but i like it when these two are friendly

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.

Some people say that bagginshield isn’t canon (either they need glasses or they’re lying) But lets be real, that acorn scene killed us all. From the heart-eyes stares to the embrace on the carrock, it’s obvious that these two are getting it on. So, if you’re obsessed over these two dorks, then this network is for you!


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“I’ve been very disappointed with Raph and Casey’s bromance in the 2012 series so far. They always claim that they are best friends, but then I barley see any real chemistry between the two other then them being friendly towards each other or having each other’s backs when they are battling (which they should be doing anyways regardless if they are best friends or not because Casey’s their teammate now). I thought it would of been a great opportunity to make a even stronger bond between the two since Raph has lost Spike, but it seems like their friendship is mostly non-existent on the 2012 series just for the favor of this love triangle that’s going on and for Donnie’s and Casey’s rivalry. If the writers are going for a different approach such as deciding to make Casey closer with Donnie in this incarnation this time instead of the same one with Raph, then I don’t mind that at all. But if Casey isn’t as close to Raph in this incarnation just because of Donnie, this love triangle or even because of Raph’s lack of interest for gaining bonds/relationships with humans in 2012 in general, then I’m seriously pissed.”

The whole start of ESB with Han and Leia snarling at each other makes me think there has definitely been something said about an attraction between them, and this anger is a defence mechanism. Like one evening Leia was onboard the Falcon to escape the cold, Han offered to teach her the finer points of sabacc- after some time, a few ales and some laughs, Chewie retires leaving the two of them feeling a bit merry as they play a friendly hand.

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1- If nobody told you already, THERE IS NO SCORE FOR THE CEILI PORTION. You have to know it satisfactorily to pass, but there’s no score. Don’t be me and totally bomb your dancing because you freaked over the ceili because the TCRG is a really big deal to you. But do study. For God sakes, study.

2- If you haven’t tested in a few years, THE GRADING SYSTEM HAS CHANGED. I don’t know when, and I don’t know why, but there is no longer a grade for “General Effect” and RHYTHM & TIMING HAVE BEEN SPLIT INTO TWO MARKS.

3- Per the above change, the percentage of passing/grading & labeling of marks are slightly relaxed (by like 1%, don’t get too excited) and renamed from “excellent, good, fair, poor” to “excellence, honours, merit, and pass” or some such…this one really isn’t such a biggie.

Just a friendly FYI to all my Senior Ladies. <3

Friendly reminder that me and my mom were stuck in traffic today for a long time and I just started telling Astrology jokes and here is some gold for you:

What does a Sagitarius say when they want to marry their signifigant others?

Sagi-Marry Us

What do you call it when Bigfoot is a Sagitarius


What do you call a sagitarius that likes milk?


What does a sagitarius say when they’re surprised?

Sagi-I declare-ius

What bird is most commonly a sagitarius?

A sagi-Canary-us

What do two sagitariuses ask when they’re too lazy to walk?

Sagi-Carry Us

What do you call a funny Sagitarius?



outfit post <step into the office>

every week i like to showcase one outfit that work appropriate. for today’s ootd i reached for a simple black pencil skirt and white blouse. what could be more office friendly than that? a pair of black pumps would be perfect with this combination, but i decided to elevate the look with accessories that coordinate - all in the color orange. as you can see accessories can change the entire look of an outfit. think of them as men do a tie and shirt. smart men know when these two articles of clothing are changed the entire suit changes. think about it. accessories are key when it comes to keeping your look fresh. so be on the hunt for belts, shoes, handbags and slowly build your accessory wardrobe.

When “Following” someone on Flickr, I look at two things. First I see if they have posted any recast in their photostream by doing a keyword search for “recast”. Then I search in their favorites doing the same keyword search. You can tell if someone is recast friendly if they “like” several photos. Most recast owners are at least honest enough to list recast in the description, so you can tell. I simply won’t follow them as I just don’t really like to associate or get to know BJD people that support recast. I won’t get to know these people in person, so it’s neither here nor there if I don’t really get to know them online.
However, what really floors me, is when looking under someone’s favorites for recast, they “like” several of BJD photos that support the artist, the anti-recast, legit BJD type photos, and at the same time “like” photos of well known folks that have recast and share all their recast doll photos. I mean, at least I’m not a hypocrite. When I say I don’t support recast, I won’t like photos or associate with BJD people that I’ve never met anyway online.
Why are so many people wishy washy on this. Either you’re for or against. There is no middle ground on this.

Image by BJDConfessions

Two things I dont understand

1. When girls encourage their friends to date the person THEY like instead of tryna date em themselves.

2. When girls who like the person you’re dating try to be all friendly with you.



Just why

jessicamaeman asked:

Please tell me how you lift from VS/PINK

so basically every store is a little different, I lift from two locations each about an hour away from each other and they are opposites. At the first location the SA is usually friendly and not aggressive unless there’s no one in the store and then they are just trying to do their job. They count items usually at this one’s dressing rooms so I tend to conceal on floor in blind spots [ there are like two cameras and I just slide behind tall displays and out of line of the camera ] and so then I can detag what I want In the dressing room without having to worry about not having the same number of items I came into the DR with as when I leave. At this particular store almost everything but undies are tagged so just bring ugly undies that don’t interest you in the dressing room with you and stick the tags on those undies so you don’t have to double tag [if you have a magnet]. The other method I use at the other store is to grab one of the shoppers and just load it up [ make sure if you want something that is on a hanger to take it off the hanger before you put it in your shopper so you don’t have to deal with the whole empty hanger dilemma because it’s a give away ] and then I go in the dressing room and detag using the same extra undies trick to get rid of left over tags. Make sure that you don’t walk in with a chock full shopper and leave with nothing that’s sus af so maybe bring in half of the stuff knowing you won’t lift it. Honestly just feel it out and make sure you trust your gut and don’t be greedy bc you can always go lift again you can’t always get an arrest off of your record :)

suckitdomitian replied to your post: I will not get into fights with strang…

uh. she had every right to be pissed the fuck off. not only is he keeping massive amounts of secret from her, he basically just brought two traitors into their midst with they vague assurance that ‘oh, they’re fine’, and still expects her to back 

him 100% despite both of these things. like, fucking hell, she had every right to shut him down when everything that she -thought- they were working towards has been nothing but a smokescreen for his own objectives.

I think in some ways this episode also showed how Coulson really is not used to not being the golden boy? Not used to having his authority questioned, not used to May being in a position of authority higher than his, not used to his team questioning his decisions so openly. Both times they’ve argued there’s been this distinct tone of betrayal not stemming from friendship exactly but also from May taking orders from someone other than him/being in a position higher than his. He’s used to being the golden boy, to having May be ~loyal to him, except May understands loyalty and protection in a very different way than he does. Loyalty is not blind, not to May. But Coulson takes it for granted.

(And now I’m wondering if some of Hand’s animosity towards Coulson stems from how hard she had to work to get even a fraction of the respect and authority he immediately got. And what it must have been – and still be – for May to be brought in to protect Coulson as one of Fury’s assets but not to be trusted with the ‘true’ task. She’s the daughter of a spy – she knows the business – but still, that must hurt.)


I was watching the K trailer yet AGAIN, and I just realized. Fushimi and Misaki were SMILING when they were sparring. Maybe I’m just reading into it too much, but maybe just maybe there’s a slight possibility that this particular scene that GoRa showed us between the two of them wasn’t during an actual battle, but perhaps they were doing some friendly training or sparring? They both look like they’re genuinely enjoying their battle, unlike the one’s shown in season 1. Also, IMO, and Fushimi’s smile doesn’t look as deranged or crazed and fanatical, like it usually does. Or maybe that’s just me. AND I looked at the other scenes where they were featured, as well, and the background and action around them seems slightly different. So, there might be a chance that they’re friends again? No?

I may be mistaken, but I sincerely and truly want them to be friends again. So here’s hoping that even if this scene may prove otherwise, season 2 will show fans of their angst-driven relationship, some positive development for their future. Sarumi deserves some happiness.

*fingers crossed*

Simmons and May in 2x18

Ok, I haven’t seen the last (2x18) episode of AoS and it will be a while before I see it, so this is based purely on gifsets and other posts and I’m not tagging it for tumblr search since I don’t have enugh data for a proper meta.

Also  this is NOT May friendly (I like May, we all make mistakes and so on, I just had to point this one out)

BUT, from what I’ve seen I have two thoughts about the scene “It was my plan” with Simmons and May.

1) People write how it’s good Jemma fights for the credit for what she’s done, and I’m sure that’s like 70% it. But I also have this feeling while watching her face that there’s a part of her that wants to point out to May that when it comes to the fact that they no longer have the access to the toolbox, Fitz is not to be blamed for anything- it was her plan and her decision. (that is, if I guess correctly that by this point May still wanted to know what’s inside).

2) “To protect you!” I don’t know what’s going on, but just the gif of it makes me angry. Because, with all due respect to May, that’s an awful thing to say. Especially to Simmons. And I won’t be going around this one. Because what May actually said (I’m sure she didn’t mean that, but that’s what her statement meant for Simmons) is that Fitz is less valuable in her eyes. That throwing him out into a danger and risk his life is worth it, as long as it ensures that Simmons, the more valuable asset, remains safe. Because why would anyone protect Simmons at the cost of Fitz safety? Why would someone decide that his safety is worth less than hers? Why would someone evaluate that he’s more expendable than she is? That if they were to chose one of them they would not only chose Simmons, but even treat it as perfectly acceptable solution? To the point that they use it as a valid argument?

Second thing: it’s connecting too tightly with the pod. Once again Fitz is in danger, so that Simmons can be safer. Once again someone else decided it for her. Someone else stated that: “You must be safe, so that means Fitz must be in danger.” Once again she hears that something bad not only might, but will happen to him, because she’s “more worthy”. And she fought so hard for such a long time to convince Fitz that he’s still as great and brilliant as he used to be. Now she sees that Fitz might not be the only one who can’t see this.
And this is awful.

All in all, somebody please tell me that Simmons verbally slapped May for this (or that I interpreted it all wrong because of limited data)

So I know when I get to class my teacher’s going to rag on me for only having one shot done for the check up today. Like, HEY, fRIENDLY REMINDER THAT YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY TEACHER WHO GAVE ME A HUGE PROJECT TO DO IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, MISTER!! >:(

Not to complain about the work or anything, because I know I have to work to earn my grades and that’s FINE, but I really wish teachers would remember that their class isn’t the only one us students have. Sometimes I feel like they do that. lmao

Pets- Our Two Bedroom Story

Shusei: He’s really friendly and sweet so I could see him with a dog, probably a Golden Retriever or some other breed that’s good with kids for when he and MC have a family (✿◠‿◠)

Akiyoshi: Aki has a real soft spot for animals, so he could probably have any type of pet, maybe even several different ones, like lizards, hamsters, cats, dogs, whatever xP

Minato: For some reason, I could also see him with a dog, a Boxer. I really don’t have anything to back this up, it’s just what I think xP

Kaoru: He already has Tama, but I could definitely see him getting another cat, probably one he and MC adopted together  ≧◡≦

Tsumugu: He’s pretty lazy when he isn’t working so I could see him with something that wouldn’t require a lot of work, like fish, though he’d probably forget to feed them and they’d die xP

Chiaki: Little devil he is, he’d have a parrot that he’d probably teach to say dirty things to MC and he’d deny it learned it from him xD

Thanks for the read!


i know i’ve said it a million times already but andrew scott was sooo charming and friendly and he was kind enough to let me have two pictures with him

i think he recognised me from my nonsensical rambling at him in his autograph the day before and he told me he liked my shirt and as you can tell in the first pic i was in the middle of saying thank you when the photo was taken, so afterwards i was like “oh no i think i was talking in the middle of that!” and he was so sweet and he asked the photographer if we could have another picture and i have total heart eyes for him

Working a service job as a femme can be really frustrating. I like to be friendly and polite to everyone anyway, but it’s a big requirement of my job. I hate it when men think that I am flirting with them or that I like them and they respond to it by excessively complimenting me or asking for my number. It’s a truly uncomfortable position for me. It has happened so often in the past two weeks that I am considering wearing a fake engagement ring. Does that even work? I don’t know what to do. Help me, tumblr.

I work at a greeting card store and I love working there, but there are times where the customers can get to you.

Today I opened with my manager and was setting up some displays for Mother’s Day - once my time to clock out came I clocked out and decided to pick up some cards that I needed (Mother’s Day and some birthdays). RIght when I clocked out two customers came in, a guy and a girl, and they were overly friendly talking to myself and my managers like they knew us - they’ve never been in before, at least that I know of.

I took my name tag off and went to look at the cards, they were in the same section as I was and asked me questions; “you work here?”, “you’re buying something for yourself?” I answered short answers, trying to convey “I want to shop in peace and quiet, please” with my tone and continued to look through the Mother’s Day cards. Then they continued to ask me questions; “you’re off work now?” “how do you like working here?” “how long have you been working here?” After those questions I just said “Sorry, I need to show something to my manager” and left. I found my assistant manager and told her that I was going to go in the back and just wait until they left because I wanted to shop in peace rather than being asked random questions.

They could have been the nicest but I just was not in the mood and they couldn’t take the hint. I closed last night and I opened today and got around 4 hours of sleep, so that could have aided in my annoyance with them.

I’m totally fine with people asking me questions with finding things and whatnot when I’m off the clock, especially when my co-workers are busy with other customers but please if I’m shopping for myself then please just leave me be.

I follow some local Facebook mom groups and today I saw two things that made me sad. One mom was trying to find a nice way to tell her routine play date and mom friend she couldn’t meet up anymore because mom friend’s daughter is overly aggressive and it is rubbing off on her daughter who has already worked through these issues. A lot of moms chimed in with really great advice. It was nice to see but it made me think of when I thought no one would want to be around Odin and I. Odin isn’t aggressive but a few kids in his class at school didn’t like Odin’s overly friendly personality and his jargon. Funny enough it was all in my head as no one has abandoned us and we have play dates that always go really well. But I remember the fear and how alone I felt.

Another thing I saw on one of the groups was a mom that I once used as a sitter who has a perfect two year old and a four month old. Well her four month old is having a hard time with GERD and this poor mom is sending out a plea for advice and encouragement. She is a really awesome mom and really great. She watched my kid. I would of continued to use her but new baby and a toddler plus Odin, yikes. I sent her kind words.

I had an easy infant once we figure out the gas issue and the feeding issue. I know how lucky I was and I hope I can only be so lucky with the next. Love each other ladies because sometimes we forget to love ourselves and cut ourselves some slack.