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Les Chevaliers…

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!

dumb tododeku ideas ive thought about

  • todoroki enjoys hanging out in midoriya’s dorm, and prefers to spend most of his time in there
  • and he’s like “hey izuku, can we study in your room?” and midoriya is so enthusiastic and hes like “yeah! we can study!” 
  • but instead of studying like he asked to, todoroki decides to fuckn take a nap on midoriya’s bed
  • then usually midoriya doesnt even end up studying himself, so he’ll take a nap with todoroki too, or he’ll just browse through his phone
  • todoroki is a total blanket hogger, and midoriya doesnt understand why. “shouto.. u can regulate ur own body temperature.. why must u steal my blankets. im cold”
  • though 100% of the time, midoriya squeezes his way into todoroki’s blanket burrito. its super Cozy.
  • todoroki is actually really ticklish. and midoriya accidentally finds this out when he pokes his side to get his attention and is met with a loud squawk 
  • midoriya likes to poke his sides at random times because he finds the noise hilarious. (todoroki doesnt enjoy it, but he bears with it since he enjoys midoriya’s laugh)
  • though in return, when todoroki wants midoriya’s attention, he just sticks his cold hand under his shirt. (it causes midoriya to yelp each and everytime he does this)
  • in the common room, todoroki and midoriya Will take up the entire couch just to cuddle and wont let anyone else sit there with them. (midoriya feels a bit guilty doing this, but todoroki is just like ‘‘no. go sit on the floor’’)
  • before they started dating, they were pining after each other for a whole year. and also, were both totally clueless. 
  • and their classmates thought they were dating before they even officially started dating.
  • like, ‘’’””what do u mean theyre not dating yet? todoroki was totally sleeping on midoriya. they were practically holding hands. they keep hugging each other?? and hanging out in each others rooms?? they go out to lunch together every weekend? and theyre not boyfriends? bullshit’’’”

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do you think you could make ur mitch audition thing an audio post? its cool if you don't want to or can't btw

Mmm ;3; I am a little nervous but if you really do want to hear it, I could! I am allowed to share it, if I wanted to!

Like this ask if you’d want me to post it and if it gets enough maybe I will!

Mitch Mueller is a character from the awesome webcomic Long Exposure by  @smokeplanet​ !!

please give it a read!!



But really, the more I watch it the more I realise it’s not only a fantastic Ignis moment, it’s a fantastic Chocobros moment in general? REALLY LONG POST AHEAD + UNFINISHED GAMEPLAY WRITING BUT THIS SCENE

Lemme start with Ignis because duh (if you’ve seen anything out of me the past two weeks, it’s probably been Ignis related). He’s been pretty passive about losing his eyesight up until this point. He calls it a minor sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. When Noctis and Gladio fight on the train, Ignis says nothing, even though part of the argument is his own injury. He only tries to stop Gladio by saying his name; Prompto is the one who tries to break it up (more in a moment. anyway not that Ignis really could break it up rn but you know) He’s been optimistic enough about it, though. “I’ll manage somehow” when you invite him into the mines. “This is considerably harder than I expected” he says about fighting. But sometimes you hear the boys say something and Iggy just sort of sighs. They’re dancing around him, and his injury, and the argument, and this scene is where it culminates.

The first time he actually says that it isn’t okay is because of their friendship hitting a low point, rather than his actual injury. But he is so, so aware of that injury and how it has the potential to drag them down. He still says “I would remain with you all. Til the very end” because these are his brothers and he damn well plans to, but that said.

This is the first time we hear Ignis raise his voice, I think. Not including battle cries and the like. Which is saying a lot because this boy is very, very calculated on his emotions. (ie later on when Prompto falls off the train, you hear the very audible difference in Noctis’s voice vs Iggy’s) He’s Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him, and believes he has no reason to complain even if he has gone blind. But that’s a Big Thing. His yelling in this scene exactly “I know full well!” is finally, finally his frustration coming out and it’s triggered because of their bickering (or anti-bickering, since they aren’t really… speaking much).

He says he is willing to bow out if he starts to slow them down, which imo is like asking him to suffer a physical injury all over again (he is Crownsguard, Noctis is his king, he will do anything for him) but he still will DO IT because he won’t be a burden.

He goes on to give Noctis what, I think, is a much needed confidence boost. “A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back” and in the opening sentences for the next chapter, it literally uses those same words to describe Noct’s reaction to Ardyn’s trick: never looking back. (Also never looking back is exactly what Ignis is doing right now, which is why the choice to focus the camera so much on his scars in that moment is AMAZING.)

He continues with that to tell Gladio that Noct will be king and he will rule, but “only once he’s ready”. And this is SO important. Gladio’s interaction with Noct is painful at least and rage inducing at worst (more below) but not only does Noct need to hear this, Gladio does, too. They can push Noctis into that throne but he will never be able to lead until he is ready, and that involves coming to terms with some very, very heavy stuff that’s been happening. Everybody doesn’t handle grief the same way and they’re all having a hard go at it in very different ways thanks to the events of late.

So all of this makes this the DAMN GOOD IGNIS MOMENT. But it’s also really good for the rest of them, both in mentioned ways and others, but since I’m apparently waxing poetic 

Prompto, Gladio, and Noctis under the cut ↓ (note: 150% zoom for easier reading)

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Wondering if you have any Callaghan family headcanons, since I'm like the only blog who comes up with them haha..

Here are some interesting headcanons for ya! 

  • Robert comes from big family and a lot of those family members share a common interest in math, science and robotics. His father passed on all the knowledge he knew to him which is how he became so interested in robotics.
  • Started creating the Callaghan’s Laws of Robotics around the same time he met his wife. He initially didn’t want to scare her off with what he was working with, but she was genuinely fascinated by it. They really started off as just friends, but there’s no doubt they always had mutual feelings for each other.
  • Very supportive with each other too. They both had different career goals, but they always encouraged each other to “push boundaries” with their given knowledge. Robert tends to get more short tempered when he gets creative blocks, but his future wife was someone that was able to reassure him.
  • He did quite a lot of romantic gestures for her despite how busy he could get. Leaving a rose at her doorstep with a note or taking her for a quick walk in the park, he always wanted to make time for her no matter how invested he was in his work.
  • They LOVE each others families. She comes from a pretty small family, so seeing the big family that Robert has is a nice change of pace. He thinks the world of her family despite her father giving him a hard time when they first met.
  • After they got married, they made a habit of having brunch or dinner with each other’s families every other month.
  • They were both so excited when they found out they were going to become parents. Both had wanted to start a family for awhile, so knowing that they had a baby on the way was a very beautiful moment for them and the rest of the family. Though he may not have admitted to it, Robert was THRILLED when they found out they were having a girl.
  • While Mrs. Callaghan’s pregnancy with Abigail went smoothly the whole time, complications unfortunately took place when she went into labor. She had severe bleeding that the doctors did not notice until it was too late to save her. While Robert was devastated over the loss of his wife, he could only hope and pray that Abigail would be born alive. He considers her the biggest miracle of his life that she was born a happy, healthy baby.
  • Abigail’s blood type is AB negative just like her father’s.
  • Both sides of the family offered help to Robert after the passing of his wife. Not just help to take care of a newborn Abigail, but emotional support as well. Despite being depressed over his loss, caring to his new daughter was the one thing that kept him going. Every time he looks at Abigail, he sees her mother in her and hopes that one day, she’ll be as successful and loving as her.
  • Despite being very well known for his laws of robotics, he decided to go into teaching not only to pass on his knowledge, but so he could help support Abigail.
  • Abigail showed interest in robotics and science at a very early age. Robert caught her playing with his old inventions when she was only a toddler. She continued to show these interests as she got older and even told him she wanted to invent stuff someday like him.
  • She is a very big family person and always enjoys being around both sides of her family during any get together.
  • She started bot-fighting when she was a teenager. She became interested in that hobby due to the amount of money she was able to make. Things were going well until she got arrested one day and had no choice, but to call her father. Learning why she had gotten arrested, Robert was incredibly disappointed. Despite that, she continued to go bot-fighting again and again, only making Robert more furious. She got grounded countless times for disobeying his wishes, but since it was all she wanted to do, she would sneak out anyway.
  • Robert took a very similar tactic that a certain someone else does and took Abigail to SFIT to show her the potential she has in robotics and what she could do someday. Thinking it over, Abigail decides to put her bot-fighting days behind her and to create something that could someday be revolutionary.
  • I am really into this theory of Project Silent Sparrow being Abigail’s SFIT entrance project, only for her to sell it to Krei. She felt like it was the better road to take because Krei saw the potential in it for what it was already.
  • After the horrible incident that happened to Abigail, Robert yet again becomes depressed over the loss of a loved one, only it hits him harder this time. The two most important people in his life are gone and he lost both of them traumatically and there’s nothing he can do to bring either of them back.
  • Something tells me that despite the actions he took in the movie, after Abigail is released from the hospital (I mean she had to be there for a few days after being saved from the portal), she visited her father in jail. They have always had a close relationship since she was born, so trying to catch up and understand his perspective is the most she can do whether or not she agrees with his actions.

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Jikook 9

hey angel ily (i hope i dont let u down)

9. things you said when i was crying; jikook

Golden maknae his ass. How could he be worth of that title when he couldn’t even get his voice to not crack in the high notes? When he couldn’t even get one simple dance move right? Hoseok said it was okay, the choreo was really hard, but deep down he knew he was expecting more from him. Everyone was.
It got worse when he dropped Jimin on the ground during a no more dream’s rehearsal for a concert – the terrible sound of his hyung’s body hitting the ground still resounding on his ears. They had done that a million times over – he had never dropped Jimin once –, but it seemed like his mental state was affecting his physical strength and everything was just so damn shitty.
From this day forward, he kept working on gym nonstop, wanting– no, needing to be stronger. However, each day spent in front of those glass mirrors was only useful to make him even more aware of all his flaws. All the imperfections on his body and face he wasn’t allowed to have.
The pressure was growing bigger within each day until it hit a point he couldn’t take anymore. He missed his mother, missed his family, his house – he missed the days he just felt normal and not like an useless burden to everyone around him.
He knew his members, and even the managers, were going easy on him because he was younger – that’s why he also knew he wasn’t allowed to feel that way he was feeling. He wasn’t, but what could he do when the pain was only growing bigger evey day? He was already trying to hide it as much as he could from the hyungs, not wanting to be a stupid kid sticking around their shoes, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t and it fucking hurt, but it was also refreshing when the tears washed his cheeks, simultaneously warm and blazing.
He was alone. Alone and weak in the dance studio, his inner demons pulling up a battle, but there was something relaxing about it. Everyone was already home, so it was okay. He could cry. At least for one night. He could, right? No one had to know.
But Jungkook belatedly realized – in a pent up breath of shock and shame washing over him –, he wasn’t really alone when Jimin appeared with a towel around his neck, black hair still soaked from shower. There was no way he could hide himself behind the couch, or dig a whole in the ground to bury himself there. There was also no way Jimin wouldn’t realize the reddish skin around his bruised eyes, from too many harsh rubs. He had no way out so he just accepted his fate and silently fought a sob. He could only wish Jimin wouldn’t see him in the poorly lit room.
“Jungkook-ah?!” Maybe not that day. “What are you doing over there?”
Jungkook heard him getting closer, but he couldn’t bring himself to look up, too embarrassed to show his hyung how much of failure he was.
“Jungkookie?” Jimin crouched down in front of him and it was when he realized it, concern spreading over his face in a second, “Oh my god, what happened?! Hey, Jungkookie! Look at me…” Jimin kept searching for his eyes worriedly, but Jungkook just couldn’t. He couldn’t because he was trying so hard to not break, but Jimin’s voice had the contrary effect on him. It kept him on the verge from falling and– he just couldn’t. “Jungkook…” Jimin reached for the younger’s cheeks and it wasn’t like electricity, but it was like fire, Jungkook’s skin instantly burning from the touch. A sob escaped from his lips and it was all it took for Jimin to pull him closer in the tightest hug he had ever received.
It was so warm and comfortable it made Jungkook completely forget why he was holding back in the first place. He smelled like washed clothes, soap, and most important of it all, he smelled like home.
Suddenly, Jimin’s shoulder was completely wet with Jungkook’s tears, but he didn’t seem to mind it, dragging the younger further onto his lap, tight arms around him trying to build the safest shelter he could ever.
Seeing Jungkook cry was definitely the most heartbreaking thing Jimin had ever gone through.
When the boy stopped shaking under his touch, Jimin slided his hand into his hair, drawing soothing circles with his thumb on the back of his neck. He leaned against the wall – Jungkook’s body still glued to his chest –, and waited. He wasn’t going to say anything – Jungkook was, if he needed to.
Jimin just wanted him to know he was there for him, nevertheless.
“I’m no good, hyung…” it came some seconds later, his body shrinking within each word, “I don’t know why y'all keep telling me that I am, ‘cause I’m not.” Jungkook sniffled, and Jimin searched for his hand to intertwine their fingers. “I let you fall, hyung.” The maknae hid his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck, tears overflowing from his eyes once again. “I hurt you, how can y'all even say I’m good enough after this…”
Jimin closed his eyes, throwing his head back; searching for words to say. “You know…” he started, squeezing Jungkook’s fingers on his, “Remember when I entered the group? The first day I arrived? I was so nervous I couldn’t even sleep. I heard all of you had been chosen for a company or two, but only bang pd-nim had wanted me so I was really insecure. I worked the shit out of me to keep up, because I kept thinking I was not worthy. I’m not going to be an hypocrite, I still think like this sometimes. We all do. But in one particular day… Ah, I was terrible, Jungkook. I was feeling insecure and homesick, and all the bad things at once. I couldn’t stop feeling like a real trash, but…” Jimin giggled and Jungkook felt a little tug on his heart, “You appeared in the middle of the night with bedhair and a pillow, whispering 'hyung, can I sleep here?’ Do you remember?”
Jungkook smiled.
“Yes…” his voice sounded muffled against the skin of Jimin’s neck.
“It was the first time we had ever shared a bed, but you kept talking about that game you were addicted to and about that favorite character of yours, and… eventually about how I reminded you of him. His coolness and such.” Jimin laughed again. “Aish, I felt so warm and relaxed that night I couldn’t quite believe it. I don’t know where I’m going with this, really, it just– You felt more than just enough that night, Jungkook-ah. For me.” Jimin slightly blushed, but he didn’t find the time to bother, “I know feeling like you’re no good sucks, but… You are. Really. You are way more than that, and not only for me.” Jungkook pulled away just enough to look Jimin in the eyes, which got the older to instinctively brush his fingers through the messy strands of hair sticking to his forehead, shoving them backwards to hesitantly place a soft kiss on it. He kept his mouth on Jungkook’s skin while murmuring, trying to ignore his heart violently knocking against his ribcage, “Take this things out of your mind, please… I can’t even bring myself to imagine spending a single day without you.” Jimin leaned down, touching their foreheads and drowning into Jungkook’s eyes – their hands still clasped together, only a breath apart between them “How can you be possibly not enough?”

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Mike kissing Will's moles

When it happens, it’s not something that Mike plans - it just sort of happens before he realizes it’s happening.

It’s like this: Mike is holding a comic book above his head, just out of Will’s reach. It’s something he does often these days - teasing Will lightheartedly about their increasing height difference, because he’s not really sure how else to deal with the way his heart can’t seem to keep steady in his chest when he’s next to Will. Will never minds it, though; he’s laughing as he stretches up, attempting to grab the book from Mike’s grasp.

They scuffle playfully for a moment before Mike grabs hold of Will’s wrist and, instead of pushing his arm away as he intends to, he pulls Will closer and presses his lips to the inside of Will’s wrist, right against the mole that sits against the thin skin there. He doesn’t realize it’s happening until he’s already pulling away, Will’s skin a tangible memory against his lips.

Will’s eyes widen and his laughter catches in his throat, coming out as a startled sort of gasp instead.

“I -,” Mike starts to say, but he can’t seem to form a coherent thought. He drops Will’s wrist from his grasp. His palms are sweating.

“Mike,” Will says. He takes a step closer and Mike feels dizzy.

“Yeah?” Mike whispers out.

Will steps closer still, standing up on his tiptoes and looking directly at Mike with eyes that are clear and bright and just slightly unsure. Mike finds that his eyes flutter closed without his permission, and he can feel Will’s breath against the sharp of his jaw, warm and pleasant in the cool air of Mike’s basement.

It’s then that Will reaches up and snatches the comic book out of Mike’s slackened hand with ease, a satisfied laugh cascading from between his lips.

“Got it!” he declares, stepping back just a bit and clutching the book in his fist triumphantly.

Mike opens his eyes and tries to laugh too, but the sound gets stuck somewhere in his throat and the only noise he manages to make is some sort of strangled sigh.

“Guess you win,” he says after a beat, and wonders what it means that Will’s smile goes a little softer, that he steps closer to Mike once more, shoving the rolled up comic book into his jacket pocket like it doesn’t really matter.

“Guess so,” Will replies absently.

He reaches up with a hand that hesitates only slightly, brushes his thumb over the ridge of Mike’s cheekbone, across the line of freckles that live there like a star system littered over warm, pale skin.

And this moment is not the first time that Mike notices the moles at the hollow of Will’s throat, or the one sitting just above the line of Will’s lips - far from it, in fact; he’s noticed them plenty of times - when Will laughs cheerfully with his head thrown back against Mike’s shoulder as they watch a movie together, when he smiles his almost-shy smile as Mike catches his eye from across the lunch table - there’s rarely a time that he’s not noticed them.

But it is the first time that Mike presses his nervous, shaking fingers softly against the skin of Will’s neck, resting there as if to measure if Will’s pulse is racing just as frantically as his own (it is), and it’s absolutely the first time that he leans down and kisses that single mole above his lips - short and sweet and just the slightest bit awkward.

Will giggles happily and starts to say, “you missed,” in a playful sort of voice, but Mike moves down those last few centimeters and cuts him off with a kiss to the lips that shuts him up and distracts him just long enough for Mike to pluck the comic from Will’s pocket.

He pulls back with a mischievous grin and says, “you lose,” in a childish little sing-song voice, bopping will lightly on the nose with the rolled up paper.

Will’s smile doesn’t falter in the slightest as he says, “doesn’t feel like it.”

As Mike grabs Will’s arm and leads him toward the nearby chairs (they do, after all, actually want to read the comic at some point), he rubs his thumb softly over the mole there and can’t, for all the world, keep the smile off of his face.

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hi :) for a while ive been thinking i have borderline personality disorder, but i'm not exactly certain. can you list some major signs that a person has bpd? have a good day/night friend!

- being terrified of people abandoning you and going to extreme lengths to stop people leaving, even if you dont have proof they will.

- extreme and fast paced moodswings that can cause you to feel highly jealous, ecstatic, angry or suicidal (and more) in a matter of minutes . they often go from one to another.

- black and white thinking that makes you believe something is amazing or awful , no in-betweens. this often happens with people, so youd idealise them one minute and hate them the next.

- bad impulse control that can cause you to drive too fast, or spend money unnecessarily, or take drugs.

- being explosively angry; often causes physical reactions like shouting/screaming or breaking things.

- feeling empty when youre not going through an extreme emotion.

- not really knowing who you are - you cant see your own personality, so you’ll often copy others, whether that be their opinions or style or hobbies. who you are often changes very quickly and can also depend on the person youre with.

- self harming.

- feeling paranoid; for example, you may be scared that all of your friends secretly hate you, or that someone’s lying.

- dissociation; feeling out of touch with reality. you may feel as if you dont belong in your own body, that youre in a ‘dream’, you dont remember something happening, or everything looks distorted. there are lots of different ways people experience dissociation though !!

there are more symptoms of bpd, but theyre not needed for a diagnosis, or are less common. i hope this helped n if you have more questions youre completely welcome to ask me !!!!

I swear sometimes I think I’m the only person who likes recurring storylines.

I get it, I do, sometimes it can be repetitive, but other times… it makes it real to me? You don’t just fix a personality flaw in an instant, it takes a lot of work, a lot of trying. But each time it crops up again you deal with it a little differently, or it becomes more of a frustration to those around you, and to yourself.

A bone of contention, something to work towards.

It shows growth, and weakness, and human nature. And I kind of love it.


more of the Lust!Roy au! (now called the Lustang au courtesy of @iyazo because i cant believe i didnt think of it earlier)

this au has gotten a lot of surprisingly positive feedback, and so quickly too!! thank yall so much, the sweet tags have been makin me weep :’D

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lol no hate but there's barely any new writing on this blog or even the talk of writing. it seems more like an advice, fun fandom blog rather than a writing blog. are you even planning to write any longer? some people here want to read your new work but it's impossible if you don't put anything out anymore. are you on an indefinite hiatus for your writing?

ngl this comes off a little pushy and insensitive but I’ll ignore that. this blog, however, isn’t just a writing blog, it’s where I go to fangirl and to keep up to date with bts, internet friends, and even my followers. that being said, this blog is not my main priority, though I certainly treat it as such in regards to many other things in my life and maybe that’s a bad thing but that doesn’t neglect the fact that I’m still a busy person. I write for fun just like many other writers on this site and because it is a hobby, I’m not a machine and nor am I even being paid to do this as I write out of my own free will in between school, homework, work, and trying to maintain what little social life I have. it just so happens that things are a little chaotic right now because school is almost over for me and so therefore I’ve had a lot of work to do to keep up but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing as much as I can in my free time. it will just take me a little longer than usual but in the meantime, there are plenty other brilliant writers on this site, some who are lesser known and are waiting for new readers. I am not on a hiatus but everyone needs a break some times and no one should be held accountable for that. I’m sorry if this disappoints you but that’s just how it goes! and if it means anything, I have plans on posting a new fic next week - that is, if you don’t become too impatient in waiting. thanks for understanding~