but i kind of love it anyway

I’ve decided to take a step back from Tumblr, at least for a while. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I don’t have fun anymore. It doesn’t make me happy anymore. I’m constantly worried that something I say might trigger someone or offend someone, and I don’t mean this as a jab to anyone, I am genuinely worried about this and it’s too stressful, especially with everything else going on in my life.

I’m not deleting or anything, it’s more like a break. I’ll probably be back before long, but atm it feels like the best decision for me.

I doubt that anyone will miss me, I honestly do, I’m not important or anything, but I thought I’d make a post about this anyway.

So yeah. Take care of each other and be kind to each other. Lots of love ❤


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(Dexydex) tangos crush on Nursey? I need to know more.

This is super vague still and needs to be BEEFED but I’m still stoked on it. Thanks @poindexterpatrol for letting me scream abt this last night n adding some SOLID points (go follow her, the love of my life).

Ok LOOK I have. canonical evidence for this. Basically Tango meets Nursey on the taddy tour and is like “wow ok I’m smitten” (bc it’s Nursey ummm) but he’s super self conscious abt his crush so he just asks questions abt him to everyone and stares longingly, rather than actually talking to him, hence why he’s always shown w Dex n Chowder (my canonical evidence). He hangs out w them and haggles them for info about Nursey. Frankly, it’s embarrassing, but Chowder n Dex love this kid. Anyways. Bitty is the first person Tango comes out to, but Chowder n Dex are the first people he tells abt his crush (everyone kind of…….knew already. except Nursey bc he’s oblivious and too busy staring longingly at Dex so uh) and Tango, like, begs them to help him get a date w Nursey. Chowder, immediately is like “omigod of course!!!11!!1!!1!!” and Dex is like “………ok…………” ummm of course we’ll help you ummmmm but realistically he’s like ‘hm the concept of Nursey dating someone (especially someone ok SMH) makes my stomach churn a lil uncomfortable but I have no idea why I’ll deal w that later it’s probably just indigestion’ ANYWAYS Tango like walks into the Haus one day and Nursey is sitting at the dining room table doing homework or some shit and Tango, actual dweeb of my heart who cannot contain his questions ever, just blurts “HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO ON A DATE W ME SOMETIME?” and Nursey is so floored he kinda just says yes???? Ok so they go out for like food or w/e and Tango is like “ok so this was just a very intense infatuation and I’m not actually into him but I really want to be his friend??” and Nursey is like “awh this guy’s so cute awh” but just in like a friend way. OK SO ANYWAYS PHASE 2 IN WHICH THEY’RE BFFS. Nursey takes Tango to like his dumb artsy fartsy things and poetry readings and Tango accidentally becomes like best friends w all the artsy Samwell kids and they all love him because he’s SO interested in everything and he asks so many questions (and if you’re making ANY form of art and some enthusiastic kid comes by and asks you questions abt your work it just feels so so good,, we art types live4validation). Anyways. Tango starts dating some art kid (bonus points if it’s Foxtrot, the same kid Whiskey has been talking to heyo) and maybe accidentally mentions to Dex that “a lot of Nursey’s poems are about you, I’m pretty sure?? Did you know that, Dex??”


Some more sparkly flower crown edits, this time of @kapitan5o 

Love you and your content so much! Keep being aesthetic goals dear! ❤️

Every time I go through a period of time where I obsess just a tiny bit more over one SHINee member I always have the thought “I can see why people stan him and chose him as their ultimate bias.” It’s always fleeting for me though. I could never hold one member over another. I just love them all so much. 

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Just look at them 😭

anyway i’m glad i love zayn and that zayn is a genuinely kind person who doesn’t feel the need to make fun of other ppl n lie in the process just to make himself feel better and always refuses to take the bait when prompted to :p

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Please don't beat yourself up too much! Everyone posts stuff without thinking it all the way through sometimes. You recognized that (and apologized!) and that's really admirable and something most people don't take the time to do.

Thank you all for your kind messages. I was mostly upset and disappointed in myself. 

You shouldn’t had to comfort me but I thank you all anyway. I love you all so much.

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all the boys' ( UT UF US SF) reactions to facial piercings? ❤ thanks in advance

* It’s okay love, I didn’t do all the boys anyway
* ‘Sides, that was self-indulgent dreaming haha
* Fact: Trin has 5 piercings. Tell me how many you have!


He’s kind of disturbed by the idea of voluntarily causing oneself bodily harm for the aesthetic of looking nice. Still, as long as the people participating in the practice do it safely and enjoy the outcomes, he’s cool with it. Finds it kind of grotesque, though.


He’s horrified that people enjoy mutilating themselves in the name of art. But he admits that it does look cool. He asks all sorts of questions about piercings to everyone who has them.


He’s disturbed by the idea at first but then becomes more curious about how it works. The whole idea of enduring pain to look nice is… kind of appealing actually. He’d get one if he could. He finds piercings attractive, has a thing for lip piercings.


He thinks it’s immensely admirable and cool to get piercings. He thinks it’s slightly disturbing and grotesque and that’s why he loves it. He thinks of it as a trait hardcore people will have. Oh boy, wait till he learns about tattoos.


He doesn’t like it at all, thinks it’s silly to harm yourself to look nice. Even after he learns it doesn’t hurt as badly as he imagines, he still cringes at the idea of it. 


He doesn’t really care. It’s up to people what they want to do with their body anyways. He kind of expected something weird like this to come out of human kind, actually.


He cringes at the idea of it at first but finds it admirable that someone would be willing to endure pain for looks. That’s something he can relate to. The more he thinks about it, the more appealing piercings become. He only likes the “tasteful” kind though, going for classy looks rather than excessive grunge/punk piercings.


He immediately digs them. He doesn’t care about the pain part, he thinks they look really good. In fact, he’ll really appreciate the whole concept of body decoration the more he learns about it. He has a thing for eyebrow piercings.

Bonus UT!Undyne

She absolutely falls in love with the concept of piercings, being super enthusiastic about it. “I can’t believe we didn’t think of this!”
She gets like so many piercings afterwards: Three on her left helix, 2 pairs on the lobes of her ears, snake bites and on her right eyebrow.

Bonus Bonus:

Imagine Undyne with tattoos. hnnnnnnnngh

“A-As for what type of Changeling I am, most people only know of Chrysalis’ subspecies, Buprestidae, and has given the other subspecies bad reputations.. However, my subspecies is far different from theirs. While the Buprestidae feed on love, my species, Eriosomatidae, feed on the sap from trees and plants. W-We try not to cause any problems for gardeners and farmers by planting our own trees and plants, but many ponies still fear us for being Changelings anyway.. B-But you see, my subspecies is rather new.. I was the first of my kind, and it’s actually named after me. My real Changeling name is Eriosomatidae, or Erios for short.”

As for hobbies, Astrid loves singing, drawing, sewing, gardening, making herbal remedies, and gaining useless knowledge among many other things.

Ask #18

There is no such thing as too many selfies.  

Going to the gym with one of my best friends today!

I love this shirt and I love this filter.

I know I’m rambling…

I just want to say that it’s arm day so if you don’t hear from me by 00:30 Atlantic time then my arms fell off and I couldn’t drive home!!!

No I’m kidding… kind of

ANYWAY I did have a point when I first started this post but it’s lost now so I’ll just say that I love yas and peace out!

i hate the bury your gays trope for sure, but in the case of Lexa i don’t think they could have done it any other way.
the actress needed to leave for another role on a different show, and the only realistic way to get rid of a character on the 100, especially someone as significant as the commander of the grounders, would be to kill them. in the context of the show, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.
plus Clarke’s previous love interest also died so it’s kind of a pattern. i hope this pattern doesn’t continue because it’s definitely leaning towards Bellarke happening and goddamn i will stop watching the show if Bellamy dies.
anyways, at least there is some lqbtq+ representation. the lead protagonist is canonically bisexual and none of the characters have a problem with it. one of the best secondary characters is gay and him and his boyfriend go through some emotional shit but never because of their orientation. sexual orientation is never questioned or seen as different or weird or anything at all. it simply is. and i like that. casual gay. 

Yo, Les Mis fans! Don’t be shy.

I kind of want to start a Les Mis skype groupchat and I was wondering if any of you guys are interested??? I don’t want to start it if there is only going to be like two people and I would also prefer people who can be semi active. Basically I need people who want to scream about The Amis with me. It doesn’t even have to entirely be about Les Mis. Just a chat with other Les Mis fans about whatever. I’m new to the fandom and would love to meet other fans.

All ages are welcome.

Anyways if you’re interested reblog this post or message me or add me on skype @letmeresst

You don’t have to be following me if you want to join :) I’m just looking for anyone who is interested.

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Hey! I actually think Lances skin tone is pretty good (I love that piece btw). I think what's throwing op off is that Lance has warm undertones and when white light is used that undertone is kind of lost. I'd recommend adjusting colours in shadows as well as adding more mid tone colour instead of the very white-light highlight and dark shadow so the overall darker skin colour comes thru. Just a suggestion. :) anyways I love it and I think it's beautiful :):):)

Omg thank you for your feedback, I guess I added white light so I could bring it a stronger contrast? But I will totally rethink that! 💖

Well fuck!

That was a good trip.

I was supposed to only be there on Friday and fly back Saturday morning, but that plan already kind of changed when I found out the very first show was cancelled. My friends and I had tickets for the Friday show and we decided to go to the theatre anyways. We drank something in the bar and tried to make the best of it. The Friday was a 15 hour work day for these people, that is absolutely insane especially because the same thing happened on Saturday and we spoke to a couple of lovely people who work on the show and they told us the whole week has been like that. Earlier in the evening I had gotten a refund for the cancelled show, and they put me on the returns list for the Saturday. We waited until he left the theatre but before he did he got someone to come tell us he was really tired and wasn’t going to stop. We gave her the ‘good luck’ cards we had for him which she then gave to him.

Friday evening I went home with my friend and booked a coach back home for Sunday evening. On the Saturday we went back to the theatre and we waited and waited for the returns and whenever asked they said there were no returns yet. Then it was 7, and everyone was in the auditorium already and there were now announcements saying the theatre doors would close in 1 minute so I gave up on getting returns. Then suddenly they called out my name and I got my ticket.

The show was good, like so so so so fucking good. I am not really a Shakespeare fan, I find it hard to understand but I actually got most of this. It’s a really funny show, really good, very gorgeous, the set is amazing. I honestly can’t wait to go back again and I know that without Andrew I wouldn’t have gone to see this, which really would have been a shame because it really is good.

Then after the show there were a lot of people waiting for Andrew, like A LOT. He came out for a little while, signed and took photos with some fans and then went back in for drinks. All I wanted was to give him a hug and tell him I am proud of him so my friends and I waited until he left. The security people kept telling us he wasn’t going to sign anymore, which you know, fair enough but that’s also not what we (or I, at least) were after. After a little wait he left and I gave him a big hug and told him I was very proud of him, he asked if I had seen the show and I told him I did which he was happy to hear. I hope everything will calm down and those 15 hour days will soon be over.

I am so proud of him, and if you’re doubting whether you should get tickets or not.. do get tickets; you won’t regret it!

20 Facts about me.

I’m bored, and I can’t draw yet, so.. yeah.

  1. I hate the ocean.
  2. I don’t like sweets… Only chocolate.
  3. I LOVE coffee.
  4. I’m an asshole to people I hate.
  5. Luckly to the 4th fact, I’m not the hater type.
  6. Horror movies are the best for me.
  7. I’m a furry and a brony (as you can see).
  8. I was born in 04/02/2003.
  9. I love all kinds of animals, but I’m afraid of flying insects and spiders.
  10. I started to draw at age 5.
  11. I’m Brazillian.
  12. I’m a girl.
  13. My favorite/lucky number.
  14. my age now.
  15. I got my Intuos Manga Tablet (WACOM) for about a year ago.
  16. I’m chubby, but people say that i’m beautiful anyway(I don’t trust them >->).
  17. 5′0″ is not only Kessy’s height…. It’s mine too.
  18. I’m studying to go for america(North Caroline,  to be more specific).
  19. I would survive on a zombie attack by sacrificing my friends or family…(You really can’t trust me on those situatuions of life or death)
  20. I don’t like kids :’3

And i’m going to tag that because i want you guys to hate me.

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You write goku to be more goku then goku, if that makes sense... Adding what is there deep down, but keeping his goku-ness... Just I love it. You did great.

Thanks.  I’ve been going for a thing where I try to mix Sean Schemmel’s performance with Masako Nozwa’s.  That’s never going to work perfectly, but I’ve seen enough of both dubs by now that I have a hard time separating one from the other in my head.  

Anyway, this fic was kind of a road test of that idea, and it looks like it’s worked out pretty well.  Which will come in handy for… later.

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Lucy kinda reminds me of Gretchen from mean girls! Loving your ts2 gameplay, kinda makes me want to play it again, brings back so many memories! 💔

I see where you get that. I could imagine her being the kind of person a lot of people trust with her secrets, but she gets so excited that people confide in her, she spills them anyway. 
I’m so glad to hear that! You should really try to play it again, it’s so much fun and don’t forget that it is an amazing game. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda Countdown // Day 29

What is your Ryder’s name? Why did you pick this name - is there a meaning or origin story behind it? Do they go by any nicknames? What would you name their sibling, father and mother if you were able to choose?

My twins are named Nova & Nash! I wanted simple, short names that conveyed opposite meanings (and that started with the same letter bc consistency lmao).

Anyway I picked Nova for sis!Ryder because as her name implies, she’s indeed cataclysmic. She’s bright, unapologetic, very chaotic in her interpersonal relationships, but at the same time whimsical, optimistic and a genius in her own right. She loves learning through her own methods and sharing her discoveries with the world, even if the world won’t listen. Nova is the kind of person whose presence demands attention wherever she goes, and she definitely knows how to use that to her advantage. 

Her brother Nash, on the other hand, is the diplomat of the two. In ancient Norse, Germanic and Celtic cultures, the ash tree was highly regarded and believed to hold magical powers. In Norse mythology, the first man created by the gods was formed from an ash tree. The Celts, impressed with its massive size and multi-purpose use, associated the ash tree with power, expansion and scale.

He’s the listening type, with a much more grounded personality and a very altruistic outlook. He often puts others’ needs above himself, but is quick to deduce whether someone’s intentions are good or bad, and act accordingly. His background as a soldier only serves to solidify his inner strength, and he remains warm, kind and a joy to be around. That is, until someone tries to take advantage of that kindness.

Together, they’re both very sociable people and an incredible team with a healthy dose of competitiveness. As for their parents, I like Adam and Eden Ryder!