but i laugh everytime

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“It was actually in this episode, when I’m in the kitchen with Letty and we’re having a conversation about the book that she’s writing and I’m telling her that she needs to find a title, I couldn’t do that scene without laughing. The dialogue and the way that Michelle was looking at me, it was just so funny. We had to do it like a million times. I just couldn’t stop laughing and that was hard.”  - Juan Diego Botto


🎄 m e r r y  c h r i s t m a s🎄 

Okay so like “velvet wrapped steel” will forever be the worst phrase i’ve ever laid eyes upon but there are so many other bad parts to the the sex scenes in eos that no one else talks about.

My personal favorite is when Aelin and Rowan are fucking on the beach and Alein bursts into flames and, i shit you not, turns the surrounding sand into glass. Now why is this ridiculous you ask? Well it took a five second google search for me to know that fire has to be heated to at least 3,200 degrees fahrenheit to turn sand into glass. And it truly shows just how little sjm knows about writing realistic sex scenes cause if Aelin really did create glass then she would’ve also roasted rowan alive. 

Honestly i’m still fucking cackling over the absurdity of this.

(you all can thank @centaurs-are-jerks for this post cause they inspired it)