but i laughed so hard while editing this

I came across this short documentary in an ice show and through this, we can see how much the disaster affected Yuzu (this cut is from yusu01207′s video, thank you so much for uploading it)

Earlier part for context:

He went to Ishinomaki, Miyagi (an area that was hit really hard in 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami) in June 2014 to thank the junior high schoolers there for their support for him during Sochi.

Narr: He decided to go there after much hesitation

Y: I was wondering if I should go. I’ve been thinking a lot whether anything would change if I go. It feels like (going) would be trampling all over people’s feelings.

Narr: His sensitive heart continues to shake/waver

[He went to a hill where you can see how the disaster destroyed a very big area where there used to be many houses and people.]

Y: I wonder if they made it up this far (to the hill to escape)…

Rough translation of this cut:

[talking with local people who recognized him]

Woman: You look great now that I see in person, your face is so small, and you look really smart….

Man: So you get recognized everywhere you go?

Yuzu: Just recently….*laughs*

Man: Everything, from my wife, my house, my dog, to my cabin, prefab,… everything and everyone were washed away, there was nothing left.

Woman: Even his wife were washed away…

Narr: the harsh reality of Ishinomaki, the harsh reality of the earthquake disaster

Woman: Thank you very much!

Man: Please keep doing your best! I will be watching you from TV.

Yuzu: Thank you very much! (after parting with them) It’s heart-breaking, so painful! Though I’m happy that (my performances) pleased them, afterall, it’s hard/painful! Though they are smiling right now, to come this far, how much troubles they had to suffer through,… when I think about it, I feel so guilty *laughs* This is hard, so painful, it’s so painful I tell you *laughing while holding his chest and wiping his nose*

[when he walked down the path where many houses were washed away; it is reported that 3529 people died and 436 are still missing]

Yuzu: When I think that there used be real houses here, at night everyone slept here, the weight of those numbers is just… (too much)

Personally this is just so heartbreaking for me. Also, you can see how hard it is for Yuzuru, his body language clearly showed he was suffering: he keeps blinking, wiping his nose, and tried to laugh it off while holding his chest.

Still, the latter part of the video is actually much more positive so if please watch more of it in the link guys!

[edit] I made some correction in the translation. Thank you so much to @tadakixd for pointing out my mistakes. Please message me if you guys see any mistake in this as well, mistakes are a part of learning afterall :D

btswifi  asked:

BTS reaction to you smacking his butt casually from time to time (in public or something like that lol)

note: this was terrible sorry lol but hope you enjoy

Jimin: You guys would casually be walking into Walmart when suddenly you smack the jibooty and he jumps, startled by your action. As he turned to you to see you smacking his butt, he laughs, trying to play it cool.

“So I see you like the jibooty” he says while smirking, “I’m flattered sweetheart, but we’re in public”.

Yoongi: You guys are at the mall in Foot Locker shopping for some shoes and you decide to tease him by smacking his butt. You smack his butt hard and he’ll look at you like “catch me outside how bout that ”.

Jungkook: You and Jungkook are at the movies watching (your choice) and he gets up to go to the bathroom. As he’s making his way out of the aisle, you smack his butt, making him feel awkward and embarrassed. 

“Seriously?” he says in a jokingly way as he turns around to face you.

“I couldn’t help myself.. whoops” you say, trying teasing him.

“Just wait till we get home” he says, winking at you before turning around to go to the bathroom.


Namjoon: You’re at a fancy restaurant with Namjoon and as you guys waiting in line, you casually smack his booty. He looks at you with a smirk on his face.

“I see someone likes teasing, but only I’m allowed to do that”, he says while smacking your ass hard to tease you back.

Taehyung: You guys are in Victoria’s Secret for you shopping for bras and underwear. You guys go in line to pay for the items and as you guys walk out of the store, you smack his butt really hard.

“OW Y/N WHAT WAS THAT FOR”, he says while rubbing his butt.

“Just to show them that you’re mine and mine only” you say while grinning, “and to show you how hard you be smacking my ass”

“I can’t help that I like to do you hard anywhere” he says while smirking.

Hoseok: Whenever you smack Hoseok’s butt, he would always laugh it off, but it was different this time when you smacked his butt in the store.

“Since you like smacking my butt so much, why don’t you smack DEEZ NUTS!”

You looked at him with a “BOY IF YOU DONT GET” look.

Jin: If you smack Jin’s butt in public, he’ll just look at you weirdly, but like Namjoon, he’ll  tease you back by smacking your butt too.


iamkenricgreen: Missing this lady right here… when we are being silly we like to play this game called the model look (swipe left for examples). The idea is to look like the wind is blowing in your face and scorning you at the same time with your mouth slightly open. It’s surprisingly hard to do it without laughing, try it for yourself. Even though my wife laughs while doing it I think she pulls it off so perfectly it doesn’t look like a joke at all. Secretly I play the game now just so I can admire her face. #yesshesmine #noyoucanthaveher

From Producer Ann Marie Baldonado:

Terry always says it’s difficult to pick favorite interviews, and I totally agree.  I can’t even remember the interview I worked on this week or what we have booked for next week (That’s a slight exaggeration.  This week I worked on Jill Soloway.  Next week it’s Hasan Minaj.)  Still, I will try to point out a few interviews that I will always remember when forced to go through my mental archives.

David Rakoff 
A lot of public radio listeners will remember the late David Rakoff from his work on This American Life.  In 2001, he talked to Terry about his acting career, and being frustrated by the roles that were offered to him.  He said they would fall under two categories – “Jew-y McHebrew’ or ‘Fudgy McPacker.’  He did dramatic/hysterical renditions of the lines he remembered.  He was so funny, and elicited the much sought after Terry “snort.”  Now, I have laughed a lot while logging interviews on Fresh Air, but during this one, I had to stop logging because I was crying from laughing so hard.  Fresh Air replayed this part of the interview when Rakoff passed away too soon in 2012.

Thelma Schoonmaker 
I first stated booking film, TV, and theater interviews for Terry in the spring of 2005, so this is an early one.  Schoonmaker is the film editor who has worked with Martin Scorsese for over 40 years.  She has edited all of his films since Raging Bull in 1980.  She’s just this wonderful, thoughtful artist who works behind the scenes, plugging away, making great films.  Terry’s interview with her was one smart lady who loves movies talking to another smart lady who loves movies.

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Mike Mills

I have loved booking directors, actors, and comedians early in their careers and watching their bodies of work grow.  People like Lena Dunham, Flight of the Conchords, and Hari Kondobolu come to mind. I have loved booking interviews with director Mike Mills over the years. We booked him after his first film Thumbsucker in 2005, then for his movies Beginners and 20th Century Women.  He is the ideal guest: open, smart, self-deprecatingly funny, and talks so well about how his work connects to his life, a favorite Fresh Air theme.  I feel their conversations about his films, that in reality are like love letters to his parents, end up leading to larger conversations between Terry and Mike,  about their parents who they have lost.

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Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang
This one is a little more current.  I am not alone in this but one of my favorite recent TV shows has to be Master of None.   Some of the episodes from that first season (Parents and Indians on TV) live on my list of favorite episodes of TV ever.  I loved hearing friends Aziz and Alan talk about their own lives and how they incorporated their experiences into the show.  Everyone loves Aziz; I am glad we were able to have Alan on too.  We should forever thank them not just for this show, but for their work on Parks and Recreation.  And this is just one of the interviews that covered these great, really personal shows based on the lives of a great comedian, sort of the antecedents of Louie.  I am glad in the last few years, we have featured interviews with people like Aziz and Alan, Donald Glover, Issa Rae, and Rachel Bloom.

Sacha Baron Cohen 
I am proud of booking this one.  Up until this point, Sacha Baron Cohen was very committed to staying in character as Borat while doing all the promotion of his movie.  We were so happy that he agreed to do Fresh Air as himself, thus revealing that he was this accessible, intelligent guy.  He was quick to slip into his Borat voice though.  We love when guests slip into their characters’ voices.

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Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva
It was a round about way to book an interview.  The movie The Bang Bang Club, starring Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Phillippe, told the story of a group of war photographers in South Africa during Apartheid.  We used the movie as an excuse to book an interview with Marinovich and Silva, two of the real photographers who inspired the film.  Both of them had lost dear friends to the work.  And both of them had been injured while trying to visually capture combat situations.  In fact,  Silva was recording his part of the interview from Walter Reed Army Medical Center; he had lost both of his legs in a land mine explosion in Afghanistan and was still recovering.  At one point, a nurse comes in to talk to Silva.  It was such a rare radio moment that we decided to leave it in the interview.  Terry has spoken to many war correspondents and photographers over the years. These interviews are inevitably harrowing, tragic, thoughtful, and moving.

Ann Marie Baldonado, Fresh Air producer 

PS. Ann Marie sometimes does interviews. Her latest was with SNL’s Sasheer Zamata.


DanAndPhilGAMES frustration

or as I like to call it: Phil moaning while Dan is violently screaming and banging the table and choking Phil 


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-12: favorite book/comic/movie/tv reference

(FMK with Coballoway ft. Superheroes)

Marry Iron Man. Fuck Batman. Kill Thor.

Thor is ridiculous, and I don’t mean the Norse mythology. I mean the one played by the actor on a movie screen.

Rose is quick.

Of course you would marry Iron Man. He’s as egotistical as you are. – Rose

Another text.

Lily said you’re Batman, so you just fucked yourself, Richard. – Rose

I rub my lips, my grin escalating tenfold. I reply: I have good taste.

I have better taste. – Rose

I type fast. You did choose me, so I think we can agree that we both have equally great taste when it comes to sex.

A pause before my phone buzzes.

Fine. We’re equals. It’s cemented. – Rose


My first try at an edit ever! Featuring my favorite angsty couple <3

Honestly while making this my mind kept flicking to how pumpkinpie89 (aka  welcometowaltacademy) portrayed these two in her wonderful comic, go check it out if you have the time!

Hope that you like xx

- insp.

[V LIVE] BTS GAYO - track 15
Try watching videos on V LIVE!

My thoughts while watching this week’s episode:

- Bangtan, kings of becoming music video producers
- the dance where they hold their backs makes them look like chickens pecking
- this episode is just COMEDY GOLD
- all of them are adorable and so efficient at the same time
- seokjin is a comedic genius - from the wardrobe setting to the dance, HE’S A GENIUS
- the pair-ups for the la la la part are all my otps - namjin, sope, vmin <3 <3
- the la la la part is so innocent and childlike AAAAAAAAAA so cute (and they even edited in the smurf’s theme song XD)
- i laughed SO HARD at the shot of them all dressed up from head to toe in their outfits and sunglasses
-members repeatedly bursting out laughing while watching others film their scenes
- jungkook laughing so hard filming tae’s scene he runs over and falls down on the hotel bed
- hobi repeated history when seokjin added two more sunglasses to hobi’s face
- seokjin is doing EVERYTHING to make sure the scenes come out EXTRA hilarious
- yoongi with the lighting XD (they’re all so flexible in their tasks)
- jimin’s little pout while he was focusing on filming jungkook’s scene on the sofa
- seokjin looks so fab even in that horrendous outfit XD what a god
- seokjin munching on food when he should be lip syncing, but then he doesn’t really care XD
- yoongi sniffing the plant leaf in his scene
- seokjin’s window wiping laugh makes another appearance when namjoon films his scene at the elevator
- the small laugh by the cameraman at 11:36 
- namjoon kept knocking into seokjin when they filmed the dance at the cafeteria
- i really hope nobody was urgent to use the elevator when they filmed the lipsync parts in the elevator XD
- i LOVE how they enjoyed the whole filming 
- jungkook’s hair after they took off the beanie he was wearing for the last scene he filmed (SO FLUFF)
- seokjin was STILL wearing the pearl jacket even after finishing the whole filming of the music video

oh wow this came out so long XD anyway, hope you enjoyed the gayo episode too!!

Hey, Batter Batter! (Part 5 of Curve Ball)

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally have this next part finished!!! I laughed quite a bit while writing it, so I really hope you guys do, too :) I can’t wait to see where this thing is gonna go! It’s gonna be a wild ride c; Enjoy!

As always, a huge thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for editing, adding, and tweaking! This story would not be possible without you, dear :) You’re amazing!!!

Warnings: Language; embarrassment; horrid mistreatment of genitalia

Curve Ball Masterlist


Derek looked me up and down as he stood outside the door of my dorm building, one of his brows raised in a curious manner, lips pressed in a hard line as he tossed a ball into the air with one hand, catching it without a glance. I shifted under his gaze, heat rising to my cheeks in a blush that I desperately did not want him to see.

“What?” I finally blurted, not able to take it anymore. Derek chuckled, shaking his head dismissively as he ceased his actions, looking down and studying the ball.

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

“Tell me!”

“It’s just…your shoes,” he said, a grin plastered on his face as he met my eyes. My brows pulled together in confusion. I glanced between my ratty Converse and Derek, not able to understand what the hell they had to do with anything. My face must have given my thoughts away because the asshole began to laugh. Actually laugh! It was gentle and good-natured, but still. I glared at him, taking in the beautiful sound- Wait, what? No! I’m supposed to be mad! Get it together, Y/N.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you are accepting these but can you do an unromanced, but wanting to romance, companion reacting to making Sole laugh so hard that they snort for the first time in their presence.

I THINK I MESSED UP THE ROMANCE PART I’M SO SORRY! Oh well, at least I’m back in the reaction swing! Thanks so much for the idea sweetums! Hope you guys enjoy!

By the way, Maxson’s reaction was inspired by a little comic I found while bumbling about on tumblr, and I have searched through hell and highwater to find it again but I can’t. So, if someone has the link to it please let me know so I can edit this post and give the artist due credit. Thanks!

MacCready:MacCready hated being cursed with the inability to censor himself. He felt the stupidity of the words as they spewed out of his mouth.


And everything was quiet, except for the intermittent and comical dripping of a wet stalactite. Oh no, now Sole was looking at him, and that face! “Uh, I uh…” MacCready felt his face begin to burn something fierce, then he heard… it. “BAHahahahah! Ahahahhhaahaa! Ahahaha SNORT! OH NO!” Both hands flew to Sole’s mouth, and they blushed. Now it was MacCready’s turn to laugh. “HAHA! Oh gosh Sole! Ahaha! Ah…” He wiped at the corners of his eyes for dramatic effect. Sole huffed and walked away. “Aw, Sole, don’t be that way!” MacCready caught up to them and slung an arm around their shoulder. “If I’m being completely honest, it was kinda cute.” He said cooly. Sole stopped to look at him, and the mercenary realized what he just said. “Ehrm, so yeah!” He quickly snapped his arm back to his side and coughed nervously into his  other fist. Both nerds were now flushed to the tips of their ears. Gah, you’re such a dingus Joseph, MacCready thought to himself, but when he saw Sole absentmindedly grinning that cute smile of theirs, he figured a little embarrassment was worth it.

Cait: “Hey lover, is that a beer in yer pocket, or are ya just happy ta see me?” Cait playfully nudged Sole’s arm with their elbow. Sole, in all honesty, laughed a little more than the pick-up line had really warranted. “Ahahaha!” “C’mon Sole, it wasn’t that funny.” Cait furrowed her eyebrows at Sole, honestly a little put off by the excessive laughter, but then…”

“Hahaaha SNORT!” Cait’s eyes widened at her friend. Her lips began to purse, and it was too late now. She tried so hard to reign it in, she really did. “Mmmhmm… Mhhaahhh, AHahahahahah SNORT ahahaha SNORT ergh! Sole! ahahaha SNORT.” Sole burst out in laughter again at Cait’s uncontrollable snorting, and their combined guffawing sounded like a thriving pig farm. Cait had gotten progressively redder in the face the longer they both laughed; it was so embarrassing! And it never seemed to end because as soon as one of them snorted the laughter was renewed. “Ahaha! SNORT! Ah-I fuckin- ahaha! Hate me- ahahah SNORT! Laugh Sole! SNORT! I’m gonna kill you!” Sole took off before Cait could do anything, and their laughter eventually faded into the distance.

X6-88: X6 had preferences. He preferred the clinical lighting of the Institute to the uncomfortable heat of the sun, he preferred the Institute’s penchant for organization over the garbage heaps that littered the Commonwealth, and he most definitely preferred the Institute’s meticulously squeaky tiles to the dog feces he just stepped in. “Aw, shit.” He muttered calmly, but inside he could feel irritation boil inside stomach.

“Heh, heheh,” It started out soft and breathy, as if Sole was trying to hide their amusement from him. X6 turned his gaze to give them a scathing look, but instead of getting Sole to shut up, they lost it completely. “AHAHAHA!!!! OH-AHAHahah SNORT Ahaha SNORT, oh no! SNORT!” Sole crinkled their brows and cupped their hands over their offensive nose, trying to contain their stupidly loud snorting. X6 couldn’t really stay angry with them now; instead, he offered to help them. Making a pinching motion with his thumb and forefinger, X6 prowled towards Sole, “Here, let me help you with that.”

Preston: Here it was, the moment Sole and Preston waded through fifty laser tripwires for: the treasure of Jamaica Plain. The minutemen practically shivered with the anticipation of finding bedazzling mountains of gold and silver and jewels and… Is that “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” playing? Sole thought. “Ha ha HA!” Preston buckled at his waist with guffaws. “Oh man! This is the treasure! That’s great! Ahahaha!” That laugh.

That laugh. So. Precious. Sole smiled like a dork at Preston who quieted down when he noticed them staring. “Uh, do I have something on my face?” That face! Too sweet! Sole felt giddy laughter bubble up the back of their throat. “Heeeheheheheee! Hehehe SNORT! Woah!” Preston flashed his teeth, grinning widely at Sole’s snort. “General, I think the real treasure here is your laugh!”

Danse: Sole saw it coming from a mile away. Danse had seemed preoccupied for most of the afternoon with whatever was rolling around in his brain, accidentally kicking some debris across the street here and there with the hulking foot of his power armor, but now, “Danse watch out there’s a-“ FWOMP! “log…” Danse’s foot had caught the underside of a log and sent him falling like a plank of wood straight into the dirt. For a minute Danse could only feel hot, searing shame steam roll his soul as his face pressed into the grit of the road. Ugh, how could he make such a fool of himself in front of Sole?

“Pfffftttt- HAHAHAhahaha!” Great, now they’re laughing at him. If only Danse could actually move from this prone position. “Oh my gosh! D-Danse! Aaaaahhhahahaha SNORT!” The paladin jerked his head off the ground. “Was that a snort soldier?” He asked smugly. Embarrassed and irritated, Sole stomped away from the fallen paladin, red-faced and steaming. As Sole’s footsteps faded away however, Danse realized his mistake. “SOLE! Get back here! You can’t just leave me on the ground to suffer! Sole! Come back here! I CANNOT GET UP! SOLE!”

Deacon: Deacon thought she was his informant. He really did. And he guesses it would freak any little kid out if some creepy bald guy with sunglasses sidled up to them to ask, “What’s goin’ on little sister?” The poor kid screamed in Deacon’s face right in the middle of Diamond City market. Where was Sole when he needed them? They were typically better at diffusing the DC guards who were beginning to gather.

“Ahahaha!” Across the market, offering absolutely no help at all, stood Sole with armfuls of clothes and ammo, laughing their butt off. Deacon kept his cool, but felt his facial muscles twitch a bit underneath his skin. “Hey there now, no need to get upset. See, I was just leavi-.” Slap! Deacon’s jaw went slack. The kid- That kid just smacked him!


Later that day, when things get really quiet, Deacon leaned up next to Sole’s ear, close enough to touch their pinna with his lips, “SNORRRRRRT!” Smack! “Hey, haven’t I been beaten enough already today?”

Piper: “Oh Blue look! Is that a motorcycle?” Piper’s eyes shone with excitement. “It… was.” Sole admitted, looking at the crusty old skeleton of what was once indeed a motorcycle. “Hey, Blue, check it out. Do I look like one of those old world posters when I do this?” Piper hopped onto the seat side-saddle and crossed her legs. “Hot, right? I make this look easy. Eh, Sole? W-Woah!” The motocycle tipped backwards as Piper switched poses, and sent her and the hunk of metal crashing down onto the street.

Sole pressed their lips together, but ultimately could not escape the inevitable, “Bahahahaha! Hahahah SNORT! Hahah SNORT! Haha!” “Yeah yeah, Blue. Laugh it up, but just so you know, the headline of Publick Occurrences next issue will be ‘Valut-Dweller. Part Human, Part Pig.’”

Curie: Oh, it was juvenile. So juvenile. But Sole couldn’t help themselves as they painted some of Piper’s borrowed *cough*stolen*cough* printer ink onto the rims of Curie’s microscope lenses. Then, they waited. Curie eventually wandered back into her make-shift lab after collecting the ingredients she’d wanted. Ah, there she goes, putting down the beaker, turning to the microscope, mounting a slide, three, two, one… “Zhe bacteria in zhis sample are quite remarkable, wouldn’t you agree Sole?” Curie glanced up, two inky black rings framing her blithely innocent eyes.

“Hehehe! Hahaha SNORT! Ahahaehehe SNORT!” “Sole, what is so funny? Microbiology is fun, yes, but perhaps not so hilarious? I am confused.” Despite her questioning tone, Curie found her smile growing in increments with each of Sole’s snorts until, “Heehee! Hehehee! Oh Sole, I cannot keep from laughing when you are carrying on like zhis!” Soon Sole was doubled over, holding onto Curie’s shoulder for support. Curie placed her hand on top of theirs, and they stayed that way for a good while until Hancock came around asking them for the recipe of whatever chem they just took.

Hancock: “Are you sure that’s a good idea Hancock?” “C’mon pal, I’m experienced with this kinda thing y’know. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.” Sole still harbored some lingering doubt as Hancock pressed the end of a jet canister into his nasal cavity. Suddenly Sole felt the overpowering urge to jerk the inhaler away from Hancock. Too late! He’d already triggered the puff. “AGH! Ugh! Oh man!” The jet canister clattered to the floor before even fully ejecting the chem. “Are you okay Hancock?” Sole worried over the suffering ghoul. “Yeah, yeah. Ugh. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

“No kidding.” Sole agreed. Welp, now that they knew he was okay, “Ahahahahaha! Hahahaha SNORT!” “Heh, you take a puff too?” Hancock teased. Sole covered their nose with their hands and glared over their knuckles at Hancock. “Aw, don’t hide it doll face. It was charming, really.” Sole blushed, but refused to uncover their nose to laugh again.

Nick: Sole and Nick enjoyed flipping through the pages of a case Nick had been working on lately as Nick’s cigarette slowly filled the stuffy office with a warm smoke. Then Ellie happened. The door flung open- BANG! “NICK! I’M GETTING MARRIED! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” “WHAT-ACK!” Nick shouted, forgetting he had a cigarette in his mouth, well, now it was more in his throat. Ellie apparently hadn’t noticed yet, still jumping up and down, screaming, and flailing her hands around excitedly while Nick choked on his cig.

It all happened so suddenly that Sole’s first instinct demanded them not to help poor Nick fish the burning stick out of his throat, but to laugh. “HAhahaha! Oh m-my- Ahahaha SNORT! Ahahah SNORT SNORT!” The outrageousness of Sole’s snorting provoked Nick to laugh too, and the cigarette lodged itself deeper into his circuits. “Ahaha, dammit Sole! Ahahaha! Help me!”

And so Sole did, but Nick had to admit, having Sole’s fingers down his throat certainly made him feel a certain kind of way.

Maxson: CHC-CH! “GAH!” Maxson glared at the toaster that yanked him from his thoughts, and with one swift punch he launched it into the side of the Prydwen. Usually Maxson doesn’t care who witnesses him assert his superiority, heck he hopes people see it, saves him some time, but usually his displays of dominance are directed towards more… sentient things. Now everyone in the small cafeteria was quiet as they focused their eyes on him, Sole included. The elder felt the horror of what he just did rake down his spine, and no, please, no: Please don’t let that be Sole laughing.”

“AHAHAhahahahahahahahaha-SNORT!” Another wave of silence washed over the diners as Sole stole the limelight of embarrassment away from Maxson. Both Sole and the elder caught each other’s stares and shared knowing looks. The two stood up from their spots in matched rhythm and stalked out of the dining area. On the way out Maxson turned to Sole, placing a heavy hand on their shoulder, “Well done soldier.”

See this little Pokemon Sun pin you can get from buying the limited edition game? I just got stopped at airport security on my way to New Zealand because they wanted to know why I was carrying a “ninja throwing star” in my luggage, and why I felt it necessary to conceal a weapon such as this. It was so hard to explain while laughing, but I’m also happy they thought I looked capable enough to be a ninja.

au ideas: embarrassing dork edition
  • You’re a bartender and I’m the last customer on a Thursday night and I’ve been shamelessly flirting with you for the last 2 hours and the world is very blurry right now but you’re like a lovely grounding beacon of light and I totally said that out loud, didn’t I?
  • It’s 3am our B&B’s communal kitchen and whilst I admire your persistence in baking an army of cupcakes, you don’t seem to be very good at it. Also I really don’t want to get a fire extinguisher

  • You’re the curator of a modern art gallery and I just sat on a stool that I didn’t know to be an installation worth more than my right leg

  • I’m at a christmas function with work, and I’m outright insulting the decor to everyone I meet. Turns out it’s your house, and I’m only slightly sorry because who in their right mind has curtains that colour.. wait your Grandma made them oh no 

  • You’re the cute customer that always buys the same coffee each day, and I’m the barista who doodles on your coffee cup but I accidentally gave you the wrong order in rush hour and turns out you’re highly allergic to nuts oh god im so sorry

  • I’m the history student who slammed into you with 5 textbooks and I think I accidentally picked up your thesis and I’m sorry I made you miss the draft deadline but it’s really, really good writing!!

  • I’m waiting for the next train with my headphones blaring music & I’ve just turned around to see you on your knees with guitar and tears down your face and looking at me to answer. I’m so sorry I have no idea who you are and I think I just missed my own mistaken marriage proposal & I’m so sorry for you

  • I’m the new student in your dance class, and because we have an odd number, you have to do all the demonstrations with me and I’ve just landed really heavily on your toes and I might not know dance, but I do know that crunch sound was not good..

  • I’m a training nurse in A&E, and you’re sitting on a bench sobbing, and after a good hour of offering comfort, turns out you accidentally sat on your brother’s finger and sprained it, and now we both feel a little silly

  • I’m dressed as half an OTP at comic-con, you’re the other half, and we keep running into each other around the stalls and we keep getting asked to kiss which would be totally fine if you weren’t the most attractive person I’ve ever laid eyes on

  • I’m the Keeper in the Quidditch National Final, and you’re the commentator who keeps flirting with me over the microphone so in half-time I go up to the commentator’s booth to ask you out but it turns out the cameras were still running and the entire nation just saw us make out oh no

  • I’m your biggest competition in the Great British Bake Off and there’s no way I’m letting you get all the praise from Mary Berry so I’m spiking all my cakes with rum, how do you like them apples? Wait… we’ve used the same recipe… the producers are going to love this - let’s get Mary Berry tipsy

  • I’m a primary school teacher and you’re the OFSTED inspector I flirted with at the bar last weekend whilst trash-talking my job oh my god what have I done

  • I’m a journalist covering the local dance show, and you’re one of the lead dancers but you’re gorgeous and I’ve fluffed all my questions and in my embarassed haste to leave I step on your pointe shoes and you don’t have a spare pair & I’ve ruined the show tonight oh dear 

  • You’re talking about Game of Thrones with your friend on the bus, and I’m in the seat behind you, dying inside, because I haven’t caught up yet and what do you mean Jon Snow might be dead
    Alternatively, I’m smug as you like because I’m reading the final few pages of Dance with Dragons and you have no idea how wrong you are

  • I’m late for a meeting as I leg it through the park, and I’ve just collided straight into you and your child & I’m buying you apology replacement ice-cream

  • We’re at a festival parade and your lovely homemade flowercrown is shedding flowers, so I’m picking them up to return them to you at the next corner

  • I’m working the graveyard shift at a corner shop & I’m highly amused by the bedraggled customer buying frozen onion rings, bubble bath, half a basket of chocolate, matches, and the 50 Shades of Grey paperback - I admire your eclectic taste

  • I’m buying the weirdest stuff at past midnight in the local shop, and you’re the cute cashier whom I recognise from my English class oh my god why

  • I’m on the subway with 3 huge canvases of art that I’m submitting to the local gallery and you’ve fallen asleep against one but this is my stop

  • I’m the tired retail worker & you’re the cute customer I’ve been flirting with for a while and I made you laugh so hard you knocked over a display at the end of the isle & now you have to buy 30 dented cans of sliced peaches and your blush is just the cutest

so my bro & i filmed a documentary this last weekend and he was my boom operator, right? im editing it all now and i think he forgot he was in charge of sound bc u can hear a very clear & distinct “yeah how much are your cones… the one with the chocolate coating” while im recording a scenE

this kid, i swear, he makes me laugh so damn hard