but i laughed so hard while editing this


DanAndPhilGAMES frustration

or as I like to call it: Phil moaning while Dan is violently screaming and banging the table and choking Phil 

See this little Pokemon Sun pin you can get from buying the limited edition game? I just got stopped at airport security on my way to New Zealand because they wanted to know why I was carrying a “ninja throwing star” in my luggage, and why I felt it necessary to conceal a weapon such as this. It was so hard to explain while laughing, but I’m also happy they thought I looked capable enough to be a ninja.

Please Share So Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, & PewDiePie See & Share This


This is a trailer that I made parodied off Unfriended. Everything you see in the video was made from scratch and painstakingly edited. It took almost a month to create and I am so proud of it. Just look at that crazy editing!

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @pewdie

I would love for you all to record your reaction while watching the video, since it is intense and funny. I worked so hard on it and it would be a dream come true if you saw it and gave your thoughts on it!

If you’re reading this, thank you for what you do. You all make me laugh and inspire me to do what I love and just be myself. Thank you all and have a wonderful day!


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-12: favorite book/comic/movie/tv reference

(FMK with Coballoway ft. Superheroes)

Marry Iron Man. Fuck Batman. Kill Thor.

Thor is ridiculous, and I don’t mean the Norse mythology. I mean the one played by the actor on a movie screen.

Rose is quick.

Of course you would marry Iron Man. He’s as egotistical as you are. – Rose

Another text.

Lily said you’re Batman, so you just fucked yourself, Richard. – Rose

I rub my lips, my grin escalating tenfold. I reply: I have good taste.

I have better taste. – Rose

I type fast. You did choose me, so I think we can agree that we both have equally great taste when it comes to sex.

A pause before my phone buzzes.

Fine. We’re equals. It’s cemented. – Rose


My first try at an edit ever! Featuring my favorite angsty couple <3

Honestly while making this my mind kept flicking to how pumpkinpie89 (aka  welcometowaltacademy) portrayed these two in her wonderful comic, go check it out if you have the time!

Hope that you like xx

- insp.

vettos  asked:

I love your Ravus edits. The one with "Luna, dont be a bitch. Stop crying" made me laugh so hard! He looks so serious while saying such stupid things! And your Icon is cool. He looks like a cute hipster. Keep up the good work! :3

Thank you for your compliments! c: And also, thank you for being a great follower. I love seeing your comments on things. Comments and tags always make my day~

I’ll be sure to work hard and keep on… Doing whatever the heck it is I do! ouo;; Because Ravus. Gotta do it for Ravus.

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I mean, I feel you, you should hate opressors, but when you hate someone for something they are since birth and can't control, you become the oppressor. And noted, gay people, my bad.

are you implying cishets people are opressed anon because if so God do I hope you’re making a joke because all I’m getting from this ask is that you’re implying that Mod K is somehow Opressing The Straights

edit: I just reread this ask thats absolutely what you’re implying anon oh my god thank you I havent laughed so hard in a while I cant believe I; a genderfluid bisexual is oppressing the straights by going “hm cishets sure like to murder us” and other classic LGBT tales

Ahuhuhu! Tea party with Muffet~! Strawberry choco edition! She also did our sweater child’s hair too.

I’d like to draw more Undertale but I’m having trouble drawing monster characters //OTL but I will practice. I haven’t laughed so hard while playing a game since Mother 3, so I was pretty happy! And then…..whelp.

But all characters are so precious.


“Weep and ask for help.
Lean on me with your runny nose.
Cry when you feel like crying.
Laugh when you feel like laughing.
When you’re tearing up with an ugly face,
I’ll give you a good cry with an uglier face.
When you’re laughing so hard your stomach hurts,
I’ll laugh in a louder voice.
That’s how it should be.
It’s far better to get dirty while living true to yourself,
than to throw away yourself and die a clean death.”


*PLEASE DON’T REMOVE THIS MESSAGE OR TAKE CREDIT, reposting is fine just please don’t change anything.* 

Thank you.

So, this is the first edit for Tumblr that I’ve ever made. And, I made it because I just wanted the YouTubers I follow to know what they mean to me. Mark, you were the first one I found and you made me laugh so much even when it was hard to laugh, you still do. Jack, you were the second one I found after I saw a collab you and Mark did. You make me laugh too and always brighten my day. Ryan and Matt, I only recently found you because of Mark and while I haven’t been here long I really enjoyed and found your videos entertaining. You all have brought so much joy to my life and been there when I’m alone with my thoughts. You’ve kept me sane in the craziest of times. You make me smile when I haven’t been able to smile all day. You make me feel loved and accepted. For that I thank you profusely. Daniel was a beautiful person, and I can see that because of the amount of love you have for him and the amount of love that those in the community had for him. He will be missed terribly. My heart aches for all of you and for his family. Know, that we love you and you can take as long as you need. Know that we are here for you no matter what. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being in my life.