but i like it so i want to publish it

Children concept - Diabolik Lovers: Kino x Yui

I wanted to wait with publishing but… I can’t stop myself! I have to admit I have a little crisis - I think my art isn‘t as good as I want it to be. I don’t write it to get some fake (or honest) compliments. You have given me 460 notes under Sakamaki’s children so I don’t have any reason to think I draw ugly things. I thank you for all likes, comments and new follows!


Diabolik Lovers belongs to Rejet.

Yui Komori and Kino belong to Rejet.

Art, concept and design of the children belong to PokoYahoo. I don’t mind you use it - but please: remember about crediting me and (the most important) SHOWING TO ME YOUR ARTWORK!

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I just wanted to say that you looked really pretty in your dress! Like hot damn! And also congratulations on getting published! It's so cool to see a blogger I admire so much succeed! Have a great day/night!

Thank you!!! ❤️

Requests Open

Most of you know the rules but for everyone who is new, you can find the information necessary here: Artist List
Please include your Halloween scenario requests now.

Last time I only opened them for one day but many saw the post too late and missed it. This time I will leave them open longer so all of you who didn’t get your asks in have better chances ^^ Don’t want to pressure you guys but… I like writing daddy scenarios. 

Pending List will be published as soon as possible after requests are closed. 

  • rick riordan: *working to include LGBT+ characters in children books, educates himself on important issues and continues to add more diverse characters, starts a program to have POC tell and publish stories of different culture's mythology, fights to involve kids with learning disabilities in reading, tries his best to respect his fans and improve himself*
  • y'all: is reyna gay??
  • rick: i didn't explicitly write her to be gay, and i feel making her a lesbian after jason broke her heart would be encouraging a damaging stereotype, but you can interpret her however you want!!
  • y'all, crytyping: ohh my godd....he's sO meanie and homopphobic i ddont like it..ffuck him i h ate himm

Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post

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Hux has been in a loveless marriage with someone high up in the First Order since he was in his early 20s, it was purely political and arranged by his father. Hux meets his new co commander Kylo and eventually starts an affair with him

[Admiral NICOL, 03:07]: My Destroyer will be crossing paths with yours in two standard days. I’ll be coming on board to see you.

[General HUX, 03:08]: As you wish.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:08]: You will be ready for me.

[General HUX, 03:09]: Of course.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:11]: I expect your wedding band to have not left your finger since my last visit.

[General HUX, 03:12]: It has not.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:13]: Good. Have there been any major changes since my last visit?

“Who are you messaging?”

Hux is sitting back against the headboard of his grand bed, and looks up from his datapad and back down to where Kylo lies beside him, eyes blinking open slowly from his sleep.

“Nicol,” Hux answers with a sneer, reaching to brush Kylo’s hair from his eyes. “He’s coming to visit in a few days.”

Kylo groans. Underneath the covers, he slides his arm around Hux’s waist, leaning in closer to kiss Hux’s hip, pressing his open mouth against his pale skin and sucking gently.

“He can’t find out about us,” Hux says, eyes locked on the way Kylo’s lips look divine against his skin. “We’ll have to stay away from each other.”

“Can’t do that,” Kylo murmurs. “I have to be with you. You’re not his to command.”

It’s as though the golden ring around Hux’s finger tightens at Kylo’s taunting words. Hux looks down at it as Kylo shifts next to him, sitting up beside him.

“He’s my husband, Ren. I have to–”

Hux’s sentence melts away into Kylo’s mouth, consumed by his kiss, every one of his thoughts shifting away from his husband and to Kylo Ren; the one Hux wishes he was betrothed to.

“He’s not your husband, Hux,” Kylo says, shaking his head. “You see him once a year where he comes on board, has sex with you, threatens to contact your father about your lack of progress since his last visit, then leaves. A husband is supposed to kiss you good morning, bring you flowers, hug you when you’re down, hug you when you’re happy, fight anyone who brings harm to you, stay with you regardless of differences. So, forgive me for refusing to leave your side once that idiot is on board.”

Hux blinks, amazed and enamoured; feelings that have never once graced his heart in the years he’s been married to Admiral Nicol.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, reaching up to cup Kylo’s cheek. “You sound as though you’re plotting treason against my husband. ”

Kylo smiles, eyes locked with Hux’s, a sparkle in his dark eyes that Hux has never seen before. But he’s distracted suddenly by Kylo’s hand smoothing along his own, gliding up his fingers with the gentlest touch that Hux has ever felt. There’s a soft grip around his ring, pulling it away from him until it’s completely off and cast aside, tossed into the darkness that surrounds Hux’s bed.

Kylo says nothing, though neither does Hux. Instead, Hux picks up his data pad, finding his messaging application still open, Nicol’s question still unanswered. With a smirk on his lips, Hux begins typing.

[General HUX, 03:31]: Yes, sir. I’m afraid quite a lot has changed in your absence. But I’m sure we will discuss things upon your arrival to my ship. Let us hope that your journey is a safe one. Best wishes, dear husband, and long live the First Order.

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do you have writing advice? i feel like i hate everything i write

read read read read read until you’re swollen with words. read advice from every author you love and read advice from every author you hate and read advice from the monster under your bed and read grammar books and read books from the black mountain poets and read books from modern poets and read self-published novels.

and once you’re filled up on ideas other people have given you, ignore everything you just were told and write what you want to read. if you’re absolutely in love with the luminous quality of alliteration, use it. if you’re amazed by the ability of adverbs to astonishingly and quickly multiply, flood your page with them. if you want to let every character die and come back to life, let them. if nobody dies and it’s 500 pages of people in a tea parlor talking, you just wrote a longer version of “no exit” by jean paul sarte and tbh it’s looking for an update. 

the reason i end up hating my work is twofold. either i’m stuck and it’s just a writing block and it doesn’t flow like it needs to, or i’m stuck because i’m too worried about perfection. i need a passage to ring perfect, and i get so caught up in silly things like commas and splicing and never using “said” that i can’t put anything down without feeling like i’m slogging through letters. i forget that the best part of writing a book is how fun it is to write a book. how caught up i get in the story, how sometimes i can even make myself laugh with surprise.

write because you want to hear yourself tell the story. write with a good sense of humor, honestly. i’ve written five novels, and while they’re not for publishing, they were for fun. we forget not everything has to be marketable and serious. that the best part of writing is when you evaporate and everything becomes story.

and when you’re just blocked? go back to the first part of this. and read.

Lottie Tomlinson Is Launching A Book And The Name Is Just Perfect

She might have made her name as a One Direction little sister, but it’s her beauty flair and way with a make-up tool or two that her three-million-plus followers have stuck around for. Now, at just 19 years old, Lottie Tomlinson is releasing her first book, Rainbow Roots.

Initially taking inspiration from one of her most famous beauty looks, Rainbow Roots is a guide for those wanting to add to their make-up catalogue: whether that’s perfecting the basics or mastering more creative options. It’s friendly, fun and in it Lottie shares plenty of anecdotes about her beauty journey and where she’s aiming to go next.

Here, she gives us the low down, plus the first look:

How does it now feel to have a tangible product with your name on?

It feels really good to have a product that completely represents me and my style. Everything about it reflects me and my personality and I think it’s really cool that the publishers gave me so much free rein in order to achieve that.

What was the best part of creating the book?

I think the best part about it was seeing it come together for the first time, we worked on it for over a year so seeing so it was so exciting.

What was the biggest challenge?

I think the shoot was the hardest part, because we had so many looks we wanted to include in the book but after a while your face and eyes start to hurt and get sore, so that was tricky!

You’ve dedicated the book to your mum, was that an important decision for you?

It was really important for the book to be dedicated to my mum because she always believed that I was going to do well and have a great career even when I didn’t believe in myself. I wouldn’t be where I am without her, she was so excited about this book. I hope I’ve made her proud.

The book not only champions make-up artists, but others pursuing their dreams - how important is it to you to empower other young women?

It’s so important because I wouldn’t be where I am without people like Lou Teasdale, who supported me and empowered me when I was new and starting up, so I think it’s really important for me to try and do the same for others.

How involved were you with the way the book looks?

I was 100 per cent involved with the whole book. The publishers really gave me free rein with it so I came up with all the looks and decided exactly how I wanted it designed. There were so many times that I sent it back to be to changed. I really wanted it to be perfect.

What was the one look you knew just had to be in there?

I knew I needed to include some neon looks as I love all things neon, and I think it’s a big trend at the moment.

What did you find out about yourself during the making of the book?

I think I found out a lot about what suits my face because I did so many different looks. That’s why I think it is really important to experiment with your make-up so you can figure out what suits you best.

What do you think is a key look in the book that everyone should master for the season ahead?

I think one of the key looks I have included in the book is my perfect base. It’s great to master that as it will complement your final look.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I love Huda Beauty on Instagram so much, she’s created an amazing brand and supports so many make-up artists and influencers which I think is amazing. I met her not long ago and she’s lovely!

Whose make-up would you love to do?

It’s got to be one of the Kardashians! Who doesn’t want to do a Kardashian’s make-up?!

What message do you hope your readers take away from the book?

I hope they can read the book and realise there’s really no rules when it comes to make-up and beauty.

I feel like writing a letter to the CW

And telling them that they have irresponsible teams for most of their shows. Teams being a general term to cover cast/crew.

And that if they want to remedy relations with the LGBT community, which they keep fraying, they should make a show just for us. A show featuring 90% LGBT characters and relationships, including the main relationship and characters, just for LGBT viewers. Obviously non-LGBT individuals are welcome to watch, I know plenty of people are open-minded and down for equality.

And if they’re concerned that there isn’t a market for LGBT content, they can always have a look at their Clexa stats. The difference in ratings between their numbers now as opposed to the Clexa-heavy days is that market. And if they feel that’s not good enough, remind them that there was a day where The 100 was 0.4 viewership and it still got renewed for another season.

For real. So much progress has been made for the LGBT community, especially in legislature, and that’s STILL not enough for them to not be scared about broadcasting LGBT friendly and thriving content?

They know that they have an LGBT audience, and I feel like that’s why they gave us Sanvers. And I’m not saying that Sanvers isn’t a valid ship because of this suspicion, I’m saying that the CW thinks that giving us side-romances are enough.

“Why ship Supercorp when we already gave you Sanvers?”

“Why still talk about Lexa when you have Clarke and Niylah?”

“Why ship Beronica when we gave you Kevin and Joaquin?”

“Why are you still holding onto Beronica? We’re giving you a bisexual Serpent?”

It’s like they’re saying “Isn’t ONE enough?!”

And the answer is: No. And to give the LGBT community some credit, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Granted we would love to see many LGBT ships and characters, but we want quality, and the ships that we support and promote are ones where we see quality, positivity, healthy chemistry and the like.

You know we don’t have much, you know this CW. So why are you mocking us for seeing more than you do in your characters and shows?

Because you know what, when I publish my books, regardless of the size of my following, I will never tell a reader that their ship (or the reason why they associate with the ship) is a joke or invalid. Even if I already know that the characters will never be a canon ship, I will not tell them to stop shipping what they do. I won’t pull the “you never knooooooww” bait either.

I’ll be honest. I’ll either say:

“I never considered this pairing. I will do some evaluation, and I promise that if it makes sense and does not threaten the original ending to the main story, I will do my best to include it for your pleasure.”
“I do not plan on making that relationship happen, but you are still more than welcome to see what you do. Please continue you art, playlists, metas, and fics. Never stop.” Because not every ship can happen, we know this, but that’s not a reason to not ship and CREATE. It is a muse for you. A source for your art. Please never stop.

Line Tattoos (pt.3) | 600 FOLLOWERS GIFT !!! THANK YOU!!!!

I know I just published some tats yesterday lmao but i love yall and I reached a milestone today so I wanted to give u guys some more tattoos bc i looove making them and for the most part a lot of people like them so it’s a win win situation. Thank u so so much for all your support.

  • these are 7 tattoos on one upper chest tattoo slot. Each swatch is a different tattoo.
  • it should have its own custom thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if you have any issues with these!!


I think people tend to forget that fan authors get a lot of their motivation from the response that their fics receive. It’s quite important because one of the worst things as a writer is planning and working hard on an idea that you really love, posting it and receiving little to even no response. It’s like a crushing blow to how you feel as a writer and if you’re really as good as you’d like to think you are. It’s like screaming into the void where no one is listening or people hear you but they don’t bother to say something back. And you keep seeing the views go up and up but nothing else aside from those budges. It’s…really hard especially when you’ve put so much hard work into something that you’re proud of. 

Sometimes you begin losing that pride and looking at your fic as you begin to wonder if it was a bad idea. It’s horrible when the self doubt creeps in and wrangles at your throat and makes you ponder if writing is really for you. 

All I’d like to say is something that has been said multiple times but doesn’t get less important. Leave a kudos on a fic that you’ve enjoyed because trust me, it really perks up an author’s day. I actually smile when I see kudos on my work because it makes me feel like someone has heard me and has gone ‘yeah, i enjoyed this!’. Comments are fantastic and are the one thing that an author would love to see. Comments that are positive or provide constructive criticism are awesome and if you’ve read a fic that you’ve loved and you feel confident enough then leave a comment if you can. Obviously, it’s not by force but if you scream at an author about how much you’ve enjoyed reading their piece, they’re gonna scream back at you with an abundance of happiness and thanks.

 Another very important thing that I’d like to say is that you shouldn’t look at how many kudos a piece of work has. Don’t look at how many comments it holds or bookmarks or anything like that. I’ve realized that people (even myself) usually tend to look at the stats of a fic before clicking on it. I think it comes with the notion of the more kudos it has, the better the fic will be when that’s not the case in the slightest. I’ve read many fics which have a low kudos rate and they’re absolutely fantastic and it’s painful to see them not get more recognition because most people are looking for the ‘popular’ ones. That sort of mentality within fandom hurts those authors which haven’t gotten recognized. 

Of course, not all fics are going to be everyone’s tastes and I’m not saying that you should read every single fic that is on the fandom archive you’re on. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference and what equates to you as a good fic to read. But don’t hesitate to pick one of your favorite tropes/genres and just go through the tags to see what’s there. If you see a fic that intrigues you, click on it whether it’s brimming with kudos or not. Give everyone a chance within fandom to feel like their work is meaning something and is not simply being ignored by everyone else. 

I’m not a saint, I’ve been guilty of silent reading and not leaving kudos or a comment but I’ve been trying harder because I know how much it makes an author happens because damn it, it makes me so happy and makes me want to continue what I write. 

All in all, writers within fandom are wonderful and they work just as hard as authors who publish books and maybe even more. They offer their time and effort in the form of writing beautiful stories that we save to read over and over again and have even made us happier than reading an actual book. 

It’s just important to remember them and that they’re here and trying their hardest and doing something fantastic. 

It’s a simple push of a button to leave a heart, make an author’s day. 

And fuck those who say that writing fan fic isn’t real writing, get off my lawn.

the “morning after”

Prompt: Reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and has a party, but ends up ditching with Peter. They end up at his apartment where they talk and dance, but when the reader wakes up on the morning Peter is gone and the Reader is forced to try and make her way home with out being seen by paparazzi

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: implications of sex, mentions of alcohol

Word count: 2,084

Notes: Peter isn’t really in this, but I thought the idea was cute so I ran with it. Also, this is my first published work on this side blog, but if you guys like it and want to see more, request some stuff! I will write all MCU characters, as I haven’t really seen the shows and wouldn’t be able to do them justice. But anyways, kudos to you if you actually read this little mini-rant and enjoy this fic ! 

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warning: triggers apply. mentions of suicide and rape present. read and reblog with caution.

❛ And this time, absolutely no requests. ❜
❛ No return engagements. No encore. ❜
❛ I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life.  ❜
❛ And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why. ❜
❛ I’ve heard so many stories I don’t know which one is the most popular.  ❜
❛ Betrayal. It’s one of the worst feelings.  ❜
❛ Where’s my bike? ❜
❛ This was in front of the library? ❜
❛ What about the student honor board? ❜
❛ There’s some justice and some closure. ❜
❛ I couldn’t watch. ❜
❛ People can be fucking assholes. ❜
❛ I thought we had like another week for that. ❜
❛ Listen, I could, if you wanted to, I could help you finish the paper. ❜
❛ We only have like twenty minutes before the first bell rings. ❜
❛ I Googled everything. ❜
❛ Well the founding father’s did grow and use hemp, but it wasn’t weed exactly. ❜
❛ Sometimes books are more reliable for this kind of stuff. ❜
❛ Everything I publish is personal to people. ❜
❛ Still, it feels wrong. I’m just being honest. ❜
❛ What are you working on? ❜
❛ This is so cool. I’ve always wanted to set you up with someone. ❜
❛ Maybe I was stupid to keep hoping. ❜
❛ That is shocking. I’m shocked. ❜
❛ Wait a second, how do I know you’re telling the truth. ❜
❛ Come on, what do you say? ❜
❛ Then again, they almost always do. ❜
❛ Did you want to see if the rumors were true? ❜
❛ Why did you do it? ❜
❛ Thanks for helping me, that was really nice. ❜
❛ I’m just saying if you’re getting fat shamed then don’t be fat. ❜
❛ It’s always best to give compliments face to face. ❜
❛ Sometimes the silly things can mean more than anybody knows. ❜
❛ It’s kind of soul crushing, you know? ❜
❛ We all need it. Human contact. ❜
❛ You’re going to have to wait, just like I did. ❜
❛ Let me know if you need to talk, anytime. ❜
❛ I’m going to play mind games with you, just like you did with me. ❜
❛ That’s a whole new level of lonely. ❜
❛ You were kind that night. You just sat there. ❜
❛ I’m sorry about _____. He’s/she’s just a dick. ❜
❛ Want to see a trick? ❜
❛ You got to get the positioning just right. ❜
❛ After the way you played in Saturday, it’s on me. ❜
❛ Take it easy, okay? You’ll feel better tomorrow. ❜
❛ I wonder if you ever felt what it’s like to be lonely. ❜
❛ Have you ever noticed us? ❜
❛ How many of these did daddy make you? ❜
❛ It’s okay. I’m over it. ❜
❛ I never got the chance to say something. ❜
❛ The thing is you were the Valentine I was hoping for. ❜
❛ I don’t know if you’re doing this on a dare or whatever… ❜
❛ I like you for so much more than that. ❜
❛ The fact that you don’t even know. ❜
❛ This shit that happens to you, I think some of it you bring on yourself. ❜
❛ Thanks for the insight genius. ❜
❛ You said something stupid and I yelled at you. Big deal. ❜
❛ You didn’t like that someone told you no. ❜
❛ You should of just let it go but you didn’t. ❜
❛ I just needed to be alone. ❜
❛ You’ll do anything to keep up your perfect reputation. ❜
❛ I’m a fucking weak, pathetic loser. ❜
❛ They’ll just laugh at you like they always do. ❜
❛ Come out, come out, little girl/boy. ❜
❛ We’re protecting ourselves. ❜
❛ I’ve got no plans. I’m good to tell the truth. ❜
❛ It’s only a matter of time before we’re all screwed. ❜
❛ Nothing we did compares to what he/she did. ❜
❛ You’ve been doing it for weeks now. ❜
❛ My God, _______, you should fucking listen to yourself sometimes. ❜
❛ You want to know what’s worse then being a rapist? Hiding behind one. ❜
❛ You want to get the story straight? We all know the story. ❜
❛ The honor board, because you are all so honorable. ❜
❛ This happened off campus so the only alternative is the police. ❜
❛ It was no ones fault. It just happened. ❜
❛ I mean, maybe I was driving a little too fast. ❜
❛ I’m taking some fucking responsibility. ❜
❛ Maybe it’s all your faults, has that ever occurred to any of you? ❜
❛ Who’s going to believe a dead girl/boy? ❜
❛ You know my motto, no cheerleader left behind. ❜
❛ I’m always looking for the wrong person. ❜
❛ I thought you said you didn’t do it? ❜
❛ I’m telling you, the worst is yet to come. ❜
❛ You’re calling me a pussy, after what you did or didn’t do. ❜
❛ Oh, so, if I kill myself then I kill you guys too? ❜
❛ Why are you asking me about this? ❜
❛ I don’t know what your truth is. ❜
❛ Get your dirty ass feet off my notebook man. ❜
❛ Do you want to talk in there? ❜
❛ Maybe there’s even a message from beyond. ❜
❛ At that moment, everything was perfect. ❜
❛ I know you felt it too. ❜
❛ I wanted you to do everything you were doing. ❜
❛ What happened? I thought it was okay. ❜
❛ Just leave me alone, you should just go. ❜
❛ Part of me never wanted to see you again. ❜
❛ You walked out the door like I told you too, why’d you have to leave? ❜
❛ Your name does not belong on the list. But you need to be here. ❜
❛ I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. ❜
❛ I would ruin you. It wasn’t you, it was me. ❜
❛ There’s that word again. ❜
❛ The kind of lonely feeling I’m talking about is when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. ❜

partners. | m

characters: g-dragon x reader ➵ genre: smut ➵ wc: 12.7k

Originally posted by s-tttop

summary: from childhood friends to business owners. too afraid to take it further, either your or jiyong has to make the first move.
author’s note: this is by far my longest work ever. i’m not gonna lie though, i’ve been living for these 5k+ fics, i’m gonna have to start writing more. and i know, i write a lot of g-dragon, don’t kill me for it.

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Ferrari; Shawn mendes

a/n: Short snippet of a bad boy Shawn request! I’ll publish it all once I’m done! 

synopsis: wants to fuck her in a stolen car, she’s not so sure about the idea.

warnings: yeah this is a sexual one

I want a new yellow Ferrari from the 90’s in the driveway

But I know that you wouldn’t like that

I want it now, I want it loud, I want it my way

But everybody doesn’t vibe like that

Don’t say you love me more

Better not say it

I met her at church

But she could be Satan - Ferrari, the neighborhood.

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Love - Names (Drabbles Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1180

A/N: TAGS ARE CLOSED! Please stop asking me to make an exception for you, it isn’t fair to everyone else. I want to keep the tag list short and I can’t keep track of everyone anyway. But I really appreciate all the positive feedback!

A/N Pt 2: As soon as all the chapters are published, I’m going to make a master list of this series in chronological order so if you’re into that kind of weird time organization thing like me, you can follow this story a little more easily.

Love was a tender blessing from her lips. It was used when he needed some comfort, when the softness of her soul was the only way to soothe him. It was her way of taking care of him, when he himself wouldn’t.

Love, you need to stop worrying. The doctor said everything is normal. It’ll happen when it happens. And are you really complaining about having crazy amounts of unprotected sex?”

“Shhh Love, it was just another nightmare. Come here and I’ll hold you.”

She arrived back at the tower in the early hours of the morning after a mission with Clint. Bucky had been on his own mission with Steve and she’d missed him during the days they’d been apart. Just a few months into this relationship and she already felt like she was missing a part of herself when he wasn’t near.

She bumped into Steve on her way into the living quarters.

“How is he?” she asked

“Bad. It was a really tough one.” the super soldier shook his head

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