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if katsuki yuuri have loving parents, victor nikiforov can have loving parents too


Jonsa AU - Jon x Alayne

#so Jon went to the Eyries to ask them for their army/supplies #and he meets Sansa as Alayne #she is in charge because Baeless is away #so she manages to convince the Knights of the Vale to fight to retake Winterfell & free fArya #and to provide grains to the men of the Wall #while they prepare everything Jon & Sansa spend a fuck ton of time together #Jon thinks she’s hypnotic #bc she’s really cunning and kinda mysterious and of course beautiful #and he’s confused #he can’t say if that’s Alayne or his sis Sansa that he’s growing fond of #Sansa likes his chevalrious side #he restores her faith in men #she also likes his hair and his pouty lips #and she’s confused #because he’s the kind of men she could fall for but he’s also her bro #and then there’s a feast #they dance together #and as they dance they understand they have attraction and are falling for each other #they’re ashamed of it because y'all seem to enjoy angst!Starkcest #but they have sex anyway #because why the fuck not #then Sansa decides to leave with Jon to take back the north #but first she tells Baeless to go fuck himself #but before she shows all the receipts she had about him #so Baeless is sentenced to death by the Knights of the Vale #then Jon & Sansa take back winterfell like the power couple they are #they save fArya/Jeyne #Ramsay dies #they forgive Theon #and then there’s the parentage reveal #so Jon & Sansa can marry #Theon & Jeyne stay with them and they marry as well and recover from Ramsay trauma together #and they get Rickon back #and eventually Arya and Bran come back too #and they’re happy #because why not #the end

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Hey, Van! I didn't see it in your faq, but I was wondering where you go for inspiration? Or what types of art/art styles/etc inspired/s you and your style? Have a good day!

my styles not really from any other art, i just kinda draw stuff, i dunno 0^: i get inspiration from thinkin 2 much about stuff and then drawing to relieve the stress of thinkin about stuff 2 much

I get that everything can’t be abruptly happy in Supernatural, but Dean and Cas kissing a little would have been nice before Cas was jailed by a demon unbeknownst to Dean.  

Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes  -requested by Anon (kind of)
-endless possibilities: the Gilmore-Danes or if Luke and Lorelai slowly became Luke and Lorelai and Rory and April and William[oc].

(or the one in which I ignored lots of canon and gave them the joy of raising three amazing kids, together.) 

guess what death scene in les mis i finally got to?
  • me, talking to shell collector: guess what emotional reaction i had
  • would you believe...laughter? because that's what it was
  • me: i mean. several hours later i'm like. oh no. oh no, that was indeed terribly sad and poignant. but in the moment it was...like really good probably semi-intentional dark comedy/probably unintentional narm to me, for a variety of reasons
  • shell: oh gosh, tell me more
  • me: okay so
  • me: - the mental image of grantaire passed out across a table IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION for OVER A DAY, completely unscathed despite all odds & his own heavily implied desire to die, is...just. come on! that's pretty funny! cruelly-ironic funny, but funny. and i think you're supposed to find it at least a little comedic, given the way hugo describes him here (not reacting except occasionally to snore in response to cannonfire, etc.) AND SO THEN he ends up, still in the same position, passed out across a table, so surrounded by corpses that he just looks like one of them, which is awful, BUT the mental image of this half-dead looking hungover man suddenly LURCHING UP OUT OF A PILE OF DEAD BODIES LIKE A ZOMBIE to declare his loyalty to the revolutionary cause and loudly ask to be murdered in almost the manner of someone trying to get in on a sweet, sweet 2-for-1 coupon deal at the local deli less than five minutes before it closes
  • is. funny. to me at least! AND
  • me: having checked The Internet, i suspect that what is meant to be happening next is that enjolras and grantaire die HOLDING hands. like, hands cupped or fingers laced, whichever-- that is actually a touching and kinda romantic gesture of reconciliation and comfort in the face of death and i do not think it's especially funny, i think it is...something that speaks to my sentimental streak more than i care to admit. BUT THE TRANSLATION OF LES MIS THAT I HAPPEN TO HAVE provided me with a rather different mental image
  • shell: it's definitely supposed to be holding hands!
  • me: because what it says is "[Enjolras] took [Grantaire's] hand and shook it". which makes me imagine, of course, just this really, REALLY awkward formal "thank you for doing business with me today, sir" hand-grasp-quick-arm-pump. maybe with some hesitation beforehand (heh) where enjolras is like...kind of going in for a hand-hold, and grantaire doesn't believe he's going in for a hand-hold and doesn't wanna make it too weird so he's kind of going for a high-five, and enjolras is like "we're about to DIE, is this asshole seriously trying to high-five me NOW?" and it just ends up turning into one of those stiff compromise-between-gestures handshakes that nobody wants

“I didn’t think you were going to show.”

Kaidan slides onto the empty stool next to Joker, who’s staring down at the bar like it’s a nav console, a half-empty glass of something amber at his elbow. There’s another glass in front of the empty stool that’s full. Kaidan doesn’t ask what it is. Doesn’t even say hello before he takes a deep sip. Whiskey. Good. It’s a whiskey kind of day.

He almost hadn’t shown. This wasn’t something he really wanted to commemorate with people, and especially not here. Of all the bars on Arcturus, Joker had to pick this one.

Joker smirks into his glass. “Everyone thought I was being stood up by a date.”

“Got held up in a briefing,” Kaidan replies. He thinks about apologizing, but doesn’t. This is already weird enough.

“Of course you did. The Alliance is actually keeping you busy.”

“Yeah.” Kaidan takes another drink, tries not to look at the booth to his right, almost but not quite out of eyeshot. Feels like a lifetime ago that he was sitting in it, 0600 the morning of a new assignment, his brand new superior office sitting in front of him nursing a bitch of a hangover with another beer.  

The Normandy’s former pilot looks about as bad as Shepard had on that morning five years ago. His uniform hangs on him. Beard hasn’t been trimmed, at least not lately. Even bad lighting and a low-brim hat doesn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes.

Kaidan’s chest tightens. Five years ago he had looked across the table at a soldier in pain and done something about it. But this time he’s tired. So fucking tired. He doesn’t have the energy to rescue anyone, even Joker. In a flash of bitterness he wishes for once that he wasn’t the one who gave a damn. Let someone else care for a change.

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Hi all, 

I hate to do this and sound rude. 

But if you’ve sent me a submission, I really need you to send me something telling me that you’re okay with it being used in the book if I happen to do so, and acknowledge that you may receive credit in whatever way you want (name and etc) and that you are aware and okay with the fact you aren’t being paid for this. 

After looking into this, I need to cover my butt from any possible legality issues in the future. Trust me, I can barely afford to scrape by and I really can’t risk this. 

If you’ve sent it on anon, I don’t think you need to do this. 

For all future submissions, please just include a disclaimer that you are okay with your submission being used in the book without financial compensation.

I’ll reblog this a few times, but any non anon submissions I’ve received will be taken out if I don’t hear back from you. I should have been more organized from the start, but I was just so excited and didn’t really click that this would actually be happening. It didn’t feel like it’d be a reality as determined as I was and now here we are! Book will be ready to purchase in less than a couple weeks. 

I want this book to include all our voices, and I believe it’s important, but I really have to make sure I don’t get into any trouble! 

Thanks for your understanding. I know this book won’t sell millions, and I won’t make a lot of money. But I probably will make a little bit of money and I don’t want to run into problems in the future. 

What do y’all put on your dog’s tags? Just a phone number? I’m not doing a name so I can put it on multiple dogs. I can’t do address because I won’t be living with my parents forever. Maybe email? Or should I do just a phone number? A message of some kind (ie ‘needs medication’ if that is true? maybe my name? like ‘if lost please return to Rachel’, or ‘reward for return’ or something?)? Maybe the vet’s number, or one of my parents as emergency contact? 

Basically I’m trying to plan a tag that can last for a long time. Because Fancy & Expensive tags are not allowed to get out-dated. 

I have to beat UDG and started playing this again and…this ship is real, dammit.

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i want to have more adventures like i did in high school except with better people than i went to igh school with u kno?

I used to mainly wear my glasses just when I was out of the house - I’d only wear them at home for working on the computer or extended reading (or following a recipe so I don’t jumble up the lines). But it’s becoming obvious that I’ll need to wear them all the time because it’s straining my eyes not to - even just scrolling on my phone is becoming uncomfortable.

(See also - posting here in order to procrastinate getting ready for this afternoon’s thanksgiving party.)

♡ this if you’re interested in plotting / interacting at any time / near future