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Ichigo & Rukia - Bleach

I grew up reading Bleach but got lost after the Aizen arc….but when I saw the first three seasons were on Netflix I had to (re)watch the anime :’) brings back a lot of fun memories with these two. It’s weird to think I’m older than Ichigo now too :’0

Might draw the rest of the gang later but just wanted to get these done first! Hope you like!

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Flynn has no reason to trust ANYONE now.  He was right there - ready to finally, finally avenge his family and rid history of the cancer that is Rittenhouse.  But he chose to trust Lucy, agreed to try it her way.  All that remained was to go home, to bring his wife and daughter back.  Bring Amy back.  

Yet here he is, betrayed by someone he thought he could trust, right at the moment he’d been waiting for for so long.  Can you imagine how crushing that must be?  He’ll never get to see his wife and daughter, and Rittenhouse still remains.  And the worst part is that Agent Christopher used and abused the trust and silent understanding that Lucy and Flynn had - not caring about the consequences or how it might damage their relationship.  Not caring that he was going to destroy the mothership afterward.  She’s more than happy to let Mason strut free, but Flynn gets locked away?  No wonder he’s such a cynical merciless wrecking ball.  

Well good job, big brother.  You fucking locked up the one man who’s willing to do what it takes to eradicate Rittenhouse, brick by brick, individual by individual.  And now, thanks to you, a traitor has the mothership and you don’t even know it.  And when you come crawling to him, begging for his help, I hope he tells each of you to fuck yourselves.  

I just pray that he and Lucy can find a way to trust each other again, because she had no idea she was the bait.  I believe she genuinely feels terrible for what’s happened to him.  I don’t know how much loss and betrayal one man can take before he lets the pain and rage completely consume him…There was a good man inside Garcia Flynn.  It’d be a miracle if he survives this.

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Your point about Irene is good but I've always seen the phone password as being one of Jim's suggestions; Sherlock only thought of it ONLY after Jim was mentioned by Irene as being involved, he likely pieced it together given Jim's open obsession with him. I'm an Adlock shipper too but it's worth considering, that THAT specific bit, the password, was designed by Jim and Sherlock realized it (either sub- or consciously), but still used it against Irene in his dramatic lil speech.

((tbh I’m not a Adlock shipper :3))

Perhaps, but wouldn’t Irene mention that it was Jim who set the password? Irene is not one to be beaten like that, she is the fierce dominatrix after all who almost brought a nation to its knees, after all. If Jim had set the password, she would most definitely not let Sherlock think he “won” her. She wouldn’t let him think that she had succumbed to sentiment. She could have protested any time during his whole “sentiment is a chemical defect” speech. But she didn’t.

If Sherlock got the password through Jim, he wouldn’t have waited so long to announce it. We’ve seen how fast his mind palace can work; within five seconds he can crack an extremely difficult code. Don’t you think he could have more more quickly deducted that it was his name if he realised it through his connection with Jim? Instead, he waited longer after Irene first mentioned Jim.

If you watch the I AM SHERLOCKED video from the official Sherlock Youtube channel, you can see when it flashes to Sherlock at 0:07 after Irene mentions Jim. Fast forward to 0:41 to 0:42, you can see that this is the moment the password hits Sherlock. We know his mind palace can work within five seconds, so why would it take 30 extra seconds for him to crack that password?

Would she have cried if it was set by Jim? This is more of my opinion, and I know she said that that phone is her life, but she let out a tear because the weak sentimental side of her was exposed. She’s supposed to be the strong dominatrix who doesn’t romantically care about anyone because, well, she’s a dominatrix, but here, the sentimental side of her has been exposed. Much like Sherlock, she has the strong and “I don’t romantically care about anyone” vibe, and when her sentimental side is exposed, lots of things she has been working up to crashed down.

Personally, I’m a Sherlolly shipper, and when I watched ASIB my intent was to hate Irene. I didn’t watch the Sherlock episodes in order, see, and I shipped Sherlolly before watching ASIB. Many times throughout the episode however, I found myself pausing the video and exclaiming to myself that “omg I like her I didn’t want to like her but I like her”. She gained my respect throughout the episode too. It also really helps that the Adlock shippers are nice <:

The Awakening

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Rating: T

Pairings: Tendou Satori & Ushijima Wakatoshi; Semi Eita & Tendou Satori; Semi Eita & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Shirabu Kenjirou; Goshiki Tsutomu & Ushijima Wakatoshi ((Romantic pairs to be determined))

Word Count: 5,906 (over all)

Summary: Alternate Universe - Demon/Urban Fantasy

When Ushijima Wakatoshi, a highly ranked Demon Hunter and early graduate of Shiratorizawa Magic Academy, returns to his alma mater tasked with the mission of finding a demon hidden within the student population, he expects it to be a simple job. Go in, locate the demon, turn it over to the coven council to be disposed of, and add another successful mission to his ledger.

However, the prime suspect, a young man named Tendou Satori, although odd, doesn’t seem to fit the profile. And after Tendou and his friends welcome Ushijima into their group with ease and warmth, he finds himself second-guessing everything he knows about demons and humans alike.

((A stand-alone fic in the Being Human AU))

I really, really liked this episode?? Like it was so good?? Bamf!Magnus, Magnus anf the cats, Maryse and the Lightwood siblings actually talking (except Izzy tho) Simon actually being happy (I don’t want Climon but at least he’s happy) Luke telling Clary and Jace off FINALLY!!

Please imagine Magnus calling up Alec in a huff, and the first thing he says when Alec answers is “How many hearts do you have next to my name in your phone?”

Turns out Magnus is upset by the character cap in his phone contacts, so he decided to ask Alec how many hearts to put next to “Alexander” rather than just ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️x100

Alec is just like “Umm, none?”

Wrong answer.

Before Alec can dig himself a hole any further though, he says instead “What about that sparkly heart? That suits you.”

It doesn’t solve Magnus’ dilemma about how to save Alec in his contacts, but knowing he’s “Magnus 💖” in Alec’s phone does bring a small smile to his face.

I like to think that every story is reality somewhere, and fiction is just a window to alternate realities.

I feel like Sasuke and Naruto are real people with real souls.

Every story about them -the one Kishimoto wrote, and the derivative works written by countless fans throughout the years- is, in some way rooted in distant, parallel, real alternate universes.

When one of them dies, the other waits for him in a place outside of time. When they meet in this place between lifetimes, they talk.

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