but i keep looking at him

Jason has a shoebox full of Polaroid pictures of him as kid with Bruce.

And one day, Damian has fight with Bruce and goes to Jason’s to vent. Jason asks him if he can show him something and pulls out the shoebox. They go through old pictures of him and Jason tells Damian stories of him when he was Damian’s age. Damian keeps looking at this one pic of Bruce, he looks super young. Jason leans over and says “you can keep it.” Damian looks so surprised like No, Todd this is your picture of Father. Jason says “it’s cool, you can keep it little man, it helped me when I was younger and homesick. So now it’s yours.” Damian is about to tear up and Jason suggests they take a picture together. That picture is hanged up in Jason’s apartment.

Ha! I managed to fit the entire dinosaur tribe family thingy (and one cow) in the same picture!

From left to right, Sunbird (the dadsaur), Stonemaker, Spring Brook (their kid), Grandmother Storysinger, Two Feathers (on top of the cow), Halfhand, Resting River (who was supposed to be Sleeping Wind, but I keep calling him by the wrong name, so fudge it! He’s River now) and finally Striking Willow (who looks slightly too big now that I’m looking at it like this. Will fix that).

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Imagine the Avengers go out on a day trip to the zoo and they lose Bucky but end up finding him sat by the fence of the tiger enclosure with a tiger cub right up against the fence and despite the warnings of keeping your hands away from said fence, Bucky puts metal finger through and he's sat there fascinated as a little tiger chews lightly on the metal appendage (not an actual cat I know but I thought this would be cute)

He just looks up at the team with puppy dog eyes “can we please get a cat?”

Fluffy Friday™

I work in a clothing store that mostly sells women’s but also has a smaller men’s section. Yesterday (5/17) an older woman, a man and who I presume is his daughter come in. The girls go off and shop and he looks at our men’s jeans. Whatever. My coworker was folding a table near him and he starts asking her questions. After a few minutes she walks a way and he calls her back over and she’s like?? Ok and he uses her as a personal shopper and literally keeps her pinned talking to him. I walk past and behind to like get her attention to see if she’s ok and she’s like !! TRINA what do you think. So I give my opinion and this guy is muttering and slurring and looks up and goes, “sorry I just get nervous around women, especially pretty dolls like you guys”. I just noped and told her that our manager wanted her to go on her break now and we get away from him.
Right after he left, my manager walks over and says that he was having trouble putting his card in our card reader and told my manager “sorry in just a little drunk haha” and then precedes to ask ‘where did that little dark skin girl go’ (she’s Brazilian and not dark at all??) And my manager didn’t respond and just told him to have a nice day.
Gotta love creepy old southern dudes :/


  • Strobelite! It’s pretty much confirmed that the new video will be Strobelite and I have mixed feelings about this. Though doesn’t seem to be a concern I’ll still say it…idk how this will do as a single.
  • Everyone gets an outfit change but Murdoc and that’s why he’s mad. Let him change his clothes! Or he’s mad because this is the dancing video and he’s probably going to have to do some corny dance which is BAD for his reputation™. Or he’s mad because 2D keeps letting random people into their private booth and letting them mooch off their alcohol.
  • But no really, I wonder why he’s mad. 
  • It also looks like he’s sitting next to Russel again (#Russdoc is real??)

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Hello awesome amazing peeps, do you have any fluffy morning after type fics? Or cuddling in general? Thanks a bunch

cuddling search! and for morning after fics:

NOT Just Married by relenafanel

Also known as the feel-good fluffy ficlet relenafanel promised after the end-credit scene of new Bucky feels from hell… Because I have your back and know you need recovery comedic AUs about BFFs being dumb in Vegas.

you don’t own me (he does) by fawkesflame123

The hazy sunlight peeked through the curtains and hit Steve’s golden blond hair, the brown flecks seeming lighter than usual. He had a soft smile on his red lips, a blush dusting his cheeks. He looked like a little angel, that halo of hair fanned out on the pillow, pink blush trickling down his chest as Bucky looked at him with hunger in his eyes.

God, he’s beautiful, Bucky thought.

Keeping Warm by nhasablog

First nights with someone were known for being something else, but no one ever talked about the morning after. Steve realized this as soon as he woke up.

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Hello darling, I love your blog ♡ keep doing your best! My request is the phantom boys + Mishima with a s/o who love to make cakes and s/o one day invite the boys to their house and give them a cake that says in cream "I love you. Will you be my boyfriend?"


  • At first he just stood there.  Looking at the cake, then back at you, the cake, you, then back at the cake.
  • He frowns and looks back at you.
  • The frown on his face worried you, that doesn’t really mean good things.
  • “Aren’t we already dating?”
  • You smack him in the face and he hugs you.


  • He just straight up eats the cake. He doesn’t read it. He just. Eats it.
  • “The cake’s really great! It’s so effin’ delicious!” 
  • You just stare at him in disbelief. “Did–did you even read what the cake said?”
  • …silence…
  • “There was something written on it?”
  • “Ryuji, I was asking for you to be my…”
  • And he laughs as you blush. He gets the context. He hugs you and kisses you on the forehead.
  • “Of course I will.”


  • He’s very flattered. The cake, for one, is his aesthetic. It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful.
  • And he reads it. He looks at you. He says your name. “Yes, of course I will!” 
  • And you both eat the cake.
  • I mean by ‘you both’ I meant, mostly him.
  • Let the poor boy eat.
  • You end up baking him more sweets to eat. It fills him with more energy.


  • He’s very shocked. 
  • Not really, but the though of dating you was shocking.
  • He’s a celebrity, the Detective Prince. It really wouldn’t be fine dating him, the schedules and such.
  • Though your look was something that he could not back down from.
  • “I don’t care about the paparazzi. If it’s you there’s nothing that can make me un-love you!”
  • He glances away at that and hugs you tight.
  • “I could say just exactly the same.”


  • To be completely honest, he’s shook.
  • Why would such an amazing person like you??? want to date him??
  • He’s low-key panicking about it.
  • He stutters a lot. “N-n-nnnnnnnn….. Y-ye? I m-mean ye-yes?”
  • You hug him really tightly and you just sob because he;s such a good bean.


  • He kneels on the floor on one knee and kisses your hand.
  • He’s such a ladies’ man.
  • He says “Of course, would there be a reason to decline?”
  • Your face flushes. And he grins at you.

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Katsuki sunday? With whatever you wanna write

Bakugou Katsuki

• Bakugou loves his little gang of rascals - his children are his everything and they’re as energetic as him, just a little less explosive
• did I say all of them? One of his daughters might look like her mother, but has the same foul mouth as him - he’s actually wondering how his parents could tolerate him
• he’s really strict, making sure to keep them in place, but he would never raise a hand against them
• remember his little princess, he loves her and spoils her (of course he loves the others too, but well, he can’t help, she was his first child)
• his favorite sight is his wife together with the children cuddling in bed

Guys. Don’t do this.

I was doing dailies on granny and this dude invites me to join his party. I don’t know him and he isn’t in any of my guilds so I decline. (I generally only join random groups at world bosses.)

He keeps inviting, every time i decline and he starts following me. Now, i’m weirded out entirely. So, I stop and confront him. The above convo ensues.

Now he stops inviting but never explains what the fuck he wanted.

Look. I would LOVE to RP. or even just adventure with you IF YOU TELL ME WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT FIRST.

he may have wanted to just do the dailies or rp or give me gold or ask for erp I don’t know, I don’t care. His behavior was inappropriate in my opinion.

So if you see a person you want to party with, do them the courtesy of whispering them introductions and your intentions. It’s polite. THEN after you have been given consent you can continue with your IC behavior, you know?

We here at @isventoaureoconfirmedyet are lucky to be able to interview Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure author and founder of Lucky Land Communications: Hirohiko Araki. After requesting to meet at a local coffee shop, he insisted that our interviewer Klaus Maine come to his home that night, insisting it be that night, so that Mr. Maine could have someone show him around Japan, as well as give further insight on his creative process.

Klaus: Alright Araki, lets start with what we all want to know first, how do you just keep looking so young?

Araki: (laughing) Well, previously my answer to that question has been that I’m a hamon user. I do still have a place in my heart for that, but I think I’ll change my answer to me being a vampire. (continued laughter)

Klaus: Fantastic, well I certainly hope you don’t suck my blood! Next question, how do you feel about the current state of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Araki: It’s absolutely fantastic! It’s always been this sort of staple in manga, but it’s popularity in the west warms both my cold heart and wallet! I couldn’t ask for a better community to have come from it, they’re always very close to me, which I require. Along with that, the anime is just bringing the series to all new fronts.

Klaus: Speaking of the anime, can you give us any insight into it’s current state?

Araki: Well, Part 4 finished up a bit ago, as you know, so we’re currently animating the one-shots for Rohan, everyone’s favorite character, including Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, and Rohan at the Louvre! The working title at the moment is Part 5: Rohan’s Round-the-World; then, if you’re bloodthirsty for more, like I am, the season after that will be Part 6, which has been long awaited! 

Klaus: Great! Any release dates you can speak about?

Araki: Nothing I can particularly speak about at the moment.

Klaus: Oh, hang on a second, what about Part 5: Vento Aureo?

Araki then bared teeth, knocking over the camera, we can’t wait to hear back from Klaus Maine after his visit to japan! 

a concept: murdoc gets super drunk and starts singing “take me to church” at the top of his lungs, but he doesn’t even know all the lyrics only like 20% of them. everyone keeps telling him to stop and put his clothes back on but his singing is literally unstoppable force and he’s an immovable object so it’s useless. the band mates just have to bear through that terrible moment.

i"ll worship like a dog at the shrine of uOur knife
i’lL tell you my sins and u can ..worship your shrine..
offEr me that deathless death GOOOD GOD-”
“lil man shut up those lyrics ain’t even right”

( @murderdoc look at this . u did this)

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Coming home and hearing a loud "God damn!" from the bathroom. You find Lance in there crying and washing his face. He turns around surprised to see you and keeps trying to wipe his tears away. He sighs and sheepishly admits what's wrong "I'm fine, I'm fine. I just... shit... sorry babe I tried to make you a real romantic meal to surprise you and... " he pauses so you prompt him "And?" He pouts feeling sorry for himself "I got chilli in my eye" and you can't help but giggle at how cute he looks

I love this. Also, you happened to message this just when I had a sore eye, how did you know

Fluffy Friday™

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This is your twentieth cup of coffee are you trying to break a world record or something?

“This is your twentieth cup of coffee are you trying to break a world record or something?“

Tim looked at you from the coffee pot. “Is there a world record?“

“I don’t know probably but that’s not why I said that. Babe. You have a problem.” Saying as you took the mug from his hands and dumped the rest of the coffee down the drain.

“No! [F/n]! What are you doing?!”

“Keeping you from pulling another all nighter.” Placing your hands on your hips while looking at him.


“No buts! Bed now!” You pushed his back, making him go to the bedroom.

Sighing he gave up and complied, crawling into bed with you. He wrapped his arms around you. “I swear Tim, you’re going to be the death of me.”

He chuckled, “I’m not that bad”

You simply looked up at him with no sign that you were joking.

“Or maybe I am.”

1,100 Milestone - Sentence Starters - Closed

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Hi, I'm a young bisexual in need of guidance. I've had this friend since kindergarten, I started to come out to friends but not family, I came out at a great time it just came up naturally in conversation one of my friends asked if i was single or if I had a boyfriend, I said I'm not single but I don't have a boyfriend either he figured out what that meant he asked if I was gay and I explained that I was bi and what it meant he yelled eww just pick a side

Jesus, that’s rude. Like, are we as a people just gross or something? Does bisexuality really warrant an “Ewwww”? Look, since he’s an old friend, I think you should keep trying to explain it to him so he’ll understand that we can’t just “pick a side”. If he refuses, well… You may have to just sever ties with him. It’ll be hard, especially since you’ve known each other for so long, but if his remarks make you uncomfortable then you might have to take action. And who knows, there’s a good chance that if he realizes the effect biphobia has, he’ll stop.

Riko looked across to Neil, taking him in. “To address that accusation of yours: mine and Kevin’s relationship is unique, and I do not expect you to understand it. Do not impress on us your petty ideas of friendship.”

It’s laughable, because Andrew didn’t think Neil had any ideas about friendship. Not that anyone was laughing at that point.

Except perhaps Neil Josten, who would laugh as he signed his own death warrant, apparently. “Was unique. Was. I’m pretty sure your relationship died when he couldn’t keep up with your team anymore.”

“Kevin chose to leave Edgar Allen. We mourned his absence but were glad to hear he found a coaching position.”

“But you’re not happy that he’s playing again,” Neil stated. “Isn’t that why you transferred to our district? You don’t think Kevin should be on the court again, so you’ll cut him off at the pass. You’ll destroy his chance of making a comeback and make him watch as your team succeeds yet again. You’re rubbing his face in everything he’s lost, and from where I’m sitting, it looks like you’re enjoying it.”

“Christ,” Wymack muttered under his breath.

a freedom sound (do not cherish memory) - chapter ten

read it here

Bless the light emblem for being in just the right place to hide the ugly base on the roundhorns. I still don’t know what to name this kiddo. Anyone got suggestions? [Keeping with the rest of my naming theme]

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With your fic if anx had sayed longer under the spell would his smile just get more and more crazed?

No. He would keep looking like a warm happy person. He would only look slightly strained to someone that knows him really well and has excellent emotional intelligence. That’s why only Patton got it. Think of those screenshots of Thomas breaking character dressed as Anxiety. To you or I he would look warm and happy and pleasant to be around unless he started crying. The first week or so he would feel like he was going crazy and be incredibly angry and frustrated but after a while he would mellow out and just feel depressed. If you’ve ever faked being a happy person long term when you’re not a happy person, I think you’d get it. The spell is just making Anxiety act how Anxiety would be if he was a happy person. Think normal Thomas with a darker aesthetic and a weird obsession with black and white flowers. See, it is Anxiety, but also not. It’s not supposed to be a joker type thing at all. Just a content but not happy person being forced to act happy. I kind of made it my personal worst nightmare because I don’t have a miserable existence but don’t act happy often and I’ve had to pretend to be happy long term for my own safety and it was absolute torture, but I never became “crazed”. Just guarded and upset.