but i kind of need to graduate

Don’t know quite what I want to say.  I do know, however, that it will be lost down in everyone’s dash and probably not even be seen.  Oh, well… I need to write.

There is comfort, sometimes, in knowing that you can share with people that just sort of, kind of know you… people that don’t know your kids or people that won’t gossip what you say to others…

My youngest graduated UCLA with her MLIS (Master’s in Library and Information Studies) last Saturday.  She’s going to be an archivist.  Her focus is in rare manuscripts and archival studies.  She’s crazy good at what she does.  But now she needs a ‘real’ job - a job that pays off her share of her student debt and paves a way for her future.  She’s crazy good at what she does.  I know - I already said that.  She had another job interview today - that, if she got the job, would take her to Kansas City, MO.  She’s a Southern California girl, born and bred.  Her parents are here.  Her sisters are here.   And, yet, we are willing to let her go wherever her job takes her.  We wish she could stay here, but the cost of living is so ridiculous that any job would only cover that and not even put a dent in her student loans.  Being in Kansas City or South Dakota (her Monday phone interview) would allow her to live AND put enough away to take care of her loans.  She waited three years, working at Starbucks and Panera, between her BS in History and applying to grad school so she could pay off her share of student loans and start with a clean slate.  She’s not a debt-kinda person.  Good for her.  I suppose ( going off on a rabbit trail here) that if she learned anything from her parents, it was that living in debt is not a good thing.

As a parent (me, at least) you take a few things for granted, one being that, for some reason, you never think your kids will leave you. Her two older sisters are married and live locally.  The thought that she would leave is a bit hard to grasp while, at the same time, we understand why she would.  She has opportunities before her that the other two did not.  After a long-term relationship, she is on her own.  She’s okay with that and that gives her options that might not be considered were she still in a relationship.  We all wish the very best for her but, truth be told, would rather she stay local.  It is an emotional tug-of-war any way you look at it. 

There’s so much more to the story but I just needed to put this down, I suppose, in a concrete form.  None of you have any answers or solutions or maybe even opinions.  You don’t know her. You don’t really know me.  But at least a few of you will read this.  Maybe that’s all I needed.  People with no history of our family, no opinions…just someone to indulge me and my need to vent.

Ok forgive me but I just need gush about Anissa Pierce (AKA Thunder), a DC superhero, because first of all look at her, she’s amazing:

A badass woman of color whose power is to control her own density (which sounds kind of strange at first until you realize that means she can make herself completely invincible and kick everyone’s ass by dropping herself on top of them holy shit)

Not only that but she’s got a medical degree because she wanted to graduate before becoming a superhero so like???? she’s a fucking doctor oh my god

And she’s multilingual (English, French, and Spanish) so that’s amazing

But wait! There’s more!!

She has a girlfriend who is also a woman of color and is also super badass:

That’s Grace Choi, a seven foot tall (so big!!!) Amazonian and Asian-American woman who is clearly amazing. 

Grace is an abuse survivor with superhuman strength, durability, and healing so good luck trying to beat her up, she’ll kick anyone’s ass

So anyway the two of them are cute together and they’re each super awesome LGBTQ+ women of color which is great

Also here they are playing video games because that’s adorable:

Sam’s Ultimate Failproof Guide to Packing

Extensive Packing List

Warning: This will seem like a lot, but it doesn’t once you get there, and you can use your own judgment as to whether or not you will need something. Also, this particular list is geared towards my specific univeristy

  1. Bedroom
    1. Bedding
      1. Duvet cover and insert or comforter
      2. Matching sham
      3. Sheets and pillow cases (I recommend two sets of cotton minimum, one set of flannel in addition is optional)
      4. Egg crate topper (super cheap but super comfy after the first few nights—you may want to get a second one towards the end of the school year)
      5. Mattress pad—holds the topper in place
      6. Mattress protector (as recommended by an Anon). Some universities have bed bug problems, and you never really know what happened on your bed before it was yours, and this will help ensure a little more help on the cleanliness front.
      7. Pillows
      8. Stuffed animals
    2. Desk Area
      1. Stapler
      2. printer, ink, and paper
      3. Three hole punch
      4. Binders and notebooks
        1. For some classes you’ll want to keep every piece of paper ever (things related to your major and math classes), so these will need to be in binders.
        2. Math and science classes lend themselves to hand-written notes, so you’ll want to use a binder with loose leaf paper or the notebook of your choosing for those.
          *note* My personal favorites are Mead Five Start Flex Hybrid Notebinders
      5. Pens, pencils, Sharpies (you will use black and silver frequently for labeling random things)
      6. Tape dispenser (can be a cheap $2 plastic one, or a heavy duty, belongs in the office of a CEO one)
      7. glue sticks (yes, you will use them)
      8. Headphones
      9. Phone and laptop
      10. Phone and laptop chargers
      11. HDMI cord (literally the most used item in my dorm room)
      12. Power strip
      13. Desk lamp
      14. Post Its, paperclips, extra staples, push pines
    3. Closet and Laundry
      1. Leave your high school shirts at home unless you want to use them as sleep shirts. You’ll get plenty of shirts from your college or university.
      2. Hangers. Mine are mismatched and plastic and came straight from my closet at my mother’s.
      3. Hamper. You can choose your preference here. I prefer sturdy plastic with handles, but my roommate loved her fabirc one. Walmart has one that rolls, which is cool. Maybe you just want a laundry bag.
      4. Detergent.
      5. Fabric softener and Downy balls
      6. Dryer sheets
    4. Other
      1. Fridge
      2. coffee mugs (can use for tea, coffee, soup, ice water, milk for cookies, Spaghetti-Os, literally anything you can think of)
      3. microwave if you don’t have one in the common area/common area is far away
      4. Small table lamp or floor lamp (put this somewhere across the room from the desk lamp because overhead lighting is the worst)
      5. Books and movies
      6. TV (optional, I use mine as a second monitor pretty frequently)
      7. Video game console, accessories, and games (if desired)
      8. Purse/wallet
      9. Trash bags
      11. Canvases, posters, pictures, corkboards, etc
      12. Command strips (the Velcro kind of the absolute best) and sticky tack (Loc-Tite brand, it’s blue)
      13. Keurig or coffee pot (if you’re into that) and all the fixin’s
  2. Bathroom – some of these are included because I have a bathroom within my dorm room
    1. Trash can
    2. Shower curtain, liner, and rings
    3. Bathmat
    4. Toilet brush and cleaner
    5. Plunger. Plumbing on campuses can be iffy
    6. Lady supplies (if you need those sort of things)
    7. Toiletries and makeup
    8. Some sort of caddy if you’re living in traditional or you’re sharing your bathroom with multiple people and don’t want to clutter the counter
    9. Toothbrush holder
    10. Soap dispenser
    11. hand towels, bath towels, wash cloths
Sirens Call

Summary: Being Lydia Martins cousin, but you are different from her you are something else entirely. Being Derek’s ex lover may get in the way of helping the pack.
Requested: Sort of.
Warnings: None.
A/N: So this might suck but I kind of liked the idea I hope you enjoy and feed back is welcomed. Part 2 upon request.

I sighed running my fingers through my hair as the other held the steering wheel in place, returning to Beacon Hills was not what I really wanted but my cousin Lydia needed my help. With me being a few years older than her I had left Beacon Hills right after I graduated, there are many reasons why I left one of them was all the supernatural chaos that was in town. The other being I didn’t know how to control what I was, with me not knowing how to control what was inside me led me to believe that I wasn’t any help being there, so I ran. I pulled into the driveway of the building I was about to meet everyone in, I recognized it as Derek’s loft, I had been there many times before I left. I turned off my car and sat there for a while biting my lip and trying to figure out what I would say to them after being gone for two years, though I knew what was going on with them considering Lydia always kept me up to date.  
I finally got the courage to get out of my car and walk into the loft, when I got up to Derek’s place I saw everyone standing around and chatting. There was some not so familiar faces which I figured were the new members of Scott’s pack, I walked in my fingers fiddling with each other. “Hey guys.” I said softly once I was in view of everyone. “Y/N!!” Lydia smiled running to me and giving me a hug. She then started to introduce me to the new faces of the pack, I smiled politely and looked around my heart felt like it stopped when I locked eyes with the person I left all two years ago. His greenish-blue eyes bore into me and made me shift slightly, the intensity almost made me pass out I could tell by the look on his face that he was both confused and slightly hurt at my return. I mouthed a soft hello which he then returned with a curt nod, I looked down my feet suddenly becoming interesting.  
“Okay Y/N, I know you are probably wondering why I asked you back but we need your help desperately. I heard from Lydia that you figured out what you are and how to work whatever it is that you have and maybe you could help us, you see there are these dread doctors we defeated them once before but somehow they came back.” Scott spoke, I looked at him chewing on the inside of my cheek. “I don’t know how much help I can be. I’m a Siren, Scott do you know what that means? My song leads people to their death, the only positive part of this is that I can see your past and your future but that’s it.” I said seriously. “If I hurt one of you I don’t know what I would do.” I continued shaking my head. “Let me get this straight you brought a succubus to Beacon Hills? Are you kidding?” I heard Peter say making me growl and turn to face him. “I’m not a succubus Peter they are different, and if I was one you would know it.” I glared at him and folded my arms across my chest. “Y/N but you can lure them here and helps us defeat them.” I heard Lydia say. I sighed in defeat and rolled my eyes. “Fine but after that I’m gone.” Just as I had I said this I locked eyes with Derek again making him scoff and shake his head. “Always running, things get to tough then you run. You haven’t changed a bit.” He spat making everyone’s eyes advert between the two of us. “We are going to leave you two alone. Y/N I have a room set up for you at my place when you are ready.” I heard Lydia speak as she ushered everyone out of Derek’s loft, and I watched as Malia grabbed Peter’s arm and pull him out of the loft as well.  
I finally looked back up at Derek after hearing the metal door shut, our eyes locked like we were talking only with our eyes. “Listen Derek. I’m sorry okay, what more do you want me to say? I left yes but I needed to figure out who or what I was.” I said softly biting my lip. “You left me when I needed you, you were my anchor Y/N and when you left every part of me did as well.” He said closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose, this action made me scuff. “You are not one to be sentimental what is making this any different Der, you never once showed me that I was your anchor.” I growled walking towards him with my finger pointed out. “I loved you and you know that, I left because of what was going on. You shut me out when things started to get worse with all of the supernatural shit an-.” I was  cut off mid-sentence by the warm pair of lips I have craved since I left, it didn’t take me long to melt into the kiss my hands gripping his shirt. When his hands found my hips is when I snapped out of it and pushed him way, it took all I had not to push him against the wall and kiss him again. But I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t let myself be pulled back in again. “I know what you are doing Derek, it’s not happening screw you. You can’t change my mind.” I said starting to walk away. “I will find a way even if it kills me.” I heard him whisper as I walked out of his loft and into my car.

Business and Pleasure - Part 10

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,201

Warnings: Swearing

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The two of you had fallen into silence, both seemingly lost in thought. The appetizers were delicious, but you couldn’t do more than pick at them. You were too distracted by your thoughts to focus on eating.

So much had happened in so little time. Sure, it seemed like you had your best friend back, but who knew how long that would last. He seemed sincere earlier, but there was no way to guarantee that the two of you wouldn’t get into another stupid argument and find yourselves right back where you started.

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Been there, done that

Choosing your first job in veterinary practice can change the course of your career. The right place will set your habits for the rest of your working life, the wrong place will break you and make you leave the profession. When I chose my first job, a part of what attracted me was a senior vet who I empathized with. I could totally see myself becoming her in the future.

The new graduate I have now, I look at her sometimes and recognize her demons.

This is most obvious in surgery. I can see the sweat on her forehead, and pooling in her gloves. Her hands shake sometimes, when she’s worried. Her questions are short. She really just wants somebody to check, to assure her that everything is fine when she’s unsure.

Ah, hello anxiety and panic.

On the one hand part of me wants to jump in and save the day, and I absolutely would if there was actually anything bad happening, but there never is, and so I never do.

I have a look, make myself comfortable and talk her through it.

This is how you know for sure it’s okay.

This is how you check.

This is how you double check.

I am not worried. You have checked everything, it is all fine, and now you should not be worried.

But I will stay here until you tell me you’re not worried.

Because I remember what I wanted needed to hear when I was new. I would hope that I can teach her from my mistakes so that she doesn’t need to make them herself. We’re similar kinds of people, and that makes her easy to guide.

Project Octavo has an official name!
Welcome to Mythaura!

After weeks of to-and-fro and constant nagging for feedback from my incredibly patient peers, the once Project Octavo now has graduated from it’s project name and is now sitting comfortably in its new permanent title, Mythaura.

The name has obvious elements from its mythological beast theme, and importance to the world Mythaura resides in. I hope to shed more light on the lore in the coming weeks, for now it needs a little more polish. I also have a couple more things to complete before launching the Patreon.

A new Twitter and Facebook page have been created for anyone who wants to follow on anything besides Tumblr.

Thank you all for your kind words, support and feedback thus far! They have been so invaluable to me and I can’t thank you all enough.  Exciting times ahead!

Be Proud of Me [Batsis]

Anonymous requested: “Could you do a batsis imagine where she goes on a dangerous mission that her father told her not to go on and ends up dying in her fathers or brothers arms?

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Death

Word Count: 1254

[F/F] = Favorite Flower

TAGS: @kiogenic @minchen0897 @anothertypicalgirl00 @pinkwitch21 @coffee-randomness @angstytodd @kpkarlee @aworldwideapart @lovingmytelevision @abbytheninja @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @spacewife @galaxy-jellyfish-queen



“Let me go! I can help!” you exclaimed loudly, your voice resonating through the Batcave. Your posture was rigid and one of defiance and you knew that going against your father was a grave idea, but you couldn’t help it. Bruce stared at you coldly and shook his head, ignoring your pleads again. That only fueled your anger. “Dad!”

“I will not risk your life, [F/N]. This mission is dangerous.” he said calmly, moving to prepare himself, Tim not too far behind him. “You are much more useful here.”

Though those words stung, you bit back your insults and instead tried to convince him that you were capable, at least, that was your intention. What came out of your mouth instead made you sound like a whiny brat.

“But Tim gets to go! And Dick! Why can’t I?!” you complained furiously. “I’ve trained all my life, I have been on countless missions, yet you always keep me sheltered! How am I supposed to learn?! Are you not proud of me, is that it?!

With a sigh, Bruce turned to look at you, “no, [F/N], it’s not like that… it’s–your graduation is tomorrow, I don’t want you hurting yourself. We can afford to take a punch to the face, but you can’t.”

“What kind of excuse is that?!” you snapped, “graduation? Last time I checked even when you had a meeting with the American president you still went on patrol and missions. A bruise or two can be fixed with make-up. You’re just making excuses because you don’t want me to go!” Your voice rose in volume as your rant continued, all that pent up frustration and anger you held came rushing out all at once. “You know, I can never learn because you are always trying to keep me safe, but I don’t need your protection! I can handle myself! Just let me go and I’ll prove to you–”

“Enough!” Bruce yelled, causing you to stop immediately and shrink back slightly. He looked and sounded angry, and you knew when your dad was angry, there was no convincing him. “You are to stay here, assist us any way possible and you do not, under any circumstances, leave the premise. Is that clear?”


Is that clear?” he repeated, his eyes glinting with fury, warning you to stand down. You reluctantly nodded your head.

With your teeth gritted, you managed to say, “yes dad.”

Bruce released a deep breath and recomposed himself. “Good. Then we’ll get going now. Tim?” The younger boy stepped forward, but stayed behind when Bruce walked to the Batmobile. He placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Sorry [F/N]…” he murmured, looking guilty. You shook your head, not trusting your words to be genuine and kind. You were absolutely, abominably furious and you knew anything that came out of your mouth would be nothing short of venomous.

You watched them take off and stared at the way they exit even after they left. On any other day, you would calm down, but this time you couldn’t but grow increasingly resentful of your family’s decision to leave you behind. Hadn’t you proved time and time again that you were capable? You were born for this life. You had began training ever since you could walk and you could proudly say you matched Dick’s flexibility and Tim’s wits. You were as skilled as any of them, and you were going to prove it.

With a surge of confidence and indescribable rage, you changed into your costume, hopped on your motorbike and sped off into the city, defying your orders for the first time in your life.

It was almost laughable, the sight that you were staring at. The sight was pitiful really–the polluted night sky, the smog obscuring the stars that made the darkness a priceless piece of art. You wanted to turn away, turn away from the very thing that showed how the world had fallen, but you had no power to move.

You winced every time you breathed. Blood oozed out of the wound on your chest, the wound that was inflicted to you while you were trying to shield a little boy from harm. Now, you were lying on an abandoned street, hand pressing just a minimal part of the large wound.

You felt lightheaded and everything was blurring out. You were so tired, but you fought to stay awake. At the back of your mind, you knew what the fatigue meant, but you didn’t want to go.

You heard rapid footsteps approaching you and your heartbeat increased in fear of who in may be. When you saw your dad, your fear only increased. You couldn’t tell his expression under his mask. You felt his arms snake under you but when he tried to lift you up, you cried out, causing him to stop. He placed his hand over yours, helping you press against the wound even when you two knew it was hopeless.

“D-Dad… I’m sorry…” you gasped, feeling tears well up. Your lips trembled as you tried to apologize, apologize for not listening to him, for not trusting him. “I-I’m so sorry, I-I–”

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Bruce cooed, holding you closely, yet still being gentle. He sounded so lost, so utterly broken. You tried to nod, but you couldn’t.

“C-Can you… ta-take off your cowl? I want t-to see you.” you requested quietly. He did as you asked him and you couldn’t help but smile when you saw your dad’s face. Although he looked like he was on the verge of tears and was desperately trying to keep it together, you couldn’t help but remember all the times he put you to bed, found time to read you bedtime stories when you were little and allowed you into his bed when you had a nightmare. You couldn’t help but remember him ruffling your hair after the end of each training session and congratulating you in his own, special and unique way when you did something right. You remembered all of that, and your heart ached because you knew it was ending. You could never have any of that again.

With a small, feeble voice that could be lost in the wind, you whimpered, “Dad… I-I’m scared… I-I don’t want to d-die.” You began to cry and he stroked your hair, trying to calm you down. His eyes glistened with unshed tears.

“Hey, you’re not going to die.” he said the beautiful lie in a wavered voice. When you wouldn’t stop weeping, he continued, “listen to me, let me tell you what’s going to happen.” Through the tears, he smiled.

He began in the gentlest of voices, “tomorrow… we’ll be in the auditorium of your school for your graduation. When they call your name… you will get your diploma, and your brothers and I will be in the audience, clapping the loudest of all. And–” he swallowed as he tried to keep his voice steady, “–and when you come down, we’ll be waiting for you.” He sounded distant now, but you could hear how his voice cracked. “We’ll hand you a bouquet of [F/F], and we’ll embrace you, and I will say…” a tear fell from his face when he saw how your eyes were slowly losing their shine, “I’m proud of you, [F/N].” You smiled; all you wanted was to make your dad proud.

No father is as proud as I am of you.”

And with those words, you were at peace.

“Get a New Tablet” Fundraiser!! (Aka Commissions are Open)

Just yesterday, my tablet completely crapped out on me, and I’m having to watch my wallet more than ever now that I’ve graduated college. SO I’ve decided that I should just get on the commission bandwagon already and ask for some help getting money for a new tablet. I don’t need to fully fund the tablet through this, since my parents are helping cover the cost, just any kind of help would be n i c e. 

I’ll have 10 spots open to draw anything you want. I’ll do OCs, ships, general pretty landscapes, a finely detailed penis, whatever! (just no fetish/kink stuff plz i’ll have to explain my actions to my parents) Once I get the tablet I’ll start on the commissions; It’ll probably take a week to 2 weeks to get my hands on it. For the time being, to make sure people get what they want, I’ll figure out the basic picture in my sketchbook for them to ok before any commitment is made. 


Traditional Sketch: $15

Digital Sketch: $20

Digital Sketch (basic color): $25

Lined: $30

Lined (flat color): $35

Lined (detailed color/painted): $40

It would be cool to do personalized watercolors for people, since people seem to love them on here (thank, you btw ❤︎) but I need to figure out how shipping works first to do that. I could always scan it and send the file, though, if that’s enough~ A watercolor would cost $50+ though, just because of expenses. 

Paypal only, please! (cuz it’s all I’ve got)

I don’t know how many people would be interested in this, but I’ve been wanting to do work for other people for a long time. If you’re interested, just send me a message! ❤️

Nate Bittinger


“Man, this past month has been one to say the least.. Not for just myself but so many other people I see struggling. Recently, I feel like I’ve done some growing up. The last couple days I’ve been pretty upset about letting some people go (some other things as well). But, today I woke up with a totally different mentality. Today I woke up saying fuck all the depressing stuff that I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve got goals I’ve set and they need to get done in order to move forward with life. I’ve never been the strongest mentally or physically but today I woke up with a clear mind, knowing what I have set in front of myself and knowing what it takes to accomplish these things. People will come and go, this is a fact. At the end of the day they can be replaced, your time is something that can’t be. So, fueled by the spite in my heart I can promise that I’ll work harder now to accomplish my goals and progress on without them. I’ve always been a firm believer that if you want something bad enough and work for it, you will get it. Regardless, I’ve always had this kind of outlook in life, that I always need to feel like I’m moving forward. I see so many people out drinking every weekend then complain about not having money, etc. I wish I could see more people working at 2am, like myself, than people throwing their time out of the window. Maybe I just haven’t settled yet, who knows. As of now, I have my goals, I have 2-3 people who are willing to progress with me, so let’s get it. I’m sure some people lately may have viewed me as selfish. But, if I’ve learned anything since I’ve graduated college, I’ve learned that with most people these days you have to do what’s best for you instead of catering to everyone around you. I’ve started tracking and really taking all of my goals seriously (gym, job, art). I challenge anyone else to do the same. I don’t care if you want to be the best ditch digger, let’s set goals and let’s crush them. People said they were done messing around in 2015, how far have you really come since? “

Girls’ Night In (reader x Avengers/Scott Lang)

Characters: reader, Wanda, Natasha, Scott Lang, Cassie Lang. 

Summary: It’s ladies night at the tower, complete with a Gilmore Girls marathon,  junk food, and friendly rivalries when a surprise visitor puts a twist on the evening’s events. (spoilers for Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Warnings: nada!! Pure fluff, ya’ll. Cavity inducing. 

Word Count: 2275 (good heavens, that was an accident)

Tags are at the bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED)

A/N: This is for my lovely, my darling Mariana ( @buckysberrie ) Happy Birthday, sweetie!! I really hope you enjoy this. :) Man, I dunno how this got so long but the fluff kept flowing and when I thought of the single parent parallels, well, I just couldn’t stop. Any thoughts are appreciated!! 



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“Ugh, he’s such a spoiled, Trust Fund jerk-face.”

“He is not!” Natasha protested. “He’s just…a little entitled and misunderstood. Just how I like ‘em,” the redhead smirked, returning her gaze to the tv screen.

“Seriously? Logan? The Life and Death Brigade, are you kidding me? Ridiculously lavish parties in the woods with formal wear, death-defying stunts, and games where you can’t use the letter “E” in conversation? Yeah, not at all pretentious,” you fired back sarcastically, throwing a handful of popcorn in her direction.

“Oh, right, like you haven’t used the term ‘misunderstood’ to describe a certain well-read, possibly criminal, runaway bad boy who crashes cars,” she replied, cocking an eyebrow.

You gasped in horror. “How dare you speak ill of my Jess! He was her match intellectually and in pop culture references, plus with their love for music and books, it’s no secret that they belong together. He was just immature but he grew up really well,” you smiled before biting your lip with thoughts of the older brunet bad boy, trying not to spoil it.

“Hey, now! No need to fight,” Wanda spoke up, acting as the peacemaker. “Besides, we all know Rory belongs with Dean. Obviously.”

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Little Monster part 2


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: A couple bad words?

Word count: 1.773

Summary: First class, first time meeting with professor Rogers. An old friend returns and raises some questions.

A/N: Some of you asked for more insight on how Steve looks at things… Well lucky you!

Part 1

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Better For Me (Part Two)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 3011

Chapter Notes: Bucky apologises to Y/N but being the self centred prick he is, he makes her snap, making her push him to his breaking point. Does she really think he won’t go down until he’s pushed her to her breaking point?

A/N: The start is pretty filler-ish, all the nice stuff is near the end <3


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Okay, so hear me out: Chowder signs with the Las Vegas Aces his senior year at Samwell:

  • (Okay fair warning I’m not a hockey fan I’m a baseball person so my perception of how signings and trading happens is largely dominating by that so let me know if I’m glaringly wrong anywhere and also this got really long whoops)
  • Chowder hadn’t really thought too much about the NHL until his junior year, when Jack pulls him aside after the first game he had been able to get away from Providence to see
  • Jack says “there’s at least two teams with scouts in the stands looking at you thinking about prospect camp spots for the summer, so if you need advice - or an agent - let me know and at the very least I can put you in touch with my dad”.
  • Then Chowder starts thinking about it. Like, a lot.

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Prompt: winter soldier abducts Tony to be his new handler and falls for him

I’m really liking this idea, so I might write some more parts to go along with it, though I’m not sure…. I hope you like it though!

The Asset wakes up in a room filled with light. He keeps his eyes shut, face calm, and breathing regular, though the usual slivers of fear make their way through his chest.

He’s gone through this countless times. He wakes up, sits still, and waits for his Handler to bring him to the chair for recalibration. It will hurt, and he will scream, so they’ll dial it up to teach him silence.

This time is different, however, as the light isn’t harsh and cutting, but soft. The room is warm, not freezing cold, and the soft clatter of what sounds like cooking reaches his ears.

His eyes flash open, adapting immediately to the lights, and he takes in the scene in front of him. A man moves around the brightly lit kitchen, talking to himself as he does so. He’s too young to drink with this century’s laws, short and unhealthily skinny, with large brown eyes that make the Asset want to… he’s not sure what he wants to do.

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Okay Tumblr animal enthusiasts.. I need some help

I’m not a fish expert. I’ll admit it. I was given a one gallon fish tank for graduation and didn’t know what to do with it so I went to the pet store and asked the guy working there. He told me to put a betta in it.

After posting a picture of Quixote in his one gallon bowl, I’ve received numerous comments on the post saying that’s not suitable for a betta.

So now I need help. What is suitable? Where do I find it? What kind of filter do I need and how does it work? I want the best for all of my animals, the fish is just what I know the least about.


Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi, Meg! I would like to request a Steve Rogers/Avengers x fem!Reader. (Y/N) is graduating college and all of the Avengers attend the ceremony. They’ve all been supportive/helpful during her schooling, especially Steve, who she is dating. Also, I would love a group photo moment at the end, if possible. Whichever Avengers you include is up to you! I will be walking in May for my Associates degree so this idea came to mind :)

 Here you are, Nicole! Congrats on walking the stage!! I do not own ANY of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Avengers x fem!reader

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You sat in your seat, wringing your hands. You couldn’t believe it was finally here. After so many hours of studying and stress, the day of your college graduation had finally arrived. You were wringing your hands because you were certain you were going to trip as you walked across the stage. However, you had a wonderful support group. The Avengers. They were your closest friends. Your family. Especially your boyfriend, Steve.

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Hey, I'm about to graduate from NUA Illustration and I'm scared as heck. Can I ask what you did when you just graduated? And you're back in Norwich now right, at Print to the People? Yay Norwich! Welcome back!

I am! It’s been a very interesting/intense time being back in Norwich! Congratulations on finishing uni! I think it’s understandable to be very scared of graduating, after having three years of structure in a safe bubble and then to be pushed out of this creative community that you’ve worked and built throughout those years. 

I’m going to tell you now something that no one told or warned me about graduation life from an art school: it’s very hard and oftentimes depressing and not good. I’m sorry this is negative but it’s true. From my personal experience, I moved back home to live with my parents in the countryside - which I am very grateful for - and got a couple jobs (Waterstones, a café/bar) to save money and get my driving license while I could work on my portfolio in my own free time. This process of moving back home is emotionally very hard, it feels like an unnatural regression, a step backwards, there’s also the guilt for feeling these things towards my parents and sometimes it felt like university never happened for me, because I was separate from my university friends and alone working in my bedroom, no longer surrounded in a studio by my creative peers. 

I did not apply for internships or creative jobs, I did not enter competitions, I did, however, take part in illustration/art festivals around the country (Bristol, Brighton, Hastings, London) to meet other artists and use these deadlines as motivation to continue making/selling my work. I kept the momentum up of making new work and putting it out there, I kept going back to Norwich to printmake and also had the luck of some friends working at the local college as printmaking technicians who let me use their facilities as well as print my stuff through their own press (Off The Press). 

Moving back home after university is very hard and no one else is going to tell you that. I also know from my friends who stayed in Norwich it hasn’t been easy, putting their artistic goals in the backseat while working, usually in retail, jobs that were just a way to pay for their rent and live. Graduation life is prioritising things, and sometimes feeling a bit like a failure, even though you’re not! It just happens, it’s life, we all need money to live and it takes time before the work we really want to make can become a living. 

I know a handful, or less than a handful, of people from my course who can make a living from selling their artwork, who went onto design internships (mostly in London) and seem to be doing well and making artwork and making money from that. Though it is also tricky with whether it’s the artwork they want to make, or have to make. 

I think some advice I would give is… to look for facilities or studios like Print to the People, if you are interested in print-making in different forms. Because there you get the same sense of community, of freedom and of creative productivity. You aren’t letting go of what you want to do and make and that you can do it. Look for these places in your hometown or where you plan to live, or you could do what I did and travel back to Norwich to printmake at Print to the People. I’d advise having a plan, because I didn’t really have one at the end of university, at least creatively for my career, Have a plan of what you want to do, who you want to work for, and go for it, apply. Because I think the hardest part of pushing yourself is simply DOING things like that. It’s also okay that your feelings about what you want to do change, your plan can change, as long as you keep your best interests in mind. 

It’s also okay to move back with your parents, it’s fine, it happens, but not to let the bad slumps get to you, to remember that there are people there for you, and to be kind to yourself in the situation you’re in. For two years I’ve been churning out artwork and thinking about my artwork at any time I’m not at work and I think it’s burnt me out a bit… so it’s okay to give yourself a break.  

Graduation life is a good time to reflect on what you really want to do, and to take your time, find your footing, and I really want to say this again, to be good to yourself. There isn’t a rush to become the next greatest artist or fashion designer or illustrator… but you need to remember that art schools push out hundreds and hundreds of graduates, just like you, every year. It’s easy to be washed away in the slew of new artists. So keep making, take this time to step back and think of what you want to do, what’s important to you, and take it one thing at a time to get there. A colleague I used to work with - a philosophy graduate - told me this while we were making coffee for customers and I was in a slump about my living at home and working in a cafê - “this is just part of the journey, so accept it, because you won’t be here forever, it’s just stepping stones and it’ll take as long as it needs to.” 

I hope this wasn’t too downcast or negative, I just want you to know what’s the truth and the truth is hard. And it’s good to remember that you’re not alone, all us graduates are in the same boat. 

All the best of luck to you, Helen! I could’ve written a lot more but I don’t think I would be able to stop, if you want to talk to me again about this by all means message me!

Spiderman-Homecoming Preference - Dating

A/N: Y’ALL I’ve been thinking of doing this for months but I didn’t get around to it but here I am! The reason I’ve been wanting to do this is because the whole point I started writing fanfic is because I wanted to write for unpopular characters and try to bring them more attention! I hope you guys enjoy, don’t forget requests are open so request some stuff!

Small Disclaimer: Because I haven’t seen much of anything for any of these characters besides Peter I’m kind of creating the characters so they may not be accurate to when the movie comes out. 

ALso I went crazy with Michelle bc im gay as fuck plz someone requesst something for her 

Peter Parker: 

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  • The flakiest boi 
  • The sweetest! 
  • But also the flakiest
  • Lunch (when he’s there) is normally in the Library studying, seeing as how he has so many absences  
  • Studying = goofing around/nerding out 
  • He posts a lot about you on Instagram and snapchat
  • When he get’s a chance to post 
  • If May and your parents allow it
  • But they most likely will bc they ship you like crazy

Ned Leeds: 

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  • I feel like he’s not that experienced at dating 
  • Because he’s had a lot of crushes
  • But not many were reciprocated? 
  • SO he’s a little shook when you confessed you like him back
  • You probably go to the arcade a lot with him
  • Or you play video games with him at his place
  • You guys eat with Peter at lunch a lot
  • But instead of him gawking at Liz Allen, he gives you that attention
  • It really doesn’t matter if you look like a goblin or a goddess he will look at you like the most precious treasure 

Michelle Gonzales: 

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  • The Laid Back™ girlfriend 
  • You’re probably one of the few people she hangs out with
  • In fact, it was when she sought you out during class for a project that you knew she really cared for you 
  • Acts like she doesn’t care but is actually a sweetheart 
  • Sometimes she’ll just pop in class next to you
  • In classes you don’t share 
    • “Hey babe”
    • “Michelle! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Science?”
    • “Eh, we’re doing a group project. I’m sure Parker is going to do all the work anyway.”
  • Will. Destroy. Anyone. Who. Bullies. You. In. Any. Way.
  • Sleepovers eating junk food, watching trashy chick flicks, and talking about life 
  • Finding out about the weird shit she’s reading 
    • “Michelle are you reading about Human Bondage?”
    • “You never know when you might needs this kind of stuff Y/N.”

Flash Thompson: 

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Why is it so hard to find gifs of these bitches lol 

  • Reprimanding him every time he bullies anyone
    • “I swear to god Flash the next time you even touch another mathlete I won’t let you touch me for a week.”
    • “Aw c’mon I was just teasing Y/N.”
  • You guys spend a surprising amount of time studying
  • Bullies need to graduate too i guess 
  • You guys don’t go crazy on PDA
  • The most you guys got caught with was making out in the corner in the Library 
  • I feel like the most you guys fight about is how he bullies people, that’s probably the biggest tension in the relationship
  • Idk why but I feel like he’s close to his mom, and it would be important to him for you do be close to her as well