but i like it at the end


Pairing: Daryl Dixon x @jodiereedus22
Warning: Angst, Lanuage

A/N: For my 200 contest winner! I do not own any of TWD nor am I affiliated with AMC, don’t post my shit anywhere else. 

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“You did what to her?” Daryl seethed as he stared the man down, stepping forward menicingly slow.

“You heard me,” The straggly looking man chuckled, licking his lips pleasantly before wiping his mouth with his fingers, a little too smug for the position he was in,“I took good care of her while she was with us, man. Real good. And in return, she took real good care of me.”

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tummy’s best friend is another goblin planeswalker from some other plane

this gobbo friend greatly resembles a raccoon

that’s all i’ve got right now but that’s how the concept for tummy started so we’re off to a great start

One day I’m gonna get some sleep and it’s going be great. Unless its while I’m driving like I did this morning. We didn’t die praise Jesus.


I’m 6.5K in on my 19x03 Barisi episode tag, and I’m still sick, and I’m currently falling asleep on my laptop, and I can either half-ass the ending of this fic tonight, or I can whole-ass it tomorrow.

Since I’m trying to weave together some pretty disparate stuff in terms of Barisi canon (Barba’s death threats, the deep respect of S17, the bullshit of S18, the flirting in the first 3 episodes of S19, even a little bit of the teasing of S16, I mean, you name it!), and since I’m trying to keep this fic 100% canon-compliant, I’d really like to have a chance to look over the story tomorrow, with a clear (and hopefully fever-free) head.

I’m sorry for the delay, and I truly hope tonight’s episode* gives us new and fresh Barisi to enjoy :D

*which I’ll watch very late in the day tomorrow, and only after I’ve posted my fic, as punishment for literally doubling my story in length in one day. If only I had left out some of the angst and the backstory, I could have finished it by now! But nope! The heart wants what it wants. This started 60% fluffy and now it’s about 78% angst :/ with a fluffy ending of course :D

Also thank you to @me-ladie and @fanficcionista for your kind words of support ❤️

I love you all and, as always again, I’m sorry to keep you waiting <333

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The dust collects over the faded silk in the old Victorian house. Robbie Rotten never thought that blue could be his favorite color.

Rolivia going canon is a different circumstance though

okay, fuck, i have been coerced, but ay. @rockonjenny

Okay, now with them, it’s slightly different, in that I want their moment to be very climactic.

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[[ I’m real sad this editing other people’s art without permission discourse is still a thing. I thought we understood the issues with it back when I stopped rping in 2014.

Bottom line is, if you didn’t make the artwork, don’t take it and edit it for yourself unless you’ve gotten permission from the artist. Artists put their art out there to be recognized. People cropping out their signatures and giving no credit is frankly, rude. Several artists have stopped posting their art on tumblr because of this behavior. Some of my favorite league artists have done the same, especially foreign artists where copyright laws differ in their countries.

If you want to use icons, that’s okay! Feel free to use official media, or face claims, or idk official manga characters that look like your muse. That’s fine! That doesn’t hurt independent artists.

I won’t fight anyone over this, but I just want people to understand why it’s an issue. And also understand that no one is going to stop role playing with you just because you might stop using icons. ]]

Today has been so upsetting, like ? ?? This guy (read: asshole) at work made some really disparaging comments about me. I happened to return to my desk while he was in the middle of it, trying to get two colleagues to agree with him that I’m ‘not cut out for a managerial position’ basically, and making a mockery of my attempts to advance in my career. I’m happy that the two other colleagues were actively disagreeing with him, but it’s still kinda… idk ? demoralising? hearing someone say shit like that when you thought you were getting along okay >.>