but i know youre still jealous eh

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So I'm reeealllly sorry about this but I was wondering, what's everyone upset about Mabel about? Did she do something? I was looking through your blog and saw something about "defending Mabel". What happened? I'm sorry if this sounds ignorant, I just would like to know. Thank you, and, sorry.


1. Setting Dipper up with Candy (??? he agreed to the date here, I dunno why she’s at fault but, eh)

2. Using the ties (Dipper was a part of this, too, but everyone ignores that)

3. Dipper “sacrificing” his crush on Wendy (”What has your sister done for you lately” says the evil triangle lmao he’s the antagonist everyone he’s going to lie)

4. Mabel having crushes

5. Apparently Mabel got “jealous” when Dipper was hanging out with Ford. All evidence points to something else.

6. Everything that Dipper does is because Bill is still possessing him so that means Mabel is a horrible human being when she does wrong, blah blah blah

7. Dipper is awful at explaining games. Apparently this is Mabel’s fault.

That’s just the stuff in my tags that I can remember off the top of my head.

You were born and grew up in California and decide to go to South Korea to study at University. That’s where you meet BTS and end up dating one of them.

Seokjin – He’s surprised but proud when Y/B tells him who he’s dating and he doesn’t mind at all, he’s just happy for him. He’s still a mum though and it shows once again when he says « Be careful though, alright ? If you need anything, like advice or.. something else, come to me yeah ? Take care of her, be good to her. I’m so happy for you ! » before winking.

Yoongi – He’s definitely glad for Y/B but a bit jealous. I mean, an American woman ? That’s pretty damn cool ! He just wants his members to be happy and he says so, before adding « If she’s bored of you let her know I’m right here, eh ! »

Hoseok – Hobi is surprised ! « Seriously? You got yourself an American woman? Congrats ! » But he’s so happy for Y/B. Finally, he’s dating someone ! He’s really supportive of your relationship and you’re grateful for that.

Namjoon – He’s more reserved than Hoseok but he’s still very happy and Y/B can tell. Namjoon is the kind of friend that worries language barrier could be a problem, and the distance as well because you’ll go back to America eventually but he congratulates him and wishes him good luck in his relationship because he deserves the best.

Jimin – He’s excited and really happy for Y/B ! He also knows you a little bit from times you met quickly and he thinks you’re really nice, funny and pretty ! He says so and that causes a smile to appear on your boyfriend’s face.

Taehyung – He cheers for Y/B. He’s glad he finally has someone as sweet as you and the way your boyfriend talks about you makes Taehyung aware of how much he actually cares for you. « Be happy, you deserve it ! »

Jungkook – He’s shy and doesn’t react like Hoseok, Jimin or Taehyung but he still shows your boyfriend how happy and proud he is. « That’s really great ! Are you going to introduce her to us? I need to practice my English, right? Oh my God ! »