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Ease My Mind - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that. 

A/N: soooo this is take two at a lightheared fluffy fic, and i think i finally succeeded! get prepared for blanket forts, prank wars, and sexual tension/10! if you guys have any suggestions for things bucky and reader can get up to i’d love to hear them :) i hope you enjoy!

There’s a soft knock on your door before it swings open and Nat pokes her head in. She winces - you’re deep in mediation, cross-legged on your bed with your eyes shut and hands closed in loose fists on your knees.


You didn’t hear her come in, so her voice surprises you. You feel your form waver as your concentration is broken, flickering between here and someplace before you settle back onto your bed. Nat walks in, an apology written all over her face, and says, “I wouldn’t have disturbed you if it wasn’t urgent.”

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I was afraid that I wouldn’t see you again
I  h a d  t h o s e  f e a r s  m y s e l  f

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Everybody be admiring Kii's tiddies while I'm wondering if he has a booty just as fine for me to smack. Kii's so sexy, cute, and caring that it makes me wonder how that woman could cheat on him. Only an idiot would throw away a national treasure like Kii.

Eeee his booty is okayy ahaha (I honestly don’t know what’s a nice looking butt) 

But who know why someone would cheat??? But I think it’s so funny that you all have such a positive view of Kii and yet here I am seeing him as someone who’s really bad ahaha. But I’m glad you like him ahhh he appreciates all the attention and love for everyone TT v TT



Rakuzan x Shuutoku

Miya: Dont touch me, leave me alone
Haya: Miyaji-san, Miyaji-san

Reo: I like you. Lets go back to Kyoto together
Takao: Eeee really…. Dont touch my eyes….Shin-cha…..

Aka: You are tall, Shintarou

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Shance headcanon: Their first kiss was in the rain ☔️ uvu

First thought I had when I read this: It doesn’t rain in space yO u f00L

Second thought: oh wait, they could be like. On a planet. That rains acid. They think they’re going to die so they confess and kiss. Nice.

Third thought: ……….why am I like this


is it a charm - or - out - idk - a path - eeee - feel like - somethings missing - did i lose a part of me - i lost my keys yes - for a minute - i was locked out - i didnt like it - i dont like this poem - either