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An uplifting message from Tadashi Hamada

Okay, I’ve been thinking about this for awhile because I really want this to happen in the series. 

So, the idea of Hiro having a very vivid nightmare of the fire and Tadashi running in (again) would be very possible and definitely something that would be interesting for Hiro to deal with (I mean, Tadashi died in a pretty traumatic way. It must affect Hiro from time to time). But what I think would be as equally interesting is if Hiro just had a normal dream about Tadashi.

Nothing bad happens to him. No fire, no Tadashi leaving for whatever reason. It’s just a peaceful, normal dream where they’re hanging out, thinking of ideas for robots or inventing in the garage. Everything is the way it should be. And then Hiro wakes up. He looks over to Tadashi’s side of the room, notices it’s empty and untouched. And then he remembers. 

Brother spending too much time at the lab? Do you miss him dearly but you can’t bring yourself to say it? Cling to his leg and prevent him from moving out of the house for the day. That’ll solve the problem, because he certainly can’t drive his moped with you latched onto him like a koala. 

Mini-Baymax also likes to help, for the ‘please stay home today’ double-whammy


I hope this makes since (I kinda gave up at the end whoops)!

First Christmas without Tadashi. ;-; I imagine finding Tadashi’s stocking was a little heartbreaking at first, but they hung it up anyway cause he is part of the family damn it.

Happy Christmas Eve y'all.


TV Show Meme | [2/5] Male Characters -> Hiro Nakamura

“Every hero must learn his purpose. Then he’ll be tested and called to greatness.”


『you never looked at me, not even once, ‘cause you hate me…』

 I was painting this starting from a photo and forgot to save the .sai format. So when I used automatic save , was saved in jpeg format …. Yeah…  The guy with the popcorn is what Riley stumbles when this going to play at the end of the film. How not seen anywhere what would your name , I’m calling him Adam . Because for me it has Adam ’s face.


ファイヤーエンブレム覚醒 x ベイマックス | Fire Emblem 13 x Big Hero 6

^o^ Hearing the new FE coming out got be really excited, but I still wanted to draw BH6. So, I compromised with myself.

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I had an idea for a Hiro x reader if you don't want to use it that's fine :) you don't have to, where the reader has a minor learning disability and feels self conscious and stupid about and somehow she gets Hiro as a tutor for algebra (or whatever kind of math subject lol) he realizes how hard learning can be for her depending on how the question or problem is worded. And he finds a way to make her feel better about herself. If you don't like the idea that's fine :) thank you for reading!

Alright, here goes!  Honestly, I’m not an expert on this subject, so if I say anything wrong, I apologize in advance!

You groan aloud and shove your homework back away from you.  Pulling your ear buds out of your ears with one hand, you rub your straining eyes with your other hand.  The Lucky Cat Café wasn’t really an ideal place for you to be working on homework, because of the distracting nature of the popular place, but you really didn’t want to have to deal with your mother hovering over your shoulder the entire time you tried to work on homework.  She was only trying to be helpful, and you knew that, but if anything, she only made things worse for you.  Her mother hen behavior toward you never let you forget about your slight disability. It always made you feel self conscious whenever she would ask you if she could read the words to you so you wouldn’t have to.  When she did that and your dyslexia came to the forefront of your mind, the words on the page would only jumble up even more.

 You lift your eyes up to look at the handwritten menu hanging up on the chalk board behind the counter to the café.  You’ve read it millions of times, so you know what it already says, but you have to stare at it for a moment to train your eyes to recognize the words you know are supposed to be there.  It takes several seconds, but soon the jumbled mess morphs into something understandable.  It’s a trick you developed over the years to help cope with your frustrations.

 “Would you like some help?”

 You gaze leaves the menu board to look up at the person that you didn’t realize had approached your table.  You’re shocked by who you see and slightly frown.  Hiro Hamada was well known to patrons of the café, because the owner, Cass, always liked to talk about him and his achievements.  She was incredibly proud of him and couldn’t refrain from letting everyone else know about it.  You’ve seen him around a lot, always hanging out with his older college friends and sporting his SFIT sweatshirt.

 Naturally, you were quite jealous of him.  You were the same age, and yet he was already excelling in his college education, while you were actually held back a year, once because you couldn’t pass the stupid reading test.

 You raise an eyebrow at him, “What makes you think that I need help?” you ask in a rather hostile tone.

 His eyes widen slightly, taken aback by your hostility.  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make any assumptions. It’s just, you looked kind of stressed, and I’m a tutor at my school, so I thought I would just offer…” his voice kind of dies off.

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Okiayu san: “先日、『プリスト』の収録で賢章くんにCDをいただいたよ(^o^ゞ サインも入れてもらっちゃった♪ オマケは、収録にペアルックで登場の岡本信くんと下野くん。デートだったのかな?(笑)”

The other day, I received Kensho kun’s CD during the recording of Prince of Stride (^o^ゞ I even had it signed ♪ The bonus is, Okamoto Nobu kun and Shimono kun showing up in matching couple outfits. Were they on a date? (laugh)

“You look more and more like your big brother.”

College-age Hiro.

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fic request: hiro being the third wheel in y/n and tadashi's date and reader being okay with it but tadashi gets annoyed?

“I need to get a girlfriend,” Hiro complained, his dark eyes admiring the way your fingers cusped his older brothers in such a loving, yet simple touch. “That way I’m not the third wheel anymore, and that way we can go on double dates.” Your lips curled up with amusement as you told him that was a splendid idea, all the while, Tadashi rolled his eyes and looked down at Hiro with fierce protectiveness running wild in his dark orbs. Hiro caught hold of his brothers threatening gaze and looked up at you innocently, a smug expression radiating from his cheeks, “Though, I like the small outings we have, (Name). I don’t mind being the lone man out. I mean, it’s not like it’s really a date per se, we just go see movies as a group!”

“I like it too, Hiro,” You smiled warmly at him, Tadashi’s eyes now resting on your soft features, “Do you, ‘Dashi?”

“It makes PDA hard with him around.” Tadashi uttered and wrapped his arm around your small shoulders. You could feel the literal cold annoyance dancing off of Tadashi’s words and body. You dipped your shoulder blades down in a sigh and looked up at him, his eyes glancing back at you, “What? You know I’m right.” He said to you.

“You’re not.” You mumbled softly and pulled away from him, walking a few paces in front of his broad body, Hiro following you with ease. “You just need to get your head outta your ass and realize Hiro likes it, and I like it and you should be happy we do. I mean, he could hate my guts and that could result in him hating you secondhand.”

Tadashi sighed and rubbed his face, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then,” You looked back at him, “how did you mean it?” Tadashi sighed once again, “You meant it as you said it. You can’t kiss me, hold me, look at him me without Hiro bothering the moment. I don’t see it like that. We spend plenty of time alone together, it’s nice to spend time with your family. Hell, next time we should invite Cass.”

“We are not inviting Cass!” Tadashi shrilled, “Oh god, that’d be disastrous. I don’t even think she’d let me hold your hand without butting in between us.”

Your seriousness finally broke as you dropped your walking speed and pressed a warm kiss to your loves cheek. Tadashi felt your mouth linger on his warm skin as you pulled back and grasped his left hand with your right. You laughed softly, “Then, let’s take advantage of that while we can.”

“I’m totally okay with PDA,” Hiro told the two of you and walked forward, “I mean, just don’t embarrass me. And stay at least 5 feet from me in case any cute girls come my way. I can’t be seen with you weirdos.”

Tadashi laughed, “Like any girl would come towards you with your hair like that. Did you even brush it?“

“Did you even…” Hiro thought, trying to come up with something snappy, “did you even brush your freaking face?!”

“That doesn’t make sense.” You said and tilted your head back.

“Half the things I say don’t make sense, but that doesn’t deter me. And hey, my hair is the style these days, Mr. I only wear a hat.”

“Mr. Hatmada.” You said.

“Mr. Hatmada,” Tadashi nodded his head, “that’s clever.”