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hi I wrote this thing very late at night (or very early morning???) It starts off shitty and dramatic but it actually has a plot. 

I only put a little but up for you to see so you can read the rest under the cut.


Keith has never been in love. 

He thought he was, at one point.  The head-over-heels kind, in fact. The first love kind. The reckless kind.

Love, he learned, was not where you give every part of your heart or soul to your loved one. It was not where you put everything on the line for the other person, uncaring about the repercussions. It wasn’t the warm, tingly feeling you get when you look at the person you gave your entire life for. That feeling of being on top of the world when you hold their hand or kiss their cheek in public.

It certainly wasn’t what they show in the movies.

And so, Keith, at the tender age of eighteen, got his heart broken so far into oblivion that he lost a part of himself in the process. 

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I am tired of seeing posts say something to the effect of “if aphobia isn’t enough to motivate you, remember that REGs also target [insert more “sympathetic” group here].”

Aphobia is enough. Aphobia matters. Aphobia is heinous enough, cruel enough, horrible enough to stand on its own and to be worth fighting on its OWN merits. 

Yes, gatekeepers throw lots of different groups under the bus. Yes, all of those groups deserve attention and deserve to have their issues recognized and fought for. And yes, it is valuable to observe and point out the ways that the foundational tactics of exclusionists repeat themselves in every iteration of the theme.

But y’all need to stop tacking aces and aros on as an afterthought on your posts about it and undermining the support you give us by backpedaling in the very same breath as you defend us, by giving people an excuse to dismiss us from our own activism.

It makes me feel like my pain, my suffering, my oppression is not good enough to count, as though the only reason my issues are being given any attention at all, after years of incredibly difficult fighting to bring my community into the light, is because other, better victims are being hurt by similar forces and tactics. It feels like a tacit validation of the sector of the community that insists that my issues are not real or do not matter.

And that sucks. 

We matter. We are enough. We are worth fighting for.

if you want to get laid, go to college. if you want an education AND to get laid, go to the library. (7.6k)

Chapter 1: dean doesn’t date guys. he even says so. in italics.

Dean doesn’t date guys. He likes guys. Thinks they’re hot, even. He’s man enough to admit that. Dating them, though? No way. Absolutely not. Too much work. He made that decision a long time ago. But when the guy is a librarian with messy hair and blue eyes, he might just have to rethink his life choices. With a little nudge from his friends, of course.

Read the full version on ao3

Hey guys, guess what? Remember that thing I’ve been writing for almost two weeks now that I said was gonna be a nice little college!au. Yeah. It’s getting chapters now. It got a little outta hand. Enjoy!


Dean blinked and looked up from the book he was scribbling in, which wasn’t his, obviously. It was the library’s. And the librarian just caught him.


Castiel Novak was standing over him, thick, tan arms crossed over the chest of his stupid rock band t-shirt, with a raised brow and a deep frown.

“What?” Dean groaned, leaning back in his chair and swinging his arms out wide. He wasn’t going to feign innocence this time. What was the point?

“You’re vandalizing library property, that’s what.” Cas snatched the book off the desk, holding it away when Dean reached to grab it back.

“Dude! I need that for this essay and it’s the only copy you have. C’mon!”

“This is the third time I’ve caught you writing in the books, Dean.”

“Okay, one, pull the stick outta your ass. I’m writing in pencil, so you can erase it if you want to. And two, they’re just notes! It’s not like I’m drawing dicks in the margins or something.”

“Take your notes in a notebook like everyone else. Stop scribbling all over things that don’t belong to you.” Cas snapped the book closed, effectively losing Dean’s page. “I should kick you out this time. I’ve had to tell you multiple times–”

“Okay, but what if someone else needs those notes? Some things in that book are wrong! I’m just helping the next poor sap that needs to use that outdated bundle of kindling.” Dean perked up. “Like Snape, you know? I’m the half-blood prince.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot is what you are.”

“Are you gonna kick me out, Cas, or can I have the book back?” Dean leaned forward and batted his eyelashes up at Castiel. “Pretty please?”

Castiel’s mouth fell open and all Dean could do was smirk as a flush bled into Castiel’s cheeks. Cas thrust the book back at him, wrinkling up his nose in disgust.

“Fine. But stop writing in the books. Just… stick post-its in if you must annotate.”

“That’s a waste of paper, Cas. I thought you were all about the environment? What with your riding a bike everywhere and the bee pins on your bag.”

Cas rolled his eyes so hard that it went through his entire body. “Shut up,” he snapped, turning on his heel and going back over to the front desk.

Dean snickered and opened the book again, flipping to the page he’d been on before Cas interrupted him.

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Request: Can you make an imagine kind of like the jughead comforting reader when they’re having a panic attack but with Archie instead?

A/N: this is basically drabble its pathetically short

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Word count: 374 words

Warnings: anxiety, panic attack

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Silence.  It was around you, all around you, but even the deafening silence wasn’t enough to quiet the racket in your head.  Not voices, no, just one voice.  It was your own.  Your own voice in your own head kept you up all night and was the only sound you heard when you found yourself struggling to pay attention to reality, breaths escaping in thick pants.  

The only sound, of course, until Archie found you.  “Y/N.” His voice broke through your stupor, brown eyes overtaking your own fixed gaze.  You felt his soft hands on your shoulders, smooth skin brushing up and down your trembling biceps.  “Y/N.”  His words were quiet, even the faint breaths from his mouth a jarring shift in the atmosphere for you.  

You tried blinking a few times to focus on his face, and he noticed, placing a hand on the side of your face.  He rubbed his thumb in circles across your cheek.  “I’m here.  I’m here, Y/N.  You’re gonna be okay.”  This affirmation was enough to break through your own echoes through your mind.  You leaned forward, pressing your forehead against his neck.  His hand came around to brace the back of your head, nimble fingers weaving through your soft hair.  

“I’m sorry,” you spoke finally, words brushing past his ear.  

You could practically feel the crease in his brow.  “What do you mean?  Why are you apologizing?”

“You shouldn’t have to drop everything to help me breathe,” you muttered quietly.  He scoffed, at a loss for words.

He pulled away from you, arms around your back slipping down next to yours.  His hands gripped at your wrists as his eyes met yours.

“I don’t have to,” he said.  “I want to.”

Scoffing now, you replied.  “How could you eve-”

“Because I love you,” he said, as though it was obvious.  “I’m gonna take care of you.”

“I want to take care of you, too, though,” you mumbled.  “You’re always here for me, and I just wish there were more opportunities for me to watch out for you.”

“I’ll break my arm at the next game, huh?” You cracked a smile, Archie beaming at the sight of you happy.

You shrugged.  “I guess that’ll do.”

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Protagonists I Want to See More of in YA
  • girls written by men, and boys written by women (I have a long explanation for this and I may turn it into its own post one day, but for the sake of brevity i’m going to leave that like it is rn)
  • non-bookish protagonists who are still well-developed
  • UNLIKABLE PROTAGONISTS. Actually my favorite characters are the ones who are complex/real enough that sometimes you really love them and sometimes you super duper hate them (see: every character in Breaking Bad)
  • protagonists who actually like instigate the main plot of the book (I cannot tell you how tired I am of the whole “jane ‘whitey mcnerdgirl’ smith’ had a super boring life but then some wild thing happened to her so now her life is interesting”) (wait yes I can and I did so already here)
  • socially anxious protags where their social anxiety is realistically portrayed and their resulting struggle with having friends/relationships is portrayed (less “i’m just cute and shy and that strange hot guy is really into me” and more “i am in a constant state of terror and my anxiety has kept me from having any legitimate relationships since i was 12″)
  • same with other mental health issues/disorders BUT without the book being an issue book that focuses mainly on that issue/disorder. A good old fantasy/sci fi/romance/whatever book with realistically portrayed disorders is what I want to see
  • optimistic, friendly, non-cynical protags (not everyone’s teenage years are 50/50 angst and sarcasm)
  • non-quirky protagonists
  • on the other hand, manic pixie dream girls (yes i said it. i love manic pixie dream girls. i hate them for the male gaze, as the object of a male protagonist’s obsession, but make a manic pixie dream girl the teller of her own story and i’m so here for that) (but she can’t be a mary sue)
  • protagonists who fail. hard.
  • religious protagonists. And not just like using their flimsy religion to emphasize how angsty and cynical they are. actual firm believers in fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian/whatever books. doesn’t really count if the religion is fictional. and not just Christians either.
  • this goes along with the “protagonists who instigate the main plot” point, but protagonists who are eager to face the conflict. I’m tired of it feeling like the story has to be set up perfectly to force the character into action. Protagonists who are ready to step up to the plate and do some damage.
  • protagonists who fall from grace over the course of the story.
  • protagonists who are wildly amoral but their amorality isn’t excused, it’s made to be a complex aspect of their character. protagonists who sometimes step out of line. possibly too far to ever really return.
When people say shit like "omg this cow think it's a dog!" or "look at this video of pigs acting like a dog"


They are acting like their own species. You are just pretending their behavior is special (and similar to that of your valued companion animal) because god forbid you realize that omg, the animals you fucking eat have personalities and enjoy their lives.

So I dunno. If you think those videos and stories are cute maybe you should stop eating/supporting the exploitation of the subjects of those videos.


I think we’re all pretty sure that Cr1TiKaL is dating that girl with the blonde hair, and I’m just really happy that he found someone he likes who looks so nice (especially after having his last gf cheat on him). And it’s very cute seeing pictures of them on tumblr and things!

But also all of these pictures came from social media posts outside of Cr1TiKaL’s (like the girl’s own Instagram) and we know that he’s a fairly private person … So probably we should give them some privacy and at least not directly message him about his relationship developments or anything, at least until he publicly mentions having a gf in a video or something.


Dear Journal,

I might have to leave for a little while. Father’s been increasingly stressing the importance of marriage, he sounds…. strange. To make matter’s worse he keeps bringing up that man- no… that PIG far too much for my liking. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Link! If I had known he’d…oh, but that’s in the past- the only thing I can do now is find a way to fight back on my own. It was foolish of me to think Link could do this all on his own, brave as he, is having an insider isn’t enough. It’s time for me to disappear for a while. Impa- my maid, mind you- said a little “trip” should be in order. I’ve heard it’s lovely in the South this time of year.

Not sure when I can write again, but still yours,


1920′s zelda au

Something that’s been on my mind for, like, ever and idk if it’s fuck corporate or fuck the physical size of our store. Or both. Our store isn’t allowed an assistant manager, just a manager and associates, because it is “too small” for one. Not enough sales to justify it, due in part to how physically small our store in particular is. It really sucks bc I’m 99.9% sure I would be ASM if we could have one since I’ve been there 6 years (9mo less than my manager and WAY longer than anybody else since I started), I’m a star employee, PLUS I’m always volunteering for extra hours I can’t have (we’re not allowed to work over 1,000hrs/yr >:( I hate it bc I always get within like an hour of going over it every year. It deserves a post of its own lol). We also have a fairly high turnover rate, so it’d be a huge relief for my manager to not worry about the schedule or people quitting, and “legally” pass some of her workload on to me if I could be assistant manager. Like, if she and I could both work full time, we would only need 1-2 part time people, because I don’t really have a social life. I swear the company has to be wasting more money having us train people who quit within a year than they would paying me as an ASM. But what do I know.

On the plus side, two years ago my manager did find out about and get me a promotion to “lead sales associate” which is technically more of a leadership role, but it was basically only a $1.25/hr raise because I was already doing the job. Kind of disappointing because I really wanted to learn new tasks, but I pretty much know all there is without crossing into management. I really appreciate all the effort she put into jumping through the million hoops corporate kept making up for her and it shows how much she values me. She recently told me via text that she wishes I could work full time because it would take a ton of stress off her shoulders.

Like, I love my manager so much and I really want to do everything I physically can to help her, but I don’t get to because it’s not in my job description. I do what I can, but there’s so much more I’m capable of doing if only I was allowed to ;-;

(But, ironically, I would never want to be full-on manager. Too scary. I’d be happy being #2 in command lol)

anonymous asked:

Age swap au Toph? Other then the original we've berely seen her

This AU has gotten large and unwieldy enough that it now has its own tag: #Gaang age swap AU.

1. Toph has come a long way from the tiny twelve year old who first joined the underground competitive earthbending circle,or so Xin Fu tells her.  She has her own fanbase now, and draws her own crowds.  But she could make those crowds bigger, he tells her.  Toph cottons on pretty quick.  “By ‘Toph, you’ve come a long way,’ you mean I’ve grown boobs.  Not happening, dude.”  He tries to intimidate her, and she wipes the floor with him.  He gives in less than gracefully and pines for the lost revenue.

2. Sixteen year old Toph once she joins the gaang is a lot like twelve year old Toph, but now she’s the oldest, along with Aang, and she has AUTHORITY!  Or so she claims.  Katara is extremely fond of telling her that in the Southern Water Tribe, authority is derived from the agreement of the tribe as a whole.  Also, she adds cuttingly, it’s usually bestowed on people of great wisdom.  Yeah okay Sugarqueen.

3. Xin Fu has not learned his lesson by the way, he and Master Yu still team up to kidnap Toph on behalf of her parents.  This goes mostly the same way as it does in canon, except Toph finds herself sincerely afraid for the first time of the possibility of other risks, shall we say.  The reward is nice, but if they can force her to marry one of them, they could claim her entire inheritance.

4. Toph has already had her first few crushes, and does not go for twelve year olds (ewww!) so she does not get a crush on Sokka or Zuko.  They on the other hand have a serious one on her.  They trail around her like love-struck poodle-monkeys for a while.  Toph is kind of outraged whenever she gets stuck babysitting them.

5. Despite being a year older than Katara, Katara still tries to mother Toph.  This drives Toph CRAZY, understandably.

Blue Eyes. (Part 9.1 to Red Hair)

(Hi everyone~ This is the first part of chapter 9 ^.^, the second part is actually going to be split from Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s POV, covering part 8 and part 9 as well. I hope this is alright ^^; and again, thank you all for the loving feedback !! And please do let me know in a previous post I made if you guys would like to start making requests? Details in previous post ~!

Warnings: Same as before.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mystic Messenger or any of its characters. This is written solely for entertainment purposes!



Blue eyes.

She always wished she had blue eyes.

Blue eyes, black hair.

That’s what would have fixed her plain face.

Make her more attractive, make her more desirable, make people want her.

Make her feel loved and wanted.

She would be pretty enough.

She would be enough.

But she had brown eyes, and brown hair, and a plain face that no one looked at twice.

No one, until now.

Jumin stared into her eyes, and she wanted to break away, wanted to tear her gaze away, but she couldn’t. She was trapped.

“Come back with me. You deserve more. You deserve more than this. You deserve to be happy.”

He couldn’t help but glare at Saeyoung, who looked pained and angry.


He deserved every bit of pain this caused him, and Jumin couldn’t be happier, that he was the one giving it to him.

After what he did to her, he had no right to be happy, he had no right to be happy, by taking hers away.

She was distraught.

She didn’t know what to call this feeling, except for sheer and total anxiety.

She couldn’t.

She absolutely couldn’t.

She absolutely couldn’t say yes.

Could she?

Wait, no.

No! Of course not!

How could she even think that? How could she even entertain the slight possibility of ever leaving when he wanted her back?

It was her fault….


If it was her fault….why was Jumin asking her to come to him….?

She broke out of her erratic train of thought, when Jumin squeezed her hands.

When did he take her hands?

“Come with me. Come with me, and let me show you what it’s like to be happy again.”

She was so tempted to say yes.

Anything to get this feeling of numbness away.

Anything to fill the gaping hole in her chest.


It was the soft whisper of her name.

The soft, and nearly heartbroken whisper of her name. That broke her out of her reverie.

And she turned around to look at him.

He stared at her, with that wide eyed, pained look in his eyes, that made her heart shudder for him.

She couldn’t.

She couldn’t be the reason for his pain.

“Jumin…I….I’m sorry…I can’t…I-”

He cut her off.

“It’s going to take time. It’s going to take patience. But, I’m not going to let you go so easily. I’ll give you time. To think, and make the right decision”.

He was firm, where she was weak.

He was confident, where she was anxious.

With a gentle kiss to the hand, he set her bag to the side, and walked towards the door.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

And he left without looking back.

also check out part 2 of the dex accidentally gets high fic (here), which features nursey getting intentionally drunk? or ch 1 here?

Nursey isn’t really sure what time it is, but he knows that Spring C is over and the sky is dark, so it’s definitely probably sometime at night.

He also knows that the team is having an after party at the Haus, and he doesn’t really know where any of his friends are or when he lost them, but that’s pretty much on par for every other Spring C he’s ever attended, so he doesn’t worry about that too much. Instead, he just heads for the Haus and, sure enough, he arrives there to find that a party is in full swing.

There are people on the grass and the porch and he can see people inside as well, and there’s music playing and laughter filling the air, and Nursey curses himself for thinking in cliché’s, but he’s also just a bit too drunk and a bit too excited to care.

He’d been tired before but, just like that, his second wind hits him, and then Nursey stumbles inside. He waves to a few people he knows and fist bumps a few others, and then he does his best to head straight for the kitchen.

He knows that, realistically, he’s definitely at least a little bit drunker than he should be and that, because of that, he should probably have a glass of water or a slice of pie or something to counteract the hours’ worth of alcohol he’s drank today, but he also feels good and he doesn’t want it to stop.

He feels light and kind of dazed and he feels like the night is just beginning, and he doesn’t want sobriety to get in the way of that, so he opens the fridge and grabs a PBR, and he fumbles it a bit before he gets it opened but then it’s opened and he goes to take a sip, when-

“Do you really need another drink, Nurse?” Dex asks, and Nursey pauses, but he doesn’t lower the can. Instead, he turns with the can still mid-air and sees Dex leaning against the doorframe, at which point Nursey meant to finish the sip of beer in defiance, but he gets momentarily caught off guard by just how good Dex looks, and then-

And then he spills at least a quarter of the beer onto his shirt, and he’s not entirely sure how it even happened, but he says, “Oh fuck,” and then he jumps back and spills a bit more on the floor, and then he gets hold of himself and looks up just in time to see Dex hiding a smile. The cold beer and the slight embarrassment both hit Nursey at once and they clear his head a tiny bit, so he mutters, “I definitely need another drink,” and then he actually does take a sip of the beer.

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this fandom owes me $100 every time i see the following in art or fics

- yuuri and victor doing it at the banquet when they met (yuuri was drunk enough to not even remember what happened, even a year later, like victor would never take advantage of him or anyone like that)
- jokes about georgi not being able to get over anya. in the show itself, he has moved on and is with another girl like ??? i have literally never seen him anywhere without whining about or at least referencing her. there is so much more to his character and we all pin it down to him being an over attached creep (which he isn’t).
- one. more. fucking. post. about. victor. not. doing. the. motherfucking. dishes. it’s okay to dislike doing the dishes (or any housework) yet any grown and responsible person who has lived on their own for presumably multiple years would know that it’s important and would just get it done.

Fanfic Etiquette (Or How to Make Your Fanfic Writers Feel Appreciated)

1. Upvote! AFF has a very simple upvote system. If you liked a fic, go to the forward and click the little arrow by the subscribe feature. Nothing makes an AFF writer’s day like logging in and seeing that their fic got upvotes. 

Archive of Our Own has the kudos system, which doesn’t even require you to be logged in, you can leave a kudos anonymously! You will make the AO3 writer dance for joy, I promise. You could even give a fic kudos a second time if you log in!! 

2. Recommend! I’m not just talking about submitting a fic to us or another blog, I’m talking about recommending it on your personal blog. I know sometimes you’re embarassed to put your kinks out there, but you don’t even have to do that. Sometimes its enough to just post a link to the writer’s profile and then let your friends do the exploring from there!

3. Reblog! See your favorite author has posted a drabble to tumblr? REBLOG IT! Like it! Leave a comment! Anything to show them that their time was appreciated. If they post a link to a new fic, reblog the link!

4. COMMENT! This is the biggest one. Too often fanfic writers put their fics out there and wait. And wait, and wait. Sure, subscribers are great, and kudos and upvotes are even greater, but why? Why did you subscribe? Why did you give an upvote/kudos? What stood out about this fic? Is it your favorite pairing, your favorite trope? Tell the writer! It’ll make them feel like their efforts weren’t wasted. 

Your comment doesn’t need to be a great opus about every scene and a simple “Thank you for writing this! I thought it was really cute/hot/angsty/funny and it made me laugh/cry/yell/clutch my heart” will suffice. 

People always wonder why the fandom seems to be losing writers, and honestly, the lack of feed back is definitely a reason why. Show the fanfic writers you appreciate them, and you’re going to see a huge shift in how much fic they put out. 

- aeryn

Portgas Daily was created with the purpose of paying homage to the splendid character of Portgas D. Ace; an idea only possible thanks to the daily work of fans who keep on sharing their love through the manufacture of all sorts of content. Thus, this blog doesn’t exist because I came up with it: it exists because of you.

Today, I’m asking you to help expand this blog and keep this fire alive and burning. How exactly can you do that?

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Please keep in mind that, since this is my blog, I have the right to be selective of its content, although I want to be inclusive of everyone’s contributions. You can tag your traditional/digital artworks, including edits/gifs and others; and you can also tag text posts such as fanfiction and headcanons.

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bushidolad  asked:

Hey forosha, any tips on building a following online? Its kinda discouraging seeing people who are 18/19 have thousands of followers. Their art is deserving of it of course, and i work everyday on my own stuff, but im turning 21 soon and have no real audience online if youve got any advice itd be a big help, thanks.

Pretty much this: http://forosha.tumblr.com/post/158693353069/any-tips-for-someone-trying-to-gain-a-presense

Also, always try to learn and grow with your work. If you never improve or try new things, it’s hard to convince people to stick around. But again I cannot stress this enough DO YOUR ONLINE CONTENT FOR YOURSELF. It won’t matter how many followers or junk you have if you genuinely love what you’re doing. It’s just an added bonus that they like it too!

OOC Belle

This was a reply to another post (in fact, the first paragraph is a quote from @charmedrumbelle’s post that I replied to), but it is important enough that I though it deserved its own post.

“I still love Belle. I love BatB Belle. I love S1-S3 Belle. But this girl who calls herself Belle in canon now – I just don’t know who she is. I don’t recognize her as Belle.”

This is the problem in a nutshell with Belle right now. I LOVE Belle, the real Belle who said things like this -

“You see, that’s why I have to stay.” (In Broken, when Rumple says he is a man who still makes wrong choices)

“I’ll fight for him. I’ll never stop fighting for him.” (The Outsider)

“I’ve found that when you find something worth fighting for, you never give up.” (The Outsider)

“I love him…all of him, even the parts that belong to the Darkness.” (Quiet Minds)

“I don’t believe that!” (In Kansas, when Zelena says the dagger is more powerful than Rumbelle’s True Love)

“I knew what I was getting into.” (Operation Mongoose Part II)

“It’s never too late.” (The Bear And The Bow)

“I don’t need to see the world to know what I want.” (Swan Song)

“I have always known who you are and that is why I love you.” (Her Handsome Hero)

Even post season 3, as you can see, she occasionally peeks through, but in season six - she has been gone, long gone, and for NO EXPLAINABLE REASON. The show can only ride the 4A excuse for so long, especially given some of her statements post-4A. Now, if they actually want to deal with 4A - REALLY deal with it - with a healthy, mature conversation of healing from both sides, where they both admit and acknowledge their faults in what happened, that would be one thing.

But the show seems determined NOT to deal with it, possibly so that they can avoid having Belle admit her own faults and accept blame for her actions, since that does not fit in with the narrative the show seems determined to push where Rumplestiltskin = ALL BAD and Belle = ALL GOOD.

And I wholeheartedly believe that they will end up whitewashing Belle’s actions in this episode, even though it is clear that SHE screwed up, accepted the word of people who either have an ax to grind (Zelena, the Evil Queen, Hook and Emma) or whose bonafides cannot be established with 100% certainty (Morpheus) without even giving HER HUSBAND and the FATHER OF HER CHILD a chance to say even a single word in his defense that she will actually LISTEN to.

In essence, she kidnapped Gideon from his father and is keeping him away out of spite based on secondhand information which HAS NOT been confirmed to be true. She DOES NOT have legal custody. No papers have been drawn up giving her sole authority to make decisions for their now living, breathing baby. Rumplestiltskin’s parental rights have NOT legally been terminated. But how much you want to bet that once the truth comes out, that will be whitewashed, she will still be proclaimed a hero, and Rumple will come crawling back to her without so much as a fight because Belle = GOOD and Rumplestiltskin = EVIL and he should just be grateful that she is letting him back into her life and the baby’s life at all.

I love Belle, but I cannot praise and condone the OOC Belle of season six that the writers are force feeding us. I just won’t.

I kinda hate tumblr

Okay so here’s a thing. I kinda hate tumblr. I really do. For an awful lot of reasons but this is going to be long enough so here are only a few of them:

1. Y’all are always preaching about how everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter who they want to be and what they want to look like. Except you feel superior because your eyebrows or your hair or your winged eyeliner are on point. There are so many you vs me posts that put others down for the clothes they wear or the accuracy of their make up. Know what you are? Hypocrites

2. I’m all for equaltiy and I think it is great that important matters such as racism and sexism etc are discussed and taken seriously on such a platform. However, it seems to me that unless you are a part of a minority group or underprivileged, you are not allowed an opinon. Like, I get that those who are affected most by those things have to speak up and need to be respected and listened to. But that doesn’t mean that someone who does not have to face these problems can’t have something important to say about it. Tumblr doesn’t value your opinion unless you are a  poc or belong to the lgbtq+ community.

3. Can fandoms just get along? Why do people get hate for a bunch of tv shows they love? I mean it is pretty obvious which ones I’m talking about (*cough* superwholock *cough*). You cannot openly admit to be a fan of those three shows without getting hate for it. Which is stupid. Yeah, there are people in this fandom that are utter douchebags. But you will find douchebags in every single fandom. Don’t make assumptions on someone’s personality based on the tv shows they enjoy. It keeps people from enjoying their fandoms.

4. Problematic. I don’t know if it’s a meme or a trend that i missed or simply didn’t get but it pisses me off so much. There are so many posts that go something like ‘when your friend won’t realise their fav is problematic…’ Like I dunno, do you get that your fav is problematic? Do you get that you’re problematic? Cause we are all human beings and we are all problematic in one way or another. There’s no way any of us go through life without ever voicing an offensive opinion. And just because a celebrity once said something problematic doesn’t make them ‘human trash’, as many like to lable them. 

(same goes for tv shows btw. I know some are very popular to hate and be called out but honeslty, pretty much everyshow lacks representation in some aspect but that doesn’t mean that the writers are ‘problematic’ or racist douchebags)

5. Tumblr made me a way angrier person. I get offended so easily because if there’s a funny situation or a joke or anything I would usually laugh about, thanks to this lovely website I can think of a hundred reasons why pretty much anything could be offensive or problematic, even if they are so freakin far fetched that noone would assume it is offensive at all.

I could probably go on forever. I mean, yeah, there are hilarious textposts and gifs and great fandoms on here. And I love that bit. But then there’s this other side that makes me want to visit tumblr less and less. Maybe that’s just me but it’s kind of taking the fun out of tumblr.


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If I see one more teenager post “I think I’m getting too old to cosplay!” I may break something.

Let me just say this one more time: If you want to cosplay, cosplay. If you don’t, don’t. There is no age limit on having hobbies.

Here’s another thing: It is not more or less socially acceptable to cosplay at one age or another. Yes, there are certain careers where you probably don’t want to advertise that you dress up as a cat girl on the weekends, and yes, if you’re trying to break into certain job markets you need to have a professional public image, but this isn’t a question of piercing your face or dyeing your hair green – it’s about a fun hobby you engage in on the weekends. It’s about being creative and constructive and having projects of your own. It’s about engaging socially with people who share your interests.

Let me share a little secret with you: Adults like to have fun, too. The desire to play and socialize does not expire with age, and the people you meet throughout your life will understand that, even if their preferred hobby is different from yours. Some people watch football. Some people go to art galleries. Some people hike. Some people build giant suits of foam armor. (Some people do all of these things.)

I’m old enough and established enough in the world that occasionally I have to engage in Actual Adulting ™. But when I walk into semiannual business meetings – the kind where everyone wears suits and ties and professionally-polished shoes – the first thing my financial officers ask is to see photos of my new costumes. They know I dress up as fictional characters on the weekends, and they think it’s awesome. (And let’s face it – for people who have to deal with clients on a regular basis, it’s way more interesting than making the same old polite small talk about how the kids’ potty training is coming along.)

If a conservatively-dressed manager in a downtown bank getting excited about poofy pink ballgowns and foam armor isn’t enough to convince you that it’s okay to cosplay past the age of 20, I’m not sure what else to say.

I know I have talked about this beforemore than once, repeatedly, so I won’t rehash all the same arguments I’ve made previously. But since I keep seeing these questions pop up, I felt compelled to wave this banner one more time. Let me leave you with this:

When you’re grown up, you get to make grown-up decisions. Like which cons to go to, and what fabric to choose for your next costume. And whether or not you want to continue cosplaying. If you don’t, that’s fine; that’s your decision. And if you do, that’s fine; the rest of us old-timers will be at the cons waiting to take photos with you.