but i just went with this cuz idk

yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him


Holy shit- my hands hurt so much.

Anyways, I got inspired by my schools event thing for our grandparents, which is called “The Elderly Month”, formally known as “Grandparents Day.”

and so.. I went on did this.

now.. uhhh.. I might just take a break ‘cuz my hands hurt. But, idk.. maybe I won’t care and just doodle more—


Hope u like!

See you around

How I memorise formulas

We’ve all been in that position where we’re completely thorough with the solving of a math / physics problem and the only place where we go wrong is the formula (well, at least I am :/). How am I supposed to make sure that I do not mess up my formulas?

You can try what I did for an oral test on trigonometric identities, because that one went really well even though it wasn’t a write enough test and we were supposed to answer rapidly?

Here’s what I did :

When the test was announced : nothing really, I just put up a sticky note on my desk reminding me about the test

3 days before the test : I wrote down all the formulas on a sheet of paper, and went through them once.

2 days before the test : I recalled the formulas (without looking at them) twice throughout the day, once while having my breakfast and next when brushing my teeth and preparing for bed.

1 DAY BEFORE THE TEST luckily for me this was a Sunday so I had plenty of time to revise.
I went through them once while having breakfast (lol that’s my fav time for studying idk why), next when I had absolutely nothing to do aka the 2pm ~ 3pm time slot.
I kind of mugged them up once just to make sure I don’t forget them (it’s not recommended tho cuz this may not work for everyone).
I noted the formulas down on another sheet without peeking at all.
Finally I babbled them out to my mom who happens to be my Guinea pig for study related stuff (literally, like if you guys want I can list out a 100 ways in which she helps me study).
Boom, that’s it! I was confident by then and it helped me speak clearly (and not choke on my spit) in the class!

Try these tips out and if they do work, let me know ;)


Phil went from “Babe, U not responded to me again what’s new with you? I’ve been out boarding and met some girls. It’s been snowing too. I bet ud melt it cuz your heart is so warm. My mates over now but chat 2mrw or not lol watever i just miss u a bit lol bye x” to “🖲'yeah wtf is that idk’ 📿”

Ok so if you remember that one post (actually two) where you could comment your decisions like this one? And the previous one, Choice A obviously won (on Instagram) and there were a lot of people who wanted me to continue this. But I wasn’t even planning on continuing it until I knew I had to. And also READ THIS! After they did the diddledo, Evan went straight to home (but not rlly straight cuz he’s not actually straight) and when morning came, Jon wakes up in his bed, realizes what a mess it is in his room, and the way he found out that he did it with Evan was because Evan had forgot his t-shirt at Jon’s house. (So that’s why he’s shirtless in this pic) (idk how the fuck he forgot it, but just deal with a shirtless kinda Evan)


anonymous asked:

is there any post that u made when exo was in mexico 2014? like how kai was a hawk around soo? i actually never saw that before?~ can u help me? 😭 thanks lovely 😊

Hi dear~ 

I think I did make a small post, or answered some asks of that before? But I can’t seem to find them right now :/ But I’ll just posts some gifs of the moment anon ^o^ 

It was during the music bank rehearsal in mexico, in october 2014. 

so, nini was kinda acting like a kicked puppy tbh.. 

when it was time to do a cheer/huddle up, he only reached for soo’s hand, he literally went past the rest of them just to do that. 

It looked like he really wanted soo’s attention, and soo wasn’t really giving it to him.. idk if kaisoo had a little quarrel or if smth else had happened. it’s all speculations really. but nini looked a little sad during the rehearsal. there’s quite a difference between the actual broadcast, and the rehearsal tbh. I can’t say much more than that, cuz it’s all guesses :/ But I think the gifs speaks for themselves.

(my gifs btw, they’re from >here<)

What's wrong with PLL Masterlist--- this will be long

includes spoilers from tonight’s episode 5/9

1. okay so for starters let’s just talk about the ships.
so we’re really going to pretend like it’s okay for spoby to only date because yvonne died, emison to only date because allison was impregnated against her will with emily’s eggs (dafuq even is that i swear i thought that was a joke theory people made up), and ezria is really going to get married when his “dead” fiancé literally just returned after having been kidnapped for two years. okay can we just think about that for a second. these poor side characters. i know there’s a lot of hate on paige and yvonne and probably nicole too but do they really deserve all of this? do even the main characters even deserve all of this? i mean kidnapped for 2 years. that is intense

2. okay im kind of sort of all for charlotte and lucas having been friends because connections but not really because allison was a b-tch and she would call lucas hermie… can’t we assume charlotte knew about that… and yet she was still obsessed with allison???? why? idk maybe that’s just me.

3. i was probably one of the biggest contenders for the aria being evil plot line because let’s be real she’s got nothing else going for her. (sorry ezra) but you’re trying to tell me that she’s going to just turn evil???????? just cuz she doesn’t want to be on the “losing team?” and now poor hanna has to face the consequences. hasn’t aria already done enough to hanna?
— to be clear i’m talking about when ali came back and hanna went through this like intense hard time because ali was the worst to hanna like caused hanna psychological issues and aria knew about this and everybody knew about this but instead of talking to her about why she was drinking and acting out, aria got mad at her when her mom’s fiancé was super ultra inappropriate with hanna.—
anyways back to the point, if arias going to be evil, why can’t she have been evil from the start? it makes no sense for her to turn on her friends now when they’re supposed to be loyal best friends.

4. oh and what bs was that? sydneys on the A team because it’s nice being on the winning team my butthole. sydney wasn’t on the losing team! sydney wasn’t even on a team??? like A wasn’t going after her, the girls weren’t going after her, she’s the one who brought herself into the game. don’t give me this bs. also just why are all of these irrelevant people coming back… and onto my next point

5. Pastor Ted??? really? you HAD to go there? i don’t even understand what happened in that entire scene. he’s charlottes dad? i don’t even know. i mean i love ted but he’s not supposed to be involved. again with unnecessary involvement of irrelevant characters.

6. oh yeah and i just have to throw this out there- ezria is f-cked up! like i can’t begin to describe it. first of all- student teacher relationships are gross, but even if u get passed that- the stalking? like sorry guys, season 4 happened and ezra was like super dangerous and now aria just acts like it didn’t happen. not only did he stalk the girls and purposely hook up with aria when she’s underage, but then when spencer found out, he snuck into her reports and inappropriately handled the situation by telling aria? he’s a teacher! if he finds that out tell her parents!!! whatever ezra is scum and people need to face it.

7. onto another character that i don’t understand why people like… Allison dilaurentis!!! ok, emison shippers, hold on. hear me out. if it helps, i hate all of emily’s other love interests too- except maya because maya was sent from heaven above. but you mean to tell me that allison dilaurentis would “help” hanna marin puke, constantly tell her to watch her weight or stop eating or whatever, lead emily on like a puppet, threaten aria and her family, bully lucas, bully mona, bully jenna, bully everybody in the school… and people think she has redeeming qualities? ok and that’s not it. bc i know what you’re thinking- “oh but her character developed soooo much!” don’t even give me that. her character didn’t develop. her character went from being the worst to magically being good. except even now that she’s good, she’s never once apologized to anybody. in fact she’s still a b-tch to paige. she never even mentions that she gave hanna an eating disorder. oh and then in this season when she says addison is worse than her just bc addison looks at her phone while talking to teacher? please tell me nobody believed that crap. i mean seriously please tell me that, because allison was 100x worse.
also ik some people will disagree that she led emily on but i mean what else would i call it’s she clearly knew emily loved her and then “just for practice.” even if it wasn’t just for practice, saying that screwed emily up and we know it. and now allison claims territory over emily like a dog anytime paige is near. when paige is gone, allison couldn’t care less what emily does

8. so many plot holes i don’t have time for that

9. sorry but again, they REALLY went with the storyline of allison being impregnated with emily’s eggs. no. N.O.

10. mona deserves better. mona deserves better. mona deserves better. MONA DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER SAY IT WITH ME PLEASE!

11. but where are the actually relevant characters… melissa, wren, jason, idk there’s definitely way more but i’m done rn

I mean we all know there’s so much more but this was really just inspired by tonight’s episode specifically because my mind was blown by all of it and that they really went there over and hover again. sorry if people love ezria or emison and i offended u. i don’t exactly have something against the ships it’s just that when u really think about it, it’s pretty messed up. but sorry this is long, i guess i had a lot more on my mind than i thought.

tldr: nasty lady who may or may not have been d/Deaf yelled at my coworker scared other customers and pissed off everyone working in the store…
I work at a consignment shop so we have separate counters for purchases/consignments. Customer came in like 3ish hrs before closing and was apparently being difficult before I had to deal with her…I was at the back counter (aaall the way at the far back of the store) trying to finish up a consignment and this customer comes and puts a huge pile of clothes on the counter and starts talking to me about prices and my opinion on purses…so I said “I’m sorry ma'am this isn’t a register I can’t check you out here. You need to bring these up front” and she just keeps talking? So I tried again and she goes “I’m deaf” in a nasty tone of voice and points to her hearing aid so I immediately was like oh my bad and started signing as best I could (I have a decent vocabulary but I taught myself online so I kinda do SEE as I speak with bad grammar?? Kindof?? :///) telling her “sorry I didn’t know u were deaf but u can’t buy these here” and she’s like “I know I was taking a breather” (tf does that even mean???) so then my coworker comes back to help this lady so I can finish helping the consigner. This lady starts yelling at my coworker who is trying to speak to her and she points to me and goes “tell her I’m deaf! She doesnt understand! [turns back to coworker] she telling you I’m deaf do you know what that means?” AND LEANS ACROSS THE COUNTER TO GET IN HER FACE!! And my coworker was like??? Ye?? I got it? Ur deaf??? So I got the lady’s attention and sign/spoke “she understands. Do you lip read?” And the lady keeps raging and not paying attention when my coworker spoke so I got her attention and again sign/spoke “do u lip read” and she goes “I don’t like it when ppl ask if I can lip read” so I was like ok that’s fair and sign/spoke “oh sorry do u want me to sign? Do u want help?” And the lady ignored me meanwhile the consigner is standing there looking shocked so I asked my coworker if she wanted to switch (hint: she did lmao) anyway kept trying to help this lady as she kept handing me stuff. She said she wanted to try things on so I spoke asking her name so I could start her a fitting room (she didn’t say anything so I signed “what your name” and she SPOKE back “name” so I signed “yes, your name” and she just stared at me so I was like ?? How do I sign this?? And literally just signed “need name your clothes room” and prayed to god she understood 😅) but she didn’t tel me her name she just kept muttering to herself and then handed me 2 bags and was like “these ones” so I signed “you want buy both?” And she just started asking me prices?? So I was like ooookay and just pointed to prices on tags cuz idk how to sign numbers over 20 that rnt multiples of 10…anyway that went on for a while and I dumped her stuff in a dressing room my coworker had apparently already started and then gave up the whole situation cuz it was obvious this lady wasn’t gunna cooperate lmao
BUT! I came back in after my shift p near closing to buy some stuff I had on hold and THE LADY WAS STILL!!! THERE!!! that’s almost 3 hrs of hogging a fitting room…like what in the hell?? And she had apparently kept yelling at ppl and being difficult the WHOLE. TIME.
Yeah but the fact that she never once signed back to me and was not looking at me or my coworkers faces when we spoke or tried to keep her attention and she didn’t try to take out any communication device or anything makes me think she was either not deaf and just trying to get sympathy or something?? or was there to purposely cause issues. Like we were doing our best to communicate….how r we supposed to help u if we don’t know if we should sign or speak?

What Asshole Invented Allergies?

@cup-of-blue: Random fic prompt idea thing cuz the allergies are striking at half past 10 in the evening: Michael is having the allergies and doing the suffering, and he’s chill with it, it’s just an annoyance. Until he runs out of tissues and freaks out cuz he can barely breathe now cuz too much snot help

@orderly-opaline: Ok, I know this is dumb but think about it. As a follow up to the fic where Michael has hayfever, what if Michael went to school and was ACTUALLY CRYING. Jeremy just assumed that he had allergies so he went on like normal. And Michaels just like, wait does he not see that im crying?? Does he not care about me??? I know its dumb but like, IDK man I just like the idea?

Not dumb at all lovely! Hope you two don’t mind i combined your fics! Let’s mcfucking torture some kiddos

Michael woke up that morning already knowing he was in for a miserable day. His alarm felt louder than usual, each ring banging down doors against his sensitive ears. When Michael turned it off and went to take a deep breath he found that one of his nostrils was blocked and he could barely breath through the other. Great, nothing like being a mouth breather. Michael had a pretty bad case of hayfever last Friday and figured the weekend would be plenty of time to rest. But judging by the itching on his nose had to stop to scratch every five seconds and the dripping of his nose he had to keep inhaling he’d say he might be even worse off. Fuck spring, honestly.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Boruto anime and manga

HOO BOY. Don’t get me started.

First off, I’m not a fan of 699/700/Gaiden/anyone’s shinden/The Last/Boruto stuff.  I read Gaiden. I watched the Last. I watched some of the Boruto anime. I don’t read the Boruto manga.

If anyone gets offended, you can stop reading now. Call me a hater, or whatever, but I guess I just had high expectations of Naruto, and it just didn’t end well to me, not because of my preference of ships or whatever (my OTP is a crack ship, so).  I would be happy with an open ended ending with everyone excelling in their field or working towards their dream, actually resolving problems/issues that were presented in the original manga/etc.

But anyway. Most of what “I think” of Boruto is what “I don’t like” about it.  That’s it right there. What I think about it is that I don’t like it.


#1) couples forced together for the sake of dragging out the franchise to create Boruto and his friends. The Last, and the last few episodes of Shippuden.

Naruto not knowing what love between a person and love with ramen was and then falling in love with Hinata just like that after genjutsu? Liking Sakura out of rivalry with Sasuke when it was established she was a girl he liked from the very beginning? UHHHH.

and that Sasuke and Sakura and Sarada BS in Gaiden and not knowing if Sasuke wears glasses, no one in the village telling Sarada anything about Sasuke and having who’s the mama drama and Sasuke not showing up once in her 12 years but still being around for Naruto and Sarada awakening her sharingan out of love BS and Sasuke still not being around but he’ll come back for Boruto BS?

Chouji and Karui? I can understand Shikamaru and Temari,  but….whatever.

#2) kids designs are ugly and unoriginal. like i bet there are other people’s OC’s out there that are better designed and cuter than canon characters. I’m sure lots of NaruHina fans have come up with nicer looking designs.  I can probably come up with NaruHina kids that I like more than the actual canon NaruHina and I don’t particularly ship NaruHina at all. Like wtf is that leaf thing and ugly hair on Boruto and Himawari?  Why do they have whiskers when they don’t hold the kyuubi inside of them? And really? Boruto had to look exactly like Naruto? Shikadai is bascially just Shikamaru with green eyes. Metaru is basically identical to Rock Lee. And why does Sarada have glasses?  Sakura or Sasuke don’t have glasses? None of the Uchiha ever had glasses? I think Mitsuki, Cho-Cho, and Inojin have the best designs, and that’s not saying much.

#3) changing the characters to fit what they’re ‘supposed’ to be in Boruto.  Like Boruto saying his mom is scary. like Hinata’s not that scary. and it would be something a child of NaruSaku or something would say about Sakura.  Naruto being a deadbeat good for nothing dad/hokage, when I would THINK that because he didn’t have a dad/family himself he would be ALL about his family.  I think Naruto would be more fired up to do his job, even if being hokage is a lot of work, but I don’t think he’d look so depressed sitting behind his desk.  Not even Tsunade looked that uninterested.

#4) that bullshit about the byakugan, making it what the sharingan was. like i thought every hyuuga was able to use the byakugan and only SOME uchiha could manifest sharingan, but they twisted it around like it was only SOME hyuuga could use the byakugan if they had intense training or some BS.  and Hiashi acting like a senile old man when he’s with his grandkids…… when he was only super stern in the original manga.  and like how BS it was that they made Himawari have the byakugan only ‘after’ kishi forgot to give them the byakugan and she manifested it cuz she was angry about her toy.

#5) and also Naruto missed his damn hokage inauguration like what BS is that. he dreamt about being the hokage and being acknowledged by everyone but he missed the day that signified him achieving that dream because his daughter 'manifested’ the byakugan all of a sudden.

#6) and also he’s so like depressed looking and tired all the time

and Hinata’s just like accepting of everything, like my son’s acting out/being a brat and my husband is never home but that’s okay, that’s how life is, at least I married him and had kids with him, all the growth I did and strength I gained was just to get with Naruto anyway. I hate how everyone else still fights and stuff and she’s just at home.  Wasted potential.

and Boruto hates his dad, like at least you have a dad.  And it makes him act exactly like Naruto did when he was kid (without a dad). Liiiiiike?

Idk. I’m bad at explaining things. The overall feel I get from Boruto is that it basically overwrites/cancels out everything that happened in Naruto.   Especially if Naruto and Sasuke are dead.  It makes all the struggle and conflict the previous generation went through so trivial.  And the whole futuristic thing with electronics and stuff doesn’t resonate well with me. i get it, it’s modern now, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the shinobi world we were introduced to in Naruto.  And it seems that now just anyone can become a ninja?  Like you can just go to school and be trained to be a ninja. Boruto’s whole class wouldn’t stand a chance against Naruto’s class at the same age. iDK. The whole thing just seems weak to me.  

One of the things I do like is Shikadai cuz he’s cute and I love how he’s protective over Boruto.  And how close Boruto and Himawari are.  Like, finally.  We get real sibling love on screen.  Also, the thought of ShikaHima, just cuz how closely it resembles ShikaHina.

sorry I kinda just ranted as I typed. sorry if it’s all messy and grammatically hard to follow. but thanks for listening lol

idk how long ive had this url but the last follow forever i made was when i hit 600 and i just looked at it and oof ive lost some ppl but ive gained a lot of new friends too!!!! i love all of u guys so much even if were not mutuals, this is mostly for mutuals that ive intereacted in some form with or see alot on my dash!!!! if i know u from discord im sorry that i didnt add u im bad at remembering ppls urls

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weiss-rauschen  asked:

I need to draw Hanzo in cute ass clothes for a date with McCree, what outfit do you suggest I draw for a fun summertime outfit?

i used young hanzo as a model 

my first thought was something like this maybe??

a couple of notes. the shirt is supposed to be loose on the frame and it doesn’t necessarily need to be that short either i just like hanzo in croptops;;; the skinny jeans are a washed out color and have numerous stylish rips in them, and blue sneakers (you can replace with like slip-ons or something i find it hard to imagine hanzo wearing sandals most of the time BUT i wouldnt say no to that either!!!!). as for accessories he could have a choker of some kind (sometimes simple is better), earrings (multiple? up to you), and in this i included a bridge piercing but thats optional too, and you could add some rings/bracelets on him too if you want. and he has his classic up-do. 

PLEASE let me know if you had something else in mind or something specific i just went with what i would have hanzo wear on a cute summer date;;;;;;

one of the teachers offered to buy one of my pieces from last year as a gift for my current art teacher…and i was like “Yea!” cuz i don’t have any money, and I wanna see if i can handle this art stuff

but like, she kept makin a big deal about how I get to decide the price and it should be based on how many hours went into it…and i wish she would’ve just told me she was only gonna go up to $50. 

Cuz it’s 6 feet long, parts of it are hand sewn and took me over 20 hours. Like, subtracting the materials i had to put into the piece, I’d only be paying myself $2 an hour? so i told her no. 

idk if i made the right choice tho?

I wish everyone would stop hating on Mutsuki…. no one does this to similar characters so?? Is it really just because of your ships? Idk in sick of the drama with it. I don’t like what Mutsuki is doing obviously but does everyone really hate them just because they want to kill Touka now? I mean no one hates Tsukiyama who tried to kill Touka and Kaneki.. or Ayato for basically torturing Touka, no one hated him even back before he was a good guy. Just to name some examples.

Idk tho I’m not saying this to join the drama so please no one start any with me. I’m just saying it’s pretty ridiculous to turn on a character you used to love because they’re getting in the way of your ship. And you can’t pretend it’s cuz Mutsuki went psycho bc the TG fandom loves every other psycho character. It’s like a thing. People started loving Kaneki when he went crazy (he used to be called a boring protagonist), Takizawa was never loved so much til he lost it, Kurona tried to kill Juuzou, another beloved character, and went crazy, why does no one hate her?

It’s just dumb af. Like Mutsuki isn’t gonna end up with Kaneki obviously and anyway you all started hating them before anyone knew Mutsuki liked Kaneki. I just don’t get it I guess.

edgarallanrose  asked:

Just saw your reply to somebody about not looking good in photo ops & reminding yourself how happy you were in the moment & that really idk moved me? I went to my 1st ever con in January & had a photo op w/ Misha. I was really overwhelmed & didnt have a pose planned cuz initially a friend was supposed to be in the op w/ me. The op still turned out cute but I've since lost about 15+ pounds & now I hate how I look in it. Your post almost made me cry. Thanks for reminding me of the important stuff

Awww, I have more than a few ops where I got them and I just hated how I looked, even from this weekend. And also this weekend i was in a room of six or so of my friends and we were all talking about parts of our body we hate and it was just…I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the bull shit we put ourselves through and the insane amount of mental energy I put into worrying about my body. I used to be a lot skinnier. It didn’t make me happy. My family. My friends. My fandom. That’s what makes me happy, not my body.

anonymous asked:

Ok I'm telling you think in anon cuz its kinda embarrassing (idk why tho I'm just shy) ok anyway I was binge watching all of your youtube videos one night so the last thing I saw before I went to sleep was you guys so I had I dream about you guys long story short you invite me over to your house and I accidentally break a glass table and Chinchi gets like really really mad at me and starts to acttack me so now I feel if I ever meet you irl that Chinchi will not like me like at all Idk it's werid

Chinchi knows… Chinchi knows everything… Past, Present, and Future.

Nah, that’s hilarious! If you ever broke our table we’d probably be like “Why did we even have a glass table? How haven’t WE broken it yet.”

[AO3] Text

Title: Text
Author: ssstrychnine
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo 
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, College!AU

Summary: Baekhyun is studying himself into an early grave. Chanyeol is giving Baekhyun’s number out to the people he pisses off. Kyungsoo just wants a bedroom with a door

Reasons Why You Submitted: *wipes tear* so this is like THE MOST relatable fic of all regarding what it feels like to go through uni along with the truckload of inseurites about the future and stuff. Yet it’s light-ish. And fluffy. It’t has that proverbial Baeksoo dynamic we all love with Soo being kinda cold and very blunt and has murderous tendencies but still he’s a cute little button and Baek is just a noisy and hella smug little shit. AND THE WRITING!!!  cuz damn the writing matters. beautiful af. beautiful af in the way, super fun sentene structure and kind of rambly, but niiiiiiceee rambly in the way that you totally feel like you’re in baek’s head. Oh! and chanbaek friendship. Super goood chanbaek friendship. Chanbaek friendships r the beeest. Uhm, idk what else to say to advertise this fic, but i really hope this suffices cuz WHOA. WHOAAA. if u went like WHOAAA after reading, pls let the author know how much WHOAAA u felt :D 

idk how i got into that conversation but i was talking with a group of my friends’ friends on dis.cord and somehow we went on a small discussion about how we feel about sex and whatnot. 

i told ‘em i found it gross cuz im sex-repulsed ‘n’ shit and most of them were either like “lol same” or were curious as to why and i explained as best i could and stuff…

but this one guy… this one fucking guy.. he just couldn’t accept it for some reason? like ??? he was like “dude, you might want to change that”. agesev4vrt what? 

like, i told him or whatever that… that was how i was and he just kept saying that i “need to change” cuz im “missing out” and some fucking bullshit about how “it might not be possible for me to be in a relationship for long” like… how fucked up is that? like… he told me that “it’ll be important cuz you wont have any more EMOTIONAL intimacy”WHAT???

first of all… i did explain that its PHYSICAL intimacy not fucking emotional… because fucking shit just check in the dictionary the definition of words you use, holy fuck. second of all… most of the chat members also denied the fact that being sex-repulsed will have such drastic consequences in a relationship

but no… that wasnt enough…

he then started to tell me how i “need to see a fucking professional for this” yep… just for finding sex gross… he questioned me over and over again and i repeated the same exact fucking things on how I DO NOT WANT THAT AND I DO NOT NEED HELP FOR THAT BECAUSE IT IS ALSO NORMAL TO NOT WANT SEX! he literally made me go to a point where i had to basically explain in detail why the fuck am i 100% sure i do not like sex, because i needed him to fucking stop trying to fucking convince me that im somehow wrong, just because im the fucking virgin of virgins. AND YET IT ONLY CONVINCED HIM EVEN HARDER THAT THERE’S FUCKING SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME! like, holy fuck, man. this is like saying “gays need therapy lol cuz it aint normal”.

fuck you.

like, my dudes, im not even fucking ace or aro, all i have as “compromise” is the fact that i find sex gross and yet i managed to get nearly all the fucked up speeches aces get on a fucking daily basis in a matter of an hour… and i already fight for aces to be both accepted as a real thing AND accepted in the fucking LGBTQ+ but, holy fuck, now that i felt and seen whats its like WITHOUT EVEN BEING FUCKING ACE i gotta kick some ass now