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Just stumbled upon this commercial.

From the looks of it this was made to help promote The PowerPuff Girls Movie (as well as another movie made by Warner Bros. which also happened to be based on a beloved cartoon) while also including other Cartoon Network characters. Here we see Johnny Bravo trying to get dating advice from the PowerPuffs and Dexter. Kind of odd now that I think about it. The PPG I can sort of understand, but Dexter rarely ever leaves his lab. What would he know about dating?

After seeing several of these crossover promos I now have this headcannon that Johnny Bravo is kind of like a big brother to the PPGs since they’re often seen hanging out together. I just find that idea adorable.

Also keep an eye out during the scenes at the studio, there are a ton of references snuck into the background that Cartoon Network addicts are sure to recognize.

Also, who wants to take a guess at who Johnny got a date with?

My money is on Velma Dinkley.

Oh, it was TOTALLY Velma.

This is super cute though, gosh, thanks for sharing it!

“Hufflepuff is the most inclusive among the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members.”

“Hufflepuffs are defined by their love of family, comfort, and living things first and foremost… They also care deeply for people and enjoy the company of others; being alone or feeling unloved are things Hufflepuffs dislike intensely

Hufflepuff is a House of teamwork; it’s very group-oriented. Puffs care deeply about their family first and foremost, and want to be loved/think of loved ones rather than any sort of greater scheme or accomplishment. They’re creatures of comfort, and go for something that’s familiar and home-y rather than something strange or mysterious.”

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You should add onto your andreil asl/pse. Like more in depth about when around the foxes or something.. it's actually a really cool idea.

Your wish is my command…
(I guess this is kind of a continuation of this post)

  • since the two of them are both the eptiome of Extra™ they would have multiple conversations at once
  • kevin could be going on about games or plays
  • andrew would just start signing to neil out of boredom
  • neil would respond to andrew and answer kevin without even thinking
  • dan and matt are just in shock when they see andreil arguing rapidly in asl
  • nicky tries in vain to learn a few signs so he knows what they’re talking about
  • he thinks he’s done it but then is completely lost when he sees them having a conversation
  • renee actually does pick up a little bit of asl
  • but she never eavesdrops on their conversations
  • the angel
  • wymack notices but doesn’t even make a comment bc nothing phases him anymore
  • sometimes neil or andrew will randomly switch from signing to english 
  • andrew signing something to neil and neil answering in english while his hands are full
  • thus leaving the rest of the foxes thoroughly confused
  • andrew, signing: I hate you
  • neil, in english: Yeah, yeah, I know. Six feet under and all that. What flavour of ice cream do you want me to pick up?
  • the foxes: ????????
It is so dark in here

thank you for your kind words everyone … i appreciate your concern and want to let you know that i am safe … for now. It’s only a matter of time until my former boss figures out how to delete posts (even tho she has no clue wtf she is doing) so this might be gone in the morning.

Fortunately modern ocean research stations have a lot of good places to hide. I spent last night in an empty spill-off shaftway that is shut off during the winter. It was mostly dry and warm from the steam vents plus was in range of base wifi so I can’t really complain. I probably shouldn’t say exactly where I am hiding out now in case they actually check this tumblr. I am good on supplies, I stocked up on emergency food rations (eating a tuna MRE rn ironically enough), a macbook from the computer lab, and external batteries they use to power dive equipment.

It’s really dark in here. It’s so crazy that beyond this metal wall I’m leaning against is nothing but cold dark ocean. The noises in this part of the station are insane, groaning metal and steam and echoes, plus this deep rumbling sound from outside i can’t decipher. I’m trying not to think about it too much.

The next supply ship docks in about three days from now, I’ve been tracking its gps (I still have remote access to almost every system on the network). I have a friend inside the dolphin research division who I can trust and he said he has a plan to get me on that boat. Hope I can come home to cape cod soon… would love to meet you guys irl who have been cheering me on… it really means a lot to me.

I probably won’t be able to post a lot in the next few days, but have a few ideas of how to get back at them

till then … I will remain strong

- Your “fun mod”

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I don't know why but I kind of see you as the mad scientist. You got the sweet hair and sweet style. Get your self a Lab coat made out of pink leather 💖

GOALS! ! ! that’s so flattering if only i were as good at science as i were interested in it 

i have this gif of me from one of my physics class videos bc tbh i’m not gonna make up excuses i loved wearing that coat she was Feeling Herself that day 

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(1) I read a short story recently which was all about neurodivergent AIs. The premise was that humans were just beginning to do stuff with artificial intelligence, and so they hadn't got all the kinks worked out yet. For example, one of them was extremely analytical and refused to make decisions until they had run through all the possible outcomes of any and all choices, to the point of taking almost a month to respond to (what is implied to be) a simple question. I know that that is obviously

(2) exaggerated beyond anything a human would do, but as with someone with an anxiety disorder who has a lot of problems making decisions, it kind of clicked for me. Also, all the AIs were female coded, and the one scientist character was a woman, which I think is neat both because of having a sci fi story with all female characters, and because AIs tend to be male coded so much. Anyway, I guess I wanted you to know that stories about neurodivergent AIs exist.

Honestly, that’s something that really appeals to me a lot, anon, and I’m glad that you mentioned that. While it’s not necessarily related to this ask, I wanted to clarify a bit of my thoughts on the topic more. So here have “your meta is weak and it won’t survive the winter”, the less pithy version:

In a bit better words, a lot of what inspired me to write this post and its followup, was “saying ‘there’s magic and it fixes things’ or ‘I’m not writing about humans I’m writing about elves/aliens/robots’ is no excuse for utterly failing to acknowledge that disabled and neurodivergent people exist in your setting.”

Even outside of what people have pointed out- that “disability” is not a one-size-fits-all concept and there is not a one-size-fits-all “solution”, the disabled and neurodivergent are a group that is positively starved for fictional representation and especially positive representation that doesn’t use said neurodivergence or disability as a justification or evidence of how morally rotten they are.

You are not sending a message of hope if your message to part of your audience is “this is a better world, it’s a world without people like you.”

It’s something I think about a lot in terms of: I’m autistic. It’s my brain. There is no point where you can take a scalpel and separate the parts of my brain that are The Autism ™ and the parts that are Real Authentic Clockie, because large pieces if not all of Real Authentic Clockie is inextricably linked to autism.

A world without autism isn’t a world where I’m Better, it’s a world where I don’t exist. A world without autism, as a concept, is a world without autistic people, not a world where all those autistic people are Better. It’s an insidious kind of erasure that says there is a perfectly good Normal Human Being inside of you, if only your wicked Illness hadn’t consumed it, and fails to account that there is a perfectly good human being right here, already operating, if you just bothered to actually pay attention to who I am and what help I might need.

Fantasy and science fiction have always been some of my dearest fascinations and closest friends, since I was in elementary school. I grew up with Harry Potter. And I think that’s why it’s particularly heartbreaking to see people build huge, exciting, elaborate works of worldbuilding, and then lock the theme park gates. “You can look, but don’t you dare see yourself in any of these people. This is a better world, and you aren’t allowed in it.” Almost worse still, to say “I’ll let you in, but you can only be the monster, and you have to suffer and die at the end.”

If your vision is ruined by having to build a wheelchair ramp for it, then it means it’s a bad vision. 

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i'm really excited for the live show as well! life has been kind of ... how do u say it... horrible? and, as you said, it's really nice to have something happy and light and positive to look forward to :)

i know for me too it has been not that great. i am depressed as i type this but thinking about the liveshow makes me feel a little better so.. glad that’s a thing. i hope you feel better <3


Wow, it literally happened just a few minutes ago… HOW?! I literally don’t know what to say anymore… this happened so fast since early February just… guys, thank you so much! C:

I know I haven’t been very active recently, some stuff got in the way a bit, but I’m working on more projects, don’t worry! Hopefully I’ll get to animate this next GIFset soon (should be a good one hehe). So that’s coming, I promise! :) If I’ll be able to pull it off that is, because this is a kind of project I’ve never done before.

But I digress, sorry. Let me say it once again, to every follower I have - THANK you so much for following me! You’re the best! <3 :)

Well I just made my friend think I’m an obnoxious know-it-all competitive shit

I should know better than to play word-based board games with my friends, I guess

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For the prompt, Izuku finds the biggest, longest, sweetest giant orange cat and hauls it back to the dorms to try and track down the owner. He's carrying it in his arms and it's seriously stretched out almost all the way to the floor, this cat is huge and limp and loving being dragged around. Iida is the only one around to help- what do they do? (I was thinking platonic, but it's up to you!)

“You know, I’m almost convinced this thing has a quirk–I mean, have you ever seen a cat stretch this long?” Izuku remarked.

“Midoriya-kun, while your kindness to animals is admirable, this really isn’t wise, and you could get in trouble with Aizawa-sensei–don’t put it on the couch, what if one of our classmates is allergic to animal dander!”

“Iida, I think you’re forgetting that Aizawa-sensei loves cats more than he loves us.”

Formulating this idea for a fic after all this. It’s gonna go like this:

The reader is Norman’s best friend, who is in love with him but is not his type, and she watches Norman go through a horrible relationship. One day, he comes home bitching, again, about something else going on. And she finally tells him what is up, making him re-think things and re-think his feelings towards the reader. Then they fall in madly in love and all smutty goodness. Reader is going to be so loving, kind, and fun with him. This is totally going to fit the rom-com idea I wanted to do for so long. Might be a Norman series. Sparked some inspiration! Yes. All good things.

But first, back to the angry Daryl smut piece, finally got to the good part! ;)

Thanks for the patience, most probably know I have had my hands busy discussing “other” things… You all rock!

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Hi lovely! 9, 14, and 41 for Feysand please 😊

Hello dear!! Thanks for the ask as always :) 

9. Who makes the coffee (or tea)?

Rhys does. He’s the definite momma bear/caretaker. I can only imagine him as a father. 

14. Who kills the spiders?

Feyre darling, of course! See previous ask about Nessian

I have this headcanon in my mind that Illyrians are kind of like elephants afraid of mice, where they’re afraid of spiders and tiny little buggies. And it’s just like a common thing, where Mor/Feyre/Nesta know that household pests will most definitely scare the crap out of their hulking Illyrian warriors, and they roll their eyes and scoff but secretly think it’s adorable. 

41. Who cries during sad movies? 

I also wanna go with Rhys on this one. Like in an AU where they’ve just finished watching Finding Dory, Feyre looks over to see Rhys wiping his tears and she just makes this face 

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So, I had a random idea for a spell but I have no idea where to start with it. I was thinking of putting a spell on a ring and when I put it on it enhances artistic skills? Or is that just kind of stupid? I haven't been doing witchcraft for long and I don't really know where for start for creating my own spell. Any advice?

I think thats really cute! You could enchant it to enhance creativity as well too! :)

Sticking With the Schuylers (28)

I want to thank everyone-the influx of new readers as well as my lovelies that have been here since the beginning. Your kindness has made my heart swell, I really feel like I don’t deserve the wonderful, thought out comments and questions you guys have had but I’m thankful for them either way. You’re all truly wonderful. Thank you so much. You breathe a life into this series I never thought possible.

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I learned at a very young age that being quiet kept you alive.

               It was a game; a twisted version of hide-and-never-be-found that had been ingrained in all of our minds, in our chemistry. We grew up wishing so badly for a way out that we never got a chance to be kids; to feel the unfiltered release of a day playing outside without worry, or just being with each other.

               Children in New York City are different; they walk in neat lines holding on to ropes, a teacher in front and one in back, exploring their surroundings under careful guidance and loving stares. They hop along through the puddles of slushed snow in their designer boots and little yellow raincoats, no care in the world given to anything other than who they would be sitting next to at lunchtime. I watch them sometimes, in transit from a small city field-trip to the safety of their classrooms, wondering what life would have been like had I grown up here. I wonder what Eliza’s life had been like. I try to picture her as wide-eyed, pigtailed preschooler. She fits right into the imagery, taking place of a rope-holding child sliding on the sidewalk in front of me, navy plaid skirt, knee-highs, and all. My eyes move to the space behind pseudo-Eliza, attempting to conjure up an image of myself. There are pieces I am able to see; a longer, curlier hair here, an incessant puddle splasher there.

               However hard I try, I am unable to fit myself into their mold.

               Now, these things are becoming painstakingly obvious.

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So my family is a bit messed up but I have this one Grandmother who lives alone on the side of a mountain in Wales and she found out I was trans by accident somehow and totally surprised me one day by emailing me and using my new name and I was like HOLY SHIT HOW DOES SHE KNOW?! because after the rest of my family kind of fucked me off I decided not to tell her as she’s a bit mental and I’ve not seen her for years.

Anyway, that was a few months ago and I’d recently floated the idea of going to visit her for the first time since my Grandfather’s funeral and she phoned me up at half nine this evening all worried because the local WI is going on a day trip to the local garden centre around Easter and I said I might visit her over Easter and she said she “couldn’t go to bed with it sitting on her chest” as she’s just realised and I was just like… Granny, chill, I’ve not seen you in over eight years, if anyone should be apologising, it’s me. I’ll come another time, maybe in the summer. And she was like, “oh alright then, I just thought, you must be busy, my friend follows your facebook page and tells me you’re always travelling and performing” and I was just like… oh Granny.

I don’t think she even realises she’s the only family I’ve really got left.

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Omg Sian. Please tell me there's not going to be a lovetriangle with Richonne and Jadis. This is bs.

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Dear Followers, I am not looking at spoilers this week and this influx of Asks about J-Bangs has to have something to do with spoilers, yeah?

The answer is obviously NO to any kind of love triangle *insert confused expression*, but I cannot discuss whatever it is that’s going on because I don’t know what anyone is talking about.

I don’t know what the spoilers are, people.

Please stop!

Thank you.

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What things about your partner drew you to them? Like do they have any qualities or traits that make you love them even more than you already do?

It’s all more on the psychological side.

Probably one of his biggest qualities for my current partner is how he got to know me and learned how to deal with me for who I am, for example, noticing and giving me the space I need when I’m moody its something I never thought someone would do for me. 

The way he surprises me with his kind words… he’s an absolute dork and I love him so much.

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Do you have any ocs? And we you still working on the animation?

I have 2 ocs, I suppose, but they’re not the kind of ocs that people generally have,, these are characters for a project that I dont know if ill finish

and I abandoned my old ocs, the ones I had in floredoodler/floregonzalez,, and I also abandoned the animation project I had with them.