but i know some movies here are not love stories because stories are much more diverse and layered

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I'm mad Bc my friend saw bvs and he's like mr. Film critic. But he went into it with the notion that it was going to suck. He was like "well I'm ready to be disappointed" and then came out like "yeah it sucked like I knew it would" but literally couldn't even form his own argument he was like "it had no story line and it was pointless and no character development and blah blah blah" and it just makes me mad Bc he was so prejudiced against it already

WARNING: long response warning and calling people out below.

Your friend, no offense, is an idiot. Like a lot of these brainless critics who often go by “This Movie Didn’t Go By The Formula I Like To See. So By Default, It Sucked.” He’s sounds like the other critics who kept saying BVS was more akin to an illustrious mythological painting as opposed to Marvel’s light-hearted neat style.

  • Which is a compliment. ????¿ But okay.

Like, the reviewers are literally mad that BVS forced them to use their conscience. They’re mad that BVS required them to use their brain, to challenge their own ideals. They’re mad because BVS is the first superhero movie to actually face-to-face hold their characters accountable for their actions even when they’re “doing the right thing”. It’s the first movie to put their iconic heroes in an objective light and have the audience go as far as questioning the heroes they love.

They’re mad because their villain wasn’t one-dimensional. Ignoring Doomsday, Lex Luthor (Jr fyi cos all the reviewers completely missed that he’s Lex’s son) was a villain who even had the audience fooled on several occasions. You expect him to be one way and he’s not. You can see that his father, Lex Luthor, poured ideals into his son’s head that eventually turned Lex into some kind of villain.

Pulling tricks out his sleeves like he’s a freaking master magician, bringing literally bringing Superman to his very knees without having to harm a single hair on his head, and playing on Batman’s entire psyche the entire time to put the two titans, so to speak, against each other.

Both for entertainment and to prove something to himself, the world, and to both of them about each other (which actually in turn works in Bruce and Clark’s favor in the end). Lex played the characters and the audience well. You had no choice but to respect his brilliance.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I covered my mouth and said “oh my god” because of Lex’s reveals lol.
  • Not to mention how easily Lex did the math on Batman and Superman cause he actually used his eyes ha.

They’re mad because the women weren’t twenty-something in cat suits and wielding guns. That formula always works but it’s time for something different. Not every woman has to be gorgeous with a mysterious past. It’s er, unoriginal. It works but, it’s very unoriginal and it’s the archetype you can find in almost every movie written by a man involving “strong women”

They’re mad because the women were diverse in age, skill set, appearance, and even ethnicity

  • (WOC Wonder Woman, which if you ask me, is a superhero accomplishment of the century brought to you by DC/Warner Bros).

Because the women were written on an even playing field as the men in terms of risks, casualties, danger, and so on. Because the women weren’t used as a sexual subplot and played a special role, especially the mothers. ;)

They’re mad because it’s an actual comic book accurate comic book movie. That it told a story where the audience didn’t have to watch eleven movies first and didn’t need to be handheld. Ever read a comic book? That’s what it’s like watching BVS. You go to the next page and the next page until you get to the end and wait for the next comic book issue. Sometimes you can’t fully appreciate a story a comic is telling until you read all the installments. BVS is just the beginning.

10/10 of those reviewers didn’t like BVS because :

  • - they didn’t pay attention. literally it’s quite embarrassing how much they didn’t pay attention and how it shows in their reviews that they are either really really stupid or didn’t actually watch the movie

  • - they’re used to those “family friendly, witty one-liner” superhero movies that marvel constantly makes and so they get frustrated with DC’s unique formula despite the absurdity of expecting DC to mimic the same formula as Marvel when DC has an unrivaled, unabashed reputation of their serious movies

  • * (ps- the writers/producers for The Winter Soldier admitted to using elements of The Dark Knight trilogy to make Cap 2 just saying which means the movie used DC’s style and look how well that worked out for them :) ) (pss- Marvel and DC aren’t the same so don’t expect them to be ;) ) *

  • - they came in being cynical and judgmental and desperate to see the movie fail

  • - they’re hypocritical

You can’t demand diversity and complexity in a plot, claiming that you’re sick of Marvel’s witty-one-liner method…

…only to deny it when DC produces it.

pick a side, guys. you either want better writing or you just want something to complain about.

People say there’s no character development but there was. And frankly, how much character development goes into a movie where two main characters haven’t been formally introduced to the story yet? The only one who could possibly have character development is Superman since we met him already in Man of Steel. And if you pay attention, Supes had character development.

What a perfect way to bait reluctant fanboys into seeing the Wonder Woman film by showing her in BVS in her truest battle glory where quite literally everyone fell in love with her! What better way to bait people into seeing the upcoming films with The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, etc than to give them sneak peaks in the film and show time-traveling Flash approaching Batman. In the final works of the Justice League all the questions will be answered. It’s reverse-storytelling at its finest and I am here for this.

Your friends claim that there was no plot? Um. What, did he go to the wrong movie and stare at a black screen for two hours and forty-five minutes? Um. The whole movie is layered with plot.

Sorry your friend is so close-minded. I wouldn’t have bothered seeing it with him. People like that can’t be changed. They prefer to be cynical and unreasonably harsh on a movie for personal and childish reasons. Oh the woes of being an egotistical know-it-all movie-goer who calls oneself a “qualified reviewer” I suppose.

  • Imagine wanting every superhero movie to be the exact same? That’s like eating flavorless oatmeal every day. Blegh.

Thank god BVS is the way that it was.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with kid-friendly films (tho I’m not sure how “kid-friendly” Marvel is and I think they’re mistaking those early Spiderman films for what the MCU is making today. My nephew can’t watch any of the Cap movies because of the violence) but thank god for BVS being a movie adults/teens can enjoy without things being dumbed down so kids can access it. Sometimes stories are meant to be told differently and specifically and DC has never sacrificed that for their “child audience”.

The real audience members enjoyed the film aka moviegoers who don’t bother with critics, people who are just looking to see a good movie, and the people who know the comic book source material enjoyed it even more.

  • It made 700+ million dollars which is more than any superhero movie has ever made, breaking a few world records including highest grossing superhero film in the process.

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edit: he couldn’t form an argument because he didn’t pay attention to the movie lol