but i like my makeup so

inktober 2017 - 21

Klark, queen of the ice nation, from “the white queen running” by @entirelytookeen

💫1.1k follower celebration💫

hey guys!! so ur fave enby bisexual (me) hit 1,100 followers the other day (yay)!!! so i thought i’d offer different options for the celebration? all you have to do is reblog + like this post, be following me, and send me an ask off anon for one of the following:

  • send me 💌  and tell me ur name and i’ll give you 3 things your name reminds me of!
  • send me 🌷  and describe an aesthetic or your favorite things (dogs?? flowers?? etc.) and i’ll write you a personalized haiku!
  • send me 🌟  and describe ur style and maybe a specific occasion and i’ll describe a makeup + outfit look for you!!
  • send me🌱 and i’ll pick a random line from my copy of ovid’s metamorphoses!

thank you guys so much!! honestly i don’t know why you guys follow me?? but thank you for being here and being hella awesome!! <3


So today I bought myself loads of nice things because things have been not good (read below)…but buying myself makes me feel so much better, especially when its little cute things I feel like I don’t deserve. I now have some delicious macaroons (fuck you ed), makeup brushes, green tea body scrub (!) and a suuuuper soft dressing gown…hoping things will get better soon xxxxx

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What’s the wildest thing you’ve done with your hair?

All of High School can be considered “wild” and also several of them “regrettable!”  Let us settle in for a photo essay, shall we?

Up until high school, this was very much me. My hair would be trimmed to my chin for summers, but you were lucky if I took a brush to it at all during the day. I was always in oversized t-shirts, baggy cargo shorts, and I had never even attempted girl jeans. I was one of the guys, and I had no intention of reminding them I was a lady. 

The summer before high school, I lost like 20 pounds and decided I should try caring. It was like an overnight switch, I bought fitted jeans, went from 2x-3x t-shirts to Mediums. I started wearing makeup every day, and I began the journey of “do whatever I want to my hair” lololol I changed my hair every 6-12 months for the next 5 years or so.

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ok these pics are super shitty guys I’m so bad at selfies BUT here’s what my halloween costume is basically gonna look like next weekend :D

I figure this is lich!lup, not necessarily reaper!lup, hence the simplicity of it

skeleton leggings, skeleton tank, skeleton elbow-length gloves, skeleton shoes THAT GLOW IN THE DARK, my taaco twin latex ears, and the IPRE robe I used for denver comic con

might do something a liiiiitle bit different with the mouth makeup idk, and the tank top is pinned at the shoulder atm because i need to tack it and i’ll blend the ears a little better and like, actually wash my hair?


part of me wants to distress the ends of my robe but im also kinda hesitant to destroy it… it’d look cool tho

anything I’m missing that I could throw together in the next week?

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Hi, so i'm genderqueer and i'm having trouble expressing myself as one. Do you maybe have any tips or ideas I can try? I already changed my name and pronouns, so i guess im asking if there's any other forms of expressing it i can try? Sorry this is so long...

You can try changing up your clothes, hair, and makeup? A binder or breast forms, wigs or haircuts, nail polish, whatever you like.

You can also wear pride jewelry, shirts, or pronoun buttons.

But really, all you have to do to be genderqueer is…be genderqueer. There is no dress code, no requirements.


The amazing, beautiful, talented, patient and wonderful @solverne tagged me to post some pictures! Thank you!!! ❤🤓
My wallpaper - from my phone because I’m moving in so our computer is in a box! Last music - did I say I love Amber Run? And my face - I just got home from work so I’m still wearing makeup lol
I won’t tag people because I am really really late to this party ^^ But if anyone feel like doing this, please tag me so I can see ya! ❤

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  • Why I like them - a fun-loving and peppy boy who loves his friends and always does his best that also has deep-seated insecurities and imposter syndrome that is very relatable he’s great!!!
  • Why I don’t - sometimes i think they tried too hard to make him seem straight, but otherwise i don’t really have a lot to complain about!!
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - episode prompto! i, how do u say, love to fucking cry. also it was just?? such a journey?? i was so sad for him? but so proud of him when he finally figured out what he wanted??? i was just??? fucking crying the whole time??? anyhow, that day i figured out my makeup was water resistant 
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line - yo i got 5, but i die inside when he’s at max cheese being like “ever at your side”
  • Favorite outfit - i really like his episode prompto gear he looks so warm
  • OTP - prompto x discovering his self-worth and loving himself. i do rly like him with the bros tho!
  • Brotp - prompto and aranea!!! the niflheim best sibs!!!
  • Head Canon - he definitely has a DS that he just wasnt allowed to be seen with because -square enix hissing voice- nantoondo, but he just seems like the person to play it on the bus and trade pokemon with the overenthusiastic kid sitting next to him!! also, ‘hey dude what’s your friend code?’ sounds so right in his voice
  • Unpopular opinion - THIS IS A RLY OBSCURE OPINION BUT i think his ass slaps are really just friendly ass slaps!!! & this is as someone who’s written promp//tis fics & is also emotionally invested in these bois smoochin!!! admittedly i’m a very touchy friend & WILL hold hands once i’m given the ok to, so this is likely a skewed opinion, but sometimes u just gotta slap ur buds on the ass!!! gentle booty tap of friendship!!
  • A wish - I jUsT WANt Ed HIm TO BE hAPpY
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - one of my anxieties when approaching episode prompto was that i would have to watch him see an illusion of his friends abandoning him and saying mean things to him so likeeee… YEAh i DonT WANt TO SEE THAt
  • 5 words to best describe them - fun!! bright!! good!! resilient!! loyal!! alt. he is doing his best!!!
  • My nickname for them - i just call him prompto!! also, sometimes, my boy, my good good gun boy

[give me a character and i will answer these] [my inbox]

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Why do you do your eyebrows so wide? I’m genuinely curious, is that like a thing in makeup or? I’m confused

i have wide eyebrows naturally so i just go with my shape lol


bias + selfie tag!! 💝 tagged by @nareulwonhae

and yes!! finally decided to post a selfie of me!! so hi!! everyone!! took this selfie a few days ago on my birthday (which explains the makeup lolol) and we’re kind of matching?? we’re wearing black and the selfies were taken in front of a door?? i chose this pic of kai bc its his most recent selfie and he looks so!! good!! here!!

its ok if yall dont want to do it / have alrd done it but!!! im sorry i dont know who to tag @minvamphyuk @tomatoholmes @jooheonster @limchangkyvns

I’ve been watching mua YouTube videos all day long so when I went to get ready I thought I’d try to do my eyeshadow in a traditional way like all the makeup vloggers do and I spent like 20 minutes doing it and I know I did a great job but I was really sad when I looked at myself? Like it wasn’t me at all and it depressed me how much it wasn’t me. Is this what dysphoria feels like.

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🌱 I'm currently studying the orpheus myth in metamorphoses!!! coincidence i THINK NOT 🌟 i wear 80s looking thrifted clothes most often, mom jeans and a fairly muted palette CONGRATS LOVE xx

send me 🌟  and describe ur style and maybe a specific occasion and i’ll describe a makeup + outfit look for you!!

burgundy knit cardigan, cream-colored blouse, of course mom jeans and a black belt, black shoes with a thick heel, try like a nude glossy lid? that would B very cool, i know milk makeup has a holographic highlight thing called mars and u can layer it on and make it more subtle!! that and some light blush!!! (maybe do an ombre lip thing and put like a burgundy shade on the center and spread out from there)

send me🌱 and i’ll pick a random line from my copy of ovid’s metamorphoses!

i turned to a page in ovid and the first line i saw was “adulterous bitch” and i SCREECHED so here’s a more appropriate aesthetic-y one:

remember how apples smell?- and purple grapes fresh from the vibes and a white honeycomb as  centerpiece and all around the table shone kindly faces, nothing mean or poor or skimpy in good will.” - lines 676-680, baucis and philemon, book eight, ovid’s metamorphoses (humphries edition)

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166,168? :O

166-Why do you like/dislike/have neutral feelings about religion?
I don’t really have any feelings about religion. I grew up in a Christian home,it’s also still a big part of life in my country,so
I don’t really like or dislike any religion. If you believe in God that’s fine. If you don’t that’s also good. What pisses me off more is the church,that’s what ruins a religion in my opinion. Just like with everything else-people ruined it
168-Do you like to wear makeup?
No,I absolutely hate it. Don’t get me wrong,I admire the shit out of people who can actually put it on,that’s something I never learned how to do properly. The problem is that I look like 13,and when I have makeup on I look like a 13 year old who tries way too hard to look older
There’s something very vulgar about my face in makeup,in my opinion at least
And besides-whenever I have it on my face gets very itchy,so
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Thank you so much for all the love guys on my makeup fx. I’m going to start my 30 days of makeup fx challenge soon for myself. I will be posting on here but also you can follow my Instagram at halloweenpinup for more. I have a few more Stepford wife CTRL+ ALT + Delete coming up today. Also if there’s look you would like to see post your comments below. Happy Saturday! ❤️🔪