but i know allison is a fan

"They don’t need us anymore"
  • -"I feel like its the fans that they were talking about here. You know because we've been through it all with them and now we're all growing up and moving on"
  • It's true. I never really understood why some fans did the most peculiar things over made up people and shows but i now know. I saw the first episode of teen wolf when i was in grade 8 i think it was and the first episode didn't really get me but i decided to continue to watch it and i soon feel in love with it. I font know what it is, weather it was the plot or the fact i love werewolves and supernatural stuff or it was because the people who played a part in it slayed their character. Or it could have been the fact that these people made it work.
  • I had a shit highschool life and i remember getting picked on and not wanting to get up in the mornings but i always wanted to when teen wolf was on that night.
  • I remember always wanting to do nothing i jsut didn't want to be here some day's but watching shows like teen wolf really did make me happy.
  • I know know why tv shows and made up charecters really mean so much to some people.
  • Because we connect with them. They play roles that we never realized we needed.
  • They say the words that we never thought we'd here or ever thing of saying.
  • They bring the meaning to life for some.
  • And they give us hope.
  • They teach us anticipation.
  • How to laugh.
  • How to love.
  • How to cry.
  • How to get over a hearbreak or friendship.
  • How to get along with people.
  • They teach us how to live.
  • They give us life.
  • Im so proud of the cast of teen wolf and the director and creator's of the show.
  • And i thank them so much because weather they know it or not they made a big impact on my life.
  • And i appreciate them for all they have done and am extremely proud.
  • The same goes for the vampire diaries, chicago P.D, chicago med, chicago fire.
Change of Plans - Aiden AU Imagine

Requested by @stephenie-mkm : Soo,i want an Aiden imagine where he and Y/n are teasing each other and the pach knows that they have a little thing between them.She is also Stiles sister.The pack including Lydia and Allison are trying to get them as a couple.💖💖😂 

Warning: Getting injured (more specifically getting your throat ripped out.)

Word Count: 3,080

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by dailyteenwolf

The smile on Aiden’s face grew wider as he walked down the hallway and saw Y/N at the end, rummaging through her locker. With the idea to scare her in mind, he was so thankful she wasn’t like him: a werewolf with incredible hearing.

Students in the hallway began to rush towards their class as the warning bell rang. Aiden weaved in and out, making his way towards Y/N, who now had her head in her locker.

“Where is it?” She asked herself, looking for her small planner as she pushed loose paper out of the way between books. The tardy bell rang. “Great… I’m late." 

At that moment, being completely caught up in her own world, Aiden’s hands reached in and tickled Y/N’s sides, causing her to let out a small shriek. She turned around to see Aiden laughing hysterically with his hand on his stomach.

"Aiden! What the hell is wrong with you? You gave me a heart attack!” She placed her hand above her racing heart.

“I’m sorry,” Aiden wiped the tears from his eyes. “I saw the perfect opportunity to scare you and I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’ll get you back.”

“I’d like to see you try, babe,” he teased, making her cheeks turn rosy. He took a step closer, trapping her in between his arms as he placed his hands against the lockers. He could hear her heart rate picking up and couldn’t help but smirk. 

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The One With The Experiment

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader

Summary: Scott has an epiphany about his relationship with you and decides to take action during chemistry class

A/N: just some lame fluff i wrote while eating breakfast xx

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)


“It’s over, I’m done going after her,” Scott mumbles, watching Allison at her locker, “She doesn’t even know I exist.”

“Good on you, Scotty,” you pat him on the back, “it’s good you’re moving on.”

Just as the words leave your lips, Allison flashes a small smile at Scott and he lets out a long sigh, slumping against his locker, “She’s beautiful.”

“And you’re pathetic,” you grumble, slamming your own locker shut, “Where’s Stiles? Maybe he’s doing something productive.”

“He’s watching Lydia study,” Scott mumbles, still gazing at Allison.

“Great,” you groan, “My two best friends are idiots.”

“One day you’ll fall in love with someone you can’t have and you’ll know the pain,” Scott grumbles.

Your eyes linger on him for a moment and then you look away, hoping he doesn’t notice the change in your heartbeat, “You’re full of shit. I’m going to class.”

“Wait, I’m coming,” Scott sighs, following after you. Just as you walk into first period, Isaac greets you in the doorway.

“Are we still studying after school?” he smiles.

“Mhmm,” you hum, “Your place, right?”

“Right,” he smirks, giving you a nod and then walking back to his seat.

As you step into the room, Scott pulls you back into the doorway, “What are you doing with Isaac?!” he hisses.

“Nothing,” you huff, shrugging his hand off your shoulder, “I’m just his tutor.”

“He’s bad news – he’s in Derek’s pack, y/n. Tell him to get another tutor.”

“The tutoring centre assigns tutors, Scott. It’s not up to me, plus…” you trail off, “He’s kinda hot.”

“H-h-hot?!” Scott blows a raspberry, his face filled with shock, “You have the worst taste in men.”

“It’s why I’m friends with you,” you spit back, “I’m gonna sit with him this lesson so I can ease his load for tonight.”


“His workload,” you roll your eyes, smacking the back of Scott’s head, “Go sit with Stiles.”

Scott pouts and rubs the back of his head as he takes his seat, his eyes pinned on you and Isaac the entire lesson.

“I can’t believe she’s fraternizing with the enemy,” Scott grumbles to Stiles who stares at him with a puzzled expression, “She’s just tutoring him.”

“She thinks he’s hot, Stiles… HOT!”

Stiles frowns, “Stop saying ‘hot’ so loud,” he scowls, looking around as a few stray eyes watch them.

“He has his hands all over her!”

“It was a high five,” Stiles rolls his eyes, “Can we please work on our project now?”

“Projec- Stiles, he’s trying to seduce her!”

“So?!” Stiles huffs, “What do you care?” Stiles pauses, studying Scott with narrowed eyes, “Unless you have a thing for her…”

“What? No – you’re way off dude,” he chuckles nervously, “I’m just – she’s like my sister and I don’t want Isaac Lahey putting his hands on my siste-“ he begins to say but abruptly stands up and rushes to the desk in front of you, turning his chair to face you.

“Y/N, could you go help Stiles for a second?”


“We just can’t get the experiment right.”

“Fine,” you grumble, walking over to Stiles’ desk.

“Alright, Isaac,” Scott says, “Listen to me. Y/N is mine, she’s my friend, okay? She’s mine. All mine. And you-“ he wiggles a finger in his face, “- are going to find a new tutor and stay away from her. You don’t look at her. You don’t breathe near her. You don’t even stand near her. Got me?”

“And why should I listen to you?” Isaac leers.

“Because if you don’t, I’ll join Derek’s pack and slowly drive you out.”

Isaac stiffens, “Fine,” he spits, just as the bell rings.

You return to your desk and Scott beams at you as you turn to Isaac, “How’s four o’ clock?”

“Can we reschedule? I forgot I have to retake my English exam,” Isaac says, giving Scott the side eye.

“Sure,” you nod in confusion as he rushes out the door.

“I’m free tonight,” Scott smiles.

“Oh, no, that’s alright. I was hoping I could finish up with Isaac early because I have a date tonight,” you whisper excitedly. Scott stares at you with wide eyes, “A d-date? With who?”


“Ohhh Josh,” he mimics.

“What the hell is wrong with you today?” you ask, half laughing.

“Well, what’s wrong with you? Since when do you date all these guys, huh?”

“What guys?”

“The guys that – the guys, okay? You know what guys.”

“Scott, I think you need to go drink some water or something,” you laugh, pushing past him. He spins you around by your arm, “Tutor me tonight.”

“Scott, I just told you-“

“What? You have time for Isaac but not for your best friend?”


“What? What is it? Isaac and Josh are more important? They’re hotter?”

“No, I-“

“Then what? What is it? Hmmm?”

“Oh my god, you’re such an asshole,” you frown, “What’s gotten into you?”

“Into me? You’re the one hanging out with all these guys all of a sudden,” he says.

“Says the guy who was drooling over Allison this morning.”

“That’s different!” he argues, crossing his arms over his chest.

“How is it different?! I watch you go on and on about her every morning and you’re mad at me for going on one date?! I can’t wait for you forever!” you blurt out, clapping a hand over your mouth immediately after.

“Wait for me?” he furrows his brows together, “Wait for me to what?”


“Shit, you like me!” he exclaims, grinning.

“So?! You like me! You got all jealous of Isaac and Josh.”

“Yeah,” he nods, still smiling.


“Yeah,” he says quietly, walking towards you and taking your hands in his, “You’re right. I do like you.”

“So then we both like each other?”

He nods, “So we’re dating, then?”

You inhale deeply and then nod slowly. Scott smiles at you, swinging your hands slightly.

“FINALLY!” Stiles’ voice booms from the opposite side of the room, “NOW SOMEONE HELP ME FINISH THIS DAMN EXPERIMENT!”

And tbh if Dylan is 100% not going to be in 6b then they need to be making an official announcement, shove your “shock factor” where the sun doesn’t shine, he’s one of the original characters and the fans who have watched this show from the start because of those characters, deserve to know and not for it to be thrown at them at the end of the season like they did with Allison.


I don’t know why i like this so much

Teen Wolf Group Chat anyone?

So I was thinking I really wanna start or join a Teen Wolf group chat where we just talk about everything related to the show but also get to know each other, be friends and talk about life and personal stuff.
(PS I’m a sucker for Memes 😅)

So let’s make this post a shout out call to every fan out there 😇
Just message me if you wanna start an iMessage or WhatsApp group chat with me and hopefully a lot of other cool people!

Also if there already is a group chat who is in need of a new member: I volunteer as tribute!

jeff davis has royally fucked teen wolf up. for always claiming to have a “realistic aspect” as realistic as a supernatural show can be (examples: money trouble they had, malia’s marks dropping) this seems really, really far out there. I get it, i do. the cute high school crush turning into something more like “aw” and “how inspirational” but you know how unrealistic that is? you know how used and brutally beaten that card is and how many times it has already been played? i am not mad that stiles and lydia seem to be a big part in the show at the moment, i am not mad at the fans for being happy, i am disappointed with how little effort when into thinking about this show that has been with some people since they started high school. it upsets me a lot because i enjoyed this tv show, i cried when allison argent died, and i laughed when scott skated into the boards. i whooped and hollered when stiles got his first goal in lacrosse and i fucking fell to my knees when scott mccall became true alpha. i will not praise such a show anymore for really letting me down and this may be dramatic. this may be silly and ugly and extra, but i had high expectations for this show. i was proud to watch this show but after that promo, with so much wrong with it is making me think differently.

A) i thought scott mccall is the TEEN in TEEN WOLF why was his face shown a whopping amount of 2 screenies?

B) rip sciles? it seems weird to me that a BROTHERLY bond is something less significant than a romantic bond.

C) i say this with no hate attached but platonic stydia was my shit.

D) they did derek so dirty.

E) sterek had crazy potential that was thrown out the window

F) they did malia nasty.

G) they did scott so dirty.

H) isn’t lydia supposed to be malia’s friend? isn’t it kind of breaking that code to be in love with her ex boyfriend who did her SO dirty.

I) kira was thrown off the show because they were too fucking LAZY to write her a storyline but this is what she is overwritten with? a SHIP?

honestly im disappointed with how teen wolf is coming to an end and please come and shoot me in the forehead if you find out i’m watching season 6 because i’ve had enough.

Hi Taylor, I’m Allison! I just want to say thank you for making these beautiful masterpieces! You and your music make me so happy! I don’t know where I would be without you! You are such an amazing person! I love how you go above and beyond for your fans! I saw you at BOTH Texas shows it was the magical and so much fun! It felt like you were talking to me and only me! I love you more and more each day if that’s even possible! Your concerts are always the best nights of my life! I have been lucky enough that I got to go to 6 of them! I hope one day I get to meet you! It is my 10 year plus dream! I’ve been a fan from the beginning since the curly hair days! I love you so much Taylor and I’m so proud and happy for you! Thank you for always being here for me! I love you forever & always!😘

peggdaniels  asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you, I was wondering if you know any good multichaptered tw fanics when allison is alive? like in season 5 or 6 or sth? or maybe you know someone who knows these fanfics? Thanks and have a good day!

Shoot I’m not sure of any, I haven’t read many lately! The best fanfics I read though are by @wellsjahasghost@rongasm, and @stydia-fanfiction. Stydia fan fiction has a million to choose from! There is a tags page that might have a section dedicated to allison being alive! (also, are you wanting stydia fanfics or just regular tw fanfics? I kind of just assumed stydia and I’m just now realizing you might not have wanted that). (Also your not a bother at all!)

Broken Elevator

Prompt: Isaac and the reader don’t like each other. Scott is annoyed so he forces them to work together on their next “mission”. They’re in a lift but it suddenly stops and they’re stuck? (kinda like the allison & isaac scene in the small room + stydia kiss) – deepblueo-cean

Author’s Note: I brought Isaac back for season 4 because we all know he should be back period (; Hope you like it! Thanks for the request and for reading!

Broken Elevator.

(Y/N) had only just recently joined Scott McCall’s pack as a newly found banshee, so she was still learning the ropes and getting to know everyone. Scott and his friends discovered that she was a banshee before she even knew she was one, or even what one was for that matter. They, especially Lydia, have helped her hone in on her abilities and taught her everything that she needs to know about being a banshee, being in the pack, and everything that comes along with it. That’s not to say she still wasn’t completely overwhelmed by it though.

They were all very welcoming, well most of them were. There was one person in particular who wasn’t welcoming at all. In fact, he was very distant and just plain rude towards her most of the time. It was clear he didn’t like her for some reason, even though she couldn’t remember ever doing anything to him. She didn’t know what his problem was, but it just made her not like him right back.

The mutual dislike for one another caused obvious tension within the pack, and (Y/N) hated that she was part of the problem, but it wasn’t like she was the one who started it. Scott had even voiced his frustration with (Y/N) and Isaac, telling them that they needed to put aside whatever their issues were and start working together because they are part of the same pack, they’re a team. They tried, but it didn’t last long before they were bickering back and forth again, almost worse than before, which is sort of what landed them in the predicament that they are in now.

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“And scene” Hey Warehouse fans, want to know something super heartbreaking? It’s tumblr. Of course you do. This was the last scene filmed of Warehouse 13 ever. Claudia dancing and saying this. Then she collapses on the floor and screams “BEST JOB EVER!” The whole warehouse teams joins in the chant and that’s the last scene ever filmed for this show. Everything I have seen about the Warehouse cast, especially if it involves Allison, shows me how much they loved their job. They loved their roles. They loved their characters and their friends. Maybe they miss them as much as we do.

You know what I want? Neil saying fuck you to his natural hair color and going back to dyeing it, not because he needs a disguise, but as a means of expression and self discovery. Renee lets him go through her rainbow colored dyes and Allison volunteers to help him because it turns out patchy when he does it by himself. The foxes bet on how long Neil will keep his current color. It gets hard to keep track of when he starts rocking several shades at once. Andrew is not a fan of the stained pillowcases, but he hates the blue hair with a passion (it matches with Neil’s eyes)

"Fan mail"
  • Tumblr: you have fan mail
  • Me: oh! Cool someone must like my blog
  • Me: ... The idea I had fan mail was nice for a second
Stydia - one sided relationship

With all the Stydia hype going on atm because of the promo for next week’s episode, it got me thinking…I personally think that the Stydia relationship is a bit one sided- Stiles’ side. Im not saying all shippers but most shippers tend to only side with Stiles, saying like “he still loves her”( don’t know about love, just obsessive crush) “he was the first person to notice how smart she was”(not really true, Allison noticed before) and all that. I don’t see much of “she loves him” from Lydia’s side because fans of Lydia would see that Lydia values Stiles as a good friend and nothing more. Anything that Stiles does for Lydia, like literally anything, fans jump to assumptions and conclusions when it’s not really the case at all. Stiles is probably the most liked character out of Teen Wolf so of course people are kinda side with him and root for who he should be with. But it’s unfair on Lydia. Does any of the shippers care about what Lydia wants and doesn’t want? If she hasn’t shown romantic interest in Stiles, then shouldn’t shippers respect that and root for her interest in Parrish? It’s kinda like Lydia should just be with Stiles because that’s what the fans of Stiles want for him and don’t care about that she might not want to be with him. I just feel like in a relationship both sides should be respected and valued and that’s what I love about Stalia because they care about each on the same level and it’s not a one sided relationship x

I know it may seem like I’m being a sore loser for someone who is just happy to be there, but let’s get real for a moment.

They were statistically/technically/actually the BEST team. Riker is the chameleon on Dancing with the Stars. Congrats to Rumer, she really is a talented, passionate dancer, but I’m still sticking with the FACT that she won because of her last name. Bruce Willis fans (older viewers) voted for her. Demi Moore (who I love btw) rallied up a gang of A-Listers to rally for her daughter. Then there’s the fact that Val has never won. Fans of Meryle and Maks were on their side. Riker is the real MVP.

So once again, hats off to Rumer on her given victory.

Congrats to Noah on his incredible journey.

Hearts out to Riker for an amazing season.

Attention Stitchers Fandom!

As some of you know, I write articles for a website called the Odyssey. Since one of the perks of that job is that I can write about anything I want every week and I’ve written about nerd stuff before- and this time I want to talk about nerd culture. And Stitchers is my fandom at choice.

Since Odyssey is social media based I figured that I could write an article about how much fans love and interact with their favorite media, using the example of a particularly healthy fan-base trying to revive their favorite show from cancellation through boosting social media buzz and re-watching to boost ratings. I’ll get it through my editor and tag the showrunners when it’s posted.

Here’s what I need from y’all: write a post about what you love about fandom life (Stitchers or in general), what you love about Stitchers the show, and what (if anything) you do in order to benefit the people who make it (#Renew Season 3 and such)- then tag me (@ciciwriteswhat) so I see it. If you mention your name and age I can quote you directly, but I understand if you want to remain anonymous.

If you want in- write up as soon as you can. If I don’t get enough responses by Friday night, I’ll keep waiting until next week to write it but that means it won’t get published for another couple weeks. In any case, reblog this post if you can to get more exposure and we can get this done! Thanks so much!

Originally posted by camerongooodkin


We have two days until the finale. Two. Days. We need to hype this shit up!!

Go online and binge, binge, binge! Have the series run through on your laptop throughout the day and at night to gain views. Watch LIVE Tuesday night. Tweet, Facebook, blog, Instagram, E V E R Y T H I N G! Tag everything with:

–anything that pops up during the episode
–anything related to the episode
–CAMSTEN (because we all know there’s gonna be some serious Camsten)

Start doing this NOW! Tell your friends to watch, rewatch, and rewatch again. The 7-day view count and the Hulu/Freeform views are just as important, if not more, as the live views. We want a season 3, yeah? Then we need to keep fighting until they announce that it’s been renewed.

We can do this, guys. I believe in us ❤️

Nonny asked for a Sheriff Finds Out update as well as a BAMF!Stiles update. Just posting this one separate for tagging purposes. BAMF!Stiles incoming.

Didn’t know You were Potterhead by MaryWB

(1/1 I 443 I General i Sterek)

Derek is Harry Potter fan. That’s it basically

A father’s job by hung_drawn_and_quartered

(1/1 I 538 I Not Rated I Sterek I Angst)

A father’s job is to be there for their children, to love them, provide for them, to keep them safe. But sometimes the things a father will do to protect their child may do more damage than good.

Sheriff Stilinski learns this the hard way.

In the earth’s pulse is where you will find me by Gonardo

(1/1 I 1,176 I Teen I Sterek I Angst, Happy Ending)

Stiles is part human, part merman. Soon he will live as a human before deciding where he belongs. He meets his father, and comes across a familiar black wolf. Can Stiles find himself and happiness… all while feeling the pull of the ocean calling him home…

What Was I Thinkin’ by literaryoblivion

(1/1 I 1,845 I Teen I Sterek I High School AU)

Derek knew he was done for as soon as he saw Stiles approach him with a devilish grin on his face. It didn’t matter that they were still in school or that Derek was in a grade above him and a foot taller. Derek was utterly powerless when it came to Stiles.

When you hear hoofs by BookOfXentric

(1/1 I 2,624 I General I No Pairing I Stilnski Family Feels)

The Sheriff’s had enough. He’s far from stupid and determinded to get answers from his cryptic son.

Come on lets go, real slow by Salomeia

(½ I 3,026 I Teen I Sterek I Gender Changes)

It starts when Sheriff Stilinski finds Derek Hale in his daughter’s bedroom, even though everything was - IS - completely innocent. There’s nothing going on, no sirree, so no need to freak out. Of course her dad discovering that she’s friends with Derek sets other things in motion too and Stiles just hopes everything will turn out okay.

The Bite by hauntedsilences

(1/1 I 3,756 I Teen I No Pairing I Stilinski Family Feels)

Stiles wasn’t surprised to wake up blindfolded and tied to a chair, and didn’t that just say something about what his life had become?

Stiles and his father are kidnapped…but not by who you’d expect…

Faking It To Making It by gryvon

(1/1 I 4,565 I Teen I Sterek I Fix It Fic)

When the Alpha traps Scott and his friends in the high school, Stiles refuses to throw Derek under the bus.

with ruffled feathers and gaping maws by gryvon

(1/1 I 8,306 I Teen I Sterek I Temporary Character Death)

Stiles tries to save Erica and Boyd from the Alpha pack on his own. His plan backfires, but Stiles’s death is only the beginning.

Side A: The Wolf and I, we share the same cold meal by ANTchan

(3/8 I 9,719 I Teen I Scott/Stiles/Derek I Canon Divergent)

There’s a lot of things John Stilinski wants. He wants his family safe, he wants people to stop dropping violently dead in his town, and most importantly, he wants his son to stop. Lying. To him. But John can’t have everything he wants. So he’s forced to chase after his son and his almost-son and do his best to keep them safe, even if that means running into the town’s sweetheart-turned delinquent, Derek Hale, more times than he’s comfortable with.

OR the s2 AU where Sheriff Stilinski accidentally adopts a werewolf pack, and has no idea how he got there.

Telling the Sheriff by kamawe

(1/1 I 14,638 I General I Sterek)

The couple of days leading to Stiles telling his dad about supernatural are not fun.

Growing Up With You by WhereAreTheBreaks

(16/? I 17,982 I General I Sterek, Scallison I Childhood Friends)

It all started with a strange scent in the grocery store, and now Derek can’t imagine his life without the hyperactive little shit that is Stiles Stilinski. He didn’t know why he always felt the need to be close to the boy but his mom’s knowing looks certainly weren’t helping.

White Dwarf by hauntedsilences
(5/? I 20,262 I Teen I Sterek I BAMF!Stiles)
Stiles decides to find out what Deaton meant by “spark” and ends up absorbing the power of a star? Oops.

So now astronomers are freaking out, Stiles is making puns, and Derek is trying to be a good alpha.

Also, Stiles manages to reveal his new powers in a way that puts him in danger from both the supernatural world, and the government.

Rocky Road by gryvon
(1/1 I 20,836 I Explicit I Sterek I Rape/NonCon)
Stiles is assaulted outside of Jungle and finds himself going to two unlikely sources for comfort - Lydia and Allison. Their friendship grows as Stiles helps Derek figure out the cause of the latest murder spree. Derek thinks it’s a unicorn. Stiles thinks Derek’s crazy.

Suspect Spells from the Internet, or: How Stiles Found His Soul Mate by


(1/1 I 24,028 I Explicit I Sterek I Soulmates)

“Yo,” Scott said, eyes wide. “Was that Derek in your room?”

Stiles groaned and smacked his forehead, mostly because Scott was too far away to smack and he didn’t really need a broken hand from punching the wall on top of everything.

“Wait,” Scott said, his face impossibly close to the webcam. “Is Derek your soul mate?!”

Puppy Love by Shewolf_La_Loba

(19/? I 27,334 I Teen I Sterek I Magic!Stiles)

A witch has come to town. No big deal, huh? Not until the entire pack, humans and all, are changed into a litter of puppies. So what do they do? Derek lead’s the march of 11 towards the Stilinski home of course. So when John Stilinski comes home to find a slightly overcrowded puppy pile on Stiles’s bed and Stiles’s isn’t picking up his phone he doesn’t know what to do. More than confused he asks Melissa for her assistance in the mystery, where he finally finds out about werewolves. Now it’s up to the Sheriff and Melissa to overcome the odds and break the curse before the ever coming lunar moon or else Derek, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Lydia, Jackson, Danny, Isaac, Boyd, Erica and Peter will stay puppies forever.

Things that can be used against you by Mewenn

(5/9 I 39,692 I Explicit I Sterek I 5+1)

You gotta keep perspective on certain things.

So Stiles will stay in that circle and just lay back and think of Beacon Hills. Or something.


Five times Stiles and Derek have sex because magic says it is so and the one time it wasn’t for a spell. (and the three interludes where the adults wonders about what the hell their kids are doing and move the plot forward)

It’s Funny The Things You Get In To by lyvanna

(13/? I 48,036 I Explicit I Sterek I Terminal Illness)

Stiles has been trying to hide the pain he’s been feeling for a while now but when he collapses he has to face the truth - he’s not just sick, he’s dying. When his dad’s Deputy (and Stiles’ crush), Derek Hale, tells him he can save him it all sounds like a cruel joke. Because there’s no way that Werewolves are real right?

Running Up That Hill by maypoison

(21/? I 85,385 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Berica, Jydia I Magic!Stiles)

“What the hell are you doing here Stiles?”

Stiles can’t help the way his eyes bulge at the werewolves no-nonsense tone of voice. He takes a cautious step backwards. After all, he was still an Alpha, even if he wasn’t his Alpha. “Wow, way to sound welcoming …”

“You’re in my territory.” Derek grumbles in response, and crosses his arms over his chest.

Stiles nods jerkily, before gulping. “Yeah, and I’m kinda regretting that right now …”

The Sourwolf interrupts, cutting Stiles off before he can even try to explain how he found himself outside the burnt frame of Derek’s childhood home. “You’re not part of my pack.”

And that, that hits Stiles harder than when he was accidently knocked out by Isaac with a Lacrosse stick …

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher

(26/26 I 90,697 I Mature I Sterek, Scira I  Post Nogitsune)

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.

The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.

So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.

With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his ‘Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.

Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

Hallowed Grounds by damnfancyscotch

(13/13 I 105,527 I Explicit I Sterek, Isaac/Erica, Melissa/Sheriff, Berica, Scira I Writers!Stiles)

Stiles is home for the summer after graduation and he is so ready to relax, work a little bit on his second book, and then he almost crashes his car when he swerves to avoid hitting a wolf. But, it’s like his dad says, there are no wolves in California.

Stiles doesn’t think much about it after that, especially once he runs into Erica who’s working at a coffee shop and her boss, the lovely Laura Hale, offers him a job.

Oh, and apparently he’s suddenly running a doggie summer camp because they just keep showing up at his house, especially the big black one who has the prettiest fur and the judgiest face on a dog he’s ever seen.