but i laugh when i see it

Sometimes I feel hollow inside, like an empty drum. I work, I talk to people, I laugh, I do things to keep busy… but it all feels so empty. It’s a purposeless routine… I have no real direction and I can’t see my life changing any time soon. I know this is better than the constant agony I used to feel when you first left but sometimes I wonder – Is this what ‘getting better’ is?… Is this all it will ever be… this emptiness?
I know you shouldn’t believe that a person can complete you. You’re supposed to be a complete person on your own… and I was… I always have been… But I wasn’t a HAPPY person. I just sort of ‘existed’ and did things because that’s what you’re supposed to do…
But I never felt inspired by anything and I was never really happy until I met you. And it’s hard to let go of that. It’s something so many people take for granted every day and I absolutely cherished every second of it… but losing it was hard. And I’m doing my best… I tell myself “head up, don’t cry, and look ahead not behind” but even my own laughter sounds different now… false and hollow as it echoes around my empty chest.
And those are times it’s hardest not to miss you, when I’m smiling or laughing on the outside but feeling so little on the inside and I ask myself; is this really getting better? Or is this just the numbness you feel when you’ve felt too much pain for too long?
—  Ranata Suzuki 

I have a reoccurring dream where I get out of bed and head towards the stairs, but jump off of them instead of climbing down them. I temporarily lose consciousness because of the impact, but when I “wake up” I look towards the kitchen and see a bright light, that slowly starts to laugh at me and then a face appears within it.

SuperCorp FanFic Rec List

I’ve been reading fanfics for years and every once in a while, I will stumble upon a fantastic writer. Their stories not only providing phenomenal plots/storylines but convey emotions and humor throughout. I applaud you if your story can make me laugh out loud at 2 in the morning. 

I decided to dedicate my top ten list to my favorite fanfic writer, SilentRain91.   I completely fell in love with all of these stories and you will too. 

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I heard a story tonight. Sobbing girl told it to me. She was young, nice, kind and just a little bit of naive. I don’t know why she Knew certain things. I can only guess.

She spoke of happier times, when she was seeing someone, nice boy with sharp mind and quick fingers when it came to programming. He would compliment her hair, her eyes, her laugh. It felt nice.

She can’t see him now. Not after he bound her, after he stole the keys of the archive where she worked and open the doors. Those doors. They should not be opened. She doesn’t know why he did it. Or rather she does, just not what was Their side of the deal.

He wormed his way into her soul, demanded a place in her heart and stole her True Name from her lips.

She is gonna die, she knows this. But still she won’t look for him

“It was my fault, I should have protected those Names.”

She disappeared soon after, I don’t know which boy she was talking about. She didn’t say me his nickname, or what he looked like. But he is there. Somewhere

I will remember you Nom de plum
I will remember you Lucy Jackson
Till next name comes to my lips


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"I can choke the life out of you, you know?" "Darling, you need to climb a ladder to reach my neck" With Bruce Wayne, please❤️

“That’s it, I’m filing for divorce. I quit.”

Bruce lets out a deep laugh, and he reaches for you immediately, pulling you closer when you try to push away.

“You’re going to quit being my wife?” He asks, raising his eyebrow as you glare at him.

“Yes, I am,” you respond, sitting up and crossing your arms. “And I’ll get custody of Alfred, and you’ll only get to see the boys on weekends. It’s not my fault you’re ridiculously tall.”

He leans up and kisses you, then, hands sliding to your hips and squeezing softly. When he pulls away, he smiles as you finally settle your weight into his arms once more.

“I’m sorry I like picking on you for being short,” he murmurs, pressing a quick kiss to the corner of your lips. “And I’m also sorry you take out your internalized shortness on everybody else.”

“I’m going to run you over with the Batmobile, Bruce Wayne.”


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Something in the air is giving me bad ideas
Something in the air is giving wicked thoughts like
Why don’t you stay at mine tonight?
Why don’t you stay with me and be my sidekick?

A/N: i really thought i could get this done by today but i still have a little ways to go and tomorrow i leave for new york to see bts! so this probably won’t be up until next week. anyway, i thought i would give you all a small teaser. enjoy!

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Dear Future Wife...#687

There once was a girl in my dreams. I’d lay in bed dreaming of her, wondering what it would be like when I finally had the privilege of meeting her. I’d see blurry details, in and out of focus in my mind. I imagined how her hand would fit into mine. I swore I could almost hear her laugh and feel her head on my shoulder. I longed for her gazing out airplane windows, seeing the stars on warm summer nights, sitting by the sea while the waves lapped at my feet. I wondered if she was real, if my dreams were foolish, if I even deserved her.

It took a long while to get here. Stumbles and some straight up mistakes. But I found her. I’m hers. She’s real.

You’re real.

The Changes You Can't See - a MikaYuu drabble

Yuu feels a little stupid he’s never noticed: Mika can’t sleep.

Naturally, he’d assume Mika would lay down in his room at night, because that’s what you do… when you’re human.

“You seriously never noticed?” Mika watches him incredulously.

Yuu scratches the back of his head, embarrassed. “I never paid it much attention…”

That’s a pretty Yuu thing to do, Mika must decide. He takes the explanation without much more of a fight, sighing a little.

Yuu can hear the ‘incredible" in that tiny puff of air.

He steps next to Mika, leaning against the shabby house wall, and looks out the starry night sky like Mika does. “How does it feel not being able to sleep?” Yuu asks in innocent curiosity.

Mika doesn’t answer. Yuu can feel him becoming stiff.

“… Not human,” He spits the words reluctantly.

Yuu huffs. The answer doesn’t please him, and silence is all that passes between them for a moment.

He thinks it must be lonely… to stand out here every night on his own– like the nights when Yuu would cry as a child. So loudly, apparently, that a soldier would snitch him to Guren and make him check on Yuu.

He wonders, did Mika cry too? Did he cry alone in a room, not getting the image of his family dying out of his head?

Did he have a Guren who came to check on him? Someone who stayed until he fell asleep?

“I can’t sleep,” Yuu lies, the words coming out of nowhere.

He turns to look at Mika, his face as innocent as ever. “Will you stay with me?”

Mika’s eyes grow wide. “You want me to stay with you in your room?”

“I want you to stay with me in my bed.”

Mika blushes. Even in the lacking light, Yuu can see it - feel it - more likely.

He lifts his hand to touch Mika’s cheek, the skin hot, stroking over his cheekbone with his thumb. “Will you?”


Mika glances to the side.

“I guess.”


You’d think it’d be awkward to share a bed, but somehow… both seem to know exactly what to do.

Yuu faces the wall, laying on his side, and Mika casually places an arm around him from behind.

“This feels like something we’d do as children…” Mika mumbles, his voice full of warmth. He’s so close, his breath spills into Yuu’s hair, disturbing it.

Mika adds, “When you were still a crybaby.”

“I wasn’t a crybaby,” Yuu grumbles in protest. The tips of his ears feel hot.

“You were. You’d think I didn’t see with your back turned to me, but I did.”

Yuu grows silent. His brain is slowly connecting the puzzle pieces. “… Is that why you’d come lie next to me?”


There’s a smile in Mika’s voice.

Yuu’s ears grow hotter, and Mika presses a kiss to the back of Yuu’s head.

They don’t say anything for a while. There’s only the sound of them breathing and the beat of their hearts.

“Thank you,” Yuu mumbles eventually.

Mika’s presence always had something soothing. It felt like he wanted to be around Yuu, and Yuu wanted the same. It’s almost like they sought comfort in each other - back then - as they do now.

Mika mumbles back, “I have to thank /you./”

He shuffles closer, holding Yuu a little tighter, like he’s preparing himself to join Yuu in sleep.

Yuu forgets quickly that it’s something that Mika can’t do.

And never will.

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So I went to see "Logan" with my dad (60+), and on the way out the conversation turns to musicals, and out of NOWHERE he begins to rant about how much he loves Moulin Rouge and Ewan's fabulous voice. No joke! Completely unprompted! I had no idea he'd even seen it! So after a bit of mutual gushing I'm like "Hey Dad you know in the SW cartoon they gave Obi-Wan a love interest. Called Satine. Who dies dramatically in his arms" and he could not stop laughing! We're going to see B&tB next week :)

I love this! (And your dad clearly has great taste!) When we saw Beauty and the Beast, my son referred to Ewan as “Obi-Wan” when we were discussing it later (”Obi-Wan did a good job singing!”). He knows Star Wars isn’t real and that Obi-Wan is played by an actual, separate person, but as far as he is concerned that is Ewan’s actual name. 

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I just wanted to tell you than you literally made my day with Magnus's respond. I have the biggest smile on my face that it hurts and trying not to laugh out loud, bc it's 23:58 heh... Oh god I liveeee for Magnus's reactions. He's like little excited puppy. I love it whole, tho!! And the part when Even is filming smiling Isal <3 <3 ahh...

eeee, tysm 💝  magnus gets genuinely excited :) he’s a bit clumsy and has a lot to learn, but he’s goodhearted and caring 💝  

here’s a happy screencap for you:

magnus giving even the biggest hug, of course :)) one of my favorite things about this is how although we can’t see even’s face, he and isak are 100% sharing a smile right there :) even loves to hug people, and magnus loves to hug him, and it sort of becomes a tradition of theirs, whenever magnus sees him he’ll give him a big hug. and once, when he sees even and isak in the hallway, even has an arm wrapped around isak’s waist, and so magnus says “alright! you give me no choice!” and he pulls them both into a (group) hug 

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Hi Sarah !! I really love your blog and I do not dare ask something with my account, so I'll be on the anonymous side. anywayy, as a hard shipper of yoonseok, I love to be watching your blog because your drawings are so beautiful and when I see something of yoonseok I get to yell. You make me laugh a lot with your comics please never stop with them !!!! you are awesome. LOVE YOU!! (i'm sorry if something is wrong, I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translator so I can tell you this ajdbwkdk)

THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!!!! And ily too!!!😭😭😭😭😭💓💓💓💓

we take a lot of fucked up animal abuse cases where I work, but the best thing is when we get to see those animals we’ve helped running around the office without a care in the world.  The amount of times I’ve seen a dog/cat/horse/whatever that was in such terrible shape and still manage to be the sweetest thing after recuperating will never cease to amaze me.

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OMG i'm the anon that recommended strong woman do bong soon to you!!! THAT DRUNK SCENE WITH BOTH THE GUYS THOUGH. it's such a ridiculous show but somehow they make it so good??? i laugh so much at it hahaha i love when they all imagine their crush being with the other person 🙈 also i'm lowkey in love bong soon's brother like DAMN i like him more than gook doo honestly i wish they had been casted as each other's character

Hahaha I laughed at that! And that scene when they imagined what would happen if the other two slept together. I lowkey ship the two guys after that scene haha Ah, the brother is cute! To tell you the truth, I’m so obsessed with Hyungsik I don’t even see anyone else :D

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random question, but what religious views do you have (if you have any) + how do you stay so optimistic about life?

i’m agnostic, verging on atheist. i don’t particularly believe in a higher power or anything like that, but i appreciate the hope that religion gives other people.

and tbh i’m not quite sure? idk, i like seeing people laugh and smile, and i try to hold myself back when i’m tired / cranky / irritated bc i feel like other people shouldn’t have to endure my bad mood. ofc it comes out every once in a while bc i’m only human.
no matter how bad the situation is, there’s always something decent about it and i try to focus on that instead of staying so negative. besides, the more you focus on the stress and negativity, the worse you feel + the worse the actual situation becomes. 

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Hi! I'm pretty new to the fundie tumblr thing - was wondering if anyone here is aware of the Baird family? Came across them on GirlDefined, and then turns out they have many siblings scattered across various instagram accounts. At first they seemed sweet, but as I watched more they're pretty horrifying, just dressed up their godly hate with flowers and pinteresty stuff 😬

Hi there, welcome to the Crazy Ride!
We are a really fun little community here with many different opinions and views, we laugh with and at the fundie family members, we critize and call out when needed/appropriate, we celebrate when we see (ever so little) progress. I hope you have fun here, there are loads of great blogs to follow/ discuss with.

Ohhhhhh, new fundie families! I´d love to see stories about the Baird family, please post!! FEED MY NEED FOR SNARKABLE CONTENT….. just kidding…not really though (Annie)


“You mean, Lace, yes.” Lacy grinned. 

“We can just do our work, you know.” Shania looked outside of the window, hoping to see Blair’s car. But no such luck. She was gone, and Shania was terrified. How the check could Lacy be so excited to be on her own? She was terrified. This was a huge step for them. Vacationing with her cousins was one thing. This? It was something else entirely. 

“We have to have fun too,” Lacy said. “Don’t forget.”

“Responsible fun,” She said. “No underage drinking. No rowdy parties. No…sex.”

Lacy let out a small laugh. “You seriously worry too much. What are you afraid of? When I say hang out and have fun, I mean sleep overs with friends and staying up to watch movies instead of studying. I mean laughing and having fun. This is not the movies.”

“The only other time I’ve been alone was when I slept over in Starlight Shores with our cousins,” Shania said. “And that was only for a few days, I wasn’t living with them.”

“Oh yeah, the winter we met Chain Link. Before they broke up. I have that picture, I’m going to hang it up in our room. It’s one of my favorite memories.”

“I hate thinking about it. It’s kind of depressing. What happened between Bentley and Blair. I thought they’d be friends still.” Shania shrugged. “I guess it doesn’t matter.” 

“No, it doesn’t. We need to focus on us. She’s getting married. That worked out so much better for her. Castel is a great guy. He isn’t famous, but he is perfect for her.” 

“Yeah.” She nodded. “I guess you’re right. I just thought that they could at least keep in touch. But that was wishful thinking.”

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ya i agree like i see shit on twitter when i stanned 1d where theyd spam tweet shit like "cum in me so i can rub my pussy against the floor n pretend im a snail" like ??? ion want tht for bts (or any artist since its so disrespectful) like its aight to have these thoughts ig... but why do u gotta go out of ur way to tweet this at them...,,,

JANDNA IM SORRY BUT DI QUOTE MADE ME LAUGH, like bitches r wild like fr…girls do that to bts’ twt now like no wonder why they never reply to our bum asses i wanna choke