but i kinda dont like the meaning of the lyrics

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unpopular opinion: Liam is so fucking annoying, like he tries so hard to stay relevant and he just comes off as fame hungry. Things like him saying he doesn't like Harry's music for the controversy, putting 1D in his lyrics for headlines, mentioning Haylor in an interview, and even just more generally his ad libs/falsetto when singing are too much (like Christina Aguilera levels of too much). I don't know, he just seems fake and 100% trying too hard.

Oh shit!

To be honest, I’ve been a little put off by a few things he’s said recently.  Like…what’s the point of saying that you don’t like Harry’s music?  He just seems to be talking…A LOT.  Maybe I’m just used to Harry saying as little as possible, so when Liam talks it seems like he goes on forever.  The whole 1D lyric is so……….cheap?  IDK.  You can do better than that, Lima.  I know you can.  


Waste the night lyrics- 5sos

ok i now im super late posting these, ever since i went to my home town i took these pics and i knew i wanted to put some lettering above it and ofc waste the night lyrics were the first thing that came up on my mind.

so hope you guys like this :)

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Can you list like 10 songs that are great love songs?

i put so much effort into this question:’) 

i don’t really have ‘love songs’. just angry songs and songs that make me wanna rip out my heart and eat it…. but i shall try. Ill put them into groupings to make it easier for you to find what type of love songs you are after.

I would have sex to this song type:

  • sex/robbers- 1975
  • I can’t hear you- the dead weather 
  • I fought the angels- The Delgados 
  • Basically the whole Arctic Monkeys AM album 
  • shivers- kal lavelle (its not really that kinda song, but its about sex and its kinda beautiful. She’s an amazing artist and supported Ed Sheeran for agggeees)
  • i miss the misery- Hale storm

Happy love

  • me and you- barry louis polisar
  • I don’t know- lisa hannigan 
  • anyone else but you- moody peaches 
  • somewhere over the rainbow- Isreal Kamakawiwo’Ole
  • 91’- Lucy spraggan

angry love

  • my kind of love- emile sande
  • over & over, i hate everything about you- Three days grace 
  • Call your girlfriend- robyn 

I’m feeling like a cute ass mother fucker love

  • songbird- fleetwood mac
  • Fields of gold, time after time- eva cassidy
  • Tenereife sea, thinking out loud, this, kiss me- ed sheeran
  • You are my sunshine- johnny cash 
  • No One- Alicia Keys 

I’m gonna cry into my own drink kinda love 

  • i can’t make you love me, skinny love- bon iver
  • give me love- ed sheeran 
  • Just Be, Only love can hurt like this- Paloma faith 
  • let me sign- robert pattinson 
  • All i want, high hopes- Kodaline 
  • slow it down- the lumenieers 
  • entwined- jason reeves
  • another love- tom odell 

I’M A STRONG INDEPENDENT PERSON WHO DONT NEED NO OTHER PERSON (ive just broken up with someone kinda love)

  • never let me go- florence and the machine 
  • dial D for Denial- Fiona Beaven 
  • Honey & i - Haim 
  • Heres to us- hale storm  
  • Satellite, The Last good bye, goodnight bad morning- The Kills 
  • The last unicorn- Passenger 
  • Daisy Guttridge cover version of Born to die 

I could have made this much longer but i just opened up a playlist on spotify and pulled out the songs that immediately jumped out. Hope it helped.