but i like chocolate

here’s what working in a candy store is like

a few days ago i heard GDFR blaring in the chocolate room (the room where strawberries and rice crispy treats are dipped in chocolate, other stuff happens there chocolate-wise, etc) and i was filled w/ the overwhelming desire to spend the rest of my shift in that wonderful, blissful, freezing cold room where you do not have to interact w/ customers

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Hello👋🏻 I have a character who is a drug addict, and she's constantly trying to convince her friends and family that she's getting better and trying to turn her life around, but always ends up slipping in the long run. Do you have any prompts for something of that nature?

“Don’t make this poetic or anything, I don’t need drugs. It’s just a bit of indulgence, like eating a chocolate cake. I’ll stop when I feel like it. In the mean time, screw off.”

“These interventions aren’t going to help until you’re ready to fix your problem.”
“Well then, you might not want to schedule anymore anytime soon.”

“How’s it feel to be clean? How long’s it been since you smoked?”
“Are you trying to upset her?” my mother asked, shooting my brother a dirty look.”
“It feels fine,” I answered, drawing out the last word. “Just fine.”
“Are you high right now?”
“I might be a little ‘not clean’, yeah.”

“You couldn’t give a damn about me any other time of day; what about marijuana makes me fall under your jurisdiction?” A silence held as Riley waited for an answer. Finally, he continued. “Poor life choices? Abuse of stimulants? Is it one of those? The fact that it’s illegal? What is it?”
“I just… don’t want this to ruin your life.”
“No, you already did that.”

“I’m going to do better, just you watch. I’ll make you eat those words.”
“That’s what you said last time.”
“I distinctly remember saying something mildly different last time.”

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doesn't chocolate cake make you sick? (to boris and bendy)

Bendy: From what I believe yes. Wolves, like dogs, can’t metabolize theobromine in the chocolate. Though Boris seems convinced otherwise. Boris may be huge but he also doesn’t have a lot of self control when his “feral” instincts kick. Especially in when the big lug is around food…..Huh, where did I learn all this?

(I’m not 100% sure but since wolves are so closely related to dogs it makes sense. Are their any wolf enthusiasts here?)

My Smutty September Queue

This is my Smutty September Queue


-Ian wanting to know if anyone is 100% anything, and asking you to help him with his experiment.

-A lovely submission 😊 This one-shot is based around the song “Pure Imagination” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked the juxtaposition. J

-# 90 w/ Lip G. (90. “Why so much noise? Have you never been fingered before?” “N-no.” “Good let me continue to enlighten you.”)

-Carl Gallagher, angry sex they hate each other. Reader confronts him about it. They have a huge argument and he shoves her against the wall and says “does look like I hate you” then angry rough sex against the wall will commence.

-Hello I just love your blog you are amazingly good writer keep going because you are one of the rare blogs with smut that I follow. Can you do an Archie Andrews imagine when he get jealous of one of your teacher (kind of like him and his music teacher but in reverse ) I don’t know if it make sense, love from France 😘

-Carl asking you to ride his face

-Carl and Enid Threesome

-Jealous Allison Argent x Reader smut

-Void Stiles wants one thing; you-his little dove

-Could you do a Kai imagine where he finds out the reader has a mommy kink and he likes it??! Could some smut happen

-Hello. Could you do a Dandy x reader. Where the reader understands him, is just as bad as him and enjoys killing just as much. When he discovers this about her. He falls in love with her even more. Making them become a killing couple. You can make it smutty or fluffy. Either one❤

-Hi , can you write spiderman (tom holland)imagine. Where he ask for advice few people on how to ask you out. Then smut maybe ?

-Could you do a Mandy Milkovich smutty but then super fluffy at the end imagine? I feel like I never see Mandy imagines anywhere

-Can you do a mommy kink smut with teen wolf boy characters?

-English isnt my first language so I am already sorry 😂😆) okey so there is a video of cody christian like jacking off… Can you make a smut with that like he did sent that to you and you go from there ? 😅 hope you get it hahah thanks hon 😚

-Can you make a carl gallagher smut with like spanking, neck kisses/hickeys something like that ?😆😚

-Hey Queen, I just wanted to request a mommy kink smut with Stiles Stilinski where the female is the most popular girl in school but has had a crush on stiles and stiles is inlove with her not Lydia? And she invites him to her party and gets jealous and goes all ‘mommy

-Request: Kai Parker goes down on a innocent girl, her first sexual experience (basically the carl grimes imagine you wrote)

-Can I get a part two of when Roman chokes the reader and leaves her there to not come? And she goes in his locker room and masterbates and he catches her, and it’s gonna be a really really rough smut.

-Poly!Hamilsquad x reader where one of them is close friends with the reader and invites them out for drinks and they talk for hours and end up getting completely wasted and they end up taking the reader home and sleeping with her and the hamilsquad kinda panic the next morning because they can’t remember what happened

-Can you do more joker smut please? Those are my favorites I was OBSESSED. Your writing was so good

-Jake Riley smut

-If your still doing WWE oneshots could you do one with Seth Rollins where he has the reader wear a hidden vibrator while she’s in a match or on commentary or something?? Then when it’s over he fucks her??

-Can you do Veronica lodge smut where’s she’s teasing the reader while practicing cheerleading (Bending over in front of her or shaking her ass and winking and biting her lip) and you just teasing and the reader punishes her for the teasing like spanking and teasing her A LOT of teasing from the reader to Ronnie

-Sheamus smut

-Sheamus x reader x Cesaro

-Could you write about Damon Salvatore? I have an obsession with his hands and arms, so veiny… (his happy trail makes me very happy too 👅) but just where he lets her suck on his fingers and he plays and teases her, loving the noises she makes when he wraps his hand around her throat to show her who’s boss.

-Could you do a randy Orton smut? Like he’s just won something but Triple H takes the piss out of him so he takes out his anger on the reader

-Your smut always makes me wet. Can you do a Daryl Dixon smut where they go on a run and find a house. Things might get a little bit steamy in the house and they might do it against the wall xx Thank you x


A lot do people have asked so I put this together; one for the following months will be up soon!

i think my favorite personal story about the MMPR reboot film is when my friends and i were visiting new york and i saw there was a krispy kreme in the train station.  we don’t have a krispy kreme where we live and this was like a day after i saw the movie for the first time so of course i was like I GOTTA GET A POWER RANGER DONUT and snapped up a pink ranger one as fast as i could.  then i realized that the icing on top of the donut was chocolate.

i hate chocolate.  like, despise it.  but i ate the donut anyway.  my friend said i looked like i was in pain 

Days like this, I just want a busty chocolate girl to snatch my soul through my pussy with her tongue then destroy it with a big ass dildo. 😫😫

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Hey Rhi! I just wanted to say that i really enjoy your writing, your like my after dinner chocolate craving, my dessert. I feel both naughty about looking forward to reading your next post, but also instantly regretful afterwards because it leaves me wanting more. I have an idea of Van dating an actress and she gets a movie role with harry styles. I don't know. Just thought I'd throw it out there. PS could easily go for seconds of bad boy van Xp

Hey, friend. Good news! I already have famous actress Reader on my request list! She doesn’t work with Harry Styles* but it’s still pretty much about her interaction with other actors and how that makes Van feel. I hope you like that one when it comes. After, if you’re still buzzing with ideas, let me know. 

Also, I am happy to be your after dinner chocolate craving. Ya little dessert girl. Thank you very much for your kind words. xo Rhi

*Ummmm… Harry is killing it at the moment?! Sign of the Times is a fucking banger, my friends. 

  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.