but i kept thinking about da:i while listening to this and yeah

To Borrow #5

My sweet crazy baby Saeyoung <3 I honestly honestly didn’t think I’d want to play this guy’s route. Even more so than Yoosung. However he was my Solas from DA:I in MM. This crazy knowledgable, powerful and horribly broken dark horse that comes to claim your heart out of nowhere <3

Also I am not super tech savvy. I am not a hacker. I am not any sort of programmer. Please just remember that and read ahead with a pinch of salt I guess :) 

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Non-spoilery pre-release thoughts.

OK so I haven’t finished my 10 hours of Andromeda yet, but I’ve gotten as far as the trial allows me for the main story and I’ve got like one hour left of pre-release play anyway.

For those on the tag/those who missed my earlier post, I ended up getting Origin access just for the trial because the “OMG ANDROMEDA IS GOING TO BE AWFUL AND BIOWARE IS RUINED FOREVER” talk was really starting to get to me after I saw the bad face animations. Didn’t want to wait a week because I’ve been excited for Andromeda ever since before ME3′s DLC came out. While I was super hyped and had high hopes, at the same time, I thought I had fairly realistic expectations (”Yeah Bioware’s not perfect this isn’t a bad thing” instead of the “OH GOD I’M NOT GONNA BUY THIS GAME BECAUSE BIOWARE KICKS PUPPIES” bullshit I was seeing around) but… yeah.

It was really getting to me.

So here’s some dot points, no spoilers, under the cut. This covers character creator, face animations, world exploration, and narrative, without any spoilers. Any possible spoilers are referred to so vaguely you’ll have no chance of putting anything together, so don’t worry.

I also have a bit at the bottom covering things I really like about this game.

TL;DR – Guys. It’s fine, it’s okay, it really is. Chill. These issues exist, but they’re tiny ass things you’ll barely notice, like in every other game ever. You’ll love Andromeda, you really will. Yeah, it is DA:I in Space, but it’s also not – it’s DA:I in space, but better.

Honestly, these issues are fucking terrifying when you’re hyped up and can’t see the game for yourself yet and everyone’s nitpicking about these dumbass tiny things like they’re Huge Fucking Issues, but when you do play you won’t run into them nearly as often as people made you think, and when you do see them you’ll shrug and move on and forget about them ten seconds later, like you do about 99% of glitches you run into in other games. 

You’re not gonna hate the game just because Jallo’s legs clip into his seat or Addison stared at you way more blankly than any other character or something, for fuck’s sake.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Bull doesn't like caves and closed spaces and I've always head cannoned Dorian as being not scared necessarily but anxious/extremely hyper vigilant around dark spawn so the events of the descent weren't pleasant for either of them. They both put up a good front but when they have some alone time it's an opportunity for mutual comfort and reassurance.

Oooo nonny I’ve got some pain for you before we get to that comfort you’re looking for. <3

(minor spoilers for Descent, implied minor character death, minor body horror, angst angst and angst) (and then Adoribull comfort, gallows humor and hugs)

it’s just one big pile of hurt/comfort

M, 1616 words

“Y’know,” said Varric.

“That you don’t like caves?” Dorian responded acidly. “Yes, I believe you may have mentioned it.”

Adaar could have chosen a worse group to take into the Deep Roads. Maybe. If she’d tried particularly hard.

For Varric, it was lack of time– without the sun, what was a day?– and being underground in general. And dwarves. For Bull, it was low ceilings and close passageways and dark caverns where he couldn’t tell friend from foe. For  Dorian, it was the vast, echoing, uncharted chasms they crossed on woefully narrow bridges, and the darkspawn.

Above ground, Dorian got some grim satisfaction from killing darkspawn. There was a sense of accomplishment, in sealing their tunnels, and of revenge, in setting ablaze the creatures that had stolen his friend.

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