but i like it when these two are friendly

ok but i for one love the idea of the stereotypical team personalities now that we know what our leaders look like

candela: passionate, can bench press both the other leaders, lives off of red bull, will kick your ass if you make fun of her or the other two leaders

blanche: quiet, know-it-all, wears fake glasses when they battle just so they can do the anime glasses thing, can hot-wire a car in less that 2 minutes

spark: gentle, friendly, has a hard time controlling his volume, literally the embodiment of pure pokemon enthusiasm

i am all here for this

so like at work i’m only out as trans to all the other hosts but like it’s not a secret if any of the servers ask me or anything i’ll tell them and all the other hosts all use he/him pronouns for me

and today when i was standing up front, out of nowhere one of my managers comes up and apologized for using the wrong pronouns sometimes and said that he’s been trying to use he/him and like it caught me so off guard i was so surprised cause i didn’t even know that he knew so i just told him thank u and like, i’m still so surprised he walked up and said anything to me 

it was really nice tho

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.

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I dont ship Roadhog and Junkrat but you've made me be in love with the idea of the two being v affectionate with each other every now and then bc rly close platonic relationships. Its like yes plz Roadhog show the rat child what affection is. Though I think it would have made Junkrat become a very touchy person and not helped with him respecting personal space when he wants to be friends with someone so he's just "Hello *puts hand on persons face*"

THATS…honestly great! Hahah to each their own. Ship or not, i think their relationship is interesting. I go with the headcanon that Junkrat couldn’t stand physical contact at all, even if it was friendly. He feels people touching him and he backs away ‘WHAT. YOU WANNA FITE, M8???! threatened mouse basically.

In comes Roadhog, a beast of a man that could break JR like a toothpick and in the midsts of their “strictly business” relationship, he pats his head, paps his back, shares food and shelter. And junkrat’s like OH. This is what…friends are?? I NEVER HAD FRIENDS. THIS IS WEIRD.

Now Junkrat is a bit more comfortable receiving affection (though still jumpy), but he SUCKS at showing it. When he likes you he’ll pat your back too hard, compliment you too aggressively, and personal space??? That space is now Junkrat’s breathing zone. You share it now.


The protective gesture of a friend and then her loved one, it must have signified so much to Lisbon. I can imagine how much meaning she would give to each of Jane’s touches like this, how attentive she was to all of them. At first, it must have been her wondering if this meant more than a friendly gesture of support and later on she knew that it was a lot more than that - that he was sharing his secrects with her, and his arm formed a sort of a border line between the rest and the two of them and their secret/mission, and after that, when they became a couple - that he was (obviously to her) protecting her from what could hurt her the most and was eager to be involved in her life as much as she would let him, making sure that she felt well, and was comfortable with him being around, that she was protected from what hurt her feelings.

The horrible vision:

I really didn’t like AoU, because, you know, the shitty writing in my two favs. But if I match Tony’s scenes the middle of AoU and the end of CW, it’s very heartbreaking:

When Wanda “the poor kid” Maximoff mind-rapes Tony showing him his worst fear, he sees his friends, he sees the world, all because he didn’t do more…

And then days after, all his friends are yelling at him, telling him in every word how much he fucked up, and of course that he knows it, just watch his expression when he shows them Jarvis, he knows that the failed, that he failed in protect them…

And he laughs…

It’s not a funny laugh, it’s not something that he finds funny, he’s stressed, he is ill, and this laugh, this high pitched, hysterical laugh, is because he has no more to say. The body demands a response for the pain and stress, if he doesn’t laugh, he probably will start to cry.

And then…

One year later we have Tony trying all in his power to still want to protect this people. Even the people who hurt him in the past: Wanda never apologized with him, never said sorry for what she did to Bruce or Nat neither, she just get away because she lost someone. Is Tony yelling in revenge? No. Is he beating her? No. He is worried because she fucked up (as he did in the past) under Steve vigilance, under his leading. So, the UN wants them to compromise, and the governments who have casualties wants Wanda’s head in a silver plate. Is very easy to the US government to don’t take responsibility for Wanda’s actions: they just can wait that she is leaving the Campground, put her in a plane and says “this witch is not ours”. People are afraid of her, and I think that he is too, because, look at her, look at how powerful she is.

In the airport, Tony is again almost confronting his worst fear: his friends getting killed. And he is desperate, he´s in pain, he had to pleaded to a man that he clearly don’t like to not send a kill squad. And in the end, is his best friend, the only person that has stand up with him without doubt but also without taking his shit, who is injured.

The treason comes later…

Comes in the hand of a man that he cares and trust, one of the people who he was desperately trying to protect. And he looses it.

And the end, Rhodey is still there, caring but also PLANTED AS A THREE for his believes, telling him that he did the right thing, because he wanted to protect the people, it was all that he wanted.

And he in the end, is alone, broken and hurt, but he will rise and trying to protect what that is left.

Because he prefers to die than that vision to come true.

Stupid Leaves Pt. 2 (Peter Parker Imagine)

Requests“you should do peters point of view on the last prompt you wrote and do it in a part two :)” - anon & “part 2 of stupid leaves!” - camila1818

A/N: This is a sequel to my imagine called “Stupid Leaves” but written in Peter Parker’s point of view! These two imagines are one of my favourite ones I’ve every written! Let me know if you guys want a part 3 of this or something! I hope you guys like it :) This is likely to be the last of my imagines for about three weeks! I may be posting some headcanons so feel free to send me prompts for them

Summary: Peter Parker happens to have a crush on his lab partner, and happens to engage in an interesting exchange when he saves them as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Warnings: Mentions of stalking/harassing, mild language

Part One: Reader’s Point of View | Part Three: The Monday After

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Imagine: Len stopping by your apartment to get your opinion before he goes off to travel through time to stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world.

A/N: Part 6! Just one more after this and this little series is over. I’m actually kind of sad. Writing the last one is going to be interesting. I will also be opening requests soon, but first I’m going to do something for the fact that I have almost 25 followers. It’s not a lot, but I’d still like to do something special for those of you who are sticking with me :)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

In the months that you and Len have been a thing without titles, you’d learned that if there was every music playing in your apartment when you got home from work or on hero business, Len was present. It was his way of letting you know that someone was there, but friendly. It happened often, more often than you’d admit to anyone that now knew about the relationship.

It was a Thursday evening, not so late that you didn’t half expect him to show. Something old and classical was playing from the direction of your bedroom when you walked in, dropping your keys off in the bowl near the door as you used your foot to close it behind you. “Len?” You call out as you drop your purse and sweater off on the couch in your small living room.

“Bedroom.” You heard as you toed off your work shoes. You made your way towards your room to find the man laying down on your bed. He was dressed in dark gray jeans and a paler gray Henley. His legs were crossed at the ankles with his hands resting on his stomach, fingers laced together.

“Hey.” You said softly, moving over to lay next to Len, mimicking his pose. “Didn’t really expect to see you tonight.”

“Got a lot on my mind. It’s easier to think here than at a safe house.” He stated, gaze still locked on the ceiling fan.

You turn you head, looking at him, taking in his profile. “Wanna talk about it?”

Len let out a deep breath slowly before closing his eyes. “You ever been given a good opportunity, but aren’t sure if it’s what you want?”

You blinked, curiosity nearly getting the better of you. “I have,” you spoke softly.

He turned quickly, rolling over until he was holding himself above you. He kept it so that no part of him was touching you, the man just out of reach. “When?”

“When I woke up from my coma.” You told him. “Like so many in this city, I could have used my powers for personal gain instead of helping others. Hell, Cisco built weapons that would stop me and Barry if we hadn’t been good people.”

“He build something to stop you?” He asked, brow furrowed.

You nodded slowly. “It’s a collar of sorts, though it can attach to an arm or leg no problem, doesn’t have to be on my neck to work. It basically overloads my powers, short circuits me out. Someone got a hold of it once, before Cisco chose to destroy it, it knocks me out completely.”

Len was frowning, looking lost in thought even as he was looking directly at you. “I got a summons, by a man named Rip Hunter. Apparently he’s from 2166, showed me, Mick, and a few others I don’t all recognize a glimpse of Star City in the future if Vandal Savage isn’t stopped.”

You sucked in a sharp breath, recognizing the name immediately. “Savage?”

Len seemed to focus again, crystal blue eyes landing on you. “You know of him?”

“Yeah, but…we killed him.” You frowned in thought, remembering your run in with Savage not that long ago. “At least, we thought. The man is immortal, has been around since the days of the pharaohs. I’m sure he must have a few loop holes.”

Len hummed softly. “You and your brother always say you see the good in me, Y/N, but I’m not a good person. I’m a thief, I’ve killed people. I’m not meant to save the world.”

“Len,” you whispered, reaching up to take his face with both hands, making sure he couldn’t look away, “don’t doubt yourself. The world isn’t so black and white as you seem to believe it is. We live in a world of grays, your shade is just a lot darker than many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change that.” You ran a thumb over his cheekbone.

He closed his eyes at the touch, that frown still tugging at his lips. You moved a hand back to wrap loosely around his neck, fingers massaging the muscles softly. You’d learned early on that Len tensed up to tight holds in typically relaxed situations, remnants of the abuse dealt to him by his father. “What do you think I should do?”

You blinked, a little surprised. Len never asked for advised, not the kind like this. “I think you need to do what you feel is right Len.” You tell him. “I’m not giving you the answer. It’s your life.”

“Yes, but you’ve become a major part of it and I want to hear your opinion.” He said, eyes opening again.

You smiled at him, touched by the statement. “You already know what I think Len, do I really have to say it for you.”

“It would help.” He whispered.

You raised yourself up, touching you lips to his in a soft kiss. “I think you’re a good man and that if you do this, you can do it. Because I believe in you.”

Len hummed again before kissing you. It was heated, intense. A part of it almost felt like a goodbye. As he pressed his weight down on you without crushing you, you wrapped your arms around him, ready to give him one hell of a farewell if he was really off to travel through time to fight against a man like Savage.

So long as he came back to you, you’d support any decision he made.


Thanks so much, guys! I love each and every one of you so so much!
It took me over a year to reach 100 followers on my main, and when I make a functional sideblog I got 100 in a little over two months. I think that says a lot about how friendly this fandom is - except for the sometimes unforgivable sin, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.
Now first of all I want to acknowledge my friends I’ve made on this blog:
@pollygenova @sanjavucic @montherze @littlejuri @peachjyri @fandomfishie @slightlyintimidating @ellliania. I love you guys, even if you’re one of the ones I don’t talk to that much I think you’re awesome.
Also, I would like to acknowledge and thank @wiwibloggs for having followed me since the first week I made this blog. I don’t know why, but I’m just gonna say: cool. I hope I serve enough realness for y'all.
Lastly I want to mention @sanjavucic again, because she’s the one who got me into this fandom. Ileana, you introduced me to amazing music and amazing people and I could not be more thankful.

a brand new hope [ original triology au ] chapter 16: it’s a revolution

Rating: T
Summary:   The crew arrives of Yavin VI and learns about the plans to fight the Deathstar! Han and Leia make a decision if they want to help destroy it.
Notes:This is a friendly reminder that Biggs is a female in this verse so hopefully that will avoid confusion. Also there will be an appearance of two VERY SPECIAL TFA Characters. Get ready!

“Your highness,” The stranger said as he stood up. Luke smiled and shook the man’s hand, “We are glad you’re safe, when we heard about Alderaan we feared the worst. But with the plans my team and I collected, we will soon prevent many more tragedies like this.” The man paused to turn to Han, Leia and Mara, “you must be the people who saved the Prince. The Rebel Alliance thanks you for your brave service.”

Leia smiled at the stranger.

“We were only doing right thing,” she said before turning to Luke, “by the way, Luke, care to tell us the name of your friend?”

“I would be honored,” Luke responded finishing up his handshake, “first off Captain, this is Leia Skywalker Solo and her husband Han, and their rather lovely friend Mara Jade Kenobi.” Mara grinned as Han nodded in approval. The stranger, however, looked crestfallen as if Luke’s comment towards Mara had reminded of someone he lost. “Ladies and Gentleman this..” Chewbacca growled, “oh and wookie-sorry, Chewie-…this is Captain C-”

“CASSIAN ANDOR!” Jyn’s voice boomed.

The young woman came storming down the ramp as the man Leia assumed to be Cassian Andor’s mouth dropped, eyes widening as if he saw a ghost. Leia hummed: she remembered Jyn mentioning a man she fancied. Could Cassian be him? Jyn pushed her way through Han and Chewbacca causing both of them to grumble before she stopped right in front of Cassian.

“You’re..” The captain gasped.

“Shut up and let me do what I waited to do for two bloody days!” Jyn said.

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phone in hand, he’s not paying as much attention as he SHOULD, and
because of this, when he turns the corner, and just barely misses run-
ning into the other, there’s a birdlike SQUAWK. he felt his heart skip a
beat. “blair ! JESUS CHRIST, you appeared out of bloody NO WHERE !
a hand clenches his chest over his heart as he locks his phone with the
other hand, stuffing it in his pocket. 

How Does He Propose? | Choi Seungcheol

How Does Seventeen Propose Series

  • You and Seungcheol were dating for two years when he popped the question.
  • His proposal was quite… Unique for sure.
  • It happened one day when you and all of Seventeen were playing basketball at the park.
  • At first it was just a friendly game of ball but then all of a sudden Seungcheol brought up the idea of an ‘olympic’ type event.
  • Where everyone gets split into different teams and they compete against each other for first place.
  • And you’re like, oh okay guys have fun with that. Because you figured they might be doing some v app stream or something.
  • But Cheol was like “no babe what are you doing, you’re going to join us”
  • Excuse me?
  • Well anyways so you’re put on an opposing team from Seungcheol (teams were split into 2 with 7 people on each team)
  • And you’re like “wait why am I separated from Cheol I don’t understand anything that’s going on”
  • And like Cheol starts taunting you and saying that he’ll go easy on you and you’re like okay I know we’re dating but bring it on.
  • Of course the first thing you guys play is basketball and your team unfortunately loses to Cheol and his team which fires you up even more.
  • And the poor guys on your team see your super competitive side.
  • The rest of the games involve chicken fight (which to everyone’s surprise, you dominate), a short game of dodgeball (that Cheol’s team wins but your team was pretty close to beating them), and a ‘friendly’ skip rope competition (your team won because dang can Hoshi skip some rope)
  • So the final game was a race between you and Seungcheol.
  • And at the starting line he’s like, “don’t worry babe I’ll go easy on you”
  • And you’re like “please I don’t need you to go easy on me to beat you”
  • And in that time you don’t notice that half the boys have run off to the finish line.
  • But when you look up at the finish line, you see a blank banner that the boys were holding up that you assume is the flag that you have to cross to beat your boyfriend.
  • Anyways Mingyu announces the start of the race.
  • And originally you were leading and totally beating Seungcheol but something seemed off because you KNOW that he could run much faster than that.
  • And as you near the finish line / the blank banner, suddenly the boys at the end of the finish line reveal that it wasn’t a blank banner at all… But a banner that was covered up.
  • And the words on the banner read, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”
  • Now in shock, you’ve come to a full stop a few metres away from the finish.
  • Seungcheol casually jogs past you and reaches the finish line.
  • He takes a ring box from Jeonghan and he walks up to you with sweat dripping down from his forehead.
  • And you’re still in shock when he gets down on one knee.
  • “Y/N, you just lost this race but you’ve won my heart a long time ago. Will you marry me?”

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how I can tell wether a person is flirting or just being friendly. I think it's really difficult to tell the two apart, and never realise that somebody's flirting with me until they ask me out. Would really appreciate some advice

This is very tricky to say, nonny, since everybody has a different way of flirting! It’s perhaps easier to tell when someone you know is flirting, just because you’re familiar with how they behave, especially towards you, and are more likely to pick up if that changes.

This little MBTI post gives a general overview of how different personality types flirt. I don’t think it’s 100 per cent accurate, but at least it gives you a sense of how different flirting can look on different people!

I would suggest when you’re interacting with someone and you suspect they may be flirting, you could flat out ask, “Are you flirting with me?”

If they’re not, they are likely to say, “No” and seem surprised, confused, or maybe a bit amused.

If they were flirting with you, they’re likely to either deny it while appearing flustered and embarrassed, OR continue the flirting by saying something like, “Yes”, “Maybe”, “What do you think?”, “Was it that obvious?”, “Do you want me to be?” etc. Or shrug, wink, etc.

Hope that helps, lovely :) -Mod Michy


I’m opening the chat again and are we really surprised the answer is no. Might actually get to a reply or two tonight as well….maybe. I can never multitask that well when I’m in a chat I like to give it my full attention.

Anyway 18+ and duplicate/crossover friendly~ Come in, bring your friends and your friend’s friends’s and probably wear layers in case we end up stripping again.

Pass is knockknock


Citney sold the bakery that her and her sister owned and opened up a restaurant. Now…I thought that, Citney would be able to at least cook some food because her cooking skills are maxed out, and I wanted to see what she is really capable of doing in the kitchen.

 But she can only do what owners do. It started off pretty good and the customer’s were happy about the friendly-ness and etc but when it came to the chef…Smh they wasn’t really feeling the food as much. I had, Citney sign the chef up for after school cooking classes because he definitely needs it. After all, ending her very first day, the restaurant got two stars.

I really like Dine Out and I’m happy that I finally got a Sim running a restaurant.

Edit: Lot Created By: Brainamp87

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just a friendly note, please don't say "transgirl" or such, the word "trans" needs to go separately because it's an adjective just like cis, it doesn't change our condition as a girl or a man or a woman so it shouldn't be a different word

as a transboy, i personally am not offended by writing the terms as one word instead of two (i’m not just talking about when i’m referring to trans people. i do it with the terms “cisgirl” and “cisboy” as well so i didn’t really see it as othering unless a cis person said it)

but i understand that not everyone is me, and i get your point, so i’ll write the words separately from now on

sorry if i offended anyone!


Today I discovered MORE elderly lesbian birbs!

These two were both rescued from poachers something like twenty years ago, so they only have one wing each. Because they can’t reach the perches in the aviary, they’ve built their nest on the ground! One of them sits here all day except for her daily bath, while the other one tends to wander around a little more, including bringing her wife food when the others have finished eating.
Although these two are friendly af (girl nearest is one of my faves and always talks to you, and one of the falconers explained that her head-twists are like a really polite “hello!”) their aviary-buddies aren’t all as nice, so I had to take the photo from the outside.

When they were younger, because the species is critically endangered a male was introduced to try and get them interested. Apparently they completely ignored him, until he tried to come into their nest - at which point they beat the shit out of him and then went right back to ignoring him again!
I love my disabled lesbian vultures lots and lots and lots.

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Robo how would canon Ciel react if he meet Theif Sebs or TBS Sebs(won t this one try to flirt with him?) ?

canon ciel is pretty close to thief ciel…like suuuper similar, but - i dont think canon ciel really gives two shits about sebastian. certainly not in any romantic or friendly way, so he’d probably not even give him the time of day. same for tbs sebs. canon ciel is just some stupid rich kid who looks like he’s 8yrs old when he’s really a teenager - he wants nothing to do with handsome men.

intro post!


hi there, friends! friendios…. pals… buddies… bleh. i’m dawn, my pronouns are they/them and i’m your friendly and excited mun who is the mun of this awkward and pure and innocent mage who has a pet mouse and has a thing for chocolate! you may have seen me in other rps (because i like to destroy myself and make muses when i have too much already), you may have not. but THATS OK IT’S ALWAYS NICE TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS !!! 

i do not have any plots for taehyung yet (knowing me, i’ll probably make a plots page two months from this day lol), but brainstorming is fine with me! if you don’t want to plot with me in the ims, my twitter is @RlCKYWILDE and my aim is dotae8ever (because im trash)!!!