but i like how the art looks at least haha...ha

frcls  asked:

hi! i really admire you art and style. it's got some weight about it, something heavy and realistic, but still like free and sketchy?? i love it. i wanted to ask you if you had any tips for drawing beefier men bc i love the way you draw McCree and Hanzo (etc tbh). i'm having trouble getting realistic weight to the men i draw!! also having trouble finding good refs. idk how to google apparently. :')

wellll oh gosh ok i’m not good at giving tips especially since i’m just learning myself haha but i will try!!?

first of all i guess one has to stop separating genders in context of how bodies look cuz the whole “how male/female bodies look” is not only cissexist but it’s bs cuz not even cis ppl look the same like that. NOT ACCUSING YOU OF THIS just, art school always teaches to draw “males” and “females” in certain ways and it’s just.. bleh. every body is unique, and nothing is rly exclusive to any gender(not least since bodies ≠gender) anyway. 

so instead of preoccupying with how to draw them uniquely masculine(you might have heard “pear shapes vs. apple shapes”- that’s bs. just concentrate on getting the shape you think is appropriate for the character. so in your head, when you imagine the character, what shape do you imagine them as? then, try to think of a way to incorporate that shape into ur character design, don’t be afraid to exaggerate. even if the proportions end up wonky, a flowy imperfect exaggerated art piece is more fun than a stale perfectly proportioned one imo! 

i guess, as example u can kinda see how i draw hanzo v. mccree v. gabe

i always mostly when draw bodies try to make everything consist of curves and straights cos it’s the easiest, and then it’s just a matter of figuring out where you want those curves and straights to be. i find that, if you have a specific shape you’re going after, it gets easier cause you can really visualize. then, depending on how broad u want it to be, you place it differently. 

when you draw bigger bodies w more fat, it’s also a matter of where the fat hangs off of. that’s tricky if you don’t have visual reference, so i’d say always google up that, but also, just imagine in 3-D how you much of the fat is sticking out, and you’ll be able to let it lie kinda alright i think. 

uhmm i think, , that’s it i’m sorry if it wasn’t much help ^^”” as i’ve said, i’m trying to learn this myself hhaha