but i like how it turned out hehe

Oh man I haven’t drawn anything in forever so sorry if it’s kind of bad, but I guess I like how it turned out. I’ve never drawn anything like this before hehe!

To explain what’s going on my friend @iheartanime14 and I have been doing a Zumin rp together! I’ll explain under the cut.

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I was tagged by amazing @destinyapostasy and @elvenbeard to post 5 pieces of art I like the most and oh boy it was hard. Obviously, there is lots of Dorian in here hehe. 

I don’t believe I actually ever posted the first one so here it is. It’s part of something bigger. Then there is this overwatch comic that I’m still proud of my own humor haha. Rotoscope… I was torn to put it in here because it’s just a redraw of an actual gif, not really the highest levels of creativity or skills lol but I love how it turned out and would like to try my hand at more. My first animated comic and Dorian face because I love his lips so much ;D

I tag @drathe, @nikashepard, @mureh, @niklisson, @picchar, @chococonut@kingcholera, @aniastrevelyan and @prayfortheinquisitor if you guys are up to it!

Now I wonder, what are my followers favorite art of mine, hmmm? I’m super curious about it :D

“Stupid Freckles” - Digital Oil Painting

This picture wanted my soul. (See what I did there? Hehe) OMG, freckles and scruff and eyelashes… this was so difficult! But I wanted to do Jensen justice and in the end, I am super happy with how this turned out. He is just stupid pretty, ugh.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


Star Boys ⭐ ~ step-by-step process of >this< piece (^   v ^) <3 click through for minor captions!

since Tumblr can only hold eight photos, here’s my process reduced to eight steps. there’s a lot more fussing and changing and adjusting that goes in, but this feels like a good overview.

and here’s some bonus back story! X3 hehe~ i was really frustrated with my work last week… i honestly felt like maybe it was just time to move on and do something totally different. like it was just time to pack in my character work and go back to being a graphic designer. i kept starting new things over and over and over again and throwing them away. i felt very defeated. i was drowning my sorrows in coke zero and k-pop videos when i decided to just draw some self indulgent garbage to make myself feel better, regardless of how it might turn out looking. and i had no idea that it’d turn into this! XD

so when you’re thinking~ “why Pidgy… why did you dress those beautiful boys so stupidly?!?!” (7O  [  ]O)7 it was the k-pop dood! i was under the influence! have you seen the ridiculous/awesome clothes they wear?!?!? it’s FABULOUS! and i didn’t start drawing this thinking that i’d ever post it! HAHAHA!!! but it just worked out so smoothly! (O  v O) <3 and i felt myself feeling again like i knew i could - and new i wanted to - improve! I AIN’T GIVING UP YET!!!! (>   A <)

so yeah… (^   v ^);;; it’s a bit silly, and very colorful! hahaha! but~ i really tried my best to do new things and put my best foot forward… so i hope some of you enjoy it! i still have so much more i want to do! (O    w O) <3 <3 <3

Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

*these gifs and pictures are not mine credit goes out to the original gif makers as well as stills*

*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*

“Bubblegum Billie” - Digital Oil Painting

When I saw her wearing this pink fur, I had to give her some pink hair to match! It was challenging to get all the textures painted right, but I am so happy with how it turned out. ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

I made this for one of my best friends’ birthday and I really liked how it turned out so I’ll post it up here too :)

(The girl is my friend, but if you’re a sucker for Yurio too, just add credits if you wanna use it as an icon,,, it’s transparent hehe)

Husband! Johnny

Request: hello yes i’m such a hella hella super johnny stan so if you could do a husband/fiancé bullet list thingy for him that would make my life ☺️ love you and your writing bunches ❤

  • another husband! request omg,, i’m still not over yuta’s one
  • but you might want to check out boyfriend johnny first hehe
  • i’m doing this kinda rushed so i’m sorry if it turns out bad :-(
  • let’s go

  • so you were just about to wake up one morning to make breakfast for johnny and you, like how you always would

  • but from the moment you woke up, johnny was not beside you
  • instead he greeted you with a big morning hug and kiss on the lips, a big and excited smile on his face
  • “why are you up so early today”
  • “i made breakfast for you hehe”
  • “what’s the occasion?”
  • “nothing, i just felt like i needed to do this”
  • and when you go out to the dining table, a big plate of waffles, eggs and bacons + all your favourites are on the table
  • with a special cup of coffee that he made specially for you
  • “make sure you drink all of it”
  • so without thinking much you thanked him and started eating
  • with johnny smiling at the side and watching your every movement,
  • and everytime you take a sip out of the cup he lets out a small giggle
  • what does that mean johnny
  • and when you finally get to the bottom of the cup and finish your coffee, johnny looks at you in anticipation
  • your eyes widen and you almost scream
  • because he drew cute little designs at the bottom of the cup, with the two words “marry me?”
  • and it all linked because just a month ago he mentioned about getting a ring for you
  • and every single time he saw a wedding event or dress, he’s just smile at you and pull you closer
  • even though it’s an unusual way to propose, you agree anyway and you see johnny give the biggest smile ever!!
  • okay on to the actually married couple part
  • the members pop by your apartment like it’s their own
  • especially ten and jaehyun
  • “Y/N!! did you forget to buy milk today”
  • “ten if you’re here to just eat my food almost everyday, you should just leave”
  • “i was just asking- HYUNG! YOUR WIFE IS BEING MEAN TO ME”
  • “what- did you ask her about the food in our fridge again”
  • “yeah, i just wanted milk”
  • “get it yourself ten, i’ll tell taeyong to get it for you”
  • “that’s right babe”
  • “what have you done to johnny hyung”
  • okay but honestly, the sweetest and most understanding husband ever??
  • he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to attend to you and just spend time with you in general
  • and doesn’t forget to make you feel better about yourself by complimenting you every single day
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • “wonderful”
  • “gorgeous!!”
  • attacks you with random cuddle sessions and kisses
  • and is really passionate when making love™
  • the atmosphere just turns steamy and romantic, and his hands are all over you, kisses around your whole body
  • worships you like you’re a goddess
  • and after all that he doesn’t forget to take good care of you
  • positive vibes everywhere!1!1!
  • the younger members are always so fascinated by your relationship, and teases him sometimes too
  • but on some days, the both of you just act like small kids all over again, and fight as if y'all are siblings
  • “why didn’t you buy more toilet paper yesterday”
  • “babe i didn’t know you were going to use THAT much”
  • “shut up, what am i supposed to do now, i’m stuck on the toilet bowl, COME BACK AND HELP ME”
  • “i have practice today babe”
  • “johnny it’s between your wife and her toilet bowl mess crisis or your practice, choose one”
  • “kidding, i’m already on my way back with two rolls of toilet paper, hang in there i love you”
  • but at times when he sees that you’re upset or had a bad day, he tries his best to make it better
  • by telling you jokes and making you laugh,
  • as little as giving you hugs and kisses,
  • to cooking a meal for you or bringing you out to your favourite place
  • whatever that can make you feel better, johnny would do it for you
  • sometimes you feel so bad because he’s always putting in so much effort to take care of you
  • so you try to make it up to him by buying him gifts and bringing him out to surprise him
  • one time you and the other boys hid in the practice room with the lights all off
  • and as soon as johnny entered all of you welcomed him excitedly and it got all emotional because it was a small ‘party’ to show your’s and the member’s gratitude towards johnny
  • he didn’t tear up or cry,
  • but as soon as he got home with you, he pulled you into a tight hug and thanked you for everything
  • but when he’s sad or upset he doesn’t show it that much,
  • only that he becomes more affectionate, asking you for more hugs
  • which makes him feel 10× better
  • he loves you so much he won’t stop talking about you to the other members
  • “she woke up early just to make me this sandwich today, i love her so much”
  • “youngho ah, you didn’t even say that about me when i made a sandwich for you once-”
  • “let’s forget about that, taeyong hehe”
  • “she’s wearing the dress i got for her on our wedding anniversary, isn’t she beautiful”
  • “hyung, this is the 4th time you’re saying that today”
  • “sorry, she’s just too gorgeous”
  • arguments and fights hardly ever happen because both of you are always so sweet and caring to each other,
  • and pretty chill too
  • but when it does happen, it's  usually about something serious and johnny would distant himself away from you for a while,
  • before apologising and talking things out with you calmly so as to solve the problem
  • and it would always be solved easily because y'all know that fighting and arguing won’t solve anything
  • honestly he’s such a caring husband, you’re like being taken care of 24/7
  • always there for you and always willing to lend  listening ear!!
  • he gives you the support and encouragement you need,
  • and just his affection itself and make you feel better
  • you’re blessed if you have johnny seo as your husband
  • i’m sorry this is so short, i’ll end it here!!

scorcherchill  asked:

What has it been like to have an online long-distance relationship turn into "hey I'm staying at your house" after so long?

Tbh everything feels like it happened super fast. Ive heard about couples waiting literally years until they finally got the chance to meet up. Of course I’m not complaining about the results I had~:33

Relationships are hard,and I’m kinda inexperienced myself in romance and sometimes I have a hard time showing emotion hehe but if the two parts want to make it work out it will work out~

It feels unreal at times how a few months back we were like..watching movies online and skyping and now we’re in the same place together and cuddling.
I actually woke up earlier thinking it was a dream but then I opened my eyes and i saw everything happening here is 100% real

Wanted to draw some cute DenNor so here they are (ref used)

Part 12 - Hot Hunk that comes with a Price.

Yesterday was a tiring Thursday evening. I was just lying on my bed resting until I heard a buzz on my phone and I saw this :

Edward : Hi. How r u ? 

Me : Hey. I’m good. You ?

well I met him on Surge (its a gay apps that works like Tinder) and ‘fortunately’ both us swipe right (liked each other) so a conversation was created. He caught my attention because he’s a hunk in his 30′s, 180cm , Tan skin tone, HOT body, with a big chest I could just drown into in. Well usually if I saw this kind of guys on gay apps there might be a chance that it is a fake profile…especially when they initiate a conversation = it doesn’t even make sense to me haha, unless I am really in luck that is.  So back in a month ago he said in Surge : Hey add up in wechat ? So I did. Added him up and texted him 2-3 times on surge and wechat but did not response. So Yeah as I thought he would be a fake id. But turns out, he’s real.

Edward : Got more pic ? 

Me : (Sent him my pics)

Edward : Cute. I like. Come let me touch.

Me : (Sent him my nudes) 

Edward : Come let me. 

Me : hehe. you have place ?

Edward : With friend. But my place is available. Come let me fuck you now.

Me : tonight 8pm ?

Edward : sounds good. btw do you know how to clean ?

Me : of course dear. If not how do I btm lol

Edward : just making sure. See you :)

I was so excited and nervous at the same time. In my mind : Fuck is this real ? he’s like a hot hot hot hunk ! the only thing that could turns out bad is that he has a small dick lol. (Well turns out something even bad happened later on, little did I know. Sigh) 

off I go. Shaved my ass making sure is nice and smooth. Brushed my teeth, Took a shower and clean my ass making sure the water comes out clean I really don’t want to mess this up especially its him ! Car ran out of mint chewing gum, parked at 7-11 , bought some and chew it as I drive to my destination. its half an hour drive from my place to Kajang, well that I remember clearly in that 30 minutes of driving I was purely excited like a kid that is about to unwrap his gift. 

My jaw dropped when I reached outside his apartment. Its fancy. Registered myself at the guard house, parked at the visitor parking, found myself lost in the lobby as I text him :

Me : Hey I am here.

Edward : at the lift lobby dial *504 door bell* to me. I will unlock the door for you.

Me : Sure. I am in. Which floor ?

Edward : 9

Well it might sound dumb but its really fancy. As I took the lift up. I was staring at the reflection in the lift. Making sure I look good. Adjusting my sexy singlet and shorts, fixing my hair, testing my breath and “Ding”. I am here.

As I walk out of the lift. I found him by the corridor playing with his phone in his blue tight shirt being stretched out especially his biceps and a pair of light brown shorts waving at me as I smile at him. ( The following conversation we had was in Chinese for your information. I just translated it into English)

Edward : hey :) come on it.

I remember clearly there were at least 10 pairs of shoes outside the door but all of it was man shoes…well I guess some belongs to his friends. My jaw literally dropped again. The living room was bloody spacious with a good view and some dim yellow light lamp at the corner of the room. An island across the kitchen with a high wooden bar dining table fill with soft jazz music playing through a speaker in the living room. I would say it again. Its fucking fancy. I guess a single unit in this apartment’s would easily cost millions

Me : Nice place. May I know where’s the bathroom ?

Edward : you could use the room across there (pointing)

As I walk into this room. It doesn’t look like an occupied room. (Sorry I am a very observant person so I look into details haha) The room was bloody spacious as well but very well designed, with a king sized bed with white sheets, a mirror and a beanie bag. That’s all. Yes, a bed, mirror and beanie bag. 

Well I was in a hurry to pee so I opened the door of the bathroom my jaw dropped once more. The bathroom is as big as my bedroom I swear. As I was peeing, a gigantic bathtub was place behind me and a cubicle was on my right. Washed my hands, fixing my hair again as I look into the mirror. 

Edward : Can I get you something drink? (speaking outside the bathroom)

Me : Water would do thanks. (still fixing my hair, I guess I was nervous)

As I got out of the bathroom. I took another look in this room again. “This cant be his room right ? there’s no desk, there’s no cupboard for his shirts, it just so empty !” As he walks into the room with glass of water with a thin slice of lemon in it “Damn seriously ?” 

Me : Thank you (get a hold of the glass and smiled at him)

Edward : So was it jam on the way here ? (sat on the corner of the bed) 

Me : yeah a little. But its okay hehe.

Edward : you’re still studying ? 

Me : yeah college. You look tired (just me being too observant) 

Edward : Yeah, I just got back from Taiwan yesterday and I have to clean my house since you’re coming tonight.

Edward : I haven’t shower yet tho.

Me : You should go shower.

Edward : Wanna shower with me ? 

Me : (Well I will sound bad if I said ‘No’ right ? since he asked..) Sure :)

As both of us stood up by the bathroom door. We removed our clothes. My eyes couldn’t follow up as he take of his clothes. His body was beautiful. That chest and his dick was not small, semi hard hanging out as he removes his pants. As I walk towards him with my naked body he gently place his hands on my chest touching it. Smiling at him before my hands could reach for his he opened the bathroom door and said “come” , he took a towel and a small towel as he was in the cubicle as I was still stunned, standing outside staring at his hot body.

Edward : Come on in. 

As I enter, I took the soap and applying in on my skin. But he took the soap from my hand instead as I look at him.

Edward : Lai (Come) I help you wash, turn around. 

Being fully obedient I turned around as he gently uses the soap to brush across the back of my body from my neck to shoulder, my arms. As I immediately got hard when he touches me like that ! Slowly down to my bum and he slipped a finger in between my butt cheeks touching my hole. And he squat down cleaning my thighs and legs and even my foot. 

Edward : Turn around

now with my erected cock facing him as I get to see his amazing body with my own eyes again staring at his chest. Hands up in the air soaping my armpits and chest and all the way down to foot brushing it with the small towel.

Edward : 舒服/Comfortable ? (Smiling at me while still washing me)

Me : yeah hehe.

Edward : Well its your turn later

Me : Sure (Obediently nod my head) so do you usually bring boys back home and do this ?

Edward : Hmm sometimes I do. Its comfortable isn’t it ?

While my body was still covered with soaps, he turns around and pass me the small towel with soap. Luckily I am almost as tall as him I could reach for his neck, gently scrubbing it with my hand running across his broad muscled shoulder way down to his waist. With his hands now leaning against the glass, I squat down scrubbing and touching his bubble butt (Damn I love tops with nice ass !) As I try to mimic him too, sliding my index finger between his butt cheek touching his hole, surprise surprise, he is shaved :) Way down to his thigh and legs and foot.

Me : Turn around. (still squating down scrubbing his foot)

As he turns around. His semi-hard cock was facing me when I am still scrubbing his legs. slowly moving him his cock, gently stroke it with my hands to his balls and way back to his hole. Standing up, scrubbing his front shoulder and I am in ecstasy when I clean his chest. I could take the time of my life enjoy fondling it, with hands placing on his chest , fingers drawing circle around his nipples and moving down to his abs.

Me : your body is amazing. 

Edward : Nah. I didn’t hit the gym for a week. 

As I turn around with my ass pressing against his dick. He smirked a little. with his hands reaching for my chest from behind gulping it and fingers flicking my nipples. I let out a soft moan. As I could feel his semi hard cock erected into something harder. With our body still covered up with soaps and bubble, our body touching each other as if we’re covered up with oil. As he gently move me towards the glass with my hand pressing against it. He place his hands on the back of my waist hinting to lower my lower back as I did, feeling something hard but slippery squeezing against my hole. 

So in my mind “bareback ?” but I was in cloud 9 and couldn’t give a fuck anymore so I didn’t said anything as I feel his head enters my hole I moaned :

Me : Ahh. Fuck (softly moaned)

Edward : yeah. 喜歡嗎/Do you like it ? 

Me : Yeah. (reaching for my own hard dick trying to stroke it)

Edward : (he took off my hands and hold it together against the glass.)

As he slow fuck me with his slippery dick in me, I moaned like a slut in the cubicle wishing I could see his amazing body while he fuck me. His hands were gulping my chest from the back as he fucks me, slowly with his hands placing on my stomach saying : 

Edward : let out your stomach, I like to touch. 

 As we slow fuck for a moment with his body pressing against mine while I’m leaning against the glass, my body feel so hot out of a sudden. I rarely fuck in the bathroom unless if my boyfriend requested. 

Edward : lets wash up. 

As he got a hold of the shower tap washing of the soaps from my body as I was a little overwhelm from that hot fuck. Went out of the cubicle, dry myself with the thick comfy towel as my eyes still couldn’t get off from that beautiful sight of the man’s that just put a dick in me. As I walk off from the bathroom to wait as he was still taking his shower. I was still curious about his living room, thinking “since he’s still showering maybe I could have a look outside.” As I gently unlock the room’s door I saw this guy in his white singlet and red shorts skinny but I couldn’t remember the look on his face. He was in the kitchen pouring himself a drink. I reacted to it as I quickly shut the door GENTLY but leaving the door ajar so that I could still peak who is this guy there. To me he definitely seems like a bottom like 9/10 gay and he’s a bottom. As I was drowning in my aroused thoughts I heard the water tap closed. This time I quickly shut the door tight and locked it. 

Standing by the curtain pretending to be enjoying the view as he came out of the bathroom walking towards me hugging from my back. I felt his semi-hard dick pressing against my butt check with his hands toying with my nipple as I softly moan. I turned around, gulping his big chest and my tongue doing the work in the next minute. I fucking love his chest and nipple with some hair on it. Gently licking it and biting his nipples as he moans. 

Edward : Suck me.

I smiled at him and reach for his big dick. 7 inch dick when its fully erected with the help from my mouth doing the job. Swirling around the head going top to bottom quickly As he moans.

Edward : Slowly.

Sucking his big cock, manage to swallow almost ¾ of it as I gag a little, reaching for his balls licking it gently and sucking his balls 1 by 1 as he moans now and then :

Edward : Yeah. Good boy.

As I suck him even harder with his moans telling me not to stop and wants more of me.

Edward : Yeah. Good girl. Good girl.

I was positive I didn’t hear it wrong. He said girl. Its not like I mind but maybe its his thing ? or is he bisexual ? As I sleep next to him ready to get fuck by him. He took the lube and apply it on his hard wet dick. I lift my legs up in the air. It takes no time for him to enter. That view of him fucking was priceless. Never have I thought a hot hunk like him would fuck me. As both of us moans his hands were gulping my chest while his fingers flicking nipples.

Edward : you’re so cute and your chest is beautiful.

Me : Fuck. Ahh Ahh. 

Reaching my own cock trying to stroke it while he fucks me. Again he shook off my hands and held it together with his (In my mind I was thinking maybe he wants to fuck me longer so he don’t want me to cum first). On and off he fucks me. Kissing my hair legs while he drills my hole and my wet cock precum is leaking everywhere. I place my hands on his sexy muscular chest flicking with his nipple as he did the same to me too as I moan so loud that my sensitive part is driving me crazy. 

Edward : If you moan like that I’m gonna cum soon. Fuck.

As he pulls out his dick from my wet hole and stroke it, within few seconds. He moans ‘Diu Hai (Fucking Hell)’ and he cummed so much, all over my body, my face my chest and arms. He took some tissues and wipe his own cock and pass me the tissue as he turns to he bathroom and showered

It was fucking hot. But wait. What about me ? with my semi-hard wet cock leave hanging here, I took some tissues from the box and wipe off his sperm on my body, thinking. That’s it ? I didn’t want to seem like I’m over-reacting. So I enters the bathroom he pass me the towel as he dry himself. 

Edward : Go take a shower.

Seemingly being obedient I took a cold shower. Still thinking ‘That’s it ?’ I felt so puzzled and confused. As I dry myself after the shower, he was dressed up so I put back my clothes on too as he look at me and said : 

Edward : 我送你出去/ I’ll walk you out to the door.

Edward : Drive safe home okay. 

Me : Will do. goodnight. (wink at him)

Edward : (Caught him smiling while he shuts the door)

Well I was puzzled as I took the lift down, couldn’t find where my car parked. Walking around emotionlessly searching, as I found my car I got in and I feel so confused. I was angry of course. Who the hell let a person walk off home when my dick is still hard and wet ? fucking hell. Drove another 30 minutes of journey back home in 120mph.. I just feel so pissed. He’s just push me out of the house just like that ? Damn. 

As I came home. Of course I have to finish the job myself with my ass still wet.

Damn it he is by far the hottest guy that I fucked with but the ending sucks. Gosh I don’t even know how do respond to it. Ugh !

The Tinder Date from Hell (chapter 1)

Summary: When Cana Alberona and Mirajane Strauss meddle into Gray’s love life, things can get messy. But when they make Gray a Tinder account without his knowledge, it can get even messier. 


Pairings: Gruvia & mentioned Nalu

Words: 1,741

Rating: T

A/N: this idea was floating in my head for awhile now! I liked how this turned out tbh! I plan on making this fic about 4 chapters! This is dedicated to my best pal @harmonxx :)

What the hell, Cana!

Gray Fullbuster was a regular guy. And he did not like meddling. And meddling, was what Cana Alberona was the best at.

“What did I do now, Gray?” Cana asked as she knew damn well what she did.

When Gray got home from a long day of work, what he wanted to do was maybe sit down and enjoy a nice cold beer or two. What he didn’t want to do was be greeted by his self proclaimed ‘best friend’ Cana. Who, for the record, he was severely furious with.

“Oh, I don’t know… Nothing really. I mean, you just made a Tinder account under my name!” Gray yelled at the brunette who was now sitting on his couch.

“Oh.That.” Cana laughed nonchalantly.

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