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20 August 2017
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i’m almost done with my bujo pages so i went hunting for a new bujo and came up with a completely new system (ノ´ з `)ノ i can’t wait to show it to you guys╰(*´︶`*)╯also, it kind of just really dawned on me that there’s less than 4 months to 2018? and my ib bum is really not ready for it .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.
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(edit: i’m so sorry i forgot to mention this! but the taegi artwork is by nightmers on tumblr!)

Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2
Insulting Haikyuu!! Pickup Lines 2

Akaashi: Bokuto loving you is like looking at the ranking of top spikers
Bokuto: Aww, that’s so sweet, because you’d have to travel the entire country to find anyone better than me?
Akaashi: Because I never had to worry about you coming first
Bokuto: [dejected mode initiate]

Iwaizumi: Oikawa you’re like my little candy apple
Oikawa: I just know this is going to be an insult you can’t fool me
Iwaizumi: Because you’re so sweet on the outside
Oikawa: Oh that’s actually kind of nice
Iwaizumi: And trash on the inside
Oikawa: Iwa-chan! Mean!

Nishinoya: Asahi loving you should be illegal
Asahi: Aww, thank yo- wait, why?
Nishinoya: Because most adults would see me next to you and call the cops
Asahi: I don’t look that old!

Kuroo: Tsukishima you’re like the moon
Tsukishima: Ethereal?
Kuroo: No, because 12 men have had their turn on it
Tsukishima: That’s 12 more than you’ll ever get you nerd

Lev: Yaku, you look like a thousand bucks today
Yaku: Wow, thanks Lev, how unusually kind of you
Lev: Because I can fit you in my pocket
Yaku: You have five seconds headstart to run away

analienanimeaficionado  asked:

Hello! I really like your blog and was wondering how RFA+Saeran+V would react when they meet MC for the 1st time and realizing that MC is much shorter and younger looking than expected. I was wondering since I'm a 19 yr old girl, 4'11", and get told often that I look 12 and am still given kiddie menus at restaurants lol. You don't have to respond, I just thought this would be a funny scenario since some characters are really tall, thank you!

Haha, some of them would have a huge difference! Hope you like these~


  • This man is really tall
  • When he first met, he kind of looked over your head trying to find you in a crowd
  • He wasn’t taken very aback by your height
  • He think you’re cute being so tiny
  • But you do look very young which could cause trouble if he’s not careful
  • He’s very protective of you with the press, since he doesn’t want you caught up in drama
  • If you try to look a little taller, he’ll give you his opinion on different heels
  • Listens to your rants when others mistake your age
  • Sometimes he’ll take selfies to tease you, since you always end up cut off at first
  • You always have to stand on a table or something
  • Eventually, he just memorizes one specific angles so you can take it together
  • He won’t tease you if you can’t reach things though
  • He’ll get whatever you need, and even shifts things around in his house so you don’t feel bad


  • He’s used to being the shortest in his group of friends
  • He’s still growing though
  • If you feel really insecure about your height, he’ll try to cheer you up
  • “Maybe you’re still growing, like me!”
  • He secretly loves it when you wear oversized sweaters
  • The sweater paws make you look like a cute puppy
  • He likes to give you piggy back rides if you’re tired or want to see over a crowd
  • Your baby face doesn’t faze him that much
  • But if someone else says something to you, he’ll defend you
  • You both have a perfect height difference
  • He can easily rest his arm around you and you fit perfectly against his side
  • Loves to hug you from behind a lot


  • She’s an average height, but still pretty small
  • You guys aren’t that far off which means she has a shopping buddy
  • You and her start going shopping for heels every other week
  • You both fit each other’s clothes decently
  • Hers is a little big on you, but no big deal
  • You actually like wearing her clothes, because you look a lot more mature
  • Her style rubs off on you
  • You look like a child next to her a lot with your baby face
  • She also helps with that since she gives you tips on make up
  • Either way, she doesn’t care how you look
  • Your age is reflected in how you act, and she thinks you’re very wise and caring


  • Talk about height difference
  • He thought you were cute in the chats in the way you talked and acted
  • But seeing you in person, you were so tiny and adorable to him
  • Like with Zen, he was worried you might get caught up in some scandal because you two looked years apart
  • But with his cautious nature and  the fact that the body guards basically hid you, there were no issues
  • He can tell when you’re feeling insecure about your height
  • On those bad days, you’ll end up finding a new pair of heels in your closet
  • Likes to find creative ways to kiss you smoothly
  • He’ll lean down asking you to fix his tie and then just steal a kiss
  • You like it when you’re sitting on one of those tall chairs
  • For once, you can easily kiss or hug him without straining on your toes
  • He makes sure there’s small step stools in every room, just in case you need things from the top shelves
  • You can’t tell whether you find it sweet or not…


  • He figured you were pretty tiny from your background info
  • But for some reason, in person you just seemed so much smaller
  • He actually loves teasing you about it
  • When you reacted negatively to the short jokes, he kinda stopped
  • Still got you in more subtle ways
  • Rests his arm on your head you might have almost killed him
  • Purposely holds things out of reach
  • But he’s still pretty considerate when you can’t reach things in the kitchen or dining room
  • Cuddling is really nice though
  • He’ll come up behind you when you’re sitting on floor and just envelop you in his arms and a blanket
  • One time, you were given a kids menu at a restaurant
  • He was suppressing his laughter when you were trying to explain to the embarrassed waiter
  • But you both colored with the crayons anyway


  • You once told him off for not taking care of himself
  • And he just casually commented
  • “What do know? Aren’t you like 12?”
  • You released some wrath on him until you found out he legit thought you were 12
  • He treated you like a normal adult after that
  • He makes references to your height, but not in a joking way
  • At least, that’s what he says…you never see the smirk he gives after you struggle
  • He’ll unconsciously pat your head as he walks by
  • The worst is when you two are walking
  • It’s so hard to keep up with his long strides
  • Whenever you’re on your tippy toes trying to reach something, he just gets it for you after watching you for a few minutes
  • Mutters “cute” but you never hear it


  • He can’t see very well when you first meet
  • When he moves to place a hand on your shoulder, he accidentally places it on your head
  • He apologizes for it profusely
  • Loves it when you hug him
  • He likes the feeling of your tiny arms around his torso
  • Also likes picking you up and spinning you around if you haven’t seen each other in awhile
  • He usually interrupts people if they start to make a joke about your height or something
  • He actually never realized you had a baby face
  • He was so accustomed to hearing your voice
  • Normally, you two talked about deep things, so he could tell your maturity level
  • Makes up cute nicknames referring to your height

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I FINISHED IT!!! A dragon I literally started drawing a year ago, but I was too scared to finish it at the time. I’m so so glad I did finish it in the end :’D

Joke Classes because I think I'm funny/clever

so this was spawned from the thought that each of the 12 classes kind of form their own ‘quadrant’ when looking at inversion possibilities.

Witch, Heir, Seer, Mage. (All the combos between Active/Passive and Manipulation/Information)

Knight, Page, Thief, Rogue (All Combos between Active/Passive and Application/Relocation)

and Prince, Bard, Maid, Sylph (All combos between Active/Passive and Creation/Destruction)

so I thought wouldn’t it be funny if Lord and Muse and two other fake classes formed their own Quadrant also, so we’d have a quadrant of quadrants of classes :oD (also because I like when numbers add up in a certain way, 12 is pretty on its own as 3x4, 14 is kinda :/ but 16, now there’s a fine number if I ever saw one! 4x4 or (2x2)x(2x2) I love it)

the first one I went to was Waste, Hussies own fake class because lol

then I tried to come up with what their class verbs would be and how’d they interact with each other.

Lord and Muse I’d already had as Define, because they both effect action to have effect on Homestuck in either passive inspiring ways or active domineering ways. Lord being active for Muses passive.

so we have this so far:

-Lord = Defines (Aspect) or Defines with (Aspect)

+Muse = Invites Definition of (Aspect) or Invites Definition through (Aspect)

then for Hussie’s I decided that since he’s said before he will not directly affect the story as an author insert in any way (except for the yellow yard thing) and also because I remember him being all wizard of oz-y with his whole “DISREGARD THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, HE’S NOT IMPORTANT.” and also because 'Fondly Regard Creation’ etc.

That Waste and the other class’s Verb would be “Regard/Disregard” as in to look but dont touch, just sit and watch what happens or to ignore it completely, able to watch everything happen but not able to do/change anything about it. To counter Lord/Muse abilities to directly affect what happens while not always seeing everything that happens everywhere?

but Waste being the passive of the two would make it

+Waste = Invites Disregard of (Aspect) or Invites Disregard through (Aspect)

which would make the Active counterpart = Regards (Aspect) or Regards with (Aspect)

which I already love :D

and then the last thing would be to come up with a punny name for that Active Regard Class, that means something actively watching something while also meaning something of the opposite of Waste (Because I still consider Lord/Muse to invert to eachother, they are still Master Classes. Waste and ???Class would invert to eachother too, as the 'joke/unmastered’ classes haha. I like my jokes only when they don’t directly change what is already canon lol so they won’t touch Lord/Muse)

I eventually came up something when I figured it would only be a Matter of Time until I did and then boom. Matter and Waste.

You Waste something when you Disregard it. Something Matters because you are Regarding it (Why pay attention to something that doesn’t matter?).

Waste would be passively inviting you to disregard something unimportant. Matter would be actively regarding something that is important. Both can do nothing but watch events unfold. 

so our last Quadrant of Quadrants which includes both the Master Classes and the Joke/Unmastered Classes would be:

-Lord Defines (Aspect) or Defines with (Aspect)

+Muse Invites Definition of (Aspect) or Invites Definition through (Aspect)

-Matter Regards with (Aspect) or Regards (Aspect)

+Waste Invites Disregard of (Aspect) or Invites Disregard through (Aspect)

also something poetic hidden in the fact that while the Author calls himself the Waste in the story. When you ask what really Matters is that there would be no story without an Audience to view it.

Hussie is the Waste of Space, but we the fandom are just a Matter of Time :D

*EDIT* I didn’t mention this originally but I don’t want people to get confused between canon stuff and fanon stuff lol

Muse and Lord are an active passive pair AND an inversion pair, they invert to eachother and they are each others active and passive form. They do both to each other that’s why they are master classes

My additional extra funfanon doesn’t change or interact with that, I like keeping things seperate, so Matter and Waste are also eachothers Active/Passive forms, and they invert to each other as well. 

So the opposite of a Matter of Time is a Waste of Space, just like how the Opposite of a Lord of Time is a Muse of Space

You know when I first saw this I think I was like 12 or something and I had just discovered fandoms and so I was scrolling through Google Images looking for memes and I hadn’t even heard of Blue Exorcist I came across this and I was just like “is your fandom okay?”

desperadore  asked:

Ferre in 12? <3

He came out way better looking than planned
also I kind of nerded out on the tattoos
-The Solar system
- a Moth (required)
-chemicals of love
-etre libre
-an Acanthus (a là old style; the flower means art and I know Ferre wasn’t the artist but I got carried away and I feel like it meant friendship too somewhere)

I love ferre so much, thanks for requesting pal <3

anonymous asked:

okay but i s2g if clarke and bellamy don't have a heart to heart by the finale i'm going to be really disappointed.

That’s fair. We’ve got 24 hours. 12 hours to decide and what looks like an insurrection on our hands. motherfuckers are drawing this out to the bitter end.

It turns out I’m NOT a writer like them. Yeah I’m ruthless about characters but I find love more interesting than will they/won’t they tension. I would have made them a battle couple and had them face the world together. I guess I’m a different kind of romantic. 

joss whedon writing star wars (unofficial part 2)
  • poe dameron: *staggers over a jakku desert bluff covered in blood accompanied by bb-8, who is just two guns strapped to wheel* holy fuck bb-8 i cant believe reav- i mean STORMTROOPERS ate my entire squadron, and all those villagers, right in front of me
  • rey: *has like 12 lines, all of them are kind of cryptic and spoken at a whisper*
  • finn: i'm in space to escape my Past
  • kylo ren: hey hux did i ever tell you that i hate women. because hoo boy do i hate women a lot and i'm very blatant about it because im the villain and i need the audience to know that. im still going to be weirdly sympathetic though
  • rey: *takes off her shoes very slowly before snapping some guys neck with her thighs or whatever*
  • poe, looking straight into the fucking camera: wow thats hot AND it proves that women can fight
  • captain malcolm reynolds: hey guys can i be in this movie too

guitar-cant-keep-from-crying  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that ever since you made me that moodboard with Cloud Nine I've been getting into this whole editing thing and it's so fun! It great to learn how you and other people do their edits, because now I can apply these things to my own edits. I did a moodboard today on my other blog because of you! I've never done anything like this before and I'm really proud of myself; so thank you for inspiring me! :D While we're at it: what kind of psds do you use? I wanna try new ones!

hello, i’m so happy you were inspired to discover graphic arts, i’m looking forward to seeing your future works!

i’d be glad to share my most used/favorite psds on here, and if you ever need further help i’ll be more than glad to give a hand!!



(*) important: some of these psds may be too intense for the image/gif/graphic you’re editing, and ruin the coloring in some cases! if this happens, simply lower the opacity of the psd or delete some of the adjustment layers, till your product looks fine

other: my main sources of psds and new colorings are peachresourcesitsphotoshop, yeahps &. completeresources

anonymous asked:

I don't know how to feel about Alicia dying? I mean, she's back, but is she? Is it really fridging if she's back? But she's not back. She's a doll. IDK, I have no idea how to feel about this.

Well, actually, I think the show TELLS US how we should feel about it. Because we have a narrative parallel.

At the beginning of the season we Had Mary Back, via supernatural forces. Dean - closely linked to Max the whole episode - was so relieved and excited because he finally had his mom in his life! She’s her, for real, and now they can go back to living their lives as maybe they probably always should have.

But that’s not what happened.

Mary didn’t fit in right. When she remembered her past - she died, everything she knows is gone (or not as it seems) - she said, “No, I can’t do this. I can’t be who you want me to be,” and she left. And Dean was gutted.

BUT. Now she’s working on herself. She’s learning her own boundaries and her own wants and she’s ready to emotionally invest in a future that does contain the boys she should love because of who she is. And Dean has come to a better understanding about how “parents are just people,” as Not Tasha said in this episode. It has been a learning and growing experience for the both of them where they are finally now on the same page (the game of telephone tag Dean and Mary have been playing is closing at the end of the season).

I could write entire books on how New Alicia would fit (or not fit) into Max’s life now. People already HAVE. Every AI movie in the last 20 years hinges on this same concept: is she really Alicia? She looks and sounds like Alicia, has all her memories, and yet fundamentally, she isn’t. Should she even bother exploring her own autonomy as some sort of stick monster creation?

Alicia’s “return” has the potential to go really badly for Max. It will devastate him, most likely. It will rock New Alicia to the core and force her to redefine her sense of self. But I think Dean and Mary’s parallel serves as kind of a hopeful light. 

Even though relationships change, they do not have to break.

I have a story for you guys. Okay, so a while back there was this old potato factory - completely abandoned and me and my friend had talked about going to it and exploring it at night for a while and on this particular night we decided to do it but earlier in the day (around 8-9ish) my mom took me and my friend to the store and to get to the store we have to pass the potato factory and when we did it was completely fine. It looked like it usually did. Normal. We weren’t even at the store for 5 minutes and when we came driving back home the whole potato factory was up in flames. I have a video of it, it was crazy insane. When we got home me and my friend were like “wtf” we really thought it was some kind of sign because we were gonna go there around 11-12 maybe 1. It was just insane tbh.

this-is-andavs replied to your post: “Jackson and stupid Ethan will be in the backseat…

It sounded like the FBI didn’t actually know who he was since they called him an unsub, which according to google means “unknown subject”. I think they just had footage of him without an ID, so in theory he could still get out of the country. But who the hell knows with this show, really.

??? Wait are you serious, that’s so much worse, how dumb is the FBI on this show, Derek’s literally in all kinds of police records with mugshots on record and that footage showed his face so clearly, shouldn’t they have been able to match up his info in about 12 seconds? “Oh yeah it’s this guy from Beacon Hills, was suspected of killing his sister about two years ago, let’s get an APB out for Derek Hale stat guys” like

I didn’t realize they didn’t know who he was, that’s so bad.

Ed & Winry's son coming out.
  • Yuri Elric(age 12): Hey mom?
  • Winry: Yes Yuriry?
  • Yuri: There's this boy at my school that...
  • Winry: Don't worry, I'm listening.
  • Yuri: ...I think is really...cute. Like, the way boys are supposed to find girls 'cute' kind of, 'cute'. And when I look at girls I don't think they're cute. Not that girls are ugly! But just...I have no interest in...I dunno, 'looking at them'. I was more excited when Mr. Armstrong came over and he took his shirt off for no reason instead of today when the teacher bent over to pick up a paper on the floor. You know?
  • Winry: (Smiles trying not to laugh) I understand.
  • Yuri: So...what does it mean?
  • Winry: It means you're most likely gay.
  • Yuri: 'Gay?'
  • Winry: 'Most likely.'
  • Yuri: Oh...sooooo,
  • Winry: It means you're attracted to people of the same sex. You like other men.
  • Yuri: So its normal?
  • Winry: Absolutely! There's nothing wrong with it and anyone who says there is, is full of crap.
  • Yuri: (Great big grin as sparkles appear and rainbows fill his eyes)
  • Yuri: (Runs off) Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!
  • Ed: I'm taking a crap. What is it?
  • Winry: (Facepalm) Damn it Ed.


“Broken” put me in mind of kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing dishes with gold lacquer, highlighting the flaws and history of the piece rather than hiding them. Like last year, I decided to recruit Machi to be a kimono model, since her actual story is Too Dumb to use in any serious capacity. In Japanese flower language, poppies apparently symbolize fun-loving. I basically went down the list until I saw a meaning and flower I liked, haha. Luckily, it looks like black lacquer bowls with poppies are kind of a thing, which suits Inktober quite well!

anonymous asked:

Hey Ty! So uh,, I'm a senior in high school and all I've really been able to focus on is getting into an art college. It's been my overall goal for a good while now and I'm really really nervous about my portfolio not being good enough, or being turned down.. Do you have an idea of what a typical portfolio that get's accepted looks like? What kind of standards are art colleges looking for in a portfolio? Anyways, you've been a huge inspiration to me and I hope you have a great day!

Hey!! First off good luck on your college search!

My advice for portfolios is as follows:

  • Include around 8-12 pages
  • Start with 2-3 of your strongest pieces
    (you want to grab their attention!)
  • Fill the middle with sketch pages
    (show them how you think, show off your process)
  • End with a strong piece for the last page
    (remind them of your strengths!)

Your portfolio should look something like this in the end:

This applies to both colleges and future jobs, and again, good luck!

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Jinki and his invisible chair  (⊙_◎)

…he has thighs of steel…glorious thighs of steel

nkkdkes  asked:

I want to go to Wiz-Con and cosplay as the Tenth Doctor, since he's my favorite. What kind of things do I need for the costume exactly? I would just like to know so I could find the cheapest kind, since I'm saving up my money!

Awesome! Here are some pretty good Tenth Doctor cosplay reference photos from NYCC ‘12 and ‘13:

(Body shot of a random Ten cosplay with sonic, along with my femme!Eleven)

(Face details/hair refs of my dorky boyfriend who pulled his look together from whatever was stuffed in his closet along with a pair of drugstore generic specs. He didn’t carry a sonic or really spend a lot of time on the details, but he still got recognized as the Tenth Doctor by a lot of people and was able to pull it off without really spending anything on the getup!)

So, basically, if you want to cosplay the least costly version of Ten, you should probably go with the pinstripe look. Even if you don’t have a pinstriped blazer or suit, you can find one at a thrift store for super cheap. The glasses and the spiked hair are all you really need to sell the look, and if you have a sonic screwdriver already or think you can make a semi-convincing one, that’s even better!