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SNK 69:

The best spoilers to come out yettttttt

short psa: As much as I am loathe to accept it sometimes, I am an adult, I’m 22 years old and if you don’t have your age on your blog I’m probably not going to follow you. Similarly unless you’re over the age of 18 I’m not going to reblog your selfies, I have done in the past but I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and have realised I don’t feel comfortable doing it. 

Blog News..well not really lol

I just was thinking that lately all i have ever done was to reblog things, post screencaps, and write some reviews. I really want to go back to do some original stuff. I want to write some fanfics, especially for those people to whom i promised fanfics a long time ago, and i want to try my hand at video editing. Also i want to go back to drawing again, although this will take more time. Right now i can’t do any of these things, with school and work in the way i never have much time, and i use that time to play otome since otherwise my list of non-played routes will keep growing, but as soon as i’m done with school (forever hurray) in December i want to start writing again and try video editing. So, i just wanted to say to expect some new things from me at the end of the year and sorry if in the next few months my blog will keep being unoriginal. 


pslovejusme replied to your post “Crazy Mountain Insights…”

I need photo proof of silver duct tape usage! Bloody fantastic idea if i must say!

Tiny! I searched and searched for an image of silver duct tape strewn through a forest! I was certain some arty-farty type would have done some sort installation like you proposed! But it seems that idea is still available! I did find many images of people duct-taped to tress!?! Maybe that would be appropriate use of duct tape in this feuding situation! So, instead, you are just getting another arty-farty sort of image… Trees made of duct tape… It’s pretty boring compared to your idea! But there you go!

As for the feud itself - it rages on. Yesterday was a very noisy day on Crazy Mountain. The Silverback and I are assuming that the feuding parties have decided on the adage of “Good fences make good neighbours…” Loads of fence-making equipment has made its way up the side of the mountain… And fences are being put in place. Who is exactly building these fences - we don’t know. Why are these fences being built - we don’t know. We are fine *not* knowing. It all seems as ridiculous to us as the feud itself! And still no work has begun on “road maintenance” - which we understood to be the point of getting consensus in the first place! Nope. Nada being to done to the road on Crazy Mountain… Just fences being built. The Silverback and I continue to relax on the deck, keeping our noses well out of it all. But it’s kind of hard to totally ignore the events taking place around us…

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i actually very recently faced a terrible life situation. i had a night of panicking, slept on it, and then woke up with at least three ideas to make it work.

sleep is great! sleep is vital for a happy, healthy mind! but it’s too bad if, like me, you’re a chronic insomniac [which probably isn’t helped by my bipolar and anxiety disorders…]


SHOUTOUT TIME to some of these beautiful badasses who were kind enough to tag me when posting pics of their new korra tank!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOUR RAD SELVES. KEEP IT UP :*

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goddamn people need to stop twisting alex’s words and creating drama. he spoke up against what was happening and everyone jumps down his fucking throat. chill the fuck out and recognise that he’s simply using his position of power to send a positive message. leave it at that. jeez.