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“Well, tell her congratulations from me next time you see her,” Neville said, watching Luna and Ginny spin past in a haze of pink gauze before taking a sip out of his own glass. “Bébhinn’s very sensible, I really liked her.”

Harry let his eyes follow Luna and her astounding party dress as she floated through the room. She hadn’t been wearing it when they’d left the flat earlier, and must have changed into it at the same time as Ginny had put on her dark red velvet suit. They should have looked overdressed, but didn’t.

- excerpt from “Wild” by seefin

Ever since I read this part, I wanted to draw it. Because even when my favourite ladies aren’t the main focus of a story, they steal the show each time.

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how did you do the rig? can we get a breakdown, its a really inventive design

Hey yeah! I’ll explain it real fast but’s it’s a bit complicated. If you don’t know maya you won’t understand anything, sorry. I won’t explain the basics (how to skin, how to place follicules or how to link things in the Connection Editor, you’ll easily find tutorial for those on internet) i’m just gonna (try to) explain how i made the eye slip on the shape. Also i still use maya <3

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I know the original ‘bat cave’ was… you know….. a cave where literal bats lived, but I bet a lot of them left with the construction of the computers and the artificial lights, especially because most of the commotion would be at dawn and dusk, when the bats were heading out or trying to come back to rest.

BUT I’m sure there are some bats that give exactly zero shits, and live in the cave anyway (the unshakeable Alfred-like bats).

But like…bats poop?! So Bruce and Alfred, in the really early days, must have made a breathable tarp that hangs a respectable distance from the ceiling to catch the poop so it doesn’t land on a) million dollar prototypes b) evidence, or, the most valuable of all c) Alfred’s cookies.

Every now and then the tarp has to be taken down so it can be replaced, but it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to remove the tarp without getting bat poop ALL OVER yourself.

What I’m saying is that at one point every single Robin and Batgirl has committed an offence that got them on bat-shit duty

(It’s almost as as bad as being grounded from patrol)


i look at my eyes and they are filled with you. i look at my hands and they miss the softness of your skin. when did my heart went so weak? the more i try to catch the time the more it goes away. the rain still falls for your attention. my tears still fall for the way you left things between us. what kind of love is this? the silence breaks the promises. we break the hearts. we love into pieces. i look at your eyes and they are empty with the memory of us. i look at your hands and they don’t fit in mines anymore. nothing will be the same anymore.
—  k.m


Summary: Tony is feeling a little down after a mission and asks Steve to give him gentle tickles rather than rough ones.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m quite happy with this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Words: 1 558

Steve’s body was aching. It wasn’t overwhelmingly bad, but the dull pain that shot through his limbs was annoying and a slightly too big of a reminder of a life full of chronic pain that he’d left behind him. He glanced at Tony as they entered their bedroom. If he was in pain he couldn’t imagine how Tony might be feeling.

“Are you hurt?” he asked once they’d shut the door behind them.

Tony shook his head. “Nah. The suit took all the beating. I promise,” he added at Steve’s skeptical look.

Steve didn’t say anything, but he didn’t take his eyes off of him as they started undressing. Tony never winced once, and Steve couldn’t find a single trace of oncoming bruises on his body, so he reckoned the genius was speaking the truth regarding his well being for once.

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Cowboys and Angels

Credit to the late George Michael for the title.

“Are you serious.”
You blinked slowly, eyes looking up at the fluorescent lights. You had once again been thrown to the ground by your Commander, Reyes. A tan hand came into your vision and you gladly grabbed it, hoisting yourself up.
“Come on, Y/N. Look where I’m trying to attack. From what I’ve taught you you’ll then be able to defend.”
You readied your stance, one foot slightly forward, knees bent, arms in position.
“If I swing.. here-”
Your left arm moved to block the hit, a satisfying thud echoed.
“And if I swing here..”
Immediately you span your body round, dodging the next blow.
“Good.” Gabriel turned his side to you and stepped forwards, circling.
You followed him, stance still in it’s prime position and waiting for the next strike.
He span, body lowering and foot extended-
Those bloody fluorescent lights and the hard wooden floor and you were just sick of it.
“I’m done.” You stated, exasperated.
“We’re not done until I say we’re done, cariño.” He smirked.
You refused to move. Still lying on the ground, you crossed your arms and closed your eyes. A gentle nudge in your ribs made you turn on your side, curling up into yourself. Gabriel let out a deep sigh.
“Okay. Fine. We’re done.”
“Thank God.”


After your training session you had headed back to your room for a well needed shower. Not even through the door and you stripped off your fitted black Overwatch training vest, throwing it onto the floor. One by one you removed your trainers, socks, leggings and then sports bra before hopping into the shower and turning it up to a high heat. Steam and water poured over you, fingers running through your hair and just savouring the moment. You massaged shampoo into your locks, rinsing off dirt and grime of a hard days training. A dollop of conditioner massaged into the ends of your hair and you were ready to lather up your loofah and scrub yourself clean. A deep scrub all over your body, and you washed the rest of the conditioner out of your hair. Turning the shower off, you stepped out and grabbed the fluffy towels off of the radiator. One wrapped around your body and one wrapped around your hair. Trudging through to your bedroom, you flung yourself onto the bed and let out a sigh that you had been holding in.

After the last mission, Gabriel had decided it would be for the best for you to train in hand to hand combat, and for you to also move into the Watchpoint, as other agents had their own spaces there too. Saftey concerns were raised, and the contract for apartment was immediately cancelled, with bribing the landlord with a hefty sum of cash. Your room was slightly smaller than the apartment, however you enjoyed being closer to everyone. It felt safer. No more late nights walking down the streets of Gibralter.

You managed to squeeze out most of the excess water from your hair before chucking the towels on the floor and throwing on a pair of underwear and a loose top. Climbing under the covers, you rubbed your eyes and sumbitted to the darkness that was blissful sleep.


A rapid knocking on the door suddenly brought you out of your slumber.
More knocking. You threw the covers off of and stumbled to the door, glancing at your watch. Opening the door, you saw a panic-stricken McCree.
“What? I er- Jesse. It’s half three in the morning what do you wa-”
He barged past you, covering your mouth with his hand and slammed the door closed, then wrapping his robotic arm around your waist.
“Shh. Just.. shhh.”
If you were more awake you would have tried to break free, but only being woken not even a minute ago you succumbed to Jesse’s hold.
Heavy footsteps bounded down the hallway.
“Where the fuck did he go? He came down here.”
“Jesus, I mean, he could be anywhere.”
“Still on the Watchpoint though.”
A grunt from the second person and the footsteps led away from your room. You nudged Jesse in the ribs and he let go of you, taking a step back. You span around with an accusing finger pointing at him.
“Jesse bloody McCree you better explain to me right now-”
“Hey, (Y/N), don’t make me gag ya’ again.”
You stopped talking, standing still and blushing oh so slightly.
“Heh, yep. That’s what I thought.”
He raised an eyebrow, glancing down slightly and smirked. Realisation hit and you crossed your arms over your thin shirt.
“It’s cold.” You snapped.
Of course it is.” He held his hands up in a mock surrender, chuckling. “Look, I don’t got a lotta time, but thanks for lettin’ me hide ‘n here, sweetpea.”
Your brows furrowed, cheeks warming at the nickname.
“Are you going to tell me what this is about?”
“Na, darlin’. Let’s just say some'o the other guys in Blackwatch ain’t too happy with me.”
“Oh. Is there anything I can do..?” You suggested meekly.
Jesse raised his eyebrow again, tongue darting out to wet his lips.
“No. Jesse, no.” You pursed your lips. “That isn’t what I meant at all. I meant help with-”
“With what, doll?
“Nevermind. You obviously only seem to have one thing on your mind at the moment.”
Jesse smirked at your comment. “Well, sugar, when all you’re wearin’ is panties and a t-shirt, y'all ain’t leavin’ much to the imagination.”
Your mouth dropped slightly, cheeks blushing a deep red. You took in a deep breath.
“Jesse. Please. It’s too early. Go back to your room.”
Jesse chuckled, put two fingers up to his forehead in a mock salute and headed towards the door.
“Yes, ma'am.”
He opened the door and checked both ways down the hallway before turning his head to the side, looking over his shoulder. “Y'know, doll, I may have some competition.” He grabbed the handle and closed the door, leaving you in the middle of your room, barely dressed and barely able to comprehend what he just said.
“Sleep. That’s all I need.” You furrowed your brow and rubbed both of your eyes with your hands, taking small steps towards your bed.


“Sir. Really?”
Your arms are crossed and your left hip jutted out, your stance screaming attitide.
Gabriel chuckled. “What? Do you not like him?”
“I- no. It’s not that.”
Gabriel cocked his head and raised his eyebrow. “Oh, gatita, did he get to you?“
“He barged into my room at stupid o'clock in the morning and practically straight up said he wanted to- you know..”
“Ahah. Sí. I know.”
“So.. Why me?”
“I thought you could put up with his charms.”
I can.”
“Then there shouldn’t be a problem.”
You huffed. You clearly weren’t going to get your way, and Gabriel had assigned you to a mission with Jesse McCree.


Along with advanced combat and weapon training, you had also been teaching a new girl about your ‘old’ job. As Gabriel had unofficially recruited you into Blackwatch, with the permission of Morrison, you had reluctantly decided that it would be best to pass on your role to someone who could tackle it full time. It was difficult, as you loved your job, but you couldn’t pass the opportunity to progress even higher into Overwatch. You had to teach the newbie all that you could before you were sent out on your mission with McCree.
“You need to negotiate settlement terms, such as an ongoing discount with them or a discount if we pay early. Be creative; try and get some free shurikens thrown in if you can.”
The girl nodded, furiously taking notes on her holopad. It wasn’t often you had to deal with a new supplier, as in this business trade was loyal. However, one company may go down every now and then and you need to do research on finding a suitable replacement.

You looked over the girls notes, deeming them acceptable enough to make enough sense should she need to refer back.
“You’ve done well today. Go home, get some rest as we get onto actual buying tomorrow.”
She nodded, thanking you and packing up her belongings. You waited for her to leave the office before powering down the holopads and stretching. It’s been a long day.
Quickly tidying the desk to make it look presentable, you decided to head out towards the break room to grab a bottle of water. Pushing the door open, you looked around. You were slightly surprised that no one was in here, even considering how late it was. Usually people were milling around for late night snacks or socialising. One foot in the door and something cold touched the back of your neck. You instinctively raised both your hands, heart pounding.
Reach for the sky..”
You immediately dropped your hands.
“For fuck sake, McCree. Can you not?”
You carried on walking over to the vending machine to grab a bottle.
“I have enough on my fucking plate as it is, I don’t need to be threat-”
“(Y/N). Stop. Was just a joke.”
“Yeah, well, it was one of your funnier ones.”
“Darlin’, that was cold.”
You turned around to face him, water bottle in hand. He was standing there with his stupid cowboy hat in his hands, eyes wide. You actually felt a bit of remorse.
“Sorry.. Jesse..”
“No, doll, it was my bad. I know you been jugglin’ things and I shouldn’t'a done that. I guess I’ll jus’.. Walk away..” Smiling slightly.
Don’t let his sarcasm get to you.
You pointedly stop and stare at him with a bored look on your face. He raises an eyebrow, the corners of his lips turning up slightly showing his teeth.
“I can’t work with you if you’re going to act like that.”
“Like what, sweetpea?” Amusement laced his southern drawl.
“Like, this .” You gestured generally in his direction, clearly exasperated.
He was still smirking, but his eyebrow raised in slight confusion.
“You don’t like me?”
“No. Yes . I don’t-”
McCree chuckled. “Y'ain’t the first to get flustered around me, doll.”
“I’m not flustered.”
“What’s with the red cheeks then?”
You blinked and took in a deep breath. “This is supposed to be a strictly professional relationship and you go around barging into my room at stupid o'clock in the morning and then getting a laugh out of making me nearly shit myself.”
“Am I not allowed to have a lil’ fun?”
“Yes, but-”
“But what?”
People need to stop interrupting you, you thought. A small, impatient growl released from your throat and you went to storm past him. It seems he didn’t want you to, a tanned muscular arm blocking your path.
Move .”
McCree let out another deep chuckle.
“Nope. Y'all ain’t goin’ anywhere ‘til you tell me.”
You glanced down to your water bottle in your right hand. Thinking quick, you raised it above your head as though ready to strike him-
He was faster. Jesse caught your wrist with his robotic hand, you dropping your bottle in surprise. He then crouched slightly, catching you off guard and all of a sudden you’re over his shoulder with your bottle forgotten on the floor.
“Put me down this instant .” You wiggled your legs, simultaneously attempting to whack him on the back in the hopes that he’d put you back on solid ground. He was incredibly amused. Jesse’s toned arm was wrapped around the backs of your thighs to stop you from falling, dangerously close to your bottom. You squirmed some more; you weren’t going to make this easy for him.

He started walking out of the mess hall, whistling a tune. You huffed. All you could see was where you came from and it seemed he had no aim in sight as to where you would end up. He took a couple of turns, when he stopped suddenly.
“McCree. What are you doing?”
You recognised the voice as Gabriel’s and you perked up.
“TellhimtoputmedownPLEASE.” You exclaimed, frantically trying to release yourself from his grasp. All you heard was a small snort coming from the Blackwatch commander.
“Carry on.”
Whatever looks were exchanged between them, you didn’t know. However, you made sure to give Gabriel a good thump on the arm as McCree casually walked past him.
“You betrayed me.”
“Cariño, I would never betray you.” A hint of humour in his voice. “Trust him.” He stood in the hallway with his arms crossed and his head tilted slightly looking at you. One corner of his mouth was pulled up, a half smile forming.
You let out another huff, accepting you had to go wherever McCree took you. He took you round another corner and you recognised it as the corridor where your room was.
“What’s the code to your room?”
“Like I’d tell you.”
You thought he’d put you down here so you could put it in. Nope. Jesse turned around so you were in front of your door, keypad just high enough to enter the code. Your brows cross in defeat.
“It’s open.”
He spins around again, too quickly that some of your hair gets caught in your mouth. You manage the catch the door and slam it when he crosses the threshold. Only now does he tenderly lower you down so you’re back on your feet. One look at him and you close your eyes slowly, turning to walk to your bedroom.
You turn on your heels, snapping your eyes open and looking at him expectantly.
You’re welcome.
“For what?” You asked flatly.
“Carryin’ you back to your room. You looked mighty tired back there ‘nd thought I could help.”
You brought your hand up to pinch the bridge of your nose. He stalks over to you, lifting his human hand to your face. Eyes widen and you flinch slightly, lowering your hand. He only brushed some of your hair that was still caught on your lips.
His hand lingered for a few seconds more than what should have been appropriate; fingers ghosting over your cheek. Your eyelids fluttered, not used to the gentle contact.
“I knew it.”
Once again your eyes shot open, looking into his.
“You can’t resist me.”
“You just touched me in a way that I haven’t been touched in a while is all.” You spat out, swatting his hand away.
“Of course, darlin’.” A grin spreading across his face.
“Always am.” He tips his head and makes his way to your door. “Lookin’ forward to working together.”
He closes the door behind him and you hear a faint whistling as he strolls away. You hate to admit it, but he was right. You were shattered from doing your full time job and training in the evenings. Rubbing your eyes with your hands, you headed towards your bed to get some well needed sleep.

No One Loves Like Gaston

Pairing: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) X Reader

Request: I see that now you are writing more than Hamilton, in light of the new movie ,and your new banner (!), could we get some Gaston/Luke Evans love and feels up in here? Please and thank you I love your writing. :)  - @leapslaps

Go LeapsLaps I guess . Dang that was fast

Word Count: 750

AU: None

Warnings: None, I don’t believe there is even cursing.

You were walking through the marketplace, minding your own business, when a loud, male voice boomed from your left.

“Ah, good afternoon Y/n.” Said the voice, the confidence that oozed from the figure immediately giving away the culprit.

“Good afternoon to you too, Gaston.” You said shortly, turning to face the smirking man beside you. You looked up to meet his eyes as you spoke, as it was polite although he towered over your frame. “How are you today?” You asked in an attempt to be polite.

“Well, better now that I am looking at a very beautiful girl,” responded Gaston, offering to you his signature mix of smile and smirk. He winked, and you decided to mess with him a bit as you knew of his distaste for a particular trio in pink.

“Oh, are the Bimbettes around here?” You ask using your nickname for them, sounding serious although a hint of a smile began to play across your features. A combination of panic and annoyance showed in Gaston’s blue eyes before he quickly composed himself again. You let out a small laugh as Gaston responded.

“Of course not Y/n, I was talking about you.” You blushed in spite of yourself, and to cover it you feigned surprise at Gaston’s words. Gasping and putting a palm to your chest in a joking manner, you smiled and hid your blush at the compliment.

“Why Gaston, you are so forward,” you say jokingly, brushing the blush off as you can not help but blush no matter who compliments you.

“I know,” replied Gaston cockily, either not noticing or choosing to ignore the heavy sarcasm lacing your tone. Although Gaston was usually only boastful and full of pride and confidence, his demeanor seemed to falter for a moment before he spoke again. “Y/n, are you busy tonight?” He asked as he used his hand to rub the back of his neck. The move showed his muscular arms off nicely, and he didn’t even notice. For once, he was showing off unintentionally.

“No, I don’t believe so. Why do you ask, Gaston?” You ask, his nerves going right over your head.

“Well Y/n, I wanted to know if perhaps you would like to have dinner with me tonight. At my house of course, provided by yours truly.” Asked Gaston, who for once sounded entirely honest and sincere. For a moment you stopped in your tracks, shocked into a moment of silence. Yes you and Gaston would flirt with each other sometimes when the two of you were talking, but it had never meant anything. Or did it? You figured there would be no harm in going either way. Besides, free food can never be bad. Unless it’s moldy.

“It would be my pleasure, Gaston.” You say with a smile. 

Gaston returned the smile as he spoke, “that’s wonderful. Will three hours from now be a suitable time to pick you up?” He asked with a grin still traced with a smirk.

“Three hours from now sounds perfect.”

The two of you walked in a comfortable silence the last minute or two to your small cottage. As you began walking up the stairs to the doorway,, Gaston grabbed your smaller hand in his large one, bringing it to his mouth to kiss it in goodbye.

“I’ll see you in three hours, Y/n.” He says with a dashing smile, all the while not letting go of your hand.

“That you will, but for that to happen I will have to go inside and get ready.” You say, trying to hint at him to let go of your hand. Although you had never thought about it before, now that your hand was in his you did not want him to let go, but you knew that to get dolled up in time he would need to.

“But darling, you already look so beautiful.” Compliments Gaston. The compliment itself made you blush, but butterflies erupted in your stomach with the ‘darling’.

“Thank you, Gaston,” you say softly with a smile. You enter your cottage and shut the door behind you, a blush dusting your cheeks and nose as you begin to prepare for dinner tonight with Gaston. Surprisingly, you felt amazingly giddy. Then it hit you. 

Do I have feelings for Gaston?

I thought I’d get a photo to show you guys now because it’s likely gonna be a lot less pretty looking for the next few days 😂

Phase 2/3 of the owl is complete! All that’s left now is some shading, extra details, and of course the eyes!

The other wing extends to around the same point onwards on my back, and the artist said I’m like tattooing someone with hypothermia regarding the way I shake during the tat 😬

Never gonna pretend to be one of these tattoo superheroes who get through 10 hour sittings, it just ain’t me 😆

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45 and 55 with Spencer? Please 💞

45: “I’m stuck at the office.”

A phone call woke you up from your nap, you had fallen asleep on the couch while trying to wait for Spencer to come home from work. You looked to the clock and noted the time, an hour after he should have left.

“Hello?” You mumbled once you picked up the phone, going back to sleep was much preferred right around now but you didn’t want to appear rude. You hadn’t even bothered to check who the call was from.

“Hi, I’m sorry I’m not at home. I, um. I’m stuck at the office.” Spencer’s lovely voice filled up your eyes and you immediately perked up, he sounded a little frazzled, perhaps even nervous. As much as you wanted him home in your arms, his job was important and you had accepted that as soon as you started dating.

“It’s okay, Spence. I know how much work matters-”

“No, (Y/N). I’m literally stuck in the office, I can’t get out. I’ve been locked in, they must have not known I was still here and now I’ve been sat here for an hour and thirteen minutes trying to call everyone on my team but no one’s answering because it’s a Friday and they all have plans!”

Spencer’s adorably high, panicky voice made you smile. Of course he’d find himself in an awkward situation like this. With a groan you sat up and reached down for your shoes, slipping them on quickly before grabbing your car keys and leaving your apartment.

“I’m on my way.” You couldn’t help but smile as you pictured the situation unfold in your head, the look on Spencer’s face as he realised he was locked in would have been a picture.

“You’re the best.” He sighed in relief, thankful that you were so incredibly understanding and were so willing to come help him out. Spencer made a note to show you how thankful he was later that night.

55: “You love me and you know it.”

“Reid, (L/N), go ahead to the crime scene first and see if you can pick up anything that the police left out.” Hotch explained before continuing on to tell everyone else what they would be doing. You looked over to Spencer who in turn was already looking at you, it had been a month since you had confessed your relationship status with the rest of the team and thankfully they had all been perfectly fine with it but you did worry that they might think it would affect your work.

Once briefed the team split up and went back to their usual positions, you perched yourself in the seat next to Spencer and glanced down at the book he had picked up once again.

“Excited to be working with me?” You teased with a smirk, nudging your shoulder against Spencer’s in an attempt to break him out into a smile. 

“(Y/N..) He warned softly, in actual fact he loved how flirty you were and even if sometimes he got a little embarrassed when the team were around it didn’t stop him from relishing in all your cute comments.

“What!? You love me and you know it.” You rested your head against his shoulder as if you were trying to read his book but in actual fact you just wanted to be close to him, on a particularly nasty case like this it was comforting to know you had someone here for you.

“Yeah, I do.” Spencer looked down at you, only breaking his gaze to check if the rest of the team were looking before kissing the top of your head. It was a tiny gesture but one that made you grin nonetheless, the case had only begun but you couldn’t wait until it was over so you’d have Spencer all to yourself once again.

“Love you too, nerd.”

MONSTA X SCENARIO REACTION -  When they first meet their s/o during a music event.

Maknae Line


Someone came to him and told him that the make up artists were ready, so he walked into the small room. He sat down and you walked into the room. You first headed to Wonho because you wanted to do his make up so badly, but some other younger girl came around and pushed you away. The only one left was Kihyun, so you walked to him “Hey I’m doing your make up today”, he smiled and nodded, his eyes already closed, “Thank you.” You giggled and started to put on the make up. During the first minutes no one of you talked and you noticed that the others were nearly ready. Since you are new you had problems with being fast and good at the same time. Somehow Kihyun realized it and opened his eyes. “You need some help”? You started to get shy and wanted to stop immediately because you felt that you screw up, but he took your hand and smiled sweetly. “Not need to be worried. So what’s left to do”? You told him and he helped you a bit from what he learned from other stylist noona’s. “Thank you so much Kihyun”!! You said a bit too loud and he laughed. “You know what, you’re really cute. What’s your name”? Your cheeks turning red you told him your name and before he walked on stage he gave you his number.

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He didn’t knew how he got there, but he found a food both and bought something to eat. He enjoyed it and started to close his eyes because he was so happy. Suddenly he felt as someone where looking at him, so he opened his eyes and searched for the person. He started looking as he saw you, while eating the same and smiling because of how happy he looked. ‘It’s really good right?’ You asked him. He smiled and nodded. You thought that this was your chance so you took your meal and placed it next to him. He first looked a bit bewildered about your sudden moved, but once you both started talking and eating together you both found out that you have a lot in common. “What is your name by the way? You seem really nice and great to talk to, so I have to know.” You smiled and told him your name. “I’m y/a.. and is it weird that I already know your name.?” Your cheeks getting hotter as he looked at you amused. “Not at all, that only means that we make great music. Well, I hope that that’s the reason.” You nodded and the both of you laughed together.

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The dancefloor was filled with people dancing while the music were played loudly. Jooheon tried to find a good spot to dance, but his favourite song came on and he started to dance. In the mean time you and your friends arrived and heard that music were playing, so you looked for the hall. You started dancing along and closed your eyes for a minute, but you heard someone calling your name. You opened your eyes and saw that your friends are calling for you because they lost you. “Here are always so many people and they are always surprised when this happens.. stupid.” You giggled and danced. The people pushed you further in the middle and you didn’t care, you just wanted to enjoy the moment, but suddenly there were fewer and fewer people on the dance floor. The song stopped playing and you looked around you as more couples came near you. “Now for all the couples out there come and dance.” You walked towards the exit but someone tapped your shoulder. “Do you.. want to dance with me?” Jooheon looked at you and smiled. “I saw how you enjoyed the music and I don’t want to go neither, so can I have this dance?” He offers you his hand. With a smile, you placed your hand in his and the both of you started dancing together to the music. 

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It was your first day and you already messed up. You learned korean and you could understand the most of the things your boss told you, but he was talking too fast. You were standing there, backstage and tried to stay calm, because you know you had to do something but didn’t knew what. Everyone was looking at you and you were afraid to ask again, because you didn’t want to loose your job. Suddenly someone was standing next to you and talked with the people around you. You just understood the half of the words, so you just stood there and tried not to cry. The other person turned around and looked at you. “I guess you had some problems understanding right.” You nodded and were thankful that someone was talking in english to you. “Good for you I can speak english” he laughed and told you what you had to do. “I hope I could help you a bit, you looked so lost, so I had to help, you know”. “Oh my god thank you so much Changkyun. You are my heroe I’m not joking”. He laughed again and you started too. “You’re welcome, but the next time, just ask if they could speak slower, they have nothing against you”. “Thank you again!! How can I make it up to you?” He smiled at you and held his phone in his hands “You can give me your number?” You giggled and gave him your number “I’m y/n and again, thank you so much!”

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gifs not mine, cr to owner


She’d never been to his new apartment before, but the moment she’d entered the building she could tell it was going to be extremely nice.

The door was left open for her and she walked in to find him…

He’d gotten rid of the stubble and cut his long hair off, and looked exactly like the day she’d first met him. Of course on top of that his shirt was left unbuttoned. As he gets closer she notices his hair is wet, and the heavy scent of cologne hits her nose.

Neptune: “You look…fresh.”
Revan: *Laughs* I’ve been called worse.“
Neptune: "I can’t believe you spend all that time growing your hair, only to chop it off.”
Revan: “I was asked to for a shoot. *shrugs* Just hair.”
Neptune: “You mean the shoot? Which I’m going to be assisting in?”
Revan: “Bingo. Can I get you a drink? Or water.”

He pulled her closer for a hug and she instantly wrapped her arms around him, wanting to feel the warmth of his body. Her face was pressed against his bare chest and after standing there hugging him for much longer than necessary, she scowled.

Neptune: “Put a shirt on while you at it.”
Revan: *Grins* Technically, I’m wearing one.“
Neptune: "Then why can I see your nipples?”
Revan: “You like my nipples.”
Neptune: *Sigh* Yeah. You have any whip cream?“
Revan: *Bursts out laughing*
Neptune: *Trying not to smile*
Revan: "Sadly no. But I’m sure we can find a recipe.”

Imagine being a slave to Ivar (part 5)

Check out part I - II - III - IV
Your first journey to England. Ivar took you with him to avange the dead of his father with the great heathen army. But you are afraid, the feelings he putted there maked you that … afraid to lose him. What if he never came back? What if you never would feel his touch again?
Notes: Very tiny little smut
Words: 2004

‘Why are you taking her?’ Sigurd asked before all eyes of the brotherhood turned your way. You just sat there in the corner of that boat, silent, hoping they wouldn’t notice you. But is was typical something for Sigurd to do, taunting his brother. You just looked to the ground, ignoring all those stares towards you while you waited on an answer from Ivar.
‘Because I can take her if I want to.’ Also typical. Since he left you with that desire he really didn’t got back on you about it. He still commanded you around, treating you like a stupid slave or something, but you knew better. Everything between the two of you changed from the moment that you saved his mother. Despite the fact she died anyway he was a little thankfull, saw the potential in you to be more than just a slave. So … he took you with him to England, to avenge the dead of his father. It was your first time on a boat, the first time you got away from Kattegat and it was quite exciting. It was your task to support Ivar, to give him everything he wanted, to do everything he asked. Making him ready for battle was something else than making him ready for just another day in Kattegat. And that whole feeling, him close by, still having that longing to feel again like on the beach and the fact that this was your first real travel, it gave you a weird mix in feelings. When you looked up you saw his bleu eyes gazing back to you. You lifted the corner of your mouth a little and he replied with the same promesing grinn causing the knot in you stomach tying a little.

You stood aside his horse, checking the last of his tack before you looked down to the sand you were standing on. This was a whole different beach but it gave you the same memories, him roaming his fingers over every inch of your body. 'What are you thinking of?’ You jerked your head around and looked to Ivar who sat in his chariot, one eyebrow cocked up, amused. He knew exacly what you were thinking of but despite that, your cheeks turned red and you looked to his horse again.
'Nothing.’ You murmured.
'Y/n.’ His voice grew more demaning, forcing you to look back towards him. He had a lot of fun with the uncertain part of you, swinging your feelings forth and back like it was some kind of toy. The one moment you wanted him and the next fear for him hitted you. He gestured with his finger that you had to come to his chariot. You swallowed, petting his white horse before you walked over to the chariot, he was already leaning over the egde when you arrived. His fingers took a soft grip on your throat, forcing you to go a little closer. You took a deep breath and looked up in those disturbing bleu eyes of him. 'Your a bad liar and I hate liars, so,’ he felt silent, his lip curled a little of so you saw his teeth for a short moment.
'I’m sorry.’
'Give an honest answer now.’ He said, his fingers lingering your throat. It felt like he captured you, like he was planning on squeezing you to dead, but it had also something desirable. The mix of the danger and the wanting mixed in your stomach, left you uncertain in this moment.
'I was thinking of you and what you did with me.’ You whispered, looking down. He pushed his thumb against your chin, forcing you to look up to him again.
'Good, precisely what I wanted to hear.’ He reacted satisfied.
'Why did you bring me here Ivar?’ You asked him softly. It cracked his mood right open, pulling his hand away from your throat, getting all nonchalant again.
'Because I can and maybe I need you.’ He answered, not with much of emotion. He needed you? You opened your mouth looking at him trying to get some words out but he was faster. 'Get in.’ He nodded to his chariot, sitting straight again while he was taking his reins.
'I walk.’ You pointed to his horse.
'Get in, no arguiing.’ He hissed. Your body reacted immidiatly, jumping in his chariot before he would lose all of his patience. He turned his upper body a little. 'See, not that hard.’ He smiled. You rolled your eyes when he couldn’t see it and looked to all those slaves and soldiers who had to walk while you had the privelage to get a ride from the great Ivar the Boneless, does that meant he really cared a little about you, or what it just his way of making a statement of power, that everybody had to do his bidding.

You grew more restless every day. They were going to face king Aella, what meant he was going into battle and just like the last time he left you felt uncertain about it. What if he died this time for real? You were up way to early, it was still dark when you tried to do something usefull, like prepping his armor. 'Y/n.’ He reacted moody on the noice you maked with his armor, and you were already zo quiet.
'Sorry, didn’t wanted to wake you up.’ You appologized immidiatly, wanting to take everything outside so he could sleep a little more.
'Wait,’ he stopped you, pushing his body a little up on his elbows. In the dark you only saw his sillouet, a dark sillouet you started to recognize everywhere. 'Why are you up so early?’
'Couldn’t sleep.’ You answered, making your way out.
 'Come back.’ His command was a little softer than you expected. You stood still in the opening of the tent and looked over your shoulder his way.
'You should take some more rest Ivar.’
'Really, I have to do something to that disobedience.’ He said on a airy tone, a slight warning underneath. You nodded and walked back in, laying his armor on the ground before you walked over to him. He petted the egde of the bed and you sat down. His bleu eyes had a certain blackness now, making him more frightening than he already was. 'What is it?’ He asked again. Normally he really didn’t care about your feelings or thoughts but now it was different. He didn’t asked it because he wanted to please you, like showing that he cared despite he didn’t, this was real. You looked down to your own hands.
'I’m scared, for that battle, for,’ you fell silent.
'For?’ He asked softly, his breath sliding over your shoulder giving you a shivering.
'losing you.’ You answered. It was still, not a moment, a very long moment and when you slowly looked up he was gazing to his armor.
'It’s not my time, the gods still have great plans for me after this.’ He finally said, looking back at you. His eyes traveled over your body, you felt his eyes almost burning on every spot he looked at.'It’s nice that someone cares about me for a change.’ His whole mood changed with those words. The little concern you spotted before was gone and his eyes hold another kind of emotion, distant again.
'I always cared about you.’ You protested slowly. Maybe you didn’t realize that from the beginning but it was true, you always had cared for him, even on the moments you were the most afraid of him.
'Maybe I need to reward you for that, in case I don’t come back tomorrow.’ He suggested. You looked at him, opening your mouth to say something but his was already covering it, pulling you in that deep kiss where a supricing soft moan left you lips in reaction. If he was playing you again you would hate him for it, but as long as he was this close you really didn’t care. You willingly followed the pressure of his hands, leading you over his lap with your back aside him in the bed. Something changed in this, it was like he didn’t only wanted to prove you what he could do with you but he also enjoyed it himself. He pulled your dress from your body, his hand roaming your skin. 'By the gods, I love this body.’ He breathed against your stomach, leaving those wet kisses all over you. Your breating fastened, your body curving towards his hands, only wanting more. 'Will you miss me?’ He asked, kissing the top of your breast, forcing you to inhale a new breath.
'Is that the truth? Because if you’re lying again,’ he didn’t finished his sentece but pulled his lips and hands away from your body.
'It’s the truth, Ivar please,’ You begged. That cocky grin on his lips, because you were begging again.
'Again.’ He whispered, his lips against your throat, biting your colorbone while his fingers rubbed that place again.
'Please, I will do anything you want.’ You said between heavy breaths through.
'You already doing that but I like that promise.’ Not that you really could think about what you just said of what he just replied because you felt his fingers in you. He laid his hand over you mouth so you couldn’t moan out loud while he was briging your body to the top. The sweet sentation of the moment brought you to your climax. He removed his hand from your mouth, covering it with his lips, kissing you obesely.
'Ivar,’ you whispered in his mouth.
'Go.’ He commanded, pushing you over the egde with his fingers. You collaped, letting your body go in the sweet longing of this moment. You panted so hard that he looked down on you with a satisfiing smile.
'I will come back for you, I always will.’ He said, pressing a kiss against your colorbone, leaving a trail to your ear. 'Your turn.’ He grinned.

Seeing him take off was hard. Despite the fact this was the biggest army you ever saw in your life, you didn’t know how big the army of  the enemy would be. But you hold on to his words, that he would come back for you while you watched him take of in his chariot aside his brothers. 'Come back.’ You whispered for yourself, thinking back to the time you had with him morning, every moment he showed you a little concern, love even. That whole day you stood there, watching, hoping, loning for that army to come back. And when they did Ivar wasn’t among them, non of the brothers were. 'Where are they?’ You asked. Hardly half of the man were covered in blood, there weren’t much wounded and everybody was in a cheerfull mood. Did that meant they won?
'They are killing King Aella, I suppose.’ One said. So they won? For real? It took a least another three hours for the brothers came back. You noticed his chariot, his white horse closing by. You turned your eyes towards him, he was already looking at you when he stopped his horse aside you.
'Did you stood there all day?’ He asked, a little amused. But it wasn’t the only thing you noticed, he was happy. Happy to see you? Or happy that the king was dead? Both maybe?
'I don’t really know.’ You answered, petting his horse before you walked to the chariot. 'Are you alright?’ You asked, looking for maybe wounds, sighns of pain.
'Never felt better.’ He smiled, leaning over his chariot to you. 'Told you I would come back.’
'Sorry I doubted you.’ You replied. He pulled you closer, pushing your chin up so he could watch you from closer by.
'Missed me?’ He asked. You looked in to those bleu eyes, nodded slowly.
'Always.’ You whispered. Something in his eyes changed for a moment.
'Me to.’ He reacted, pulling you over those last inches before he kissed you, way to softly.

The end. 

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bucky barnes + height differences


You made your way into the living room, steps careful and slow to avoid dropping your book or spilling your tea. You were about to round the corner of the couch, successfully making your trip to the living room, when you tripped on a ripple in the carpet, dropping your book and spilling half your tea on the beige carpet. “Oh fuck me.”

You heard a soft exhale of air from your left and look over to see Bucky sitting on the couch, book in hand, and a smirk stretched across that devilishly beautiful face of his. You sighed, rolling your eyes as you walked over to the kitchen to set your tea down and grab a towel to wipe up the mess in the living room. “That wasn’t an invitation, I’ll have you know.”

You were facing the counter, reaching across it to grab a towel from the stack and turned around to see Bucky leaning against the table across from you, arms crossed over his chest, that stupid, mocking smirk, still on his face. He took a few steps towards you until he had you caged against the counter, arms on either side of you, his towering frame dwarfing your petite one. “I mean it, Bucky, I’m not in the mood.”

He leaned down, nuzzling your neck with his nose as he hummed against it, before pulling away with a grin. You blushed, feeling the heat encase your body, as you bit the inside of your cheek, glaring at him. He hooked a finger under your chin, pulling your face closer to his, before leaning in closer to your ear, lips brushing softly against the shell of it. “I think we should get Chinese for dinner.”

He saunters out of the kitchen, stopping in the doorway and turning his body to face yours. “Unless you had something else in mind?”

You huffed, stalking out of the kitchen behind him with a towel in hand, and stopped in front of Bucky who was back in his spot on the couch. You crossed your arms, causing him to look up at you with a small smile. “Can I help you?”

You drew your arm back and launched it forward, the towel whipping across his head. He chuckled, throwing his hands up to block the continuous hits thrown at him. “You are such a tease, Barnes,” You ground out, each word accentuated by a strike of the towel. 

You finally halted your assault, jaw clenched, but eyes shining with mischief. “You’re in for it, Barnes. Just because you’re a towering giant, doesn’t mean you can use your height against me.”

“Color me scared.” That smirk made it’s way across his lips once more before he grinned, pressing a chaste kiss to your pouting lips.

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Wizard War: 2

When you’re able to look around again, you see that you’re in a bedroom.
“What the hell?” You cry before the third man, Draco, claps his hand over your mouth.
“Shut up would you?” He hisses pulling his mask off with his other hand. He’s got a long pale face with bright blue eyes and hair so blonde it’s almost white. He can’t be much older than you are, if he’s even older than you. “I’d rather no one know I brought you here.”
“Uh, where is here and what about those two we left at Diagon Alley?”
“What were you thinking coming to England at a time like this?” He demands ignoring your questions.
“I want to help.”
“You want to help?” You nod, you just said that, “Then go home. Potter and his followers are greatly outnumbered. They don’t stand a chance.”
“Is that why you’re not with them?” You challenge, sometimes words just kind of tumble out of your mouth. He glares at you and you bite you’re lip. “Sorry? I’m just trying to understand.”
“Go home.”
“No. I’m a Thunderbird for Merlin’s sake! I thrive on the adventure!” You tell him with a grin, but the only reaction this gets is a furrowed brow and a small frown.
“A Thunderbird?”
“Yea, that was my house at Ilvermorny. Represents the soul and favors adventurers. We used to point to a place on a map and just go for the weekend.” He opens his mouth to speak again but instead a woman’s soft voice cuts him off.
“Quick under the bed!” He hisses. You roll your eyes but do as he asks.
“Yea Mum?” He asks opening the door.
“What happened to the girl that attacked your father and McNair?”
“She got away from me. She said something about getting the hell out of here and going back to the states.”
“You’re alright?”
“Yes Mum.”
“I’ll tell the others we need to watch the floo network.”
“She’s probably long gone.” Draco argues, but you can’t help the grin on your face.
“Better to be safe than face the Dark Lord’s wrath.” She counters softly. “We’ll be having dinner soon.” She says before closing the door behind you. With them watching the floo network you won’t be able to leave.