the end of the movie here: 

Do you see what I mean? Where the makeup ends and the bruise begins? Idk that’s just my opinion. There’s a point where the makeup stops and the bruise begins. 

On her neck? I think what you’re seeing is a shadow. Or are you talking about this? 

Honestly that looks like either a scratch or a kiss mark or something like that to me, but I don’t think it was intentional for the scene.