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Ease My Mind - Part 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

Warnings: violence

A/N: i really really really love this part…. hopefully you guys do as well! theres only one or two parts left in this series :( im gonna try and make them good ones for you all :)

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Nat waits until you’re both in position for your recon mission before bringing it up. It’s hot as balls in Jakarta and you pulled the short straw, so you’re stationed outside on a rooftop with your sniper rifle digging into your shoulder while Nat gets to watch from an air conditioned hotel room. You’re surveying an influential businessman who has expressed a little too much interest in AIM, and you’re already getting sick of watching this guy eat his expensive lunch and throw back whiskey like it’s water with his other rich businessman friends.

With sweat dripping in your eyes and your rifle scope fogging up, you’re really not in the mood to examine your colossal fuck up back at the Compound. Nat has other ideas.

“Sooooo,” she drawls over comms, halfway through hour two of recon. You sigh. At least you got an hour and a half of peace before the interrogation started. “Care to explain why you kissed Bucky like you’re a suburban married couple?”

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🍵 for the au thing (also klance and shallura :D)

🍵 : A coffee/tea house AU

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Hop on top of the cringe train it’s a face reveal of moi! I like this photo bc I’m wearing my overalls eeee! They’re so comfy!
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Rakuzan x Shuutoku

Miya: Dont touch me, leave me alone
Haya: Miyaji-san, Miyaji-san

Reo: I like you. Lets go back to Kyoto together
Takao: Eeee really…. Dont touch my eyes….Shin-cha…..

Aka: You are tall, Shintarou


Another little a5 hand illustrated sketchbook down :)
So glad it’s Autumn! The season of colourful squashes and warm jumpers and the smell of bonfires eeee I always feel like theres something magical in the air 🍁🍂

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BTS during EXO - Drop That  (MAMA Awards 2015) (look at how shy Jimin is and all the Taehyung and Suho moments x__x)

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You wanna call Taeyong daddy? 👀👀👀



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{{OOC: Eeee, I’m glad you like it so much!! There are definitely going to be more parts to TWDNR, I’m just a really slow writer ;~; I’m hoping to have another bit of it out in the next few weeks. Also, as far as perryshmirtz being in the series, well….there is already over 10k written for what will eventually be the beginning of tangible (not just hints and awkwardness and teasing because I am a horrible person) perryshmirtz to the series, soooo yeah it’s safe to say it will definitely be there.  But it probably won’t be posted for a while, soooooo yeah patience ;3; Thanks for all the asks guys, the ask box should be open again in the next weekish. <3 ~Grayce.}}