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silence || b.b.

Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Based off of the song Silence

Warnings: angst (only a bit), fluff

Word Count: 1.0k words

A/N: my first song fic and I hope it doesn’t suck!!!!

Yeah, I’d rather be a lover than a fighter
‘Cause all my life, I’ve been fighting
Never felt a feeling of comfort
All this time, I’ve been hiding
And I never had someone to call my own, oh nah
I’m so used to sharing
Love only left me alone
But I’m at one with the silence I found peace in your violence

His eyes flickered up to your own, catching the sparkle that never seemed to dull. Your smile grew as your eyes caught his, a small laugh escaping your lips as you carried on doing what you were doing. His heart fluttered and skipped a beat all at once, he never thought he’d be able to share his life with someone as pure as you. 

He wasn’t used to this feeling, at times he hated it. The vulnerability making him feel weak and useless and like he couldn’t do anything. It was different for him, but he didn’t ever want to lose it. He didn’t ever want to lose you. 

After all those years, after everything he’s had to endure, you still stuck to his side. When he would turn away from you and the rest of the world, telling you to leave me alone, you stayed. You knew what she had gotten into, but it didn’t scare you one bit. 

He was scared though. It had to be too good to be true. He was sure that one day he would wake up all alone in the small house they shared, that you would only be a distant memory to him. But every morning he woke up and found you right by his side, wrapped around him. 

Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been silent for too long I’ve been quiet for too long

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. His doubt was slowly fading away with each day and he found the courage to speak his mind. He was not only showing how much he loved you, but he was finally able to tell you how much he loved you. How beautiful you are. How smart and witty you are. Everything about you put him into a trance. 

I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long I’m in need of a saviour, but I’m not asking for favours

He never thought he’d find love at the small cafe down the street, he never thought that you’d feel the same way, or have the patience to put up with him. But you did.

You saw how hard it was for him and just how hard he was trying. When he would bring her flowers, a small note attached with writing scrawled onto it that was just legible enough. You saw how he wanted to say something only to shy away at the last moment.

It never bothered you, not once did she get angry with how he couldn’t verbally say what he wanted to. He showed you every single day and it was more than enough for you. He was getting there, he was getting more and more used to what he was feeling. 

My whole life, I’ve felt like a burden
I think too much, and I hate it
I’m so used to being in the wrong, I’m tired of caring
Loving never gave me a home, so I’ll sit here in the silence I found peace in your violence

Some days were harder than others. He would lock himself away in his room so that you wouldn’t be able to get in no matter how much you tried to pick the lock. That didn’t stop you, you would take a piece of paper and write a simple I love you, no matter what before sliding it under the small gap under the door. 

It didn’t take him long until he came out, finding you on the couch wrapped up a blanket. He wouldn’t say anything, sliding under the blanket with you and holding you close while you played with his hair. He just needed to feel another body - your body - to make sure that you weren’t some figment of his imagination.

Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been silent for too long I’ve been quiet for too long

“You get more beautiful everyday, it’s not fair,” Bucky’s words made you scoff as you poured the boiling water into your cup. “And you get more charming everyday,” you chid back, turning to face him. His arms snaked around your waist before one hand went to cup your cheek, “I’ve been quiet for too long, darling,” he smirked before pressing his lips to yours. 

I’ve been quiet for too long
I found peace in your violence
Can’t tell me there’s no point in trying
I’m at one, and I’ve been quiet for too long

Perched on top of a large rock, you and Bucky admired the stars along with the distant city lights. It wasn’t often that you two were able to truly escape, but you cherished those moments, moments like this. “What’s up with you?” You asked, your voice low as your head rested on Bucky’s shoulder. 

He’d been restless practically the entire day, anxious to drive up to the secret spot he introduced you to years ago now. You didn’t get an answer, but you knew he was just taking his time. Closing your eyes your hand found his, intertwining your fingers with his. 

“I want to marry you.” 

Your eyes shot open as you turned to look at him. His eyes were on yours, focused and full of love as you felt a tear fall down your cheek. You hadn’t realized you’d started crying, “I-I don’t have a ring, yet, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you and-,” you didn’t let him finish his thoughts as you pressed your lips to his. 

“I don’t need a ring, James, I just want you,” you said, a wet chuckle following suit as he pulled you closer to him, “is that a yes?” He asked, voice cracking as you nodded your head. “Yes.”


Throw away your fear,

we can do it, it’s okay.

All the keys are in your possession.

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[song inspiration: EXO - Monster & EXO - Power]

info: park chanyeol x oc
genre: sci-fi!au, smut, oral, fingering, gore, death, action, angst
word count: 5.3k
a/n: this is dedicated to the lovely @bread-jinie, you deserve it. 

“How do you always get us into these situations, Chanyeol?!”

I shouted over the gunfire, bright red blast crashing next to my head as I crouched behind the knocked over table in our living area. Chanyeol was directly to my left, taking cover behind a fallen filing cabinet, his dark eyes tearing into me in irritation.

“I didn’t fucking ask you to be on my ship, did I?” he barked back, coming up and taking aim, hitting one of the raiders dead center in the t-zone, their alien head flinging back and splattering blue brain matter against the nearest wall.

“I didn’t fucking ask to be here either!”

I screamed back, standing tall and mirroring his kill shot, more brain matter getting all over the ship’s walls. The blast finally stilled, making the both of us come out of our hiding places, promptly facing off with each other. He was much taller than myself, freakishly tall, as I always would say to him.

He hated that.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that your daddy runs the Diamond Corp, I would have dropped you out into deep space a long time ago.” he snarled, his lip curling as he stood dangerously close to me.

“That’s if I hadn’t killed you myself first, Park.” I spat back, lifting my chin stubbornly. He spun on his heels, stalking off towards the cockpit and leaving me standing there staring after him. I quickly shot off after him, following as he sat down in the pilots seat.

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I love how both this frame

and this one have become so prominent in fandom culture today.

Can I just rant about how beautiful these frames are? Just, the use of light is magnificent. I’ve been working on a light study for the whole film, but it isn’t complete yet. Still, let me just say this: the reason why I’ve seen several posts saying that they look like Renaissance pictures is the lighting, and it’s all very deliberate, let me tell you.

In both of these pics, the light is coming from the top left (Sherwin’s side) and both boys are positioned in the pool of light (thus the clair-obscur feel to the scenes). Now it was revealed in a post wayyyyy back that the light indicates exposure, or coming out, in this case, and both these frames are from scenes that denote this situation in particular.

Anyway, a few other things that strike my artist’s eye: the heart-shape of the frame in the first screenshot, the symmetry in both of them (formed by the trees in the first and the lockers in the second), and of course the colours, which are so much more brighter in the first screenshot, which is from one of the more carefree parts of the film, and more subdued in the second, the earthy, dark tones setting the scene for the turning point in the film. The position of the heart in the second one, dead center and probably the brightest element in the scene, is also an excellent choice on the animator’s part, focusing the audience’s attention on it and indicating its importance at this point in the film.

In conclusion, I’d just like to add that this film really is a little masterpiece and I encourage everyone to watch it.

“…imagine a universe where we never met. Where none of this happened. Where you don’t love me and I hate you from across the battle line.”

“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

During his career as a rebel pilot Poe has taken some blows to the head, but none have left him questioning reality. Until now. The last thing he remembers is taking a critical hit mid-battle with the first order. He’s surprised to open his eyes in the med bay, hand in hand with a man he knows is his husband. He can feel his entire world crumble and reform as something entirely new and wrong when he realizes he has flashes of impossible memories– meeting at the academy, falling in love, getting married… The man in next to him was surely never anywhere near the Republic Academy, because he knows the man wearing his mothers wedding band is the First Order’s first in command, General Hux. He hasn’t been unconscious for more than a few hours, so either Poe is losing his mind and in the middle of an elaborate grab for rebel intel or something else is unraveling the fabric of the universe as he knows it. Over the course of the next week Poe keeps slipping deeper into stranger turns his life could have taken– all revolving around the man who should be his greatest enemy. Unsure of what’s causing it and determined to correct it– he has to confide in the last person he would have ever expected he’d need to trust.

Spur of the Moment - Poe Dameron

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Request: could you pretty please write a poe x reader fic where she takes a blaster hit for him because he’s more important to the resistance than her

Please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.


It was a spur of the moment decision.

You saw the stormtrooper and your eyes followed where he was pointing only to find Poe. And you knew in that moment the Resistance couldn’t lose Poe, you couldn’t lose Poe.

So you’d ran, faster then you ever had before and leaped in front of him just as the trooper shot his blaster. And then, it was like time slowed down. You met Poe’s eyes just as you felt pain erupt within you. No sound left your mouth and you smacked against the ground beneath you, your side bleeding profusely from your wound.

Poe had gasped, his eyes widening as anger flooded him. Within seconds the trooper who had shot you laid on the ground dead, and Poe thudded down next to you. You were gasping for breath, wheezing as your last moments came before you.

You and Poe were more then just teammates - Poe was your soulmate. Poe was your everything and that’s why you couldn’t lose him. Only thing was, now he was losing you.

His hands grabbed you and Poe pulled your head on his lap. With tears in his eyes, he looked down at you, body vibrating in fear and panic. “Y/N,” his voice cracked as he called your name but you only smiled up at him. “Why did you do that? God, Y/N why did you do that?”

“Because, I can’t lose you.” You whispered, voice barely above a breath. Poe shook his head - he can’t lose you. “And the Resistance ne-needs,” you coughed, pain flooding you. “Needs you more than the-they ever needed me.”

Cupping your cheeks, Poe folded himself over you. “No, Y/N, you know that’s not true.”

“It is,” you smiled. Closing your eyes, you felt your strength leave you. “I love you…”

Poe’s eyes widened and he watched as the colour left your face. A quiet sob left his lips and he shook you, trying to wake you up - but no matter how hard he tried, you still laid there lifeless. “Y/N? Y/N!!”

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The Brothers Crown

Chapter 2: Virgil Crown

I open my eyes, expecting the dark cave that is my room. I do not, however, expect my windows to be open, shining obnoxious sunlight right into my pupils.

I do the only appropriate response in this scenario.


I cover my head, grumbling, hating how someone(Cough Mephisto Cough) left my windows open. I, eventually, start to get up, refusing to get dressed. Father can’t make me.

I blink, trying to remember what was happening today.

Not Roman’s coronation. GODS, let’s pray I’m dead before that.

Not a marriage. SOMEONE would’ve complained about that happening, and there’d be too much pageantry.

Then it must be… I gasp, almost smacking myself for being so stupid. It’s market day! I jump out of bed, and rush over, expecting to see my princely attire sitting out.

When it’s not there, I blink. I can’t leave the castle unless I’m in my prince outfit…

I blink, before I remember. Father said I’m not going…

The light in the room lessens a bit, and I close my curtains, hoping it didn’t affect the world outside. I am stuck in the castle, training with Meph, until I can control this stupid curse.

I sigh, throwing my cloak over my shoulders before trudging up to Meph’s tower for another day of “how can I blow up the castle even more than I already have?”.

I open Meph’s door, and hear some kind of whistling.


I duck on impulse, a ball of some kind of goo smacking the door behind me, a couple random sparks flying off it.

“Sorry about that, Virgil!” Meph says, appearing in front of me. “One of the spark-bombs went off.”

I blink. “Spark-bombs?” I ask. “Is that wholly legal?”

Meph grins. “Probably not. Hasn’t stopped me before!” He moves over to a table.

I roll my eyes, grinning. “So, we’re supposed to do training today?”

Meph sighs. “Yeah, sorry about missing the market. I wanted to let you go for today, but His Majesty said no, so we’re here.”

I sigh. “Of course Father said no.”

“He’s got a point, you know.” Meph says, softly. “We don’t want your magic getting away from you. Or… anything looking for powerful magic to find you.”

I hesitate. “Something looking for powerful magic? What do you mean by that?”

Meph shake his head. “Now is not the time to elaborate. For now, let’s run through drills.”

I nod, and prepare myself. Drills are the absolute worst.

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Hey for the anon who asked for good WWII fics can I rec: Count the Rings Around My Eyes by caughtinanocean, The Night War: 60th Anniversary Edition by praximeter (Zimario), ampersand by kaydeefalls, Brooklyn Boys by MMXIII, Tête-à-tête by Odsbodkins, The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty, Bad Becomes Worse by monicawoe, Don't Ask by AnnaFugazzi, letters we never sent by newsbypostcard, Of a similar disposition by Odsbodkins,

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Count the Rings Around My Eyes by caughtinanocean

In the wake of his time with Arnim Zola, Bucky doesn’t trust anyone to tend his wounds—Steve, however, is not just anyone.

“I know it ain’t as nice as what you see in the mirror, Cap, but that’s not the sort of reaction a guy likes when he strips,” he quipped, face still covered by fabric that had once been white (before all the dried blood and sweat).

“Sorry, Buck.” Steve tossed the shirt out of the way. “Just, I know I owe you a lot of taking care of, but did you have to get it all outta the way in one go?”

The Night War: 60th Anniversary Edition by praximeter (Zimario)

In 1947, Master Sergeant James B. Barnes’s surviving field journals were posthumously published as the classic war memoir The Night War. Now a high school history classroom mainstay and required reading at West Point, this highly anticipated 60th Anniversary Edition presents the original, unedited text alongside detailed historical notes that provide important context to the extraordinary wartime heroics of Captain America and the Howling Commandos.

Barnes, James B. The Night War: The Wartime Memoirs of a Howling Commando. Ed. Harold Miller. 60th Anniversary ed. New York: HarperCollins, 2005. Print.

ampersand by kaydeefalls

They’ve been steveandbucky since they were kids, but that ignores the parts of their lives that don’t wrap around each other, that never did. (Bucky needs to figure out who he is, just him, with or without Steve.)

Brooklyn Boys by MMXIII

A series of snapshots.

Tête-à-tête by Odsbodkins 

The worst thing was, he wasn’t even getting laid.

No, the worst thing were the rumors.

Screw that. The worst was the homesickness. Or the food. Or the godawful uncomfortable groundsheets to sleep on. Or missing Steve so bad it felt like he was being punched in the chest if he let himself think about it.

There were a helluva lot of worst things.

Bucky Barnes in wartime.

The Diaries of Bucky Barnes by afterlifeoftheparty

“This young soldier was writing about war, but not only that. No, the most remarkable extracts from his diaries are the ones about emotions; those passages in which he writes about loss and pain and loyalty and love.”

When Bucky Barnes’ diaries are leaked in the 70s, reactions vary from one thing to another, even decades later.

Bad Becomes Worse by monicawoe

Good becomes great. Bad becomes worse.

Angsty Post-Zola Bucky and Steve. Really I just needed an excuse to write lots of sex in tents. With biting.

Don’t Ask by AnnaFugazzi

Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.

letters we never sent by newsbypostcard

In 1944, Steve finds a stack of letters Bucky wrote to him during the war and never sent. In 2014, Bucky finds the same from Steve (and then steals them out of the Smithsonian).

In 2016, they run out of time again.

It turns out that neither one of them can quite break the habit.

Of a similar disposition by Odsbodkins

It’s the mid-1960s, and James Montgomery Falsworth is talking about the Howling Commandos.

For a prompt on the SteveBucky fest which asked “What if all the Howling Commandos were gay?”

Pure - Ramsay Bolton

All Ramsay wanted was to hold power in his hands. When he was branded as a legitimate Bolton, that power was finally in reach; but with a cost. He had duties now, such as marrying a girl from a insignificant southern house to forge an alliance. Ramsay only wanted power and nothing more; until he laid his eyes on you.

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Warnings : Rough language (and I really love writing Ramsay’s character??? What does that say about me, jeez.)

“As a Bolton, this is required of you,” Ramsay clenched his jaw at his father’s words. “Don’t muddy this up for me,” Roose threatened as he walked away from his son. “This is an alliance the North has been trying to shape for years.” With those parting words, Roose left Ramsay in Winterfell’s great hall. It’s stone walls had stood for the Stark’s for generations and were now left to the Boltons, who stole it in one fell swoop.

Winterfell was a castle to behold, the largest one in the North, and soon it would be Ramsay’s. One Roose was killed, it would be his heir that would hoist the flayed man banners and lead the armies to conquest. It was something Ramsay had dreamed of since he was a child. Ruling, being powerful, it was in his blood.

Love however, was something lacking in Ramsay’s nature. Sure, he had fucked girls, but loved them? Hardly. They were equally as horrible and dolorous as he. Never once had he thought of marriage in regards to anyone, let alone himself. All he had ever wanted was the Bolton name, he never thought that an unwanted marriage would come with it.

“Y/N Florent, of the House Florent,” he whispered, the name tainting his mood. House Florent wasn’t highly influential, being a vassal house to the Tyrells. Yet, the land of The Reach, and the people there, would benefit the ranks of House Bolton. A new union would bring fresh blood, more men willing to die in the Bolton name.

Ramsay smiled wickedly at the thought, finding just a spark of joy in the darkness surrounding him. He turned to leave the air of the great hall, finding it musty and stale. Soon he’d have to return for a feast, one to welcome the members of House Florent. That was one feast he could live without. People from The Reach were so pristine and kind, nothing like those from the North. How could a farm girl from Highgarden be his wife? The question lurked in the back of Ramsay’s mind throughout the day. With his brethorthed arriving at the start of dusk, his father had left little time for Ramsay to adjust. Maybe a hunt could clear his mind.

Ramsay’s hand tightened on the bow as he trudged through the forest, hoping if he walked deeper into the woods he’d get lost forever. Alas, he knew exactly where he was. If he took one step forward, his foot would get soaked in a steam. If Ramsay so decided to head in the West, he’d run into a great elm; and if he turned around, he’d run into Reek.

The beaten man trailed behind Ramsay without a sound. He’d almost forgotten he was there. He turned to look at him, but Reek’s eyes were still downcast.

“What do you think of marriage, Reek?” Ramsay asked, standing still for the first since he’d stormed into the forest. Reek glanced up at his master, then back to his feet before preparing an answer. Ramsay raised an eyebrow in wait.

“Marriage, mi’lord?” Ramsay nodded and Reek frowned. “Never thought nothing of it.” Ramsay grinned evilly then, remembering Reek’s missing parts.

“I bet you hardly can think at all these days,” his said slyly, “with your head gone missing.” Reek shifted uncomfortably on his feets before Ramsay turned away. His eyes traveled out through the trees, scanning for any sign of prey. He hadn’t brought his own game this time; he thought better than to kill someone before guests arrived. He did have some decency. A bright orange flash broke him from his wishes of the chase.

Ramsay notched an arrow, pulling the string back to aim. His eye landed on the creature, bounding through the forest with reckless abandon. It was a fox; it’s sleek red coat flashing gold when the hidden sun shone on it’s fur. It’s belly fluff was a pure white, making it even more easy to follow with the eye. It was the prettiest creature Ramsay had ever seen. The fox gracefully jumped, it’s tail soaring behind it as it ran. And ran it did, as Ramsay watched it go. Such a beauty deserved to live freely, Ramsay thought sadly.

Soon, he’d be shackled to a woman he had no desire to be beside; and killing her wasn’t an option. He wanted to appease his father, even if only did little to his favor.

“That was a good-looking animal,” Ramsay said as he relaxed his bow arm. The fox was gone now. It’s shining pelt disappearing into the trees. A thought entered Ramsay’s mind and he turned back to Reek with peering eyes. “Tell me Reek, would you have killed such a pretty creature?” Reek gnawed on his bottom lip, fear in his eyes. “The truth, Reek,” Ramsay demanded. The broken man almost let a whimper escape him as he answered.

“Yes,” Reek said meekly. Ramsay frowned, looking in the direction the fox had run off in. “Yes, mi’lord. I would have killed it.” Ramsay nodded, turning back to Reek. He stepped down off of a stone and stood a few inches away from the man. Reek recoiled at the closeness.

“Now, I may lack compassion,” Ramsay drawled, “but I know when enough is enough. Beauty in something free is something that should be kept alive. But you aren’t free, are you Reek? You wouldn’t know what that feels like.” Ramsay smiled when he knew he struck a nerve; but Reek was too far gone to say or do anything about it. Still grinning, Ramsay turned around and continued his trek through the forest. “C’mon Reek,” he said, “my time without a bothersome wife if limited. I want to make the most of it.” Reek nodded quickly and followed the Bolton close behind; all the while, silently praying for the safety of Ramsay’s future wife.

“You look presentable, surprisingly,” Roose taunted as Ramsay walked up to stand beside him. Ramsay glanced at his father, half in malice and half in hurt. Nothing he did pleased his father, even agreeing to marry this Brightwater whore.

The gate to Winterfell opened with a creaking sound, bringing Ramsay’s eyes to it. A large carriage entered the yard, accompanied by a few men marching at it’s sides. It was a sight; the wood of the cart polished and painted. The few knights surrounding it held House Florent’s sigil, a red gold fox against an ermine background. Ramsay almost let out a huff, thinking back on the beautiful fox he had seen earlier. How ironic, he thought, I should’ve killed the fox when I had the chance.

The cart came to a stop and the door opened. Ramsay glanced over at Roose, who was already wearing a fake smile. Fat Walda stood beside him, belly extended to the point Ramsay had to look away. His gaze went back to the cart and he tried to put on his best smile.

“Lord of Brightwater Keep, my friend Lord Florent” Roose said, stepping to the cart. A man walked out, greeting his father with a hug. There seemed to be few personal boundaries in the Reach. Ramsay could only imagine what Roose was thinking. Something along the lines of, get your bloody, sausage hands off me, you pansy flower child, seemed about right.

“Roose Bolton, how great to see you once again!” The man’s voice doomed.  “This must be Ramsay,” the man said, approaching him. Ramsay gave him his best smile and dipped his head. “You’re a fine looking fellow indeed. My Y/N will be very happy to meet you.”

“I am looking forward to meeting her,” Ramsay said smoothly. Lord Florent didn’t seem to detect his lie as he puffed his chest. He turned and looked over at the carriage.

“Good, Good. Y/N!” Ramsay looked over at Roose who gave him a hard glare. “Ah there she is! My girl,” the lord said, moving so Ramsay could see his future wife. Ramsay glanced over at the carriage once more and all flow of thought stopped.

Like the fox in the godswood, the young Lady Florent moved with the utmost grace. You were dressed in a dark, red gown, matching your house's’ sigil. A brown cloak, lined with white stoat fur rest on her shoulders, hiding her frame. When both of your feet were firmly on the ground, you walked over to your father with the sweetest smile on your face.

Oh her face! Ramsay had never seen such artistry; like the gods themselves carved you just for him. Your bright eyes met his own, sending a shiver down his spine. Your hair looked soft to the touch and for once, Ramsay was scared to touch a girl. Lady Y/N was so stunning, the essence of purity that his heart had been without for so long.

“My Lord,” you said, your voice an angelic ring in his ear. “I am very pleased to finally meet you,” you added, coming up from your bow. Ramsay tried to maintain his confident smile as he stepped forward. For the first time in his life, his legs were wobbly with nerves. He was hesitant to touch you, to greet Y/N with the fake facade he wore; but then you smiled softly at him and everything else fell away.

“My Lady,” he said, gently taking your hand. He pressed a gentle kiss to the back of your hand, then leaned back up to face you. “It’s an honor to have you in my presence.” Your cheeks turned a light pink at Ramsay’s words. He smiled at you, his blue eyes bright will admiration.

Roose let a smirk rest on his features when he saw his son’s expression. Everything he had planned was so perfectly falling into place. With Ramsay preoccupied with pleasing and courting you, he would have little time to plan an ‘accident’ for Roose to fall into. Even Ramsay knew that killing was no way to impress a noble lady.

“I hope your family is as satisfied with this match as we are,” Roose said quietly to Lord Florent. The man watched as Ramsay chatted with you, his eyes never once leaving your face. The Bolton boy seemed unlike the stories your father had heard of, but he remained cautious.

“We are excited that is certain. As long as your son treats my daughter well, that joy will remain.” He gave Roose a knowing glance, one that brought an unpleasant frown to his face.

“I can assure you,” Roose said coldly, “Ramsay will be on his best behavior. Your behavior however…you fought for Stannis, first Renly, right?” Your father nodded slowly at the Bolton. “Maybe you should watch your step, until this union is set in stone.” Roose walked away at that, leaving your father in the chilled air alone. He glanced over at you and Ramsay, hoping he hadn’t just doomed his child to a life of pain.

After the formalities of greeting had passed, Roose Bolton had commenced a grand feast for the two families. Lord Florent sat beside him, while you sat across from Ramsay. You couldn’t help but smile at the handsome man before you. He coaxed you to chat about the most wonderfully meaningless things. Ramsay was a change from the knights and Ser’s your father had introduced you to before; Ramsay was interesting.

Ramsay on the other hand, was nervous still. You made him see the shame he should have in his nature. See shame in the horrible things he had done. Never once had he felt like this, never in his life. The way your smile made his body sing was such a foreign feeling, Ramsay had started to wonder if he was falling ill.

“What do you do for fun, Lord Bolton?” you asked warmly, genuinely intrigued by the young lord. Ramsay smiled nervously as Reek poured more wine in his glass.

“I hunt, for sport. The thrill of the chase you know,” he said, sipping at his drink. You frowned and shook your head.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. My father won’t allow me to go on hunts with him, said it took too much of a person to kill an animal.” Ramsay nodded, but a grin crept onto his features.

“If you would like to my lady, you can come on a hunt with me. After we are wed, of course.” Your smile widened and you nodded.

“I would like that very much, Lord Bolton,” you said and Ramsay nearly melted. Your charm had its hold on him, shaking his very foundation; changing his nature.

“Please, Lady Y/N, call me Ramsay.” As you smiled gratefully, Ramsay couldn’t believe himself. He had fought to earn the Bolton name, to win his rightful lordship all his life; but in an instant, he had handed it over to a girl just to see her smile.

And smile you did, for you were taken by Ramsay’s demeanor. While he was confident in the way he held himself, his smile seemed nervous. His pale fingers fiddled with his sleeve anxiously but he spoke with such eloquence.

The rest of the feast went on into the late evening and was filled with laughter. You told Ramsay of the beauty of the Reachlands. How the fields of wheat look like vast seas of gold and the vineyards have the most enticing fruity smell. Ramsay told you of the battles he had seen his father lead in and the multitude of hunts he had been on. While you talked and chatted, you both grew tipsy off of wine. Your family had retired to the rooms set aside for House Florent while the members of House Bolton continued to drink.

“Well, I think it’s high time for me to retire,” you said as you stood from your seat. Ramsay stood from his, his limbs wobbly from sitting for so long. It had been many hours since you and your family had arrived; but it felt like a mere few minutes to Ramsay. He hadn’t had enough time with you yet. Ramsay wanted to know everything about you.

“Allow me to walk you to your room,” Ramsay offered, trying not to be too forceful. The use of his status had made his other lovers easy to sway, convince, and use. With you, he wanted you to want him to be near and not because you felt cornered.

“Thank you, Ramsay,” you said with a smile, I fear I would get lost in the halls of Winterfell without you.” Ramsay smiled fondly at you and a blooming blush spread across your face. He hoped it was from his flattery and not the alcohol you had consumed.

Ramsay walked over to you, extending one of his hands. You took it, a shudder shaking through you as his cold palm encircled yours. He lead you out of the great hall and into a corridor. Despite the bitter cold outside, the halls of Winterfell were warm. The glow of torches bathed you and Ramsay in a romantic light. You glanced up at him, only to find his blue eyes already glued on you and a slight smile on his features.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” he said lowly. You curled your bottom lip under your teeth, trying to hide your grin. Ramsay was about to tell you not to hide your smile, but you sped up your pace. He let your hand fall from his, not wanting to forcibly pull you back. He just watched you bound down the hallway, like a wildly free animal. He smiled brightly as you turned your head back to fac him. Your slightly drunken laughter filled the walls around him, coaxing him to chuckle along with you. Your laugh was the purest thing he had ever heard, second only to the sound of your melodic voice.

Soon you had passed the doorway to your room; the room next to Ramsay’s own. You had slowed your trot, allowing Ramsay to catch up to you. He reached out and grabbed your hand as gently as he could. You turned back, your hands resting against his chest. Ramsay’s breath caught at your touch, his drunk confidence wavering silently.

“This is your room, Y/N,” he whispered and you felt your heart beat like hooves against your chest. Whether it was the boost from the wine or your own foolishness, you reached up to  brush your fingertips against Ramsay’s cheek.

“I try not to listen to such gossip,” you said thoughtfully, “but I’ve heard the rumors of your true nature. Half-witted knights dare to call you a monster.” Ramsay let a breath, one he didn’t know he was holding, go. Of course you knew about his acts of violence, no wonder you were so intrigued by him.

“But,” you added, meeting his eyes, “you’ve only shown me kindness.” Ramsay moved his hand to cover yours that was still resting against his chest. “I do hope your behavior towards me it not false,” you whispered. Ramsay swallowed before shaking his head.

“I would never lie to you, my lady. I only wish for a happy union.” You smiled softly at his words, but Ramsay felt that he still had to convince that his intentions, regarding you at least, were pure. “What can I do to prove that to you,” he whispered, his gaze darting to your lips. They were a mere inches away from his and he longed to touch them.

“Oh, Lord Bolton,” you said, frowning slightly.

“Ramsay,” he corrected. You giggle lightly and nodded. Ramsay moved his hand up to your face, to cup your jaw. You hummed softly at the touch, but wondered if his cruelty was still rooted deep into his heart.

“Ramsay,” you said sweetly, “time and your heart will prove your intentions to me. This night is a stepping stone to that goal.” He nodded, trying his best to not to push his luck. He licked his lips and took a step away from you. You shook your head at his movement and closed the gap between you. “You misunderstood my words,” your hands lifted to his cheeks again. You pulled his lips to yours, capturing them in a soft kiss.

This was something Ramsay wasn’t used to. He was used to being rough, rushed, and unyielding. Your lips held the exact opposite within them. It was all tender and temptingly indulgent. His hands placed themselves on your waist, careful not to hold you too tightly.

Ramsay didn’t want you to run away; because he knew that he sure wouldn’t. In that instant, he knew he would do anything and kill anyone to keep you as true as possible. Your nature was wild, yet somehow ladylike to the point where you were alluring.

“I will prove my pure hopes to you,” Ramsay mumbled against your lips. “I promise you.”

“I’m going to hold you to that, Ramsay Bolton,” you whispered. You pulled away from him, pushing the door open. You gave him one peck to his cheek, lingering slightly longer than necessary. “Goodnight Ramsay,” you said as you walked inside your room.

“Sweet dreams, my dear,” your betrothed whispered. You gave him a charming smile before shutting the door in front of him. Ramsay let out a heavy sigh and leaned his back against the wall. With his eyes open, and you out of his sight, he felt the terror of his true nature shine through; but when he closed his eyes, he saw you and all of it dissipated.

Ramsay pushed himself off the wall, walking over to the next door that enclosed his bedroom. His hand rested against the wood, but before he entered, he looked back at your door. He wouldn’t let you run away; he wasn’t going to watch as you ran through the forest, running away from him. You’d still be free, your wild self, but you would also be his.

Exchange student pt.12

Originally posted by roselstra

I ran down the stair and as soon as I saw him I couldn’t help but run up to him. It was like something from a movie, my hands were in his hair as his settled on my waist just like the first time he kissed me, except this time it wasn’t as soft. “Jungkook.” I said as he pulled away, he just hummed as his kisses moved along my jaw and along my neck. “What- ah- What about the p-photos.” I said and he instantly pulled away but there was something different in his eyes. “Forgot about the photos babygirl. I’ll give them something better to gossip about.” He said before bringing his lips back to my neck and sucking on it harshly, marking me. “Jungkook.” His name fell easily from my lips as his hand made its way up my jumper. “Hmm no bra? I like it.” He smirked before massaging my left boob lightly causing me to let out a breathy moan. He began to play with my other boob as well while his other hand rubbed circles on my hip. “Jungk-kook, ah.” everything about this situation made want him more.

He connected our lips again and began to walk me towards my room. I opened the door and as soon as it was closed he pinned me against it. “God you looked so good last night. Why did you have to kiss Tae like that.” Jungkook said grabbing my ass in both hands. “I really wish you hadn’t, because now I have to show everyone what’s mine.” His voice had gone rough and low, I liked this new side of Jungkook. He began to leave small hickeys all down my neck before lifting my jumper off to leave them all down my breasts and stomach as well. I let out a sigh of pleasure until he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him on the bed. I was along his leg as his hand roughly came down to smack my ass. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips and I began to squeeze my thighs together. “Hmm I don’t think so baby.” He said spreading my legs again before giving me another spank. Jungkook then began to kiss up my back from the bottom of my spine until he was nibbling on my ear lobe.

I was now sat in his lap facing the wall as he brought one hand down to my sweatpants to remove them, while the other traveled to my neck holding me in place. “Fuck Jungkook.” I whispered as the cold air hit my bare skin. I could almost feel his smirk on my neck as he ran his fingers along my panties. His long fingers found thre way to my clit, adding just enough pressure to have my knees shaking. “Hmm, you like that?” He whispered into my ear as he removed the fabric and went back to his movements. “Y-yes uh.” I hissed out as he slid one finger down my folds to my entrance, all while keeping his thumb on my clit. “Do you want me to fuck you so good that everyone in the neighbourhood knows you belong to me now, and no one else?” He growled while adding another two fingers into me, stretching me out. The sound of my wetness was filling the room along with my moans and sighs of pleasure. “Yes, please Jungkook.” I said. I was getting closer and Jungkook could tell, so he pulled away, laying me on the bed.

Jungkook started to strip down from his clothes and I could help but stare at his muscles. Everything about him was turning me on more, I was sure there was a puddle from how wet I was from just watching him strip. “On all fours baby.” He whispered as he pulled his jeans off. I obeyed his command and flipped over, I couldn’t see Jungkook anymore but I could feel him behind me as the bed dipped slightly under his weight and I could feel his dick against the back of my thigh as he leaned over me to whisper in my ear. “You look so good like this babygirl, spread out and waiting for me.” He began to rub his tip down my folds causing me to whimper, “Almost as good as you looked last night. God how I wanted to take you right there on the kitchen side. But then things got complicated.” He said now teasing me and I could’ve sworn tears were running down my face. “P-please Jungkook, do s-something.” I said trying to grind my hips back into his but he is a lot stronger than me and just held me in place. “Aw, you want me to fuck you?” He asked in a sarcastic tone and I swear I screamed, “Yes p-please anything.” and he laughed. His laugh made me almost scared as he bit my ear lobe before smirking, “You shouldn’t have kissed Tae then.” He said before slamming into me roughly, not giving me anytime to adjust to his impressive size. His pace never slowed as he pulled on my hair as he sucked, bit, licked, and kissed all over my neck and shoulders.

“FUCK JUNGKOOK” his name was the only thing falling from my lips as I’m sure Jungkook left marks all over my back with his mouth. “That’s right baby. I’m the only one who can make you feel this good, right?” He said, his hands probably leaving bruises by how hard they were gripping my hips, but I was in too much pleasure to care. “Who’s are you?” He asked while bringing his hand down on my ass again before rubbing it slightly, “Yours…” I whispered shakily, it was hard to form words when I was in this much pleasure. “Who’s sweetheart? I didn’t catch that.” He said before wrapping hand around my neck again, “Yours Jungkook, only yours gosh. SHIT.” I said, much louder this time as my back was flat against his chest, allowing him to pound into me faster, and reach deeper. “Who’s the only person that makes you feel this good?” Jungkook was pushing me at this point, and I falling apart in his arms, “YOU.” I shouted this time as my orgasm washed over my causing my legs to shake with how powerful it was. My walls were clenching around Jungkook’s cock as he pumped into me a few more times before pulling out as releasing all over my back.

“Shit.” He whispered as his head tilted back with long spurts of cum painting my skin and bed sheets.  Both of our heavy breaths filled the room as Jungkook flopped down next to where I was laid down on my stomach. I laid there for a while catching my breath before going to stand up. “I need another shower now.” I laughed, but as I put my feet on the floor my legs failed to cooperate and I would’ve hit the floor if Jungkook hadn’t grabbed me. “Maybe I should join you. Just to make sure you don’t fall obviously.” He said and I just hit him lightly as he carried me to my bathroom and turned on the shower. That night Jungkook stayed at my house and we just talked about everything. We were cuddling on the sofa when Jungkook’s phone rang. “Hey man, have you spoken to Y/N?” Tae’s voice rang through the speaker, “Hey Tae!” I shouted so he could hear me from across the room, “Oh Hi Y/N!” He shouted back and Jungkook took him off speaker and left the room. I decided I should probably check on Jimin so I sent him a text

Y/N: Hey Jimin, are you okay?

I got a reply within seconds

ChimChim: Yeah. I’m sorry about the picture Momo posted. I promise I’ll talk to her. I’m guessing you’ve heard I ended things between us.

Y/N: I gathered. Don’t feel like you have to fix this for me.

ChimChim: No I want to fix this Y/N. You don’t deserve this from her.

And with that I left the conversation there.

Just as I put my phone down again Jungkook came back into the living room. “What was all that about?” I asked as he sat down, throwing his arm around me. “Tae told me that basically when we go back to school no one is going to like Momo since they all saw her throw up in Jin’s bush after the party.” Jungkook explained and I couldn’t help but laugh at the image. “I wish I had a picture of that to get her back.” I whispered as Jungkook push some loose strands of hair from my face, “Well then thank Namjoon.” He said as he held up his phone to me. Sure enough, Namjoon had sent a picture of Momo, face first in Jin’s bush. “Jin said if Momo doesn’t make the picture of you and Tae disappear, then Namjoon will post this.” Man things were finally looking up for you.

The Breakfast Club - ish

Summary: You wouldn’t consider yourself friends with Steve Harrington. Your only interaction with him is in detention every Wednesday afternoon.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warning: Swearing, mentions of drug use

Originally posted by bluedabadee

“ Detention? Again? “

This is how the infamous Steve Harrington greets you as you strut into the detention hall. You roll you eyes as you slide into the desk beside him.

“ Shut it, Harrington. I wasn’t aware that making out in the janitors closet could get me detention. “ You said, flipping your y/h/c over your shoulder. “ You’re here too, aren’t you? “

“ Yeah, and I’m going to be here for the next four Wednesday’s. “ Steve grumbled, pulling out one of his textbooks.

You fixed you lipstick in you compact. “ Another fight with Billy? “

Steve faced you, showing you the bruise on the left side of his jaw. “ How could you tell. “ It was a statement, not a question.

“ Harrington, Y/L/N, shouldn’t you be doing homework? “ asked Mr. Terry asked.

You groaned, pulled out your history textbook and notebook. “ Oh, fuck my ass. “

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Sans doesn't have a "friendly" and "not friendly" wink eye though. His overworld and battle sprites wink with the right eye and his talksprite winks with the left eye.

Gotcha! I keep forgetting which eye he winks in game. XDD Such a mysterious body language.

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(1) this is really getting me down now. I’m constantly looking at L’s ig story & she’s just not herself anymore. she doesn’t even smile in her videos when she’s filming herself with Ty. her eyes seem dull & not bright like they used to be when Camila was still in 5H. that video Ty posted on his story a couple hours after the NYE kiss, she didn’t look happy at all. At this point, it seems that since Camila left, she’s lost herself. she’s drinking all the time, smoking. every time she’s with him.

(2) at this point, I just can’t wait for this PR to be over. her & Camila are meant to be, I don’t care what anyone says. they were so happy together, even just the little moments. Camila seems to be Lauren’s rock, and it just sucks knowing management would manipulate and play with them like this.


Completely agree.

 I’ll share something with you guys momentarily. 

Not Immune To You

Pairing: Leonard McCoy X Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of sex

A/N: This is my first Bones fic, and I’m very happy to finally have written something for him! Please let me know how I did.

Word Count: 1,016

Originally posted by treksource

“Can I buy you a drink?” The sound of a slightly slurred voice drew your attention away from the shot glass you were intently staring at. You had come to the bar with your friend to get his mind off a recent breakup. Only to be left at the bar while he chatted up a Jalorig guy twenty minutes later.

Turning to give a sarcastic reply you were stopped in your tracks when you caught sight of his stunning blue eyes.

“Only if you keep them coming,” you finally pushed past your lips after taking in the man’s disheveled appearance. His hair looked as if he’d been running his fingers through it all night. Come to think of it, you wouldn’t be surprised if it was another person’s doing. His pink lips were pulled into a swollen smirk, his expression screamed that he just finished going at in the back and was ready for round two with someone new. As you checked him out you registered the sound of him ordering you two some alien beer.

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Richie mother fucking Tozier

Part 3! Part two was written by @reddiesetrichie so please go check that out.

Nearly seconds after Richie left Sonia came in her eyes filled with anger and worry. The nurse tried to talk her down, but she just grabbed onto Eddie’s arm with a grip of steel and practically shoved him out of the school into the beat up station wagon. Eddie was yelled at the entire ride to the hospital being told he was never going back to that school again.

“I should’ve just homeschooled you, what was I thinking? Letting you talk me into allowing you to be around the Bowers son.” She fumed as she parked the car and slammed her door shut before dragging Eddie into the hospital. It was there that the broken nose was confirmed along with a small fracture in his rib cage. Eddie sighed as he was forcefully wheelchaired out with his chest wrapped and his nose in a split.

Eddie got into the car and I’m the silence turned to his mom, “really sweet sixteen”. He let out a dry laugh only to wince without facing his mom. The hypochondriac stared out the window and ignored the babbling of his mother the rest of the ride home.

“I’m sorry. For everything.” The words just kept repeating in his head as he lay in bed staring out the window. Until his mom came up with Bill by her side. “Sweetie Pie, someone is here to see you.” Eddie smiled half heartedly at Bill until his mom left the room with the door open.

“You can close it.” Eddie said as he watched the wooden door creak behind Bill. The two of them had remained distant friends sort of like Mike. Bill never intended for the splitting apart of the losers club, and he felt guilty for it you could tell.

“S-S-S-So there’s a c-c-concert t-tonight, and I was th-th-thinking you m-might wanna go.” Bill stuttered, that never going away after the loss of Georgie. Eddie looked up at Bill before nodding, “it’s not like I’ve got much else to do”. He said with a small smile.

Eddie walked over to his closet and pulled off the now stained red clothes he had on. He grabbed a pair of white overalls and a pastel blue shirt to go under them and threw it on quickly, leaving one side unfastened. Eddie clipped the new fanny pack around his waist, and grabbed his shoes that luckily didn’t get covered in his blood and slipped them on.

The two quickly walked by Sonia without responding to her protests, Eddie was sixteen now. There was nothing stopping him, especially with another loser around. The two set off into the night toward the only club that allowed teenagers in town. What Eddie wasn’t aware of was the band that was playing until he stood there staring up at Richie mother fucking Tozier.


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You were thrilled to learn that Luke had finally returned to the rebel base. You, along with everyone else had been dreadfully worried about him. Based on what you’ve heard Luke had been attacked by a Wampa. How he managed to escape was a mystery but as long as he was alright you didn’t care.

You came to visit Luke as he rested. He seemed for than happy to see you. His eyes practically lit up as soon as you entered the room.

”You really scared me there you know” you said to Luke as you knelt down next to him so that your faces were close together “for a minute there I thought you may have died and I started to freak out and-“.

Before you could finished your sentence Luke closed the gap between your lips and kissed you, almost desperately. As if he was scared he’d never get another chance. As he pulled away you were left with your mouth hanging open in surprise.

”I love you. You know that right?”.

You gulped.
“Well I sure do now…”.


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There's also a little know fact that when sans first saw toriel (pacifist ending) he is winking at her with his right eye and his left (genocide eye) wide open. Just as he does to you when you go genocide route, meaning he does not trust her or he is suspicious of her.

Being suspicious is better than flirting. XD And I also suspect that he might’ve already known of the fact that she is Queen, hence why he wasn’t so surprised upon seeing her. And without having Toriel finding it awkward, Sans easily put his secrets aside and unintentionally made puns. 

… That prolly makes SANS even more. XD 

Hakyeon: Okay, Wonshik, for the last time, if you have ten cookies and someone takes half, how many do you have left?

Wonshik: I would still have ten cookies and they would have a black eye and a broken arm.