but i kind of love it anyway


I haven’t and won’t be able to post any art for a long while so I dug up some art I did for a deviantart meme like 6-8 months ago  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi! How are u doing? I hope great ❤ anyway I have a stupid cuestion after reading a meta of yours. You said that Dean "sees Cas’ own strong feelings returned for him after season 9" but I'm not sure what are you referring to? I'm kind of confused? What happened in s9? Sorry I'm that stupid 😑

Hi! Well for me it is made clear to the audience and also to Dean in season 9 that Cas does love Dean back after season 8 made it clear Dean loves Cas.

Season 8 was awash with “Dean loves Cas” from the purgatory stuff but in 8x07 and 8x17 Cas inadvertently rejects Dean romantically by basically friend zoning him, even though it IS Dean who breaks the connection and Cas can see what Dean has done for him in purgatory, he doesn’t IMO have a full realisation of his own emotions and potentially Dean’s either until he himself falls and is human.

That for me is such a part of Cas’ arc in season 9, realising all of this and what his own emotions are. I think he loved Dean for a long time (waves at season 6) but didn’t really realise it until he fell.

I mean… this face! This is Misha’s “jilted lover” face, as directed in the script.


So yes I think in season 9 Dean realises Cas’ own returned feelings too. There is much we don’t see on screen in 9x03 and 9x06, then we see them both flirting in 9x09 I mean come oooooon. They both know. They’re both testing the waters. They’re both so hopeful…

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Then at the end of the same episode we have Dean sounding pretty gutted that Cas is back Angel mojo’d up, Cas himself doesn’t answer Dean’s question as to whether he’s ok with it because he’s clearly NOT. This is the factor that puts the brakes on again, alongside the duty part and then Dean going to get the Mark of Cain. 

They were THIS CLOSE! then got it ripped away from them *sobbing noises*.

From season 9 onwards IMO Dean and Cas both know, or at least they both strongly suspect each others’ feelings but they also still don’t feel they deserve it. There are a bunch of reasons they don’t act on them, pretty much all about themselves, variations of “I don’t deserve it”, “there’s more important things at stake to focus on” then of course Dean’s MoC arc and Cas’ depression arc are an obstacle. Coincidence that they come one after another? A totally accidental that they narratively drag out the long time love story… hmm.

These are internal obstacles though, which seem now to be not present anymore (Cas’ depression and Dean’s lack of self worth). I HOPE that there are little to no more internal obstacles left (both are growing to accept that they deserve good things and have self worth), Dean’s biggest thing left is his self acceptance overall and his sexuality as a part of this and Cas has to let his duty go, more than he had done so far.

I hope that this is the season where any obstacles that they do have are external as @amwritingmeta said brilliantly to me recently, I’m loving the succinct way she put it where I was harping on for ages about their struggles and their depression/self acceptance being done so what else is there in the way to stop Destiel within moments of 13x06 and she just said, well yeah, external instead of internal obstacles, I was like, DUH! YES! :D

So yeah, I hope this makes sense, for me Dean has been relatively confident of Cas’ feelings since season 9 and Cas of Dean’s too. It’s just a case of them accepting that they deserve it and doing something about it without external obstacles in the way.

TBH though, if they do have to now use external obstacles like Dean being imprisoned away, Jack etc then I’ll still squeal because this just shows how they have to use these things or it would just happen already, they’re pretty much at that point in the story now where it’s inevitable if you leave them in the same room together for more than 5 minutes without any kind of issue going on around them to rip them apart.

*Rubs hands together for season 13* 

i just want to say i’ve never felt happier for another human bean in my entire life than i am for liz right now I’VE LITERALLY BEEN CRYING FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT she deserves this so much she has loved taylor for such a long time and she’s so funny and kind and smart and i;m so glad she exists and i’m so lucky to be her friend and i’M SO GLAD TAYLOR APPRECIATES HER EXISTENCE BECAUSE I DO TOO AND ANYWAY I JSUT LOVE LIZ

also i have included a small pic of me and liz here as a visual aid

updates: this tour is really sweet and fun so far, you can tell mary surrounds herself with kind people and that’s really nice to be around in a tour environment. I am holding myself to reading one “writing” piece every night and also I am re-remembering how to play solo. I have been feeling very dysphoric today and yesterday but think I’m on the up and up. I had to get checked for a groin anomaly at the airport a couple days ago, I don’t know if it’s related. Anyway, I feel very lucky. I am very lucky.


Happy almost Halloween, everybody! Never thought I would take a picture of myself as Tommy boy while smiling adorably.

Anyway, this post kinda doubles as a starter call. I’m back from my vacation with my lovely husband and my awesome family. Unfortunately, I’ve kind of forgotten which threads I’m involved in. I’m so sorry, I have a crappy memory! If you’d like to start up a new thread with me, please let me know (like, or reblog, or message me). I’d totally be willing to write a starter up for you if I have some extra time.

Sorry about my absence!

Hey y'all!

I’m really sorry, I know I said I was gonna be more active but I’ve been working on some stuff to release to you guys for simblreen.

Anyway, I’m almost done, and I’m doing some kind of lookbook-ish to present my *poorly made* creations!

I can make some sim requests, and if you want to you can share your sims via the gallery or tray files. If no one’s interested I’ll just make my own.

Thanks a bunch! And stay tuned for some *spooky* stuff around friday 👀

Love y'all 💖💖

PS: There’s also a mini collab with @pumpkinsimmeryoutube !!

PSS: I should also add that yes I will go back to posting my challenge when I’ll get rid of all the halloween CC. Hint: Some changes are coming up in the household!

ID #98682

Name: Briar
Age: 18
Country: the USA

I’m a very awkward and shy girl but I’m trying my best to over come that. I thought maybe I could do that with a pen pal or just find a way out of my shell in some way(anyway you’d want to communicate i guess haha. I love languages and am actively studying Norwegian French and Spanish as well as Finnish slowly.

I also love all kinds of music, mainly anything except country. I currently listen to the bands the 1975, panic! At the disco and arctic monkeys as well as artists from drake to Sam Smith even. Mostly alternative. And smaller artists like dodie.

I also like foreign artists like Yelle, Carla Bruni and Stromae, and Cezinando Karpe Diem and many others.

I’m open to new ideas and new people and I’m extremely nice once you get to know me, I’m just really shy. I’m also apart of the lgbt(pansexual) so please be cool with that 

Preferences: None really just be older than 16 and not racist or homophobic/transphobic. Just be open minded and accepting. And please try to be patient with me because it sometimes takes me a while to psych myself up enough to answer a message especially when talking to new people. 

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I love the komahina art you did for that gift exchange! It's so pretty! And now I understand what you meant by "I'm trying to wait until I get better to draw them more". To be honest, knowing that it took you 3 years to get to draw digitally more similar to your traditional drawings gives me hope that I can get better too! Because drawing with a tablet is very difficult for me haha! I'm looking forward to see more komahina (and kamukoma) from you soon!

It was kind of a rule for me. I would find an old komahina doodle and be like “No……. not yet…..” and save it for later, but from time to time I would give up and draw them anyway because I couldn’t resist haha~ I love them so much~! (that’s why there’s so little ship drawings of them in the blog even tho there’s lots of them in my old sketchbooks aaaaaa)
But yeah~ 3 years and now it’s starting to look more like what I can do so I’m happy~ And I think I can now draw them without worries like in the past~ I hope to be able to post more for them soon~ I hope, I wish!
And I wish you good luck with the tablet too!

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Hi! LOVE your blog & Philinda!! Ugh Dec 1 is so far away, but I'm glad we don't have to wait til 2018! I'm goin thru MAJOR Philinda withdrawal! Anyways, what is "season4 Declassified" that you mentioned in a post? Also, I'm trying not to get my expectations up since lord knows they love to angst us but I REALLY REALLY want some actual confirmed acknowledged Philinda! Do you think they'll drag it out and torture us in S5?

First off, I love you anon and you’re really really sweet. 

Every season, AOS puts out a book about the show - kind of like a peek behind the scenes, with pictures, a bit more information and photos. Here is a link for Season 4′s Declassified, which included a ton about Philinda and was lovely. I might ask for it as a gift for the holidays, haven’t decided yet. 

As for Philinda… I have my theories. Basically, every season at episode eight a couple has gotten together or kissed. In Season 1, it was Ward/May (the only season episode 8 didn’t include a kiss). In Season 2, Bobbi and Hunter slept together, in Season 3 Fitzsimmons kissed, and in Season 4 Mackelena kissed. All of these were in episode eight - that doesn’t feel like a coincidence. Based on that, I think Philinda will be a bit drawn out over that eight episodes, at least one of which will include Phil in danger as this season should have a lot of Melinda realizing just how strongly she feels about him, but by episode eight, we would get a Philinda kiss. The first arc of the season is supposed to end at episode ten, so that would mean as they’re finishing out the drama of the first arc of the season, Philinda is working through what it means to actually acknowledge their feelings. 

That wouldn’t mean everything is fine, of course - they stated somewhere (I’m sorry I can’t find it) that Phil’s deal will become a plot point in the second arc, after episode ten, which I think means that as they’re moving into a relationship (maybe even a date) whatever deal he made will cause issues with their budding relationship. I don’t think his deal will be directly related to Melinda or their relationship, that’s just not AOS’s style, but I do think it’ll cause a major problem, so that (in typical AOS tradition) once the idiots have finally confessed how they feel, some conflict will come up that will cause problems. 

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Hi! I'm new here, and I'm in love with AsylumTale! Anyway, I have two questions about it though (sorry if they've been answered already). 1: What kind of world does it take place in? A world where humans and monsters live in peace? One with Frisk living in the Underground? 2: Is Papyrus actually there (as depicted on some comics), or is Sans just... Imagining him? (I can't tell which one would be sadder...)

hey its okay, glad you like the story^^ Answering your questions, here Frisk lives Underground with Toriel. And yes, Papyrus is there, just people can’t see him

Ima share something good with y'all

So idk if some of you know but I’ve been trying to get over… someone I never dated.

Anyways uni has been great with me. Life has been great with me (gracias a Dios). I’ve been looking at the beauty and kindness all around me, and I realized that love, beauty, and kindness are everywhere and they make the world go round. I have great classmates in my IR class, and my PE partner is super chill and tolerable around me. He’s so calm, and he’s cute too lmao

And I’m happy that I’m feeling this way, instead of lamenting on to why he stopped talking to me, like…. nah I decided to do something different. I mean I still think of him, and I do get upset about it sometimes. But it’s okay.

In the end I’ve realized that I deserve sooooooo much better and I feel great saying this

Dear Tay,

I’m Ankita Sharma from a small Asian country ‘Nepal’. I’m 17 years old and I started loving you since 2007. I was just 7 years old when I heard Tim Mcgraw. It literally blew me. I know you are very far from me but our hearts are connected and your magnetic field is so strong that I cant stop loving you. I sometime feel like what would I be like if I wasn’t a Swiftie. Tay, you’re a life changer. You’ve changed many lives. I really didn’t know my talent before I entered this fandom. I seriously love Songwriting but I’m not a good singer. Anyway being Swiftie is such a pleasure thing. All the swifties are so kind and helpful. Many of them have even helped me to get your attention though I haven’t got it yet. Like it’s been 10 years but I haven’t got your attention. I really want to meet you and I’m available anywhere. @taylorswift @taylornation can DM me anytime you want. I’m always there for you. I love you and I’m honestly a dedicated swiftie.

Love you more.💞💞



Happy 5th birthday RED.


@ my baseball/NYY mutuals!

Hey guys!

Yesterday all day long I had a dull headache and it got more intense towards the evening; even with medicine… that’s why I wasn’t online that much during the game. I could only watch a little bit.

I just want to say that I’m so grateful to getting to know you guys, I’m confident we made really good friendships here!

I only joined in the middle of the season, without knowing so little about baseball but I learned a lot and I’m so glad that I can talk to every one of you!

And the boys… I’m heartbroken for them… I know it was a rebuilding year for them but this kind of loss must be really tough on them… all I want to do is hug them, wrap them in fuzzy blankets and assure them it’s okay ~ Sorry, it sounds so cheesy 😅

Anyway… I’m sososo proud of them and I love them so much ~ even though sometimes probably my blood pressure was out of the roof. 😅

I’m gonna be here, and maybe I won’t be posting as much of baseball in the offseason, just know I’m not gonna disappear!!

I love you guys so much!!! 💖💖💖

Oh and isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have AL Rookie of the year and MVP in our team? 😏☕️👨🏻‍⚖️


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.