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Happy birthday @fillyrika!! I know the pic is not very happy, but I hope you like it nevertheless ^^;.

This features Kinshirou and Madoka in one of the later scenes in @magiccatprincess‘s new fic Can’t plan the unexpected. Thanks a lot to her for helping with this piece.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing day, girl! You’re awesome and lots of fun, so all the best now and always <3.


Haikyuu!! S02 || Bokuto & Kuroo
↳ “Oya oya?” “Oya oya oya?” : The Bokuro Bros™ for @anna-hiwatari


In the white light, a hand reaches through  Embrace the dark you call a home.

Azura/Aqua requested by anon

Are the cool kids still saying this? 

It took longer than I wanted to finish, but in my defense those roses are tricky af and I changed my color scheme several times. Still not super happy with it to be honest.


“Rest up, my feathered friend. Preserve your strength. Because tomorrow, we’re going to play a little game.”

Nosey - Dylan O’Brien

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,236

Warning: Voyeurism(ish), Oral, NSFW

A/N: So, I’m back from my hiatus because today is my birthday. It’s currently 1:04AM and I decided to post this imagine now. It’s a little more simpler in terms of how it’s written compared to my more recent imagines because I started this one back in December of 2015. But, nevertheless, I liked it enough to not just delete it. So, enjoy.

P.S. The gif doesn’t have anything to do with the imagine but I just love Stalia and loOK A DYLAN’S JAWLINE.


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“Who’s More Likely To?: Jack & Wiishu Edition”

First fully attempt at watercolour and turned nice? I think? 

Anyways, @therealjacksepticeye & @wiishu this was an amazing video, hope we can see more videos of you two in the future!

if you were to go (into the woods) today

Fluff Friday: November 25 “Tea Party”

Because I fell in love with smol!Kakashi and doesn’t-know-how-she-became-a-babysitter!Sakura, and wanted to write more about them. Also, Tsunade was supposed to have a bit part, but then I went and had feelings about her all over. Tsunade is just the best, okay?

Wherein Sakura signs a bunch of stuff, Sai’s attempts at real life as guided by books end badly (again), and Sakura’s bed has somehow become the place for cuddles and midnight promises.

(I’m apparently incapable of writing sheer fluff, so this does veer vaguely into angst, because shinobi.)

@beyondthemoor (hey! tumblr’s tagging system suddenly decided you exist!)

“And now,” Tsunade-shishō continues, shoving the completed forms for Kakashi’s custody to the side, “let’s talk finances.”

Sakura does her best not to blanch, because her most esteemed Hokage-sama gets just a little bit touchy when people bring up, refer to, or allude vaguely in the direction of her many gambling debts and terrible credit score, and somehow, village finances and mission pay negotiations manage to almost always skirt too close to that line, even though the only thing they particularly have in common is money. The memories of six desks meeting their end at the touch of a single finger and of two windows shattered in the wake of shinobi Tsunade-shishō has sent flying through them make for excellent incentive for Sakura to approach this more carefully than a surgery for restructuring a shattered limb or one of Gai-sensei’s obstacle courses.

“Right, finances,” Sakura says with an impressive lack of squeaking. She doesn’t dare show fear.

Tsunade-shishō can smell it on you.

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I really love See Something Say Something, Buzzfeed’s podcast about how it feels to be Muslim in America. It’s obviously not made for me, a good white person ™, but I get to come to the party too and hang out and learn and it’s important for all of us good white people ™ to consume media that doesn’t center our experiences.

That being said, I felt very centered last week when Ahmed and Nabiha talked about mixing patterns and power clashing. 


hipster-betasaid:Oh you got it up so heres my request😊 can you do a Paul Lahote imagine where he imprints on the reader(is a vampire) and he doesnt tel her and he sees her flirting with a guy at a party and he gets pissed/jealous and marks her.

A/N: Yeah, I did. And oh sure! I’ve never written anything like this, but I shall do my best just for you. I’ll have it up soon, for sure.

I hope that this is what you were meaning. Like I said, I haven’t done an imagine like this, but I hope that you enjoy it, nevertheless.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Being Paul Lahote’s vampire imprint, and he get’s jealous and marks you.

Title: [Heavy Storm.]

Word Count: 1,274.

Unexpectedly you had always had a strong bond with the hotheaded and flared fiery tempered werewolf, Paul Lahote. You were aware of what he was, the legends of his people and the simple factor that werewolves had imprints. Yet the imprintee made the important decision of what their protector would be to them: A) A protector, B) A friend, or C) A lover/partner.

It always dwindled on within your mind: ’Could I ever possibly be his imprint?’ but you never got that answered, always too ashamed to ask, and if you were, Paul never spoke aloud about it. Maybe it was just incredibly and utterly impossible for mortal enemies to be chums or more.

The night was cool, a delicate breeze shuffling softly across your bare arms, uplifting your hair and pulling it tenderly over the back of your shoulders. There was something electrifying about tonight, and you made the probable conclusion that it was merely due to your sister Alice’s party twirling in motion behind you. Paul still dwindled upon your restless mind and you entered your gorgeous mansion with grace and elegance.

Paul had been invited out of kindness, - with the remainder of the wolf pack-, from Alice, - seeing as you weren’t the talkative type and it took the right sorts of people to get you going out of your titanium shell. Yet there was no word back from the pack. ’They probably spat on the invitation.’ you consider thoughtfully, and probably correctly. That didn’t matter any more.

“Hurry up, (Y/N)!” Alice squeaked in your ear as her and Rosalie began towing you with ease in an unordered direction, causing you to lose your vampiric grace and elegance and stumble substantially. “We have someone that we would like you to meet.” Alice continues.
“Guys, I’m not interested.” you mutter flatly, easily resisting them with your newborn strength, but they clutched onto you with clenched determination.
“Leave the mutt be, he’s obviously not interested, and we won’t allow it. We believe that you deserve someone more probable and suitable. Someone more… appropriate.” Rosalie smirks in your ear, harshly at first.
“Shut up!” you retort sharply as you come to a full stop.

You turn your head absent mindedly, your jaw almost collapsing onto the gorgeous wooden floors. “It’s rude to gawk, (Y/N).” Rosalie laughs, pushing up your jaw and shutting it with ease. You hopelessly swore to yourself that if you were human again your heart would be battering against your ribs until they exploded.
“Now have fun mingling.” Alice winks at you.

“Hello,” the man extends his hand to you, greeting you formally.
“H-hi.” you grin giddily at him, feeling your head toss and turn.
“My name is, Roberto.” he flaunts his flawless Italian accent, sneaking a polite and flattering kiss upon the back of your hand, causing the breath in your throat to hitch. He chuckles, releasing your hand. “You’re a beautiful woman,” he begins, “So I expect a beautiful name to go with you?” he winks.
“(Y/N)!” you squeak out eagerly, your mouth watering from this man’s delicious physique.
The vampire chuckles, his eyes astonishingly scarlet. “Would you care to dance?” he offers you as the tempo slows and the song changes to a much more suitable one.

Your reply is cut off as a trembling hand lays itself upon your lower back and the warmth radiating from it causes you to shudder expectationally. “She’s with me. Back off!” the familiar voice trickles into your ears, causing your expression to flush over with embarrassment.
“I’m sorry, sir.” Ruberto looks at Paul in disgust. “Mutt’s stay outside in the dog house.” he growls.
“You want to say that again?” Paul roars, quaking heavily in his heavy boots as he forces you behind him. “Because you won’t get two seconds to reply once I’ve phased.” he hisses.
“In front of all of these people?” he smirks, cocking an eyebrow. “Don’t be so daft, mutt. Don’t waste my time, I’ve arranged to come here for, her.” and he points at you.
Her has a name, and (Y/N) is my imprint.” Paul growls out before thinking over the contents of his words and what they could mean.
“What?” you blink oblivious, but you’re completely invisible.
“Please! Such a shame that a beautiful girl wastes her time with wolf.” he literally spits into Paul’s face.

Paul had never been thrown out of the premises much more hastily than this time. He caught himself, vibrating like an avalanche ready to crush a village as you chased after him towards the forest, easily beating him. “Paul!” your hands are icy and attentive upon his chest, trying to get him to sooth his anger. He pushes you off harshly, it doesn’t hurt.
“Get away! Go back to the party.” he snarls at you, incapable of controlling the beast within him.
“No!” you furrow your brows, shouting at him. “You have some questions to answer, young man!” you lecture him in a motherly type way now.
He had never cackled so hard before. “I need to answer some questions?” his astonishment is laced with both enrage and amusement. “First of all, answer my questions,” he starts, still trembling up a storm as he steps closer to you. “What the hell were you doing talking to Mr. Chef Boyardee? And who the hell was he anyway? Thinking he’s better than me because he’s sophisticated and has money!” he roars. “Who does he think he is, coming here and trying to take my imprint away from me?” Paul barks loudly, causing you to jump.
“Imprint?” you raise both of your perfect eyebrows. “I’m your imprint?” you choke out.

Paul quietens himself, his expression’s still harsh as he averts his gaze from yours and shamefully looks at the ground. “It isn’t unheard of for my kind to imprint on an immortal. We can’t control it.” he sighs.
“And you kept that from me?!” you snap loudly, your hand striking his cheek so hard you thought his neck may have snapped.

Your choice to hurt the shape shifter was not the appropriate or wise decision to make.

Paul’s face grows serene and enraged, his chest heaving as a growl paralyses you, his body encasing you, dominating you immediately. “Get away from her!” you hear Rosalie scream.

But it’s too late. The pack and vampires are too late…

His lips crush to your icy ones, squashing you so hard into the tree that it cracks at the force. Your hands instinctively cup his hot cheeks, drawing him all the more closer. His abnormally large hands squeeze your hips, causing a breath of air to travel into his mouth. His trembling soon quits as he pinches, nips at your lower lip, tugging upon it hotly and passionately.

It was embarrassing to lock lips with Paul Lahote in front of every person that you knew. Though when his lips flutter to your neck, searching for your tender spot, everything else surrounding you evaporated and all that was your main concern and priority was Paul. His lips latched to your granite fare skin, sucking, incapable of leaving a single mark. You let out a sound of contentment, clutching to him as though he was your safety float.

It was like a heavy storm was enveloping the two of you, - the passion and lust at a high-. “You’re. Mine.” he murmured between kisses, still in a jealous frenzy as his tongue slithered down your shoulder before he bit down, causing you to yelp as it surprisingly proved painful with his sharp wolfish teeth. “And now you’re marked.” he smirks hotly against your skin.

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Hey guys!  I started to watch Yuri on ice few weeks ago and I’m in love with this show! *W* Victor is soo cool I really like him c:
I wasn’t really in a drawing mood today..so actually I really didn’t wanted to draw something.. but my Sister asked me to do a Victor fanart and I couldn’t say no c: His hair was hard for me to draw XD but I had a lot of fun! I’m planning more YOI arts in the future c: especially from yuri and Victor ;w; love them <3  one of the reasons for my lack of creativity is my Birthday preparation for Monday (yay finally 18 years old XD) so I decided to do just a sketch..but well..couldn’t stop. ^^  I hope that you like it nevertheless! <3


Hey guys! This is my first Newt Scamander Imagine (I’m just so in love with this guy) but I’m not too sure what I think of it…. Nevertheless I hope you like it! I apologize for possible grammar mistakes and if it’s just horrible. Enjoy!

Newt was standing at one of the tables, brewing some kind of healing potion because one of the moon calves had managed to hurt himself. Brows furrowed, hair sticking into every direction after the long day of hard work, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he intently stired the content of the cauldron around. Biting my lip in awe, I watched him pervasively, secretly admiring the muscles sticking out of his scarred arms and the way his curls fell into his forehead. It often happened to be moments like these in which I felt the most love for him. The times when Newt was completely and utterly driven into this work, spending hours in this own world of his to which only he and his beloved creatures had access to. I always used to watch him when he found himself in this state, and he never once noticed which was just another thing that made me fell head over heels in love with him.

My eyes darted back to Newt’s unfinished manuscript I was currently reading but it was of no use – I wasn’t able to concentrate although I knew how important it was to Newt that I read his book and considered it to be good before he’d send it to the Ministry.

Sighing frustratedly, I closed the book and stood up. Newt worrying about his creatures made me worry about him. Of course I was concerned about the state of the moon calf – Theo – as well but I was certain he was going to be okay, especially because Newt was taking care of him so lovingly.

Attempting to be as quiet as possible as not to distract or startle him, I slowly approached him and stopped next to him at the table. Newt glanced at me, didn’t say anything though and continued to stir the potion instead.

“Theo’s going to be fine,” I broke the silence. “With you taking care of him like that, there’s no way he’s not going to be.”

I still didn’t get a response but I saw Newt’s Adam’s apple jump as he swollowed. As a reaction to his stubborn silence, I took a deep breath and grabbed his hand firmly, not allowing him to escape. This finally made him look at me. I could see the worry about Theo and the sadness about his health state but also the surprise about my sudden action in his big blue eyes.

“Listen to me, you stubborn twat,” I said, trying to make him smile. It worked, the corner of his mouth twitched a little. “He’s going to be fine,” I continued urgently. “As much as I enjoy the cuteness in your face, seeing you worry so much just makes me sad.”

Newt blushed a little at my comment which made him look even more adorable than he already was.

“Would you do me a favour, Newt?” I asked him.

He looked me straight in the eye, the honesty in them nearly making my heart stop beating.

“Anything for you,” he whispered.

My lips curled upwards as I looked at him adoringly. “Smile for me, okay? Just one little smile and you can go back to worrying. Deal?”

Newt opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but apparently thought rather of it as he shut it again without saying a word. And then the adorable half-smile I loved so much appeared on his face.

My eyes were shining lovingly as I looked at him. “See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

Newt chuckled quietly and glanced to the ground before his eyes darted back to me. “Do you really think he’s going to be fine?”

Amused, I rolled my eyes at him and grinned. “Newt, you’re probably the most overprotective mother of all time. Course he will.”

This finally made Newt laugh, his eyes lit up as he did so. But then, to my surprise, he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me closer into his embrace and rested his head on my shoulder. “Thank you, (y/n). Don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Go down, probably,” I teased him, trying to ignore my racing heart. Having Newt so close to me made my brain stop working. His breath brushed my ear and send shivers down my spine, the heat of his body piercing through to me and everywhere I felt his smooth skin touch my own it felt like little electric shocks rushing through my body.

We stayed in this position for a few moments before Newt finally pulled away, looking slightly embarrassed. More accidentally then actually on purpose, we suddenly locked eyes, (y/e/c) meeting bright blue. Unable to break the contact, I sank into this ocean of blue and considering the way Newt looked back at me, he seemed to feel the same. Of course I didn’t know for sure but it was exactly this not-knowing that was killing me from inside. The urge to kiss him every time I noticed the excited sparkle in his eyes, the wish to hug him when he’s worried sick about his dear creatures, the itching in my fingers to let them run through his thick curls. I wanted – no, needed to know if I could do that. The risk was enormous but I couldn’t take the ignorance, the waiting and perseverance anymore. So with one last, quite fearful look into Newt’s innocent eyes, I gathered all of my courage together. Grabbing his dirty white shirt, I pulled him down to me and suddenly I was kissing him with everything I had.

Newt was frozen in shock, standing taking by surprise in his spot. Thinking he just might needed some time to adjust, I continued kissing him. But he didn’t. He only stood there, limbs dangling at his sides, not moving.

Slowly I pulled away, eyes closed and bit my lip, defeated. Letting out a sigh, I opened my eyes to look at him. Shock, surprise and disbelief were reflected in Newt’s face.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, my heart aching painfullly at the reaction. “I shouldn’t have- I just- I thought that maybe-” I swollowed, avoiding the look of his piercing eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Silence. Nervously, I licked my lips, still not daring to risk a glance up to him. Instead I stared at the quietly boiling cauldron on the table. But then, Newt actually broke the silence, asking:
“(y/n)… Why did you do that?”

I licked my lips once more and turned my head even further away from him, still standing in the same position though, my hands clutching his waist, his resting on my back. “Nevermind.”


“It doesn’t matter!”

“I does!” Newt argued.

Sighing frustradedly, I turned my head to look at him. “You want to know why I kissed you?”

“Well… yes,” Newt stammered.

I shifted uncomfortably, licking my lips. “Isn’t it obvious?”

His eyes flickered over to me. “N-not quite.”

“Newt, I kissed you because I truly like you,” I finally admitted, avoiding his eyes. “And I thought that maybe you’d feel the same but apparently I was wrong. So… just drop ist, okay? Please. I promise I won’t bring it up again.”

“You… You like me?” Newt asked, an incredulous tone in his voice.

In a mixture of fascination and disbelief, I locked eyes with him, not fearing it this time as I now knew that my love for Newt only was one-sided.

“Yes, Newt,” I responded desperately. “I like you. Very much, to be honest. Why is that so hard to blieve? Do you-” I let out a shaky laugh. “Do you have any idea of how perfect you are? What you’re doing to me? What I feel every time I look at you? How my heart skips a beat when our eyes meet? How this stupid grin appears on my face every time I notice this sparkle in your eyes or the smile you wear whenever you’re around your creatures? Don’t you know?” Breathing heavily, I stopped my rambling and ran my hand through my hair only to absent-mindedly put it back on Newt’s waist again.

Throughout my whole love-declaration Newt eyes had gone bigger and bigger, reflecting his surprise, and now he was staring at me intensly, almost burning a hole through me.

Suddenly extremely self-conscious, I attempted a smile but failed epically. “Would you please say something? Anything, just… say something. I can’t stand this silence.”

What Newt answered though was the least thing I had expected.

“Can I – Can I kiss you?”

Absolutely shocked, I jerked my head up to look at him. “W-What?”

Newt blushed, trying to hold eye contact and avoid my glance at the same time. “Can I kiss you?”

I opened my mouth to respond but couldn’t think of anything to say so I shut it again. Unable to form any correct words, unable to even think properly, I simply nodded, excitement making me shudder in his arms.

Licking his lips nervously, Newt carefully cupped my face with his hands which were quite rough from all his work and slowly leaned forward.

A few inches before my face though he stopped, hesitating as if asking again for my permission of perhaps to regain his courage. I held perfectly still, not wanting to pressure him although my heart was beating so hard and fast against my ribs I was certain he must hear it. But then, a moment later, Newt closed the space between us and laid his soft lips gently on mine.

I could feel my heart skip a beat and the light touch on my skin caused goosebumps all over my body. Slowly, I lifted my arms and wrapped them around Newt’s neck, pulling him even closer to me so that we could deepen the kiss that was so soft and light, almost as if Newt was afraid to shatter me with his touch. But as much as I enjoyed this gentleness, I didn’t want it to remain like that. I wanted more. For some reason, now that I got what I had been wanting for such a long time, want spread in me more urgently than ever before.

Newt shifted as I pressed my lips harder on his, showing him what I wished. Being aware that he was only pulling back because he was shy and inexperienced, I refused to let him go and continued kissing him. I didn’t want this to be a reason for him to stop. Actually I wanted to be the reason he’d have courage, he’d overcome his shyness, he’d get experienced. And I wished to be exactly that experience. For now, for tomorrow, forever.

Although he was quite hesitating at first, Newt seemed to understand what I wanted from him – and to my surprise he gave it to me. His grip on me tightened, his thumb gently caressing my cheek, his lips softly yet determined moving against my own. We only broke apart when he had to gasp for air. Newt smiled shyly at me, scrunching his nose up. I couldn’t get over how adorable he looked and broke into a huge grin.

“That was … not unpleasant,” I whispered, out of breath and smirking.

The reservation seemed to return to Newt but the fondness in his big blue eyes pierced through me and his sparkle was stronger than ever before.

“Is that your way of saying you liked it?” he grinned. “Sorry, I’m not very skilled at- well-”

Amused about his behaviour, I raised my eyebrow. “Kissing? Newt, you’re a great kisser, even if you don’t consider yourself to be.”

The corner of his mouth twitched. “(y/n)?”


“By the way, I like you too.”

I smirked up at him. “Believe it or not, I already guessed.”
Newt laughed quietly, softly caressing my cheek once more. Then though he seemed to remember something because he stopped all of a sudden.

Titling my head, I looked at him, frowning. “What is it, Newt?”

“Do you remember that sparkle you told me about?”

A smile spread across my face. “Sure. What of it?”

“You’ve got it too.”

NCT U reactiom to their crush’s popsicle breaking in her mouth


Anon: HELLO SUNSHINE! how would NCT U react to their crush casually eating a popsicle and it breaks in her mouth?

Hi! Here is your request! I didn’t know how to approach this - was it supposed to be sexual or…..? Anywho, I hope yo like it nevertheless x


Originally posted by taei

His eyes would widen slightly when he saw you struggling with an ice cold popsicle in your mouth, your hands flying over your mouth in attempt to hide what was going on. Taeil wouldn’t know what to do and what to say, only reacting when your started flapping your hands at him to grab a napkin to clean the mess up. Even afterwards, he wouldn’t know what to do so could be a little awkward.


Originally posted by thenct

Taeyong seems like the guy to always be staring in admiration at his crush/gf/bf, so I think he would’ve predicted it to have happened. He’d wait patiently, smirking at you when it did happen and chuckling at your idiotness. “Only something like this could happen to you”, he’d reach forward, and pull a bold move by wiping your mouth and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.


Originally posted by doyoukki

This boy would start laughing at you in your state, your eyes wide in panic. You weren’t expecting this to happen and very quickly blushing at your awkward position. This was a very weird situation for you, embarrassing on your behalf. Doyoung would quickly stop when he saw your eyebrows furrow, reaching for napkins and thrusting them into your open hands, apologising.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

To be honest, it would happen to him too. He’d have his own popsicle in hand, as he giggled at you and gasped as some sticky, colourful ice slid down your chin. However, when he wine in to carry on enjoying his popsicle, it’d also break in his mouth and he’d freeze, unable to function and would sit there laughing with you, both of you covered in stickiness.


Originally posted by zeusmayo

He’d already be laughing at you when you started eating the popsicle, pointing out that you were too “old” to be eating one. Of course, it’d just make him laugh harder when it broke in your mouth. He wouldn’t be able to stop his mind from wandering off and imagining something a little dirty, only making him fall to the floor to cry with laughter even more. You’d just sit there, confused, and innocent.


Originally posted by lovingnct

At first, he’d laugh but then he stop, remembering that this was his crush here and he had to be their knight in shining armour. Quickly shutting his mouth, he’d rush to grab something to wipe your mouth with and would be very mature and sweet about the situation. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t bring it up later to tease you about it again though.