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sounds of you sounds like love
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louis can’t sleep. enter a very special youtube channel.

a love story about how something ordinary can become very extraordinary, and how feeling rootless and like you’re drifting can - with a little bit of help from fate - turn out okay.

Flowercrowns Headcanon + Reddie

Requested by @trashmouth-spaghetti because she’s really needy for reddie and them having flowercrowns.

1. Eddie hiding the fact that he likes flower crowns, or pastel colours because he’s scared that his mom would eventually find out and ban him from seeing his friends because she believes they have a bad influence on him.

2. Eddie, that whenever they go down to the quarry, sneaks off to the side of the cliff and carefully picks out yellow or white tiny flowers that he thinks would work with his soft fluffy brown hair.

3. But then it gets to a point where Eddie doesn’t know how to weave together a flower crown, so Eddie goes to Bev and softly asks if she can teach him how to make a flower crown.

4. But only with pink or those white tiny flowers that Eddie found from the quarry.

5. And Bev goes like?????? why??? only those colours??

6. But then it rings to her that Eddie has been liking Richie since he was 13, and now they’re 15 and this boy is sitting in front of her, with a lap full of white tiny flowers and a deep blush on his cheeks.

7. And it’s not really a surprise that Eddie is creating a flower crown for Richie of all people.

8. Hell, everyone in the group knows that pastel pink or white really suits Richie and his wild untamed curls.

9. Even Stan knows Richie looks good as fuck in pastel pink and even he can’t deny that.

10. “Stan the man, we both know you would have sex with all this.”

11. “Shut the fuck up Richie.”

12. And all Eddie can do is blush so fucking hard, his cheeks burn.

13. and Bev has so much love for Eddie and for Richie, so she softly asks Eddie if he has more of those white flowers so she can help him create two flower crowns instead of one.

14. And Eddie goes still, blushes so hard again, that the tip of his ears are red.

15. “Yeah bev, yeah I do.” Eddie says.

16. But he’s so excited because he’s finally learning how to weave flower crowns and he’s making ones that contain the pastel pink flowers and Eddie can’t wait until Richie tries it out.

17. It takes 2 hours, but Eddie finally learns how to weave together a flower crown and he’s so happy, that he completely forgets that he might have to hide the crowns once he gets home.

18. Completely forgets that Richie might come in tonight and that he can’t leave the crowns on his chair, or anywhere in his room that Richie might be able to find it easily.

19. So when Eddie gets back home and carefully heads to his room - careful not to show his mom the flower crowns, he doesn’t notice the slightly jarred door, nor the opened window he could have seen from the door that was cracked slightly open.

20. And when he hears Richie say “hey eds, I’ve been waiting for the past hour. Where the fuck have you been?”

21. Eddie jumps and shrieks, dropping the flower crowns onto the floor.

22. And all Richie can do is stare at the weaved crowns that are currently on the floor, instead of the small boys reaction.

23. “I sure hope you don’t pull out this fast when you’re having sex eds, that would be disappointing.”

24. All Eddie can do is scowl.

25. “Besides, who are they for? You would look cute in one.” Richie says, his heart beating so fast because he knows that no one in their group likes the colour pastel pink besides Eddie and Richie - and Richie also knows that he’s the only one that gets complimented the most when he wears that colour.

26. So really, Richie can’t breathe anymore. But he also doesn’t want to get his hopes up because????? Eddie is the most precious soft boy and anyone in the group would be lucky to get a flower crown from him.

27. And Eddie is kinda flabbergasted because this boy is so dumb and Eddie loves him so much.

28. “One’s for you.”

29. Richie puts down the comic and tries to not breathe hard, because shit - he just stares at Eddie, “yeah?”

30. “Yeah,” Eddie says slowly.

31. Eddie’s heart is beating so fast, he doesn’t know what to do, and he especially doesn’t know why he told Richie of all people that he made a flower crown for him. But there’s a blush rising on his cheeks and he just loves the expression that’s on Richie’s face right now.

32. “Did you only make it for me?”

33. “Yeah.”

34. “Can I try it?”

35. “Yeah, of course Rich. I made it for you.” Eddie says softly, his eyes never leaving Richie’s body.

36. And really, the sight is a stellar and Eddie can’t breathe because Richie looks so soft with his black curls under the pink flower crown and he has such a beautiful smile on his lips that Eddie actually thinks he might need his inhaler.

37. “You like what you see?”

38. “Yeah, I really do.”

39. And all Richie can do is blush so hard, his lips feel they’re cracking because of his grin and his cheeks hurt because they feel so warm.

40. But all Richie does is pick up the other flower crown from the floor and place it onto Eddie’s head as well.

41. “I like what I see too, eddie spaghetti.”

42. And really, Eddie can’t even be mad because the two are currently standing in the middle of Eddie’s room wearing nothing but matching pink flower crowns, holding each other’s hand and having the deepest shade of blush on their cheeks.

43. “Pretty sure the color of the flowers match my wang tho, it’s like a light pink.”

44. “Shut the fuck Richie, that’s gross.”


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That ‘everything anyone says is funny no matter what’ part of the sleepover ///


Best Place in the World

SO UHHH what with everyone being super jazzed about my Angelfall AU and wanting to write for it you guys inspired me to write a little drabble for it!! This way you get both a cute fluff fic and a little more background on the AU, a win-win!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!! Please be sure to give it a reblog and spread it around :’) (And there’s notes at the end yup yup)

Everyday used to run like clockwork.

The alarm would go off at seven and he’d roll out of bed, hair fluffed up and sticking up haphazardly until he tamed it with a brush. He’d throw on his clothes and shove all of his notes and technological devices into his bag before trudging downstairs into the flower shop to bid Matt a sleepy good morning, and then out the door he’d go. School was monotonous, work even more so, and by the time he’d fall asleep at three in the morning over piles of complex equations and biorhythms he was barely sure he could keep himself going.

Now? Now things are different.

Keith wakes up to a face full of feathers, softer than anything he’d ever touched before and equally as itchy. Twitching his nose, he draws away before he gets the urge to sneeze. With a slightly annoyed but mostly fond groan, he shoves the obtrusive object out of the way and nudges the body next to him with his foot.

“Lance,” he starts, exasperated. “I told you not to sleep with your wing out, didn’t I? Now I’ll be cleaning feathers out of my mattress for weeks.”

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man i’d kill to see some butch lesbian on some light hearted show as a main or very recurring character

oOOO OH OH UHM!! okay I have this?? headcanon/theory about how the cobalt star sprite that appears in the star shrine in Partners in Time wasn’t elder princess shroob entirely?? and it kinda connects with how starlow became the representant of the star sprite kingdom (still a headcanon tho)!!

i kinda headcanon that the cobalt star was like, the maximum authority among star sprites, followed by a council who ran errands and stuff. maybe  or  star sprites.

ill prolly have to put part of this under a read more so it doesnt become very lengthy but pls bear with me asjhsdnf;; im rlly excited to share this bc ive thought of this for some time now!! <:’3c (also pls forgive my very messy doodles, i feel like if i had elaborated them more, i could have taken t o o long)


Elder shroob saw the potential within the star sprite, and fought for their powers- fooling the brothers with their presence would surely move her a step forward to breaking free, right?

knowing they were no match for her, the star sprite surrendered and gave up their power to prevent further damage. Powers that Elder Shroob used to her advantage (only going as far as using the sprite as a medium of comunication since i guess shroobs wouldnt be able to speak english /that/ fluently without help, and being able to locate the other cobalt shards)

Once the shards were complete, and the elder princess broke out of the cobalt star, it ceased to exist, as it was shattered (Elder Princess Shroob says it herself- “the cobalt star is no more”). This almost KO’d the sprite inside it, and had their energy drained out of them almost completely. 

(more under the cut so it doesnt become very lengthy)

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“Calm yourself, Stent,” Parck said dryly, holding up a hand. “You must understand that one of Mara Jade’s most subtle weapons has always been her talent for irritating people. Irritated people don’t think clearly, you see.”

“Or maybe I just don’t like any of you very much,” Mara said, feeling a touch of annoyance at Parck’s quick and casual insight. Usually her enemies didn’t figure that one out nearly so quickly.  The  slower ones never figured it out at all.


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👏 fuse with all might, pussy

Toshizawa youti, better known as Arizona. passionate and caring, he works hard on the front lines to protect others, using a chain as his main weapon to restrain enemies. though his appearance (mostly the eyes) is a bit intimidating, he is incredibly friendly and extroverted, and works great with kids, being a calm, supportive dad figure to most. he wholeheartedly wants to help and protect others, and help eager children learn to do the same. however, even though hes brimming with such golden intentions, he lacks the energy to fully display them, often only expressing himself through a warm smile, and the occasional pat on the head, never having the words to explain himself.
but an accident leaving a large gash in his stomach, which left his body only hanging together by a few threads, changed his ability to do hero work drastically.

though he does his best to stay positive in this form, the only thing he needs the most at this point is a nap. his narcolepsy doesnt help his condition at all and often needs to take about 1-2 naps a day whether he likes it or not. hes much more quiet in this form, not even having the energy to speak through his actions, cutting himself off from others and laying down until he can recharge.

his quirk is essentially one for all, but if it was boosting aizawas quirk. just by staring at someone, toshizawa can fire an invisible lazer at the target, shattering their quirk and hitting them like a fullscale punch. the targets quirk will recharge in about 5 minutes, but on a good day that cool down can raise to 7 minutes. the time limit doesnt matter much though anyway, as his super strength from one for all can fell almost any foe. 

his themesong is Beast of America, by Nico Vega

The one good thing about the German crisis: We now learn what our President is actually capable of. Usually he is just the representing guy, like the Queen is. Now he actually has political power, because he is the one who has to decide what happens next. Merkel as a minority chancellor? New elections? A totally different chancellor? It’s up to him. He decides and he appoints. 

[efflorescence] - bakudeku; hanahaki, 4/?

as beautiful as they were, he grew tired of the sight (and taste) of green chrysanthemums after the first petal fell from his mouth.

one - two - three

The bus ride to their training location was frustrating to say the least.

Iida had previously instructed them to line up according to their assigned seats, but thankfully with the bus’s layout, it didn’t allow for that to come to fruition. Bakugou had sighed and thanked whatever higher power would listen that he didn’t have to spend a bus ride seated next to Midoriya.

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