but i keep looking at him

headcanon that richie found a particularly small and angry duck at mike’s and named it “eddie”

  • he told eddie about it and eddie got all huffy and flustered
  • richie was quick to point out that he looked a lot like eddie the duckling when he got cute and pissed like that
  • eddie turned red and crossed his arms and pouted
  • until mike brought him eddie the duck and eddie fell in love with it and allowed it to keep his namesake
  • eddie the loser is the only human other than mike that eddie the duck will let hold him
  • “kindred spirits” is how richie explains it
  • he refuses to explain why eddie the duck chases / attacks him whenever he’s in range
  • mike finds this all hilarious and lets richie name a good portion of the animals on the farm because the names never fail to amuse

Story Time!

My husband is 7 years older then me, it’s not the biggest age gap in the world, especially amongst the kink community that love a good age gap, but still. He’s still a good few years older then me and far more wordly wise. When he met me, I hadn’t been kissed, never had a boyfriend, never even been asked on a date. Being that inexperianced, it gave him a chance to mold me. To make me into the perfect toy for him to use. He protects me, he calms me, he looks after me. And in return, I’m his obediant baby girl. I greet him when he gets home from work late in anyway he wants, I’ll spread my legs, I’ll suck his cock, I’ll let him rest his head on my chest and fall asleep while I stroke his hair. I live to keep him happy. Our relationship doesn’t fit into the most exact kink catagories, he’s not really my Daddy. But, at the same time, he baby’s me, he protects me and indulges my naivity and youth. But, at the same time I’m his property. I’m not exactly a little, we tend to class me as a Slave, but.. I like being indulged and protected. This post, it’s not really supposed to lead anywhere. Just a bit of an explanation of who I am in our relationship. Sure, I’m a good little whore. But, I’m all those things for the man I love most in the world and he protects me, spoils me and loves me just as hard back.

at some point young victor just flops around on chris’ bed like a dying fish while they’re both complaining about dieting and dreaming of all the fast foods and sweets young kids get to eat every day and that they can only imagine bc they cherish their careers a little bit more but kids will be kids and!!!!!! sweets!!!! forbidden fruit!!!!! why can’t we have turkish delight yakov that’s not fair!!!!!! 

the next morning they break out of their hotel in naples and stuff their faces full of creampuffs. 

(they take some back for their coaches in apology)
(it does NOT help them. AT ALL.)

they both end up sharing those later and in the end they eat so many that: 

  • they get on such a sugar high there’s a rumour circling around the next day that they got high
    • someone asks what they took bc ‘boy I need me some of that’
    • chris shoots them a mopey grin. 
    • ‘love,’ he says
  • victor ends up puking 3 times during the night and he just wants to die, 
  • they’re put through so many drills by their coaches that they swear off sugary snacks for the next half a year
    • and then the Great Chocolate Crisis™️ happens

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Can you do a headcannon where Tom has to chase you around the apartment? Idk I just keep laughing

I love this idea omlll y’all are gonna kill me :’)

-I feel like you pranked tom
-because he is the king of pranks
-just last week he filled your blow dryer with flour
-and then that made you look like cloud
-so you decide to do something evil
-you out hair dye in his shampoo
-those brown lovely curls everybody loves
-are soon to be a different color
-you waited for tom to get home one day he asked you how your day was gave you kiss and you watched him go up to the shower
-15mins passed and you hear the water turn off
-then you wait
-and all of a sudden
-Tom stepped out of the bathroom towel on waist and just stare at you
-his hair was pink with a mix of blue the frizz was real
-“oh I don’t know looks like someone pranked you”
-“king of pranks”
-“I-I-of all things”
-then silence
-Tom jumped at you
-you ran down the stairs screaming your head off
-you would throw things at him even though it was all joke
-it was pretty funny to watch him slip and fall because he wasn’t dry
-or watch him get hit in the head by the pillow you threw
-literally tom chasing you fir about an 10mins
-totally destroying your apartment together
-then tom would just stop and fall on the ground like
-“okay okay-I’m-done”
-then you would do the same obviously that was probably the scariest moment of your life
-“,,, I hate you”
-“love you too”

I laughed the entire time :’)😂💕💞🔥

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can we like talk about how frank reacted when madani pointed the gun at him in the staircase when he went to save karen? he had a loaded gun pressed against his forehead and basically said "go ahead and shoot because that's the only way you can stop me" and now i'm crying again grEAT

I mean I’m not sure im able to talk about it but I’ll certainly incoherently ramble about it !!!! like,,,,,,,,,, the look on his face?? the tears in his eyes??? how he literally ruined his entire body just to keep her safe??? he took /several/ bullets for her, dislocated his shoulder, was willing to be apprehended by the authorities, would have literally rather died than to see her get hurt ???? like what in the fucking fuck I’m crying again ?? and then karens fucking reaction after everything ??? “I think he was looking out for me” ,,,,,,,,,, and then that tiny fucking smile,,,,,,,,,, someone’s gonna have to get me out of this grave holy shit like can you believe how in love they are ?? I’m personally struggling wow

[Please do not repost]

Dazai gets turned into a cat somehow and Atsushi is the only person [apart from Soseki probably] who can see what he used to look like/understand him, even though his appearance has been altered quite a bit. Dazai ended up at the agency because he learned that they were ability users and hoped they could turn him back, but they ended up keeping him as a pet.

I’m still so sleepy… though I figure it’s because it gets dark early now, though today has been fairly off. Some tea and an early bedtime might help…

Text spoilers for Detective Conan File 1007

Information shared by Bomber D Rufi in the DCTP Spoiler Box:

Conan is on break after issue #1 [Current issue with Ch. 1007, November 29th). It will return in issue ¾ [December 13th]

So in the chapter, Agasa and Conan figure out that it was during a news report of the tengu mystery’s conclusion that Shinichi was caught on camera.

And not a problem.Heiji was also in the picture so now the press is at his school looking for him, and he’s pissed lol.

“I went through the trouble of keeping my lips shut and this is what happens?!”
But yeah, Heiji says he’ll take care of things on his end while Conan figures out what to do for himself –not that he’s sure of what to do.

The kids have cleaned up the bookshelf where Maria lives and get a clue telling them to head downstairs.

It cuts to Ran at school where the press has gathered –Sonoko’s already calling ran Shinichi’s wife.

Sera has the news on her phone and says Shinichi’s a hot topic

Also everyone is casually calling him her boyfriend, and she’s not denying it anymore. Quite the development, I’d say.

Back to the kids who have found Maria’s room. Genta comments on how cold it is though.. Ah no, it’s a guest room, sorry.

They find another hint leading them to a bathroom…

And once there tey find a note saying “Look after Bird-chan”. It’s one of those dipping bird dolls.

Anyway Haibara’s not too sure but she feels like she’s seen one of those before, and the kids suggest calling Conan.

Haibara really doesn’t want to, lol. Her expression is great.

Ah, Conan’s trying to come up with a lie that Shinichi has a twin brother, and he was the one who died.

Haibara calls Conan a traitor and asks him for help over facetime.

They’re not sure what to do with the bird and Conan’s like “Did you try giving it water?”

[Also, it doesn’t say that File 1008 will be the resolution of the case at the end of 1007, so this case will be longer than 3 chapters.]

Deerholdfurb 200 follower giveaway!

I finally reached 200 followers! Yay~! Big fun!

So I’m hosting a giveaway that is not in any way affiliated with Tumblr.

What you will receive, should you win, is the furby in the photo above! 

He’s a nonworking frog furby, very clean. His eyes are broken so he’s constantly looking at the floor like he’s nervous about something. Very sweet! I love him and would keep him but I bought him specifically to give to someone on here!

So the rules are:

1. You must be following me!
2. Reblog only 5 times!
3. Likes count!
4. If you are under the age of 18, please make sure that you have permission to have something shipped to you!
5. If you have more than 20 furbies, I’m not going to exclude you from the giveaway, but please think about giving other people who don’t have as many a chance to win! <3
6. Have fun!

The giveaway will end January 1st, 2018, New Year’s Day! An old furby for the new year!

If you have any questions about the furby, please feel free to send them my way!

Again, this giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way, shape, or form.

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Do you know how Christian Bale based his character in american psycho on a interview of Tom Cruise where he had this intense friendliness and hapiness with nothing behind his eyes? Well thats Matt in every interview. The dude only wants to cook and eat meat, he wants out, someone help him!


actually Matt is fine during normal interviews but during the Freeform stuff where they make him talk a little blurb about something he just has that Look like he’s slowly coming to a horrifying realization but the camera is still rolling so he has to keep going as if nothing’s wrong:

In all honesty, I relate bc this is the look u get when you’re giving some kind of answer and as u keep talking u start to regret the words you’re saying but it’s too late to stop.

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May I request demon!baekhyun + 19 for the drabble game? Thank you so much!

send me number + an idol’s name and i’ll write a drabble for you!

Having a demon as a boyfriend meant that when his little sleeping time was over, you’d be woken up to keep him company. Baekhyun was currently nuzzling into your neck while humming. “Stop ignoring me,” he began to whine when you wouldn’t open your eyes to him. 

When his fingers began to tickle your sides, you groaned and looked over at him. “What do you want?” you muttered, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back…” he smirked at you. 

“If you don’t let me sleep, I will send you back to hell myself,” you warned, pushing his face away when he puckered his lips.  

self-absorbed-pretty-boy  asked:

"don't call me that!" for merlin (yes i am aware that i am predictable as fuck sorry)

Predictable, maybe, but I think I might have slightly subverted your expectations with this ficlet. Warning: homophobic language, including slurs.

“Harry!” Loretta Hart draws him into a tight hug. “Oh, it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you.” She holds him out at arm’s length, a faux-stern expression on her face, “I really don’t see how a tailoring position keeps you so busy you can’t phone home on occasion.”

“I’m sorry, Mother,” he says dutifully.

She looks appeased and shifts her gaze to Merlin, who is standing just behind Harry, an uncharacteristically shy expression on his face. “And who is this?”

Harry nudges him forward, “This is Hamish.” He hesitates, “Where’s Father?”

“In the living room.”

“Why don’t we go say hello?” He takes Merlin’s arm and guides him over the threshold, past his mother and down the hall.

“Are you sure about this?” Merlin whispers to him. “We don’t have to say anything-“

“Nonsense,” Harry murmurs back. “Everything will be alright. Trust me?”

Merlin nods, but he’s trembling a bit where he and Harry are linked. Harry has never seen Merlin like this. Frightened, a handful of times, sure, but never like this. It’s almost enough to make Harry give in and call it off, but he shakes that feeling away. This is important to him, and that Merlin is willing to humour him in spite of his fear only makes Harry love him more.

His father is in fact in the living room, seated in his usual armchair by the fireplace, a newspaper obscuring most of his head. Harry hesitates, and then tugs Merlin down to sit next to him on the sofa, and his mother takes the other armchair, clearing her throat delicately, “Reginald. Would you like to say something to your son?”

Harry’s father puts down his paper and studies Harry. “Your mother has been worried half to death without you calling her. I told her you were fine.” His eyes flick to Merlin, who avoids his gaze, ducking his head enough that his black hair falls across his eyes. “Who’s this?”

Harry puts his hand over Merlin’s, and Merlin glances up at him, pushing his glasses back up where they’ve slipped down his nose and biting his lip nervously. Harry smiles reassuringly at him and then looks his father dead in the eye and says, “This is Hamish. He didn’t have a home to go to for the holidays, so I thought I might bring him home with me, given that he is family now.”

The room goes quiet enough to hear a pin drop. “I beg your pardon?” Harry fights against the instinctive flinch at his father’s sharp tone.

Instead, he lifts his chin in the same stubborn way he had when he’d first told his father he was going to study zoology to become a lepidopterist. “Hamish is my partner. We met through work; he’s involved in the technical side of Kingsman, and we’ve been dating for the past six months.”

“Oh,” his mother says faintly, clearly startled.

His father’s reaction is stronger; he stands, pacing across the room to look out the window. It’s such a little gesture, but it makes Harry’s stomach sink.

Reginald Hart doesn’t look at him when he says, “You shouldn’t have brought him here.”

Merlin opens his mouth, but Harry cuts him off, “After all those years of berating me for galivanting around single, I’d have thought you’d be happy that I finally found someone I loved enough to share my life with.” Merlin stiffens next to him, and Harry realizes that this is the first time he’s said those words when someone besides the two of them was present.

His father rounds on him, his expression thunderous, “Did you think I was going to be happy that my son is a poof? Bad enough that you’re queer in the first place, but to bring him-“

Harry can’t help the literal snarl dripping in his voice as he says, “Don’t call me that! And don’t you dare say anything bad about Hamish.”


“This is your fucking fault,” his father snaps, jabbing a finger at Harry’s mother. “If you hadn’t let him run around chasing butterflies, maybe he wouldn’t have turned out like this!”

“I’m gay,” Harry says sharply. “It’s who I am, not something that happened to me, not something that anyone did to me. I love Hamish with all my heart, and I will continue to love him until the day I die, and if that’s not something that you can handle, then perhaps I should reconsider my definition of family.”

His mother looks abruptly devastated at the thought, and she turns beseechingly towards his father, who is silent for a few moments, and then says, “Perhaps you should.” He snatches his newspaper off his armchair and stalks from the room.

Merlin has curled in on himself, and Harry wraps an arm around his shoulders. He presses a kiss to his temple, “I’m sorry, darling.”

Merlin cuddles into his side instinctively, and Harry looks up at his mother. She tears her gaze away from the door to look at him and Merlin. “I’m sorry too,” she says. She hesitates, and then adds, “He’ll come around, I’m sure. Just give him time.” She smiles warmly at Merlin, who glances up at her with trepidation. “If you’ve managed to ensnare my son’s heart after I’d quite given up on him ever settling down and finding love, then you’ll always be welcome in my house.”

“Are you sure, ma’am?” Merlin asks. “Your husband-“

She waves him off, “Reginald will either accept the facts and adjust, or he will learn to make himself scarce when you come over. Either way, he will have to acknowledge that you are part of Harry’s life now, and by extension part of ours. And please don’t call me ma’am, dear. Loretta is fine, or Mother, if you’re comfortable with that.”

Merlin blinks, looking at a loss, but Harry smiles. “Thank you, Mother.”

“There’s no need to thank me. You’re my son, Harry, and I will always love you.”

“Not for accepting me,” Harry says. He squeezes Merlin’s hand. “Like I said, Hamish doesn’t have a family to go to. It was very important to me that he become part of ours.”

“If he loves you, dear, and you him, then I’d say he already is.”


Jan’s new boyfriend had been annoying the hell out of everyone at Friendsgiving. I knew that I shouldn’t expect much from someone we’d be meeting for the first time but he was absolutely awful. Loud, annoying, self-centered, and he ate bout damn near everything. We had a lot but he had at least three portions and bragged about it. I don’t know where he kept it all. He sure as hell wasn’t big enough to keep it inside him.

Jan had tried apologizing several times. She said he’s not normally like this but even she gave up and left without him. I started cleaning up figuring everyone was gone. It was until I stepped outside that I saw his smug face looking up at the sky. I stood there shocked, “Dude, what the fuck?”

“Huh?” he looked at me dazed and took another swig of a beer. “Thanks for the party man. Haven’t had this much fun in a while. I’m f-in stuffed.” He rolled up his shirt and pat his stomach. I could see the abs he’d been so proud to brag about earlier that night. He’d been telling everyone who’d listen just how much he loved working out and how he was going to get so big. However he looked like he had the abs of someone didn’t eat enough.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded hoping he’d move. Then I realized I looked at the bottle he was drinking from. “Where’d you get this?”

“That?” he rolled to his side letting out a laugh. “Man, some guy gave it to me. Said it’s all the rage. If I’d drink it I’d be super hot. Figured Jan’d like it or whatever but she didn’t care. Didn’t even seem to notice.” He let out another burp and laugh. “Bitch.”

He was too zoned out to see my glare. I had no idea how one beer could put someone over the edge so much though. And with all that food he there’s no way he should have been that drunk. “Why are you even dating her if you don’t like her?”

“Deep question man…” He slurred his words and waved his hands in the air. I didn’t feel like it was that deep. “Dunno man. Felt like I liked her, but now, dunno.” He shrugged his shoulders oddly. “But you’re kinda cute.”

“Thanks,” my tone was flat. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah outa all her friends I want your cock up my ass the most.” He laughed stupidly as he said it. “Yeah bet you got a real nice cock. Probably don’t use it much but damn I really wanna see it.”

“WHAT THE Fuck is your…” I trailed off as I stared at the man before me. He was staring at me so stupidly. Not to mention the hint of lust. But that wasn’t what worried me. He looked different. I couldn’t quite place it but I felt like the man I was staring at wasn’t the man at the party.

“Man I’m feeling hot… Guess the beers workin,” he laughed stupidly at his ‘joke.’ His hand started to rub his belly. I was more taken aback by his facial hair though. For some reason I thought he was completely shaved. “You know I’m going to be a bodybuilder.”

“Yeah,” I dismissed, “you mentioned that earlier.” I was still trying to figure out what had changed though. It’s not like he was bodybuilder ready. Sure he was pretty big but didn’t have nearly the same definition or size. But being here alone he looked a lot bigger than I was thinking. His arms actually had some size to them. Just not big enough to compete.

“Just thought you’d like to feel a work in progress,” he flexed his muscle awkwardly. My eyes drifted towards him. “You were so busy starin earlier figured you just wanted sum alone time.”

“I wasn’t staring,” I lied. ‘He’d caught me,’ I scolded myself for being so untactful. He’d been bragging and flexing all night though and my eyes just kept drifting over to his body. That must have been why he had that stupid smirk all night.

“Sure you weren’t,” he rolled his eyes. His hand drifted off his hairy belly down into his shorts. I could feel my dick harden as he showed more of his body.

“What are you doing?”

“Just enjoying myself,” he laughed. “Don’t be so antsy. Not like I’m committing a crime.”


“You going to have me detained officer?” he fished his hard cock out and starting stroking more vigorously. His other hand followed around to his backside. “This could be you,” he taunted.

I’d had enough. I dropped the trash bag I was holding and dropped my pants. My hard dick finally freed. It’s not like he was wrong. I got onto of him and starting kissing him. The former jock had plenty of experience. He wrapped his big hands around my backside and held me tightly. My body started to grind against his while he held me against his soft torso. I moaned as our hard dicks rubbed against each other. He let me go and I pulled his shorts all the way down.

Tossing his legs over my shoulders felt like a bit of a feat. I wasn’t very large but for some reason I thought I remembered him bragging about his wrestling weight being in the 160’s. I shook my head. That wasn’t important right now. His thick legs barely hung on my shoulders. I leaned in and played with his dick a little. “Oh… That’s it buddy. Yeah…”

He lifted his hips up helping me out. I got in nice and close and pressed my dick up to his asshole. He gasped as I put more pressure on it. Slowly opening him up even more. I could feel it sliding in. It was still a tight squeeze but I was making it in. He was letting out a light groan trying to mask the pain. “You alright down there?”

“Sure am bud. Sure am,” his deep voice eased my worries. I started pushing even deeper in. My body moving in rhythm while he braced himself against the lawn furniture. He let out several loud grunts that I was sure the neighbors could hear. I didn’t care. My body was in bliss feeling this guy’s ass surround my dick.

I could feel myself coming closer. Closing my eyes I let out a shout, “FUCK!” He was filled with my come. Several shots latter I finally came down. My dick deflated and left his insides. I looked down and saw his own come on his shirt. I let out a few heavy breaths while standing over him.

He leaned up from the chair and pulled me down to spoon me. “Man I’m stuffed,” he laughed in my ear.


Muriel was cracking us up last night. She wanted to come out of the cage and would keep jumping from her ledge into the glass. Phil opened the door and put his hand out and she jumped right into it. I got out my phone and asked him to put her back and try again so I could get her jumping into his hand on video. Instead she got angry with us for putting her back, and snorted at him instead. She looked like a demon with her eyes glowing in the dark 😂

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hii, i've been looking for this fic where dan has a son and he started dating phil but he never told him. so one day when phil decides to surprise him, phil found out about his son and was really accepting. dan's son really likes phil. then one time when phil left dan a lot of hickies and his son noticed it so he talked to phil and said something like "will you protect my dad on this monster who keeps on leaving him bruises?"

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori


Requested by @bitterqueenofhearts

“I love him, Ben, I love him so much my heart hurts” You stared at ben before looking away. “ I will love him no matter what you say”

“y/n listen I am happy for you. Would I like you to date someone different yea probably but everyone can change and I trust you to keep yourself safe” Ben wrapped you in a hug squeezing you. “God you're growing up and I hate to admit it”

“I guess you told him” Harry came into the room going next to you. You nodded giving him a kiss on the lips. “Thank you, Ben, for giving me a chance to date y/n I promise I won’t let anyone hurt them” Harry draped his arm over your shoulder protecting you.

“I trust you, Harry, I trust you as much as a king should trust his people and I hope you don’t break that trust” Ben gave a kiss on the forehead before leaving you two alone. 

Request Are Open 

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They know that Dean looks good sleeping and we appreciate seeing him like that so they keep putting in Dean sleeping scenes hahahahahhaha 💛😴😂😂😂

Dean is adorable sleeping. He’s so soft and just skjfafasfskf. I just wanna cuddle him and wrap him in a blanket and snuggle him forever!

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more about noodle and winston’s relationship

  • he was very interested in noodle’s past and homeland and often asked her the same questions over and over so eventually she just took him to japan.
  • he still won’t let anyone but noodle or himself touch the kimono she made for him and keeps it in a glass case russel helped make.
  • the balloon (thats long deflated and now a slab of rubber) had “I ♥ TOKYO” and he wouldnt take it until she wrote “& Winston” with a marker and she still laughs abt it to this day.
  • he was actually very quiet and in awe during most of their visit in japan. not as energetic.
  • he took it upon himself to demand she teach him japanese, which she was surprised about but didnt object.
  • he knew better than to gawk and stare at the local people. he knew that they didnt look like him and knew that was okay. again that surprised noodle, she was honestly ready with a scolding and a lecture.
  • he held her hand most of the time and beamed at her the hardest he could.
  • they were on a hilltop that looked over a small portion of the brightly lit city and noodle remembers sitting with him in a calming silence before he looked over at her and said, “Mamom? Why are you so pretty?” before falling asleep on her lap.

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Ok so I don’t know about anyone else, but I get super horny right before I start my period and my boobs are swelled. So imagine you not being able to keep your hands off of him and he notices that your boobs look bigger. You’re extra sensitive so everything just feels amplified

It would be an all day thing- it would start in the morning, your hands wrapping around him while he stands at the stove making breakfast.

Then it would continue on while you go out, something as simple as watching him shop for groceries making your insides tingle.

In the evening, you’d both be on the couch, the sight of his body sprawled out beneath yours enticing, warm, and inviting. Your hand would run up and down his chest, hitting just above where his boxers started. His jaw would slightly clench, but he’d keep his cool.

Finally, it would be midnight, both of you with slightly droopy eyes, but your urges would get the best of you. You’d make your move, and he’d be on top of you with no questions.

His hands would push your shirt up your body, and he’d chuckle-

“Boobs are looking quite big, love. Not pregnant, are yeh?”

You’d laugh along, explaining that your cycle was supposed to come soon- but he’d ignore the conversation while he kissed down your body, preparing to fulfill the need you’ve had for him all day.

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hey, i’m looking for a wattpad fic called pretty boy (i think) where dans in little space and phil keeps calling him pretty boy. at one point i know phil got arrested for defending phil i think. i also think there was a girl called melanie in the beginning. sorry if this is vague

pretty boy

“would you like me to help, pretty boy?”
“if it’s not a hassle.”
“not at all, what’s your name?”
“daniel, and you?”

- Tori

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If the chocobros were mythical beings/creatures which would they be?

• Ignis would be Death, Yup. I can just see him having a large book that holds the knowledge of everything . Lost histories, lost Magics. Death tells no lies, only truths and he would hold the truth to everything.

• Gladio would be a shifter. He would able to shift into a behemoth that has his coloring. Could see him fighting Deadeye and giving him the eye injury.

• Prompto would be a ghoul. He looks so sweet and innocent and than BAM snack time! But he would be unique because he could eat vegetables but nothing from Animals but vegetables don’t really fill him up, (they’re kinda like crackers, just giving his stomach something to digest.) it would help in keep people from being suspicious if they believe he’s a vegan.

• Noctis would be a Nosferatu. And I don’t mean that typical vampire nonsense, I mean the true pure blooded one. Like Alucard. He has two sides to him, one is Noct, the fishing nerd we all love and there is Noctis, true vampire king. His eye color changing would indicate which side is more dominant.