but i kinda like the effect

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Wait have you ever squirted before? If you have, how does it feel?

yeah i have. honestly, the first time was kinda weird because it’s a new sensation that you don’t usually realize what’s happening until it does. some people think it feels like you’ve gotta pee, which isn’t entirely wrong. you just have that feeling that something is about to burst inside of you and you’ve gotta relax your body to get the full effect of it. sometimes you don’t even squirt on the first try. it can often take a few attempts to hit it right to get it going. idk that’s just kinda how it is for me.

shinee world v in LA moments (not in order lol)

- shawols are so cool and organized

- taemin was going all out every dance like I thought he was gonna break his neck

- kibum’s English was super good and his solo dance was on poinT

- onew and his vocals man like.. sment where is his solo debut

- there was this one vcr kinda towards the end and it was a medley of their songs with the boys doing the choreo; the editing and effects were superb I wish I had more memory in my phone to record it but as excepted even every vcr was perfection

- I still don’t have all my hearing back it was so loud in there lmao

- minho istg he was so energetic and hella cute with his English and boy did we love it!!

- jonghyun was like ‘you guys are doing this a lot..’ and he blew a kiss and everyone dieD

- I was so worried for them when they were spinnin for that one song I forget the name I’m a bad fan lol

- minho was telling us how he loves NBA and the Lakers but they didn’t have a game so he went to see the Clippers instead but he was sad because they lost and kibum was like ‘ok so.. I don’t know anything about basketball so what did you eat today?’ and it was great

-in this same break kibum was saying how he loves La La Land and he sang a part from one of the songs!! he couldn’t remember the lyrics at first and he was like 'ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh’ and minho was all ’.. are you okay?’

- bless taemin my dear boy he super shyly was like 'key did this one time and it was cool I wanna try it…’ he turns away from us and yells in English 'hey everybody how yA DOING TONIGGHHT??!?’ he was so embarrassed and we screamed

- ok everything was lit of course but Lucifer and everybody were fuckiN L I T let me tell you

- I have to talk about vocals again shinee are kings but I mean jjong and jinki had a ballad duet I didn’t even recognize the song but it made me emo af

- odd eye killed me

- taemin did about 100 Michael Jackson spins throughout lol and I was completely mesmerized by sayonara hitori my goodness

- minho dabbed

- they love in n out burger!! key said he had hot dogs too today

i kinda like it that in newer mass effect games the squadmates tend to wander around the ship instead of just locking themselves in a single room and staying there forever but i also fucking hate it because you will never know where they are this time


yo @sixpenceee!! check out this cool horror short film i thought you’d like. it’s a political statement about the effects of plastic surgery in society in Korea. it kinda reminds me of the movie Coraline 

My dash is now so empty with all those blacklisted fe14 post, so I thought it’s time to draw a quick fe13 character. Here is a Olivia sketch~

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hi!! i just wanted to know, when you paint, and you've done your blk/white values, how are you switching to color? a new layer with like Overlay settings or?? and then you paint on top of that right (but when i paint on top of layer settings and merge later, it loses the effect..)?

This example is from the WIP files of Morrigan here but it’s the process I pretty much apply to any digital painting I do. Here’s how my layer sets tend to look like (I color coded them just for u anon):

Breaking it down, first I have my b&w painting that I’ve usually done in a separate psd file (because if I keep it all in one file it gets kinda messy and difficult to manage after a while) and merged together and ported into a new file for coloring.

Then it’s just a matter of coloring stuff in and messing with blending modes until it looks nice. And yes you can’t merge alpha layers (i.e. any transparency) set to different blending modes because the mode will default to none and you’ll get some funky results. keep those on their respective layers. leave em alone. don’t touch em.

And then I make a new separate set of layers on top to get some more painting action goin on. Try different things to see what works best for you, but I find this sorta three-tier process pretty easy and natural to follow.

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I got you

filter > blur > radial blur > spin

keep the amount at about 4-10 unless you want to be extremely SHOOK 

also works with nyoom !!!
filter > blur > radial blur > zoom 
(you can put the amount at 10+ for this, it’s hella)

and also filter > blur > motion blur
(I used this one a lot for the laugh in that one video)

bee emoji reviews

a round friend. the gradient shading is bad though. 5/10

ADORABLE PERFECT FRIEND! SHE WANTS YOU TO HAVE A REALLY GOOD DAY! nice lineless design and cute face 12/10

Very regal looking girl. simple, but effective. 8/10

She looks straight out of fischer price or some shit. Has an :O face going on which is kinda cute. decent. shading could use serious work though 4/10

A friend who looks lost in thought. the wings are placed kinda weirdly though like I don’t think that’s how wings work. overall relatively cute 7/10

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ looks like a shrug emoji which is good. rather simplistic design. solid. the wing coloring just bothers me a bit 9/10

Realistic looking friend. I don’t like the color palette though, the yellow isn’t very bright and the brown just makes her look kinda dirty. 5/10

Semi-realistic friend. Looks like she’s reading whatever texts you send after you send this one. has the right number of legs. A fine girl. 9/10

She thicc. A nice girl but what is the body doing. it looks incomplete above the wings. Needs a bit of work just in general so she’ll stop looking like a top. 6/10

A beautiful, well executed girl. Simple design which does wonders. perfect in every way 10/10

What. Return of fischer price I think. I’m scared. I think she’s seeing into my soul. please make her stop. 0/10 cursed girl

wHAT THE F U CK -100000/10

I know that @harrys-shums​ already talked about the looks between Alec and Magnus in this scene—but can we also please take a second to examine Izzy here?

Because the moment the fighting between Alec and Lydia starts, she turns around and immediately seeks for Magnus. Knowing full well that he might be the only one in this situation who may have a calming effect on Alec. Which even further proves my point because Alec kinda barks at Izzy, too, “Not now, Izzy!” when she tells him to take a break. But he doesn’t yell at Magnus. He just searches for his eyes. Looking at him. Probably on the bridge of breaking down or totally losing it. While Magnus comes forward, slowly, observing the argument. Contemplating what to do now to calm Alec when Lydia just dismisses Alec.

I am just…

It’s just seconds. But their reactions. And the looks. I already feel like this clip messed me up so much emotionally.

I think this is the closest I’ll ever be to see how Aadya Ryder’d look like as a real person (portrait is based on a screenshot from MEA).
Anyway, this is my first “realistic” kinda portrait, please be nice. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Little Beauty and the Beast 2017 things that I really loved:

*that opening ballroom scene with all the people and grandeur it was so cool
*Emma Watson. Just her in her entirety as a person
*the effects and all the townsfolk and the choreography it looked like so much work went into it I am stunned
*Maurice’s little song I almost cried
*more Mom backstory!
*Le Fou’s big gay crush on Gaston like did you see those loving looks
*that one guy who after being made over by the wardrobe smiled and flounced away
*Le Fou: “I was on Gaston’s side but we’re kinda going through a rough time right now” Mrs Potts: “you deserve better than him”
*Beast/Adam making fun of Romeo and Juliet
*the wait for the happy ending- all was almost lost
*the little extra songs that weren’t in the original animated version

Overall, I recommend it! It was far better than you would expect a simple live-action remake to be.

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Harry can’t wink, pass it on.

The “Suddenly Wheatley” reprise...

…has caused a lot of feelings and emotional devastation, based on what I’ve read on Tumblr in the last couple weeks.  I remember thinking it was a neat idea when I was first told about the reprise, but I had no idea the effect it would have.

I’d like to make it up to you, fans of Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical, so that the healing may begin

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