but i kept the colouring which is the most important :)

A shiny new version of my old spark spectra headcanons. I wanted an easier-to-read graphic, and the changes just kept coming from there…

+ Disclaimer: This is the system I’ll be working with for most of my TF works, particularly those set in Book Of Hours. It’s completely headcanon’d, meaning I make shit up and wave at canon as it flies past, so don’t take it too seriously.

+ References:

Spectral Classification 

>> The internal temperature range at which the spark burns plasma, which determines the charge output, cyclic and pulse rates, apparent colour, and resonant affinity of the spark. An important marker of identity for virtually all Cybertronians, due to the spark's status as the giver of life for all.

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anonymous asked:

i know this is pretty weird request but can you show us drawings of yours years ago when you were just beginning to learn art? :) if you dont mind of course. i understand if you;re not comfortable with it ^^

nonny, for you i went through every single thing i have ever drawn on paper, that was quite an adventure:

this is going under a read more because there are things that will most likely hurt your eyes, so proceed with caution 8^D

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