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Sam Wilson is in a fully committed relationship with both Steve and Bucky but will not on his death bed and dying day claim them. He actually goes to see T'Challa and they talk about how ridiculous they are. Sam could be holding hands with Steve and Bucky and look you dead in your eye and tell you he doesn't know them.

Sam’s sister at the cookout: your boyfriends are so nice, Sam!
Sam: I don’t have any boyfriends, but thank you.

Bucky: I love you, Sam
Sam: love you too stranger

Steve calling from the store: baby can you see if we have any milk?
Sam: don’t know how you got my number but we only have a quarter of a gallon left and it expires tomorrow

The officiator of Sam, Steve and Bucky’s wedding: Sam, do you take Steve and Bucky to be your husbands?
Sam: I’ve never met a Stove or a Borky in my life, but I do.

It’s been one year today that I gave my first glance at you and never wanted my eyes to peel away. A year since the planets aligned for me and sent down an angel from heaven into my life, a blessing I’ve never taken for granted. I still remember the first hellos and goodnights given, and how quickly they became the first “I love you"s. You were a miracle from the start. You’ve helped me see the true value in myself; you and I both have helped eachother out in and of so many ways that there is no doubt left in my mind. You’re my person. I’m proud to wear this coronary year on my belt; I wouldn’t change a thing about it, just as I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. I am in love with you, then, now and forever.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. For letting me see you grow so much. I’m proud to say I saw eachother grow so fast together. I want many more years to come and can’t wait for where those years will take us. I’ll say it again, I love you. Thank you for saying that first "okay, sure” to that awkward kid your friend told you was a nice guy and taking that chance, to watch us grow from two kids tumbling awkwardly in love together. I knew from that day you were far more than what anyone could see on the outside, and given the opportunity to look in, I was right. Thank you, for being good. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for loving me back in the same way that I love you. Thank you for laughing at my silly jokes. Love itself could glance our way and get jealous. I’m so proud of you and to call you mine puts a smile on my face.

~Love, that person you stole a heart from

—  A proud lover named Jake the tomato, to his soilmate Angie the bean via mysweatylife

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The reviews from Logan Lucky talking about Adam's puppy dog eyes lol. Kylo Ren had not left that body.

Haha, yes! I saw that it was getting great reviews and that Adam’s performance was being singled out for praise (as well as his gorgeous molten eyes). I’m really excited to see it!


Mysterious Musicians #4: Louise (Black Sabbath…sort of)

Today’s entry isn’t necessarily a musician, but she fits just as well. “Louise” is allegedly the name of the woman on the front cover of Black Sabbath’s self-titled 1970 debut LP. The photograph features Louise dressed in a black cloak and standing in front of the centuries-old Mapledurham Watermill, and is often cited as being “unnerving” and having a “supernatural” atmosphere about it.

Why is she mysterious?

"Louise” left as quickly as she came; she disappeared almost immediately after the photoshoot and never contacted the band again. Guitarist Tony Iommi says that she was a model/actress who appeared backstage after a live performance and introduced herself to the band, who hired her for the day to appear on the cover. Iommi also claims that the band have all since forgotten her name, though multiple sources claim it was in fact Louise. 

The mystery surrounding her is compounded by theories that she isn’t even the figure in the photograph, and that the tale of "Louise” may have been created for the sake of adding some mystique to the cover. Some claim that the woman is Bill Ward’s wife, while others even think it may be Ozzy Osbourne himself, but considering that neither Ward’s wife, Osbourne, nor any other Sabbath associates have come out with the “true” account after so long, I think it’s safe to say that Louise was real and is the woman on the cover. Osbourne’s hair definitely wasn’t that long at thetime, and while I DID attempt to look into more about Ward’s wife, I found nothing (no name, photos, age, etc.), which does kind of strike me as odd, but she’s likely just a private person.

What we know:

  • Her name may have been Louise
  • She appeared at a Sabbath show and was hired for the day
  • She disappeared after the shoot and hasn’t spoken publicly about it even after the album’s tremendous success

What we don’t know:

  • If her name was indeed Louise, or what her surname was
  • Where she is now
  • If the mystery figure is really her and not Ward’s Wife, Osbourne, etc.

Footnote: Some people have reported that Louise appears to be holding something in the picture. Reports on what the object is have ranged from a black cat, a stick/shovel, a dark sheet/cloth of some kind, or just part of the cloak she’s wearing. I think the last choice is the most likely, but I’d be sufficiently more creeped out if it was a cat or shovel.

the kind of edward nygma i adore is the one that is far from extroverted, but manipulative enough to pull some strings and seem charming to the point where its alarming. youd find him gatecrashing some rich party, attracting a crowd slowly and enjoying the attention. something draws you to him, and he seems welcoming, but theres something that keeps you on edge the entire time.

maybe its the smile on his face, soft yet condescending in a way. or maybe its the look in his eye that he knows something you dont, and your left wanting to figure him out. the way he talks, moves, even the way he looks lures you into what seems like a trap set for you, but never goes off.

after you leave, youre left wondering what just happened.

you also are wondering where the hell your wallet is.

When Mahogany shattered 
into the abyss of your eyes,
I left the burial ground
with the dust of your embrace.

Blistered month of you, lingering
patronizing embryo
as the weakling frown 
on this empty bed.

Frail gossamer of estranged tongue
and sleepless dawn.

Dusk seduced by the moon
as your orbit trailed along
the furtively throbbing 
concerto in my chest

(like chewable toy
to your canine teeth) —-

Love spat curiosity,
contracting lust
of chicken pox
amongst our skin.

Game of what?
we fancied — we must!
to still be
thrilling in ashes

but a game of one?

I dread my days before it ends
I fear your limbs may not reach me
(feed me fairy tales)

Would it hurt (it would!)
to graze this heart (more like a stab)
past your chiseled trunks
as I cascade to whenever
the fall, the serpentine spring
may take me? (foolish much!)

D C de Oliveira

Happy Book!

So this is an open happy book. If you see and read this, please add on if you’re able to though you don’t have to. It’s basically a list of things that make me happy, and then it’s open for people to reblog and add on to the list where i left off. When you’re sad you can look at the list and see what makes this tumblr community happy and maybe smile about it. They can be anything, big vague things (ex: summer, friends) or small more specific things (ex: the feeling of grass between my toes, the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies). It’s open for anyone to add on to, and please do! 

  1. A sunny day after a thunderstorm
  2. Drawing both eyes well
  3. When people add nice notes onto things I make
  4. Finding sea glass on the beach
  5. Coconut water
  6. Perfect winged eyeliner
  7. Binge watching Netflix with my friends
  8. Socks and sandals
  9. Making friendship bracelets for people
  10. Fairy lights
  11. Humanstuck headcanons
  12. Fizzy bath bombs
  13. Ironic Emoji Movie jokes
  14. Rewatching Disney movies
  15. Musical soundtracks
  16. Bad puns
  17. Knee high socks
  18. When my cat curls up next to me while I’m reading
  19. Really nice animation
  20. Making bubblegum bubbles
  21. Golden-brown marshmallows
  22. Looking at my friends’s art
  23. Rereading my favorite books
  24. A crackling fire on a cold day
  25. Snow angels
  26. Being able to see the stars and constellations
  27. Aesthetic moodboards
  28. Staying up on voice chat with friends
  29. Being able to just chill out with friends
  30. Group cosplays

Come, love, I know the world
Is a thousand razor blades in
An endless rain and you’ve
Forgotten your umbrella.

I know you have been walking
Over hot coals and broken glass
And the only water left
Falls from your eyes and

Fills your lungs until the tide
Is the only thing that exists,
The only thing you see, the
Only thing that really matters.

Please, sit a while with me; I’m
A tender smile, a hand to
Hold when your back is
Breaking and your heart is

Shattered by the weight of
A million hurts and cutting
Disappointments, I know
The world doesn’t seem to

Have a place for you, or
Time for you, it always
Moves at warp speed–
You just can’t keep up.

Please love, let me hold
Your broken bird bones,
Let me be a gentle breeze
Upon your weary face.

Your burdens are many
And I know that you’re
Exhausted to your soul.
Please rest a minute,

This darkness never
Lasts forever,
Remember there is
Always a candle here

To get you through the storm.


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Pairing: Sam/Jared x Reader, Dean/Jensen
Word count: 378
Request: Anonymous. Could you write a Sam imagine set during the French Mistake where he sees the actress who plays his dead gf and it turns out she is dating Jared

Sam was truly freaked out at the moment, his eyes darting every which way. “Hey!” Dean called over to him, making him turn. “What the hell?” He looked confused.

“I don’t know!” He shrugged. Sam’s eyes went wide when he looked up and felt a lump in his throat. There was a face that he’d never expected to see again. One that both blessed, and haunted, his nights. “Dean…” He breathed, motioning slightly as you smiled at one of the members of the crew. His chest felt like it was being crushed, and his jaw was tight.

As you looked towards them, his gaze left you, not wanting to be caught. “Jared!” Your voice hit him, hard. It’d been hard without her by his side. “Hey, babe.” You came over, slipping your hand around his back. “Hey, Jensen!” You waved at him. “Are you and the family still coming over for dinner?”

He looked like a deer in headlights for a second. “Uh, sure?” He shrugged.

Chuckling, you looked up at Sam, your hand on his abs. “I’m done for the day, did you want me to stay in your trailer and wait for you?” You asked, biting your lip. “Or do you want me to head home and…get comfortable?”

Sam looked towards Dean as if asking for help, but quickly turned back to you. “How about my trailer?” He smiled. “So we can ride home together?” Sam suggested.

You playfully raised an eyebrow, smirking. “Okay.” You agreed. “I like how you think.” Leaning up, it was clear that you were going in for a kiss, so Sam’s lips met yours. Dean’s eyebrows went up as Sam deepened it, cupping your jaw. “Wow.” You chuckled. “Not complaining, but you’re acting like you haven’t kissed me in ages.”

“Feels like it.” He blushed slightly.

Smiling, you pecked his lips once more. “I love you, I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you, too.” He smiled. Sam watched you walk away before the back of Dean’s hand slapped his stomach. “Ugh, what?”

Dean sighed and shook his head. “You’re not Jared, and that’s no–”

“I know.” Sam shot him a look, his eyes begging him to drop it. If this was his way of getting more time, so be it.

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Tonight I have been adjusting the eyes as well as doing fabric work. woo!

The left image is the previous eyes set under the mask, the middle is me moving the eyes to the front (and laughing at how funny it looks without the eyelids!) then the right is the new position at the front.

I found the old positionfor the eyes being set under the mask didn’t photograph very well which is a big no no considering I will walking around a dark indoor con in this thing. The eye lids are not final as they still need some distressing (as does the rest of the fabric) but it’s a big solid step for the mask!

Also the fabric is just cut out cami teeshirts from primark. Cheaptrap ha ha

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What was midoriya' reaction to there first kiss

I guess it depens, on who kissed the other first…

But you can definitely expect Izuku to blush like no tomorrow. Damn, his face is gonna rival Todoroki’s left hair color, that’s for sure. But he’ll be very happy and relieved, I guess. Like, suddenly everything is sparkeling, and no, Aoyama isn’t the cause.


His heart was beating faster and ohmygod, Todoroki just kissed him. With wide eyes, he finally looked into the other’s mismatched eyes. They were so pretty, just like the owner of those orbs. And not only were his eyes pretty, his lips were warm and so-


He quickly snapped out of his thoughts, and he was sure his cheeks were as red as a tomato. Holy shit, Shouto kissed him, and this was just so unbelievable.

… Y-Yes?

Shouto was looking to the side, avoiding his eyes.

“I… Are you… fine?… I mean, the kiss wasn’t bad… right?”

Oh god, they were in relationship for awhile now, and they still behaved like that.

“N-no! Of course not!”

It was anything, but bad. In fact, Izuku wouldn’t mind it, if Shouto kissed him again.


Something like that? At least in my opinion, but yeah.

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The cringe culture is disgusting. I remember seeing like a warriors problematic fan video or something and it brought all these "bad" pictures of warriors obvs drawn by younger fans and they were like "ugh kids like these want to get into art college good luck with a portfolio like this" and that was like the turning point for me to like cut cringe culture out of my life permanently

When I was 8-10 years old I was drawing dragons that looked more like blobs. When I was in middle school I couldn’t draw the left hand eye of cats so I covered them up with things like flowers, leaves, or bramble patches depending on the character. Some digital drawings of mine from 4 months ago make me want to hide my face, and I’m 22. But god, I kept going. If a kid draws an anatomically strange cat with purple eyes and rainbow fur, let them do it. No one is “good” when they start out, or even for a while. A lot of people still probably label my current art as “bad”.

But I’m also learning. I went years without drawing almost anything at all, but here I am still working at it.

If someone is working and learning, then they’re entitled to having their work be praised. I’m so sick of people being cruel to young and/or inexperienced artists. Let them draw. Let them learn. Tell them to keep going.

Delete cringe culture.

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Hi! Omg im so excited that your taking prompts for sterek! I hope we will be blessed with many good fics :))) here's my prompt: sterek (obv): hurt/comfort, feeling alone, hugs. Thanks anyway and have a lovely day :)

Taking Sterek Prompts | Filling Prompts Live


Stiles sat against the headboard of his bed, knees drawn up a little and a book open on his thighs that he was more staring blankly through than actually reading. His dad had gone to bed hours ago, and Scott had left before that, and his head still hurt, and his cheek, and his shoulder, and he couldn’t sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw claws spread wide and an open maw coming for him again.

Shivering, he scrunched himself even smaller on the bed, bunching the covers a little more tightly around himself. He hated feeling like this. He could hold his own in a fight. Had done so, on numerous occasions. But the wolves had all gone home with clean skin and would sleep without pain, and Stiles was left here to recover as best he could before the next big bad came knocking at their door.

He was not angry with them for it, or even bitter, it was just that some nights the darkness pressed in too closely, too hard. He was alone with the sound of his own breathing, his heart in his ears with its beat a little too fast when the shadows moved.

They had won. He was safe. He should feel safe.

He didn’t.

He just felt alone and, as much as he hated to admit it, anxious and afraid. Which was silly, he knew, or maybe not considering his life was full of so many unsafe things, but it was unreasonable at the moment. That didn’t stop the feeling.

A sharp rap at the window startled him, and he just barely contained his shout because he realized it was Derek tapping at his window. “It’s unlocked,” he said, feeling worse for knowing that he should have locked it.

Derek looked down and then up, and then laid his hands flat on the glass and slid the window open. In a second he was through it, closing it behind him, and then he stood there a moment, just looking at Stiles like this had somehow been Stiles’ idea. Like he was awaiting instruction.

“I came to check on you,” Derek said, a little too fast.

“I’m fine,” Stiles said, and even he could hear the tick of his heart speed up. “I mean, I’ll be fine in a few days.”

“I’m sorry,” Derek told him, almost over the top of Stiles’ words. He looked down, jaw clenching for a second. “You shouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

Stiles shrugged and then winced as pain flared in his shoulder. It was back in place now, but dislocation, he noted, hurt way more than it had any right to do. “That’s what happens when you’re a human running around with a pack of werewolves. It’s my choice.”

“I know,” Derek said, and oddly enough, Stiles believed him. “You still shouldn’t have… I should have… Look, I’m gonna go. I just-”

“Derek,” Stiles said, stopping him dead. Then he was out of words, so he just stared at Derek, heart pounding and breath a little too shallow to be good for him. He wanted to ask him to stay, he just couldn’t seem to force the words out of his closing throat.

But Derek seemed to understand anyway, shoulders relaxing a little and expression softening as he crossed to the edge of Stiles’ bed. He stopped short, his knees against the edge. “Someone should keep an eye on you overnight,” he said softly.

“Please,” Stiles breathed, not sure if he was agreeing or asking, but he desperately needed the company. Needed someone else in the room to keep him from chasing his thoughts in circles all night. “Stay.”

With a nod, Derek knelt on the edge of the bed, slipping so that he could sit beside Stiles, raising one arm so Stiles could get closer. Stiles didn’t hesitate to scoot in, letting Derek drape his arm gently over his shoulders in an almost-embrace, broad palm finding Stiles’ skin. It was instant relief, the way Stiles’ pain lessened at the touch, and he finally relaxed for real.

“Thank you,” Stiles managed to mumble, exhaustion hitting him hard now that his injuries were not talking over the top of his better senses.

“Go to sleep,” Derek said, and that was the last thing Stiles’ remembered before the dark finally claimed him.

omg i wish xxxx
One day, I went to a party at a friend’s house where a  redhead dancing caught my eye; seeing her dance turned me on. I walked up to her and started dancing too, soon we were dancing together. After dancing for a while we sat down and started talking. I introduced myself as Rad , she told me her name was lilly . After a while of talking to lilly I noticed that the party was dying down and people were leaving. lillyi asked if she can get a ride home since her bf  had her car. He was at work. I told her that I’d love to give her a ride home. We left the party and I drove lillys home. As we pulled up in front of her house, lilly asked if I wanted to come in for some coffee, I accepted. I sat on the couch as lilly went to the kitchen to start some coffee. After starting the coffee you joined me sitting on the couch. After a while of talking, I put my hand on your  thigh. I gave lilly a short passionate kiss. After I broke the kiss,  I then gave her another kiss, this time she kissed back so passionately. As we made out, I took off lillys shirt and put my hands on her wonderful breasts; I could feel her erect nipples through her bra .lilly then takes off her bra and drops it on the floor. I start to play with her amazing breasts putting them in my mouth sucking on her nipples making her moan. lilly  led me to her bedroom, where I pushed her onto the bed. lilly  was unsnapping and unzipping her pants, I began removing her shoes. I pull off her pants, exposing her wet panties. Her panties were so wet it looked like a dam had burst. I put my mouth on her soaked panties and started to lick her pussy. The taste of her pussy juices was amazing! I couldn’t wait any longer, I pull off lilly’s panties and start licking her shaved wet pussy making her moan loudly. My pussy was getting extremely wet eating her out. In a minute I made her cum in a a powerful, squirting, lesbian orgasm making her scream loudly in passion. I stood up and undressed and joined lilly in bed. lilly gave me a powerful, passionate kiss giving her a taste of her pussy juices. After breaking the kiss. She rolled on top of me and said that was amazing and she kissed me again. I started to guide her kisses down my body to my breasts where you started to suck on my nipples making me moan and groan. I told her to keep going and continued to guide her down my body to my soaked shaved pussy. At first all she did was look at it, then she gave my pussy a fast, gentle, short, kiss. I told her to stick out her tongue and to lick my clit. She did one quick lick and asked, ‘you want more’ I replied, “Yes! Keep going until I cum!  After a while I told her to suck on my clit and to play with it in her mouth. As she did, I could feel an orgasm building. She pulled away for a second saying, “Your pussy tastes really good! I love it!” As I pulled her head back into my pussy I said, “Good! Now keep eating me out until I cum in your mouth!” After I said that I could feel her eat my pussy faster. I could tell that she wanted me to cum but I kept holding back my orgasm. Something inside of me made me want to give her the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life. I pulled her head away from my pussy and told her to lick her finger and put it inside of my pussy while she eats it. As she put her wet finger in my pussy, my whole body started to shake the passion. I had no idea how much longer I could hold back this powerful orgasm. I told lilly to take out her finger and to put her tongue into my pussy. She stiffened her tongue and started tonguing my pussy. I couldn’t hold it anymore I came in an extremely powerful squirting orgasm that sent me, thrusting around in passion covering her entire mouth with my pussy juices and cum. After making me cum, lilly  started to wipe my cum and juices off of her face and licking it off of her fingers. I pulled her up to me and started to make out as we cuddled together. I whispered, “We forgot about the coffee.” enjoy you gorgeous babe xxxxxxx Rad
Two is better than one - A long due Shelby holiday

Part of the John’s twin series. 

John Shelby’s twin - A long-due Shelby holiday

“You’ve gotta sit still kid or it’s never gonna get done” you pleaded with John’s youngest whilst you attempted to give him a haircut, constantly pulling his head back as he fidgeted.

He simply gave you a whine but all the same complied, still finding it hard whilst watching the other kids run around the field playing.

You focused on the blade carefully, swiping it up the side of his head gently, achieving the desired peaky look.

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not if Vader doesn’t ask Obi Wan to get this one spider out of his Brooding Dome™ first!

Hahahaha, God this is the alternate version of events I need. They both dramatically encounter each other in that hallways and after a split second, finally: 

Obi-Wan: [softly, with great feeling and tears in his eyes] Are you remembering to take your vitamins, Anakin?
Anakin: [running to Obi-Wan and clinging to him] OH OBI-WAN I saw the BIGGEST SPIDER today and NO ONE was there to kill it and I don’t even WANT to fight anymore because I’m SO TIRED AND COLD AND HUNGRY AND PLEASE NEVER LEAVE AGAIN. 
Obi-Wan: [dramatically carries Vader off onto the Millennium Falcon while trying not to complain about his back pain]

Leia, watching all of this inexplicably happen, feels like her dad left out a few fairly important details about General Kenobi in all his stories. Luke is like “did we just…win? Somehow?“

toomanyoperatives  There is so little scholarly research available…

I’d be scouring the used bookstores around here (if there were any left) because now I have the that certain urge which indicates a new collection obsession. Alas…on ebay they’re far out of my price range :(

For which, the Avon Satanic Gothics? Yeah, they did jump in price in the past few years.

But! For other gothic romances, keep an eye on eBay for bulk lots of them. That’s actually how I got most of my collection of gothic romances.