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William Nylander- Knäppgök

Request: Can I get an imagine for either William nylander or Auston Matthews where you’re dating and you get a bruise or something on your neck and he thinks it’s a hickie so you guys get in a fight because he thinks you’re cheating? But then it all works out in the end?

Author’s note: This broke my heart so I hope you’re happy!

Warnings: cuss words. 

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The Clave is hidebound,” said Diego. “That is true.”
“I dislike the word ‘hidebound,’” said Zara. “What they are is traditional. They seek to restore the separations between Downworlders and Shadowhunters that have always been in place. Mixing creates confusion.”
“I mean, look at what’s happened with Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane,” said Samantha,
waving her fork. “Everyone knows that Magnus uses his influence with the Lightwoods to get the Inquisitor to let Downworlders off the hook. Even for things like murder.”
“Magnus would never do that,” Emma said. She’d stopped eating, though she’d been starving when they’d sat down.
“And the Inquisitor doesn’t try Downworlders—only Shadowhunters,” said Julian. “Robert Lightwood couldn’t ‘let Downworlders off the hook’ if he wanted to.”
“Whatever,” said Jessica Beausejours, a Centurion with a faint French accent and rings on all her fingers. “The Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance will be shut down soon enough.”
“No one’s shutting it down,” said Cristina. Her mouth was a tight line. “That’s a rumor.”
“Speaking of rumors,” said Samantha, “I heard Bane tricked Alec Lightwood into falling in love with him using a spell.” Her eyes glittered, as if she couldn’t decide if she found the idea appealing
or disgusting.
“That’s not true,” said Emma, her heart beating fast. “That is a lie.”
Manuel raised an eyebrow at her. Dane laughed. “I wonder what will happen when it wears off, in that case,” he said. “Bad news for Downworlders if the Inquisitor’s not so friendly.
—  LoS 

yesterday’s attack in manchester is the worst disaster that has happened in my country since 2005, and it’s all the more frightening because it was calculated. the bomber knew that there would be little kids at that concert. he knew that if his attack succeeded, he would be killing young girls, ripping apart families, and destroying a place that ought to be safe. he knew and he didn’t care. that’s just…unspeakable, to me. my heart goes out to all of those affected by this tragedy. please stay safe, everyone

I’m ashamed if I’m being honest. It’s 2017 and I’m disappointed. Yes, it was probably stupid of me to expect that people would look at skill before looking at race in America. I’m Asian American and I’m really really hurt that BTS won an award that is pretty huge here, and still, they got hated on because they are Asian. I’m hurt because I knew this was going to happen. I’m hurt because of course, because they are a different race than America is used to seeing, (even though America’s diverse as fuck), they’re getting belittled and their achievements are being invalidated because they are Asian. 

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have you seen that Dan hasn't gone into the crowds the past two shows :/

Yeah. Unfortunately it seems like one bad apple ruined the bunch permanently, so to speak. I knew it would happen eventually, but what an awful way to start a tour. With the realization you can no longer get close to your fans. Sucks. It sucks super hard.

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Rigth now I have quite a hard time trying to figure out things because I have a crush on this boy i know but I also maybe/kinda have the same feelings for my best friend who is a girl(I am a girl) and I am wondering if I am bisexual or just confused or what because I know that I can easily think of being in relationships in the future with both boys and girls but I am just a tenager and I am so confused and you seem like a really smart person so I had really appreciated it if you could answer.

Well, Im not you so I cant really know what your feelings are, but I can share my experience with you and maybe that can help you with this situation. 

 When I was a teenager, I tought I was heterosexual (HAHAHA TRUE IT HAPPENED). I was like, really weak in that concept, cause inside, I knew people would shame me for like girls too, so I lied to myself. I talked out loud really awful things about being gay, about how being heteresexual was right. Things that people said that was right. 

 I could not scape from who I was for much longer, when I was in the high school, I had a crush in a boy. Then we found out that this boy was actually a girl that just really looked like a boy. My friends made fun of me, I lied that I would never like her if I knew. I was awful to myself and the others. I was just too weak. 

 I started to feel into my own sadness, going into parties, drinking till I could not remember my name, being social with my friends, among other things. I was doing this to be like them, so they would like me. I didnt want to be different. I didnt want to have problems. 

 One day we were in a party and we played truth or dare. They dared me to kiss another girl. I did. 

 I realized that my friends were just stupid. Empty. And I was trying to be like them. They acted like it was just a funny thing to do. But I liked it. I really did. 

 Someday I fell in love with a beautiful, amazing girl. She gave me a sense that I was living again, that my life was precious to her. She worried about me, she cared about me, she filled my days with the sense of loving and being loved. I didnt need to drink anymore, to pretend to be who I wasnt. 

 My friends? I never saw them again. Guess I wasnt funny anymore since I was not a junkie any longer. They never looked for me. They never cared to see if I still alive. She? Im not even with her anymore, but she does. And I hope she gets the best of her life. I hope she find someone that makes her fell as I felt about her. 

 I dont care what people think about me anymore. I dont say ugly things to the other because Im represed anymore. Im free, and she was the one that free me.  

 So what Im trying to say is: if you think you are bisexual, try it, if you like your friend more then the other boy, try and see it. But dont think you are confused because other people around you. That is just on you. Hold who you are inside of you never is a good thing to do. 

Ok but like…what If the squib knew what he was doing and deliberately had Jeremy destroy him as well as every other squib in the school…

Cuz think about it: the squib doesn’t know what’ll happen in the future, but he can predict possible outcomes where things turn out well. So what if he tried to squib the entire school and turn evil because he knew that Jeremy and Michael would stop him, which would end in Christine agreeing to go out with Jeremy. Which is exactly what they were trying to achieve in the first place. So the squib never went psycho or out of control. He was just doing whatever possible to get Jeremy the results he wanted p>

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I can't believe that I'm dong this but can you please stop blaming the president? Nothing will happen if you blame him. And I know you're worried about martial law but this martial law is different from martial law back then. I don't want to pick a fight but please, let's just stop this blame game.

Ah, yes here it is. I knew it would happen eventually.

Blaming him? I think you may have worded it wrong because I am not blaming him for this disaster. I am merely pointing out what the very plausible possibilities that this decision has opened. Yes, this martial law is different from the one back then BUT as we all know, the president has expressed through his words and actions that another martial law like back then is a realistic possibility. There is no blame game (against duts regarding marawi) I’m just pointing out things.

Also, you can NOT read my posts or you could unfollow me if you feel that uncomfortable because let me tell you I’m not afraid to speak in what I believe in and I believe that the president hasn’t made a single decision to earn my trust. Because let’s face it. I don’t know which is worse Duterte or Trump.

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Okay but your fake laf au makes me rlly uncomfortable but also makes me laugh, because when I was younger I was dating this girl, but sometimes he twin sister would pretend to be her? And we didn't find out until I brought up some stuff that I did with the twin. And we ended up breaking up because her sister went out of her way to fuck with me, and I just?? Anyway, keep up the good work, I love your art!


You know what I’m really pissed about?

The fact that 22 people can be dead and a further 119 people injured in a place that isn’t America or a capital city and hardly anyone has been posting about it.

A suicide bomber that attacked a place they knew was going to be full of young children, teenagers, and their families.

If this had happened anywhere in America or in a capital city, everyone on tumblr would be posting updates and uploading photos asking for prayers. They would be rushing to say what a tragic loss of live this was. Everyone would be changing their profile pictures. Instead, I’ve only counted 3 of the blogs that I follow sharing any information since last night. All of them live in the UK.

This is the biggest terrorist attack in the UK since the 7/7 bombings.

I know most of you won’t be British, but we’ve morned with you countless times before. Please show the same level of respect you show for any other attack in your own country or capital.

Think about those who went out for a night of fun who never came home again. They deserve that, at least.

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I didn't start reading Tokyo Ghoul until yesterday and that was only because I learned that touken became canon, and I know I shouldn't base my enjoyment of a series on a ship but I'm so astounded that there was actually progress for a main couple because how many times does that happen without it being just implied at the end of the series? Anyways, I'm on chapter 12 and I already love Touka and I can't wait to see how her and Kaneki's relationship develops. :)

uhhh yes, it’s quite surprising, I honestly never saw this coming, I knew that at some point it would become canon? i really had hopes with this because the hints are there, but this was like a very graphic confirmation lmao, so i’m very happy. I’m glad that you decided to read tg!! :’D i hope you enjoy it 

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not sure if you figured it out yet but you actually predicted jasper's death in your recaps. in 4x01, at the shot of him holding the gun to his head and monty walking in, he asks "what are you doing" and the caption is "not dying apparently, let's revisit this in ten episodes or so." as it turns out, ten episodes later is 4x11, where jasper commits suicide for real.

Yeah, full disclosure, at the time I already knew that the title for episode 4.11 was going to be “The Other Side”, and I thought “oops he’s so going to kill himself in that episode” or at the very least that it was going to be a Jasper centric resolving that suicide storyline, hence the “let’s revisit this in ten episodes”. I WOULD HAVE PREFERED BEING WRONG. But yeah, I guess it was an involuntary spoiler ? I didn’t KNOW it was going to happen, but I thought it was very likely.

Fun Fact, in that recap I also have Bellamy joke about dealing with the end of the world with drugs and orgies and … well … I’m good.

Common Language

Paring: Youngjae X reader
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,320
Summary: When Got7 come into the restaurant you work at it turns your world upside down, especially hearing some confessions in Korean. When will you tell them you know?


Hey all here’s some fluff with the sunshiny boy Youngjae! As someone who worked in food I wish something like this would happen lol. Hope you enjoy!
~Mod Phoenix


Another day, another boring shift at the restaurant. You were a waitress at a small restaurant and it was never exciting, easily seen in the empty dining room now. You knew that there was a Got7 concert going on the next day, you envied those able to go to their world tour. Due to the concert you thought it might be a busy shift, but you were mistaken. You sighed as you played with the strings on your apron. After what felt like an hour, which was really only ten minutes, the bells hanging from the door rang happily to announce customers.

When you looked up you were stunned to see none other than Got7. You quickly shook your head to try and clear it and said, “Hello, table for seven?” You automatically grabbed menus as the eldest responded, “Yes please!”

“Right this way,” you said with a smile and lead the way to a large party table. You set out the menus and let the boys get seated,“ I’ll be back to get your drink orders!”

You weren’t going to let them know you were an ahgase, rather you wanted to treat them like other customers. Jackson looked up at you and joked, “It seems like your the only one here!”

You laughed, “Well basically, there’s just me, the two cooks, and a manager.” The others started to speak in Korean, which they had no idea you also knew Korean. You had been studying it since high school and continued with taking classes in college. You almost felt odd listening in as you made your way back to the hostess stand where you could see all the boys interacting.

They talk started normal enough, just asking what some of the items on the menu were. But then you heard Youngjae’s voice stand out, “She’s really cute!”

This was followed with Jaebum asking, “Then why don’t you try talking to her?”

“I can’t speak English!” He exclaimed loudly.

Your breath was caught in your throat, he thought you were cute! You let out a long breath before heading over with your small notebook and pen in hand. You smiled, trying to look like you hadn’t understood the small exchange, “Can I get your drinks?”

You quickly jotted down their orders and smiled, “I’ll get those out right away!”

Before you walked away you heard Youngjae ask in Korean, “Wait what’s her name, what’s her name?”

“Ummm…” Jackson thought, “I didn’t see her name tag…” Mark responded that he hadn’t either and BamBam hadn’t payed attention.

As you went and fixed their drinks you couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this situation. You balanced a tray full of drinks and handed them out. Once everyone had their order you asked, “Are you guys ready to order or do you need a few minutes?”

“Uhhh…” Jackson responded looking at the others repeating the question in Korean. “I think we need a few more minutes.” He was obviously looking for your name tag, which you had tagged to the pocket of your white apron. You couldn’t help but laugh and question, “Are you looking for something?”

“Oh! Sorry, I was looking for your name tag.” He responded, slightly embarrassed.

You pulled the pocket up and tapped the tag pinned there, “I guess it is out of sight.”

“Ahh, Y/N!” He grinned and said, “Thanks for waiting on us.”

“No problem, it is my job after all!” You replied happily as you went back to the stand.

“Her name is Y/N,” Jackson stated in Korean, turning to Youngjae.

The sunshiny boy grinned, “Y/N… A cute name to match a cute face!”

Yugyeom groaned, causing BamBam to imitate being sick. Jinyoung smacked the table to get their attention, “We need to have our orders ready, so figure out what you’re getting, then you can talk as much as you want.”

They quickly became quiet to look at the menu, only asking what things were. As you glanced up you caught Youngjae staring at you and when you locked eyes he quickly looked down. You could feel the heat rising in your face as he groaned, “She caught me looking at her!”

BamBam couldn’t help but laugh, “Smooth dude, smooth.” This caught him a quick slap on the arm. He then went on a tangent about how cute he found you, especially your smile.

You came back over and asked about ordering and Jackson ordered as well as BamBam. Mark listed off off his, JB’s, Jinyoung’s, and Yugyeom’s orders. You looked at Youngjae with a grin, “And for you?”

“Wait, what’s happening? Mark, I told you what I wanted!” Youngjae asked in confusion.

Mark simply smirked, “You can talk to her now, tell her your order.”

His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head and it took everything you had to look confused at them speaking Korean. “Umm.. I want.. Uhh… Personal pepperoni pizza?” He stammered with an obvious accent, which made him even more adorable.

You nodded with a grin, “Got it, I’ll go put these in and hopefully they’ll be up soon!”

“What was that for?“Youngjae immediately demanded.

“It got you to talk to her didn’t it?”

“Well yeah, but you didn’t have to put me on the spot! It doesn’t help she’s cute let alone I can’t speak English!” He put his face in his hand, “I wish I could talk to her!” He sighed as he leaned back, “If only she knew Korean…”

You chuckled to yourself, ‘Oh man if only you knew, this is too much fun! I’ll let him know when they’re about to pay.’ You nodded as you made your decision, making your way to the food window to wait for their orders.

You brought back their food and so they were back to loud conversations. Youngjae later started talking to the others, “Guys, how do I talk to her? Should I ask her out? If I do though there’ll still be the language barrier… She’s just so cute,” He sighed wistfully. “I just want to know her…”

“If you ask her out, I could go as a translator,” Jackson offered, nudging the younger boy playfully.

“Wouldn’t that be awkward though?” He countered.

“I guess…”

All of the guys wracked their brains on how Youngjae could ask you out with the language barrier. They were very concentrated, debating ways until they had finished eating. You had to hide your face from time to time due to unstoppable laughter, this really was too fun. They didn’t know you were a fan of theirs or that you knew Korean, you couldn’t wait to see the surprise on their face as you printed the check and made your way over.

You smiled and stated in perfect Korean, “Here’s your check, not sure who to give it to so I’ll set it here. Did you guys enjoy your meals?”

“YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN?” They all yelled in astonishment. “Wait, so you could.. understand us this entire time?” Yugyeom asked, specifically looking towards Youngjae, who looked absolutely stunned.

“Yeah, Yugyeom, every word! I’ve been learning Korean for probably five years?”

“Wait you know us too?” JB questioned, obviously shocked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been an ahgase since you guys debuted!” You chirped.

Youngjae finally spoke up, “So you heard everything I said… about you?”

You smiled, “Yeah, you’re very flattering!”

“Well since it’s out there, even though I feel totally embarrassed, Y/N, do you maybe want to grab coffee tomorrow morning?” Youngjae asked, rubbing his neck nervously as he looked up at you with shining eyes.

“I’d love to!” You exclaimed happily. You took out your notebook and scribbled down your number, handing it to him. “Here’s my number, call or text me so we can plan.” He took it happily and nodded, who knew you’re boring day would end like this?

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DRAUTYX (u knew this would happen) and "leather" @_@

Send me a pairing and a word and I’ll write you a five sentence fic.

           Drautos’ coat slid off his shoulders as Nyx ran his hands under it in almost reverence of his form. The aged red leather fell to the floor in a rustle of fabric and the clink of decorative adornments and medals scattering across the floor.

God, Drautos was beautiful like this, beautiful and haunted, marred with dirt and blood and battle written into the lines of his face. Battle chased them all, and here they were with aches and pains and burdens that would never find words.

“I said I would come back” Nyx murmured, pulling Drautos down to press their foreheads together.

I woke up this morning to learn of what happened in Manchester last night and it was utterly terrifying as I live close to Manchester and I knew so many that were at the show, luckily everyone I knew is okay physically but I can’t even comprehend what some of them saw in the panic. I can’t even begin to imagine how it would have felt to be in that situation myself, as each time a hear another story about what they experienced today sent chills through me. My heart and thoughts go out to everyone involved and their families and friends, and I hope you are all safe xx

I’m absolutely sick over what happened in Manchester. Obviously setting out to harm people like that is disgusting under any circumstances, but I can’t help but wonder if the people responsible knew that the majority of people attending that concert would be children - little girls. I’m sick over all the people who died, all the people who are still missing, all the kids who will remember this night forever. I’m sick over the fear, the racist backlash that probably will start to emerge pretty soon regardless of the identity of the attacker, and all the fact that there are so many comparable attacks for us to reference at this point. I usually say something like “I hope my friends in the UK are okay today” but I don’t think anyone’s okay after that. I hope my friends in the UK can stay strong today and look out for each other, and I’m here if anyone wants to talk.

Part 7/?? of the Otayuri mafia AU comic

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


“Although I made such a decision, there is absolutely no regret in my skating life. It is a big decision for me, but I take it as a milestone of my life. Moving forward, I will find my new dream and goal, I will keep smiling, and I will keep moving on.” #ThankYouMao