but i laughed so hard at this one

Tropes I Hate

A woman does something that is generally considered a more male task e.g. fixing a car.

Male friend: How did you get so good that this anyway?

Woman: I have five older brothers/ My dad wanted a son. When I was a girl, he wasn’t going to let that stop him and he raised me as a boy. He was heartbroken puberty hit and he couldn’t pretend I was a boy any more.

The first one wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t used all the time. It pisses me off how often it’s used. Apparently, a woman can only be good at traditionally male tasks if she grew up around almost exclusively male people. This woman is normally a bit of a tomboy and growing up she worked hard to be one of the guys with her brothers. She tends to be written as the ‘not like other girls’ woman.

The second one is just awful. It’s always played for laughs too. This woman is only good at traditionally male things because it was forced upon her as a child. She’s generally the girly girl with daddy issues (not surprisingly).

Also, it’s just depressing that we’re meant to laugh at the fact that her father never loved her for who she is. The writers want the audience to go-

“LOL her father will never truly be supportive of her and messed her up in childhood! Isn’t it funny how messed up and miserable he made her? She just wants her dad to love her HAHAHA Not going to happen, princess! Get over it!”

It makes me really uncomfortable how we’re supposed to find it funny.

Here are a bunch of answers that a woman could give to why she can fix a car-

  1. She shrugged, “I won’t say I’m really good at this. I have a car so it seemed important to learn the basics.”
  2. “YouTube tutorials.”
  3. “I love knowing how things work!” she told him enthusiastically. “As a child, I started with things like potato clocks and it went from there. I just love everything mechanical.”
  4. “I broke down in the middle of nowhere once and I couldn’t get a signal on my phone. I was stuck there for over an hour before someone drove past and stopped to help. I decided that I was never going to end up in that situation again if I could help it.”
  5. “Mechanics are expensive. If I can fix a problem myself, I can save myself some money that I can’t afford to waist.”

Spent 9 ½ hours in school today, finally after a week and a half met my angel baby Anna again, we bough 2 slices of the nicest pizza each went to a park sat on top of a small grassy hill, talked and fought off mosquitos, the sun had just set behind the trees and I have missed her so so so much 

Also I love school and I cannot wait to return there tomorrow - this has been one of the nicest school days I’ve ever had and it is just the first of many, I cannot believe how sweet and lovely and friendly people are, the atmosphere there is so cosy and pleasant, I almost cried from laughing during a latvian lesson (have you ever laughed so hard in a place at a time when you aren’t allowed to make a noise?), made tea, my scarf was turned into a skirt, went to a small cafe in between lessons with 4 good people had a cinnamon roll, my painting teacher is one of the loveliest also coolest people I have ever met or seen - and I got a new nickname, the sketching was nice even if my entire body hurts from sitting in such uncomfortable positions for so long, my grandma is here, bless everything and everyone I feel very hopeful for this winter (and the next 4 years in general)

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So a few weeks ago my overperfectionist Slytherin bestie (whom I'm out to) was annotating her notes with a highlighter and a ruler. (Yes, I know.) When I asked her why, she replied with one word, "STRAIGHTNESS." And I just laughed so fucking hard because YOU ARE TELLING THIS TO SOMEONE WHO'S BI BOI -a Slytherdor

This is so funny. Thanks for sending it in. Real talk though who has their life together enough to use a ruler when highlighting? I’m lucky if I can even get the line somewhat even and it definitely isn’t straight. People who use a ruler probably know how to highlight properly unlike me who just leaves out words like “the” and “and”.

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What if Dadsona revealed that he was afraid of spiders via yelling for dads help when he spots one in the bathroom?

[thanks for the prompt anon! hope you enjoy and feel free to send in asks/prompts!]

🎣Brian,🏋Craig,🐶Damien,📚Hugo,🔪Robert :
- laughs so hard while you’re y o d e l l i n g for them to help you
- thinks it’s super funny and is chuckling the entire time while you’re squashed in the tiny corner
- picks it up and shows it to you while you screech louder
- “look how much of a good boy it is”
- lets it crawl on their arm until you force them to flush it down the toilet

💒Joseph,☕Mat :
- screams and runs out of the bathroom, leaving you alone with the spider
- comes back a few minutes later with bug spray
- sprays it all over the bathroom in fear
- eventually you run out and slam the door shut
- you two leave insect traps all around the house in fear for the next few days

I was just thinking about it and honestly one of my favorite moments ever is when James Aleks and Kevin were playing TTT and James secretly threw a grenade at a building and ran and literally like 7 seconds later you hear aleks go “oh my god somebody just flew off the fucking building”

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i'm sorry but i've really been wondering this for so long - what do the things like ^^; or ;;; or any of those mean ??? i think they're faces but i just don't see it???? sorry!

It actually just occurred to me that that’s the one internet smiley that I’ve stuck with using since the early 2000′s that not many people use anymore?? I’m actually having a hard time putting it into words lmao

Basically ^^ is an abbreviation of this smiley: ^_^

And the semicolons are like sweatdrops that sort of convey the same kind of expression as the classic 90′s anime laughing sweatdrop, like nervous or bashful laughter? And idk if anyone else types the way I do bc I don’t pay attention but when I just use a series of semicolons, it’s like, just the sweatdrop part? I usually do that to convey like…..surprise sort of?? Or usually it’s more like an extension of keysmashing, like “OMG;;;” 

idk it’s hard to explain!! But I use them a lot so if you’ve been following for a while or if you’re well versed in early-to-mid 2000′s typed out forum smileys you probably get what I mean most of the time by now lmao

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hey there number #1 seb stan and taylor trash, i’ve already written entire paragraphs about how great you are so you already know how i feel. you make me laugh so hard and you’ve changed me into a different person, much more carefree that’s for sure. you’re probably one of the few people where i can be my absolute self around and send 5000 messages to and you’re not complaining. you’ve handled all my rants and my moods and my insecurities, and i can’t really thank you enough for that. you have been such an amazing friend to me, listening and participating in my bitching about things and just being awesome. i like our shit talking a lot and our trash ships that will never sail but we still ship them anyways. i always have a hard time sort of bonding with people bc i’m super anti-social lmao and i just prefer to sort of not talk sometimes but talking with you is always great and you’re super sweet and cute and you’re also pretty. you’re also so talented, so amazingly talented. your graphics and edits are so stunning and i know all the fandoms you make them for are appreciative. you’re also a really great writer, too. amanda, you have quickly and wonderfully become a ridiculously good friend of mine, and i can’t begin to explain how thankful i am for that. i meet so few people that i click with and just so earnestly love. i’m honestly incredibly happy to have you in my life, and i swear, we’ve got to meet up one day and just talk about taylor and evanstan all day, okay? okay. i love you. 💘 

  • tumblr: "He thrust in slowly with a low groan..."
  • ao3: "His hands splayed across my chest as he whispered my name..."
  • wattpad: tHEN I woKe UP WITH a BonER AND WaS lIke WoW LETS Go mAke bReakFASt

ex CUSE YOU, KIND STRANGER, this burnt marshmallow is just 70% fluff

(10% seething rebuke)

(I did read the entire ask, but I keep laughing thinking about this scenario AHAHA)

The real reason he’s a big poof is just that some cats have coats that are difficult to maintain without daily grooming and care. And Yuri has 0 fucks about the time you spent combing that cloud of fur into submission and will go and roll in the grass as soon as you are done.


The Holy Jinity 


Jeno as a leader for one day was enough to remind Jisung who rules 😂😂