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(Request: could you write an imagine where the reader is quiet and doesn’t talk too much to everyone (she’s part of the family tho) but then someone’s bothering daryl so she stands up for him and they end together because they understand each other?)

Note: sorry this took me a little long to write, i hope you enjoy!

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“Hey (Y/n), we’re having a get together tonight, you wanna join?” Sasha walked up to you as you were sharpening your knife on your porch, she was accompanied by the rest of the girls.

“I think I might just keep watch or something, I’m not really in the mood for that” you replied, offering them an apologetic smile and going back to your knife.

The girls looked at each other before sighing and walking away. You looked up and watched them get further away from you. As much as you tried to isolate yourself from the group, they always tried to bring you back in, and most of the time they succeeded, until someone died and you would push them away again. It was like an ongoing circle. Your mind wandered to Daryl, and how you isolated yourself from the group when he was taken by Negan. You had experienced the worst pain imaginable that night in the line-up, it got even worse when they took Daryl away. He was the only person in the group who properly understood you, and you understood him, that’s why you got along so well.  You were brought back to reality when you heard whistling in the distance. You quickly raised your head and felt your heart pound, it was Negan. You saw his silhouette through the gate and you stood up and ran over to it, followed by Rick.

“Let me in!” Negan tapped on the gate with Lucille and a shiver ran own your spine. You opened the creaky gate and you saw Negan, three big trucks filled with his men behind him.

“Well aren’t you a pretty thing” he smiled at you. You crossed your arms over your chest, not amused at his flirtatious comment.

“(Y/n), I got this” Rick said, pushing you behind him. You watched Negan’s men while Rick and him were conversing, your eyes skimmed over their faces until they landed on a familiar one. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head when you saw him, Daryl. You went to move forward but you stopped himself when you saw his beaten and bruised condition. Dwight was standing next to him, holding Daryl in place. The sight of him like that made your blood boil as you thought of all the terrible things they had done to him. You looked back to Daryl and noticed he was staring at you with sad eyes and your heart broke for him. You were so angry with the saviors that you hadn’t even realised they were walking into Alexandria.

“Search all the houses and take what you want!” Negan shouted to his men. “But only half” he reminded them.

You stepped back and watched as his men ran to the houses, they were in and out in a second and you looked at Rick for him to do something but he only shook his head you, reminding you that he wasn’t in charge anymore.


You looked to your left and saw Dwight pushing Daryl towards one of the trucks.

“Hey!” you shouted, finally having enough of staying quiet.

“He’s not a fucking animal” you said, walking over to both of them. Daryl looked at you shocked and Dwight looked confused.

“(Y/n)!” You heard Rick shouting behind you but you ignored his calls.

“That’s far enough” Dwight said, stepping in front of Daryl.

You both stood inches away from each other, and you could cut the tension with a knife. You felt the groups eyes on you now and you wondered if you should have stayed quiet, what if you got Daryl in more trouble?

“What’s going on out here?” Negan asked, walking over to you and Dwight with Rick next to him. Rick was holding Lucille and he looked traumatised, maybe you should calm down a bit, you didn’t want to be responsible for getting anyone else killed.

“I just think your man should stop playing God in other people’s lives” You said with less confidence than before.

Negan licked his lips and smirked at you. “You got yourself a protective girl here huh Daryl?” Negan wrapped an arm around him and he flinched at the connection. “I’ll make you guys a deal” Negan turned to Rick. “How about I take all your weapons and whatever else we want, and you get your boy back” Negan looked at you when he said that.

You looked at Rick and you knew he was considering it. There was no way he would say no but it would mean working extra hard to get supplies, and to find more guns. “Done” Rick said.

“Brilliant, you know what to do guys!” Negan shouted to his men and they moved to the armoury and the supply room. “A deal’s a deal Dwight” Negan raised his eyebrows at him.

Dwight grunted before pushing Daryl in your direction and as soon as he got close to you he pulled you into a hug, hiding his face in your neck and hair. You placed one hand on the back of his head and the other around his shoulders. It felt so good to have him back, knowing that he wouldn’t be hurting anymore. But you were sad about not having anything to protect yourself with. As the men were packing up the trucks with the rest of your supplies, Negan said his goodbyes and left Alexandria. Daryl then turned to Rick and hugged him too, after all it was him that made the deal.

“We’re glad to have you back” Sasha and the rest of the group ran up to hug Daryl, and when they were all done he turned to you again.

“You need to get cleaned up” you laughed but he only smiled in response, he looked exhausted. You took his hand and led him back to his house that lay vacant from when he was last there. You spent the next hour waiting for Daryl to have shower and clean himself off. You were sitting on the bed, reading the blurb of a book when he came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oh, my god” You covered your mouth and stood up, slowly taking a step towards him. His body was covered in black bruises and red marks. “What did they do to you in there?” you asked, part of you not wanting to know the answer.

Your hands gently touched his bruises over his shoulders and back, his previous scars sticking out from the irritated skin.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m home now” He said, his voice low and gravelly.

“Sorry” you shied away from him, realising what you were doing. You looked down to the floor and told him that you had to go but he held your arms and kept you in place.

“You’re the only person who stood up for me today, I saw everyone watching but no one said anything” He said. You looked up at his eyes and saw that they beamed down at you.

“It was nothing-” you started but you were stopped as he placed his lips on yours, the feel of them rough as they had cuts on them from his time with the saviors. You wrapped your arms around his neck, making him flinch. You quickly took your arms away and broke away from the kiss.

“Sorry” You said again, genuinely feeling bad for hurting him.

“It’s alright. You stayin’ the night?” He asked, moving to put on fresh clothes. You turned your back to him as he changed.

“I don’t know, maybe it would be good for you to have the bed to yourself” you said.

“I’ve had a whole cell to myself for ages now. I don’t wanna be alone” He said, making you turn and look at him.

He was fully clothed now and he had a pleading look in his eye, but you knew Daryl, he would never beg. “Okay” you nodded your head and walked over to him. “I’ll stay the night”

You lifted up on your tiptoes and planted a kiss on his lips before moving to the bed and giggling when he jumped in with you. You rested your arm on his chest as you both lay in the bed, talking about everything and anything. You were glad he was back, finally you could relax and maybe even socialise with the group more. You both fell silent and you closed your eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beating next to you.

Is that my shirt?

Damon x reader

“Is that my shirt?”

Damon sauntered into the kitchen where you were cooking and leant against a counter top. “Hey,” you greeted him cheerily without turning around.

“Hey,” he replied. “Have you only just got up?” he inquired, noticing that you appeared to be cooking breakfast. 
“Maybe…?” You teased, knowing how late it was and Damon’s tendency to be more of an early riser.

“Maybe? Y/N, you may as well scrap the breakfast, it’s basically lunchtime.”

“But I was making pancakes!”

“Oooh, pancakes! I take it back, keep cooking.” You turned to grin at him in response, revealing the chocolate sauce smeared around the edges of your lips. “Couldn’t wait?” asked Damon, gesturing to his own lips.

“Hm?” You looked confusedly at Damon before realising what he meant. “Oh.” You ducked down to peer into the microwave so you could see your reflection, then stuck out your tongue to try and reach the chocolate. After a few moments of you trying without success, Damon walked over, smirking. You turned around to allow him to rub the chocolate off, before he leant in to give you a quick peck on the lips.

“Tastes good,” he said with a wink, before sitting down at the kitchen island. He simply watched you cook for a few minutes. Slowly, a frown stole its way across his face. “Y/N?” 

“Yep,” you replied distractedly, focusing mainly on trying to cook your pancake. You ran a spatula around the edges of the pan, trying to loosen it so that it would be easier to flip.

“Is that my shirt?”

“Is that your what?” You flung the pancake into the air, turning your attention away for a moment to look at Damon, waiting for him to repeat what he had said. In that moment, the pancake had flew nowhere near the direction of your pan, and landed on your shoulder. It split into a few pieces, which arranged themselves haphazardly over your shoulders. Damon groaned audibly.

“I said, is that my shirt?”

“Oh crap,” you said, with an increasingly guilty expression. “Yeah, I…I think it might be.”

“You definitely owe me one,” replied Damon, looking less than impressed.

“Pancake?” was your response, as you held up a shred of the one scattered around your head with a laugh.

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second part to the kidnapping fic pls pls pls

Here it is, anon! 

Title: Missing (Part 2) 

Part 1 

**Warning: This fic touches on the subject of kidnapping and being held at gunpoint. Although it is not graphic, it still might be a sensitive subject for certain readers.**

A/N: I’m adding a “keep reading” cut because this fic is pretty long so if you’re on mobile, it won’t show you the whole story. 



Jughead pushed his way through the low-hanging branches and overgrown bushes that took up the majority of the woods, frantically searching behind tree after tree for anything that might lead him back to Betty.

“Betty, are you there!?” His voice rang out in the silence of the night, echoing off dark skies and still wildlife.

“Jughead, we’ve been looking for over two hours,” Veronica pointed out, tightening her jacket around herself as a violent chill overtook her body. “She’s not here.”

“We have to keep looking,” Jughead insisted, kicking through the dead leaves coating the forest floor as he stepped in front of Veronica. “She can’t just be gone, she has to be here somewhere.”

“I know, and we will keep looking,” Veronica promised, pulling lightly of Jughead’s arm to stop him from going any further. “But I think that we need to take a break, regroup, and come up with a new plan.”

“She’s been gone for too long,” Jughead muttered, rubbing his hand across his forehead as if to get rid of a massive headache that was causing him immense pain. “Anything could have happened to her. She could be hurt, she could - I swear to god if that son of a bitch touched a hair on her head-”

“We can’t go there,” Veronica reminded him. “We have to keep thinking that everything’s going to be okay, we can’t go to that dark place or we’ll never come out of it.”

“I can’t lose her, Veronica, I can’t-” Jughead’s voice broke as he turned away from Veronica. He hadn’t let himself feel this vulnerable in front of anyone but Betty before, and now that she was the reason for his tears, he felt like he had no other choice but to let them fall.

“Hey,” Veronica looped around Jughead to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay. She’s coming home. I promised you that much, and Veronica Lodge always keeps her promises.”

“But we’ve looked everywhere,” Jughead reminded her, already feeling defeat prickling at the back of his mind. “The woods, the school, the park, every place she could have possibly gone that was within a walking distance from Pop’s and we haven’t found a thing.”

Veronica’s phone buzzed in her back pocket and she slid it out to read the text that just popped up on the screen.

“Maybe we haven’t found anything because we were looking for places she could have been instead of Pop’s,” Veronica suggested, letting the words she had just read on her phone inspire her to find a clue that would lead them back to her best friend.

“You’re saying she might have been taken outside of Pop’s?” Jughead put two and two together, furrowing his brows in confusion as he tried to understand what she was saying. “But how is that possible? We were all inside, right by the window. We would have seen something.”

“Not if she was taken in the alleyway,” Veronica pointed out, the thought of this sending another chill down her spine.

“But why would Betty go through the alley?” Jughead asked. “Her house is a straight shot to the diner, right down the block. She wouldn’t have needed to take a shortcut.”

“Maybe she wasn’t trying to take a shortcut,” Veronica guessed. “You and I both know that Betty is way too smart to cut through a dark alley alone, at night, especially when there’s still a murderer on the loose. So she had to have seen someone, or something, that concerned her enough to investigate. Maybe a friend in danger, perhaps?”

“What makes you say that?”

“I just got this text from Josie,” Veronica explained, holding the phone out for him to see. “Apparently she saw Betty around 7:00pm, right outside of Pop’s. She was waiting for Val’s brother to pick her up for pussycats rehearsal when she saw Betty about to head inside the diner.”

“What?” Jughead’s heart lurched at the sound of Betty’s name and the fact that someone had seen her right before she disappeared. “What did she say to her? Did she see Betty get taken?”

“She got into the car just as Betty reached the door,” Veronica explained, causing Jughead’s face to fall in defeat. “But she realized she dropped her lipgloss on the sidewalk, so she got out back to grab it. That’s when she saw Betty heading for the alley, calling out someone’s name.”

“Who’s name?” Jughead pressed, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. “Who did she see?”

Veronica tucked her phone back into her pocket before turning back around to raise a curious eyebrow in his direction.  


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tbh i wasnt sure if the facial differences i draw between kira and kosaku!kira were obvious without me putting them side by side so there’s this (though due to the angle it still doesn’t show all the differences…)

i do try to keep him still looking like “kira” despite the form he’s in at that time though, so certain things stay the same because I said so


OK here’s the bulk. ill add to the comments.  Before anyone asks my opinion on it or how i feel about it ill just say it.. I don’t care and Im not bothered by it,  I haven’t liked her for a very long time due to how she treated a close friend of mine, them together doesn’t change my fan-ness of him.   I know that there are others that don’t care some that are happy for him and i know that there are a large number of people out there you are angry , hurt and devastated. I get it and i want you all to be able to express that, but do me a favor and respects each others feelings and opinions and keep it medium.

Anon: I am devastated Mod. He lied to us. Blatantly and I will never forgive him for that. I can’t even look at anything he is in ever again. I just can’t believe I trusted him as much as I did. I believed his words when he spoke. Now I don’t know him at all. He is NOTHING like what he says he is. I hope they are ripped apart by media because he deserves everything now. It hurts me so much to say that because I used to defend everything about him. I don’t even know what to say about him now.

Brandi:Let’s tease this NR DK thing out a little.
Anon:First off, good for Norman. She’s age appropriate and has some understanding of the entertainment industry and the pitfalls of it.
AnonThat said, Norman works eight months out of the year in rural Georgia and works a ton outside of TWD. DK works predominantly in Europe. (I believe) When the heck are these two actually going to see each other?
Anon:If her bad behaviour toward her fans/coworkers is to be believed, Norman may have trouble with this. Reedus is incredibly kind to people/fans, if she is rude to them, it might not go well for her, in Norman’s eyes.
Anon:The earlier denial of his romance with DK is similar to what happened with CS. Did he not deny they where more than friends for ages?! I can’t blame him, I think he was protecting her, people where really hard on that girl.
Anon:Just my two cents. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Anon::My friend got it on good authority that Daryl will DIE in S8 because of all the negative publicity caused by NR sneaking around w/ DK. 😢 That he “came out” with their relationship per those photos taken in NYC last night to try to make himself look honorable. But AMC had already decided to kill him off bcause of the bad fan reaction to his affair with DK–denying it and such. AMC just now informed NR that Daryl will die in a battle w/ Negan. Totally crying right now. This cannot be true!?!?! 😭

Anon:He’s drunk in those pictures. He doesn’t look happy only drunk and nasty. It’s disgusting marching down the street being something he always claimed to hate. I’m done with him.
Anon:Norman is completely full of bullshit.

normieslittletwign :  Well, I guess they’re official. The only thing that disappoints me is how it was handled. They should have “come out” as a couple right at the beginning and let the chips fall where they may. She could have said that her relationship with JJ was on the rocks for some time, that they’d been leading separate lives for awhile… whatever…. make shit up!! They’re only human and shit happens, the heart wants what the heart wants. IDK   But now Norman is (or may be) seen as a homewrecker. She may be seen as a cheater all because no one knows when this relationship started.   To be caught mere weeks after releasing an “official statement” that they are “just friends”… SMH. The pics are *not* of people who are “just friends”.   I also feel for fans who have put Norman up on such a high pedestal… they must be devastated!!   For the record, I’m still a fan of and still like Norman. He has a very unique personality, I quite like his acting and a number of his movies, not to mention TWD. But then again, I never put him on a pedestal and read too much into his interviews. I most likely will never meet the guy and I’m OK with that. And if I did, I’d just be another fan who wants a pic or an autograph.   To be honest, I’ve never wanted to meet *any* celebrity. I’m one of the biggest Iron Maiden fans around (36 years and counting… am I aging myself? lol) and if I go to my grave having never met any of the members of Iron Maiden (or any other band or actor I admire) it won’t bother me a bit. But that’s probably just me.   You know, God himself could hand pick a lovely woman for Norman and she still wouldn’t be seen as being good enough for him by the “lunatic-fringe” fans.  Now to sit back and watch the shit-storm. I’ve noticed on Norman’s Instagram he’s already feeling the heat… sadly.

dixonimagines:On the DK thing: Are they f*cking 13 years olds, making out in a street corner like they can’t rent a hotel room? I enjoyed meeting him this year but I will never again pay another cent to meet him. Not only is he a liar but also freaking dumb one. Why lie when he knew he would be outed sooner or later? I do not feel betrayed but I cannot continue being a fan of someone who is dumb enough to put his fandom at risk for a fling with some woman. He is no better than most of us.

Anon:i don’t particularly like DK, but I also don’t think she’s the evil bitch that some make her out to be. Whatever their relationship is, it’s theirs to explore and pursue. N looks happy in the pics and that’s good enough for me. I’m actually more concerned about Mod being bombarded with the Insanity 😰Sending you 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃, Mod, stay gold!

Anon:I feel like this has been explained ad nauseum (though ppl choose not to listen) but *some* fans are upset this couple began by breaking up Diane’s 10+ yr relationship. So it was cheating then 2+ years lying, with fans defending him against cheating rumors. Is it really that hard to understand that some may take it personally because they defended him, or because they’ve experienced relationships broken by cheating? “As long as the cheaters are happy who cares” is a rather ignorant response.

Anon:Can I just point out how happy Norman looks in the pics with DK? Anyone who can make Norman’s smile that wide is good with me. I wish them so much happiness ❤

Anon:Did pR’s reps genuinely not know he was seeing DK? The just friends comment is making less and less sense 🙈

Anon:To all those defending Norman saying he is entitled to a private life YES he is. But these shots were staged for the paps, he has chosen to forgo his privacy, and expect more like this to come. Everyone in the industry knows these types of relationships are biz deals, he couldn’t give a fuc what anyone thinks, he is as hollywood, elite and privileged as they come. He does not deserve defending. So many of his fans so naive and gullible.

Anon:for people that are saying ‘oh get over it’ or ‘why taking this so personally’ its not that the question. Norman lied since day one when it came to all this mess. He lied that he didnt cheat JJ with her. He lied when said they were just friends 3 weeks ago. he lied when he said he loves honest people. he lied when he said he doesnt understand cheating…i mean this is years and years of lies and people believing he was one thing when he was other. its too many lies

Anon:Lol honestly I’m not even his fan and i feel like i could cut a bitch now because i was here trying to prove that he was better than the rumors that were always circling around. I saw on him a good guy trying to break bad habits and i feel fucking offended with this! lol i mean he is a 48 year old men why lie? he didnt need all of this…unless he had another thing going (which we all know its rumored to have) and someone dropped someone and he went on the easy root. sad excuse of a man sorry.

Anon:Now i get why he is friend with Balthazar Getty, which in my opinion, is the ultimate douchebag of Hollywood….Norman is exactly the same. Nobody cant deny people..he is a  sleezy liar. Hope he likes to see his daily life on daily mail from now on.

Anon:the fact that norman played the game of the 'honest'person and he hates liars makes me sick. He lied to everyone. No he doesnt owns us anything but he denied any romantic link with her 3 weeks ago. this to me is beyond ridiculous. I guess she got what she wanted and he once again is going along because its comfortable to him and guarantee he have his dick wet at least once a week…but the rest?? i feel sorry for the fans that always believed how good guy and true to himself he was.

Anon:I guess I have mixed feelings about the whole DK relationship. He does look really happy and I personally don’t care who he is with. But why all the sneaking around and lying? I can only think of one reason they would do that. They wanted to make the cheating rumors look untrue. To me the cheating rumors now look true. I am still a fan of his but I don’t think I will spend the money to see him if he comes to the Walker Stalker near me.

Anon:They are both scum.
Anon:Up till now I always gave him the benefit of the doubt, but I feel like the biggest fool alive now. He really is a LIAR!! Yuck, so disappointed in him 😳.

Anon:I just feel sorry for the people that believed in him. They have been duped/snowed/hoodwinked by a professional liar and all around horrible person.

Anon:Let’s Please try to not make Norman and DK’s relationship about us. It has nothing to do with lying to fans, manipulating fans, or laughing at fans. There’s no personal insult to his fans here. It’s just them letting the world know on their terms, not ours. In other news, I’m so glad he looks happy. His kid is growing up, his job has got to be ending in the next few years (sorry but that’s just reality), and he deserves some joy as he figures out what to do next.

Anon:I truly don’t get all the DK hate. And w/ those pics coming out today, I’m sure it will only get worse. How about everyone just be glad he’s in an age appropriate relationship this time? I mean, I can’t be the only one who was completely grossed out by the 18 year old, right?

Anon:I am completely done with him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for so long and I am mostly an optimistic person…But this is just disgusting. IDC who he dates tbh…But this snake???? And the cheating??? Breaks my heart. It’s awesome that he gives his all to his fans but I think it feeds his narcissistic ways. Sorry Norman…You will live your life whatever you want to…You’re a grown man (sometimes)

Anon:Sending you tons of nachos and lots of alcohol for the incoming shitstorm. If you need anything else let me know.

Anon:I just did a google searched on the latest on NR, and there is a picture of what appears to be N kissing DK right in plain view of a pap. Rather this is the real deal or simply a PR move on behalf of DK herself, N and D are together. Love it or hate it, we don’t have a say in who he dates and I personally wouldn’t want to because I wouldn’t want people to do the same to me.

Anon:Sorry something is not right , your people denied the rumours 3 weeks ago and then you come out hand in hand with her , plus it doesnt look kissing to me but ok , im dissapointed in him , but i will still be a daryl fan !

meags672:This night out was obviously their 'coming out’. They both look very happy to me! Good for them. Its about time!

Anon:It’s official. Norman is a cheater and liar. They are both gross and deserve each other. They deserve every ounce of hate they get. #shittypeople
Anon:its confirmed, they are a couple. bye bye norman. i don’t support lying little cheating sneaks

superleeleehipster:I am sending two bottles of whiskey your way and some nachos… followed by chocolate cause this is gonna get crazy for another week :p

Anon:So umm… how are Norman’s reps gonna say they’re “just friends” again when there are pics of them holding hands and making out?
Anon:Those “just friends” look very very happy. I think you all should be happy for him.

Anon:she went to paris to support her friend, just friends, that what friends do, right. but not the show in spain bc why. tho she goes out so ppl see her there. no pap or fan shots of her in fr or ger. why none in ny until some of him show up. guess they r friends who dont hang out in public. btw why never any fan pics of her any where, does she not have fans. just pap shots around him

Anon:Bye bye Norman. You’re canceled. It’s official, they are together. Eonline posted pics of them kissing and holding hands while smiling and walking around in NYC yesterday. They really made it official after denying everything just three weeks ago. It makes me so sick to see DK all happy. Disgusting ain’t even a damn word about what I feel

Anon:Norman died for me. Did you see the eonline pics? He’s holding hands and kissing DK in PUBLIC. They walked around and had the biggest smiles on their faces. What an incredible disgusting piece of trash Norman is. Disappointment is not even a word how I feel right now. Sorry if I’m going to unfollow you but I don’t want to see anything about him anymore.

Anon:Seriously not a fan any longer. You can date who you want, but why lie about it 3 weeks before going public? That makes you shady in my book and I don’t support shady people.

Are you mad?-Taehyung

Taehyung Drabble
Word: ??
Warnings: kind nsfw

“Are you still mad at me?” Taehyung whined from across the couch. You looked over at him. The way he was sprawled out across the couch with his heas tipped back as he looked at you through half closed eyes as if he was still whining without making an actual sound.

 “Yes. I am” you answered him. This is the treatment he was going to get and there was no way he was getting let off this time.

 “Jagi” starting against with the pet names, you felt the couch shift as he started to move towards you. Still frowning you kicked a leg out to stop him. You made contact with his lower stomach, not hard enough to hurt him but just enough pressure to keep him at bay. 

 “Baby” he tried again, grabbing onto your ankle and moving it to the side so he was now positioned between your legs. You shook your head, firmly stuck in your decision to not let him go. Taehyung moved forward, his hands now on either side of your hips making the couch dip at the extra weight. Taehyung was now directly in front of you. His face inches from yours, lips almost brushing and the heat of his hot breaths on your cheeks. He lifted one hand and pushed your hair behind your ear, resting on your cheek as he waited for you to respond.


 With a wicked smirk, he tiled his head and started towards your neck. No. You would not break. It was a cheap trick to use your weakness against you anyway and he would not use this to his advantage. No matter how good it felt when he started to press kiss to the soft skin. Or how it felt when his teeth grazed before biting down. The way he licked over the spot he just bit before sucking harshly on a different area all together. When he blew on your wet his sending goosebumps breaking out along your arms and legs. Or how he pressed his nose to your ear as he whispered everything he wanted to do with you or how much he loved you or how pretty you looked. Taehyung was a smooth talker and no matter how many times you fought, which wasn’t often, he would always come our smiling because he managed to make it up to you. With his lips now pressed against your neck, you held your head high and took a deep breath through your nose trying to get some air back into your body so you could start to think straight.

 “Still mad?”

“Yes Taehyung” your voice a lot breathier than intended. “Im still mad at you”

 You felt him frown against your skin. He shifted his weight so he was no pressed against you, keep you trapped against the couch. 

 “Tell me what I can do to fix it” his cold against your heated skin.

 You could feel that last thread of self control pulling tightly. You just wanted to grab his face and kiss him and let him make it up to you. Taehyung pressed another kiss to your neck. This one sloppier with a lot more teeth. The sting felt so good as he pulled away onto repeat the same motion a further down. He started to roll his hips into yours, hoping to get you thinking about something other than the silly disagreement. Taehyung let out a small whine on a particularly slow and hard trust.

 “I want to make it up to you Noona. I want to be a good boy”

 The taunt string of self control snapped the second you heard that name. Grabbing onto his face you lifted his head away from your neck and to yours. A opened mouthed kiss with hot breaths and biting teeth, you felt Taehyung smile against your lips knowing he had won.

 “Will you let me Noona?” He asked, head tilted as his tongue rested against his bottom lip his eyes lit up with his devilish smirk. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it and you couldn’t hate him for that.

 “Oh fuck you” you huffed out, pulling him back in for another kiss.

 “If that’s what you want Noona”

I’ve been getting better at sensing and talking to my plants without tools, and I think it’s just coming with the territory of being extremely purposeful about it, and part of it is them opening up to you. One of the mystery ferns has been really lively ever since I gave them a new home. My husband had bought them for me as a present one of the days I was feeling ill. They were sectioned off, unlabeled, and clearanced and I haven’t gotten to IDing them yet. They’ve been radiating energy, and physically they’ve stretched and spread their leaves out and already looks twice as big because of it. I had messaged my husband at work telling him so the same day I transplanted them, because it only took an hour or so for a change, and when he got home his first response was “Whoah you weren’t kidding!” I can even feel them across the room now at some points, but just them (hopefully more will follow though).

Also my husband keeps reminding me that the shitty neighbors left and I can use my yard in peace, and it makes me a bit sad that i still have over a month before I’m safe from frost. :( (Mostly I’m just still incredibly giddy though tbqh)

“I love it when I catch you looking at me, then you smile and look away.” Finn deliberately brushed against you as he passed by. Your cheeks are undoubtedly flushed, a hue of either rose or scarlet leaking into your cheeks. He had caught you several times glaring at him during his workout; I mean who doesn’t look at him, he is a god. You chose to always keep your distance between the both of you as you were convinced this was simple flirtation, but you think otherwise after picking up on what he said to you. He sounded so. . . . . . . SERIOUS, not flirtatious in any way. Or was it maybe that he resented my constant nagging. But if he resented it, he wouldn’t have said that he liked it. These thoughts are harassing your mind, overworking your brain; generating a headache. ”You are overthinking it y/n.” A familiar voice interrupted your thoughts.”What I meant to say earlier was that I find your staring adorable. I don’t mind really. I’m quite used to people staring at me all the time, you know because of my abs.” Finn clarified.(gosh he is even hotter when speaks with his fluent accent)You giggle as that is the main reason you stare at him.”Okay, so I promise that I will try not to stare as much and will try my best to resist temptation because the last thing I want is to make you feel uncomfortable.” You laugh, your cheeks burning as your smile stretches out.”Sounds like a plan.” His smile literally makes your legs feel like jelly. As you make your to the lockers, Finn brushes against you again; his lips caress your ear.”Now the real question is how will I will be able to resist temptation every time you wear those sexy shorts that flaunt your ass and that sports bra that exposes those breath taking tits.” Finn caught you off guard. You can literally feel your heartbeat down in between your thighs. Oh wait, that is just you clenching your pussy.“You don’t.” You wink at him, not comprehending where all this fearlessness is coming from.
Okay how about yoongi leaving his family behind in order to pursue his musical career. He also left his girlfriend that supported his dream and ends up running into her after his success. The girl is a corporate lawyer who is suing big hit for copyright infringement. Suga still has feelings for her but doesn’t want to seem like he only likes her so the lawsuit could be dropped. Even though she tries to avoid him, they keep meetings inevitably through charity galas and corporate parties. I will leave the ending up to you ☺️


“Ms. Y/N, we have the team from Big-hit waiting for you outside. Shall I send them in?”

You looked up through your reading glasses to see Conrad, your assistant, bodyguard and friend, standing at your door. You shifted your weight on your luxurious seat just enough to see past him into the lounge. You could see a group of four people sitting on the couch, out of which one, you knew well.

Too well.

You sighed as you nodded your head to signal Conrad to let them in. He turned around and was about to leave when you called out to him.


He turned around to look at you.

“Yes, ma'am?”

You gave him a nonchalant look.

“Drop the honourifics please. We are childhood friends, it makes me uncomfortable.”

He gave you a half hearted smirk.

“Yes, ma'am.”

You watched him as he left and snorted. “Fucker.”


You lifted your head once again, hearing the urgent knocks on the door and a small, “ may I come in?”

You opened your mouth to tell your guests to make their way in but before you could, the door was pushed open and a bunch of handsome korean men walked in.

“Well, hello to you too.” You said.

You knew these boys. You had virtually stalked all of them(even the one remaining three, who were not present here), albeit unlike their fans, you had a completely different reason.

“Have a seat, please. I don’t see why you are being so shy after barging in like fantastic four.” You gave a little laugh.


The entire room went silent. Min Yoongi had spoken up.

“That’s Ms. Y/N for you.” You said with a smile. “What would you boys like to speak to me about?” You gestured for them to speak up.

“Drop the case. We did not copy them. You know it, better than anyone.” Yoongi spoke again.

Your expression turned from easygoing to a displeased one as soon as he uttered those words. 

Five minutes into the conversation and he says this? 

You removed your reading glasses, staring him right in the eye.

“Do I, now?” You said, the hint of anger clear in your voice.

“Yes, you do!” Min yoongi said as he put both his hands on your desk, his face screaming indigence.

“Min Yoongi-ssi, mind your tone. You are standing in my office, at my workplace. Don’t speak to me like we are separated lovers meeting after years.” You taunted.

Min yoongi’s eyes slightly widened as he straightened up and stared at you in slight disbelief.

“As far as the case is concerned, I’m looking into it. I do not know for sure if you have in fact, copied my client’s work. My uncertainty is the primary reason I sent you a warning notice. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do. Thank you for dropping by.” You said, as you picked up your glasses to put them on again.

“Y/N-ssi, please, listen to me.” It was the eldest, Jin, who spoke this time. “I meant to say this to you the day we performed at the corporate meet but I did not know you were the one dealing with this case. If you will allow me to be a little personal, I have something I need to say.”

You stared the man. You could tell he was smooth with his words.

“Go ahead.”

“I hope this resentment towards us is not because things between you and Yoongi didn’t end well.”

You looked at him with bored eyes and then shifted your focus towards Yoongi, who was glaring at Jin, and gave him a smile.

“You told them about our past?”

Yoongi turned towards you, “No, I mean yes, but-”

“It’s okay, ” You got up from your seat and walked towards Jin, who was observing you. You stood in front of him,  at a professional distance. “I don’t know what you have been told or why you thought about bringing this up but let me tell you, although I don’t owe you any explanation, I don’t bring my personal biases into my work. I can tell that you are disturbed but the only consolation I can offer you is this- I will never let an innocent man suffer. Not on my word. I hope this relieves you. If you are innocent, you will walk out of this innocent.”

Namjoon put his hand on Jin’s shoulder. “ Thank you. I trust you will do the right thing.” Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok, who gave you a bright smile, bowed and proceeded to leave the room.

You looked at them leaving and turned to Yoongi, who was leaning against your table looking at you with eyes that clearly showed he was in pain and conflict. You knew those eyes, you knew that gaze, you remember it so vividly.

It was same expression, the one he constantly had before he left you.

He kept a poker face though, looking here and there, avoiding your gaze as soon as you looked at him. Finally after five minutes or so, he seemed to have reached a resolve. He turned to look at you with the the same eyes and you felt your act falter for a tiny second but you buckled up.

You can’t show him what you truly feel. It took all your energy to keep yourself together, you have come too far to break down now.

He came closer to you and just when you thought he’d stop, he kept coming closer and hugged you.

“Y/N…How have you been?”

You didn’t move your arms, your resolve was giving away, you eyes were on the verge of watering.

“What an interesting question to ask in this position, Min Yoongi-ssi.”

He didn’t move and neither did you. He held you and you held back. 

Minutes passed and your hands finally moved to push him away from you gently. You looked at him and maintained your deadpanned expression. 

“Y/N…why are you being like this? You know I had to leave, you know the reason why we ended things.”

You snorted. 

“Don’t give me that shit. YOU ended things. Without my consent. You just left. You left me only a letter to tell me we were done, one fucking letter for all those years we were together.” You voice was starting to hint the anger you had within you.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N! How could we have been together? I didn’t even know how long I was leaving for…or if I was coming back at all. It would have been cruel for me to keep you hanging there, just waiting for me and-”

“How convenient.” You interrupted him. “You think leaving me like that was not cruel? I’m being ridiculous? For all the years we were together, you could not even think about our relationship enduring the test of distance and your immediate thought was to leave me? You didn’t even try. Forget that, you didn’t even bother asking me. How could you be so sure? It’s almost as if you didn’t want us to be together. If you had told that to me before leaving, it would have made a lot more sense to me. At least, a lot more sense than the shit you are sprouting right now.” You finished, you chest heaving.

Min yoongi looked shocked, and dare you say, even a bit angry.

“Okay..if you were so affected by me not being there in your life, why didn’t you call me? There was not a single text, no letter, no calls, nothing. It’s not like you tried, either. You can’t only blame me. I can only say I’m sorry for what happened, Y/N…but it wasn’t only me.”

You stared at him for second before saying-

“This has got to be the shittiest apology I have ever heard in my 25 years on this planet.”

There was silence in the room for a moment before you broke it.

“Leave, Min Yoongi-ssi. I think we are done here. I hope you have a wonderful career and I hope you find a lover who has no self-respect because that is clearly the kind of partner you are looking for. Adios.” 


Min yoongi could not believe fate. 

What were the odds, that the woman he thought about everyday, tried to find whenever he went back to his hometown-to his family-without success, would be suing his company for copyright infringement?

He loves you, he never stopped loving you, but things were so different when he met you again after all these years…you were so different, so independent and so…cold. You were not the same girl who would smile all the time and tease him by using that phrase which had become synonymous with your personality.

“Ahh…Oppa, you’re a genius rapper, really.” 

You were detached now, you didn’t smile when he met you today..at least not that carefree, kind smile you would give him back in those days. You called him ‘Min Yoongi-ssi’ and it sounded so foreign to his ears. He had seen you at the corporate meet, from afar, looking like royalty and he froze for a moment. He was seeing you after years, but how could he have come to you? He was performing and the press was there. It would become a scandal. He knew you had seen him as well, you had locked eyes for a split second, but you turned away like you didn’t recognise him and continued speaking with the suited men and women, with a dead smile on your face.

You had changed and he had a strong feeling that he was the reason for that change. He had taken something from you and it was killing him. 

He loves you, he never stopped loving you. 

The camera in front of him flashed and he could care less about the photoshoot right now.

He knew he couldn’t stay away from you, not when he loved you so much and definitely not when you were right there, so near to him. All he could think about at that moment was much he loved you…and he would turn the world upside down to get you back. 

The camera flashed again. His resolve was renewed. He knew what he had to do.


SO that’s that. I will be dividing this into two parts. This is, you guessed it, part 1. The account that requested this has chosen to stay anonymous. 

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Jeffmads where Madison is sick and Jefferson takes care of him and it's so domestic and I cry.

“Any better?” Thomas murmured, cupping James’ cheek. He pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead.

James coughed, then sniffled, fighting to keep his eyes open. “Yeah,” he murmured in a scratchy voice. He was wrapped up in a tight cocoon of blankets, lying against the pillows.

Thomas smiled at him. “Good. More soup? Blankets? Sleep?”

“Lay with me,” James said, looking up at him. “Just… stay.”

Thomas laid on the other side of the couch’s corner, taking a spare blanket for himself. He rested his hand on the other side of the pillows and set a hand on James’ shoulder, giving him a smile. “I love you.”

“You too,” James mumbled before coughing. He let his eyes flutter shut.

Thomas gazed at him with a smile. “You should sleep,” he murmured. “You’ll feel better.”

James didn’t respond. His breathing evened and he relaxed against the pillows, an almost peaceful expression coming over him as the minutes passed. Thomas watched with love in his eyes - even when he was sick as hell, James was adorable.

God, he was so fucking in love.


Hey loves!! Happy show day 😊I’m so excited for so many things about this episode. The fact that it looks like a scene out of survivor’s guilt has me like 👀 Only 3 more hours!

(Not-so-lowkey hoping for bellarke on the island spending time in that pool/hot tub? Am I hoping for something impossible? Probably. But I’ll keep hoping til the day I die 👌🏻)

Multiple selfies because my shirt was way too cute yesterday, and my Bob shirt today in honor of having him at a con this weekend! Yay!!

Tagging some lovely people, feel free to let me know if anyone wants to be added/removed, and feel free to tag me in your selfies!

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Ughhhh can't one good thing happen this week!? Maybe things will get better once Hina and Togami get here and are looked after by doctors. Just gotta have hope!

Don’t worry too much about it. It’s not the first time it happens and it won’t be the first time. I know it can be scary to see him like this but as long as someone keep an eye on him, things will be okay.

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Ya know I just realized music meister wasn't there to help just the couples. He also helped Wally get over his fear. I take things in slower and had no idea why MM was robbing the bank (I think). But I'm now realizing he wanted Wally to come get him so he could help him and the couples. Maybe Cisco too? They didn't know Cisco could vibe to "dream worlds" but now we know he can because of MM

I noticed that, but the show didn’t make a big deal about it, so I get that a lot of people missed it. I love that he was looking out for Wally too and helping him not be afraid, just wish someone had brought it up in Music Meister’s final scene.

Cisco’s powers keep expanding without rhyme or reason, but I’m cool with it.

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How would the UT/US skelebros + US undyne and UF sans react if their s/o was in a band (somewhere along the lines of Pierce the veil if you know them) and how would they handle their s/o being away from them so much because they're almost constantly on tour


  • He’s very proud and impressed.
  • Always bragging about you to his friends and coworkers (I like to think he’d do this regardless with any of his partners. He’s a total schmooze)
  • But he does miss you a little.
  • Ok a lot.
  • But he has things to keep him busy now unlike when they were underground. He has a job and a house to look after while you’re away.
  • He’ll be fine.
  • Expect lots of hugs when you get back though.


  • This boy is your number one fan
  • He will be at every single concert he can, but he also has a job to take care of now at the monster/human school Toriel established aboveground.
  • Ans when you have to be apart he takes to intensive puzzle solving and hanging out with Undyne to keep himself busy with you not around.
  • When you get back he asks you about everything!! He wants to know every single detail.
  • Also very proud. He loves you so much! He can’t believe how lucky he his.


  • He thinks it’s super cool!! And he’s so proud of you.
  • Buuut…he misses you.
  • ALOT
  • The bed is really cold without you there he realizes. And he’s so busy with his job shadowing Asgore that he barely has time to go see you.
  • He will attack you with cuddles and kisses when you get back. So much affection.
  • He’ll get a week off sometime during one of your state tours to come along and watch all of those shows. He thinks you’re amazing.


  • He always finds a way to stop by a couple of your shows.
  • Resorts to holding a pillow at night to calm his nerves when you’re gone sometimes. Usually he just holds onto you tightly when his nightmares start up again.
  • He misses the security  but he is still super supportive and happy for you. he just wishes he could get to see you more often.
  • But if this is what you love then he’ll find a way to get past all the inconveniences. No big deal.


  • Super starstruck.
  • This is just like that one anime she obsessed over for a week…
  • Probably the most supportive. Always encouraging you to go out there and kick some butt.
  • She concerns herself with your safety more than anything when you’re gone. What if something happens and she’s not there to help?
  • Definitely sets aside a day or two to come to one of your shows.


  • Grumbly grumpy pants.
  • Sure! It’s pretty sick that you’re in a band and everything! But he never thought it would be so hard having you gone so often.
  • Probably ditches work super often to pop over and see you.
  • He can’t stay away gah he’s so clingy.
  • But it’s just because he loves you and he wants to be smothering you with his awkward affection at all times (even though he never outrightly says it)

cat update:

j and i have set out some cat food, water, and a bin with some blankets for the stray. we are going to try to take him to the vet and see how much it would cost to get him dewormed, remove the fleas, and vaccinate. i really hope its not too expensive so we can keep him, if it is then we might have to take him to the pound. im pretty sure he was abandoned (we already tried to look for the possible owners) because he keeps trying to get inside the house and is very affectionate and loving towards humans. hes such a sweetheart and he comes to our porch door meowing like crazy 💔