but i know some of you will think of hyukjae during this

Some Kpop groups in a nutshell
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> old school legends, no one can compare. Loyal af fans, still stan them after Hyukjae's bad eyebrow era and all the scandals. Kings of hosting shows. Literally it's just Heechul holding down the fort and exposing everyone he can while everybody else gets their military service done. #justiceforSungmin #makeSiwonCEOofSM<p/><b>Big Bang:</b> kpop kings, basically carved the way for third generations. Were hella problematic sometimes but tbh who hasn't. G-Dragon could literally sing about crayons and make a music video with TOP while they pee on each other and still top the charts....oh wait, he did. Daesung out here setting the beauty standards for everyone in s. Korea. #getTaeyangashirt #makeSeungriCEOofYG<p/><b>SHINee:</b> kpop princes, but everyone and their mom knows they're kings. It's just 4 proud moms taking care of their sonshine, Lee Taemin. They don't attend variety shows, variety shows attend them. Out here roasting everybody including themselves, and every producer is scared to have them guest tbh. Vocals out of this world, get ready to be blessed. #shineeorpinee #whereisJonghyun'skazoo<p/><b>Infinite:</b> invented synchronized choreography. Hella supportive of each other and will probably jump off a cliff if Woohyun suggested it. Tbh no one knows what's going on in Dongwoo's head, but it's all good bc he's the resident happy virus. Only the members are allowed to pick on their leader, they'll bite your head off if you do. Still one of the most underrated groups, it's insane. #redchilipepperpaste #kingsofsychronization<p/><b>EXO:</b> just a single mom raising her 8 kids after a tragic breakup. There are two types of fans: ot12 China line forever & everyone is gay for each other. Still waiting on Baekhyun to adopt us all. Everyone suffers when EXO isn't promoting. Always fighting something/are angsty in their MV's ??? #lipstickchateau #yixingcomehome<p/><b>BTOB:</b> legit the most extra group ever. Besties with Vixx, Ilhoon was probably a love child between Minhyuk and Hakyeon. A member can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and the other can break a whole watermelon with his head...don't test them. Have the most amazing ballad songs but are always underrated. #Peniel'swalltwerk #stopChangsub<p/><b>VIXX:</b> concept kings, there isn't a single thing they couldn't pull off. We were all baptized by Hakyeon's dancing. Have the best relationship with their fans, even wrote a song about Starlights. Call Ravi if you wanna make a cute diss track about your enemy. Possibly might be the epitome of contradiction, you're gonna have whiplash after every comeback. #whereisLeo'ssolo #KenVi4life<p/><b>BTS:</b> actually are hella cool once you get past the problematic fans. Massive headaches are all you're gonna experience after trying to figure out the meaning of a music video. Buddies who watch porn together, stay together. They go so hard on their choreography ?? Shook. The true definition of "started from the bottom now we're here" #gucciislove #gucciislife<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> could probably rule the third generation of kpop if they weren't so underrated. They have nothing to do but go around and kiss men's lips all day. Peppero embasadors. Titty Boyz. Fans are loyal af, and probably have one of the cutest fan names ever. They're each others biggest shippers, probably. #hanjooruinedme #WOW<p/><b>Got7:</b> if you thought btob was bad, you're gonna have a stroke. Dab7. Diversity at its finest. Always needing to be in trend and act hip, just don't let Bambam near the aux cord. Besties with probably every group out there. Stop taking off your shirt literally no one cares ???? No cucumbers. #EEEEEAAAAZZY. #welcometoYoungjae'sclass<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> were so awkward around each other during No.Mercy but are now the best of besties. Everyone wants to know what Changkyun is thinking. Shownu, please drop that screamo album. Someone is always screaming at some point and no one knows why. Hyungwon is on his way to becoming an international meme/runway model. #pepewho? #bringwonhosomenoodles<p/><b>Day6:</b> not the Fandom name we wanted, but it's the one we deserve. It's just jae trying to westernize his 4 meme kids, while also attempting to teach them the meaning of life: Bob. Everyone is shook now that JYP finally knows what to do with them. Tough love with father jae, but he totally doesn't hate the second maknae. #lobsterforjae #wonpildumbasalways<p/><b></b> lmao don't be offended by any of this bc I literally have no life so u have nothing to be offended about<p/></p>
170723 ‘Hello Again’ Fanmeeting - Part One~

♢ Eunhyuk looks around at fans who all have long hair. “We made a promise?” “Do you remember?” “How did your hair grow so fast”

Hyuk: Do you remember what was it that we promised each other?

Fans: To not cut the hair!

Hyuk: Did u rly go thru it?

Fans: Yes!

Hyuk: Liar.i saw someone who really shaved her head so i give my confirmation that she is an elf.

♢ They wanted to greet so hyukjae wanted to say we are d&e but hae messed up hahaha

Hyuk: Its been a while right?

Hae: I’m nervous. I’m fluttered to stand here after this while and somehow.. I feel a bit shy/embarrassed

Hyuk: your hands are shaking 

Hae: to not show that, I am holding hands together

Hyuk: hurry drink some water

They will be sharing photos from their vacations from the army~

 ♢ Hyukjae is just bragging about himself being really great at shooting

♢ Hyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit. 

Donghae: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? 

♢ Hyuk took a pic when he was taking the 지하철. Fans were shocked.

Hyuk: yeah I tried taking the subway once.

Hae: You’re cool.

♢ There was a pic of hyukjae with a lot of ppl so he asked hae to find and hae picked a girl and said that is hyukjae. Hyukjae said good job~

Eunhyuk: I went back to the dorms & pressed the doorbell for 3 minutes & made faces at the camera… but it was the wrong house

♢  Hyukjae said his mom used his name at the hair dressers to get a cut and dye XD

 Donghae asked Eunhyuk to re-enact the scene with him and his mom 

Hyuk: “so I act as the mom?" 

Hae: "no you act as Donghae”

Hae showed a pic of him in some sort of recording studio.

Hyuk: You were a DJ?? Wah you must have rly improved you talking (skills)

Hae: It wasnt that, I was doing the voice navigation for the app like KKT.

Hyuk: *cant believe it* *imitated Hae’s voixe doing navigation*\

Hyuk: go left! go right! i said go right!!!! (in thick Hae accent lmao im dying)

Hae: I didnt do it with Sattori!

♢ Hae showed a pic of him and Siwon shoveling snowy road during winter. Hyuk got up from his seat doubled over laughing.

Hyuk: Wah really handsome. There’s a policeman taking picture of DBSK CM, SW, YH.

The police officer Hyuk is referring to is Hae. He is just is teasing that how Hae looked in that photo next to those three.

Hyuk: *still laughing at his own joke* You look like a robot!! 

*still referring to the same pic* He cant move on XD

In all these photos Hae is so short compared to the others, hyuk keeps laughing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

♢ Eunhae are going to show their written profiles from before army and after

♢ Donghae’s weight before army: 65 After: 65 

HJ: … 

DH: but I lost muscles! 

HJ: You don’t actually know it do you? 

DH: no I just wrote wtv

Hyukjae’s weight before army: 60 After: 60 

HJ: I maintained myself bc we were going to meet

♢ Hae’s favourite weather. Before and after still rainy day. 

Hyuk: He’s rly a simple man. Why do you like the rain so much?

Hae said he enjoyed the sound of the rain.

Hyuk: Today is raining right? So don’t feel bummed by it just think that ahh this is the weather that Donghae likes so it’s okay.

DH said the real reason why he likes rain is bc of memories of sitting with his bro inside with his mom and dad and the rain on the windows~


Hyuk: Before - expensive things 

After - cheap things

Hae: Before - dandy 

After - police uniform

food preferences: 

Hae: Before - Samgyetang (chicken soup) 

HJ: Since when???

DH: well I only wrote it thinking of what food is healthy

Now: Army food (Hyuk: liar) 

Hyuk: Before - kimchi fried rice 

Now:anything edible 


Hae: Before - Romantic 

After - Ro~~~~~~~mantic 

HJ: Oh so you changed a bit then!

Hyuk: Before: Angelic 

After: Real man

Hae’s fav song before army: still you 

After army: uptown funk 

Hyuk: before: with you 

After: uptown funk

Girl group 

Hae: Before - RV, fx, Snsd 

After - ALL

Hae: Actually I have not rly watched TV much these days 

Fan: Good! 

Hyuk: *laughed*

DH’s habit: Before - ELF 

 after - El~~~~f 

EH’s habit: Before- thinking about ELF 

After: thinking about myself

Hyuk’s way to relieve stress before army- avoid lee donghaek 

After army: following lee donghaek

DH’s stress relieve: Before- go to hyuk’s house 

♢ One of DH’s answers was small and scribbled out HJ: Is that a poo

♢ They are showing self cam VCR during 1 week after discharge.

♢ Hyuk went to sauna and be doing facials

♢ Hae went to greet fans at SUM. He stood next to his standee. “Aren’t I handsome?”

♢ Donghae went to pick Hyuk up after his schedule (Radio Star) and they went to eat at a restaurant together with Kyuhyun.

cr: Dew, Yoojin ♡BelIidonghais,아잉~, ,StalkEunHae, ferfer_DHislove,ELF_thoughts,emzhaek.


动感101泡菜电台 Interview - SUPER JUNIOR-D&E

Q: Comment on each other’s greatest change before and after army. What do you miss most while being in army? 
Hyuk: The greatest diff is.. firstly, he became a real man, became more handsome and gives off a more manly feel 
Hae: that is what a lot of people thinks because there have been a 2 year gap, this is unavoidable. 
Hae: Talking about change, even though we became more manly, but I think I became younger 
Hyuk: saying this makes me shy 
Hae: I know you will be shy so I said it first 
Hyuk: Thank you 
Hyuk: Because I was really serious about self management~ To meet everyone after a long time, we really work hard managing ourselves to show everyone a good looking and cool side so to some extent, you can say that we look younger 
Hae: what i miss the most during army (then his voice broke HAHAHAHAH) 
Hyuk: you are trying to say that it’s them right 
Hae: yes of course i miss the fans the most while I was in army and also the members and also doing super show, recording albums i will think of all the memories on stage
Hyuk: me too. A lot of fans sent in letters and i spent my free time reading them the letters gave me a lot of strength and it brings back a lot of memories 

Q: Many fans went to your discharge. Did you expect that scene? 
Hyuk: Rather than expecting, I think we have some sort of anticipation
Hae: During my break, hyukjae discharged so I went and two days later, hyukjae came 
Hae: When I went to hyuk’s discharge, I didn’t expect so many fans so I am really thankful. During my discharge, many ELFs were there so  I gained a lot of strength so i worked hard to prepare for the SMTOWN stage 

Q: How to do you returning to stage as a singer? 
Hyuk: I participated in a lot of activites when I was in army but i felt lonely performing 
Hyuk: it was my first time performing Sorry Sorry alone and I really strongly felt the empty space without the members 
Hyuk: During the fan meeting or SMTOWN, because of the members, I feel a lot more at ease so I was very happy 
Hae: I feel the same as hyuk. When I was stage, I was very nervous but compared to me, the hyungs, leeteuk hyung, yesung hyung and shindong hyung and who else…? (Then he looked at hyukjae for helped to see who he has missed out they paused for like 3 seconds and hyuk was like heechul hyung)
Hae: ah yes heechul hyung x2 (while they laughed)
Hae: the hyungs were more nervous but always very happy and because of that we worked even harder to show a good performance 
Hyuk: I remembered we performed growing pains as the first song during our fanmeet, we were holding our mics and donghae’s hand was shaking so he had to use both hands to hold the mic and i can really empathise with how he feels 

Q: what is SJ to you? 
Hyuk: SJ… how do I say this… SJ is our everything 
Hyuk: saying this makes me really shy but actually using words to describe this is a little…. because looking at other popular groups, there are many groups with relationships like brothers or family but actually the relationships in some other groups are not like that SJ members spent more than 10 years together and that is more than the time spent with family so we are really close and words cannot describe what SJ means to us.

Q: When can we hear D&E’s new song? 
Hyuk: When is our new song coming out?
Hae: we will first focus on SJ’s activities. even though there are many fans who like D&E, D&E activities are scheduled for next year 
Hyuk: but we can’t really say for sure, since we like to surprise people and give them gifts so we may say next year but it might not be 
Hyuk: I wish fans continue to stay curious   
Hae: it might come out next month 
Hyuk: yes we might surprise fans any moment..  please anticipate!! 

Q: The song “Winter Love” has left a lot of fans feeling touched, Can you talk about how the song is being composed? 
Hae: this song was composed as a gift for our fans before we enlisted and the meaning was for fans to wait for us and also before we enlist, the only thing we can do for fans was to compose this song the song lyrics is about separation that was temporary. even though it was autumn, because we had to part so it felt like winter, it included the meaning that we would go and return well as a present for our fans

Q: How would you describe yourself in the 30s? What will you be like in 10 years? 
Hyuk: different from what I am imagined. I still look really young and am still doing activities and releasing songs so I cannot foresee what will happen 10 years later and I feel like it will be different from other people's 
Hae: we might still be working hard and promoting then 
Hyuk: because we want to be together with everyone for a very long time
Hyuk: so we will work hard to stay together for the next 10 years to continue showing everyone our good sides 

Q: Each say a line that you are confident in Chinese 
Hyuk: Long time no see my wife (they both burst out laughing) I miss you! Are you ready? I love you all~ 
Hae: Long time no see I am Donghae. My dear babies, are you all healthy? I am also healthy 
Hae: recently, we are preparing our new album so everyone please look forward. I love you all~ thank you! 
Hyuk: Chinese is as easy as eating rice (and donghae died lauging )

Q: what do you want to say to fans who are here to watch your performance?
Hyuk: everyone has waited for us for a long time and we really miss everyone, we will never part now right?
Hae: (In chinese) you will enjoy SMTOWN concert  
Hyuk: I love you all ahahaha and hae burst out laughing again
Hyuk: you have to keep confessing your love!! It is better if you keep confessing 


170409 Got7 Mini fan meeting

Mark uses these from Olive Young

And buys the mask by the boxes

Yugyeom said he likes Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon the best
YG: i dont watch it anymore but Bambam still watches it hes a baby

Jackson said when he was young when he watched Pokemon he like Golbat the most

JB said he’s happiest when he gets a text from the delivery guy saying that he left a package at the security office

Bambam wants another piercing (Helix area) but he cant cuz of the in-ear
he wants to get one more piercing

Fan told Jackson
You’re my star You’re the best
in Chinese
JS: in Chinese it means star but it also means gorilla

Fan got flustered and Jackson wrote
“To me you’re also my star” in Chinese

Fan told Bambam that Wiz Khalifa is having a concert in Korea
and Bambam said he really wants to go

F: Jackson what perfume do you use?
JS: My body naturally has a good scent ^^

Jackson uses Dolce and Gabbana perfume
Fan: the perfume u used yesterday smells so good
Jackson puts out his neck for the fan to smell

JB said that he likes the smell of natural body scent

JB said that he puts on perfume thats made of wood and that he doesnt know the name cuz he doesnt put on perfume often

Fan: It’s true that ur the model for Pepsi?
JS: yes
Fan: Est or Pepsi? 1 2 3
JS: Cola
Fan: no (asked again)
JS: Cola~

Fan told Jinyoung that he looked handsome with the choker today

Jinyoung said he didn’t want to do it

F: Have you put on lenses before?
JY: I really don’t want to do that
F: what about dying ur hair?
JY: I need to think about that

JB said if you see it analytically he doesn’t have any thoughts on doing a ‘sweet’ concept
cuz of age~

Mark and Bambam both weighs 60kg
Mark weighed himself in the jungle

Yugyeom said he like sweet scent
F: then do you not like sweet concept?
YG: I like salty concept better i cant do cute things on stage

F: Jackson what perfume do you use?
JS: My body naturally has a good scent ^^

F: the flower got discouraged cuz Jinyoung looks prettier
JY to the flower: ur a loser! loser!

Fan prepared flowers for the boys but Jinyoung’s flower wilted a bit

Jackson said when he was young when he watched Pokemon he like Golbat the most

Yugyeom said he likes Crayon Shin-Chan and Doraemon the best
YG: i dont watch it anymore but Bambam still watches it hes a baby

JB: I did get a tattoo here (taps chest) just joking
JY: lets see it (tries to take off JB’s clothes)

Mark saying that he had the ahgabong on all the time in the jungle but when he came back to Korea the battery ran out

BB: Mark hyung it was the fans that was lighting it up for u

YG: Mark’s anger is gettting released lately

Mark did 실화냐? Jackson drew a turtle and wrote Wang’s wife

MK: i have a tattoo right here (chest) i have ahgases right in my heart

YJ: my signature 3 the one that i drew on the ipad with a ruler so it’s straight

BB: Mark hyung you have a tattoo *taps calf*

YG: but for our last stage all 7 of us was there so it was definately different

YG: personally i was a bit sad cuz one person was gone and then when he came another person was gone

BB: we will have international schedules so we might not have time to see kfans for awhile

Bambam saying that he thought this promotion was more fun than Hard Carry

YJ: it felt like ahgases were growing

YJ: i enjoyed this activity because comparing the first and last stage we can see how more people came to see us

Jinyoung saying that he can see how much they grew during this triology

JY: I think that after doing this trilogy we need some time to prepare for the next album we might do solo activities butBut activities with all 7 of us might be in awhile
YG: but i think we will come back this year

MK: I went thru so much hard time in the jungle
JB: i saw Mark shirtless in the shower after he came back and got buff
MK: JB is lying

MK: there is no reason for me to gain weight cuz i wasnt able to eat much in the jungle

Jackson: everyone during this promotion i was sick i wasnt able to take care of my body and mental health  i always told u guys to take care of ur health but i learned that health is the most important during this time

Mark: Jackson don’t be sick

JB really doesn’t want a boyfriend concept again

 Jackson said that, along with ‘dan’ (sweet) and ‘jjan’ (salty) concepts they also have ‘sseun’ (bitter) like SSI hahahaha

Bambam: should we do yaja time (talking informally)
JS: u do that all the time
JB: if u pick that im the one who should talk informally to u

YJ: oh i like this “Lim Jaebum aegyo for 1 min”

JS: some of these arent even questions they are commands “Dance”

Jackson telling the members to pick a post it again
YJ: we pick again?
JS: this is QnA

Jinyoung said he cant remember the choreo for Home Run

They stopped the 2x dance
YJ: do u guys want to kill us?

While watching the periscope im wondering how i was able to periscope the whole LA fanmeet 😳 wonder how much data i used lol

Jinson saying that it was a warmup
JY: since the 2 maknae only looks cute and didnt do well we will all do it together

Yugbam is actually doing well for the blindfold 2x dance

maknae team lost so they are getting blindfolded to dance

JY: do any pose
JS: hyung pose
JY: do u have any new pose u learned from the jungle?
JS: of course chic and sexy

The loser for the game is gonna do 2x dance with blindfold on

JB said that the lyrics for Something Good and Everyday connects

Bambam correcting Yugyeom
YG: i know but he said for me to do the same thing again

GOT7 trolling Yugyeom
YG: why r u guys doing this to me today?
MK: Yugyeom u got it wrong

Yugyeom picked lyrics from skyway

Bambam picked Yeoju Paju busy since morning (Mark’s part)
BB: its my fav song from this album

JB: i picked lyrics from my song Something Good
BB: r u promoting ur song?

Jinyoung making Yugyeom do the brrah
YG: i cant do it

Bambam said his goal for next year is to be 61kg

Bambam said he’s 60kg
JS: r u 60kg with ur shoes on?

JB: there was this kind of lyrics of ours? How is the relationship between Nora and Coco?

F: r u changing ur hair to black cuz u want to?
YJ: no i like it now~
and shook his hair and bragged his hair color 

F: its been awhile I haven’t been able to go to broadcasting shows cuz of work
JY: work right now is important too

JY: when I rested for 1 year after JJP it was hard
F: no if I don’t see GOT7 theres no point
JY: yup remember No Jinyoung No Life

F: Mark did u eat well in the jungle?
MK: i ate well after I came back!

While fan was talking with Bambam he cracked her knuckle
F: oh what ive heard of
BB: oh is alot of ppl talking about this?

Jinyoung said that if u guys make boyfriends then he will make a girlfriend too

One of the fan asked Bambam why he didn’t crack her finger today
BB: cuz many ppl said that it hurts

Is it fansign or children’s day? 😂😂

cr 어구구구님|igot7_MarKP

❝ How long have you both been dating? ❞

Plot: Siwon is your cousin and he’s a little protective over you. Siwon had warned you not to date any of the Super Junior member but you did anyway and he later finds out.

Pairing: Siwon x Reader

Words count: 2,9k+

Genre: Comedy, slight angst and drama

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

‘Change!’ A voice rang through the apartment.

‘Why!?’ You argued back, ‘I think I look perfectly fine.’

Choi Siwon was every women’s dream, yet he was a pain in your ass. Matter of fact, he was your cousin and an over protective cousin at that. He would monitor everything you wore, who you were with and where you went. He had been away during his enlistment, so you had a bit more freedom since he was not there to be overly protective. You missed him a lot since he left because he was like your brother and best friend. Siwon had one rule, a rule that stuck since you met the rest of the boys years back and that was; no dating the members.

‘She looks fine Oppa.’ Jiwon tried to reason, ‘She is 28 years old, not 8.’

‘Don’t take her side.’ He scolded, ‘You are my sister!’

‘And I understand that, but she is a grown woman, Siwon. You can’t protect her for the rest of your life.’ Jiwon tried to reason.

‘Sorry to break this up,’ You waved a hand between the siblings fighting, ‘But did it ever occur to you that we are going to be late?’

‘Exactly, now go change!’ He pointed towards the door that was your bedroom.

‘No time, lets go!’ You dragged them both out the house.

You wore a simple black skirt with stockings and a white shirt that was tucked in. Your hair flowed naturally and you wore a pair of pumps. You thought you looked fine but Siwon found the shirt to see-through, skirt short and your hair should be tied up. Throughout the entire drive he scolded you and his sister tried to reason with him. You all were on your way to see Donghae and Hyukjae. They had returned from their enlistment and you all wanted to celebrate. Just them and their close ones. Arriving at SM, you three walked to a room that had been reserved for the little welcome back party.

‘Stay close to me.’ Siwon warned.

‘But I want to socialise.’

‘With me around!’

‘You are frustrating.’ You rolled your eyes and walked towards the guests of honour,’ Donghae! Hyukjae!’

The rapper had you in his arms, lifting you off the ground and twirling you around, ‘Y/N!’

‘Take your hands off her, Lee Hyukjae!’ Siwon stormed into the situation and ripped you away from Hyukjae.

‘Still over protective as ever.’ Hyuk chuckled as Donghae came to hug you but was closely observed by his fellow member.

‘Watch those hands Lee Donghae.’ He eyed them.

‘Let’s get a drink.’ You all but signed in relief when you saw Jiwon drag her brother away.

‘I assume you haven’t told him.’ Donghae nudged you.

‘I value my life.’

‘You have to tell him sooner or later.’

‘And I pick later.’

‘Y/N!’ A voice shouted from a distance.

‘Looks like lover boy is here,’ Hyukjae placed an arm around Donghae’s shoulder, ‘Let’s give them some privacy.’

The two walked away to talk to other people as another came and enveloped you in a hug, kissing your cheek. This person was your boyfriend, Kim Heechul and your boyfriend of a year and a half. Yeah, you were told to not date any of the members but Heechul was just different. You grew closer to him as the years went by and when Siwon enlisted, the two of you dated a few months before becoming official, not that anyone knew but only a few people. Heechul was your boyfriend and also a close friend. You told him everything and he was always there for you.

‘Where’s your security guard?’ Heechul joked.

‘Jiwon took him to cool off with something to drink.’ You laughed as Heechul draped an arm around you, ‘I would watch yourself tonight, he seems to be on overdrive.’

‘I can handle Choi Siwon.’ Chul grinned.

And on queue, his name rang out, ‘KIM HEECHUL!’

‘Here we go.’ You sighed.

Siwon and his sister were just a few meters away from you and your boyfriend. The younger stormed through the crowd of people as Heechul continued to stand with his arm proudly around your shoulder. As Siwon got closer, Heechul slowly retreated his arm because he knew you didn’t wish to tell your cousin yet. You wanted this to be a secret because you knew Siwon would be mad, and you didn’t want to ruin everyone’s evening. Siwon stood before the two of you, his eyes ready to commit murder.

‘And where do you think your arm was?’ He question.

‘Calm down horse,’ Heechul stated, ‘I was just talking to her.’

‘With your arm around her?’

‘She is my friend, ya know.’

‘That means nothing to me and you know that.’ Siwon wedged himself between the two of you, ‘Keep your intimate gestures to yourself.’

‘She is 28, Siwon!’ Heechul scolded.

‘I don’t care.’ With that, your cousin guided you to the dance floor.

Some soft music was playing through the speakes. So many times you wished to tell Siwon about Heechul, but you never seemed to have the perfect time. Right now you stood swaying to the music, your cousin in front of you and your boyfriend off at the side. You wanted to tell him now but you didn’t now how Siwon would react. He was generally a level headed man, but you had kept this for such a long time that you knew he wouldn’t react in a rational way. Meanwhile Heechul glanced at the two of you.

He wanted to tell Siwon so many times, but you asked him not to. Yeah he was jealous of Siwon, not because he was you cousin but because he could be more free with you. He wasn’t even allow to touch you without the younger breathing down his neck. Heechul in general was a sassy man and spoke his mind, but you were worth more then using his sharp tongue and ruining everything. His hands formed fists as he rushed out the room. You caught him running out from the corner of your eye and you felt you heart shudder slightly. Releasing yourself from his hold, you walked to grab Yoona.

‘Please dance with him.’ You whispered to her.

‘Go,’ She replied, ‘He looks more upset then ever tonight, I will handle Won.’

‘Thank you.’ You hugged her before she walked to entertain your cousin.

You ran through the SM halls looking for him. You thought of everything possible, from the dance studios to the recording rooms. You opened every door and shouted his name as if you were insane. Finally clicking, you took the elevator to the highest floor it could go before walking two more flights of stairs and arriving on the roof. As if you planned the situation, you walked onto the roof and found Heechul looking out into the distance. He stood with his hands in his pockets with his back towards you.

‘You are going to get sick.’ You softly spoke.

‘Then go downstairs,’ His words cold, ‘Your cousin must be ripping the building apart looking for you.’

‘I asked Yoona to cover for me.’ You stood behind him, hand on his shoulder, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I can’t do this anymore, Y/N.’ He didn’t look at you, ‘I hate having to hide you.’

‘I know that,’ You made him face you, ‘And we will tell him, just not now.’

‘And why not?!’

‘Because….. I ….. I don’t know.’

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动感101泡菜电台 Interview - SUPER JUNIOR-D&E

Q: Comment on each other’s greatest change before and after army. What do you miss most while being in army?
Hyuk: The greatest diff is.. firstly, he became a real man, became more handsome and gives off a more manly feel
Hae: that is what a lot of people thinks because there have been a 2 year gap, this is unavoidable.
Hae: Talking about change, even though we became more manly, but I think I became younger
Hyuk: saying this makes me shy
Hae: I know you will be shy so I said it first
Hyuk: Thank you
Hyuk: Because I was really serious about self management~ To meet everyone after a long time, we really work hard managing ourselves to show everyone a good looking and cool side so to some extent, you can say that we look younger
Hae: what i miss the most during army (then his voice broke HAHAHAHAH)
Hyuk: you are trying to say that it’s them right
Hae: yes of course i miss the fans the most while I was in army and also the members and also doing super show, recording albums i will think of all the memories on stage
Hyuk: me too. A lot of fans sent in letters and i spent my free time reading them the letters gave me a lot of strength and it brings back a lot of memories

Q: Many fans went to your discharge. Did you expect that scene?
Hyuk: Rather than expecting, I think we have some sort of anticipation
Hae: During my break, hyukjae discharged so I went and two days later, hyukjae came
Hae: When I went to hyuk’s discharge, I didn’t expect so many fans so I am really thankful. During my discharge, many ELFs were there so  I gained a lot of strength so i worked hard to prepare for the SMTOWN stage

Q: How to do you returning to stage as a singer?
Hyuk: I participated in a lot of activites when I was in army but i felt lonely performing
Hyuk: it was my first time performing Sorry Sorry alone and I really strongly felt the empty space without the members
Hyuk: During the fan meeting or SMTOWN, because of the members, I feel a lot more at ease so I was very happy
Hae: I feel the same as hyuk. When I was stage, I was very nervous but compared to me, the hyungs, leeteuk hyung, yesung hyung and shindong hyung and who else…? (Then he looked at hyukjae for helped to see who he has missed out they paused for like 3 seconds and hyuk was like heechul hyung)
Hae: ah yes heechul hyung x2 (while they laughed)
Hae: the hyungs were more nervous but always very happy and because of that we worked even harder to show a good performance
Hyuk: I remembered we performed growing pains as the first song during our fanmeet, we were holding our mics and donghae’s hand was shaking so he had to use both hands to hold the mic and i can really empathise with how he feels

Q: what is SJ to you?
Hyuk: SJ… how do I say this… SJ is our everything
Hyuk: saying this makes me really shy but actually using words to describe this is a little…. because looking at other popular groups, there are many groups with relationships like brothers or family but actually the relationships in some other groups are not like that SJ members spent more than 10 years together and that is more than the time spent with family so we are really close and words cannot describe what SJ means to us.

Q: When can we hear D&E’s new song?
Hyuk: When is our new song coming out?
Hae: we will first focus on SJ’s activities. even though there are many fans who like D&E, D&E activities are scheduled for next year
Hyuk: but we can’t really say for sure, since we like to surprise people and give them gifts so we may say next year but it might not be
Hyuk: I wish fans continue to stay curious  
Hae: it might come out next month
Hyuk: yes we might surprise fans any moment..  please anticipate!!

Q: The song “Winter Love” has left a lot of fans feeling touched, Can you talk about how the song is being composed?
Hae: this song was composed as a gift for our fans before we enlisted and the meaning was for fans to wait for us and also before we enlist, the only thing we can do for fans was to compose this song the song lyrics is about separation that was temporary. even though it was autumn, because we had to part so it felt like winter, it included the meaning that we would go and return well as a present for our fans

Q: How would you describe yourself in the 30s? What will you be like in 10 years?
Hyuk: different from what I am imagined. I still look really young and am still doing activities and releasing songs so I cannot foresee what will happen 10 years later and I feel like it will be different from other people’s
Hae: we might still be working hard and promoting then
Hyuk: because we want to be together with everyone for a very long time
Hyuk: so we will work hard to stay together for the next 10 years to continue showing everyone our good sides

Q: Each say a line that you are confident in Chinese
Hyuk: Long time no see my wife (they both burst out laughing) I miss you! Are you ready? I love you all~
Hae: Long time no see I am Donghae. My dear babies, are you all healthy? I am also healthy
Hae: recently, we are preparing our new album so everyone please look forward. I love you all~ thank you!
Hyuk: Chinese is as easy as eating rice (and donghae died lauging )

Q: what do you want to say to fans who are here to watch your performance?
Hyuk: everyone has waited for us for a long time and we really miss everyone, we will never part now right?
Hae: (In chinese) you will enjoy SMTOWN concert  
Hyuk: I love you all ahahaha and hae burst out laughing again
Hyuk: you have to keep confessing your love!! It is better if you keep confessing


MV theory time!

Before I get into this, I am EunHae biased. But you not being EunHae biased does not mean Hyukjae isn’t an extremely important part of Donghae’s life. 

Warning: I am too invested and already had these ideas about Hae during his service and this song is me proving my ideas to be true, as there is finally a written source for me to go off of other than just speculation based on body language and psychology. In conclusion, this will be sad and I am sorry. 

P.S. Lyrics from ‘One More Chance’ will be bolded. 

P.S.S. I have too many things to address up here someone help me

carry on 

- The room with the TV is a memory of before he left for his service. The girl is there at first and then she disappears. (This scene “rewinds” the events)

- Leeteuk being confused when he walks into the room could indicate when he went to the army and felt completely alone in a new place. “Even when I’m alone on the street we walked together.” This also supports him looking around his surroundings and crying. I think it’s good to note that Teuk is wearing a red sweater just like Hae, so he is representing Donghae and how he felt when he first joined the military. “I can’t believe anything, as if it’s all a lie” and “It was going so well for a moment so I thought it would last forever/was that thought and mind all selfish of me?” Now these lines are honestly so heartbreaking. When he left for the military, he did all of his 2 month training by himself at the unit. This proves how lonely he was during that time and couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that he was alone and had to complete his training without anyone he loved near him. 

- Yesung’s Multiple doors shows how he keeps facing the obstacles but everything feels the same, like he isn’t moving forward and is stuck alone. Another point, the same setting in each “room” reflects his lines of being sorry that the days are always the same in other songs he has written. “Another tomorrow that I thought it’d be okay/As time passes by, it’s getting deeper.” These lines reflect the repetition he experienced during service. Wake up, do training, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s tiresome and he was probably left alone with only his thoughts the majority of that time, which could worsen his feelings of longing for the person he loves. “I thought I’d become new as the longing for you passes away/As if the clock in my heart has broken, it’s always the same time.” Notice there is only two objects and two colors in this scene. The colors also don’t blend with each other and are obviously very different on the color spectrum. The objects, a chair and empty picture frame, are also very different. These are the same color, but the picture frame is higher up on the wall. Now you may be saying “Of course a picture frame is higher up and what does this have to do with anything?” BUT basic psychology, whether he helped the set up or it was done unconsciously by the design team, tells us that he feels separated from some else. He, in this case, would be the chair, and the other person (I say Hyukjae) is the picture frame, who is farther in this journey than he is. Blue and red also seem to be a theme here, as he is wearing red and walking away from a blue room. He is constantly in blue rooms (As each part of the journey is portrayed by the members), meaning the other person would have to represent that color and he is always thinking about them.

- Siwon walking behind girl on narrow path with snow falling represents the song they released before going to the army, “Winter love”. Hyukjae talked about having to leave first and will let his foot steps in the snow guide Donghae to him again. Donghae talked about not wanting to leave and watching him fade into the snow, with only footsteps to follow. As Donghae expresses his worry in the song, Hyukjae reassures him that things are going to be okay in the background. This song was also Hyuk’s idea and during this time period many people commented on how sad they acted. Any ELF/EunHae shipper during this time knows how different they seemed before enlisting. They were supposed to do their service together but something got in the way and Hyuk couldn’t join Hae in the police (I think it’s because he failed the test but I don’t think that was ever confirmed). 

Now for some noteworthy lines of ‘Winter Love’ - Hyuk’s will be italicized. 

“Slowly becoming far” (”It’s all good” x3)

“I’m suffocating” (”It’s okay” x3)

“Your back view, your hand which once held out to me” (”Don’t wanna let you go”) - I have to compare this line with one from ‘One More Chance’, “I wouldn’t let go of that hand once again.” This is like a parallel, he regrets letting go of his lovers hand and is reminding himself that once they are back together, he doesn’t want to separate ever again.

“Covering my eyes, I can’t see you no more”

“We can’t stop separation”

“This is not the end, baby”

Hyuk’s rap - “The conversation between the two of us will be hidden for a while. Don’t forget to leave a bookmark. This isn’t a full stop, it’s a comma, a beat that has lagged. We have to stand shoulder to shoulder when we meet again. Snow that is falling covers us, in the cold wind tears roll down my face. Even though you’re not here, I’ll draw out footprints for you so that you can come back any time.”

“Looking at your back view”

“I’m calling out to you”

The time has come, I have to leave now. The time has come, I’m leaving first

(Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huMu89TPgn0

-The hallway Shindong is in is dark inside but the windows have colors and light. Only a little amount of that is being let into the hallway and it shows how there were happy moments but overall it wasn’t the same. He is confined in this dark environment with only small moments of happiness. Note: The entire hallway is dark blue and the light I noticed more than the rest was yellow, which are colors normally associated with sadness and happiness. “Now the both of us are used to being in different times/Even if I cry going back to the moments that you and I met.” These lines show that even when he adjusted to being alone, he still felt consumed by memories and couldn’t help but feel sad.  “Without realizing myself, I turn to you again,” this reflects how the rooms are all covered in blue (Excluding the ‘Winter Love’ room) and no matter what part of this journey he is on, his mind constantly returns to how things were with his lover.

-In Heenim’s room, the TV’s buzzing in and out represent memories, “Do all the times of happiness get erased too?” The exit sign in the distance represents the end of this journey is near but all the memories are still haunting him and he doesn’t understand/know what to do with them other than let them fade and warp his mind. “Even if I cry going back to the memories that you and I met.” Something important to notice is the room because it is the same as the first one shown and the one Hyukjae raps in. Each member (except for Hyukjae in my opinion) represents Donghae on this journey alone. If the TV’s are his memories and EunHae had a scene in this room at different points of the MV, then they are the memories of the two together and their relationship (Whatever that may be). “Do our distinct features get forgotten too?/does that time even exist?” these fit really well with this scene as the broken TV’s can represent his mind and how he see’s these memories. The fuzziness of the TV’s is a visual of blurred faces and moments they shared together. 

-Hyukjae in the first room Hae was in. Rain only on Hyukjae – “Don’t leave like the rain.” Rain is very important to Hae, as it reminds him of his childhood and father. Donghae associates rain with memories of his father who passed away when he was barely an adult. The original title “don’t leave like the rain” and Hyukjae being the only one with rain falling on him indicates that he doesn’t want Hyukjae to leave him like his father did. This room is the blue room Donghae was walking away from at the very beginning, which hints at the fact that Hyukjae is the constant blue we see throughout the MV and whom Hae couldn’t forget. 

Now for the fun part (as if this hasn’t been a blast for me to write already LOL). Again Hyuk’s lines are italicized.

“Don’t leave like the rain”

“I was okay even standing in the rain”

In other words: “I was okay being away from you”

Meaning he didn’t leave with a sad heart when he went to his service. Hyukjae isn’t a very sentimental guy, but he does care for people a lot (he’s an Aries, he can’t help it). This line shows that he is in the rain, he has left just like the rain when he went to his service. 

“Because everything was the traces that you left. because longing for you is a beautiful pain”

Unlike Hae, who felt consumed with sadness and could barely get through the day, the loneliness was strength for Hyukjae. He fought through the pain because he knew they still loved each other and it was worth it in the end. 

“I thought that I would be able to endure it/I had a lot of mistakes and a lot of wounds too/truthfully I don’t want to be afraid of everything and want to end it too”

These lines may be misleading, but I don’t think they are talking about breaking up. When I was watching the SJ Returns jacket shoot episode, I was a little disheartened when the photographer said the song was about a break up. I think these lines show that Hyukjae didn’t know how painful and lonely he’d be without Donghae. In the past, Hyukjae used to joke about them not being close and would complain about having Hae around him all the time. I haven’t heard him mention anything like that since he’s been back, they even casually hint that they live together in the new apartment Hyuk bought. You know when Hae said Hyuk woke him up in the middle of the night to show him the lyrics to this? If they weren’t in the same room/apartment, why in the world would lazy tired baby Hyukjae make the travel to another apartment in the middle of the night just to wake sleepy baby Hae and show him lines he could easily show him the next day? Just saying. The line about wanting something to end isn’t about the relationship, but about the pain. It’s so unbearable that he can’t handle it either, he is struggling on his path alone, just like Hae. 

“The rain falls, dries up, and disappears/ You can’t leave like that alone, please”

Here is where you can see Hyuk’s pain the most. He’s just as sad about the situation as Donghae, he just shows it differently. They are back together, their service is over, so why can’t things go back to how they were? Hyuk wants to continue the relationship but Hae is so hesitant and scared. This line is literally begging him not to think that he is alone, that there is still more path to walk together and he wants to take Donghae with him. 

-Donghae walks into a dark tunnel alone, showing that these two years by himself were difficult, but he made it to the end by walking into the light at the end of the tunnel. “Where I’m going or when this ends/I feel like I am going on a path that I can’t find out” He ends on a beach to represent he found his foot steps, the stop and separation is like they still feel distant despite being in each others lives again. Note: EunHae left for their military service in the winter (Siwon’s scene + winter love song) and they returned in the summer (Beach scene). The girl in the MV is always in front of him, even at the end. When he see’s her, he doesn’t keep walkin and there is distance. This distance shows that he is worried about going further because he has been following footsteps this entire time and it’s difficult to see that he is no longer is on that path alone. Another note: They showed Hyukjae running in the rain and then Hae running towards the light which could mean they are running towards each other, but honestly, it could be a stretch. Going back to the whole colors thing, the beach is a beautiful purple color, which we should all know that blue and red make purple. So the colors/they have blended together finally because they can be together. 

The line that stood out to me most was “Is a love like that even considered love?” 

It just screams, to me at least, that he isn’t talking about something “normal” or “conventional” and is my most solid point about this song being about EunHae. Whatever their relationship is, they love each other so so much. It can be platonic, romantic, something else, it doesn’t matter. These two were supposed to do their service together but they couldn’t, they’ve spent almost every single day together, lived in the same apartment before enlisting, the list goes on. My overall point is that the two struggled a lot during this separation. They expressed their worries through ‘Winter Love’ and now they express their pain from being alone through ‘One More Chance.’ I don’t think Hae had ever been alone before his service. He had always been taken care of and loved on by everyone in his life, so this was a life-changing experience for him. This was a growing experience especially because he had to learn to live by himself without anyone he loved around him, and considering he is a very sad and lonely baby already, that experience was most likely filled with a lot of crying. He got sick a lot, meaning he didn’t take care of himself as much as he should have been, I was honestly worried that would happen. I don’t think I’ve ever written about how sad baby Hae is before, so sorry if it sounds like I rambled. Anyways, that’s my theory, feel free to add on!

(English translation credit: emzhaek)


about super junior’s next comeback

i am really upset to hear that sungmin will not participate in super junior’s next comeback, most international elfs are.

if i’m not wrong, kangin won’t be in it either. personally, in my personal opinion, i understand why kangin is not going to be in the comeback. he did something wrong last year and he is still reflecting. him being part of the next comeback may potentially create more drama. i think this would be a good time for kangin to start doing good for the community to benefit himself, he has done a bit before.

however, this post is not about kangin. this is about sungmin, and i will explain more on it. you can read about it here and here.

sungmin had written an apology recently, this is what he wrote:

“Hello, this is Sungmin. I’m writing to you all for the first time in a while for various reasons. First of all, I want to apologize for troubling so many fans. There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding me lately, but it was something I couldn’t act alone on, so I’m very sorry for the late response.

“When I look back to when I was getting ready for my marriage, I don’t think I was very considerate and truthful to my fans who have loved me for over 10 years. I think I should’ve communicated better with my fans who got hurt by various rumors and misunderstandings.

“While I was in the army, I always looked forward to promoting with Super Junior again. However, I really want the group’s next album to do well, so I have decided to withdraw from their upcoming promotions. As a member of Super Junior, I want the group to receive love for a very long time. Considering my ongoing controversy, I think my decision to withdraw from this album is best for the group.

“I’m really sorry to my fans who have loved and supported me, but I think I need more time to reflect and work harder. I ask all ELFs to support Super Junior’s upcoming comeback.”

label sj had also written a statement. here is what they said:

“Hello, this is Label SJ (SM Entertainment).

“This is our statement regarding Sungmin’s post today about his activities.

“Label SJ has decided to respect Sungmin’s decision not to participate in Super Junior’s album.

“From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members, and as a result, Super Junior has seen love and success across the globe, able to promote in a variety of ways.

“Super Junior is currently preparing for an album, with hopes to release it in October, and the label is doing its best to help Super Junior carry out promotions that are better than ever before.

“Though Sungmin isn’t participating in the album this time around, Label SJ will fully support all of Sungmin’s future activities.

“Thank you to all the fans who have loved Super Junior for so long, and we ask for your continued love and support for all of the Super Junior members.”

i cannot find it at the moment, but a long time ago, a korean elf had given me a link explaining why korean elfs were so upset at sungmin. overall, it explained how he handled the marriage in a rather unprofessional way. basically, the fans just wanted to know about the marriage beforehand. i get it, the news was sudden. there were so many rumors, especially fake rumors, going around. it was a mess back then.

but that was more than two years ago. sungmin has apologized countless times, holding this kind of grudge is unnecessary, in my opinion. saeun has also done nothing wrong. this is just a marriage, yet the media and the company can twist things around.

it’s 2017, and unfortunately, there are still sungmin antis. also, here is a friendly reminder to some: there are actually quite a lot of korean fans who love sungmin, but some international fans who are antis, so let’s not generalize the antis. let’s not fight with them, at this point, it is a waste of time. persuading them might also be a waste of time, as seen here, antis are very stubborn.

we might not be able to do anything about sungmin not being in the next comeback, but hopefully, he rests well during this withdraw.

sungmin wants the best for the super junior comeback, so let’s work hard to support super junior and their comeback. plan on how you want to support them! from buying physical albums, buying digital songs, streaming, etc. you can support their first group comeback since magic era.

i say it is okay to complain, this is very sudden and wrong to most fans, but focus more on supporting the entire group as a whole.

i find that people often debate on what it means to be a “real elf”. you can dislike a member, this is fine, but hating them is when it goes too far. if you do not want to forgive sungmin, please do not send him or saeun hate comments. perhaps you can use your active amount of time on the internet hating on him to help support super junior’s comeback.

let’s hope sungmin participates with super junior soon. no matter what happens, he will always be considered a member of super junior. the members love him, they are all brothers in a family. petty antis will not stop them.

remember to support sungmin as well as super junior.

eunhyuk x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Eunhyuk (Super Junior) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I‘m continuing on my long trek through my pile of requests and have come to another Super Junior request, so I cannot resist. I passed over showing the breaking up part because I do that way too often these days and needed a break from it. =P So, we skip straight to the meat of it. I wanted to keep it short and sweet, so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if there’s mistakes. I’m on my way to bed, so I’m not trying hard with my proofreading. =P

Summary: “Can I request a Eunhyuk scenario were he found out the reason his girlfriend(who he had been dating for over a year) broke up with him is because someone was threatening her. If she didn’t end the relationship the person would make sure his career is ruined. Thanks! :)” - Anon

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[Pann] Eunhyuk fans give a run down of their perspective on IU's scandal [Must Read]

“Here’s a run down of everything that’s happened so far from the perspective of an Eunhyuk fan. Us fans are not saying that IU should get hate instead of him but rather asking why Eunhyuk should still be getting hate to this day.

We woke up one day to news of IU releasing a picture with Eunhyuk on her public Twitter account, and public sentiment grew heated. Everyone knew that it wasn’t just a simple selca and all sorts of rumors spread out from IU being pregnant to other dirty things. Still, SuJu fans shielded IU knowing that people were being too harsh to a young female singer.

According to IU on broadcast, Eunhyuk had called IU to ask if she was okay but what Eunhyuk and his fans got in return was Loen putting out a clarification saying he was visiting the sick, which SM was not informed of at all.

Eunhyuk did not upload the picture, nor did he give that clarification himself (he’s the victim in this, no reason for him to even clarify it). Ever since then, all posts regarding Eunhyuk were filled with immense hatred. Despite the situation, Eunhyuk had to go through with all of the broadcasts he had scheduled.

This is an account of ‘Star King’, which he recorded immediately after the scandal: (Account of someone at 'Star King’ recording basically listing all of the sexually suggestive comments the panelists made at him alluding to his scandal with IU like "Should we turn on 'Good Day’ for your dance segment?” and when a contestant brought a bed as a prop, panelists were like “Oh Eunhyuk knows all there is about beds, yeah?”)

Despite being the victim, he had to listen to all sorts of these comments and laugh them off. Panelists did not hesitate on making sexually suggestive comments and laughing at Eunhyuk’s face but when IU was on the show, they’d look at her with upset expressions as if they felt bad for her. Eunhyuk eventually ended up cutting back on his active TV schedules.

Then a few days later, IU uploaded a post on her fancafe skimming over the issue and talking about how she was sorry she worried her fans while she was at home gaining weight. Then she went on the 'Hwashin’ talk show and only clarified rumors like her pregnancy rumors by beating around the bush and revealing that Eunhyuk had called to her to check if she was okay. Much to the dismay of Super Junior fans, she did not apologize for the scandal at all.

While we agree that IU suffered hateful comments as well, she never once properly apologized to Eunhyuk or Super Junior fans when they’re the ones who were unfairly suffering because of her mistake. Eunhyuk did nothin wrong but had to deal with 'visiting the sick’ comments on 'Radio Star’, comments which were never directly said to IU when she was on TV. Eunhyuk was the clear victim but he was the one being dealt all the pain.

There are tons of private relationships in the entertainment industry but it was IU who released the information to the public, whether it was on purpose or an accident. Eunhyuk was literally asleep and woke up to this entire scandal by no fault of his own. He is still suffering from dirty comments to this day that of course his fans are upset over.

Super Junior fans are scared even when Eunhyuk gets in the news for positive things. It wasn’t until this year that fans felt comfortable going in to read the comments.

Even for Super Junior’s concerts, his solo stage used to be bright, outgoing performances where he bounced around shouting “happy happy” but he came out instead with a self-written rap that was basically an outpour of all of his struggles and pain for the past two years while tied in chains.

At their September 21st, 2014 concert, Eunhyuk cried while saying, “The hardest years of my life were the past two years. Teuk hyung wasn’t here and I was the temporary leader and although I didn’t do much, a lot of things happened, and I did show you all a not so positive side of me, I’m just so happy you all are here…”

In his Thanks Tos, he would always joke around while sending his gratitude but after that scandal, he even confessed that there were moments where he wanted to give up in the past two years after that scandal happened.

You can compare his two Thanks Tos here… In the first one, he has tons of  ㅋㅋ !! ^^ ♥ and emoticons, but in the second one, his words are short and stiff with no emoticons. “


1. [+353, -3] I’m not even a fan and choked up several times while reading this. I can’t even dare to imagine how Eunhyuk and his fans must’ve felt through this whole ordeal. How their feelings must’ve been rotting this whole time. I hope he completes his service well and doesn’t get hurt anymore.

2. [+333, -5] I remember someone yesterday leaving a comment saying Eunhyuk never got hate and his image was never affected. I was too flabbergasted to even reply to that.

3. [+326, -3] I hope this gets to the top of Pann. People are shifting the attention to IU being sly and whatnot but that’s nto what Elf wanted or intended.

4. [+136, -1] Who is going to pay Eunhyuk back for the three years he suffered? Each of those little jokes they threw at him has shattered the person he used to be…

5. [+106, -1] I feel like Super Junior fans would be happy if their members were just never mentioned by anyone… Eunhyuk did nothing wrong but had to suffer so much hatred in three years. I couldn’t believe the people upvoting those comments… what exactly did Eunhyuk do so wrong to deserve it? Please remember that one hateful comment can take a life.

6. [+86, -1] It hasn’t changed in three years.. the fact that people don’t care whether Eunhyuk’s suffering from all this or not.

7. [+81, -5] I know this is wrong but this whole thing makes IU look like trash

8. [+68, -6] IU’s cruel… she shattered a person to this point


1. [+247, -22] Despite all this, IU never once said anything to defend him… IU, karma’s going to get you. Ever since that scandal, Eunhyuk’s career has been downhill and now he has to serve in the army..; what a shame

2. [+230, -9] I really do feel bad for Eunhyuk. He never made anything obvious, didn’t even upload the picture himself, but all because IU messed up, he had to suffer so much hate and made the butt of jokes… and the scandal has gotten so out of control to the point where people actually believe Eunhyuk was the one who uploaded the picture. I really feel bad for him.

3. [+211, -6] I honestly do feel bad that IU’s getting so much hate right now but I do think that the truth needs to be set straight despite it all. Some of the controversies that IU’s in she isn’t necessarily responsible for but people need to know what exactly happened with Eunhyuk’s scandal.

4. [+73, -1] Poor Eunhyuk’s being used to teach soccer teams how to be upstanding people

5. [+60, -3] No matter how much IU apologizes, the fact that IU had that picture up for 6 hours on Twitter is a truth that will never disappear. During those six hours, that one picture basically killed Eunhyuk’s celebrity career. Fans don’t want anymore, just for the reality of the situation to be known. Still, I’m glad that at least now people are starting to listen and clear up the misunderstandings. I do think it’s unfair that people are taking this opportunity to call IU a fox and all but I do honestly hate IU myself.

6. [+60, -1] Wow, thinking about it now… it all makes sense. SM’s stocks dropped during the scandal and Eunhyuk’s image tanked. Shouldn’t they be compensated for the losses?

7. [+52, -0] Hmm.. makes me see IU in a different light. Did she break up with Eunhyuk poorly? Why would she even make such a mistake like that (if you can even call it a mistake…) She manages herself so well usually to the point of being called sly so why would she make such a careless mistake?

8. [+51, -2] I bet IU’s thinking up another post to write on her fancafe to make herself sound like the victim right now ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+48, -0] Even now on IU’s articles, people are saying they’re just glad she’s not dating the anchovy ㅋㅋㅋ what did Eunhyuk do to receive this type of treatment? Meanwhile IU was able to manipulate her image into that of a mature singer after her scandal and is at the peak of her career right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+47, -0] Eunhyuk took care of IU so well when she first debuted… but IU commits a mistake and completely axes herself out of the scandal, forgetting all he’s done for her…

D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 3

Mc prentation
Hae said he really wanted to see us since this morning
When saying “hello” they are joking by saying it in 2 differents way
But hyuk murmured to us so say his word when introducing, so hae laughed XD
hae said in cute way that he loves us

When hyuk was taking hae was bothering him streatching in front of him
Hyuk then wiped off the sweat of his neck with a towel with a very perv face lol then he murmured on the mic “we are the sexy D&E” and made really sex noises “ohh” “ahhh” very softly then touched his neck with 2 hands ….FML
he kept going “we really wanted to meet you”

Hae then talked about I think about hyuk marks on his hand, saying he took a shot of IV mediscine
Hyuk said he got a lot of power tonight thanks to it and did some push ups on the stage XD
hyuk continued by saying “lets have some fun until the end”
Hyuk asked hae abt osaka foods, he said okonomoyaki, takoyaki, and did the glico move

Hyuk said hae was smart XD
then that he his really thakful for being here today, and he is learning japanese very hard so today he will speak only in Japanese !
But then he didnt know what to say XDDDD

Hae askes if we listened to the present album we said yes and hyuk said “ok so test’”
Hyuk then continued in korean and elf screamed “ehhhhhh”
Hae said that hyuk was stupid XD

hyuk didnt know what to say so the translator mumured to him what to say lol
He then said in japanese (with a little help haha) lets have fun on all the album songs or sth like thay ^__^

Hae introduced the next song and asked to put the light up on ELF and asked us if we could see well
They played with the cam a bit before singing light camera actiob

hyukjae said today is Donghae’s turn to be cute and its his turn to be sexy

Donghae pushed hyukjae then hyukjae started panting. After that Donghae touched hyukjae abit and hyukjae let out a “ah~”

Hyuk said that he‘s in Charge of being sexy so he started moaning. donghae
laughed and kicked him then hyukjae moaned even more. hyukjae then threw
his head back and started wiping his sweat with his eyes closed. He wiped
his sweat and let out noises at the same time

Hyuk: u look very happy today donghae
Hae: oh bc we were injected with
something before the concert»
Hae: it’s just'proteinsl!

Eunhae going around the venue touching the hands of so many ELF omg

DH: I was in charge for handsome and cute / EH: Today Donghae in charge on cute~ cute~ while me sexy eunhyuk~

lee hyukjae did a lot of weird sound when donghae was kicking him.

when donghae kept saying the wrong greeting hyukjae said “aigoo so cute uh.”

EH : we will only speak japanese. But at the end still with korean. DH: dnt speak korean speak jpan. strict bb ㅋㅋㅋ

Eunhae asked us to deat down and sat on the back of the stage near ELF ~
Hyuk asked us if we liked the balads
Hae said he couldnt see elf face clearly and that he wanted see our faces too
Hyuk theb showed us their bottle of water with D and E written on it
Then they raise the bottle and said “kampai” (cheers) with everyone and asked us to raise too our water
Then he joked about being a little “drunk” like if they drank beer lol
They talked abt their america trip and how they had fun (hyuk mistaked and said sth like, we went there and lets drink lol)
We are watching their america video now :)

Hyuk: you have such good eyesight~
Hae: that’s because I have hawk eye!!

Afterrhe vid eunhae were waving at the cam ~~^^ hae did it a looong time~
They were talking abt marriage XD hyuk said “not yet”
Hyuk asked elf to help them (with japanese)

Lottery time,.. Hae and hyuk put their head in the box in the same tiiiime then hae took the box (still on his face) and lyed down on the stage on his back with the box covering his head.
Hyuk then laughed at elf because they screamed so loudly and was miming us screamine to “ahhhhhhh”
Hae looked inside the box and said “kore ? Kore ? Kore ?” (This one?) many times
Hyuk showed the paper and we could only see super show 5 then hae wanted to take the paper off his hand and they endes up touching each others hands and playing omg ITS ROCKSTARRRRTT

Hae and hyuk singing a bit of rockstar~~
Hyuk said its a very cute song XDD and miming the sounds “piupoupiu” lol
Hae kept hitting hyuk because he was making these little noises XD
Hyuk said they wont take off their clothes… But maybe at the end of the concert ?
(Pray for us ㅋㅋ) lol

They are asking abt the men in the venue, but hae said its too bad he cant see their faces
Now hyuk said they were looking for a girlfriend and asked who and elf were waving to them XD
where is she~~^^

Hae: looking at your face makes me dizzy
Hyuk: oh? Why?
Hae: you just have a face that makes people dizzy
Hyuk: Because I’m too handsome? Fans think so too right?
Hae: then we’ll have to see who it is

Eunhae told everyone to take out the bottles to drink together. Then donghae
said “Is there anyone who brought alcohol here to drink? ” Then hyukjae
said “that’s okay! Let’s just be happy today” so donghae drank his water
and said “I’m drunk”

Hyuk: has everyone made a new year wish?
Fans: Get married!!
Hae: What? Get married with me?
Hyuk: No! Can’t get married!

During kimi ga naitara, hyukjae went half a key lower and donghae used falsetto to help hyukjae sing the part where he always cracks

Hyuk: why did we strip during rockstar the other time? we weren’t even buff.
Hae: I still have abs!
Hyuk: I’ve decided that that’s the last time stripping for a concert.
Hae: if there’s another concert this yea I’ll strip.
Hyuk: oh oh?

When hae took the little car during teenage queen he jumped to put his feet higher on the metal bars OO and stayed like that while the car was moving around fan
He got down and when he crossed hyuk, hyuk tried to touch / slap haes butt XD
hyuk made a heart sign and hae dis the butterfly move

Hyukjae trying to popo Dh during I wanna dance

On I wanna dance they were so hyper and kept smiling all the time, they started to fight at the beginning, but they had to dance in the same time XD hae then sang while laughing XD

Then hae put his hand on hyuks mouth and pushed him away twice!
On oppa oppa at one moment hae went behind hyuk and put his harm on hyuk shoulder and stood there

When doing the dance solo hyuk moved his hips but hae tried a move and I think he fell because he was holding his head a bit but i didnt see very well, but just after he went hyper on the stage again so he is ok :)

After satuday night hyuk said “tonight its really saturday night !!”
And then bowed and said the show is over XD and hyuk faked to cry before leaving XDDDD

Hyukjae faked asleep before encore and
Hyukjae said “are you asleep?!”
Hae: no no I’m not asleep
Hyuk: ah is it because you’re already 30…
Hae: what are you talking about? How can you say that

On kiss kiss dynamire they are supposed to do a part were the 2 of them approch the other while the other go away, except the 2nd time hyuk didnt move and they were close omfg

At the end of hello they stood in the same cute position for a long time, haes team started to move but hyuk said “mada mada” (not yet) then trolled at the cam “n….. Now!”

Then they asked if we caught the ball but we said no, so they asked if at least we caught the confetti and hae asked pple to the pple who got many to share
They tried to speak with a STRONG osaka accent loool like japanese bad boys lollll they last at leat 5min talking in japanese like that

Hae then started to explain that “present” has more than one meaning but he spoke again with the bad boy accent and hyuk followed

The translator missed a sentence so hyuk asked her to look at him and waited XD he spoke with the osaka accent and asked her to repeat with a normal accent  
He said this accent made his throat hurt so he spoke in Korean And drank water lol
Hae was sitting on the floor for a while hyuk was speaking XD
Hae spit water on hyuk who ran way !!

Hyuk continued to explain the second meaning of present “time”
Hae was then faking crying a hand on his face elf did “ohhhh TT” and he made a cute face XD
Hyuk stretched and touched haes nose ~~~^^
Hae did the same, hyuk took haes hand and put it near his face alsjsjskqlsl

Hyuk asked after gift if we enjoyed and if we were happy and we all answered “neeeeee” (yes)

Then hyuk said “because you are here, I am very happy” TT

Hyuk: we are getting old and unable to dance and play around as much anymore. But it’ll be good if everyone can stay by our side

Hae stretch out hand. Hyuk take his hand and bite it, saying taste like garlic

Hyuk: throat pain
Hae pass hyuk drink,
Hyuk drink but didn’t swallow and spit all over Hae face

Hae also drink water. Hyuk tap him  to ask him swallow.
But Hae still spill on him. Hyuk: Thanks Chingu

Bwhahah they showed masao san the producer of the show pushing the play button for choki wa
elf screaming “one more time” and masao danced near the camera like crazy XD

Elf screamed masao name to put the song again XDD
The dancers left and every body was screaming “lee donghae” he danced choki like craaaazy moving so hard jumping and ended up on the floor XD
then elf screamed lee hyukjae and choki started
Hyuk started with a cute move and ended up crazy XD
ELF then screamed eunhae eunhae and they did it again, and finished both on the floor tiredXDD

they talked a bit then hae said “i love u” and kissed the mic
Hyuk talked also, abt seeing in us so many friends, like family.
Hyuk continued by saying with this tour he became closer to ELF and its making me him happy~

He also said because of our love, they are and will do their best, he is also happy to be able to dance and sing on stage. He thanked elf many times~
Then eunhae joined hands, and hyuk asked us with a bad but very cute japanese to take care of us~

They bowed 90deg and stood there…
Thumb kiss~ they thumb kissed every part of their body and elf, then masao sm avex lol

Before leaving they said to take care of us and hyuk said we will meet in our dreams~
Hae kissed the mic~

And boys left the stage TT

cr. Mininin_87, moaningEUNHAE, ddaalki, justhyukjaez, sj_iriszhu

[LONG POST] SJ loves Hyukkie; Everyone loves Hyukkie.

Okay, for your sake, I hope you got it down that everyone loves hyukkie no matter what the haters say. (what haters? I know lol) This boy is too adorable, gorgeous, sweet and did I mention adorable? to deal with all that shit. So I’d like to pin this in people’s heads that everyone loves hyukkie and you know you do too even if you say you don’t. If you hate him because he’s interfering with your ship or something then you need to grow the flip up please and thank you.

It’s just ridiculous when some “fan” would be like “I hate him and the members also hate him” - especially when they wanna argue that “Hae also secretly hates him”. 

Like no.

I’m not saying there are any anti-fans but Hyuk fans know the 2-3 we’ve dealt with, even if it might have been the same person, and it’s stupid. Don’t hate him just because you don’t like your bias hugging him. WTF… =.=

Throw all your ships out the window because that’s not the point of this post but you are welcome to spazz over the moments if you’d like. Just keep it mind, I didn’t make this post to prove any shipping point. you can ship whatever you want. 

Anyway, here we go!
(if the ‘read more’ doesn’t work and you’re on your phone; I’m sorry)

Let’s start at the top with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and how much teukie cares about SJ’s precious jewel. He and Hyukkie are partners in crime and therefore, he’s always got hyukkie’s back. And he’s always there when Hyukkie needs comfort and love.

He’s an angel for the whole group, always looking over them to make sure they’re all okay and that they’re all happy. Leeteuk adores Hyukkie and takes care of him. He is like a mother figure.

You know…when he’s not teasing the poor boy.

Remember when Hyukkie couldn’t stop crying on his last day at Sukira and teukie hugged him? I don’t know about you but that’s when it really hit me that yeah sure they’re alike at something and always fooling around and partners in crime but hyukkie is still younger than teukie and he’s a crybaby, cute and precious so teukie still has to look after him and comfort him.

Next one, Heechul and Hyukkie…

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My LKFF Experience

Sooo! I was requested to do a post/fanaccount thingie from my point of view. I will add some extra things (but they are just for myself since I want to write them down). Here we go!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and just went straight to my hotel. The room was extremely modern and clean, but I found out my wifi was really bad. Every third message I sent just disappeared, and I got sooo frustrated! I couldn’t even update the page.

Suddenly a friend of mine (ELF meet up organizer) posted a photo on FB that she met Donghae. I went crazy since I couldn’t just walk out of my hotel and go after them x_x I was squealing and I felt even more excited than before. He was in the same city as I was ;__;

I still couldn’t believe I was travelling alone to a foreign country though. I spent my evening talking to other ELFs (just barely), and luckily managed to sleep although I didn’t want to. The next morning I woke up, did my things and decided to check out Leicester Square first.

When seeing the theatre itself I was like ‘omg, it’s gonna happen here’. I had never attended a kpop concert or an event like this before. I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I just went around, taking photos and killing time.

When I got bored, I went to use Burger King’s wifi and ended up meeting a friend ahead of scheduled time. We chatted for a while until even more ELFs appeared. When it was time to separate, me and my friend dragged ourselves to a restaurant called New China (where the ELF meet up lunch was going to happen).

The lunch was a success! It was fun talking to the others and finally actually USE English. The staff was also REALLY friendly. The waitress even took photos of us with my camera ^^ When that was over, our whole group went back to Leicester Sq and met others in front of M&M’s World. We just hung around after that, talked and got to know each other. We visited a few kpop shops (Seoul Bakery included) until it started getting dark.

Back at Odeon I went to see the friends who had my ticket, and got it. Banners were also being given out at that point. I got it too and decided to once again snap a few photos of the exterior.

Soon it was already nearing 6pm, so we decided to visit a cafe nearby and have a toilet break. When we came back, it didn’t take long until I got my D&E lightstick too. Then we were all let inside.

I could NOT believe it. I knew I we had front row seats, but actually seeing it and sitting on the seat.. It made me so happy ;; I don’t think I can ever explain the joy I get when I have front row.. The venue was nice since we got to move around and didn’t have to queue or fight to keep our places. We blew our balloons and switched our lightsticks on.

At that time a cameraman came and asked if he could interview us. He said 'this is going to be sent to SM’ and I was like omfg interview me, me me me, pls! In the end I even got to hold the mic. My hands started trembling because of the excitement XD We answered questions like where are we from and who are our favourites, and are we here just so see the boys.. It went well and now I’m just wondering if that clip is ever going to be aired somewhere? (or put on a dvd? documentary? idk!)

When we had calmed down a bit, the mini concert started. The venue turned blue, screams filled the air and we all looked to the back where the boys came from. I could not believe it was happening. They were real people, just like us, looking exactly the same and as beautiful in real life as they do in the pictures. I concentrated on their walking, since it was NORMAL walking and they were still behind the fans. Just like seeing ordinary people in a crowd, exept they had their hair and makeup done, and they were wearing their performance clothing.. They didn’t stand out that much until they were on the stage, on a higher platform than us. (i know this doesn’t make any sense but that’s what i was thinking. and forgive me, i have not seen them before ;_;). It’s really like.. seeing a character from a painting come to life. Just like that, they were there.

The first song was Motorcycle. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that song tends to sound somehow different when performed live. The beat sounds different, just like the tone Donghae’s 'rrock, rrock..’ part. I can’t explain that either, but I heard the difference and it made me soooo happy. I like live versions of Motorcycle more than the studio one.. somehow..

I can’t even remember the order of the songs. Like I had already said - I had to concentrate on so many things at the same time. Firstly waving the lightstick, then trying to hold the balloon, then raising the banner during Still You and at the same time taking photos and videos.. And I wanted to watch the concert with my own eyes, not through the camera lens. I just kept shooting something, hoping that I could get at least a few good shots.

It didn’t get any better when the boys came towards us. I was like one meter away from both of them. In a concert, that’s the best part. I had my camera focused further back, so it was difficult to just suddenly change it while holding a lightstick.. Here are a few examples XD

I bet someone is laughing at my photograpy skills right now, but seriously that’s was how it was like.. That’s normal-people-photography-reality at a concert. (the good ones are inhuman ok?) It was always the same; at first they were far away, until suddenly I go from ’YES, HE IS RUNNING TOWARDS US’ to ’OH FUCK HE IS HERE ALREADY’ with an aftermath of 'OMG HIS CROTCH WAS RIGHT THERE!’.

Like really, Mister Lee Donghae, control your bulge and thighs PLS

All of the songs were over too quickly.. ;_; At first I was confused when they performed 1+1=Love since it’s a new song and I couldn’t recognize it XD Oh No was a blessing, just like Still You. Hearing those songs they usually don’t perform.. Ahh, I want to go back.. T_T During Oppa Oppa we were allowed to stand up, and so we did, and that allowed me to get even closer.. Then Donghae decided it’s a good idea to do this:


When the concert was over, it was MOVIE TIME!! BEWARE OF BADASS!HAE!!!

It was the best movie experience I’ve had, lol. We all reacted at the same time. We squealed and 'WOHOO'ed when Donghae’s face was first shown. He looked so handsome in that school uniform. (The smoking scene was HOT!! I secretly took a video of it..) There was also a scene when Donghae cried, and everyone went 'awwwww’.

The movie itself consisted of four different stories, made by different directors(?). It had lots of swearing, smoking and fighting. When someone in the movie got hit really badly, we all went 'OUUUCH’.. If there was a major plot twist, everyone went 'oooh’ XD And when someone pulled Hae’s hair and beat him down, we were like 'nooooo T^T’. It was so funny even though the movie was dark and a bit confusing at some points.

At the end credits we all screamed and clapped when we saw Donghae’s name ^^

There it is, somewhere in the top four names. (obviously my camera had decided to turn itself to manual focusing and made the picture blurry ..) After that it was time for the Q&A!

I don’t have much to say about that, except Donghae’s adorable shyness.. After fans screamed, he always got shy ;_; He looked like a brave kid trying to do something alone (without Hyuk lmaooo).. And he was so, so, SO gorgeous in his suit T_T While I was taking pictures, I was thinking 'HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PHOTOGENIC’. That mofo looks perfect of every angle and his smile was just as handsome as his blank expression XD

When Hyukjae came onstage, fans went crazy about the lap sitting moment. It was the cutest everrrrrr! Hyuk put his hand behind Donghae’s back and looked at him sweetly..

In the end they stood together on stage and just talked for a bit. They mentioned their new album too. Not sure if the word 'DNA’ has something to do with it. (like holy shit my mind is only taking that with a dirty meaning..). After a while the official photographers appeared, taking a picture of the boys and fans. Donghae decided to take out his phone too, and that’s when we all just ran to the front. I’m not sure if someone signaled us to do it or gave permission, but somehow we just did and I had my hands full of stuff. My camera was with me and apparently I took a photo of them (can’t remember that happening LOL) while Hae was getting ready to take his picture.

And oh my god, I managed to get myself in it. Here it is, once more. Credits to the owner (BLESS HIM)

I’m the one with the Swing snapback. That is probably my new favourite photo of all time ;___; It’s a proof that I was there, so close to the people I cherish.. (you can see the camera in my hands lolllllll)

Then it was over. I was exhausted, but I didn’t feel like crying. I was so happy of all the things that happened! I just slowly made my way out of the theatre and talked to the fans I had met earlier. We were all too hyped to leave.

When I finally went back to my hotel, I just stayed in my bed, going through all the photos over and over again.

And that was my LKFF experience! Next up is SS6 ^^

150409 Osaka -Day 1:

➮ hae: i want to remember everyone’s name today, shout out your names 1 by 1 while hyuk and I rest. 

➮  on first ment, eunhae were calling out random names as if they knew everyone who attended the concert ㅋㅋ later they called out their fellow smtown/SJ friends, “taemin-san? junmyeon san? xiumin-san?changmin-san? yunho-san? yesung-san? leeteuk-san?" then donghae called "sungmin-san?” but cut it and said “ah, nay, nay” (cos sungmin is in army he cant call for him huhu)

➮ Hyuk was staring at Hae’s ass (again!)

➮ hyuk’s self intro: i’m everyone’s hyukhyuk

hae’s self intro: i’m everyone’s donggu donggu.then hyuk pulled hae’s hand towards his butt and said “oh, in korean, "ddong” is..(=poop).“

➮ hae: hi everyone, i’m in charge of D&E’s- 

hyuk: aho (stupid in osaka’s dialect)

➮ Hae looked like he was scared to walk past Hyuk like scared of being hit, 2nd time Hae even walked the wrong direction

➮ Donghae acted as hyukjae’s translator but he couldn’t translate into japanese so he translated into English instead

➮ Hyuk: pls continue to mc! 

Hae: nono you do it! 

Hyuk: letting you talk more!

 Hae: nono im shy you do it 

Hyuk: alright let me do it 

➮  Hyuk asked donghae to introduce the video segment and donghae paused for a while then was like ‘you do it instead' Then he kept making noise and bothering hyuk so hyuk turned to him and said 'SIT!’ and donghae sat XD

➮ Hyuk told fans to be quiet but there are always fans calling for donghae so Hyuk said:” shh shh” and hae copied him and said: “shhhhhhhhh” (sounds like the sounds of peeing..)then hyuk started to bounce on the spot (the action that guys make after peeing)

➮ Hae: im not perfect. I am perfect because I have all of you.

➮ After Mamacita, Hae sang Hey Mamacita….. and fans sang Yayayaya, Hae said you fans only know yayaya and hehehe

➮ Hyuk lost in rock, paper & Scissors in IWD, he hit Hae and Hae hit him back,they imitated TVXQ’s ending post and Hyuk lost RPS again 

➮  During i wanna dance, hyukjae lost kai bai bo two times and the last one he argued with donghae pointing as if donghae had cheated ㅋㅋ

➮ before encore “

hyuk: ok, it’s the end for today 

hae: not yet, there’s still a few more songs 

hyuk: uh, hasn’t ended but my part has ended 

hae: >_> oh, then my part has ended too 

hyuk: see you everyone, we’ll meet next time-… no =.= see you in the next song

➮ D&E Sweater today has studs .

Donghae’s sweater u can see E clearly while the D is covered with studs. 

Eunhyuk’s sweater u can see D while E is covered with studs.

➮ Hae:Sakura and i have a good relationship (stadium was shouting that it’s their name)hyuk: why are there so many named sakura? what are you waiting for, quickly leave the stadium and go back to the trees ! 

➮ Hyuk was trying to talk to some fans and they kept screaming stuff at him but he didn’t understand and in the end just said 'I love you too!’

➮* Hae sang Kiss Kiss Dynamite slow version for Hyuk to hipthrust in slow motion *

Hyuk:everyone really like our hipthrusts..YOU ARE PERVERTS ! Come let donghae do it!So hae did the action in slow motion,then fans started chanting “lee Hyukjae” so hyuk did the hipthrust from Swing.

hae: although everyone’s pervertic, it’s good that you all express it out, Let’s be like that the next time too!

hyuk: uh, should be happy, but it’s better to think about it yourselves 

Hyuk kept asking us what we liked about their hipthrusting and was like 'seriously what is there to like? Wae wae wae?’

➮ hyuk lied on stage with his arm out to let hae lie on his arm, hae almost lied down but was too shy 

 hyuk: why do you all keep saying "one more time”? you all want the concert to start all over again?

hae: cannot -_- i’m tired. didn’t you see my eyes tearing from being tired?  then hae did a yawn

➮  Hyuk was lying on the stage and fans asked Donghae to lay beside him.Donghae said no and threw water at Hyukjae 

➮  hyuk: it’s ok if i don’t have a brain, but if i don’t have everyone- 

hae:you are happy 

hyuk :?!?! what happy?you’ll be happy without everyone?! 

hae: -heol- i’m dumb i’m dumb dumb , i said it wrongly, i mean we cant live without everyone ><

➮  Donghae: without my car, I’m okay. Without money, I’m slightly okay. 

➮ Towards the end, donghae said 'tonight…’ Hyuk said 'yes tonight?’ And drew nearer and put his arm around donghae and they kept saying 'tonight..’ Hyuk said 'what are you doing tonight?’ Donghae: 'in my room…’ Then suddenly they shouted something like 'AKAN!!’ and pulled apart 

➮  Hyuk: where are we tonight? 

Fans: Hotel! 

Hae: At my house~ 

Hyuk: /hugs/ Doing what at your house?? 

Then hae hit hyuk’s head.

➮ when hyuk was talking, hae kept blowing at the side then started yawning. when it was his turn to talk, he was talking while yawning 

➮  At the last ment, Hae kept yawning, and Hyuk tried to put his finger into Hae’s mouth, but Hae just closed his mouth in time!   

➮ eunhae srsly spent a good 2 mins talking nothing just making dumb noises and laughing at themselves and this happened several times!

➮ At the end, hyuk said 'I don’t know when we can stand on stage again but for sure, we will be here tomorrow and the day after. I hope that regardless of the time that passes, all of you will be here like this too (in future). Promise?’ Then he held up his pinky finger

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D&E 2nd Tour - Fukuoka Day 2

Hyuk’s parents, Hae’s mom, Donghwa and Kyu are all there!

Hyuk: ah I can see kyuhyun! I couldn’t see wook ystd!
Kyu did an action to his shoulders.
Hyuk: are you saying that wook is short?

Hae: didn’t I tell you to not throw your tissues here?
Hyuk: but I always reuse!
Hae: I just want to give you a new one

Hyu: kyu ah how’s our concert?
Kyuhyun signaled that the talk is a little too long.
Hyukjae: okay~ in order to satisfy kyuhyun, we will talk for 2 hours today

Hyuk: wook came ystd. and kyu came today~ are you here to learn our skills?
Hae: Yesterday morning, yesung also called me to tell me that he had been training his dancing skills for these two years and didn’t sing at all.
Hyukjae: I hope he stops doing that
Hae: exactly. He always call me early in the mornings, I want to hang up but I can’t. Such a burden.

When Donghae was singing Love you love you more, he pointed briefly at Hyukjae!

Hyuk: I’m so nervous today because kyuhyun is always criticizing my singing.
Hae: it’s ok~ ballad time I over!

Hyuk: I am very nervous, bcs no matter where I practice, Kyu normally criticizes.
Hae: It’s ok now, the Ballad time is finished!

Since this is the last concert we made a toast with water bottles xD Donghae said “soju desu” and Hyuk corrected him by saying “it’s sake”

Hyukjae asked Donghae if he wanted to do one shoot with the water but he said no~ ahahaha

Hyuk: just now when we were singing I saw a fan crying. Are yall really so worried about our singing skills?

After kyu sang at ghm, hae exclaimed “wow! is he real?” then hyukjae replied “no this is a 3d effect. Our concert is so amazing.”

Hae: Why do we look like we are the guests of Kyu’s solo concert?
Hyuk: no, i am the MC.
Hae: We are like the casual ppl who come out to speak during the break when Kyu changes clothes..!

Kyu spot on D&E’s special microphone and said ‘Sugoi~~’
Then Hyuk ask Kyu Is KRY have Mic like this Kyu said N..no

Hyuk: why do members of KRY look fatter?
Hae: gain luck gain luck~ (this is direct trans but it means grown fatter)

Hyuk “You came here to promote KRY right?”
Kyu “We won’t bore you guys like this!”
Hyuk “What are you going to do? KRY is all ballads so that’s boring enough”
Kyu “You think it’s just going to be ballads?”
Hyuk “Then what? Yesung’s selca Show?”

Hae: let’s go be concert guests! We don’t need to do anything else, just hipthrust for 3 minutes of remix.
Hyukjae: they will sing 30 songs and fans will still be calm and clap. But the moment we perform fans will scream!

Donghae is so clingy to Kyuhyun. He kept touching, hugging and petting him. Then he started cleaning his ears. Kyu got mad and yelled at him

Kyu: Yesung said he is number 1 in Japan
Hyuk: That was 2 years ago
Kyu: but he was holding the recent data

Kyu: you all are mine!!
Hyuk: wae wae this is D&E concert
Kyu: I dont Carr D&E fans are mine
Hyuk: So kyuhyun is mine

Kyu: can I go off now?
Eunhae: why? Let’s talk tgt!
Kyu: I’m having a stomachache
Eunhae: we have to stand tgt till the last sec.

They asked Kyu to do the “eeeeeeeh janaika” but they were behind us telling us to do the “eeee D&E night” we did and Kyu was :///// so they said to him to do it one more time but he didn’t want to and Donghae kicked him on the butt. He did it again and we said “D&E night” and Kyu said doushiteeeeee

- before encore
Hae: Don’t play anymore, let us sing all the songs and we can relax a bit. We still have some activities later on, to dance chok chok dance and Kyuhyun need to come up the stage one more time

Hyuk: We ate with people from Avex. Although I’m not the one who started talking about it, we talked about going to Tokyo Dome
Hae: okay don’t be too excited. We are just saying, it will be great if we can go. Everyone don’t need congratulate us now

Hae took a helmet and threw it to hyukjae but hyukjae used his head to hit it.
Hae: what are you doing!
Hyuk: ah pain! I think I’m bleeding…
Hae: what?! I think it’s really bleeding, what are doing I just wanted you to catch it…,

during oppa oppa hyuk willingly showed his cheek to hae and hae kissed it firmly ㅠㅠ♡

During Oppa Oppa Eunhae were separated but then hyuk pointed his finger to hae and made gesture like "come here”, hae lost to temptation and kissed him

During gift instead of the usual video they showed a video with ELF and staff writing messages to D&E the message were like lets meet at Dome next time" “saranghae” “next time we wiII go together to the dome” **
D&E didn’t know about the video and they sat on the stage watching it and they cried

[** Nemoto-san wrote msg for eunhae “Mommy is happy because of having these cool men” (Eunhae call nemoto-san as “mom” (okaa-san) because she is their translators whenever SJ is on japan and she was also there for D&E 1st tour)
The staffs in video said “please take us to tokyo dome”]

Hyuk: I know what everyone is thinking about!
Hae: What?
Hyuk: Ah,i wanna go on the stage …i wanna wipe his sweat.. that T shirt…i want..ahh perverts!
Hae: No wonder.

Hyuk: it’s okay if you go even crazier over us, it’s okay if you are more pervertic….

Hyukjae: if only we could go to (Tokyo) Dome, it’d be so nice
Donghae: no
Hyukjae: o_o?
Donghae: then when we have talks, we will be further away from the fans
Hyukjae: then we can just go around the stadium a few times, go up to 2nd level, 3rd level as well~

Eunhae bullying translator and she danced chokiwa !

When they called the dancers on the stage all of them were crying

Hyuk: because of the staffs and fans we are able to do the concert. But of course without us this won’t happen too

- donghae’s last speech

From April we really had a great time together for a month. We didn’t really plan all of this but when we worked hard, before we know it we managed to make time to meet each other, we managed to have the time where we keep giving and receiving love. After this, if we keep working hard those time will increase. After this, we‘ll live life to the fullest while sharing our love. I will keep being the Donghae who can keep receiving love from everyone. Thank you.

- hyukjae’s last speech

I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know how am I supposed to say them. Thank you so much. After this concert ends, I don’t know when can I meet everyone again. But I believe everyone will always stay with us. And, we  will not forget about everyone and we wish to spend time while being thankful for all the loves. Saying farewell is really lonely but we’ll greet you for the last time. (in Japanese) Thanks to everyone, we managed to come up until here. We won’t forget everyone’s love and we’ll work even harder. Thank you.

Eunhyuk’s last words: Please wait for us.

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D&E 2nd Tour - Nagoya Day 1

Introduction :)
Hyuk “so next song”
Elf :“eeeeehhhh ?? (What)”
Hyuk “lets introduce ourself, what should we do ?”
Hae: now thats weird XD
Hae then wipped off hyuk sweat With paper towel and threw it on him XD
Then they introduced themselves in the same time with different Words XD konbanha and ohayo (good night)
Then they did it again until they said together “we love u”
Then hae introducing himself and saying “you have a little voice” and ELF screamed again
Hyuk did the same

Hyuk then faked to remove his jacket hae did the same to make elf scream
Then they removed it, hae walked all the stage to put in jacket away XD
then hyuk faked to remove his shirt and looked at us wrongly XD
then hyuk put his hand in his pocket. Hae put his hand on hyuk pocket too and they made heart sign with their fingers
They talked a bit thanked avex, sm and us and hae made a heart with his arms to ELF ~~~

They talked a bit didn’t quite understand sorry lol I think they said they are in live in korea today so we have to do it well~
Hyuk asked if we remembered the songs from other shows and said “test” ! 

We had to sing “ten years” we did it well but they laughed XD
Hyuk said to do it well for us and the ones looking in korea ?
Then hyuk wanted to show us sth, he said “one two….” “No wait” and hae and him laughed XD elf were like “whaaaat” and they did the crotch move from kiss kiss dynamiteeeee !!!!
Hyuk said to us “perv” and they did it again aaaaahhhhhh
Elf were screaming “one more time” omg

I think after they Were talking to korean elf watching us and showed us the many cams
Then they found out that a bug spot was showing a big ball light on the screen…. And hyuk went on the floor to do like the kamehameha ball in dragonballz and hae joined and they played With it making anime noises XD
Then they talked again to the cam I think for ELF from south america ? They are streaming too ? Woah
They played with the screen again, hae scratchibg hyuks head ^__^
Light cal action

Hyuk: previously we did in Nagoya hall, medium size now Arena large size . What’s next
Hae: dome, double large

Special service today by hyuk with kiss kiss dynamic toki toki pelvic thrust

Hae: there’s recording today. Ya practise the songs at home right?
Hyuk: feeling insecure

We sang 10 years well.
Hyuk: you all sang so well, don’t look like our fans
hae: not used to it
hyuk: if you all didn’t sing well, we can make slight mistakes. but since you all sang well, we must do well >_>

Hae: your voices are so soft! you didn’t eat breakfast?
Hyuk: I brought breakfast~ it’s in my pocket I’ll take it out for you~ /does a heart sign using his fingers/ eat more so you’ll have energy to scream

during intro, Donghae Wiped Hyukjae’s sweetly very gently with a tissue and said that his eyeliner is smudging and he doesn’t look good. So hyukjae let donghae to Wipe his Sweat donghae suddenly wiped hyukjae’s face roughly and threw the tissue at hyukjae’s face. Hyukjae pulled opened(?) his jacket and donghae threw the tissue at him once more. Donghae then proceed to intro dice himself as the ’D’ of ’D&E’ but because fans did not scream very loudly, he was not happy. 

Hyukjae was also unhappy with the volume so they said “you guys can’t make it.” Eunhae, then shared a look and started taking off their jacket. Fans began to scream loudly and hyukjae said “See they like it they are all perverts.“ Then hyukjae sis the hjpthrust in bari5! and fans started screaming again. Hyukjae then said "see you guys only like stuff like that. but the screams were not bad ah.”

lee donghae didn’t see donghwa when he passed by him LMFAO
hyuk sang halfway and he suddenly spotted donghwa tho hahahahaha
donghwa just laughed when hae passed by him.

hyuk: i know your wishes are to get married with me. but cannot, my heart isn’t ready
hae: im ready
hyuk: cannot!

At the end of kimi ga naitara, hyuk faked to play piano,
Then when the song ended hae asked if hyuk had a piano and faked to play too XD
Hae is complaining because they are on the back of the scene and everyone is looking at the screen and not them, XD so hae cant see our faces lol
So they sat down and waved at the camera XD

Hyuk asked hae to speak but he said his throat hurt, so he started to speak very slowly and asked the translator to do the same and it was very cute kk then hyuk spoke with a big voice.
Then they took water bottles and said “lets drink together” hae added “after the concert lets drink together” and “let have a date”
Loool when hyuk was speaking hae took the straw out of the bottle water with his mouth, smiled, but water was still inside the straw so he put some on hyuk XD
hyuk stood up and showed us his white pants wet XD then hyuk took a straw and did the same to hae XD he also slapped hae on his head ㅋㅋㅋ

hae suck water and sprayed on hyuk’s pants
hyuks: it’s all wet!!
hae: i thought you were hot
then hyuk suck water wanting to spray hae, hae use hand to cover and hyuk sprayed water on hae’s hand

Time for lottery~~~^^
Hae took the box and made the papers fall on his face then took one paper with his mouth. Then opened a little to let hyuk took it with his hand
Then they put head against head, hae made funny faces letting his tongue out haaaa
Hyuk said super show 4 then put the paper inside his mouth XD
Hae went to pick it but hyukkie throwed the wet paper on haes cheek ㅋㅋㅋ
Hyuk tried to show the paper on the cam but it was too wet kkk
Super show 4 superman in japan (osaka?)

Hae and hyuk stood on the stage doing superman moves while elf were singing.
Hyuk said to have fun~ us and elf Who are watching :)
Hyuk said they are looking for a girlfriend XD
They introduced where is she

Hyuk: the next song I will find my girlfriend.
Hae: I already found mine.
Hyuk: where
Hae: she will appear at the end
Hyuk: I will snatch her away from you when she appears
Hae: give you then

Hyuk: everyone’s legs must be sore? You can sit down.
Hae: everyone’s butt must be sore? You can stand up.

during kisskissdynamite hyukjae turned to kiss donghae but donghae used his hand to block

Hyuk said after saturday night “its really saturday”
Then they joked it was over XD They held hands and bowed ~~
Then 5yo old Hae bowed and ran like a crazy to the backstage XD hyuk then went on the floor, put his hand on his face and ran also on backstage, stopped shortly at the end and went inside XD
these 2 loool
Encore ~~

Hae saying ELF are beautiful and cute with strong japanese accent and hyuk did it  also~~
They pointed each other faces ^__^
Hyuk asked us if we had fun ;) he said i think elf watching and us are the same~ all elf are the same, Then hae screamed without his mike to ELF !! Hyuk asked if it was ok and hae said “its okay” still screaming than “thank you” in English
They kept talking some random words in English loool with a strong accent~ XDD
Hyuk asked if hae understood the theme of the concert ? Hae said and mimed a kiss “chuuu”
Hyuk said then theme was “chu~” lol

Hae randomly stood up and put his head upside down, his hair fallling down awww~
I have no idea why after they mimed playing basketball lol
Hyuk kept going in japanese and every elf were so surprised because he said it very well XD then he said he studied a lot XD
He then explained the 2 meaning of present~ and while hae did a cute face, hyuk read the screen in japanese so fast XD and made a proud and bad boy pose ㅋㅋㅋ
then they called themselves many elf XD “moron, garbage, toilet… ” lol

Hyuk kept talking abt present theme, and they spoke together at the end ~~
Hae put his hand on his eyes, like to cry then hyuk asked what happenned and hae casually said “i am hungry” XD
then hae “next song…… No”
Then hyuk said “next song mamacita !!” Hae started to dance and imitate siwon
hyuk said they gave us the last song~ present have so many meanings~

Hae put again his head down so long, his eyes tearing a bit but wheb hyukkie asked Whats going on~ hae said he was hungry lol
Hae put a confetti around his head XDDDD and made a node above his hairs XD

Today concert was showed in Korea and Chile. They talked about it and made intro
for Korea and Chile. When was time for Chile they said that they prepared to talk in
Chilean but the only things they said “Hello I’m Eunhyuk” and “Hello Im Donghae”
Donghae even added a cute “S" (Donghaesss) Eat the end of his name like a
good boy who think that you must add a “S” at the end of every Spanish word LMAO

Choki wa~
Elf screaming lee hyukjae and hae, they did rock paper game~ hae won so it was hyuk turn to do it. He ended on the floor so tired XD then hae took a bottle of water, opened it and threw it on hyuk XD
then hae turn he danced like crazy and fell on the floor XD hyuk had his revenge and put water on him too kk

They said they wanted to test us and they wanted to do the Doki Doki part. But at first
Eunhyuk was SO shy. But then he did it and when he pointed at his crotch everybody
scream and they said “I told you hentai desuuu”

Some girls in the arena were saying to do it one more time and Donghae said so to
Eunhyuk "Look they want one more time” and Eunhyuk was “why you are like this”
but did it anyway and when we chanted to do it again he said no

choki choki 4th time. Hyuk can’t already, just kneel down dancing choki
Hyuk dance till collapse. Hae say again. Hyuk dance
Hae solo choki. He collapse too
Hyuk: this dance really exhausting. Why ya like it so much

Last mc~ hae spoke a lot saying thank you~ and do not forget this time together TT
i think hyuk said he was sad to not be able to show the concert in Korea~ TT and then he thanked us and said because we are here they are happy
Then they bowed TT

Hae: let’s meet in our dream tonight~
Hyuk: let’s meet in the hotel
Hae: you pervert!
Hyuk: I’m perverts with everyone~

Hyukjae was speaking in Japanese (I think he was saying something like drink water) but couldn’t figure out the right form of the verb to drink in Japanese so Donghae helped him. The whole arena made a shocked sound and went all ooooh~~~~ and eeeeehhhh (cos usually it is Hyukjae who helps Donghae with Japanese) and Donghae looked very accomplished and very much proud of himself. Hyukjae then, said something in Japanese which sounded very complicated and all and they started a little battle (?) About who could speak a longer phrase in Japanese. Then Hyukjae said a word in Japanese that Donghae didn’t know and he whispered what is it" to Hyukjae in kor and Hyukjae struggled trying to explain it to him.

During the concert, when they were choosing papers, Donghae made a sound and Hyukjae asked “chu?” Donghae laughed then Hyukjae kept going “chu chu chu” Then Donghae asked “what are you doing!” And Hyukjae replied “I just want to kiss…”

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Compiled Updates: 140417 Niigata D&E Tour Day 1
  • Hyuk: what should we sing? fans: let it go! *hyukjae starts singing* ah maybe for next concert
  • Eunhae held hands for ages during i wanna dance n__n
  • Donghae: who am i?
    Fans: donghae
    Hyukjae: idiot! (then) i’m really hot can i take it off? D
    Donghae: ok~
  • “You have to break up with Hyukjae, Donghae.”
    “No…no.. I can’t do that- not to hyukjae.”
  • When Hyuk was teaching everyone Hae was shaking his butt, when it was Hae turn to teach, Hyuk did the same too.
  • Hyukjae put his fringe down for solo ~
  • During motorcycle, EunHae took turns poking each others chest.
  • Donghae ask fans to harmonize the song, he sang one line and fans will continue with a “yeah” then he sings and fans did “yeah” Hyuk continue with a “hey”, then hae ask “hey? ok lets do it again” so he sings again and fans started did “hey” Hae ask them to make the hey shorter.
  • fans sing 10 years, then later both of them look for couples, Hyuk wanted to see a couple bobo, so he let them take over the camera, but the pair they found isnt a couple.
  • 10 years, when the stair combined, EunHae was exchanging glances and smile, then they touches each other knees, then they switch places, Hyuk continue touching Hae knee, when Hae wanted to tease Hyuk, the stairs separated, then fans went crazy, donghae pouted, then Hyuk was glancing at Hae, fans screamed, Hae then glance at Hyuk.
  • Hyuk say 10 years later what do you think if I marry fans?
    Fan: no!
    Hyuk: but didnt you all say just now..?
    then everyone ask him to marry Donghae, Hyuk change the topic quickly.
  • during Teenage Queen, Hyukjae sang one line, then the female dancer did the move where they hold hands and then Donghae came rushing over and also did the same action.
  • During Love that I need, EunHae walk up the stairs, Hae want to put his arms around Hyuk shoulder but Hyuk bump Hae hand away with his shoulder
    Hae wanted to put his arm at Hyuk waist, Hyuk bump it away.
  • Love that i need, Donghae want to hug Hyuk shoulder, Hyuk shook himself doesnt want to let him do so, Donghae then forcefully did it, at last Hyuk comply, then they glance at each other and smile.
  • Hyukjae sang his part again and his voice didn’t break then donghae started singing again and hyukjae sung the whole part and his voice didnt break again \o/
  • Kimi ga naitara, Hyuk voice crack, at the end Hyuk was glancing at Hae, but Hae was back facing him, then Hae imitate Hyuk voice crack, Hyuk: whats that, I dont know. then Hyuk sing that line again without voice crack.
    Hae: before going onstage i asked eunhyuk if he is ok, can he do it? he said he can.
  • Hae went to see the girls in front row and sang when looking into her eyessss omfg
    They make a fan to sing solo
    After the fan done singing, the fan pretend to throw the mic onstage, shocking eunhae at the process.
  • Donghae started singing kimi ga naitara the first three syllables and then hyukjae stopped him for inaccurate pronunciation and made him start again then donghae sang again but the tone was too low LOL and hyukjae made him sing again in the original tone and fans sang along. after that hyukjae gave the mic to a fan and made her sing solo.
  • photo segment, EunHae was playing rock paper scissors and Hyukjae said “recently i’ve always been losing” but then Hyukjae won \o/ and Donghae gave him a thumbs up then they played again and Donghae lost again and Hyukjae said “you are weak, idiot!”
  • Donghae said to play scissors paper rock with the audience, the people who lose will leave, the people who win will raise their hands but then said he said cannot play because he doesn’t want to win against the weak.
  • Hyukjae: today’s pictures aren’t funny but beautiful, last year when we were travelling we talked a lot about the things we want to do and this year, we achieved them, we are very fortunate to be together with the members.
  • 1st pic donghae reveal is pic from germany, hyuk say this time its not funny pictures, they are pretty pictures, last year when they went to vacay together, they talked about the things they want to do, and most of them was fulfilled this year, and they feel happy to be with members。 second picture is also pic from germany, kyuhyuk with beer bottles.
  • pic Hae revealed, 4 of them stood at 4 square stones, all facing the camera, donghae was standing at the stone behind Hyukjae. pic Hyuk revealed, 4 of them divide into 2 groups, sit face to face at each other, EunHae was facing each other.
  • on the beer pic, Hyuk say it is a famous beer festival, they didnt manage to queue on the first day, so they say they will wake up early to queue on the 2nd day, and wake the members beside them asking them to wake up early, they line up for 2 hours and finally went in, but only KyuHyuk drank, Donghae doesn’t drink since long time ago, and Hyuk say he got drunk, and feel like eating sushi.
  • photo session finished and Hyukjae kept looking at backstage because Donghae hasnt come back yet
    Hyukjae said before this tour he didn’t know but now this tour is like travelling as well, but just together with 2 people.
  • Hyukjae: afterwards we went somewhere else to drink and I drank it in one go..
    Donghae: that’s why you immediately went to look for the toilet.
  • after Ten Years ended Hyukjae was staring at Donghae, fans screamed, Donghae was staring at the big screen and realised Hyukjae was looking at him then raised his mic in Hyukjae’s direction and Hyukjae opened his mouth…
  • oppa oppa - Donghae grabbed Hyukjae’s neck, when it ended he touched Hyukjae’s butt, with his whole hand on Hyukjae’s butt…
  • During oppa oppa, Donghae grabbed Hyukjae’s neck and at the end, Hyukjae had his arms around Donghae, his hands grabbing Donghae’s jacket so hard there were creases omg and then when it ended Hyukjae completely grabbed Donghae’s butt and held on for a long time and then Hyukjae ran away and Donghae was left on the stage alone and was very shy.
  • oppa oppa Hae strangle Hyuk, ending Hyuk hugged Hae, his hands was squeezing Hae jacket that you could see marks forming, after ending Hyuk grabbed Hae butt for quite some time then he run away, Hae alone shy shy at stage and he teases fans a bit then got off stage.
  • Hyukjae: we work hard, fans work hard with fan projects and that’s why we can have an album, why we can have a concert, so i feel very happy
    Hyukjae: we don’t know when the next album will be released, but if fans continue their efforts, there will definitely be another album, and another concert.
  • EunHae say they dont know if they will release Korean or Japanese new songs, but they will work hard and they also say they will prepare new concert.
  • Hyukjae told Donghae to wrap up the concert but then Donghae was just messing around and Hyukjae couldn’t bear it so he just said the ending words for the concert, meanwhile Donghae was still continuing to mess around lmfao.
  • Hyuk say next song is song composed by Donghae, named Haru, members will come out from the back. when the music started, Donghae sneakily went behind the screen, and when the screen opens, Donghae walk out
    Hyuk: SJ ah!
  • Donghae said its with a really heavy heart that he want us to take care of us bcz of what hapned in Korea.
    His eyes were so red….
  • Hyukjae wanted to introduce the dancers one by one, but the first one who came up he forget her name LMFAO and was quiet for a long time.
  • Hyukjae was touching his head for a long long time turns out he was looking for that choco mask LOL he kept looking for it but couldn’t find it orz.
  • Hae: everyone brains are like mine
    Hyuk: no they aint like yours, everyone are genius, but you arent. then they bickers again.
    Hyuk: my brain is handsome
    Hae: my brain is pretty.. then they couldn’t continue the conversation and Hyuk secretly glance at Hae, then EunHae laughed.
  • Hae: because of the sad tragedy in Korea, I performed on stage today with a very heavy heart. when everyone get home, even if it’s only a little, please don’t stop praying.
    Hae said this with teary eyes ;~; the hall became really quiet after his talk ;c


anonymous asked:

Hai, Sao.. I've been stalking your tumblr and you are awesome.. hahaha .. but I'm just an ordinary elf.. so i didn't know anything about shipper or OTP.. by the way what is OTP? but here, I kinda feel what you are feeling about Siwon and Kyuhyun.. What the reasons behind your certainty about wonkyu? are they real?? maybe i just need some facts about them because I think they are more than what I've ever think before ,, hhuhu. sorry I'm blabbing here, Thank you Sao ^^

[NOTICE] Why wonkyu could be real and not fan service is elaborated -> here.

Aaww, hello dear Anon!^^

Oh, you’re not at all ordinary!! If you don’t ship that doesn’t mean you’d be ordinary, ok? :) hmm, about OTP, well, it’s a fan-fiction term meaning ‘One True Pair’. It’s a couple that you like seeing together so you ship ‘em! Sometimes, we go as far as saying the couple might be real. But, there are differences. I mean, boys do ‘fan-service’ and for fan’s entertainment, they hug, kiss their fellow members and we think they are real. But, my blog was and is dedicated to tell the world, how much ‘WonKyu’ is not a fan-service. The words in bold & italics are links, so please click them! :)

When I became an ELF, my bias was Kyuhyun and Siwon. I didn’t have one bias. I heard about EunHae and from that i understood what otp means and all. But, WonKyu is my first and last ship. I never really ‘shipped’ them, i just liked how they cared about each other.