but i like chocolate

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Whats yout favorite chocolate bar and whats your favorite candy (non chocolate)?

I like
chocolate in general????
Don’t have a favorite bar really XD

and non chocolate I’m all about dem sour gummy worms o3o


evamohn2 Noora digger sjokomæælk, jeg digger grimaser // Noora likes chocolate milk, I love making faces

originally posted on friday, october 16th 2015 at 12.23

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No but serious talk now. I’m usually a physically affectionate person. That’s how I show love and it’s what I usually crave.

But because me eating has been seen as bad so often in the past, nothing makes me feel more loved than being given food. Especially if it’s not something easy like a sandwich or leftovers. The fact that my brothers put real effort in to make me a good breakfast is what really gets me. I’m truly blessed.

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Chocolate anon. I went pee and since I'm the most melodramatic person on my period, I started crying on the toilet. And apparently my sister heard me so she called me into her room and said, "did you want plain chocolate or are Reese's fine?" And I was like, "you have Reese's?" So she sighs and says, "yes a king size. You can have two if you STOP crying." I'm a happy camper now.

Omg that’s honestly and legiterally so sweet and cute I’m glad you’re feeling a little better at least and your sister is an angel ❤️😩

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*slides you a glass of chocolate milk* so those voltron headcanons

i swear you guys make me feel like a drug dealer sometimes

  • allura: [wrecks someone] lance: “that was, cómo se dice… savage?”
  • hunk maintains that his brightass headband can be worn with any outfit
    • he’s well on his way to giving allura a stroke
    • “i don’t get it, why can’t i wear my headband to the party? the tuxedo’s black, orange and black totally match-”
  • lance: “do do do-” [shoots sentry] “-another one bites the dust”
  • shiro’s been wondering if he can get half off discounts on gloves now since he only needs one
  • *coran voice* “princess as your legal guardian i am obligated to say that violence is wrong. but lowkey? those bitches deserved it”
  • every time the team splits up shenanigans happen
    • but shenanigans happen all the time so no one really remembers who was with them when any particular shenanigan happened
    • “heh remember that time on planet yordek when lance-” “we agreed to never speak of that again keithiel
    • “haha remember when we went to the mall and i became an indentured servant and took over a restaurant” “…what”
  • [something explodes in the distance] pidge, running into the room: “i want to preface this by saying that nothing happened, nothing is on fire. that is mere speculation. do we have a fire extinguisher?”