but i kind of deleted the message by accident

anonymous asked:

what if it was a glitch?

It wasn’t. It legit wasn’t, it just can’t be. I’m a social media manager, running and editing websites is literally my job and it doesn’t work like that. You might accidentally delete the page when they had the boys’ profile (it’s still extremely difficult to do that by accident but whatever) but you just can’t delete that and remove their picture and name from the homepage. It’s literally impossible, okay, it just can’t happen - and the same with the glitch, you don’t get a glitch that removes a single picture and a name and casually deletes the page attached to it (because you couldn’t even access by using Google or typing the address). And the editing stuff excuse, what kind of people don’t put the web offline with a ‘maintenance’ message when doing something so important? Modest are useless but I’d think the people in charge of the website would know what they’re doing.

Nah, son, nobody can convince me of this. That wasn’t an accident and I still believe Modest is out.