but i know i would love her

  • Penny: Hello friends! I wish to proposition you all to a new form of gathering I have just recently heard of from some of the guards!
  • Jaune: Uh, that's fine we-
  • Ruby: Would love to!
  • All: (glare at Ruby)
  • Ruby: (whispering) She can crush our hands with her forefingers, don't test her!
  • Yang: Er, so what kind of... Gathering?
  • Penny: I believe it was called an orgy! Though I am not privy to what that means yet! I cannot wait to discover it with you all!
  • All: (Shocked silence)
  • Jaune: Fuck it, I'm down.
  • Ruby: Same.
  • Pyrrha: I'll do it if Jaune is!
  • Nora: I've always wanted to have sex with a washing machine!
  • Yang: The more the merrier, right?
  • Weiss: Well, you know the saying...
  • Blake: If you can't beat em...
  • Ren: Christ Almighty, you're all pathetic.

alright kids listen up because i’m going to explain why anyone who feels sara “hotlips” “the biguar” lance or dinah “tina” “her?” drake is more true to comics black canary is wrong and their arguments are wrong

and also, no disrespect to sara or dinah, this is really about realizing them as separate characters of their OWN merit and how frustrating it is that people try to shove them into what they believe is comics canon because they’re uncomfortable with laurel. i don’t want to see dinah or sara hate on this.

and let me preface by saying that comics? comics are bad. i want us to all go in with an understand that some comics are good, but comics are bad. and i also want us to remember that arrow, arrow is bad. arrow is so bad.

one more preface this is super anti arrow’s oliver queen so just skip on ahead if you don’t enjoy the taste of me always being right. long post under the cut

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{Reaction} Block B’s s/o Being Approached by Another Idol

I am here to help you fill up your block b masterlist! how would block b react to their girlfriend being approached by another idol?

Note: Thank you so much for this! Please help me fill up my masterlist with Block B when requests open again ♥

Ahn Jaehyo

Originally posted by jaehyohoe

Jaehyo: “{y/n} is talking to an amazing idol. I hope she gives off a good impression; I know how much she loves up to them.” 

Woo Jiho/ Zico

Originally posted by welldonezico

Zico: “No kidding, {y/n} is actually having banter with that idol. Her reputation will be as good as mine before she knows it.” 

Park Kyung

Originally posted by pyojhoon

Kyung: *Watching from afar* “Don’t fuck this up {y/n} you may have collaboration opportunity with this.”

Pyo Jihoon/ P.O.

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P.O: *He’d be introducing you to idols tbh* “{y/n} meet Dean, Dean meet my girlfriend. You guys should make some music together since {y/n} is trying to get her name out there at the moment.” *Your biggest fan tbh* 

Lee Taeil

Originally posted by junhyyo

Taeil: “Jagi how many times have I told you that you should’t feel star struck, they are just people remember?” 

{y/n}: “You never said that when I was star struck over you.” 

Taeil: “We;; you’re allowed to be flustered over me but not that dork.” 

Lee Minhyuk/ B-Bomb

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B-Bomb: “Go and talk to that idol right now, you’ll regret it if you don’t. Go on Jagi, I have faith in you.” 

Kim Yukwon/ U-Kwon

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U-Kwon: “Why would I mind that you talk to other idols Jagi? I’m proud that you have the confidence in the first place.” 

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Hey everyone haven’t been feeling to well so I’ll be gone for a while, I may or may not come back I don’t really know. I disconnected my discord as well as my various other applications to just spend some time to myself for a while.

I would love to thanks all the wonderful people who have made my stay her fun while it lasted and all the amazing people I have met through tumblr.
@lolisarereligion @darkchunni @hexagon431 @moeitall @toomuchmoe Thanks you are for being wonderful people and talking with me.
I wish everyone the best, and a farewell!

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do you think yangs reaction on being there for a white rose confession/hook up would be different depending on wheter its ruby or weiss thats confessing?

I think she’d be supportive either way. Weiss confessing might break her brain a little bit, but I think she’d know about Ruby’s feelings well before because she’d either pick up on it or Ruby would just come to her and talk about it. Weiss confessing first might surprise her a little, but she’d still make signs confirming “Ice Flower = LOVE” and carry them around for a few days. Much to Weiss’ chagrin.

Author Spotlight: lilyvandersteen day 4

This is honestly one of the finest rec lists because it’s thematic. I couldn’t make all of the authors tag so have tried to list them in the tags too

Day 4: Recs!

Ooooh… I LOVE reccing fics! Only five, though? All right, then… 

I’ll try and stay off the beaten path for this. It would be easy enough to mention one of the classics by @anxioussquirrel, @chazzam​ , @mrscriss2012, @zavocado​, @missbeizy , @nadiacreek​, @heartsmadeofbooks​ or Rainjoy, but you already know and love those stories, so what’s the point?

1.      One of our fandom’s most original and imaginative writers is @sunshineoptimismandangels​. I love her stories. She can take an age-old trope and completely turn it upside down and inside out. I love her take on Kurt and Blaine, and she writes Cooper so well, too. The fic of hers I’m going to rec is Missing Pieces. I’m not going to spoil the plot for you. All I’ll say is that I’ve read and re-read this story countless times, and it never fails to move me. Absolute must-read!


“Why did those men think we were gross?” he asked. “What did we do wrong?”

“Nothing,” Kurt said, turning in his seat to face B. “We didn’t do anything wrong. Some people just don’t like to see two men together.”

“But… They were all men and together.”

“Yes, but they thought we were on a date, and they don’t like gay people.”

“They don’t like people just because they are gay?”

Kurt sighed. He hated that this was something B had to learn about the world. “Yes.”

“People are scared of things they don’t understand,” B said, remembering the words Kurt had told him before.

“Yeah, and sometimes people don’t want to understand.”

B was quiet for a moment and Kurt watched him closely, trying to determine what he was thinking. Slowly, a smile grew on B’s lips.

“They thought we were on a date?”

Kurt rolled his eyes and laughed. “That’s what you got from what just happened?”

B shrugged and smiled. “I don’t mind people thinking we were on a date.”

2.      I’m a fluff writer, and I also love to read fluff. Nothing brings me more joy than waking up to a new story by @hazelandglasz​, @whatstheproblembaby​, @a-simple-rainbow, @chatterboxrose​, @sir-pyllero​, @notthetoothfairy​, @skivvysupreme or @fablewriter . They never fail to make me smile and they improve my mood a thousand-fold. If you’re fever feeling blue, I encourage you to look up these authors on AO3 and read some of their offerings – it will make you feel happier in no time.

The piece of fluff I’m going to rec here, though, is a wonderful cross-over between Glee and Enchanted called That’s How You Know, and written by the lovely @afterthenovels . It’s still a WIP, but there’s more than enough of it to capture your attention, and there’s no cliffhanger that will make you count the days until we get the next chapter. And oh, I love this story SO much. Kurt and Blaine are so sweet and shy and oblivious, and they complement each other so well. *Happy sigh* Read it, you’ll LOVE it, that’s a guarantee.


Blaine steps closer as quietly as he can, but Kurt doesn’t even stir, his eyelashes fanned out over his cheeks as he sleeps. He looks… younger. Less like a prince and more like a regular man.

“I guess you really were tired,” Blaine says quietly.

He unfolds the blanket in his arms and spreads it carefully over Kurt’s body, making sure it covers him from neck to toe. Kurt shifts in his sleep, huddling closer to the warmth and letting out a pleased hum, his lips curling into a small smile, and Blaine can’t help the smile that spreads over his own face.

His hair is a mess, he has no idea where his boyfriend is or why he missed their date tonight, his best friend is worried about his love life, and there’s a strange man sleeping on his couch, looking surprisingly at home for someone who’s clearly very far away from home.

Yeah. Maybe he can deal with all of this tomorrow.

3.      Much as I hate scary movies, I love to read scary stories once in a while. Ghosts and vampires and djinns and the like stirring up no end of trouble. I’m reading a delightfully eerie nail-biter right now called Callaway Place (also by @sunshineoptimismandangels), but the story I’m going to recommend here is All the Beautiful Pieces by @lady-divine-writes​. Once again, it’s a WIP, but I hope you won’t let that scare you off, because this story has everything to keep you spell-bound: a house with a dark past, voodoo magic, a protagonist with second sight, and a sweet love story between Kurt and Blaine, because of course they find each other and fall in love in spite of all the craziness surrounding them.


Blaine slips a hand beneath the puppet’s shoulder and another behind his head, lifting him ever so gently and relocating him the final distance.

“Just a few more inches,” Blaine says in a soothing voice, “and we’ll wrap you up and put you in the box.” Blaine gazes at the puppet’s face, into his single good eye. He smiles wider as he lays the puppet on the blanket, but his hand beneath the puppet’s head starts to feel warm. It begins at a spot in the center of Blaine’s palm and radiates like a single ray of golden sunshine. It’s liquid heat, pouring into his veins, shooting out to his fingers, filling his body up like a cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day.

His eyes are open, his mind awake, but the haze returns. It obscures his vision in a veil of white mist. It drifts in front of his eyes. He can only peek through in random spots where it thins, revealing shimmering images that disappear like the dreams you hold on to in those seconds right before you wake.

Can you feel that? Blaine hears his own voice whispering inside his head.

I do, another voice replies. It’s high and lilting, pure as silk and singing in his ears.

What does it feel like? 

It feels like…like summer all over my body…

Blaine laughs, pressing his lips to cool skin. “And what else?

A giggle answers him in that same musical voice. “It feels like…

The voice gasps, and Blaine feels his body tighten.

It feels like you, the voice whimpers breathlessly. “Everything is you…all around me…it’s you…

Blaine closes his eyes as the world collapses in on him. Behind his eyelids he can see another set of eyes gazing back at him – perfect blue eyes, patient blue eyes, loving blue eyes that shift to grey and glimmer like rare jewels. Quivering pink lips smile at him, part, and then whisper a single, blissfully choked-off word.


4.      I much admire writers who can make their readers laugh their heads off. So the fourth fic I’m going to recommend is a very funny one. In this category, honourable mentions go to @skivvysupreme’s Drunk Kurt fics, Sexy101 by Sweet Emii, Seduction & Straight For A Week by @Crazy4Klaine and When you read my mind by @alexwishington​. But the story I’m choosing to spotlight is called Teenage dreams and movie scenes, and it’s written by @saraklaine100​. Both Kurt and Blaine are famous in this fic, and Kurt has a huge crush on Blaine, so his best friends corner Blaine until he agrees to meet Kurt. Cue a very embarrassed Kurt, and an instantly smitten Blaine. This story is amazing. Guaranteed to cheer you up however blue you’re feeling.


Kurt was working on autopilot. He had no conscious decision to outstretch his hand or the time to process it. He just stared at those hazel eyes he found so fascinating one moment and the next he could feel Blaine’s warm hand squeezing his own. He felt prickles all over his skin. Well, up until the moment James and Oliver clasped their hands and all but yelled “We now pronounce you Kurt Hummel and his teenage dream” and Kurt facepalmed at this, ripping his hand away from Blaine’s hold.


“Get the fuck out” Kurt hissed at his friends and they knew better than to stay. They patted Blaine’s shoulder like he’s an old friend, still smiling and he could swear he heard Sean say “Condoms are under the sink” before they left.


Kurt was still craning his face in his hands. “Please just leave” he said. “Just…Look, I’m gonna keep my face covered and you can just run away and you can pretend this never happened. Send me the bill from therapy. ”

5.      And of course my fic rec list wouldn’t be complete without a smutty fic rec. It’s so difficult to narrow this down to just one fic. Some authors you should definitely check out in this category are @dualwielding, @stellata, icedwhitemochas, flyblckbirdfly and rayychel infinity, but the fic I’m going to recommend is by @caramelcoffeeaddict. It’s called Desperate Times… and it’s absolutely smut-a-licious, but definitely more than just PWP. It’s a wonderful story, and I promise you that you will love it.


Devon takes a few steps back, so he’s now standing in front of Angel, and starts teasing the removal of his pants; all while dancing seductively to the music. His fingers twist in the waistband of his pants and then he yanks hard, pulling the breakaway pants off, and throwing them at the wall behind Angel. He’s left in just a tight red thong that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Once again, Devon straddles Angel, hovering just above his lap. He stretches his arms above his head, crossing them at the wrists, and rolls his hips down, teasing Angel. Devon turns himself around, bending at the waist, showing off his ass. He cranes his head around to see Angel licking and biting his lips as he stares at Devon’s ass. Devon smirks, and then smacks his own ass once, before righting himself and winking at Angel.

Turning around to face Angel, Devon starts to play with the straps of his thong, giving Angel tiny glimpses of his cock. He straddles him once again, gyrating to the music. “Would you like to touch me, Angel?” Devon asks in a low, sultry voice.

Angel visibly gulps, lets out a shaky breath, and slowly nods his head.

anonymous asked:

I took the "They'll only ever love each other" differently. Like it's an unfinished sentence. "But they sure will try" Or she will. I know you said they won't go the triangle route because they got it out of the way, but I disagree. Despite Will and AIDA, they haven't truly had a triangle. I know this isn't THAT kind of show, but I rule out nothing when it comes to these writers and what they do to Fitzsimmons.

Hi Anon,

Yes, we technically haven’t had the traditional love triangle.  I know I said they’d done the love triangle and they wouldn’t do it again.  And that WAY back when AIDA first showed up they would never do a relationship between her and Fitz and well the writers found a very creative and painful way around that.  I’m good but in early A I did not see Fitz being kidnapped, brainwashed, and manipulated into a relationship with her in an computer world coming. 

So at the risk of tempting the universe and the writers I don’t see them going there.   There are a few factors in play some ‘business’ and some story wise.    

  • By business I mean those who consume their product, the fandom.  I’ve said many times there is a fine line between keeping it fun and interesting and frustrating and painful to the point where people don’t want to watch anymore.  And for some, they already crossed that line with the Framework Arc and Fitzsimmons, it went too far, and the pay off wasn’t enough to compensate for the level of pain it caused.   We even see it in articles and interviews too with the “you certainly have put Fitzsimmons through the ringer” in that its getting old for them too.   Then we have non shippers where its getting ‘old’ for them too.  
  • Story wise it makes absolutely zero sense for them to go that route especially now.   Both Fitz and Jemma are going to be healing from the events of last season.  Its confirmed they both love each other.   Fitz is coming off some serious trauma and the idea that either of them would enter into a relationship with someone else on the heels of this literally makes me sick.  Fitz wouldn’t have started up a relationship with someone as he was helping Jemma recover from Maveth just as Jemma wouldn’t have started something with anyone while she was helping Fitz heal from his TBI.  That would be an unforgivable level of character assassination as it would make zero sense especially after everything we saw and heard last season.   It would also completely throw away what they have set up, and that is Fitz’s healing arc and Jemma helping him to do that. 
  • Character and story assassination aside, if either Fitz or Jemma got involved with someone else, we already know they wouldn’t love them, they’d still love the other person. So there’d be absolutely zero point to it, either narratively or in terms of characterization. Jed wouldn’t keep saying “they’ll never love anyone else” if he was planning to introduce a love triangle. He’s already told us the outcome.

The arc we are set up for next season is one of healing and them fighting together.   Its time their story comes full circle.

  • Season 1:  Practically inseparable but not a couple
  • Season 2:  Angst…so much angst as Fitz healed.  Jemma left him then because she thought that was what he needed to get better.  She knows now that that is not the case and I do not see her willingly being away from him.
  • Season 3:  Jemma was taken, the whole contrived roadblock Will fiasco, guilt that kept them apart most of the season.  We knew the feelings were there and we finally got them together towards the end of the season.
  • Season 4:  Started with professional separation Jemma’s new job and Fitz working with Radcliffe.  Then it moved to physical separation when Fitz was kidnapped and then thrown into the Framework Hades.  

So my hope for season 5 is we are back to being practically inseparable.   Them working together, working on healing together, and the the bigger issue being getting Fitz wanting to work and create again and seeing he’s not a bad person.  Them fighting to get home so they can move onto the next stage of their relationship.  Get engaged at the very least.  That to me is far more interesting than throwing an rando into the mix that will only serve as a wedge for a few episodes.  

There is also a much bigger targets for the Love Triangle Trope.   We have two other ships on the show right now that they would have an easier time doing that with.   I don’t think they do it with Philinda, they’ve had weird versions of the ‘love triangle’ too already on top of missed windows.  They had their “Maybe there is moment,” in the finale and Coulson was promply taken off to space (so lesson learned never say that unless you want to be taken to space).  We won’t know for a bit if May and the others are there with him.  Or if the team is there, how long the writers drag that out for, what kind of roadblocks they have in store.  Meaning I worry that the couple that could see a love triangle will be Mackelena if they wanted to go that route.  They ended the season on the best note out of all the couples but at the same time they are the newest, still getting to know each other, and they haven’t been/worked with each other for an extended period of time.  Its a whole new ballgame for them if they are indeed living and working together and they will face some of the growing plains that we saw even Fitzsimmons having as they adjusted to their new relationship ‘on the job’.  

Not to mention we have Daisy in the mix too, they could pull the another trope with her where they introduce two prospects and do the whole “who will she chose” crap.  For the record I do not want that!   And like you said AOS isn’t that kind of show.  If they went anywhere near this it would be super low key and likely slow burn.   

Yes, the writers can do anything, but its not what they have set up or where I feel the story is going to go.  They’ve set up the endgame (Marriage and Perthshire), they’ve even set up the next obstacles (possibly being kidnapped to space and both needing to heal from the Framework).  If this is the last season we’ve got 22 episodes to get us a good way into the Endgame.   And I’ll be blunt, a love triangle for Fitzsimmons after everything we had this season would just be the straw that broke the camels back.  I survived the Framework…barely (I even designed a T shirt)…I won’t stick around for a contrived love triangle.  

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i see ares liking persephone secretly, only telling Aphrodite about it bc she's pan and likes her too (i mean who doesn't like persephone), and persephone low key knowing but loving ares as a brother. also hades found out because persephone said something about it and now she's very protective of her around ares and 10/10 will start a war against ares for her.

first of all, i would also start a war for persephone and secondly, i once read a fanfic abt aphrodite n persephone being in love n using fighting over adonis as an excuse to meet, it was gr8

So that new Camp Camp trailer dropped . . .

And you know, it’s be super weird if someone went through and screenshot every second their favorite character was on screen, especially when they’re a minor character no one else gives a shit about. What a ridiculous waste of time who would ever bother to do 



(and no I couldn’t get rid of the title bar just deal with it)

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So do you think Iris will be in a serious relationship when Barry gets back? He told her to move on with her life (and for some reason most show runners think happy couples : ( don't sell), which was good in some respects.

That would be very strange to me. 

She took a solid year to be ready to date after Eddie’s death, and I think it would be at least that long for Barry’s “death”. She didn’t technically date Barry for as long as she did Eddie, but they were planning their wedding and envisioning their life together, not to mention they’ve been friends (and in love) for over a decade.

I can only imagine that if Iris is dating already when Barry gets back, it’s largely as a means of coping with her grief and mourning, and shouldn’t stand in the way of them getting back together and moving forward.

I know happy couples don’t last that long in DC CWTV but seriously, having Barry or Iris with anyone else in canon at this point would be… foolhardy? And bad writing, imo.

(That being said, if they aren’t together or are delaying being together in S4, I suspect it would be because of Barry for some reason, and due to whatever he saw/experienced in the speedforce, but I guess we’ll see).

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Hello :) I was wondering of you could please rec some johnlock fics set in pride and prejudice au or really just any regency era/jane austen au. These are my favorite fics to read and I would love to have your recommendations. Thanks :)

Oh, goodness Nonny, don’t hate me please: I actually do not read regency AU’s! D: It’s not really my thing (I think being forced to read them in school ad nauseam kind of spoiled my like for the genre). I know Alexx has few similar genres on her list here:

Otherwise, can anyone req any good AU’s for my lovely Nonny here? Cheers!

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It's no fair to say that Chris don't go because Mel don't go. I mean Chris is a wanderful man he can take his own decisione and he can go wherever he wants he don't need anyone to difend him, it's not like Chris is a baby and Melissa is his mum.

Yeah but as a fan my first concern is his well-being. If he doesn’t feel safe or loved and he thinks he won’t be well-received then I understand that he might not want to go. I’m sure that he knows and we know that if Melissa were there, fans would respect him a lot more since they wouldn’t want to upset Mel and they know they’re dating but her not being there could really encourage them to be nasty toward Chris. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting her there for moral support. That doesn’t make him a baby. 

I feel so so sad for people who won’t get to meet them. It must be so upsetting but I also worry about Chris and I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable or unsafe or anxious because he doesn’t owe us anything.   

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yknow.. as much as i love the idea of plaxum and lance, i really dont like the fact that lance was only interested AFTER she took off her jellyfish and he saw how pretty she was... i hate the idea that he was only excited that he was kissed by a girl because she was pretty. we saw his face when she kissed him with the jellyfish on. he looked really grossed out..

Yeah that’s the only iffy I have with that.

I like to think that if they were to develop a relationship longer than what they had and she hadn’t taken the jellyfish off he would’ve probably fell in love or just really got to know her and respect her and all that good stuff and her taking it off and being pretty would just be a perk.

But like…I kinda don’t blame him? Only because if a jellyfish thing kissed me I’d be grossed out because you know, slime and all.

And finding out it’s a really pretty sea babe.

I would eat a raw jellyfish for her, slime and all if it meant more kisses from a literal angel

rhaellas  asked:

opinions on rhaella, elia, and lyanna

fuck sydney you’re gonna make me cry 

rhaella: deserved better!!!!!! poor rhaella :( i. want. to. know. more. about. her. also get her tf away from aerys idgaf is together they made dany NO ONE DESERVES WHAT AERYS PUT RHAELLA THROUGH like stoP. let her fall in love with joanna and have them both ditch their shitty husbands and run away together <3 (i still love joanna with tywin a lot tho, so w/e)

elia: elia fucking martell, light of my life. ALSO DESERVED BETTER. mad @ jaime for being a huge dick and not thinking elia and her children would be in danger after he killed aerys smh, which i have corrected here (shameless self promo). ANYWAY wow i looove elia. she was so good and kind and STRONG AF and needs to get away from fuckboy rhaegar bc he doesn’t deserve her (no one does, elia is perfect)

lyanna: lyanna sweetie, i’m so sorry for what shitty men have done to you!! lyanna is a badass and i have mad love and respect for her!! she also needs to get the fuck away from rhaegar (i don’t care if their “love” was consensual or not… he abandoned elia and his children for u bc of a shitty prophecy that probably wasn’t even about him, u can do better sweetie) i wish she were alive!! can u imagine her relationship with arya? let me just…. lay down and cry for a bit

your opinion on…

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So we all know Robbie is super tough and badass. But how long do you think he could withstand May's epic patented death-glares and side-eyes and dirty looks after she finds out he's dating Daisy 😂 I like to think May's still really protective of Daisy, in her own way, and maybe she'd think Robbie is just more trouble than Daisy needs.

I remember during the Ghost Rider arc, I would joke about how hard it would be for Robbie to win over his future father-in-law (Coulson). Funny now how Coulson digs QuakeRider (“I missed it didn’t I? You two together, and we missed it. Damn!”) and probably already sees Robbie as a son to him.

Robbie stands no chance under May’s glare. 😂 May is hella protective of all her teammates, but I think Daisy especially. I agree that she probably wouldn’t like the idea of Robbie dating Daisy, but I’m sure he would win her over eventually. He’s a responsible, good guy (who just happens to be possessed by a demon 😅)

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Hi I was wondering, what flowers would make a good birthday present to a mother? Like ways of saying "I love you mom" in flower?

Hey tuxedocat97!

The only thing I could find that comes close to this request would a combination of ambrosia (love returned) and moss (maternal love.) Among a few other meanings cacti also stand for maternal love, and then there is cinquefoil which means maternal affection.

So your character might rather look for their mother’s favourite flower, a flower in her favourite colour or simply something pretty they know their mother would like. Whether or not that’s a bouquet or potted plant is up to them.

However there are plenty flowers meaning love, so here’s a few that might still work:

  • acacia - platonic love, friendship
  • ambrosia - love returned
  • cactus - maternal love, ardent love, warmth
  • chrysanthemum - lovliness and cheerfulness
  • cinquefoil - maternal affection, beloved daughter
  • clove - dignity, I have loved you and you have not known it
  • fuchsia (globe flowered) - confiding love
  • honeysuckle - bonds of love, the bond of love, (generous and devoted) affection
  • myrtle - love, joy, love positive, love in absence
  • primrose (chinese) - lasting love
  • rose - love, beauty
  • rose (austrian) - thou are all that’s lovely
  • rose (bridal) - happy love, happiness
  • virgin’s bower- filial love

I hope this was helpful!

- Mod Jana


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So I LOVE Sanvers but am i the only one who's not so crazy about the proposal?I'd love to see their wedding eventually of course but b4 that i was hoping to see them doing more regular couple things together, you know?As they said, I want them to have more first times,I'd like to know more about Maggies's past and her family, maybe even meeting some of them?Idk, I'd love to see that b4 seing their wedding, it feels a little rushed for me. Anyway, just want them 2b happy, can't wait for season3!

here’s the thing: i think it was a little rushed too (though to be fair alex “impulsive” danvers asking maggie to marry her after kara’s advice was… in character lmfao). in a perfect world, i would want something to interrupt alex’s proposal to where maggie isn’t allowed to answer. and then it becomes a big elephant in the room because maggie is so happy alex loves her like that but it was said in the moment, just out of the blue, and maybe alex doesn’t actually think about spending the rest of their lives together like she does? and alex doesn’t bring it up because if maggie isn’t saying anything what she would say has to be negative and she can’t face rejection again. and then something happens where one of them almost dies (personally i imagine it being maggie) but maggie is crying and is like “fuck it, danvers. marry me. please.” and that would be like… in the second half of season 3. so we’d have this whole little subplot of alex and maggie dealing with this.

but i doubt that’s gonna happen, so i’ll take what i can get? like i mentioned in my previous ask/post, my first wlw ship was swan queen, which was like… disgustingly queerbaited for six years. not to mention everyone who didn’t ship sq more than likely treated sq shippers like we were lesser. and, yeah, some of that group of people included the cast. and moving onto sanvers afterwards is like… a breath of fresh air? i finally have something canon. and i get that it’s not perfect, but i’d rather have the u-haul extreme than the extreme i have in shipping sq. or one of them dying. i think, in the long run, this is better than the alternatives. 

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How the fuck do you forget about someone you love? Because I haven't seen her in 3 years, I haven't talked to her in 6 months and I erased every single one of her texts and it still hurts so much and not a day goes by where I don't think about her and I just want it to stop.

I feel you on this, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the first person I fell in love with. 

I know it doesn’t feel like it but the feelings with decrease, they may not ever leave you but you will be able to fall for someone else and get on with life. I would say just try and get a new crush to take your mind off this person and just do as much as possible so you aren’t just sitting thinking of them. Also spend time on yourself and make sure your mental health is doing well 


@dwts-chemistry I apologize for reposting but I am on mobile and can’t reply with pics. But you guys….

Look at his face. What kind of bittersweet happysad angst is this? He missed her so much, and he was so happy to finally see her again, that he is tearing up. And they have that moment where they are just exchanging looks and he is speaking Sharna and he is speaking James and they have to KNOW.

Who is going to write the fic where J realizes he loves S and wishes he would have pursued something but she’s already found happiness with someone else?