but i know too many people irl

honestly the aphobic exclusionist rhetoric scares the shit out of me because it is so damn violent and hateful towards us??? they say worse things about us than they say about actual Straight people.

i have seen, multiple times, these people call for all ace people to die??? to be raped??? they’ve insinuated that we are all pedophiles somehow?? and they still fucking act like we’re the demons here. shit y'all im terrified of telling people irl that im ace because Straight people don’t react well and now i know that i have to be wary of not Straight people too and it scares the shit out of me y'all

and i see so much of their rhetoric in seemingly innocuous posts too that people reblog without realizing. and so many very popular bloggers are aphobes too. like no one not directly involved in discourse hell seems to give a shit about how harmful aphobes are to us. it’s not a good enough reason for them to unfollow a popular blogger, or else they all agree and it fucking sucks to know that my choices are either that y'all all hate me or y'all don’t care enough about me to stick up for me so. yeah im fucking tired


hey guys, as you know this trans peter parker headcanon has been gaining a lot of popularity!! it’s really exciting that so many people are so in favor of it. that being said, while i know a majority of the people who like the headcanon are trans or non-binary themselves, i’m also aware that some of you guys are cis. and that’s fine, i love that cis people are liking this headcanon too!!

but i think if you’re going to run with this headcanon it’s important to also understand the real struggles trans people face, so you don’t end up fetishizing the trans community (example of fetishizing: you think the trans peter headcanon is super neat, but irl you don’t really care much about trans rights). and i’m not trying to generalize and say that all cis people are transphobic and/or don’t care about trans rights, i’m just saying that many cis people (even the most open minded) can still have transphobic tendencies without realizing it. and while that’s not okay it IS understandable, transphobia is deeply ingrained into society and many of us are raised to think it’s okay. but you can change that by breaking the cycle and educating yourself!! so if you’re cis and you like this headcanon, i ask that you please watch this video that discusses just a fraction of what trans people deal with (like seriously this is just scratching the surface, but you’ll get a good idea and leave more informed). plus it’s john oliver and he’s hilarious and adorable, so really i’m doing you a favor.

thank you, friends!

Um, so I did end up “going” to the Rome pride parade (as in stand on the sidewalk and watch) but it was really fun and I also saw a girl on one of the bus things dancing and then she took her hat off and all her gorgeous brown hair fell around her shoulders and she kept dancing and my heart stopped for a few seconds so that was. lovely. 

and gay affirming. 

(call me)

Fallout 4 wasn’t perfect and has disappointing flaws, but I’m also thankful I got to make a middle-aged, bisexual woman who’s capability is never really questioned, who’s never really pigeon-holed into “just being a mom”, and gets to write her own story, make her own friends and enemies, build her own political agreements, find her own lovers, and isn’t punished by the storyline for building a rich, developed life for herself.

I can’t emphasize enough how fulfilling it is for me to be able to play an older female character like I can in Fallout 4.

Alright, so, I’ve been watching A Series of Unfortunate Events even though I never read the books (I know, I know, I’m very behind the times), and there’s one thing that’s really been bugging me to talk about. 

In the first two episodes of the series, where the Baudelaires are living with Count Olaf, it kind of starts out with you thinking, “hey, this might not be too bad. Maybe this show is going to be funny. Count Olaf will try and get their fortune,fail miserably every time, and the kids will outwit him.”

And then you see how Count Olaf acts, and you realize that this show isn’t going to be pure humor, but you still hold out hope, like the Baudelaires do, that it might not be a show that chronicles horrible events. 

And then Count Olaf hits Klaus. 

Count Olaf hits Klaus, and you can see the terror that instantly springs up in his eyes. There’s a physical mark of this man’s distaste and dislike of these children, and the Baudelaires know from that moment on (and so do you) that they need to get away from here, no matter what.

Throughout the episode, every time you see Klaus, your eyes are drawn to the bruise that sits square on his cheek. There’s no getting around the fact, no thinking that maybe it could’ve been caused by something else, but more than that- 

You can see the terror in the Baudelaires eyes. 

I’m not talking about fear or horror, even though those are there as well, I’m talking about flat-out terror. They know this man murdered their parents, and it’s one thing to go after adults (even though that’s despicable as well), but it’s quite another to go after children. 

Defenseless, scared, miserable, terrified children. 

And idk. I guess that that was just the moment that it really hit me that this villain resembled too many of the people we see irl. An adult that picks on kids and doesn’t feel any remorse. 

I know I mentioned in Season 1 (I’m fairly certain) about the possibility of kids who have Quirks that are stigmatized because of how those Quirks are viewed (like how Shigaraki might have been seen as a kid).

And this really just speaks to a very deep problem within this society (like @un-ah mentioned to me before). Really, it seems that (like Izuku, with his previous Quirklessness) that the possibilities for Shinsou’s potential ‘villainy’ were just reinforced, over and over and over, and that’s straight out infuriating.

There are plenty of (non-villainous) opportunities for Shinsou to use this Quirk that i can think of off the top of my head, and I’m not even the most imaginative cuss in the world!

Hostage negotiation units would give most of their limbs to have someone like Shinsou working for them. Imagine how many of those situations can be resolved without loss of life (either from the hostage(s) or from the criminal) if Shinsou was there? Imagine how quickly such irl situations would have been taken care of!

Rescue situations (whatever they may entail) often concern people who are too scared or confused to know where they should go and when. Shinsou’s Quirk (provided he can get them to respond) very neatly solves that problem, and offers a quick way of getting people out of harm’s way!

You’d also have a quick and easy way (without the use of physical force) of doing interrogations - though the legality/ethicality/morality of that may not be the best. (I dunno, I don’t know the specifics of law) But it could possibly happen, especially in last resort cases, or trying to find the bodies of missing people, trying to nail a murderer/rapists/what have you.

And even just in the realm of pure and standard Hero-work, Shinsou would be a boon at getting people out of harm’s way (if he could be trained to use it quickly, during the heat of battle, he could easily help teammates/fellow Heroes get out of rough spots). And he’s perfectly fit for taking down villains who can respond to him (though he’d probably have to invest in some disguises after a while - his purple hair is distinctive as hell, and villains would be able to prepare after a while).

But none of that was probably even suggested? Did nobody think of anything like that??? Is my dumb ass the only person who did?

It’s weird and alarming to me what this implies, and what this implies even deeper - kids like Shinsou, kids who may not have Heroic Enough Quirks…

They’re not just being discouraged from going to UA, are they.

A kid hears this, over and over and over, about how your Quirk is so well suited for villainy, in a world where Heroism (and everything related to it) is given top priority over many things prevalent in our own world.

That kid keeps hearing that (like Shinsou’s probably heard it his entire life), all while being inundated about Hero propaganda (I’m drawing uncomfortable parallels between what I’ve implied about Heroism and what military propaganda we get inundated with in America - not a perfect parallel, but not inaccurate either)…

That kid never has anyone tell him there are other options that are just as good as becoming a Hero, but that kid clearly can’t become a Hero because s/he’s too suited for villainy…

Jesus, this society is fucked up what the fuck.

Poor Shinsou.

aaaahh i’ve been thinking about this for a really long while, but have finally settled with identifying as a femandrogyne. i don’t care too much about pronouns or being misgendered, but i still prefer female pronouns ! they/them are okay too.

i think shipping blogs, instead of saying ‘’dont follow if youre under 18′’, should say that the content may be disturbing and that by following you understand the content is not okay irl. (assuming that the content is problematic, eg. rickmorty)

because, as a minor myself, im not making myself vulnerable by shipping, for example, pedophilia.

does it allow adults to see i ship it and attempt to take advantage of me? sure, but im mature, i could block them; easy.

does it open a gateway for me possibly being uncomfortable? sure, but thats my own fault, and i know fandom isnt a safespace. the content i access doesnt make me feel upset in any way, but if it ever did, id be like ‘’hey, better get off this blog/blacklist that tag’’.

i would never attack anyone for uploading something i dont like. i would never allow myself to be taken advantage of, and i know how to stay safe. im not bothered by what content i access, and im not stupid enough to purposefully trigger myself.

shipping problematic things will never ever put me in danger. so instead of saying ‘’dont follow if youre under 18′’ outright (because it bugs me seeing so many blogs with good content that say i cant follow) the message should be stated clearly that the content is disturbing and is not okay or condoned in real life. if you understand that, you can follow, sure.

tl;dr: minors should be allowed to follow and reblog from problematic blogs as long as they understand that its not okay irl, they know what they are viewing may be potentially disturbing, and they understand safety measures for protecting themselves eg. blacklisting or blocking things/people that make them feel unsafe

I’m so fucking tired

Say what you will about the discourse not existing in irl queer spaced, but I see it creeping in.

Just today someone asked me for resources on asexuality, so I printed out a resource packet that I keep in my google docs, and when people saw it the conversation automatically turned to discourse. The first question asked was “well do you think aro/ace people are queer?” And even the self identified queer kids said that they weren’t sure. That there was just too much debate and they didn’t know what side to pick.

I would like to mention that many of these same kids assured me a year or two ago that our school gsa was absolutely ace friendly and that everyone agreed that ace’s were queer. Now their unsure.

And with their unsureness their has been a noticeable uptick in other a-spec people who pull me aside to say that they’re a-spec too, and their glad that I’m out, and aroace, and proud, and could they please talk to me about a-spec related things, but also please don’t let anyone know that their a-spec because they’re scared to be out at school.

And why shouldn’t they be. The word asexual guarantees a collective eye role and and a swift change of topic from the gsa because they “just don’t want any chance of getting into discourse” and that’s not even getting into the way straight people react.

Things have gotten to a point where I can no longer mention my orientation without being questioned on the discourse.

I can no longer describe myself as queer, dispite being nonbinary, without someone asking me if asexuals can use that word.

I can no longer exist without people connecting my orientation to shitty Tumblr arguments.

And god damn it, I’m fucking tired.

If you still hate Pewdiepie

You need to watch this to the end.


At this point I’m thinking the only people who actively hate him (not just dislike his videos, but the man himself) have either not been watching him closely or are just jealous and jumped on the bandwagon of hating a very generous man (millions of $$ to charities you guys) because it’s popular or edgy.
I understand not liking let’s plays, but ffs, when you attack someone and celebrate their downfall just because OTHER PEOPLE like them, you have gone too far.

I like Pewdiepie. He isn’t an Anti-semite. Anyone who would believe he is clearly has not watched his most recent videos, and you don’t have to stop watching Mark or Jack because they support their IRL friend. They are literally friends in real life. How many of you know how it feels to be abandoned? How many of you would wish that feeling of abandonment on someone else?

Lastly, I hate slander because honesty is one of my core virtures. How many of you got in trouble when you were a child because someone lied about you to an adult (parents, teachers)? Slander is the same thing, but on a wider scale. How many of you would wish that on someone else?

We need to stop buying into the hype and stop clicking on these shocking, clickbait headlines. All it does is show them slander pays off, even if you click on the link to correct them. All it shows them are clicks, not wheather they’re right or wrong or if people like it or not.

Try to fight me on this. I have piles of evidence to back me up.

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Hi! I want to open an ask account too but I'm really nervous since my art isn't that great and I don't have many people I know on tumblr to interact to. Do you have some tips?

[ yo honestly just focus on having fun. your art doesn’t have to be up there with the masters to be shared, and if you’re enjoying yourself people are gonna enjoy your blog too. i partially created this blog to help me with my art, be more loose with it and explore more scenarios bc my art has been incredibly stiff. also, i didn’t know anyone except for @justmorty (we’re irl buds) and the rick and morty fandom has been so incredibly kind that i met some really rad ppl really fast. dunno if you’d be making a rick and morty blog, but yeah. 

but yeah, my tip is just enjoy yourself, and i promise your art is good enough.


Imagine Person A almost always has their own hair in their face, and Person B is one of few people who actually see Person A’s face on a regular basis because they’re always brushing Person A’s hair to the side so they can see their face.


Happy pan awareness and visibility day! It’s not something I’m afraid to hide online, but it could fuck up my job so I can’t let too many people irl know :/

I remember identifying as bisexual at first after graduating high school but I discovered that pansexual fit me more. And sometimes, I wonder if my life would have been different if I realized I wasn’t straight earlier. But that’s the past.

I hate taking selfies so I’m gonna upload some photos that I like instead xD


@angryblkpansy im so proud to be able to call you my best friend for almost 3 years now. it makes me so happy that you’ll finally be able to freely create the life that you have always wanted, far from a place and people that have caused you great pain and sorrow that you have never deserved. now is the time for new beginnings. it hurts so much to know that you wont be with me anymore, but knowing that you will be safe and thriving and surrounded by people who love and support you heals me. i love you so much Jahleel. my Tyler The Creator to my Earl “Forehead” Sweatshirt, Spongebob me boy to my Patrick… uhhh… damn who else do we compare ourselves to? there’s too many damn memes that have survived this friendship lmao. anyways I LUH YOU BIIIIIITTTCH I AINT EVER GONNA STOP LOVIN YOU BIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!! have a save flight and know that you will always have a home with me. :) ✈️💖🏡♂️♂️

im thinking about that anon who said i appeared in their dream dressed as snow white (truly iconic)

and did you guys know that studies of congenital blindness suggest that the human brain cant make up faces (creating something without reference = nope too hard) so youve probably seen every face in your dreams at least once irl, even if you dont recognise it. like it coulda just been some random you passed on the street and now bam theyre in your dreams. or it could be a composite face made from the features of multiple strangers! (which is… weird to think about..)

so like… i wonder how many other peoples dreams ive been in??


at 6,500 followers and 4+ years on tumblr im going to be taking a break. ive been pulling away for a while now. shit is weird right now. tumblr is an escape for me in so many ways and it is too easy to fall into holes of Coolness, reputation-management & disingenuity and pointless indignation over petty intracommunity dramas when im on here that leave me feeling worthless and empty, instead of putting my energy towards learning as much as possible, engaging directly with the world, treating my brain and body right, and trying desperately to create spaces in my immediate world that encourage empathy, play, and connection over disposability and polarization.

 i may remake a smaller personal blog eventually, in that case ill be making a post about it following this one because i literally love all my mutuals and my heart hurts to think of losing connection to yall. ill still check my asks & DMs regularly as i know this is the only way so many people know how to get in contact with me.

ill never delete this blog, btw, at most itll be eventually archived if i stick to leaving. its been too significant a force in my life and teenage years to let slip away.

ill post semi-regularly on my instagram, which is more grounded in my IRL connections. thx

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I've seen a lot of shaladins admit that age gaps /can/ be a bad thing but that doesnt mean that they're always bad & that's so real. The problem w/ antis is that not only do they spit at pairs that would be perfectly fine and healthy despite the gap (bc hello its fucking //sh/ro// and also hello theyre not real) but also like...H/dge and P@nce being problematic?? Like...Are you guys living under a fuckin rock?? Do you even know what youre whining about anymore??

Ofc age gaps can be problematic bc there are of course many cases where people who are older take advantage of younger people it’s happened to people I know irl and I don’t think any shaladin here is arguing that age gaps are NEVER problematic bc ofc there are many cases where it is. What shaladins are trying to point out that not every single situation is the same and saying age gaps are automatically bad or abusive every single time isn’t true and it’s looking at things far too simply. It’s the fact that anti arguments aren’t there bc they genuinely care about people who have been in abusive relationships or anything like that it’s literally bc of their ship and bc their ship is ‘threatened.’ That’s been proven with the fact they’re now trying to make out that h@nce is problematic bc of the fact kl@nce is now problematic by their own standards and they need to grasp straws to make other ships extra bad to save it. It’s the fact they fundamentally make a mockery of people who have been in actual abusive relationships or who have actually been taken advantage of by older people for the sake of a fictional ship which is honestly just despicable

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Nice anon here! Howdy Thane, I hope you feel better. I was curious about something. Why are you always so supportive with everyone ?

Haaa that’s a big and difficult question but I don’t mind to answer. Well anon, during a long period of my life, I was bullied by a lot of people. I was a fat and furry person. I was bullied by some boys and girls about it. I was saying myself as a weak person. School was always a hell. People were also using me to obtain different things. It was not easy. I wasn’t the only one and I was so mad at these awful people how they treated me and other people. I did multiple times suicide attemps (it’s fine today don’t worry). I don’t know if it’s selfish or pretentious but I do know what is a psychological pain so I know a bit when a person is sad or feel bad That’s with what I lived that i decided to be supportive. People need to know and see there is someone who cares about them. It’s hard to be always supportive for everyone because it drains your psychological energy so it impacts your physical energy.

Hopefully i can count on my irl friends and best friends to help me but also I can count on people who are great friends too here such as @xxmileikaivanaxx  @azy-arty @hiimtryingtounderfell @lazy-cocoei @scartale-an-undertale-au @nxsuper @z-artblog @thefriedfox and many others. These people are so great and I hope everyone will give them a lot of love because they deserve it so much

I think this song represents how i feel with them, with all of my friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9joW7UyJq8

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Heyo sorry if this is annoying but like?? Is the ace attorney fandom?? Dead??? Or is it just really small or somthin?? I just love it and I don't kno anyone irl that does too

idk its kind of old and i dont know that many people either

i only got into it like dec 2016 so im not sure what it was like when it was bigger but i know it was at some point, i think every time a new game comes out maybe idkk :~(