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BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Asking Them if They Want to Makeout

Namjoon: “Let me finish this and then we can.” Work first and then…where was I going with this?

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Taehyung: “Then come over here.” Little pup would be so eager and ready don’t even gotta ask twice.

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Hoseok: “Well aren’t you eager today?” He’ll most likely tease you until you finally just pull him into a kiss and then… ((;

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Jin: “I know it’s hard to keep your lips off of all of this” headass

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“Have a kiss instead.” he’ll do this just to get you mad.

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Jungkook: “Is that really all you want? Or is it something more?” fucking bye


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Yoongi: "I know that not what you really want.”


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Jimin: ”Good because I was just about to ask you the same thing. Great minds think alike.”

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Okay how about yoongi leaving his family behind in order to pursue his musical career. He also left his girlfriend that supported his dream and ends up running into her after his success. The girl is a corporate lawyer who is suing big hit for copyright infringement. Suga still has feelings for her but doesn’t want to seem like he only likes her so the lawsuit could be dropped. Even though she tries to avoid him, they keep meetings inevitably through charity galas and corporate parties. I will leave the ending up to you ☺️


“Ms. Y/N, we have the team from Big-hit waiting for you outside. Shall I send them in?”

You looked up through your reading glasses to see Conrad, your assistant, bodyguard and friend, standing at your door. You shifted your weight on your luxurious seat just enough to see past him into the lounge. You could see a group of four people sitting on the couch, out of which one, you knew well.

Too well.

You sighed as you nodded your head to signal Conrad to let them in. He turned around and was about to leave when you called out to him.


He turned around to look at you.

“Yes, ma'am?”

You gave him a nonchalant look.

“Drop the honourifics please. We are childhood friends, it makes me uncomfortable.”

He gave you a half hearted smirk.

“Yes, ma'am.”

You watched him as he left and snorted. “Fucker.”


You lifted your head once again, hearing the urgent knocks on the door and a small, “ may I come in?”

You opened your mouth to tell your guests to make their way in but before you could, the door was pushed open and a bunch of handsome korean men walked in.

“Well, hello to you too.” You said.

You knew these boys. You had virtually stalked all of them(even the one remaining three, who were not present here), albeit unlike their fans, you had a completely different reason.

“Have a seat, please. I don’t see why you are being so shy after barging in like fantastic four.” You gave a little laugh.


The entire room went silent. Min Yoongi had spoken up.

“That’s Ms. Y/N for you.” You said with a smile. “What would you boys like to speak to me about?” You gestured for them to speak up.

“Drop the case. We did not copy them. You know it, better than anyone.” Yoongi spoke again.

Your expression turned from easygoing to a displeased one as soon as he uttered those words. 

Five minutes into the conversation and he says this? 

You removed your reading glasses, staring him right in the eye.

“Do I, now?” You said, the hint of anger clear in your voice.

“Yes, you do!” Min yoongi said as he put both his hands on your desk, his face screaming indigence.

“Min Yoongi-ssi, mind your tone. You are standing in my office, at my workplace. Don’t speak to me like we are separated lovers meeting after years.” You taunted.

Min yoongi’s eyes slightly widened as he straightened up and stared at you in slight disbelief.

“As far as the case is concerned, I’m looking into it. I do not know for sure if you have in fact, copied my client’s work. My uncertainty is the primary reason I sent you a warning notice. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do. Thank you for dropping by.” You said, as you picked up your glasses to put them on again.

“Y/N-ssi, please, listen to me.” It was the eldest, Jin, who spoke this time. “I meant to say this to you the day we performed at the corporate meet but I did not know you were the one dealing with this case. If you will allow me to be a little personal, I have something I need to say.”

You stared the man. You could tell he was smooth with his words.

“Go ahead.”

“I hope this resentment towards us is not because things between you and Yoongi didn’t end well.”

You looked at him with bored eyes and then shifted your focus towards Yoongi, who was glaring at Jin, and gave him a smile.

“You told them about our past?”

Yoongi turned towards you, “No, I mean yes, but-”

“It’s okay, ” You got up from your seat and walked towards Jin, who was observing you. You stood in front of him,  at a professional distance. “I don’t know what you have been told or why you thought about bringing this up but let me tell you, although I don’t owe you any explanation, I don’t bring my personal biases into my work. I can tell that you are disturbed but the only consolation I can offer you is this- I will never let an innocent man suffer. Not on my word. I hope this relieves you. If you are innocent, you will walk out of this innocent.”

Namjoon put his hand on Jin’s shoulder. “ Thank you. I trust you will do the right thing.” Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok, who gave you a bright smile, bowed and proceeded to leave the room.

You looked at them leaving and turned to Yoongi, who was leaning against your table looking at you with eyes that clearly showed he was in pain and conflict. You knew those eyes, you knew that gaze, you remember it so vividly.

It was same expression, the one he constantly had before he left you.

He kept a poker face though, looking here and there, avoiding your gaze as soon as you looked at him. Finally after five minutes or so, he seemed to have reached a resolve. He turned to look at you with the the same eyes and you felt your act falter for a tiny second but you buckled up.

You can’t show him what you truly feel. It took all your energy to keep yourself together, you have come too far to break down now.

He came closer to you and just when you thought he’d stop, he kept coming closer and hugged you.

“Y/N…How have you been?”

You didn’t move your arms, your resolve was giving away, you eyes were on the verge of watering.

“What an interesting question to ask in this position, Min Yoongi-ssi.”

He didn’t move and neither did you. He held you and you held back. 

Minutes passed and your hands finally moved to push him away from you gently. You looked at him and maintained your deadpanned expression. 

“Y/N…why are you being like this? You know I had to leave, you know the reason why we ended things.”

You snorted. 

“Don’t give me that shit. YOU ended things. Without my consent. You just left. You left me only a letter to tell me we were done, one fucking letter for all those years we were together.” You voice was starting to hint the anger you had within you.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N! How could we have been together? I didn’t even know how long I was leaving for…or if I was coming back at all. It would have been cruel for me to keep you hanging there, just waiting for me and-”

“How convenient.” You interrupted him. “You think leaving me like that was not cruel? I’m being ridiculous? For all the years we were together, you could not even think about our relationship enduring the test of distance and your immediate thought was to leave me? You didn’t even try. Forget that, you didn’t even bother asking me. How could you be so sure? It’s almost as if you didn’t want us to be together. If you had told that to me before leaving, it would have made a lot more sense to me. At least, a lot more sense than the shit you are sprouting right now.” You finished, you chest heaving.

Min yoongi looked shocked, and dare you say, even a bit angry.

“Okay..if you were so affected by me not being there in your life, why didn’t you call me? There was not a single text, no letter, no calls, nothing. It’s not like you tried, either. You can’t only blame me. I can only say I’m sorry for what happened, Y/N…but it wasn’t only me.”

You stared at him for second before saying-

“This has got to be the shittiest apology I have ever heard in my 25 years on this planet.”

There was silence in the room for a moment before you broke it.

“Leave, Min Yoongi-ssi. I think we are done here. I hope you have a wonderful career and I hope you find a lover who has no self-respect because that is clearly the kind of partner you are looking for. Adios.” 


Min yoongi could not believe fate. 

What were the odds, that the woman he thought about everyday, tried to find whenever he went back to his hometown-to his family-without success, would be suing his company for copyright infringement?

He loves you, he never stopped loving you, but things were so different when he met you again after all these years…you were so different, so independent and so…cold. You were not the same girl who would smile all the time and tease him by using that phrase which had become synonymous with your personality.

“Ahh…Oppa, you’re a genius rapper, really.” 

You were detached now, you didn’t smile when he met you today..at least not that carefree, kind smile you would give him back in those days. You called him ‘Min Yoongi-ssi’ and it sounded so foreign to his ears. He had seen you at the corporate meet, from afar, looking like royalty and he froze for a moment. He was seeing you after years, but how could he have come to you? He was performing and the press was there. It would become a scandal. He knew you had seen him as well, you had locked eyes for a split second, but you turned away like you didn’t recognise him and continued speaking with the suited men and women, with a dead smile on your face.

You had changed and he had a strong feeling that he was the reason for that change. He had taken something from you and it was killing him. 

He loves you, he never stopped loving you. 

The camera in front of him flashed and he could care less about the photoshoot right now.

He knew he couldn’t stay away from you, not when he loved you so much and definitely not when you were right there, so near to him. All he could think about at that moment was much he loved you…and he would turn the world upside down to get you back. 

The camera flashed again. His resolve was renewed. He knew what he had to do.


SO that’s that. I will be dividing this into two parts. This is, you guessed it, part 1. The account that requested this has chosen to stay anonymous. 

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Hidden (Part 17)

Jaebum is surrounded by the same two officers that had questioned Hanna, in the same chair as well.

“We have here that you’re a threat.” Officer Jang who had called him, looks at his notepad for his resources.

“I am?” Jaebum doesn’t quite understand how.

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I was wearing a scarf that kind of clashed with my outfit because it was cold and I didn't have one that matched when Taako came up out of the blue and demanded we swap? So now I have his scarf and it smells like springtime and it matches my scales and my coat but he won't take it back or give me back mine and now I have this thing that looks like starlight and he has my lumpy handmade thing? He keeps wearing it as well?? I might have to make him a better one just to stop him wearing that one.


clip from a conversation i genuinely just overheard on this far too overcrowded train:

“he keeps trying to deny it but in the end i just said to him ‘look mate it’s obvious you’re as gay together as dan and phil’”

The wedding bouquet

 Note:So this my take on what happens with Sasuke and Sakura  during the naruhina wedding.

All the women attending the wedding gathered around in one place except for the groom’s best female friend, who remained seated on her table next to Kakashi, who was eyeing her.

Kakashi wasn’t the type to pry, but the sad expression on the face of his female student, who was like a daughter to him was bothering him.

‘‘Why don’t you go and try your luck with the bouquet, huh Sakura?’‘

Sakura looked up to stare at Kakashi before displaying one of her signature fake smiles.

‘‘It’s okay,I don‘t believe in such things and besides I’m pretty sure Ino or Temari are going to get married next.’‘

‘‘But you never know with Sasuke,I’m pretty sure that it’s his hawk that keeps traveling in and out of Konoha weekly.’‘‘

Sakura blushed before replying.

‘‘That’s nothing he just sent a letter to me after he heard of my kidnapping,and after that we just kept in touch I guess.’‘

Kakashi only nodded,he decided to end this conversation before he annoys Sakura with his questions and she gets mad.

Hokage or not,that women can make Madara Uchiha run if she’s angry.

Kakashi’s thoughts about how will his only single male student would handle Sakura’s anger were interrupted by Sakura’s voice.

‘‘I better get going now Kakashi sensei, I have a an early shift tomorrow.’‘

‘‘See ya.’‘

Kakashi watched as Sakura headed towards the bride and groom to say her farewell,but she couldn’t get past all the cheerring women so she stood in the back of the crowd.

Hinata threw the bouquet backwards ,but she threw it with a little too much force,  for it would have fallen on the ground if Sakura wasn’t standing there.

If Kakashi wasn’t a as cool as he is, he would have probably burst out laughing at his former student’s face,so instead he settled for a chuckle.

‘‘Way to go Sakura-chan!’‘

All the women sighted in dissapointment before walking away,leaving Sakura standing in her place, bouquet in her hands.

I can’t believe i actually caught it. she thought

‘‘So that means Sakura’s the one to settle down next.’‘

Hinata’s voice broke Sakura from her stupor.

‘‘No, these things are just wives tails.’‘ she said while shaking her hand in front of her.

Naruto smiled his usual wide smile before talking.

‘‘You know,he came about 30 minutes ago,he congratulated me,and  told me to tell you to go to the place where you parted,wherever that is.’‘

‘‘Who’s he?’‘ Sakura guessed a second later and before Naruto could open his mouth she threw the bouquet from her hands and ran straight to the place he’s waiting for her.

The place where they parted, the place where she revealed her true feelings to him for the first time,the place where the will reunite.

She stopped running when she caught sigh of a tall figure sitting on the bench,the same bench he layed her on all those years ago,she watched as he stood up and looked at her.

After a minute of them looking into each others eyes,Sasuke smiled, a beautiful smile, a smile Sakura has never seen before.

‘‘Come here.’‘ he said while gesturing with his hand for her to come.

Sh walked forward until only about half a meter seperated them,she watched as Sasuke’s hand raised upward and as he pocked her forehead.

‘‘Tadaima Sakura.’‘

Sakura’s eyes widened before she replied.

‘‘Okaeri Sasuke.’‘

Two short stories from Bread-Milk

1. A guy comes in wanting chew. No problem, he looks like 40 so no carding necessary. The whole time he’s being super vague about the kind he wants so I have to go back to the shelves like three times. When it’s done I hand him his change and a quarter drops out of his hand. He looks at me and goes, “What’d you drop it for?” I kind of laugh a little, but he keeps staring at me dead serious and repeats, “What’d you drop it for?” Like??? It happens??? Usually the customer’s fault because they move their hand after I’ve let go of the money??? Literally one centimeter above their hand???

2. This guy comes up to my till and as I’m ringing things up he says, “I wanna get one of those beef jerkies.” The beef jerkies in question are in a case in front of the warmer, which he walked past on the way to the till. They come in three shapes (stick, little sheet, big sheet) that are all different prices. And he’s made it clear that he wants to grab it after he’s paid. I ask him which shape he wants so I can add it on the till. It takes a good two minutes and him pointing to three different things before I can figure out what he wants. Afterwards he goes to the box and asks, “Do I just grab it with my hands or is there a thing I can grab it with?” I reply, “There’s a tongs on top of the box.” He lifts the lid, the tongs secure in their holder going with it, and asks, “Where’s the thing I can grab it with?” I again say, “On the top of the box.” He looks at it a second longer, grabs the stick with his hands, closes the box, and walks out.

Are you mad?-Taehyung

Taehyung Drabble
Word: ??
Warnings: kind nsfw

“Are you still mad at me?” Taehyung whined from across the couch. You looked over at him. The way he was sprawled out across the couch with his heas tipped back as he looked at you through half closed eyes as if he was still whining without making an actual sound.

 “Yes. I am” you answered him. This is the treatment he was going to get and there was no way he was getting let off this time.

 “Jagi” starting against with the pet names, you felt the couch shift as he started to move towards you. Still frowning you kicked a leg out to stop him. You made contact with his lower stomach, not hard enough to hurt him but just enough pressure to keep him at bay. 

 “Baby” he tried again, grabbing onto your ankle and moving it to the side so he was now positioned between your legs. You shook your head, firmly stuck in your decision to not let him go. Taehyung moved forward, his hands now on either side of your hips making the couch dip at the extra weight. Taehyung was now directly in front of you. His face inches from yours, lips almost brushing and the heat of his hot breaths on your cheeks. He lifted one hand and pushed your hair behind your ear, resting on your cheek as he waited for you to respond.


 With a wicked smirk, he tiled his head and started towards your neck. No. You would not break. It was a cheap trick to use your weakness against you anyway and he would not use this to his advantage. No matter how good it felt when he started to press kiss to the soft skin. Or how it felt when his teeth grazed before biting down. The way he licked over the spot he just bit before sucking harshly on a different area all together. When he blew on your wet his sending goosebumps breaking out along your arms and legs. Or how he pressed his nose to your ear as he whispered everything he wanted to do with you or how much he loved you or how pretty you looked. Taehyung was a smooth talker and no matter how many times you fought, which wasn’t often, he would always come our smiling because he managed to make it up to you. With his lips now pressed against your neck, you held your head high and took a deep breath through your nose trying to get some air back into your body so you could start to think straight.

 “Still mad?”

“Yes Taehyung” your voice a lot breathier than intended. “Im still mad at you”

 You felt him frown against your skin. He shifted his weight so he was no pressed against you, keep you trapped against the couch. 

 “Tell me what I can do to fix it” his cold against your heated skin.

 You could feel that last thread of self control pulling tightly. You just wanted to grab his face and kiss him and let him make it up to you. Taehyung pressed another kiss to your neck. This one sloppier with a lot more teeth. The sting felt so good as he pulled away onto repeat the same motion a further down. He started to roll his hips into yours, hoping to get you thinking about something other than the silly disagreement. Taehyung let out a small whine on a particularly slow and hard trust.

 “I want to make it up to you Noona. I want to be a good boy”

 The taunt string of self control snapped the second you heard that name. Grabbing onto his face you lifted his head away from your neck and to yours. A opened mouthed kiss with hot breaths and biting teeth, you felt Taehyung smile against your lips knowing he had won.

 “Will you let me Noona?” He asked, head tilted as his tongue rested against his bottom lip his eyes lit up with his devilish smirk. He knew exactly what to do and when to do it and you couldn’t hate him for that.

 “Oh fuck you” you huffed out, pulling him back in for another kiss.

 “If that’s what you want Noona”


I felt him approach before he spoke, keeping his voice quiet and soft. ‘I have been looking for you at the club. Why are you still here?’ 

‘Remembering,’ I mumbled, turning to look at him. He stopped next to me, gaze fixed on the vast gardens, the only thing left of the estate that lay in shambles behind us. ‘Is it bad that I did not feel anything? When she died? When I saw Sorcha… my heart broke and I cried for days, but for her I couldn’t shed a single tear. Is that bad? Am I evil?’ 

He sighed. ‘I never hated anyone in my life. It’s not the way of our people. But with your mother I have come very close.’ 

‘She was trying to protect her bloodline, I guess.’ 

‘And she was destroying everything that stood in her way in the process,’ he added. 

‘Is that not the way of every witch?’ 

‘Not your way. If it were, I would not be standing here.’ He turned, touching my cheek with cold fingertips. ‘It’s been a lifetime of darkness for us, Heda Wardwell, but now the witch is gone. For the first time in your life you get to really choose. And something tells me you will make the right choice.’ 

I grinned. ‘You’re only saying that because the right choice includes you.’ 

‘Not necessarily. But I would be honoured.’ I leaned against his side and we both looked back at the stony remains of the estate. ‘So?’ he asked after a moment, ‘What will it be?’ 

I sighed. The stones were still. There was a silence about them, lifeless and cold. The estate was truly gone. And we were standing in its ashes young and free. ‘We rebuild and we survive. Together.’ 

And for the moment, the dogs in the distance stopped barking. 

The End

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imagine hearth getting strong enough to do seven or eight runes in a row
  • i imagine he’d start using magic all the time (think weasley twins just come of age)
  • he uses it do do everything
  • this would drive blitz insane
  • “Hearth you don’t need that rune to do the dishes”
  • “Hearth, laundry isn’t supposed to fold itself”
  • “Look, if I can vacuum without magic, you can too”

  • hearth would keep trying to get stronger with runes by using them a lot
  • and he’d black out at random times
  • which worries the crew, because it’s not normal
  • but he’s overexerting himself, and it takes a toll
  • eventually, magnus intervenes and gets him to stop exerting himself so much and all is well

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#42 for Mark plz :)

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

42. “Stop being so cute.”

“Stop being so cute. I’m trying to be mad at you.”

You pucker your lips at your boyfriend, fluttering your eyelashes at him as well because how could you stop being cute if it was making him less mad?

“Markie… You know you want to stop being mad at me.”

“Shut up.” You and Mark both pause, and he looks apologetic when you face turns into a pout. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to shut up. Keep going.”

“I thought you wanted me to stop being cute though. So you could continue being mad at me,” you question. Mark stares at you and your cute face, rolling his eyes and grabbing it, bringing it closer to his.

“You know I’m bad at being mad! Especially at you!” You giggle and make some more kissy faces at Mark, even though you know he’s not mad anymore.

“Does that mean I get to keep being cute?”

“Not like you have to try really hard.”

“You’re right. I’m always cute.”

“Ahh, you’re starting to sound like Haechan.” Mark lets go of your face and you lean in quickly, placing a sloppy kiss right on his cheek. He whines in annoyance, but you know he secretly loves it.

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Sciles fic rec?

Roadside Assistance by autoschediastic (3741, complete, explicit)

“Ow, okay, what part of ow are you not getting? God, is this how you cuddle?”

“I’m not trying to cuddle you,” Scott says, rooting determinedly around. “I’m trying to keep you warm.”

Stiles gives him a long look. A really, really long one, because sometimes Scott needs the time to chug his way around to a conclusion.

“Oh,” he says.

Pączki are Always a Solution by KuriKuri (4252, complete, teen)

“Someday,” Scott mumbles around the mouthful. “Someday I’m gonna get this recipe from you.”

“Not unless you marry into the family,” Stiles replies, licking the powdered sugar off his lower lip. “When I say it’s a top secret Stilinski family recipe, I mean it’s top secret.”

(Or: In which Stiles’ babcia mistakes them for a couple and gives away the secret family recipe.)

Everything is Horrible and Great by wrangler (2925, complete, explicit)

“You wouldn’t know a vulva if it fell on your face,” Stiles says, grumpy.

(The one where Scott and Stiles have sleepovers and get riled up and fingerbang. Like you do.)

An Uncommon Want by Rrrowr (31k, complete, explicit)

“We’ve got a new one for you, Scott,” is the first thing that Erica says to him when she spies him coming through the doors of their floor. The file that she sets on the edge of her desk is thin and crisp. The folders for regular clients tend to be thicker, full of reports and request forms.

“A virgin?” Scott says, raising a brow at the green tab at the top of the folder.

“It’s your specialty, isn’t it?” Erica teases with a sharp grin. “All that comforting and coddling you do with the newbies makes you ideal.”

“Everyone’s scared their first time,” Scott responds gently as he opens the folder to get a look at his new client.

Erica scoffs. “Maybe if you’re an omega.”

“Especially if you’re an omega.”

Possible Still by rosepetals24 (11k, complete, mature)

Stiles gets very good at putting himself back together. He learns which cuts just need butterfly bandages and which need actual stitches and he knows to keep a needle threaded because trying to get everything ready when you’re shaking from blood loss is fucking hard. (Not impossible though, he learns that too. There’s not much that is impossible when you don’t have any other options.)

Post 5A - Stiles may not be in the pack anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop fighting.


Fic rec: It's taking all I've got by StrikerEureka, Otabek/Yuri/JJ, explicit, 5.4k
By Organization for Transformative Works

JJ has spent the past four years watching and wanting Otabek and Yuri’s open, domestic bliss. They’ve noticed him watching; they want, too.

Yuri doesn’t get off of him, doesn’t even let go of his neck, when they both look up at Otabek standing over them, a beer bottle now being balanced on JJ’s shoulder. He tries to say something, anything to keep from getting his teeth knocked in, but Yuri cups his jaw and starts biting and mouthing at his neck.

Otabek holds his gaze and JJ swallows painfully against the dryness in his throat. He reaches up with a shaky hand to take the bottle Otabek is still offering him as Yuri sucks at his pulse. He has no idea what’s happening.

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Ughhhh can't one good thing happen this week!? Maybe things will get better once Hina and Togami get here and are looked after by doctors. Just gotta have hope!

Don’t worry too much about it. It’s not the first time it happens and it won’t be the first time. I know it can be scary to see him like this but as long as someone keep an eye on him, things will be okay.