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I’ll Find My Way Back To You// Part Four

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Word Count: 2.5K

 It has been two weeks since Harry spoke a word to you. Giving you excuses of being busy when he is just being passive aggressive. To be completely honest, it is getting on our nerve and you’re nearly over it. Last week was the Dunkirk premiere and he blandly ignored you, talking to everyone but you. Today is going to be your last attempt to get him to talk to you. If he decides to brush you off then…well his loss.

“Did he answer?” Louis asks you, shifting his eyes to you for a split second before look back to the road. You let out a sigh and shake your head in denial.

“I don’t get what’s the matter with him! Okay… we hid one thing from him. ONE THING! He has no right to behave his way.” You huff once again pressing the hang up button on your cell… He gets a hold of your free hand and reassures you by giving it a squeeze.

“Maybe he just feels neglected by you?… I don’t know… you know how he can get, love.” He presses a kiss to the back of your hand. You whine out and flop your head against the headrest of the car.

“But for me to understand him, he needs to talk to me! Not lash out and freak me out, like he did the other day. You weren’t there, Lou. He was red with anger.” You tell him.

“Do you think he’s jealous?” He says hesitantly. You look at him with wide eyes. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You can’t form words.

“Are you… A-Are you mental? He has a girlfriend! And he doesn’t like me that way!” You exclaim. He laughs and shakes his head, he brings the car to stop in Niall’s driveway. He gets out and walks to your side to open your door.

“I didn’t mean it that way, love. I just meant that he’s used to having you all to himself and now your attention isn’t completely on him…” He helps you out and crocks one eyebrow, “You know, apparently some guy has been taking your attention away from him.” He teases.

“Hmm.. I wonder who?” You laugh and pull him close to you by his cheeks and kiss him. He backs you against the car and deepens the kiss. Once you pull away, he looks at you with a certain amount of passion which makes you tingle.

“I’m starting to like you more and more every fucking day, Ms. Y/L/N. I’m warning you. So run before it’s too late.” He pecks your lips on more time and pulls you towards the front door.

“Well, sucks for you then. I’m not planning to go anywhere.” You stand behind him and press your lips to his shoulder blade. You wrap your arms around his torso and wait for Niall to open the door.

“Sucks for me? Honey –” You cut him off by tilting his head towards you and planting your lips on his. Just as you were about to pull back, the door beats you to it and you come face to face to the person you were least expecting to open the door.

Both, you and Louis are too caught off guard to realize that his head is still tilted towards you and your lips are still pressed against each other.  You quickly pull back and clear you throat.

“Hey, mate! You’re oddly early today. Usually the last one to arrive, aren’t ya?” Louis pats his back lightly before entering the house. He quickly goes into the living room turning back only to give you thumbs up and a flying kiss. Harry stands still in front of you, as if waiting for you to start a conversation.

“Hi, hun.” You say softly. He scoffs and shakes his head, as if you said something completely tragic.

“Keep the PDA minimal, would yeh?” He snaps and walks away. Not giving you a chance to reply. You run your hand through your curls and sigh. You enter the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. But the moment you see who has already occupied it, you quietly try to slip out but you were never known to have the best luck.

“YN! I thought I heard you but I wasn’t sure. How are you?” she hugs you tight. You lightly pat her back and tell her you are fine, before asking her the same question.

“I’m great! Oh my gosh,  I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you.” She gushes and twirls your curl around her finger.

“Haha! Thanks, Ella. You look really beautiful too.” You smile and turn to take out a glass out of the cabinet. You watch her flush as you take a small sip from your glass. You raise one eyebrow as you observe her expression but look away the moment she looks back at you, feeling like you are seeing something you really shouldn’t.

“Is that me beautiful personal designer I ‘er?!” You hear as you watch Niall walk into the kitchen and snuggle you into his arms. You laugh and hug him back. “where the fuck have yeh been? I miss yeh!”

“I should ask you that, rockstar! Taking over the worls, aren’t you? I see you’re a busy bee now…” you retaliate.

“Well, what can I say? Everyone wants a piece of this. But m’never too busy for me pretty lady!” he pulls back, “And who was gonna tell me about Louis and yeh? I got to know about it through the bloody news!”

“Oi! Stop harassing my girlfriend, you dope.” Louis enters the kitchen with Harry trailing behind him. Louis walks up to you with a snack in his hand. He offers you a bite before literally inhaling the whole thing himself. You chuckle and look back at scene in front of you. You catch harry’s eye but he looks away so soon that you think you might have imagined it.

“Hold on…you guys are a couple?” Ella looks between the two of you. You furrow your brows before looking at Louis, he shrugs at you. Having no idea why Harry never told her. You turn back to meet her eyes.

“Yeah…umm…for a while actually. A month I think?” You nod.

“Huh.” She huffs almost too quietly and takes a small bite of her sandwich. Everyone is silent. But then Harry lets out a loud laugh.

“Didn’t you notice, El? They literally can’t keep their hands off each other. I’m surprised it took you so long to realize.” He looks at her and laughs, as if your relationship with Louis is a joke to him. That’s it. You’ve had it with him.

“What the actual fuck, Harry? What is your problem?!” You snap at him. Everyone jumps at your outburst, everyone but Harry. It was as if he expected this.

“Love-” Louis is cut off by the arrogant douche in the room.

“My problem?… Nothing. Actually, I’m not the one with the problem. If anything, I’m the truthful friend here. I don’t hide shit from my best friend.” he cockily replies.

“Fine! We hid it from you, so what?! It was just one date, Harry! Stop overreacting, and get over it, and by the way, for your information you’ve hidden multiple things from me… like I don’t know, maybe the fact that you were in a full blown relationship for like what? Two months?! But do you see me complaining and whining?!” you snap at him. He snarls at you.

“If you would’ve bothered to check in once in a while, that wouldn’t have been an issue then!”

“Are you for real right now?! Seriously?” you let out a laugh of disbelief, “I tried! But I have a life too, H. I’m not going to wait around standing next to my cell phone waiting for you to call me back, you ungrateful dick!” you snarl back at him. Never in a million years did you think you would be fighting with Harry this way. After looking around, you realize that the two of you are the only people present in the kitchen. Everyone had left you alone, you felt terrible that they had to witness all this. They don’t deserve it, especially Louis. It is unfair to him.

“Why are you doing this, YN? What are you trying to prove here?” He asks, exhausted by this ongoing argument. You run your hands down your face, and shake your head.

“I’m not trying to prove anything, H. I’m just living my life… What is the matter with you? I’ve never seen you like this! And I’m scared.” You pause and meet his gaze with a soft gaze in your own eyes. “I’m scared, Harry. Please talk to me. I feel like I’m losing you. Give me something to work with here, hun. Please…” you whisper in the end. His eyes are watery and red around the corner. He lets out a small hiccup but says nothing.

“Harry, talk to me. Are you really happy with the way things are between us? Because I’m not. I want my best friend back…” you whimper and walk up to him. His head is bowed down and his breathing is uneven. You lift your hands hesitantly at first, but none the less caress his cheeks. You tilt his face upwards so his eyes can meet yours. You give him a small smile, but the smile vanishes the minute a tear slides down his cheek and into your wrist. “Hey hey… what’s wrong, huh?” you sooth. Your soothing tone makes him whimper harder and hold onto your waist tight. He starts weeping.

“No no! You’re okay. You’re alright, yeah? Come here, baby.” You wrap your arms around his neck and let him sob into your neck. His hold on you tightens and he nuzzles deeper into your neck.

“I’m s-sorry, angel! I-I’m so s-sorry!” He choughs and apologizes, “Don’t leave me, please! I can’t do this without you. I don’t want to!” he begs and kisses you neck. Your breathing stops for a second.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.” you whisper. When you look over his shoulders, you freeze. Your eyes meet the sea blue coloured ones, the ones you’ve grown to adore. He’s leaning against the entrance door with Harry’s back to him. He gives you a small smile as his eyes follows the scene happening in front of him. You stare back at him, not knowing what to do. He signals you stay where you are, then his thumb shifts as he tilts it backwards, telling you that he’ll be out if you need him. You subtly nod and give him a grateful smile. He lifts his hand to his mouth and gives you a flying kiss, before walking away.

You gently run your hand down the broken boy’s back, in an attempt to calm him down. After a passing minute he starts trailing kisses from your collarbones to your neckline then onto your jawline, “H, come on-” he cups your cheeks and messily brushes of the hair that came with it, he sloppily and hastily trails his lips to you cheeks. You know where this is going, and you have to stop. It is hard for you, you almost don’t want to but you know you have to. You can’t do that to Louis. He trusts you with his whole heart.

So when his lips reach the corner of your lip you turn your head sideways, “YN, please…” his voice breaks as he whimpers, “I can’t do this anymore, look at me please!” he cries.

“No Harry, stop. This is not right!” you try to push him away but his hold on you is too tight, “Seriously, stop. Now.”  You whisper and push harder. He finally pulls away. He gulps and looks at you with deep melancholy.

“I’m hurting…” he shakily says, he takes a deep breath before continuing, “It hurts everywhere.”

“Why?” you stutter, nervous. No sure if you want to hear his answer.

He looks you, then back down to the floor. You have no idea what’s going in that mind of his, but little did you know that he was sympathizing himself. Feeling sorry for himself, knowing that he lost his chance. He is too late. But he had to say or else he would regret it forever. Yes, you’re with Louis now. Yes, you are very happy he can clearly see that even through all the jealousy he feels burning inside him. Louis treats you like the queen you are. He shouldn’t ruin that for you but he can’t stop now. He just can’t.

“Because I’m in love with you….” He looks back up to you, his eyes follow the shocked expression forming on your face.

“I’ve been in love with you since time I first laid eyes on you, and I know I should’ve said something but YN… I was nothing, and you… you were everything. I didn’t deserve you. When I though I did, you were already doing so well for yourself I couldn’t bring myself to distract you from it, or ruin it for you. But now I realize, I’ve been doing it all wrong for so long. I should’ve just walked up to you all those years ago and kissed you. I should’ve showed you my love for you.” He wipes the tear that falls. He looks towards the ceiling.

“But now I’m too late. I used to pray to god that I want, someone to love me till I’m blue, that I want you to love me blue…” his break in his voice, shatters your heart.

“I love you, YN. I’m so in love with you, like a debilitating and paralyzing love.”


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GoT S07E01 Thoughts

I don’t know if this will be a regular occurrence, but for the first episode, I’m going to be laying out my thoughts about the premiere in what will probably be a lengthy post that’s half gibberish and half maybe something substantial. Undoubtedly, not eloquent. These are just thoughts and nothing more that I’ve jotted down while watching and am now about to elaborate on. 

Let’s begin with what has to be one of the most epic intros in Game of Thrones ever. No, I don’t want to hear your counter. You will not sway me on this. I don’t care, mate, because this scene was bloody awesome. The minute Filch Walder Frey’s face popped up, I knew it was Arya and I knew shit was about to go down. Now nobler humans might be like ‘Oh, Arya is going down a dark path; this is bad’ but her gathering all of the Freys in one room was poetic justice. What they did at the Red Wedding warranted retaliation and this has been a long time coming. 

It was beautiful the way it happened too – a dark sadistic glee washed over you as you watch a room full of men choke on their drinks as Arya stands there telling them they should’ve killed all the Starks, and “leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” 

Look, people really hated that line prior to the premiere, but in context, it was wonderful, it was justified, it was so unbelievably satisfying. Then when Arya goes, “tell them the North remembers; tell them Winter came for House Frey”, you bet I got goosebumps. Like I’ve said time and time again, ‘Winter is Coming’ is not just a warning, but it’s a battle cry for the Starks. This is their season. When the world dies, the lands become barren and the knights of Summer struggle to survive, the North prevails, and the Starks are at the helm of this changing tide. It’s their time now, and beginning it with Arya avenging the loss of her family is a truly poignant way to set the tone for the rest of the season. Yes, we’ll see Cersei and Dany duking it out, but at the end of the day, this is about the Starks. 

The next thing I jotted down was ‘zombie giants’, which is just to say that: holy shit, there are zombie giants! Seeing the sheer number of White Walkers, it makes you realise how utterly inconsequential Cersei and Dany’s fight for the Iron Throne is. There won’t be a kingdom to govern when those icy bastards get past the Wall, and believe you me, they will eventually. No matter what anyone says, that Wall is coming down probably at the end of this season. 

Seeing Dolorous Edd as Lord Commander gave me goosebumps as well. I adore him; I love him, and I swear to god if he dies, I will kick someone’s ass, so he’s probably going to die. But him meeting Bran and Meera made my heart race. They are so close to Winterfell and we’re so close to another Stark reunion. Also, hey Bran, I know the world is ending but cheer up, pal. 

Now we get to the highly talked about scene with Jon and the Northern houses. First of all, I felt so euphoric when Jon told the North that they would need every man and woman, boy and girl fighting in this battle. Even more so when Lyanna spoke up and basically told the men in the room to shut up about it. Her “I don’t need your permission to defend the North!” speech was seriously my top five favourite moments of the episode. The look of pride on Brienne’s face as well. I wonder, however, if this means Sansa might learn how to fight? I don’t see it. She’s a diplomat, a politician, but she should know some self-defence. Jon should teach her. Late at night. Alone. Some flirty teaching…. I’m getting sidetracked. 

Speaking of Jon and Sansa though, can I just say to that redditor who apparently saw the first episode: ‘Hey buddy, you were wrong! And if you interpreted that scene as Jon putting Sansa in her place then you really are a sexist creep.’ Because while yes, Sansa does argue with Jon in public and Jon does tell her his word is final, he in no way puts her in her place. And there is no moment where the other Houses laugh at her. In fact, going by the murmurs of agreement, quite a large amount of lords and ladies wanted Jon to give Umber and Karstark lands to the houses who didn’t fight for Ramsay. 

I also want to clarify something here before anti’s get all up in arms about this scene (not that I think any of them follow me or stalk my blog but if you do: hi, how are ya?). While I do agree with Jon’s decision, in the end, I also understand Sansa’s opinion on the matter. If I had gone through what she had under the ministrations of Ramsay and knew that these Houses who have sworn up and down in the past to fight for the Starks sided with him, I’d be furious. There wouldn’t be a damn thing anyone could say to me to get me to forgive their indifference and compliance in the trauma I went through. Sansa has every right to want to strip the Umbers and Karstarks of their land. I can even understand being angry with Jon for not understanding this, but here’s the thing, she wasn’t.

Immediately after this extremely public argument, it cuts to a scene of Jon and Sansa talking about it. They didn’t fight, let the emotions fester and build up resentment. No, Jon and Sansa talked it out. He told her not to undermine him in public and she told him a king needed to be questioned lest he ends up like Joffrey. Then when he asks her if she thinks he’s like Joffrey, her eyes lose that fight and there’s fondness in it, as she tells him firmly that he is the furthest man from Joffrey she had ever known. Although they’re arguing and disagreeing on important political decisions, there’s fondness and trust and respect in the way they talk to each other. 

What I find interesting is that after Jon and Sansa’s scene, they cut straight away to Jaime and Cersei. Two pair of (sort of) siblings and yet two vastly different relationships. The placement of these two scenes is no coincidence. The two relationships act as literary foils for one another. Both are fighting and arguing, but in contrast, Jaime and Cersei are clearly on very different paths from one another. There’s wariness, disbelief, and disappointment in the way Jaime looks at Cersei; and she is so consumed with her grief, anger, power, she can’t see that he is questioning her very right to be on the throne. They are shot as two opposing figures circling each other with lots of space in between them. On the other hand, Jon and Sansa were shot close together, always within inches from another, with dimmer lighting, and more physicality (ie. Sansa touching his arm to assure him and let him know she may argue but she is on his side). 

Don’t dismiss the sequence of these scenes. Nothing in this show is a coincidence. 

Moving on, I love Sam and I am so excited to see him again, but dear lord, that was the most disgusting series of shots ever. I felt physically ill. Please never again. But I wonder if he discovers the dragon glass at Dragonstone this early in the season, what else will he uncover in the Citadel? There’s definitely more in store for Sam’s storyline and I wonder if it might be something to do with R+L=J. People have theorised about Sam confirming it somehow. We’ll see, I guess.

Nothing really of substance to say about the Brienne, Podrick and Tormund scene, but it made me laugh out loud. Tormund is the physical embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. And his “you’re a lucky man” to Podrick when he gets knocked down by Brienne was such great comedic timing and brilliantly hilarious. 

I wish I could play this next scene on a loop. Sansa telling Littlefinger off has to be the greatest ‘screw you’ to all the people clambering for StarkBowl just because they don’t like Sansa. I love when she says to him, and I’m paraphrasing here, “you don’t have to get the last word. I’m sure it’s probably something clever” and just dismisses him like he’s nothing, which he is. It was so queenly, so regal and so cutting. It was exactly like Sansa. She may not have a sword, but her tongue is sharp enough to wound. 

The biggest surprise of the episode was seeing bloody Ed Sheeran. When we heard the singing, I said that whoever that was had a great voice, and low and behold, it’s bloody Ed. I knew there was a huge musical guest star but this totally surprised me. I love this scene though. Arya’s always been on a very rigid path for vengeance. Those who serve the Lannisters are in the wrong and there’s no grey area about it, but you can see her sitting there listening to these men caught in someone else’s war longing to be home with their fathers, wives, daughters, etc. and realise that they are victims of this war just like everyone else. I wonder how that’ll change (if it does at all) Arya’s journey towards vengeance because truth be told, I am worried about her this season. Next on her list is Cersei, but we all know Cersei will either die by the hand of Jaime or by Tyrion (probably Jaime), so where will that leave Arya? Will she give up her quest and head home to Winterfell? Or will she die trying? 

You know what? I do like the Hound. I like his redemption arc. And although I don’t believe it makes up for all the bad shit he did prior to it, I am intrigued to see where he goes from here. Also, this line is hilarious: “it’s my luck I’d end up with a band of fire lovers.” 

Now, what I’m about to say people might nitpick with me being an anti-Dany person, but honestly, I’m not. I just thought the whole Dragonstone sequence was incredibly boring. It was exciting the first thirty seconds, but it dragged on for so long. Then when she stands at the table and says, “shall we begin?” it was just so anticlimactic. It was the dullest part of the episode and I’m hoping it gets more interesting for her soon. Actually, no doubt it will be considering this is her make or break moment, but let’s be honest, that sequence was way too long. 

Anyway, I’m done. Those are my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think!

batb things i liked (spoilers, sorry)


-i wanted to scream the moment i saw the castle in the beginning

-that prologue??? i like how they kept adam’s real face a mystery, as he was hidden behind the layers of make up. 

-’belle’ ahhhhh 

-i was expecting that emma would have auto-tuned her voice because of the audio they had released months before the premiere, but boy did it surprise me.

-’belle’ was so nostalgic i had to refrain myself from singing along in the cinema.

-maurice wasn’t only an inventor, he was also an artist. and belle wasn’t only a bibliophile, she was also an inventor (witty belle, creating probably the first washing machine)

-emma’s grunt after the line ‘madame gaston, his little wife’

-philippe was loyal af, esp in the scene where maurice was almost trapped by the wolves and philippe had waited for him to jump. if you were to get a horse, pick one that is as loyal as philippe.

-i love how the beast couldnt care less if maurice had used his stuff, had eaten, had heated up by the fire, had trespassed in his castle but lost all his temper the moment maurice had cut a rose from his rose garden. 

-im not sure if its me, or the village felt small and congested, i was hoping for a more field-like village, the one i got used to in the animated version.

-BE OUR GUEST, BE OUR GUEST AHHHHHH and was disney telling us that Aladdin will be the next film to have a live action movie???

-adam’s ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ eye roll at the mention of romeo and juliet being belle’s favorite book.


-’some of them in greek’. ADAM IS A BIBLIOPHILE AND HE GAVE BELLE THE LIBRARY !!!!!!

-belle’s laughter adam gave her the library.

-my poor baby lefou

-i ship gafou im sorry

-ewan mcgregor’s french accent is en pointe???


-i love how adam still dresses like a prince even in his beast form, ummm that waistcoat in something there and the scene where they had walked into the bridge was fine man. 

-that paris scene, thank you so much for giving us so much more than the animated film has given. also, prince adam’s back story about how he has grown to be a spoiled prince. thank you, thankyou, disney.


-gaston definitely wins asshole of the year, although i like how they put more depth into gaston’s character

-lmao when maurice talked to the driver as if nothing happened, that was hilarious.

-the cursed furniture wouldn’t have been hurt if they had stayed silent and dead, but they had fought to protect adam while he’s lamenting over his loss. his servants loved him albeit his attitude towards them. 

-when gaston showed up with a gun, adam literally did nothing, and you can just see his heart breaking by looking into his eyes

-umm agathe? what are you doing? whose side are you on? is this kind of a test or something?

-’MR. POTTS!’ 

-how old is adam? why is his age not mentioned in the movie? i know he should have someone love him by the age of 21, as from the animated film, but they did not mention it? and why hadnt they mentioned his name???

-’come back, i love you’


-le fou dancin with stanley made me so happy 

-the growl™

Once Upon a Time bosses unveil plans for season 7

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the season finale of Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk!

The Final Battle led to a lot of loss during Sunday’s two-hour season finale of Once Upon a Time.

After the curse hit, Henry (Jared Gilmore) found himself in a Black Fairy (Jaime Murray) run Storybrooke where Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was locked up in a mental hospital, unaware she’s the savior and refusing to believe in fairy tales.

It turns out, the Final Battle is not an actual fight, but a battle for Emma’s soul. The Black Fairy hopes to crush Emma’s belief, thus causing all the realms in Fairy Tale Land to crumble and disappear — and she nearly achieves her goal, too. Though Emma initially returned to her old life in Boston, Henry was able to convince his mother to return, saving everyone’s lives.

But it’s Rumple (Robert Carlyle) who actually breaks the curse. Furious that the Black Fairy imprisoned Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Rumple killed his mother, thus ending her spell, returning Emma’s memory and bringing everyone home to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, the Black Fairy had already commanded Gideon (Giles Matthey) to kill Emma. Instead of fighting back, Emma decides to sacrifice herself rather than kill an innocent. But, in a scene echoing the season 1 finale, Henry’s kiss resurrects Emma.

Though the storybook was burned, it reconstitutes and subsequently ends. Yes, it’s the end of this book, but not their story. Everyone gets to keep living happily ever after together. And yet, in a flash to the future that echoes the pilot, a young girl named Lucy (Alison Fernandez) shows up at an adult Henry’s (Andrew J. West) door, exclaiming that his family needs his help. She’s the same little girl whom an adult Henry in the Enchanted Forest employed to protect the storybook when a darkness came for him in what turned out to be a flash forward. What does this mean?! EW turned to executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to find out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Many of the cast we’ve known over the last six seasons are not returning. Can you talk about how the story will be changing moving forward?
ADAM HOROWITZ: Just on a conceptional level, it’s the same show. We’re trying to tell the same kind of stories and honor the DNA of what Once Upon a Time was from the very start. But I think we — Eddy and I — felt that as we approached season 6, the time had come to close the chapter on a lot of the stories we had been telling, which was the impetus behind this season finale, and open some new chapters. While there are some characters returning and some not returning, it’s still the same universe, and it’s still the same kind of storytelling. It’s just that we’re going to be coming at it from a little bit of a different angle. It’s not going to be necessarily Storybrooke-based.
EDWARD KITSIS: Also, what we see is, a new hero is leading us into a new world, which is an adult Henry Mills. We saw that in what we realize are flash forwards, and then at the very end, Henry has grown up and he looks like he left home. He was an Author writing everyone else’s story, so to me it looks like he left home to find his own story and then something happened, and now he’s got to be the hero.
HOROWITZ: It’s a little bit of the continuity between the two iterations of the show, which is Henry. Henry has been the heart of the show from the beginning. Jared was amazing, and we couldn’t love him move; watching him grow up has been amazing. Now, we’re going to see what that character becomes in a 10-years-older version. But he’s still going to be that character and still carry that essence of the show and be the center of the family that’s at the heart of the show.

You gave so much closure to so many stories, how do you plan to reconcile that with some people returning next year but not others? Does that change their happy endings?
KITSIS: What happened to these people, those are episodes, those are things we will probably want to show. For us, we felt creatively it was time to end a lot of these stories. What we’re really interested in is, as we said, it’s like a new book. So we’re starting with new stories. Although it’s going to have some of the people that we’ve loved for six years at the center of it, we are going to meet new people and new worlds.

Will we see an influx of new characters and other fairy tales? How will you branch out in that sense?
HOROWITZ: Hopefully when you see the premiere, that will become super clear, so we don’t want to give too much away right now other than to say we do intend to branch out, we do intend to also stay with some of the characters we’ve been with. It’s about how do you honor everything that’s come before, but also widen the canvas a little bit?
KITSIS: Open the world up.
HOROWITZ: That’s the goal of season 7. In addition to the people that we’ve already announced who are coming back as regulars, and who are not, there will be more regulars we’re adding to the mix.
KITSIS: As we completed one journey, what we want to do next year is take people on another one. The DNA is still the same, which is fairy tale characters in the real world in search of hope. We still have Henry, we still have Regina, we still have Hook and we still have Rumple, and we still have people are that are going to come in and out that we know, but we’re going to meet a whole new universe and a new group of people. So for us as writers, we’re also excited to do that. Probably you’re going to see a world with no magic in it on one side, very similar to the way we did in season 1.

Thematically, what are you hoping to explore that’s different than what the first six seasons were?
KITSIS: We always say that Emma was a character looking for her family and finding hope. I would say that Henry was the heart of the truest believer, and what we saw at the very end is he no longer believes. Henry’s loss in faith and the idea of belief is the jumping off point. The DNA of the show remains, and always will be, of hope. Each character was always looking for their happy ending, and that is no different than anyone in the real world.
HOROWITZ: One of the hardest times to have hope in anyone’s life is when you’ve lost belief or faith in something. That is a jumping off point for where we are for the next season, which is, how do you deal with questioning faith and belief and finding hope again?

This scene with adult Henry echoes the pilot, even down to Henry saying he doesn’t have a kid. Has something happened to him in terms of his memories or has he just become cynical somehow seemingly being separated from his family?  
HOROWTIZ: These are excellent questions that might be better answered—
KITSIS: —in the teaser of next year.
HOROWITZ: But they’re excellent and insightful questions.

Is the storybook that Henry charged his daughter with protecting in the Enchanted Forest the book we’ve always known, or a book with brand new stories within?
HOROWITZ: It’s another excellent question, and without getting too specific about what that book we saw in the teaser is really about, what we can say is that Henry has grown up, he has remained true to what we’ve established and he is an Author.

Let’s talk about Lucy. Who is her mother? Is it Violet?
HOROWITZ: Violet is in the montage at the end. When Henry goes to school, she’s waiting for him at the school.
KITSIS: But that being said, unfortunately like a lot of us, your first love in high school ends up not being the person you marry. You end up leaving home and moving on. It is not Violet. Who the mother is, and who Henry fell in love with, is one of the things we’re really excited about next year. In the tradition of Snow and Charming, Henry and his wife are a very much Once epic romance.

Is there a Savior in this story?
KITSIS: There could be.
HOROWITZ: There very well could be.

Can you talk at all about this new darkness coming after adult Henry that we saw in the Enchanted Forest? Is this the introduction of the new antagonist for next season?
HOROWITZ: It is. It looked pretty scary, so I don’t think it’s a new friend-tagonist. What we see in the season finale in those little snippets is, it’s a darkness that grown-up Henry has to deal with and has a big impact on what’s going on in season 7. We’re still at that we need to be slightly infuriatingly vague stage.

Since the show is going to be centered partially around Regina next year, what can you say about her drive or her story going into next season?
KITSIS: I’d say she’s fighting for the people, just like a queen does.

The Evil Queen seems to be marrying Robin Hood. Will she play a role next season since Lana is sticking around?
HOROWITZ: I would say, never say never.

Rumple seemed to get his happy ending with his family, but what do you plan to explore with him next season? The darkness is still inside and he’s just killed his own mother, so how has that changed him?
KITSIS: We saw his happy ending with Belle, and they worked really hard to get it. What’s happening next in his life and what he’s going through is obviously what the story is. That one I don’t want to just fully tease yet. All this stuff is literally just being worked on.
HOROWITZ: We really would love for the audience to be able to spend the summer living with the happiness that we’ve seen these characters get, because it’s real, and it’s meant to be real. It’s not meant to be something that we’re doing that we want to destroy and make all horrible, or whatever. We want these characters to have really earned this place of happiness they’ve found. But because we’re telling stories, we’re going to have issues to overcome in the future, and Rumple is no exception to that rule. To tell you now what it is would give away so much, so we’d rather have the audience really sit with what we’ve left them with for now.

Because you see Emma get her happy ending, and we know that Jennifer is only returning for one episode, a lot of fans are worried Emma is going to die. Do you want to say anything to the audience?
KITSIS: Not really. There’s nothing to say. That is correct, she is coming back for an episode. Their happiness is real, and people should enjoy that. The thing is this: Right now, we’re not trying to take away the show we’ve done for six years, and we’re not trying to destroy people’s happiness right now, but we’re going to be telling a new version. But until they see that, they won’t understand what it is. So for us, we’d rather not whip people into a frenzy.
HOROWITZ: I’d like to underscore that for a second: Really we wanted the audience to not think about what we’re doing as throwing away what came before, but building on and expanding from it, so that what happened and what they’ve lived with and what they’ve invested in all these years still really matters; it matters to us as writers and we know it matters to so much of the audience. We want them to know that we do really respect that and we really do approach the story from that level. We’re not just clearing a playing field and starting over willy-nilly. We’re trying to tell these new stories and expand our canvas, but also honor what’s come before.

Hook’s always walked a fine line of giving into his darker instincts over the years. Is that something you might delve into again moving forward?
KITSIS: That’s definitely a part of his DNA, but we’re hoping to tell new avenues of story for the characters. The lessons they’ve learned on the show, like we don’t want another year of Regina wondering whether or not she should be evil; that’s been settled. When the dwarves bow to her, they bow to her as the queen. She’s no longer the Evil Queen. So we want our characters to move forward. But like any of us, once you get a hold of one issue, there’s always three others.

Can you talk about how you’ll be handling flashbacks next year?
HOROWITZ: We do intend to keep a flashback component to the show and we hope that how we do it is fun for the audience.

Now that you have this new direction, do you have a better sense of your endgame?
HOROWITZ: Our goal with the show remains the same, is the simplest way to put it. It’s that question you always get asked, which is, “Do you know exactly what the end is going to be?”
KITSIS: We knew for this chapter, we have ideas and we are creating a new chapter. We’ll see how that goes. We’re excited about the new journey. We think it’s very much Once Upon a Time. At the same respect, we are excited that we got to see those happy moments from our characters in the finale and really build to that.


Nothing else mattered

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last Supernatural meta. Some days ago I answered an ask where I said that time constraints were among the reasons why I hadn’t written much lately. The other powerful reason was lack of inspiration. The thing is that after watching episode 12x14, I felt that I simply HAD TO write about something in particular, no matter what. I haven’t had time to read any meta for this episode, and that’s a good thing because it means this is my opinion without anybody else’s influence. Without further ado, let’s talk about the part of the episode that inspired me to write again.  

Other more talented meta writers have previously stated that Mary’s arc this season parallels Cas’ arc in season 6. I totally agree. The whole “Mary is working with the BMoL and keeping it from Dean and Sam” is the same thing Cas did when he was secretly working with Crowley. At least, the writers are trying to undo some things from season 6 because in this case Mary decided to confess to her sons what she was doing without being forced. However, if somebody still had doubts that Mary is a Cas parallel, in this episode there was a very explicit shout-out to a memorable scene between Dean and Cas: Mary literally told Dean, “I’m doing this for you.” I know she meant both Winchesters, but she was talking directly to Dean in that scene. Besides, where have we heard those exacts words before?

There was something else that was very relevant almost at the end of the episode. If we’re keeping in mind that Mary is a Cas parallel, how much of what Dean said to Mary applied to Cas around 6 years ago? The thing is that Dean never expressed what he felt at that time, but he did it now. The fact that he’s trying to talk about his feelings is huge character development for Dean.

What did Dean say to Mary?

“The moment I thought something bad had happened to you, nothing else mattered.”

That pretty much explains this from episode 7x01:

It also explains why Dean was so worried and desperate when he thought Cas was dead, to the point where he told Bobby that maybe angels didn’t need to breathe. It explains why when Dean realized Cas was alive, he didn’t focus on being pissed.

Dean didn’t tell Cas there was no way to redeem himself. He didn’t decide to leave him right there; Dean actually wanted to take Cas with them. Why? Dean was hurt deeply by what Cas did, and didn’t like the choices Cas made. The same happened with Mary. Dean didn’t like the choices she made and was really hurt by them. However, when Dean thought that something bad could happen to Mary, nothing else mattered. There was no betrayal important enough to prevent him from running to her rescue.

That’s what happened back in season 7’s premiere. The moment Dean thought that something bad could happen to Cas, nothing else mattered. Nothing Cas had done was beyond redemption. The idea of losing the person he loves hurts Dean a lot more than accepting the choices the person makes. That’s why Dean forgave Cas in season 7, no matter what.

Of course, many of us already knew that Cas meant a lot to Dean even back then. I’m just glad the subtext of season 12 is somehow explaining things that happened so long ago in the show. If season 12 continues like this, I might feel inspired enough to keep writing as often as I used to. 

Love Unintentional

Originally posted by ohstylesno

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was thinking maybe you could write about Harry and Y/N being celebrities and having to do a PR stunt. They both hate PR stunts because they are in love with their current girlfriend/boyfriend (which r okay with the PR stunt). Harry and Y/N end up falling for each other.

Word Count: 2973

A/M:  This idea was amazing anon! I might have tweaked it a little bit, but thank you so much for sending it to me! I’m sorry it took forever for me to get this up. There will be a part two. Hope you enjoy! Tell me if you do! :) Xxx

*Other Parts: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

You insisted on putting the last touches of your makeup yourself, now finishing your look with the right shade of red. 

“What do you think?” You asked turning to your boyfriend as you did a little spin to show off your dress. 

“You look great. Always do.” He said barely looking up. 

You crossed your arms and gave him an annoyed look. 

“What?” He asked half annoyed, “You ask the same thing every time, and ever since you started "going out” with him it’s become routine.“

"Not going to wish me luck?" 

"Luck on what? It’s another date with him isn’t it?”

“It’s a premier. I’m kind of nervous actually. It’s my first one”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ve gone through this kind of thing before." 

You rolled your eyes, "Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said waving him off 


It had been the routine for the last 6 months. You had become a rising star within the last two year; a star that came to the level of popularity that your agent had decided that it’d be good for you if you were to have a “fake boyfriend.” But never in your wildest dreams did you think that this fake boyfriend would be Harry Styles.


—7 months ago—

“What on earth would he get out of "dating” me?“ 

"Well,” your agent started, “He’s obviously very famous and popular around the world, and you need the publicity. You're this close,” he said giving a hand gesture that showed the small distance he was referring to, “This close to being the next huge thing. If you do this with Harry, it will prolong your career." 

You sighed, "Again, that wasn’t my question. What does Harry get out of it? I’m not that famous. What benefit does he get?”

Your agent frowned, “I thought you liked him. I thought you’d be thrilled to "go out” with him.“

"I am! He’s great, he’s cute. But more importantly he’s a genuine guy. I have met him before. I just want to know why. I don’t want to completely take advantage of him." 

He heaved a deep sigh, "You attract a certain audience and style and it’s something that his agent seems to like as well to broaden his own audience like he will for you.”

You were able to breathe a little easier, now knowing more about this seemingly odd situation. Even if it was something that’s been done since the very beginning of Hollywood and the fame industry. 


“Alright. I’ll agree to it if he agrees to it. But you know, we have to talk to [Y/BF/N] about this. I don’t know how he’ll react to something like this.” And you started to feel anxious at the thought. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him about it.” Your agent said, “Also we’ll have to meet with Harry and his agent to discuss the ground rules. You said you’ve met him before right?”

You nodded, “At a party about 2 months ago." 

"Good. I’ll call you when we’ll be meeting with him. It’s also when we’ll discuss how we’ll bring you two into the public eye.”

“Whoa. Hold on, shouldn’t we wait until he agrees to being my "boyfriend”?“

He gave a look, "Wait I didn’t mention it? He already has." 

"What? Oh. Well alright.”

Everything had be sorted out beforehand, and you and Harry had met to see what you would both agree upon. The terms for the relationship were both simple and basic.

No sex.

No spontaneous PDA 

And no spontaneous trips away. 

Everything had to have been planned and known beforehand. 


You didn’t have a doubt in your mind. The rules were too easy. You both were already taken. This was simply work. 


The first few times a month after the idea and rules were laid out, you had both made it look easy. But it wasn’t quite the “young love” that people thought it would be.

But your agents and the managing teams had an idea to make the relationship seem more believable. 

So this time the scene was set- a table near a window of a very public restaurant. The lighting was very dim just enough to enhance the candlelight that was at every table, but the focus on you and Harry was very clear. 

The place wasn’t busy… yet; but with the whispers of people nearby, including the staff, you knew that the plan was working and that by the time you were to both walk out,  the paparazzi would be everywhere. 


Just as planned. You thought. 

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Imagine your Boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, getting jealous when another guy hits on you

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a SFW thing with Hanzo cuddling his s/o? They're on the couch and S/O wants to watch cartoons lmao


Note: This is such a pure prompt, and this was very fun to write. There’s never such a thing as too much fluff with characters, and it warms my heart to receive Hanzo-based requests. Thank you for the request, and I do hope you like it!


You stood across the dark-haired male, frowning, as he remained motionless to your begging. You clasped your hands together, puckering your lips and pouted, watching through feigned puppy eyes at the visibly irritated archer. He was unmoving, unaffected at your attempts of swaying him through an innocent visage. You had been pleading with him for quite some time at this point, but his stubbornness knew no bounds.

“Absolutely not.”

You groaned in defeat, lowering your head and dropping your hands to your sides. You shook your head and watched him wander into the kitchen area without a second thought. Crossing your arms, you followed him, observing as he began to make something. At this point you felt like a persistent child, but you didn’t care, you wanted to try and swindle him down so that he would accompany you. Your eyes peered into his back, and you knew he could feel it. You tilted your head, waiting from a response from him, and your eyes widened a bit as you noticed him becoming still.

“You are acting like a child.” He spat, placing utensils down before turning to face you with a deadpan expression. “My answer remains as is.”

“Hanzo, please–?” you whined, puffing your cheeks.

“I find no entertainment in cartoons, nor will I watch them.” He arched an eyebrow as you glared at him, but his words remained as sharp ever. “Do not ask me again.”

Exhaling, you gave up, sensing how he was becoming not only uncomfortable but more agitated at the concept, and decided to leave him as is. You looked at him one last time before averting your gaze and heading to your shared living space area. For the past week you’ve been ‘reminding him’ of a very particular cartoon special that was happening in the next half hour. Whether it was through post-it notes on the refrigerator, messaging him, or even upfront telling him after his activities, you let it be known.

You turned on the television, sitting lotus position as episode reruns aired before the premier. You peered down to your cellphone in the meantime, scrolling through your feed in an attempt to not only distract yourself from the reruns, but also Hanzo refusing to watch them with you. Of course, he told you ‘no’ repeatedly, but you felt that he would eventually come around and decide to join you. Shrugging, you locked your phone and stared at the screen while you heard silverware be put away, among other things.

Ever since you were young, you were a huge fan of the original Teen Titans series, the only variant that you enjoyed was the original Teen Titans animated series that aired decades ago. They created a spinoff which you detested, as did many, but were relieved in the years following how they planned and actually made – not only a reboot to the original, but – a new series that followed the comic series exceptionally well. You were so excited now, to see the premier of your favourite series again.

Your face lit up as you saw the familiar faces of your favourite characters flash on the screen. Your eyes were wide in anticipation, and you giggled rewatching one of your most liked scenes from the rerun. You couldn’t help but grin widely as you watched energy bolts and dark magic drown the enemy forces as The Titans once again spar against the villains. Your heart fluttered at the calls from the characters as you lipped them perfectly, having memorized dialogue over the years. Leaning to the edge of the couch, you squealed in excitement, so much that you didn’t notice the archer next to you, or the cover that was around you.

Wait, what?

You blinked, tugging at the blanket that covered you, and turned to face him. He sipped from his tea cup, neatly placing it on the tray that was in front of the both of you on a stand. You blinked, making sure you were seeing things correctly, and felt a wave of warmth hit your cheeks. When did he sit next to you? When did you get the cover? You weren’t sure and couldn’t identify when any of this happened. You were so focused on the show, too much in your element, that you had ignored the happenings around you.

“Your level of awareness is appalling.” He uttered, causing you to pout, but not for long.

He glanced from the television screen to you, raising an eyebrow and huffed. Your expression gleamed, and your immediate reaction was to hug him with the biggest grin. “I knew it!” You giggled, leaning on him and staring into his eyes. “You were going to watch them with me.” You paused for just a moment before continuing. “My begging paid off.”

“I will humour you just this once,” he stated dryly, his expression still as concentrated as ever. You removed yourself from him momentarily before leaning your head on his arm, closing your eyes. You listened to the narrator on the screen before finding Hanzo adjusting himself to become more comfortable, all the while sitting upright as a gleeful you kept near him. Your heart beat fast, more than content that your lover was here with you right now.

“Thank you,” you spoke softly, looking at him with loving eyes. He took in your smile, his expression softening for only a moment, before hearing you tease him, “But I knew you would watch them with me.”

He rolled his eyes and scoffed, “That is incredibly presumptuous of you.”

Thoughts on OUAT S7 regarding Killian and Captain Swan.

I’ve been meaning to write something up about this for a while, as the hate has become overwhelming and certain individuals are being rude towards those who are remaining positive on season 7. Frankly, I’ve lost any will to not get involved. Here are my thoughts for those who care.

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place your bets: starkcest or starkbowl?

Welcome to our first @jonsameta roundtable! This is a feature we hope to run for the next seven weeks. Here we will discuss an issue of concern from each episode. This week, @winterfellchild @jen-snow and @scullylikesscience weigh in on the question on everyone’s minds: are Jon and Sansa going to fight or fuck? Or, you know, build a healthy and lasting relationship… 

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Chapter I | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here! Please read the prologue first!

Song for the Playlist - Flowers In The Window by Travis

Instagrams are here!

Word Count - 9000..ish

“You are. That’s why all the girls love you.”

“Ah, well, none of them are as special as my home girl right here.”

“See, now you’re just being silly,” she shook her head.

“Nah, I’m not. You’re number one. Me and you? We’re down for life.”

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Tom Holland Imagine

hi! :3 could you maybe write an imagine with tom holland where he meets the reader, who’s robert downey jr’s daughter (and plays tony’s daughter) on the set of civil war and he’s all cute and awkward around her cuz he can’t work up the courage to ask her out, but she finds it adorable and ends up asking him out instead?

hello! could you maybe do a tom holland imagine where the reader is rdj’s daughter (and plays tony’s in the movies) and his girlfriend, and they’re at the civil war premiere together just being huge nerds and goofing around?

You walked onto the set in the morning and smiled at all your castmates, “Hey guys, I brought coffee for everyone,” you walked around and passed out the coffee orders you had memorized long ago after months of working with everyone. You walked over to Tom, who was on the Civil War set for the first time, and handed him a coffee. “Hi, I’m Y/N,” you introduced yourself. “I asked around yesterday to see what you liked. Caramel Frappuccino right?”

“Ugh, yeah,” he stuttered. “Thank’s so much. I’m Tom,” he awkwardly held out a hand before putting it back down. “But I guess you already knew that.”
“I did,” you laughed and felt bad when you saw his cheeks redden a little. “It’s nice to meet you. I have to go get ready for my scenes today but I’ll see you around.”

“Y/N,” you turned as you were leaving to your Dad, Robert Downey Jr., calling out to you. “Did you remember the extra sugar for my coffee?”

“Already put it in there Dad.”

After your first meeting Tom was always trying to come up with a way to casually start talking to you so he could ask you out. It didn’t help that your Dad was always near by which added to his intimidation.

The big fight seen with all the Avengers was taken place and you watched from your chair as your cast mates got into character and filmed their parts. After shooting one of his moves for a scene Tom was left hanging in the air by the wire and you hollered at him, “Look’s like you’re having fun up there.”

“Uh…yeah…” he sputtered out and went back to filming the next part of his fighting scenes when the director hollered.

He was cut done from his wires and was walking off towards his trailer when he saw you still sitting in your chair. “Good job out there,” you told him.

“Were you watching the whole time,” he said wringing his hands together.

“For most of it. I had to step away for wardrobe for a second but…,” you shrugged.

“I like the outfit,” he spoke up quickly and nervously.

“This is what I had on before,” you laughed. “I had to pick something out for later today but I didn’t put any new clothes on.”

“Right,” he awkwardly nodded and went to take a step back but ran into the table behind him. He tried to recover cooley and ended up in an awkward stretched out position against the table edge.


“You’re staring at her again kid.” Tom blinked his focus away from you and looked over at Anthony Mackie. “And don’t say you don’t know what I’m talking about,” he chuckled.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Oh yeah. Why don’t you just ask her out?”

“I’ve tried to but I get to nervous. I mean look at her. She’s Y/N Downey. And her Dad’s right there. I don’t want to get rejected and have her dad after me.”

“He wouldn’t do that, he’s a chill guy. And I think you should go after her. She’s a sweet girl, she’d a least give you a pity date,” he joked.

So Tom walked over to you confidently, ready to conquer his fears and ask you out, but as you walked with that smile towards him in your character’s lab coat and glasses he felt his hands get clammy. “Hey Tom. How was the scene?”

“Great. Good. Awesome,” he rumbled on. “I had…um…a question for you,” he cursed himself for going back to his nervous self. He watched you as you smiled and waited for his question and changed his mind. He couldn’t do it. “Um, you know what I forgot what it was. Nevermind.”

“Wait,” you stopped him from leaving. “Would you want to go out for dinner this weekend?”

“Sure, who all is going?”

“No, I mean would you want to go on a date with me?” He was shocked.

“Ye-yeah! I mean yeah,” he said like excited to sound more cool.


Everyone watched as you and Tom hit the red carpet premiere for Civil War in your matching outfits. “So Y/N, tell us about your dress,” the interviewer asked as you and Tom stopped before going inside.

“It’s Elie Saab and it’s red to show my support for our favorite Spider in the movie,” you joked.

“It’s not red for your Dad’s character, Iron Man?”

“As much as my Dad wanted me to match with him I vetoed it,” you joked.

“From the second you and Tom stepped onto the carpet social media has been blowing up with all the pictures of you two goofing around and having fun. It looks like you two are entertaining yourselves out there.”

“Can I see some of these pictures,” Tom asked and someone handed him a phone full of Instagram pictures he and you had been tagged in. There were ones of you two making funny face at each other, Tom making the spider man web hand gesture at you like he was wrapping you in webbing, and you two striking overly dramatic poses together.

“Oh my God those are great and awful at the same time,” you gasped.

He smiled handing the phone back, “I’m printing and framing those.”

queenconsuelabananahammock  asked:

Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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New Alex Interview with the Los Angeles Times!

Q&A What can bring TV frenemies together? In ‘Big Little Lies,’ all it took was Alexander Skarsgård’s villain

By Yvonne Villarreal

The befuddled tweets came chirping in: “Alexander Skarsgård in ‘Big Little Lies’ is simultaneously gorgeous and completely repulsive” and “I have very complicated feelings about Alexander Skarsgård now, thanks ‘Big Little Lies.’”

In the days and weeks after the premiere of HBO’s limited series about a group of women living in a wealthy Northern California community, Skarsgård’s role as Perry, the abusive husband to Nicole Kidman’s character, had viewers curbing their swoons. It was a reality Skarsgård expected but didn’t fully contend with until about three months after the series premiered in February.

“I wasn’t in the country when it aired,” the 40-year-old actor said during a recent visit to The Times’ video studio. “I was very much in a bubble, working…. It wasn’t until I got back to the States about a week ago, and I landed and everyone at the airport was like, ‘Ooh, yeah, no, we don’t like you.… People look at me differently now.

“And I’ll probably never get another job,” he jokingly continued, “but that’s OK, we had a good time on it.”

How did you initially see Perry, and how did that evolve as you were making the episodes?

Alex:  I thought it was just a fascinating piece. And that dynamic, between Celeste [Kidman] and Perry, was very disturbing, and very rich and interesting. And I felt like there’s a way of playing an abusive husband … to try to avoid the stereotypical abusive husband, and to kind of find someone who’s conflicted and tormented, and who’s really struggling with this. As opposed to just playing a two-dimensional bad guy.

How did you approach the role — getting to a comfortable space with Nicole and the children?

Alex:  We spent time together, and also with the boys, our kids, just play dates. We would just hang out and get to know each other better and have fun. It was very important that the boys were comfortable and relaxed around us. I wanted Perry to have a great relationship with his kids. I wanted him to be a good dad. Again, just to make it a bit more interesting, and more difficult for Celeste, in a way — where she’s like, we have this strong connection, we love each other, he’s an amazing dad. But then there’s this darkness, and you know, it’s almost like a switch when he goes black.

How was it to do that first scene where we see this dark side?

Alex: He’s in control, and when he’s not, it’s kind of … he snaps. And it’s just that one split-second of grabbing her too hard, holding on to her. And it was important to get that, to feel that shift, and that it was shocking to the audience. It was important that it be kind of an explosion, even though he doesn’t hit her there. But it’s definitely way too physical, and too aggressive.

Would you say shooting these types of scenes is more intimate than doing a sex scene — in terms of vulnerability?

Alex:  It’s an interesting way of working. Because stuff goes wrong. And that’s kind of interesting, because you discover things that you might not have, had it been too planned or too structured. We didn’t rehearse much. We just kind of got there and we jumped in. And it’s an interesting feeling, because after the first take you’re always like, ‘Oh, that was interesting. I didn’t expect that, or the scene to go in that direction.’ It didn’t necessarily work every time. Sometimes we felt like something happened, and we went somewhere, and then we were like, all right, well, maybe we should try it again and go in a different direction.

What was it like to be part of a project where women’s stories were at the forefront, and you’re the villain in this whole thing?

Alex:  It was very refreshing to read it because it’s so well-written and it’s so female-driven, obviously. It’s about these very strong, very independent, very — some of them are crazy, but, like, it’s a great group — all those roles are so rich and so interesting, and it’s real. There’s definitely not enough material like that here in Hollywood.

Can we talk about the final episode with the school party — isn’t it supposed to be a trivia night? Where’s the trivia?

Alex:  I think that was the plan, but then someone got murdered, so that kind of killed the vibe.

What was it like to film that moment where all the women come together to take you down?

Alex:  It was brilliant and it was like animals, when one predator is being attacked by a smaller predator, but they gang up on him from everywhere. You see those nature documentaries where they’re everywhere, and one on one he can take them, but it’s just overwhelming. We wanted to be so primal and violent, and to kind of re-create that. [Perry’s] attacking someone, but then there’s someone on his back. Reese was literally hanging on my back, you know, like, pulling my hair, and someone else was punching my ribs. It was intense.

Sources:  Article:  LATimes.com (x), Photos:  Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

Christopher Nolan interview about Dunkirk in Premiere (translated by YFR3)

The popular filmmaker, inventor of crazy concepts, who reigns on global entertainment for ten years, is back. But this time, Nolan is naked : without his magic tricks or his theoretical scrolls. Farewell the world of dreams of Inception, the upside down editing of Memento or the black holes of Interstellar. Dunkirk tells the story of a handful of routed soldiers (Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles …) stuck on a beach, between the Channel’s gray and angry sea and the Germans who fire. A real, brutal, anxiety-provoking and authentic war film. Really ?

Naturally, as always with him, it’s a little more complicated than that … “I guarantee you there’s no SF,” he laughs, welcoming us into the editing room. For its hardcore fans who rewatch frame by frame the two available trailers, to see when the film can twist. No: “Dunkerque will be faithful to events, the reality of history and the reality of places. ”

Perhaps this is where the most “Nolanian” aspect of the project nests. Some people still wonder if, at the end of the dream of Inception, the spinning top continues or not to turn. The same is true for the Operation Dynamo (code name of the evacuation of May 1940). For some people, Dunkirk’s rescue was a victory (340,000 soldiers saved while Churchill was expected ten times less); For others, it was a terrible humiliation (“War is not won with evacuations,” declared the same Churchill). This is this weird episode of the phoney war that Nolan chose to tell through the fate of aviators, sailors, soldiers and civilians. A story full of ambiguity, ideal to play with the genre. There’s always been in this man a desire desire to refuse the constraints of narrative logic, to explode into a thousand pieces the linearity of storytelling. Whatever the genre he confronts, his cinema is based on an art of rhythm and editing that allows him to deploy his incredible immersive mechanics. And that’s what we witness when we get into the editing room at Warner Studios. We see Nolan at work. We see it deconstruct a plan, subtly modify a sound to boost an image and make it indelible (his sense of frame is intact), all with a virtuosity of a killer who knows as well mix formats (prologue mixing 70 mm and IMAX is a visual madness) that learn his job to the most experienced sound engineer. It is this moment that he chose to welcome us and lift the veil (In Premier exclusivity …) on Dunkirk.

PREMIERE : I was very surprised to see how accurate you were in sound mixing. Can you explain what you were doing? 

NOLAN: It’s pretty simple in reality. In the room, the editor on the left is dealing with the music of the film. The other on the right the sound effects.  And at this stage, we ensure the balance, the mix between these two flows. It’s a very subtle process, but when we add these two elements (music and effects), working on hundreds of sound details, we finally define the tone and cohesion of the film.

(Rest of the interview after the jump)

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Norman Reedus x Reader - You’re all I need (SMUT) (Request)

- Anon: Could you do Norman getting caught having a little sneaky him time in his trailer over the new make up artist that he’s crushing on bad
and she catches him saying her name (reader) from outside and storms in on him and he doesnt notice till hes finished that shes stood there
and she gets annoyed with him and wont let him explain himself and he gets frustrated and teary cuz he’s embarrassed and pins her to a wall and smut like hell 😍😍
pretty please I would just die 😶



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Fic: Whiskey on a Pink Dress

Part 1 of my new Modern AU series, Heartlines.

As always let me know what you think.


“I am too old for this”

This thought had run through his head about a hundred times since they’d arrived at the club and it didn’t get any less true the more he thought it. He hated nightclubs. He hadn’t been a huge fan of them in his teens and twenties but at least he’d seen the point of them then. Drinks with your mates, a bit of bad dancing, flirting with some girls. But he was in his late thirties now and here he was again. His mates had insisted that he needed to have a ‘proper night out’.

“You’ll no meet any lassies down the local, Jamie lad” had been his cousin Rupert’s rationale.

“Ya’ll have been divorced now for nearly three years, and no a sniff of a woman around you since then. It’s no natural” had been his friend Angus’ contribution. Eventually, the sheer grind of trying to deflect them from their plans, as they conscripted an ever increasing circle of Jamie’s friends and family into the mission, had worn him down. A phone call from his sister Jenny, had been the final assault.

“Come on now, brother. You can’t be living your life all alone. You’re only 38, there’s still time for a relationship, a family. I know you want these things. You’ve always wanted them. Sure, you’ll never admit it, but we both know it’s the only reason you married Geneva in the first place. You’d been together for years and you felt like it was what you should be doing. She was just the wrong woman to be doing it with.”

“You could have said this to me at the time” came his sullen reply. There was nothing like a mild rebuke from his big sister to bring out the bolshy teenager in him.

“Aye” was the measured response, “I could have. But you’d no have thanked me and you’d even less have listened to me. You’re a grown man and your mistakes are your own to make. My job is to be here for ya when you’ve made them.”

Slightly shamed by this exchange and by his sister’s clear concern for the near monk like existence he had lived since his divorce, after only two years of marriage, he had text Rupert and told him to make some plans for the following Saturday.

And now here he was. In hell. Assuming of course hell played terrible electronic dance music, served watery, slightly warm lager and was inhabited by rowdy twentysomethings in varying states of inebriation. Several women had thrown some very hot looks in his direction and two had approached him when he went to the bar and later as he weaved his way through the masses towards the washroom. But they just weren’t of interest to him. The were lovely girls, no doubt, fresh faced and youthful, beautiful for sure. But they did nothing for him. He didn’t know what he was looking for in a woman, or if indeed he was looking for anything at all, but he simply knew that they were not it.

He was on yet another foray to the bar. He’d volunteered to go simply to get away from the constant pressure of his friends urging him to talk to this woman and that. To buy that one a drink, the being nudged in the ribs every five minutes as Rupert, Angus and even the usually more reticent Murtagh and Willy tried to persuade him to make his move.He checked his watch wondering if it was late enough for him to make his excuses and leave. 11.30. He rolled his eyes and contemplating an escape attempt. He wondered if the windows of the bathroom were adequate to accommodate his massive frame. As he looked up from his watch his made contact with something. Someone.

“Oh sorry” he said automatically before looking to see who he had made contact with. As slender brunette stood in front of him, dabbing what appeared to be whiskey from the front of her pink dress with a napkin.

“Oh lass, I am sorry” he repeated with more meaning this time. The woman looked up from her ministrations and smiled at him with humour in her eyes.

“No harm done, the whiskey they serve in this place is only fit for spilling anyhow”

He got a proper look at her then. She was beautiful. She had clouds of curly dark hair that were cascading arounding her face and shoulders and her eyes… He couldn’t quite make out their colour under the neon lights of the club but there was something about them that spoke to him. A warmth, a humour and something else too. Something that made his stomach flip over slightly as he looked at her.

“Are you ok?” she asked him and he realised he had been staring. Possibly open mouthed. He visibly pulled himself together and she laughed.

“My name is Claire” she smiled at him and held out her hand.

“Jamie” he took her hand. It was warm and soft and he very much regretted having to release it.

“So what brings you here” He cringed inwardly as he spoke. Was that the best he could come up with?  It was only one rung up from “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?”

She hadn’t seemed to notice the cheesy line though.

“Oh, it’s Mary’s birthday. One of my friends from work. She’s only 24, hence the choice of venue” She indicated the club with a wave of her arm.

“And you? Are you a regular here at ‘Altered Images, Glasgow’s premier night spot!’?” She made heavy air quotes with her fingers as she made the last statement, mocking the club’s tagline and the irony contained within it.

“Ah, err, no” He stuttered a bit. How was he going to explain why he was here? “Umm, lads night out you know. Change of scene from the local”

Claire raised her brows at him skeptically, whilst clearly trying to rein in a laugh.

“Can I buy you another drink? Since I’m the reason yer wearing that one?”

She laughed. “Honestly, I think you might have done me a favour. From the smell of it I might have gone blind had I actually drunk it.”

There was a pause.

“Well anyway, I best get back to my friends. I plan on making good my escape at the earliest opportunity and the only way I’m going to be allowed to do that is if I throw some serious shapes on that dance floor before hand” She vogued a little to illustrate her point and they both laughed. A curl tumbled forward and flopped over her eye. Unthinkingly, Jamie reached forward and tucked it gently behind her ear. Her eyes widened and he pulled back as if he’s been slapped.

“Oh God, Claire. I’m so sorry. I shouldna be touching you like that. You dinna know me. I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry…”

She cut off his apologies my reaching forward and very gently running a finger down the side of his cheek. He felt like all air had been sucked out of the room at the feeling of her hand on his skin. He tried to make out her expression, but the flashing lights made it impossible to

“There,” she said with a slight shrug. “I guess now we’re even.” A beat. “ And I probably won’t have karate chop you in the throat for being forward.”

The looked at each other for a moment before she reached down and began rummaging in her bag. Retrieving something, she grabbed his arm and pushing up the sleeve of his shirt turned her wrist towards him. Before he fully realised what was happening she had written a telephone number, hers he supposed, on the inside of his wrist. There was something so intimate about that it sent a small shiver down his spine.

“Why don’t you call me sometime? It was lovely to meet you Jamie”

And with that she was gone, pushing her way through the throngs of Saturday night revellers in the direction of the dance floor. He stood staring after her for a moment.

Turning he headed back towards where he’d left the lads. As he approached he discovered the booth was now not only filled with his friends but also a gang of about 6 women.  Veering away at the last moment, he turned towards the entrance, opening the uber app on his phone as he went. Just before he reached the door he turned back, scanning the dance floor for a glimpse of her before he left. And there she was. Arms waving, hair wild, laughing and singing along to the song. She was so lovely. Like a force of nature He glanced down at his wrist where she had written her number. Maybe this night out hadn’t been such a terrible idea after all.

An endless list of things in The Librarians that will never ever stop making me emotional as all hell(i.e. I cry every time I see them like it’s the first time)

(I am so sorry this list is so long I didn’t mean to.)

  • Eve opening the fridge in her apartment and there’s just one water bottle in it
  • “I don;t need a guardian. You hear that? I don’t need her! I’m fine!“
  • Jake’s face in the bar when he says that Lamia is from somewhere “interesting” and you can see how he wants a different life so badly
  • Eve and Flynn’s conversation on the way to the Stone Henge and how their voices soften and crack as they start to realize how they’re similar in their loneliness
  • “For the record, you’re not as weird as I thought you were in Berlin…”
  • When Jake catches Cassie at the henge and helps her through her breakdown AND WHEN HE GRABS HER HAND ALL SOFT
  • “They’re so proud of me. They’re both so proud of me.”
  • Bonus: “I think that’s the last time they were proud of me.”
  • Cassandra’s whispered “they said they could save me” when she betrays the Library
  • Eve getting through to Flynn when he’s giving up and how she starts crying and his eyes get all wide and I stg they fall in love in that exact moment
  • Eve crying and laughing as she shakes her head and says “I’m henge and key” and something so different and so quirky and so weird and so Flynn actually charms her and just Eve’s transformation in the whole premiere okay
  • Everything about Eve and Flynn’s deleted dance
  • Eve crying and her pained “Flynn” as he’s dying and Jesus she just met him but okay they’re in love
  • “You already have saved me”
  • “I’m offering you a life of mystery and misery…”
  • Cassandra running and hugging Flynn when he offers them a job and Flynn’s face
  • “How much I need…how much I want, to be traveling the world with you.”
  • Cassandra holding back tears and gripping the handbar a little tighter after Jake tells her he trusted her
  • “You should’ve made a Christmas wish too Colonel. It would’ve come true.” and then Eve just looks at her friends around her and smiles and hums Hark The Herald Angel Sing and her wish did come true
  • Flynn kissing Eve’s hands and “of course I remember you and your hands they’re lovely.”
  • “She writes a lot in this little notebook and I pay attention.”
  • Eve’s face when Flynn tells her he’ll stay if she stays
  • Eve finding Flynn’s carnation left on the desk and twirling it over her fingers and just like melting and smiling all stupid
  • Cassandra’s little laugh as Jake and Ezekiel come to join her on her way to Peru and aaaaaaa
  • “Do you have any idea what’s on the other side of this door?” “No. And isn’t that great?”
  • I’m gonna save some time and say most everything in 2X01 and 2X02
  • But to get slightly specific Eve’s happy “Red” when she sees Cassandra again and basically that whole reunion scene
  • Jassandra hug
  • “Your friends needed you. I needed you.” And Flynn stumbling back after Eve kisses him
  • Eve all turned on by Flynn whispering “Macbeth” and also Eve all happy to the point of crying when Flynn makes a plan instead of winging it
  • “I knew you thought I was sick.”
  • Jake’s face every time he interacts with his father
  • Ezekiel’s voice cracking on “Because I like the way you look at me when you tell it.”
  • “Let me be the big brother.”
  • Everything about “And the Happily Ever Afters.” Every single solitary fucking second of it no exaggeration
  • But especially especially how happy Eve looks when Flynn is getting all in his head right before she gives him true love’s kiss
  • Their speeches to exorcise Prospero in Final Curtain
  • How proud Eve acts of Flynn when he acts even though she visibly knows how bad he was
  • “Ezekiel’s pretending he’s fine. Cassandra ain’t pretending at all.”
  • “Kissing you is exactly how I’d want to spend eternity.”
  • When they tell Apep they’re a family
  • Eve’s little pained breath in as she realizes Flynn is gone again and how she rolls her eyes when he uses the Winnie the Pooh quote and how she smiles and cries when he says they’re gonna take their vacation
  • If I go into specifics about “And the Reunion of Evil” we are literally going to be here for ten fucking hours
  • But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Cassandra’s smile after the first “you just gotta have a little faith.”
  • Same goes for Trial of a Triangle. It will take 10 hours
  • Specifically Eve and Flynn’s kiss right before he goes down with the plane
  • And “I’m afraid of getting close to people because I’m terrified of being hurt.”
  • Eve collapsing into Flynn when they get to the hospital and Jenkins tells them about Cassandra
  • “You’re with family now.”
  • How Eve fucking breaks down when Rockwell is insisting that her relationships at the Library aren’t real kill me kill me kill me PLEASE KILL ME
  • Everything about Charlene and Flynn’s interaction before she goes into the mirror
  • “I love you. Always and Forever.”
  • Eve absolutely breaking more than we ever see her break ever when she is about to lose Flynn.
  • I.E. her whispered “Please Flynn.”
  • I.E. “You’re Librarians. You’re the smartest people in the world. Prove it.”
  • Aaaaand the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10 the end scene of 3X10

And that’s not even counting all the moments that make me laugh with pure joy because of how beautifully stupid they are, or the moments that make me laugh because they’re just like me, and I left out some stuff that I talk about a lot to make the list shorter. And now I need to go curl into a ball after thinking about all that stuff and uh….feel free to add your own